also s club was the shit

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My town is holding a LGBT formal soon, except it's for Q/eer Youth and they throw around q/eer at least 5 times in the ad for it. Also it specifically mentioned that aphobia won't be tolerated. I'm a gay trans man and I just want to meet other mlm my age it's so frustrating and why I haven't gone to any LGBT+ groups in almost a year

that’s shit, the only event i know of around here is “q/eer beer” which im not really thrilled about either (partly bc its at times inconvenient for me), so im just… collecting people into a fb group to organize something of my own with

Dear Netflix,

I will give you all my money if you give me a Stranger Things spin off about Steve, Hopper, and their 6 foul mouthed children. No supernatural shit. Just puberty problems, trying to translate Shakespeare for homework, arcade games, all day Dungeon and Dragons sessions, and arguing over who has to pick them up from AV club.

That’s all I want.

(Also if you could put Max’s step-dad in jail and have Billy get his ass handed to him, but then have some major character development & growth that would be great.)

(And by major character development I mean a significant personality change with an insane amount of apologizing, therapy, and anger management classes.)

I wonder what it is like to sit on the other and of the table.

The DM of our group started out as a DM she’s never been a player before. So we talked about what’s it like to be a player.

DM: ‘I wonder if there is a dnd club in university. I could experience what it is like at the other end of the table as a player.’

Me (also Xlayx from a previous post): ‘You basicly sit there with almost nothing to do except to throw stupid shit at the DM. And praying to the dice gods so you can stay alive.’

Stephen King: Ok, so, there’s this evil clown – well it’s not really a clown, it’s actually a cluster of malevolent lights from another dimension and like, also maybe a pregnant spider? Oh, believe that shit, it lays eggs and lives in a New England toilet – and, this group of plucky pre-teens, cosmically hand selected by a turtle that barfed out the universe have come together (pun intended – because there’s DEFINITELY a child orgy so tick that box) to defeat it by psychically launching through the macroverse-

Publisher: Yes.

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so i have this reddie headcanon that when reddie was around the age of 14, richie left one summer to visit family outside of derry... during his trip he like totally hit puberty and had glo up, got contacts and appreciated his natural curly hair and let it go wild instead of trying to comb it all the time! he also grew rlly tall! when he comes back to Derry then the losers club is like holy hell richie's grown and eddie's crush on him gets rlly big!


*no more headcanon requests pls, just moodboards for now*

- richie fucking hated family trips with a fucking burning fucking passion because they’re unnecessary and shit always hits the fan and it’s quite easily the worst tips in the entire world
- but he doesn’t really have much of a choice
- not for 4 more years
- so here he is packing his thrift store suitcase that could’ve been better it’s not like they didn’t have money they just didn’t spend it on him at all

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Sorry for any mistakes, I wanted to get this up asap!! Also,, lets pretend that she was on birth control lmAo


No one stopped you from leaving the club, which you were thankful for. A couple white lies of, “She’s not feeling well.” and “It’s been a long day.” got you out suspicion free.

Dacre’s hand stayed glued to your thigh the entire drive back to the hotel, and the closer you got to reaching it, the longer your kisses were drawn out.

The need for each other only multiplied when the tall building that would be home for a few days came into view. The feeling between your legs almost caused you to fall over as you stepped out of the taxi, Dacre handing the driver the fee.

As soon as you reached the grand foyer of the hotel, Dacre grabbed your hand in his and began to run to the elevators. You both wasted no time in getting started in the elevator. You hands in his hair, his on your ass, your lips against his.

You pulled apart when the elevator stopped, watching the doors open to be welcomed by no one. You looked over to Dacre and he grinned, grabbing your hand again before starting to rush down the long hallway and toward your room.

“You have the key?”

You grinned, quickly pulling your purse in front of you to open it. You pulled it out and passed it to Dacre just as you reached your shared room.

As soon as the door was open and then closed behind you both, you were on each other like back at the club; except now there was no need to be careful.

You both stumbled over to the bed, hands pulling at each others clothes, mouths not wanting to separate. Your hands unbuckled his belt, as Dacre’s unzipped your dress. As you pulled down his pants, he ripped off his shirt completely.

Your dress fell to the floor, and almost instantly Dacre’s lips covered yours again. His hands found their way to the back of your bra, and as his kisses dropped to your decolletage your bra fell to the floor as well.

His throaty groan as his eyes rested on your chest only spurred you on, giving you the confidence to step even closer to him, sliding a hand down the front of his boxer briefs that were beginning to prove difficult at holding his obvious erection at bay.

“F-Fuck.” He choked out, eyes closing as your fingers gently grazed down the length of his cock.

His head dropped to rest on your shoulder, and his hands gripped your hips. Your hand rose from the inside of his boxer briefs, and you smiled to yourself, happy that the way you can make Dacre feel, is exactly how he makes you feel.

“I can’t wait any longer, babe,” He mumbled into your ear. “I need you now.”

Dacre gently laid you onto the bed, kissing your swollen lips with his, before trailing his way down your neck and over your breasts. Your hands held his by your sides as he continued leaving hot kisses across your body, finally reaching the top of your panties.

You let out a quiet moan, bucking your hips involuntarily as his tongue pressed against the fabric. He purposefully did it because he loved to see how needy you can get, and he loved to hear you enjoy it.

“Dacre.” You breathed, lifting your head slightly to watch him.

His eyes met yours, once again filled with that same lust and need as in the club; only now it was much, much more heavy. His hands left yours, only to attach to your panties, before slowly pulling them down. You raised your hips so he could get them off, sliding them down your legs and over your feet, dropping them by the bed.

His eyes never strayed from yours as he came back up and left a chaste kiss to your core, making you writhe under his body.

Dacre hovered over you, his face coming back up to yours. “You’re so beautiful.” He whispered, hands rubbing down your sides. “I hope you know that.”

You attached your lips to his again, but this time instead of a rushed kiss, it was slow and careful. Your hands traveled from his hair to his back, trailing your nails over the warm skin. Dacre’s breath halted against your neck, for he loved the feeling of your hands and nails against his back.

Your movements caused the boy above you to grind his hips against yours, creating friction against your core, making you moan into his ear.

“I can’t wait any longer.”

Those words lit a fire in Dacre’s stomach, and so he stood back up, slid off his boxers, and hovered back over your body; he was needy for you, and he wanted nothing more than to be inside of you.

You pushed your head back into the mattress, the anticipation twisting your stomach and causing your heat to grow wet even more. The feeling of Dacre’s cock pushing against your thigh swirled your mind and its thoughts.

Your hand traveled to his cock, and you positioned it at your entrance. Dacre’s kisses hot against your neck as he slowly pushed into you, your hands instantly to his back.

Your breathing grew shallow for a moment while Dacre’s low groan filled your ear. His hands gripping your sides as his entire length filled you up.

“Baby, fuck,” He moaned, sliding back out. “I-”

You cut him off with your mouth against his, seizing all words as you bucked your hips upward and against his. You moaned against his mouth, relishing in the feeling of his cock filling you up.

His hips thrust, faster now, as your hands scratched down his back and his grabbed your sides. His moans were turning into throaty growls as his lips attacked your neck. His hand reached down between you both and began rubbing your clit, making you moan his name over and over into his ear.

He lived to hear your breathy moans and his broken name leave your lips. He adored to see your face as he pounded into you. And boy, did he enjoy when your hands traveled up and down his back, nails pressing in and lightly scratching.

His cock deep inside of you, his fingers on your clit, made your mind hazy with sex. The sound of his voice, so much deeper when laced with arousal. Moans and groans, you name breathed out into the rooms air.

Your stomach was beginning to twist, while you mind stirred. Your legs wrapped around Dacre, causing his cock to go deeper and both your moans to grow louder.

“Y/N, baby,” He panted, thrusting deeper and harder. “I’m so fucking close.”

You nodded your head, the familiar feeling rushing through your body signalling you were the same. You kissed his lips, hands wrapping around his arms that were holding his weight up.

As Dacre’s words got more whiny, and his thrusts became slowed, you knew that he was almost reaching his orgasm. Your hips thrusted upward to meet his, which made him hungry to make you cum.

“C'mon baby,” He breathed, hips slamming against yours as his needs were almost reached. “C'mon,”

His words made all feeling leave your body for a moment, before coming back down to where you could feel everything. His lips over yours and the crook of your neck, his hands beside either side of your head, his cock thrusting in and out of your throbbing core, and his fingers quickening their pace on your now swollen clit.

All of this feeling, all of your nerve endings, heightened your response to his words and hands, and soon your hips lifted up to meet Dacre’s, and when his moans quickened and his thrusts got harder, you knew he was about to cum.

“Yes, baby, yes, fuck,” He rushed, groaning. “N-Now, cum, c-”

His loud growl in your ear as his orgasm unraveled caused you to quickly follow. Your body shook with pleasure, lips meeting Dacre’s as he filled you up. Both of your highs were rode out together, and even afterward, when only loud breathing and the beating of hearts could be heard, you gently thrust your hips to ride that last second out, making Dacre hiss out in sensitive pleasure.

He pulled out of you just before his arms gave way, Dacre falling beside you in a panting mess. His hair was sticking in every direction, his eyes on you, while you took a moment to collect your thoughts. You turned to face the grinning boy, his eyes light with happiness. You let out a small chuckle, running a hand over your forehead.

Dacre reached a hand out to hold yours, a tried grin lifting his face. “I really fucking love you.”

once we were walking into our animation and modeling class and the teacher comes in and turns on music. normal for us.


also he shows a bunch of old memes and runs the anime club like he’s pretty chill i just do other shit his entire class tho

Back to the Future

“Holy shit, that was the best goddamn movie I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Dustin burst through the doors of The Hawk movie theater, his excitement preceding him.

“Hey man,” Steve lowered his voice, “what’d we say about language in public? There’s little kids here. Littler than you.” Steve walked closely behind Dustin, followed by an equally-ecstatic Lucas, Max, Will, Mike, and El. 

“You know what, Steve. I’m not sorry. Back to the Future is hands-down, one hundred percent, absolutely the best goddamn movie I’ve ever seen.”

“You said that about Ghostbusters last year,” Lucas retorted, now leading the group as they started down the street. 

“Are you saying you didn’t like Back to the Future? Is that what you’re saying right now? Lucas, is that what you-”

“No, that is not what I’m saying. I’m saying that when we went to see Ghostbusters last year, and as we left this very movie theater, you said ‘Holy shit, that was the best goddamn movie I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“Language!” Steve interjected, wearing a small grin.

Ignoring Steve, Lucas went on, “It’s just the facts!”

“How do you know that’s exactly what I said, Lucas? Did you have a tape recorder, huh?”

“I did not. But it’s wha-”

“Alright, alright. Enough, guys!” Max shouted playfully, “You two argue like an old married couple.” Max threw the board under her arm down on the ground and skated leisurely ahead of the rest.

Mike, El, and Will strolled behind the others, smiling in quiet amusement at their bickering friends. 

The sun was setting on another July evening in downtown Hawkins, casting the peaceful streets in a warm orange glow. El relished in the feeling of sunshine on her face, the light breeze that played through her hair, Mike’s hand in her own. 

She had gone too long without all of these lovely, simple things. 

El had begged Hopper for weeks to let her see Back to the Future with her friends. “It’s not safe yet,” he would say. “A few more months,” he would explain, “You already got the Snow Ball.” Every day she would ask, and every day he would say no.

But finally, Hopper broke down. Maybe El had just beaten him down enough with her incessant pleas, or maybe it was because, ultimately, all he wanted was for her to be happy. All he really wanted was for her to have a normal life,  be a normal teenager. And so he had one simple condition: “Just no using your powers, okay?”

El took no issue with Hopper’s request. Why would she need to use her powers on a day like this? 


As El walked, she took in all of the casual wonders of life outside of her little cabin. Windows lined with bright flower boxes, the way the sunlight made the cars glisten, the smell of buttery popcorn wafting from the theater. As she savored her surroundings, she noticed something peculiar amongst it all. Something disruptive. Across the street was a group of six or so older teenagers, gathered around a parked car in an otherwise empty lot. They spoke loudly and blared music from a radio, while clouds of smoke plumed around them.

“Mike, what are they doing?” El asked quietly. 

Mike turned to examine the rowdy group. Something about them looked familiar, but he couldn’t place it. “I don’t know. Hanging out I guess.” He paused and thought for a moment before asking, “Steve, do you know those idiots?” 

The grin faded quickly from Steve’s face as he looked towards the commotion. Steve did know those idiots. They were Tommy and Carol and all of his other ex-friends. Doing things he used to do. 

Steve hesitated, “N-no. No, I don’t know them. Just some assholes. Assholes I don’t know,” Steve averted his gaze, lowering his head as he increased his speed. “Let’s go home, guys. It’s getting late.”

“Aw, Steve, you said we’d get ice cream,” Will spoke, his tone reflecting his disappointment.

“Yeah, El hasn’t had any ice cream yet this summer!” Mike added. 

Steve fumbled with his words, “D-Dustin you’ve got ice cream at your house, right? We can go there. Let’s just…Let’s just get outta here.” He hurried ahead, walking quickly now in the direction of his car.

El noticed Tommy and Carol walking towards the group, smirking menacingly. “I think Steve does know those assholes,” she muttered.

It was too late for Steve to try to escape. Tommy and Carol had spotted him. “Well, well, well, if it isn’t the Babysitter’s Club?” Tommy mocked.

“Are these your friends now, Stevie?” Carol chirped.

Steve ignored them, grumbling a small “Come on guys, let’s go,” to the group. 

“Excuse you, my girlfriend asked a question. She wanted to know if these little nerds are your friends now.” Tommy’s tone was even more vicious than before. 

“S-Steve who are these peop-” Will stammered.

“Let’s just go, I-I’ll explain later.” Steve tried without success to move the kids ahead.

“Explain what, Harrington? That you’re a loser who hangs out with second graders now?” Tommy pushed Steve’s back teasingly.

“Hey, for your information, we’re teenagers, okay?” Dustin stopped and turned towards Tommy and Carol. The others stopped too, no longer able to ignore the pair.

“Yeah, most of us are fourteen now!” Lucas added.

“We’re gonna be Freshmen this year, so you better back off.” Max stepped toward them, her skateboard held up to her body like a shield. 

Tommy’s eyes narrowed. “Shut up, nerds, nobody asked you,” he spat viciously. 

“Hey!” Steve stepped forward, his posture tensed. He pointed a finger threateningly at Tommy, his voice lowering, “Don’t you dare speak to them like that, you hear me?”

“Or else what, Harrington? You gonna bludgeon me to death with your diaper bag?” Tommy laughed and shuffled toward Steve. Carol stood close behind him, grinning wildly between loud pops of her bubble gum. 

Behind the rest stood El, her fists balled partly in rage and partly in frustration, her gaze turned down slightly. Hopper’s words circled through her head: Just no using your powers, okay? Suddenly, his simple request became a challenge to obey. 

Steve stepped even closer to Tommy, “I said. Stop.” 

“What are you gonna do, Harrington?”

Behind Steve, the group stood frozen. The threat of an imminent fight loomed, the peace of a perfect afternoon ruined. Steve turned towards the kids quickly, “You guys get out of here. I’ll handle this.” 

Taking only a small step backwards, the group exchanged silent, knowing glances with each other. No, they wouldn’t be going anywhere. 

Steve rolled up his sleeves and raised his fists slowly, while Tommy placed his right foot back and lifted his arms. They paused, poised like this for more than a moment, waiting for the other to throw the first punch. El’s fists balled tighter as Hopper’s words raced through her mind. Steve’s driving heartbeat pounded in his ears. All was quiet except the now-eerie, distant sound of music playing from the lot across the street. 

That, and a sudden, roaring battle cry from Dustin. 

Dustin lurched forward from the group towards Tommy. Using all the force he could muster, he slammed his body into Tommy’s, attempting to push him away from Steve. After a brief moment, Max, Mike, and Lucas joined in the effort, followed by a hesitant but ultimately ungrudging Will and Eleven.  

Exclamations of “Step off, douchebag!” and “Son-of-a-bitch!” and “You don’t mess with us!” were heard from an otherwise indistinguishable cacophony of yells and curses. 

“Guys! Guys! Stop it!” Steve shouted as he tried, but ultimately failed, to pull the kids away. 

“What the hell!” Carol shrieked as she watched from the side. 

Tommy writhed and grunted, attempting to push the kids away. Eventually, after much effort, he was able to pull himself out. He side-stepped and shuffled away, wearing an expression of confusion. 

“Bunch of freaks,” Tommy muttered, glancing backward at the group briefly before jogging down the street, Carol close behind him. 

“Now you can go back to your friends and tell them you got beat up by a bunch of second graders!” Max yelled in the direction of Tommy. Her words were echoed by a round of shouts in agreement from the group, who watched as Tommy and Carol retreated. 

When the couple was out of sight, Steve turned to the kids. “What the hell was that?” 

“You clearly didn’t want to kick his ass. So we did it for you.” Dustin shrugged his shoulders as he spoke matter-of-factly. The others nodded slowly, agreeing to Dustin’s account. 

“I-I, told you guys to let me handle it.” 

Lucas gave a friendly pat on Steve’s back as he began to walk down the street again as if nothing had just happened, “It’s alright, Steve. We won’t tell anyone that you need a bunch of kids to protect you.” The others giggled and joined Lucas. 

As the group walked ahead, Steve stayed still for a moment, shaking his head in disbelief. Protect me? Protect me? Psh, I don’t need them to protect me. I can protect myself. I just didn’t want to throw the first pun-

“Steve! Can we get ice cream now?” Mike shouted from halfway down the block, interrupting Steve’s internal dialogue. 

No, he didn’t need them to protect him. Or at least that’s what he told himself. But it was good to have a group who always had his back. And, whether he could admit it to himself or not, that was something Steve’s never really had before. 

Steve resigned any effort to argue this further. He relaxed his shoulders with a sigh and smiled, “Alright, alright. We’ll get ice cream.”

Anything for You: Part Nine

Pairing(s): Richie Tozier x Eddie Kaspbrak, Beverly Marsh x Ben Hanscom, Bill Denbrough x Stan Uris

Warnings: swearing, mentions of death, hospital, this chapter in general (seriously, it’s a crap fest)

Word Count: 1.4 k

Part 9 / ?

a/n: this chapter was actually supposed to be happy, idk where everything went so wrong - also, try to stay up later next time, evie; i don’t work around your foreign clock smh

last part | masterlist


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The Debt: Theo Raeken One Shot (Request)

This is the third of my five requests. Thank you to the amazing @thelittlestkitsune​ for asking for this. I hope you enjoy it Lau!!!

Author: @susybird

Relationship: Theo Raeken x Reader

Description: Fluff and angst plus some weird shit! You meet Theo in a club and quickly become close. But your past is holding you back.

Word Count: 2325

Author’s Note: Okay so this idea is very different from what I usually do. Hopefully you all enjoy it!

As always thank you to my Beta reader @redstringlovers for having my back and reading my stuff.

Let me know what you think, I love love feedback of any kind. Also let me know if you want to be added to my forever tag. Enjoy :)

Prompt: “I don’t give a fuck.” “You give so many fucks they’re visible from SPACE.”

Originally posted by eggstiles

I was in a noisy crowded club the first time I laid eyes on him. In the heaving mass of people, his face was the only one that stood out to me. Of course I always had been attracted to bad boys.

He caught me staring and I flicked my eyes downward and back up again, a small smile playing on my lips was all the invitation he needed.

He weaved his way through the crowd of people, his gaze set firmly on mine as he dodged flying limbs and writhing bodies.

“Hi.” He drew up beside me almost breathless with the effort of pushing through the undulating crowd.

I decided to make him work for it, turning to face the bar, holding my hand up, indicating to the bartender that I wanted another drink.

He wasn’t that easily put off. “My name’s Theo,” he introduced himself, holding out a large hand my way.

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Richie & Eddie: Match

Pairing: Richie Tozier x Eddie Kaspbrak

Originally posted by oaf

A/N: back in middle school soulmate au’s were my shit so this is kind of a throwback and also I’m aware it’s not super good, but I’ll try posting a better Reddie fic again soon

Warnings: cursing

Love was gross. Add that to the forever growing list of things that Eddie was afraid of. It made him want to throw up, and made him feel happy at the same time, like a hallucinogenic would (or at least that’s what Eddie assumed).

Since forever, you could tell that you were meant to be someone after they say the word love in front of you for the first time. Before Eddie heard his soulmate say the word love, he had assumed that it was bullshit. He’d also worried that if he ever did hear the love of his life say it, that he wouldn’t realize the feeling was an indication of the occasion. However, in freshman year of highschool, he heard the person he was supposed to be with forever say the word love, and he knew. Immediately.

On October 13th, Eddie and his fellow losers decided to sleep over at Bill’s house. This, of course, took quit a bit of coaxing of his mom, but Eddie was determined to spend the night with his best friends.

He had arrived at 6 pm on the doorstep of the Denbrough household holding almost 3 fully packed bags and a pillow.

Bill answered the door and greeted Eddie, and once Eddie had entered the house Bill said “a-are y-you m-m-moving in or s-something?”.

Eddie faked a laugh, and then informed Bill about everything that he had brought, and why each item was essential.

“O-okay, w-well e-e-everyone else i-is in m-my room.” He smiled and pointed upstairs in an attempt to stop Eddie from continueing to drone on.

Mike, Ben, Bill, Stan, Eddie and Richie all laughed, talked, and argued over stuff like comic books for hours before they all started to run out of things to say.

“So…. have any of you met your match yet?” Mike asked them all at once.

Each of the boys one by one said no, and after they had gone in a circle Richie stood up, determined to share his amazing opinion.

“I think that the matches are bullshit!” Eddie nodded along, because at the time he had thought so too.

“I think that people don’t have matches, and that this love at first sight stuff is bullshit!” Richie said and pumped his arm into the air for emphasis.

Eddie was speechless. His mouth was left hanging open and his arms fell to his side.

He could feel it. There were explosions of joy in his head, millions of butterflies in his stomach, colors he’d never seen before, and his mouth tasted like pure sugar. He felt like he was tripping balls.

When he looked at Richie now, he no longer simply saw an adorable and trashmouthed friend of his, he saw someone who was flawless. Someone with doe eyes and a spirited mind and a clever tongue and beautiful pink lips and the cutest sense of style from his Hawaiian shirts to his bottle glasses to h- he could’ve gone on for hours.

Once his “high” of sorts had gone down, he no longer felt explosions and butterflies, but the deep admiration and want to be close to Richie remained. He quickly closed his mouth and straightened his posture when he realized that the boys had been giving him weird glances.

He coughed awkwardly, and then said “What?”.

“R-Richie a-asked you i-if you b-b-believe in the m-m-matches?” Bill explained with one eyebrow raised in confusion.

“Oh.” He said, picking out what to say. He felt like he had to agree with Richie, but at the same time he had just experienced how great having a match was.

“I- uh think that… lo-I mean luck, is something that people should appreciate… but not put all of their faith in?” He said, not quit sure what he had just said even meant, but Richie seemed to accept it, so the boys moved on.

Why didn’t I want to say the word love? Eddie wondered. Richie should know that I’m his soulmate!

But at the same time, after hearing that Richie had just completely trashed soulmates, Eddie wasn’t so sure that he wanted Richie to know. He loved Richie, that much was obvious to him, but what if Richie denied it?

And so, Eddie Kaspbrak was stuck with knowledge that almost felt like the weight of the world was on his shoulders. For almost 2 years Eddie was able to hang out with Richie, completely in love, and never mention the “L word” somehow.

“Hey Eds?” Richie asked, snapping Eddie’s mind back into the present.

He sighed at the awful nickname, “yeah?”.

Eddie scooted towards Richie and leaned his head on Richie’s shoulder.

“You’ve found your match, right?” He asked the smaller boy.

“Yeah.” Eddie whispered back.

“How come you don’t ever talk about them?” Richie asked, and his voice cracked when he said he word them.

When Eddie peaked at Richie, he was surprised to see that his face was bright red, and that his eyebrows were slightly furrowed.

“Because they don’t believe in soulmates.” Eddie sighed.

“Do they know?”

“Know what?”

“That they’re your match, that you love them?” Richie asked him.

Even though it wasn’t his first time hearing it, every time that Richie said the word love, Eddie would feel the same feeling he felt the first time, but toned down by a lot.


“But you love them?”

“Yes I do lo-feel that way about them.” Eddie said, again watching his words.

“Does it suck?”


“What’s it like? Having a match?”

Eddies face lit up. Talking about how it feels and about his match, even if he was vague, was one of his favorite things.

“When you hear them say lo- i mean the “L” word… it’s the best feeling in the world. You can feel fireworks and butterflies and your mouth tastes sweet and they become the someone that you just always want to be around.“ Eddie said, his lip splitting from how wide his smile was.

Richie looked up at Eddie, and he was lost in thought. He felt guilt that he had ever trashed something that sounded so wonderful, somethind that he now longed for. He was shocked that Eddie would bottle all of this stuff up and not tell his match just because he thought it would make them happy. He was upset that whoever was his match didn’t appreciate Eddie enough and most of all, he was super fucking jealous. Whoever had Eddie as their match was so lucky, it made Richie want to punch something.

"I wish I could meet mine.” Richie said quietly.

“WHAT!” Eddie said, much to loud.

“I wish I could meet my match. Ya know? I feel like I’m missing a part of me that I should know about.” He sighed

Eddie smiled wickedly, his lips cracking even more from smiling even wider. He grabbed a tube of chap stick from his fanny pack, and put a quick swipe of it on his lips, before he confidently stood up.

He walked in front of Richie, and jutted his chest out confidently.

“Richie, I’ve got some news for you!” He said proudly

“What is it?” Richie asked, genuinely confused by his odd behavior.

“You get to meet my soulmate!”


Eddie slowed down, and stuck his hand out for Richie to grab. He breathed deeply and counted the last seconds that things would be normal, knowing that after these few moment, nothing would ever be the same.

“I love you Richard Tozier.”

Richie had been reaching up to grab Eddie’s hand, but his hand froze mid-air, and he gapped at Richie with his mouth wide open. Eddie knew that Richie was feeling the butterflies and fireworks that he had felt that one night.

The Losers CovenAU

Originally posted by xesoteric-extraterrestrialx

(Please forgive my insane imagination)

Also thanks to @reddie-foranything for giving me permission to use their aesthetic as a reference😊(Sorry if it’s not what you thought it would be😅)

So,this is the best way I can put this AU

  • The losers all have powers (I know dorky) and they have to hide it
  • Because LOGIC
  • They all come from different kingdoms in the Macroverse
  • Yeah, that’s right, I’m putting the Macroverse in to all of this
  • That’s how emotionally invested I get in this type of shit
  • The ending to everything is a bit different.
  • By the way, this has been done before
  • It, AKA Pennywise, is captured by the losers club so that he doesn’t do any harm to any more kids
  • Yes, it’s unoriginal and yes IT HAS BEEN DONE
  • But anyways, they all hate Pennywise but have to get used to him and give him some use
  • Because, once again, LOGIC
  • And also, old Pennywise is here as well
  • Except he’s kind of like good and, how do I say this? Retired.
  • So, he kind of like helps the losers control and grow their powers or something (IDK)
  • Kind of like their mentor
  • Except a clown
  • And he shares stories of the losers kingdoms and the Macroverse and blah blah blah
  • Maturin is in this too by the way
  • The turtle is here as well
  • But in like
  • Smaller form
  • Like smol adorable pet size turtle 🐢

Now let’s get to the losers powers:

(Their powers don’t necessarily have to go with the word, just the category. So, they can have more advantages.)

Bill - Psychic Magic

  • Bills powers are hard for me to explain, since psychic abilities are usually more mental than physical. But, never the less he’s as helpful as a Loser can be.
  • His powers can be a bit wonky, since he just found them out, but they’re still pretty powerful. Even for someone his age, it’s still considered hard to control.
  • Bill, by the way, is the one that gets the most mentoring from old Penny. Since he has more than one type of ability. I’ll talk about that later😉

Richie - Love Magic

  • Richies powers are those that depend on his emotions. Since Richie is a pretty emotional guy, his powers are always on.
  • His powers don’t always have to focus on love, they can focus on other emotions as well. He can sometimes transmit his emotions to others, but it doesn’t always work, since he’s just getting started.
  • Richies powers also allow his to channel auras and use it as a weapon against enemies.

Eddie - Medicinal Magic

  • While Eddies powers are considered useless, it’s really not. They give him the ability to heal wounds and injuries, and even diseases.
  • However, his powers don’t necessarily mean he can cheat death. Well, kind of. ITS HARD TO EXPLAIN.
  • He can not only cure diseases but he can also transmit them. I’ll explain later on.

Mike - Animal Magic

  • Personally, I think Mike’s powers are the best, since I’m a HUGE animal lover. He can befriend animals with ease and even understand them (even those that don’t make noise)
  • Probably his best animal to talk to is Maturin. And Maturin considers Mike his favorite out of all the Losers. Lucky bastard.
  • Mike can even summon animals from mythology, by the way. And they can help him in fights or training.

Stan - Forest Magic

  • Out of all the Losers, Stanley’s magic is considered the most beautiful. Mainly because, it’s not just forests, but nature itself. (Not animals though)
  • He can control trees, flowers, any greens. He always knows how to make a calming scenery.
  • His plants can also help make medicine or create soothing aromas. Usually, he uses his plants to help Eddie make antidotes.

Beverly - Fire Magic

  • Beverlys magic is considered the most accurate, since fire holders are meant to be confident and friendly.(well, sometimes)
  • Her powers are more destructive than the other Losers since, well, its fire.
  • I dont really know what else to say, we’ve all seen fire in action. But I’ll get back to it.

Ben - Book Magic

  • Bens magic allows him to actually make what’s happening in a book, appear.
  • Or, he could just go in the book and see it himself. Either way, it’s a win win.
  • His favorite books to see are always the mythological and historical ones. But he tries not to go in ones with severe events.

(If you wanna see more, let me know)

anonymous asked:

heyo! so I've been looking for this chaptered highschool fic for forever. Dan had a sexuality crisis in the start, and his family and friends were all homophobic. His best friend was Chris and when Dan told him hee was gay he got really mad. At some point he accepted him tho, and they were talking about how he had gotten a bj from Phil and Dans mom overheard and also had a shit reaction. Thanks, you're some cool beans<3

Take Your Chances, I’ll Take Mine - Dan Hates Phil. Phil Lester, the boy who, frustratingly, got the best marks in the class yet never actually studied. Dan’s hands clenched in anger just thinking about it. Phil Lester, who was always surrounded with friends, despite being part of the chess club, debate team, and practically any other nerdy extracurricular activity you could think of. Everyone, even the stereotypical ‘cool kids’ liked, or at least respected him. Dan definitely didn’t hate him because of the way him, biting his lips, didn’t distracted him. Dan definitely didn’t hate him because of the bubbly feeling he didn’t give him in his stomach, because Dan definitely wasn’t gay.

- Tori

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(stonesandstuff*tumblr*com/post/161387378172/ask-and-you-shall-receive-pgh8771-this-video-is) (i-hate-hockey*tumblr*com/post/166994321349/thank-you-latts) HONESTLY THOUGH when will the universe bless us with the fic where latts is a stripper and tom is his expensive hockey sugar-bro?daddy?both? like, c'mon, this shit has definitely been a long time comin'


honestly that would be the best fucking thing I could imagine- Grad student latts stripping to support his schooling because his visa doesn’t really support him working on the books for anywhere but his university. the caps throw one of those well meaning ‘so you came out to us and we support you and your sexuality’ strip club visits. and it’s cool because there are a couple other gay or bi guys and everyone else is chill and thinks it’ll be fun.

and they keep buying him lap dances from every single fucking stripper and tom is fucking living because damn this is a high end club and these guys are fucking BANGING. and there’s one guy with this irritating, knowing, smirk wearing only a tiny pair of red booty shorts who’s been bringing them drinks and brushing his ass against tom’s arms all night and tom is fucking determined to get the guy to give him a show. and like. he puts up the cash for a private show and basically comes in his pants as latts grinds his booty short clad ass against his cock and hold tom still with a firm hand tugging at his hair.

anywho- BEST FUCKING NIGHT OF TOM’S LIFE. and he can’t stop thinking about the hot stripper. like, his entire fucking spank bank has been wiped and replaced by the memory of the guy (he’d said his name was Magic Mike but tom really fucking doubted that was his real name) and his stupid fucking smirk and his stupid fucking body and his beautiful fucking ass. and he’s so tempted to go back to the strip club, but they have a string of back-to-backs and road trips and he’s fucking exhausted and just never has time. 

so he’s not expecting to literally fucking run into Magic Mike in a fucking generic starbucks on his way in to the rink. except he’s obviously not Magic Mike here, because he’s wearing sweatpants and ugg boots and the softest looking cardigan and a stupid fucking hat and glasses and it somehow makes him look even better than he had all oiled up and skin bared in the dim lights of the ‘gentleman’s club’. 

-and he’s covered in tom’s red eye and fuck tom feels like a fucking dick as he grabs a wad of napkins and tries to clean the guy up and it’s like a scene out of a fucking chick flick because he’s accidentally feeling the guy up (it’s definitely his stripper. those abs are rock fucking solid under tom’s fingers) as he mops up coffee from his Georgetown t-shirt. and like he’s too embarrassed to try and fix the situation and he’s now running super late for team practice and he needs to leave five minutes ago so he kind of yells ‘sorry’ at Magic Mike and shoves a wad of cash at him as he rushes out the door.

he then proceeds to stalk out the starbucks every free moment he has so he can try and catch the guy because he feels like such a dick. and- well he’d be lying to himself if he didn’t admit he wanted to get to know the guy so he could get to know the guy.

which is how he meets Michael Latta, Georgetown grad student studying for his Masters in Economics, and doing the cliche stripping his way through school thing because it pays better than anything the school will give him to subsidize his living costs. and somehow over a few short weeks and several fruitful dates, tom becomes mike’s very willing sugar daddy (despite being 3 years younger than him) 

can you imagine lavi just, sitting there like “okay, it’s just kanda and lena so far, i can handle two crushes, i’m doing well”, and then allen comes along and he’s like “shit”, and then link comes along and he’s like “s  h it hang on” and then neah comes along and he’s like “SHIT WAIT NO”

some kenji + mc/kenji hcs
  • kenji’s favorite show is daredevil, but his favorite marvel superhero is she-hulk (he likes superheroes who are lawyers okay let me live)
  • u can’t tell me that he and mc don’t watch superhero shows on the couch for “research” (hint: it’s because theyre dorks lol)
  • at one point dax joins them to geek out and poppy sighs in the background
  • kenji likes to cook and mc has burnt water before so really, thank based kenji for saving mc’s hopeless ass
  • mc falls in love with kenji’s cooking the first time they try it in mc’s apartment
  • “oh my god these are so gOOD !! can i please hire you as a personal chef instead” 
  • kenji grins. “i don’t think grayson will allow it, but i wouldnt mind coming here to cook for you everyday”
  • cue mc choking on their food beause holy thats so cute and domestic i cry
  • kenji makes killer yakisoba so it’s what he gives people when he cooks for them for the first time
  • …but he also likes making it because it reminds him of simpler times with his mom (she had a secret ingredient)
  • it’s one of mc’s favorite dishes, but when they see kenji cooking it out of nowhere, they go and give him a comforting hug him from behind 
  • oh going back to the superheroes thing, they watch and consume a lot of superhero media but almost always end up on ‘opposite sides’ (i.e. kenji stans superman while mc is batman all the way, kenji is #TeamTony while mc is firmly on steve rogers’ side)
  • they do a lot of team-building exercises (;D) in their spare time
  • by that i mean, they do actually train together you know both kenji and mc both wanna save people + have other reasons for being superheroes *(will link mc’s reason when i write it because it’s p angsty lmao)
  • their first training session sucked though because now instead of getting in each other’s way, they try to put each other out of harm’s way
  • fuckin dorks
  • but yo once they get over that, u get a kickass superhero power battle couple !!!
  • (i personally hc that their general strategy is for talos to keep the villain busy why mc sneaks up on them)
  • i already mentioned this before but kenji recognizing mc in their superhero costume because he committed the way mc says his name to memory <3 just <3 gets me <3
  • kenji loves to fly while being held by mc tbh and they totally kiss (and do other stuff) in the air
  • he also?? loves the fact that mc is stronger than him?? holy hell he gets hearteyes the first time he sees mc casually lift something huge like the sofa or something
  • similarly i hc that mc gets the dokis when kenji o b l i t e r a t e s someone in an argument 
  • (maybe because someone is talking shit about mc & kenji fites them and wins because he’s his mother’s son + debate club wtf!!)
  • pls imagine mc absentmindedly picking up and wearing kenji’s jacket after a team-building session and kenji just staring because shit. mc in his clothes is just - kenji.exe has crashed
  • aw man imagine them having to sneak out for a hero emergency during work and grayon eyes them like “and where are you two going” 
  • mc and kenji exchange a look before giving simultaneous excuses and dashing off
  • this happens several times until eventually grayson is like “look i know what’s happening with you guys”
  • mc freezes. “you… do?”
  • kenji steps forward. “listen grayson–”
  • “no its fine kenji. i… completely understand. i’d do the same thing if i were in your positon.” grayson flashes a smile that doesnt reach his eyes. “don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me. i won’t tell anyone that you’re dating.”
  • mc lets out a breath they didnt know theyve been holding and kenjis kind of stares at grayson before smoothly recovering and thanking him and i got kinda sad rip
  • so talos has a fanbase right so some people are jealous of mc (to which mc rolls their eyes lol), some ship mc and talos (they get a thumbs up from mc) while some have the hots for mc themself?? (mc is #Shookt)
  • kenji agrees that mc’s hot when mc tells him about the fans (and lbr he defs stans mc online)
  • when they become popular, mc buys talos merch and kenji buys mc merch

The girl that Tom went clubbing with is really pretty. If he wants to date her, that’s not your choice. Stop degrading her. If you don’t want him to date someone he loves, you’re not a real fan. A real fan is allowed to obsess over him. A real fan also wants him to be happy. She’s really pretty. And I bet she’s lovely. So stop with your shit.


Miami sketchdump 2 / 2 

It (2017) AU Richie’s Gone

Richie’s scared of clowns. It only makes sense the creature goes after him instead of Beverly. But instead of the fear it expected Richie isn’t terrified of him.

“I’m afraid of clowns asshat. You look like the ugly cross eyed love child of David Bowie Steve Buscemi.”

Needles to say it’s not impressed, making Richie “float” until The Losers Club comes to save him. They pull him down and nothing seems to be working so as a last ditch attempt Eddie kisses Richie on the lips. It does snap Richie out of his trance and he’s like dude, that’s kind of gay.

Also: Beverly beating the shit out of Pennywise with a baseball bat because after the shit he’s put her through she needs to kick a clown’s ass.