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endless list of favorite relationships |→ sookie and rory

“Okay, I’ve got it from here, Sookie. I love you.

I really appreciate the fact that Jane the Virgin and Gilmore Girls are like the exact same show except that Jane’s boyfriends are all beautiful and gentle souls while Rory’s boyfriends are trash men she found in the Dumpster (and not the fun Dumpster where all the sexy Marvel men live)

some things i noticed during hamilton
  • king george does the turn off your cellphones announcement right before it starts and he says “enjoy MY show” lmfao
  • i was already tearing up during alexander hamilton rip
  • in the beginning laurens and hercules are v loud and usually drunk there are multiple instances of it in aaron burr, sir, the story of tonight, satisfied, and the story of tonight reprise and they always made the audience laugh
  • in my shot laurens turns to hamilton and says “you and i do or die” more privately and quietly to him alone and then turns back and continues  
  • peggy is actually reluctant in the schuyler sisters and tries to stop angelica before being quite literally dragged across the stage when she sings “and peggy”
  • when everyone exits in the story of tonight hamilton and laurens leave with their arms around each other :’)
  • in farmer refuted the squad is standing off to the side listening to samuel seabury and hercules and lafayette nudge and push hamilton forward while giggling to themselves until he finally challenges seabury
  • during you’ll be back king george jerks his shoulders up and down in time with his da da da das he looked absolutely ridiculous it was so funny
  • in helpless after hamilton gets eliza’s father’s blessing he looks to eliza and does this ridiculous little celebratory dance but then mr schuyler looks back over at him and he makes a show of composing himself
  • also in helpless washington was the one who helped hamilton get ready for the wedding and he fixed up his coat it was such a nice moment :’)
  • yo satisfied literally changed my fucking life ok bc obv renee is SO TALENTED WOW and bc the choreography was so cool man they did actually rewind everything somehow so it was the scene at the beginning of helpless im not entirely sure how they pulled it off tbh
  • in the story of tonight reprise the squad sways/thrusts their hips crudely while they tease hamilton for getting married it’s so fucking funny
  • wait for it is life changing. that is all
  • history has its eyes on you blew me away i love chris so much
  • yorktown is INSANE so many things are happening at once and the lights go crazy and the ensemble dance breakdown is just incredible
  • at the end of what comes next king george held out his hands expectantly then huffed and stomped off stage when no one started clapping immediately honestly all of his appearances were 10/10
  • oh my god dear theodosia was too much for me because it’s just burr and hamilton alone on stage singing tenderly to their newborn children
  • eliza walks in and delivers the news about laurens’ death (it’s not in the soundtrack) and hamilton’s demeanor changes immediately and after about a minute of grim silence he says “i have so much work to do” and exits and during this entire thing laurens stands off to the side surrounded by blue light and quietly and sadly sings the beginning lines of the story of tonight i damn near started bawling y’all
  • in non stop burr and hamilton are at a trial and burr gets v exasperated as hamilton delivers the long winded opening statement and after burr says “that’s all you had to say” hamilton looks like he’s going to stop but then in a typical hamilton fashion he darts back to keep talking when he says “one more thing–”
  • i especially loved nonstop bc the blending of the different character harmonies being sung all at once is phenomenal and outstanding i was completely blown away
  • in what’d i miss jefferson was encouraging the crowd’s applause and cheers and cupped his hand by his ear and leaned forward to hype the crowd up and it made everyone go even crazier it was so great
  • after jefferson finishes his argument in cabinet battle #1 he drops the mic and madison’s hand is waiting underneath to catch it lmaooooo
  • eliza beatboxes during philip’s rap/poem in take a break and philip’s voice breaks really badly so it ended up sounding like “you can write rhymes but you can’t write MINE” and that’s why hamilton says “WHAT”
  • also hamilton declines the invitation to the schuyler vacation and angelica starts after him to talk some sense into him but eliza stops her and shakes her head and they leave arm in arm they don’t even KNOW
  • maria wore a red dress with red lipstick in say no to this and i got chills bc jasmine is so talented and i am very gay that’s all i have to say
  • ok i lied towards the end of say no to this maria to sits on hamilton’s lap and places one of his hands on her stomach and the other on her chest i was vvv side eye emoji
  • i also got chills during room where it happens and one last time and literally every song ngl i’m trash
  • jefferson literally sniffs hamilton and makes a disgusted face when he says hamilton “smells like new money” in cabinet battle #2
  • king george comes back in i know him as the others are exiting and he flinches away in disgust if any of them got close to him it’s hysterical and then he jumps around as he excitedly anticipates being able to see adams crash and burn as president
  • KING GEORGE ALSO GOT BURR TO BREAK CHARACTER!!! burr laughed as he sang the beginning of the adams administration because george was making exaggerated gestures from where he set up a stool on the end of the stage to watch adams’ disastrous presidency i feel so #blessed
  • oh my god and then when hamilton calls john adams a “FAT MOTHERF–” in his iconic drag he drops a stack of books off the balcony so the thud censors the rest of it as the red strobe lights flashed it’s so extra i love it
  • in we know jefferson’s “whaaaaat” is pure giddiness and he rushes over to snatch james reynolds’ letter out of burr’s hands to read for himself he’s such an asshole
  • hurricane is AWESOME ok it’s one of my faves the lights were dimmed and hamilton is alone on stage singing and then maria gives hamilton the quill i was like bro…… that’s some poetic shit………
  • lord the reynolds pamphlet was crazy everyone was moving around and making it rain and then king george came down the stairs and smugly pranced across the stage while hamilton is trying to plead with everyone that at least he was honest about the money
  • burn was so fucking sad and it didn’t help that eliza was on her knees for half of it just lay me to rest y’all
  • JESUS and then after philip’s death in stay alive reprise eliza wails mournfully as she sobs over his body it’s the saddest thing i’ve ever heard i felt like i was hit by a train
  • sjdfnskfnksfj nothing will ever prepare you for seeing it’s quiet uptown live it’s a beautifully sad number bc hamilton and eliza are standing center stage while people move in slow motion in dim blue light around them but eliza stares straight ahead while hamilton begs for forgiveness until she finally reaches for his arm and rests her head on his shoulder and says “it’s quiet uptown”
  • burr actually runs around grinning as he eavesdrops on all the peoples’ views of him and he even fist pumps a bit in the election of 1800
  • your obedient servant was so funny bc there was only one desk and burr wrote one letter to hamilton and after a dancer delivered it burr and hamilton switched places at the desk and hamilton handed off letter after letter to be delivered to burr and burr just looked so done
  • god the choreography in the world was wide enough was a++++ because burr fires the gun and a dancer shows the motion of the bullet by acting as if she was holding it and moved it closer to hamilton and then everything slows down as hamilton has his moment of reflection and he actually runs away when he notices how close the bullet is getting at one point but then he finally decides to accept his fate and doesn’t move as the bullet comes rushing towards him when time resumes normal speed
  • towards the end of who lives, who dies, who tells your story eliza and alexander face each other and hold hands but then hamilton steps back and eliza turns to the audience and at the veeeeery last moment she holds her hands out and gasps and smiles as if she sees him on the ~other side~ after decades of being apart and she’s ready to go be with him forever and then the lights cut to black and it ends i stood up immediately and clapped with goddamn tears in my eyes
  • TL;DR there are a lot of little quirks in hamilton that make it a wonderful live experience and basically however you imagine the show it’s 100000x better trust me

Gilmore Girls - AU: Rory/Jess and the prom date that never happened.

Casual reminder that the first actual heist Leonard Snart planned after reuniting with Mick and giving him a weapon equal and opposite to his own was the theft of a famous painting said to represent “the dichotomy of being” that depicted a joining together of their respective aesthetics.

Honestly, just propose already you dramatic fool


iBoy Official Trailer (2017)


together or not all || a rory/amy fanmix

for friends who fell in love, for running through the stars with the doctor and with each other. for living and dying and waiting and loving. for forgetting and remembering, for coming apart and coming together.

for the girl who waited and the last centurion.

(for stars-inthe-sky. happy birthday!! <333)

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Since I like the way the Coldflash symbol looks (and also got bored enough to spend a lot of time figuring out Photoshop) I made an Atomwave thing! (Or…tried? I dunno, cause I’m not usually the visual arts-y end of creative.) It was fun anyway and I hope someone likes my thing!


365 days of rory gilmore: day 11

Okay, but I need more Rory/Felicity. She’s going to be pulling away, but y’all know he (as well as Oliver and Diggle obvs) is gonna notice. She’s the reason he’s back on the team. She sought him out and talked to him; opened up to him in a way that she hasn’t been able to with a lot of people. If he went to seek her out because lets face they’re probably going to get close if they haven’t already. 

“You didn’t give up on me when I wanted to quit and I’m not giving up on you….” 

Less angsty thought to finish this up with: I would also love for some cute bonding. Platonic coffee dates and such. I also feel like Rory is that friend that notices when you’re not eating, so he’s constantly offering food when she or any of the team members have been skipping meals. (It’s something that his mother did with him, his friends, and family). 

I just really need more Raglicity & more backstory on Rory. I need it. 


You always have neat things to say, so I have a question for you. In the upcoming crossover trailer, Mick mentions to Kara that he burned his family alive. This sort of surprised me, because I don’t think that is necessarily information Mick would casually share–especially to someone he just met. I don’t even think the original Legends team knew (besides Len and maybe Rip) before the Pilgrim, so why the sudden sharing of backstory?

My personal opinion is that Mick’s trying to put her off. Kara comes across as someone who blatantly likes to help and bond with anyone she comes across, and because Mick is not sure he deserves that help he tries to push her away with the ugliest bits about him. He needs to be undesirable, unforgiven. He’s still grieving; he doesn’t want anyone having touchy-feely moments with him or getting too close, so he adds familicide to his “animal/IQ of meat” front so people will leave him the fuck alone.

What do you think?

Originally posted by fatedxdestiny

I mostly agree with you, though I don’t think it’s coming purely from a place of self-loathing because he needs to remain unforgiven (in his own mind). I think it’s more that he keeps others away, at arm’s length, for fear that they will confirm all of his most negative thoughts and feelings about himself if he lets them in. By keeping the angry front, the ‘deliberately being an ass’ behavior I’ve talked about, at the forefront, it means that if people don’t like him or don’t respect him and his intellect, it’s because of that, and not because of the parts of himself he actually feels vulnerable about. For instance, it’s one thing to have your intellect insulted when you’re playing dumb, and totally another to have it insulted when you’re trying your hardest to be smart, or thought you had done something clever.

So him telling Kara about his past seems to me to come from that place: having to keep her away because like you said, she’s warm and sweet and wants to see the best in people and reach out to them, and that would make Mick feel quite vulnerable (especially because he might unconsciously think: what if she sees the best in everyone else but still hates me? what would that say about me?). Finding bigger tools with which to push her away (e.g., mentioning the familicide) makes sense in that lens then. “She’ll hate me for that” and he’s safe again, from letting people in, and the vulnerability that comes along with it.

Beyond that, a slightly less in-depth reading is just that, like you said, no one knew before (except Len), but now everyone he works with does, thanks to The Pilgrim. The secret’s out. And he might want to be the person to tell his own secrets before anyone else can tell it behind his back. Putting it front and center because he knows he can’t hide from it anymore, so it adds it to his arsenal and armor instead.

And finally, I think we also need to consider the impact that seeing his younger self had on him. Technically, a stay at that house with Rip’s foster mom has been added to his past now, right? Even if he was returned to the same moment in time from which he left so his absence wasn’t noticed, he should still have gained that memory at some point (same with teen!Sara actually). Hearing from his older self might have impacted how he ultimately coped with it. 

Alternately, if that’s not the case (because Legends and continuity are not friends so maybe we shouldn’t assume he’d remember his stay at that place), he still talked to his younger self. Mick’s had that event as a memory, something he did. Now he got to see it as something this young teenager did. Still him, but the contrast between him now and him at that age is stark. He can see that he was just a scared boy who didn’t mean to do it, who has all these walls up. He’s been confronted with that reality, and now that he has, it might mean that he’s being more open about what happened. It was a mistake, and though I’m sure he’ll always blame himself for it, he can recognize that it was an accident, in a way he might not have let himself before seeing that young scared kid.


Sandor Clegane Survives ~ GoT Theory: Masterpost

 1.) Quiet Isle: “Why do they call it the Quiet Isle?” asked Podrick. “Those who dwell here are penitents, who seek to atone for their sins through contemplation, prayer, and silence. Only the Elder Brother and his proctors are permitted to speak, and the proctors for only one day of every seven.” And later another quote, “Many of our brothers came here to escape the horrors of the world, not dwell upon them. Brother Clement was not the only wounded man among us.” What better place to hide away than a place whose inhabitants takes vows not to speak? And he might be repenting for something, since he character showed some signs of guilt during the last scene with Arya. 

 2.) Meribald’s Dog: “The brothers always have a bone to spare for Dog.” I don’t think I need to explain why the dog that has no name is important. George RR Martin does nothing by mistake and he could have easily named the dog. Instead, he chose to use something that might remind you of a certain hound. (”I’m a dog, remember?” “Your Joffrey’s dog” “My own dog now.”)

 3.) Meeting Brother Narbert: When first Brienne and Podrick meet Brother Narbert, she asks if they have women on the island. “Not at present,” said Narbert. “Those women who do visit come to us sick or hurt, or heavy with child. The Seven have blessed out Elder Brother with healing hands. He has restored many a man to health that even the maesters could not cure, and many a women too.”

 4.) Other important Narbert quotes: “Lady Brienne is a warrior maid,” confided Meribald, “hunting for the Hound.” “Aye?” Narbert seemed taken aback. “To what end?” (Brienne touches her swordhilt) “His.” The proctor studied her. “You are… brawny for a woman, it is true, but… mayhaps I should take you up to the Elder Brother. He will have seen you corssing the mud. Come.” Once he knows that Brienne means to harm the Hound, he changes the topic and George uses some “…” to show that he is either hesitant or hiding something. 

 5.) Stranger: Way down at the far end, well away from the other animals, a huge black stallion trumpeted at the sound of their voices and kicked at the door of his stall. “Handsome he may be, but Driftwood was surely whelped in hell… Driftwood is a beast of burden.” And later the Elder Brother, “You may have seen a big black stallion in our stables. That was his warhorse, Stranger.” 

6.) The Gravedigger: (Probably the most well known theory, but I’ll do it anyway.) Higher still they passed a lichyard where a brother bigger than Brienne was struggling to dig a grave. From the way he moved, it was plain to see that he was lame… When dog went to sniff him, he dropped his spade and scratched his ear.” (And later when they are eating) “there were grown men as well, among them the big gravedigger they had encountered on the hill, who walked with an awkward lurching gait of one half-crippled.” A large man that likes dogs and walks seem lame, which may have been from the injury he took to his leg, the one Arya said was the worse of all his injuries. 

7.) Relevance in Sansa chapters: “You sad old hound.” In the Vale, there is an Old Blind Dog that Sansa meets. During the encounters with the dog, either before or after, the Hound is immediately mentioned. Sansa is with the dog when Marillion tries to rape her. He hits the dog and it runs away and then Lothor comes and saves her, who she thinks is the hound. And later,  “…only he was bigger than Tyrion had any right to be, and when he climbed into the bed his face was scarred only on one side. “I’ll have a song from you,” he rasped, and Sansa woke and found the old blind dog beside her once again. And of course, how often he mentions her even after he has left King’s Landing. “I wish the Hound were here.” “Not the Hound’s, no, how could it be? Of course it had to be Lothor…” “The Lord of Runestone stood as tall as the Hound.”“When the mob sought to rape her, the Hound had carried her to safety, not Littlefinger.”  “She could almost hear the rough rasp of his voice… she wondered what had become of Sandor Clegane. Did he know that they’d killed Joffrey? Would he care? He had been the prince’s sworn shield for years.” “As the boy’s lips touched her own, she found herself thinking of another kiss. She could still remember how it felt, when his cruel mouth pressed down on her own. He had come to Sansa in the darkness as green fire filled the sky. He took a song and a kiss and left me nothing but a bloody cloak.” “She thought of Tyrion, and of the Hound and how he’d kissed her, and gave a nod.” Sandor stays super relevant in almost every Sansa chapter, despite the fact that she hasn’t seen him in a very long time. 

8.) The Elder Brother: Described by Brienne as a man not unlike Sandor, “He looks more like a man made to break bones than heal them.” The Elder Brother greets them and says, “New faces are always welcome. We see so few of them.” (And even more importantly,) The Elder Brother did not seemed dismayed by Brienne’s sex, but his smile did flicker and fade when the septon told him why she and Ser Hyle had come. “I see,” was all he said, before he turned away… Yet another person being shifty and changing the subject when the Hound is mentioned. Then, when they are alone, he sits down to talk with her. “The man you hunt is dead.” “I buried him myself.” (Talking about the raids at Saltpans) “Wolves are nobler than that… and so are dogs, I think.” “I know little of this man, Sandor Clegane… he fought, but found no joy in victory. He drank, to drown his pain in a sea of wine. He did not love, nor was he loved himself. Though he committed many sins, he never sought forgiveness… ignoble as it was, the hope of seeing his brother’s blood upon his blade was all this sad and angry creature lived for… and even that was taken from him.” All odd things to say about someone he didn’t know long, who was delirious and dying when first they met. AND THE MOST TALKED ABOUT “It is true then,” (Brienne) said dully, “Sandor Clegane is dead.” “He is at rest.” The elder brother paused, and then goes on to tell her a story, which is … 

9.) The Elder Brother’s Story: (So this is one that not a lot of people talk about. Actually I haven’t seen any posts about it, which is odd cause I got a lot from it. Basically just remember that for him to tell this story, something had to have reminded him of it, and they were just talking about Sandor. And again ends it with something about Sandor, which means he was thinking of him while he told the story) “Would it surprise you to learn that I was once a knight? … I never chose it. My father was a knight, and his before him… I had women and there I did disgrace myself, for some I took by force. There was a woman I wished to marry, the younger daughter of a petty lord, but I was my father’s third born son and had neither land nor wealth to offer her… only a sword, a horse, a shield. I was a sad man. When I was not fighting, I was drunk. My life was writ in red, in blood and wine.” (pretty much the exact description of Sandor, so he sees something of himself in the Hound) He goes on to say that he died in the Battle of the Trident. “I took an arrow through the thigh (Sandor also took a wound to the thigh) and my horse was killed from under me. I can still remember how desperate I was to find another horse, for I had no coin to buy one, and without a horse I would no longer be a knight. That was all I was thinking of, if truth be told.” He then says he was knocked out and should have died, but he didn’t. “I woke up on the Quiet Isle.. I can only think that someone found me in the shallows (dying, alone, and with nothing, just like he found Sandor) He then says that he came into his second life and took a vow of silence. Now, is there a point to this story? Brienne says “I see.” “Do you?” He leaned forward. “If so, give up this quest of yours. The Hound is dead, and in any case he never had your Sansa Stark… go home, child. You have a home, which is more than many can say in these dark days.” 

Now, if Sandor Clegane really was dead, then his story was seemingly pointless. Sandor’s death shouldn’t have reminded him of his second chance at life unless he himself (Sandor) had been given one. The fact that he had nothing, had even lost his horse and taken a wound to the thigh (just like the Elder Brother had) means that the brother probably did for the Hound as some stranger did for him. He knows that Brienne doesn’t understand and drives the point home by telling her to stop looking and to leave, so that Sandor can live his second life as the Elder Brother lived his. I don’t know why more people don’t talk about this conversation, but it makes me feel the most confident out of anything else. 

10.) Bonus The Volonqar: (So I don’t really believe this one but I’ve heard it multiple times and it is a masterpost so I wanted to mention it) There’s a theory that says Sandor may in fact by Cersei’s volonqar instead of Tyrion. Basically, since we never actually saw the hound’s brother, Gregor die and since Qyburn was experimenting on him to save his life, the idea is that Robert the Strong is Gregor Clegane. Qyburn says when he begins the experiments that he will not be the same, which may be the reason for his vow of silence, he might not even be able to speak. Plus the fact that Qyburn is the one to bring him to Cersei says a lot. The idea is that Gregor Clegane will stand for Cersei if there is ever a trial by battle, and Sandor will come to represent the faith, since he has been doing penitence at the Quiet Isle and hates his brother (as proved by Meribald saying the idea of killing his brother is all Sandor lived for and he thought that that was taken from him.) Valonqar means “little brother” in high valyrian… so the theory is it’s not Cersei’s little brother, but instead Gregor’s. So the Mountain’s little brother, the Hound, kills him in trial by battle, sentencing Cersei to death and making Maggy the Frog’s prophecy come true.   

I did this post once before, but I deleted it by accident so this is a second version with a little added. Enjoy & thanks for reading. 


My preference would be they would not be released at once, because I feel like there’s going to be anticipation, and I think the diehard fans would enjoy it more with a little separation. Because the last thing you want is for someone to jump to the last episode and [ruin] it for everybody — which I think would happen, quite frankly, in this day and age of binging. So my preference would be to release them at least a day apart. Let people get a little sunlight and go for a walk around the corner. [Laughs] We have not spoken to Netflix about it, so I don’t know what their thought process is yet. But we’re planning to throw it out there.
—  Amy Sherman Palladino on Netflix’s rollout plan.(x)