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i feel like this is hella specific while still being incredibly vague as a prompt but i believe in u: how about rob is upset about something (your choice) and trying his damnedest to hide it as usual, and liv cheers him up without even realising she's doing it? bonus points if aaron does notice but actually thinks that is the most effective way of cheering up rob <33

Liv raised an eyebrow as she looked at Robert hunched over on the couch, staring blankly at the television. It was late enough on Saturday morning, late enough for it to be strange that Robert was still in his pyjamas, the ridiculous Star Wars patterned trousers she’d bought him last Christmas paired with a hoodie of Aaron’s she was prone to stealing herself.

Spreading some more chocolate spread on the pile of toast she’d made herself, Liv picked up her cup of tea, padding across the kitchen to join Robert on the couch, plonking herself down beside him unceremoniously.

“Why are you watching the news?” Liv rolled her eyes, dumping her plate and mug down on the coffee table, half expecting Robert’s usual lecture about getting a coaster.

Robert shrugged, glancing at the television. “Wanted to see if the world had ended yet,” he quipped, gesturing at the news story about Trump.

Liv rolled her eyes, grabbing the control and turning Netflix on, flicking through the shows they’d been watching. She and Robert had been working their way through American Horror Story, Aaron not one bit interested in watching it with them.

“Have you been watching it without me?” Liv asked, suspicious. She could have sworn they’d only been on season three, but Netflix was telling her otherwise.

Robert shook his head. “I think we both fell asleep the other week when we were watching it,” he admitted, leaning back in his seat, the sleeves of Aaron’s hoodie tugged down around his wrists. “Bit gorey for this hour of the morning though, innit?”

Liv rolled her eyes. “What do you want to watch then?”

Robert reached across for the control, flicking through the options on Netflix before he came to an unfamiliar title. “Fawlty Towers,” he grinned, as if Liv should know what that was. “We used to watch this all the time growing up. It aired in like the 1970s, and they only ever made twelve episodes, but it’s the best.”

“The 70s? Jesus, Robert, how old are you?”

Robert rolled his eyes, shoving at her side. “I’m not that old, cheeky. It’s a classic, you’ll love it.”

Liv settled back on the couch, offering Robert a slice of toast before she spoke. “If I don’t, I’m making you watch all of Stranger Things from the beginning again.”

“For the third time?” Robert raised an eyebrow. First time around, the three of them had watched it together, and Liv had then roped Robert into watching it all again, knowing Aaron had little interest.

Liv grinned, confirming his suspicions. “For the third time.”

It was hours later when Aaron finally got home, and they’d managed to work their way through ten of the twelve episodes, half eaten pizza scattered across the coffee table, Liv sitting with an ice cream tub in hand.

Robert was as much of a slob as she was, when he wanted to be, ordering them in a feast from Dominos and trekking to David’s to get in some ice cream and crisps. It was the best kind of day, and Aaron arriving home only made it all the better.

“Hiya,” Aaron greeted, kicking his boots off at the door. “Have you two been lazing in here all day?” he inquired, padding across the room in his socks to drop a kiss to Robert’s chocolate covered lips.

Liv did her usual of pretending like they were disgusting her, but in actuality, she loved days like these, when nothing in the world had gone wrong, and the three of them were just happy.

A happy family.

“I need to piss,” Robert mumbled, Liv wrinkling her nose at his admission.

“Gross, go away.” Liv kicked at Robert with her slippered foot, Aaron snorting as his husband stumbled slightly, his knees cracking as he eased himself up off the couch. “Boys are disgusting.”

“Yeah, they are.” Aaron agreed, sitting down next to her on the couch, stealing a spoonful of the ice cream, reaching for some of the leftover pizza as he ate. “How’s he been today?”

Liv raised an eyebrow. “He’s been brilliant, we’ve been watching some old show he used to watch with his family all day,” she shrugged, wondering why Aaron would even need to ask.

Aaron raised an eyebrow. “So he’s been fine, all day?”

“Yeah, why?”

Aaron tugged her close, pressing a kiss to the side of her forehead. “You’re a star, you know that?” he said, a bright smile on his face. He genuinely looked proud of her, as if she’d done something other than slob about in her pyjamas all day long, eating junk food and watching telly.

“Why are you being so weird?” Liv asked, not protesting the cuddle Aaron was giving her. He was her big brother, after all.

“It’s his mum’s anniversary today,” Aaron admitted, glancing toward the bathroom, checking if Robert was on his way back. “He finds it really tough, and I was worried about him being alone today.”

Liv didn’t know much about Robert and his family, just enough to know his parents were both dead, that he’d lost his mum in tragic circumstances - she’d been a good mum, as well, judging by how Robert would talk about her sometimes, briefly mentioning something she’d do, or cook, a soft, sad smile on his face.

“I didn’t know,” Liv said quietly, glancing at the paused screen. She’d been happy to indulge Robert and watch all of Fawlty Towers with him when she realised just how genuinely funny it was, Robert quoting every character as though he’d watched it a million times over himself.

“Did a stand up job either way,” Aaron beamed at her, munching his way through his slice of pizza.

Liv couldn’t help feeling a little bit proud of herself. Robert had been a rock for her for a long time now, sorting her problems and getting her place back at school, making sure she was getting on alright.

She’d never really thought about how she’d ever be able to help him, return the favour.

But she had, and without knowing, too.

Liv grinned, scooping out the last of the ice cream, the chocolatey mixture mostly melted now, chunks of cookie dough floating in the soupy dregs left in the tub. “Well, he’s my brother too, had to look out for him, didn’t I?”

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I just wanna say, I'm so happy you're embracing your feelings towards Rebecca. It's just reached a whole other level of ridiculous now heh 😂😂😭😭.

this was probably the wrong (right?) time to send this message because i’ve been yelling about this theory all evening and….

i have some more Thoughts

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I'm in a boyfriend era mood today so "Last time I checked, I was still your girlfriend/boyfriend.” Please!

Aaron’s drunk.

Aaron’s drunk, and he looks terrible, barely able to stand as he tries to plead with a bouncer to let him back inside the club. He’s in a right state, and it makes Robert’s heart twist in his chest, knowing it’s because of him, because Robert had to open his big gob and say something stupid.

It was only because he wanted the best, for Aaron. He might go about it the wrong way sometimes, but Robert did only want the best for him, and the security that kind of money could bring his boyfriend - well, it was the sort of cash that Robert had always wanted for himself.

But it’s not like he understood. It’s not like he understood the pain Aaron had to carry with him every day, the aftermath of all his so-called father had done, and so Robert should probably have kept his mouth shut.

He was still learning to navigate this whole being in a relationship with Aaron thing. So much of them, their love, had flourished in secret hideaways and stolen moments, and being out and proud and dedicated to just him, well, it was new.

“Aaron,” Robert called, getting out of his car. At the call of his name, Aaron turned, swaying on his feet as he gave Robert a furious look.

“What are you doing here?” Aaron practically growled, knowing he’d called Adam, not Robert.

“Adam’s been drinking, he can’t drive,” Robert explained, not bothering to mention that he’d been halfway out the front door of Keepers before Aaron had even finished his drunken plea with Adam to come have a pint with him.

“I don’t want to talk to you,” Aaron grumbled, turning back to the bouncer. “I’m fine, I’m not that drunk. Just let me back in, yeah?”

The bouncer gave Robert a bored look, arms folded across his chest. “He tried to start a fight,” he said, unimpressed. “Get him out of here, or I’ll call the police.”

Robert gave a furious nod, trying to shuffle Aaron toward his car. “I’ll sort it,” he reassured, Aaron glaring at him.

“You’ll sort it? Am I your pet fucking project now, Robert?” Aaron slurred, words laced with anger and bitterness, anger he must have been carrying since their argument earlier that day.

“No, Aaron, but last time I checked I was still your boyfriend, so could you just let me look after you?” Robert couldn’t stop himself from snapping, wind whipping up around them as they stood, arguing on the footpath.

Aaron looked as though he was about to say something, opening and shutting his mouth a few times before he shook his head, a reluctant hand on the passenger door. “Just get me home,” he said. “And don’t talk to me.”

Robert raised his hands in surrender, grateful that Aaron was allowing himself to be brought home. He slid behind the wheel, pretending not to notice the way Aaron’s face softened as he noticed the bottle of Lucozade waiting on his seat, the sugary orange drink a familiar reminder of car journeys they’d shared home from their sneaky hotel breaks, Aaron desperate to rid himself of his hangover.

“Stop being such a good boyfriend,” Aaron said quietly, clutching tightly to the fizzy drink. “It’s making it hard for me to hate ya.”

“Then stop trying to hate me, and let me be your boyfriend, Aaron,” Robert sighed, glancing over to the passenger side as they came to a stop at the traffic lights. “I’m going to make mistakes, Aaron, it doesn’t mean I don’t want the best for you. Its just - this is new to me too.”

Aaron stayed silent for a second, focus on the quiet road in front of them. “I said no talking,” he said gruffly, unwilling to accept the white flag Robert was offering.

Robert sighed again, flicking on his indicator so he could take the turning for Emmerdale. “Don’t get sick in my car.”

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orphaned (for @rbertsugden

read on ao3

It’s everywhere, and not just on the day itself. For the weeks preceding he’s constantly bombarded with it. Gentle pastel colours. Daffodils and hearts. Curly text telling him to Remember! Mother’s Day is on the 11th of March.

As if he can forget.

When it rolls around, he tries to be okay. Gets out of bed early, does his hair, shaves, puts on one of his best shirts. Maybe he’s trying too hard, but on days like today the only way he knows how to be himself is to turn the volume up to full blast, being as much himself as he can possibly be.

Aaron is careful around him all day. Doesn’t talk about it. Doesn’t say anything about going to see his mum. He doesn’t even mention Liv, who is in Ireland visiting her own mother. Robert appreciates it, but it makes it feel even worse. He doesn’t want to be a black hole. Not today, on a day which is supposed to be about love. It’s not Christmas or Halloween; it feels unfair to be a Grinch about Mother’s Day.

Victoria has invited him to hers in the afternoon. She’s made afternoon tea and Diane is coming over with Doug and Bernice. Robert knows he should go. He should wish Diane a happy mother’s day in person because she deserves that much, but as he’s putting on his jacket to leave, he finds himself frozen on the welcome mat, unable to unlock to door. He can’t face it. Some years he can do the smiles and the lightheaded chatter. But this year he takes a step back from the outside world, hangs his coat up, and goes upstairs to try and sleep some of the day away.

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For the Drabble prompt - no 9 are you drunk Robert and Bernice could it be after the incident reveal X

“are you drunk?”

Bernice recognised the shoes that were sticking out of the pirate ship, remembering the shopping trip she’d taken with Robert where he’d spent a small fortune on the ridiculous shoes, grinning delightedly as he laced them up in the shop.

“Robert?” she called out, wobbling on her heels slightly as she ascended the steps to the ship, crouching down at the entrance. Robert looked ridiculous in the surroundings of the ship, his lanky frame hunched over, a forlorn look on his face. “Robert, what on earth are you doing in here?”

Robert looked at her, whiskey bottle in hand as he shrugged, his gaze unfocused. “’M hiding,” he mumbled, attempting to take a swig of the whiskey, missing his mouth entirely, and sloshing it down his shirt. 

“Are you drunk?” Bernice asked, incredulous. “Robert, it’s two o’clock in the bloody afternoon!”

“I’ve messed up, Bernice,” Robert said sadly, glancing down at the wedding ring on his left hand. “God, I’ve messed up.”

Bernice knew she wasn’t going to be getting Robert out of the ship any time soon, so she set her handbag down, praying there was no one watching as she crawled into the pirate ship, sitting herself down next to her step-brother. “What have you done this time, eh?” she asked, swiping at the bottle.

Robert hugged it close to his chest, glaring at her. “I slept with Rebecca,” he admitted, his face flushing bright red with shame as he said it aloud.

Bernice’s heart dropped as she took in the weight of Robert’s words, realising just why he was getting off his face in the middle of the afternoon. “Oh, Robert. Have you had another affair?”

“No!” Robert protested imeadiately, looking offended at the mere notion. “No, I - it was when Aaron was in prison, I got drunk, and I thought our marriage was over, and I just, I messed up, Bernice, you know? I messed up so badly.”

“How could you ever think you and Aaron were over, you silly idiot?” Bernice rolled her eyes, wrestling the whiskey bottle from his grip. “I’ve never seen you love anyone the way you love him - and Aaron’s forgiven you a lot, you know? He’d never end it, not really.”

“I’ve never loved anyone like I love him.” Robert admitted, hugging his legs to his chest, pressing his face to his knees. “I know all that.”

“Then why did you do it?”

“Because when everything is going to shit, I decide to hit self destruct and make it worse?” Robert mumbled, shaking his head. “I hate myself for doing it.”

“Did she tell him?” Bernice inquired, wondering why she hadn’t heard about a showdown. That sort of thing was always around the village a few minutes after it happened, usually with Brenda stirring the gossip fires as much as she could.

“I told him.” 

Bernice raised an eyebrow. “You told him?”

“You sound surprised.”

“Well, I do know you, Robert Sugden, and you’re not the most honest person in the world, are you?” Bernice said, matter of factly. She’d known Robert a long time now, and well, it was hardly an exaggeration to say he was a bit of a serial liar. 

“I’m trying to be better.”

“That’s all anyone can ask for, isn’t it?” Bernice nudged, trying to give Robert a bit of encouragement. “Rome wasn’t built in a day, Robert, I think everyone was waiting for you to do something silly.”

“I hate that everyone thinks the worst of me.” Robert said sadly, tears welling in his eyes. Bernice had never seen him so upset, so genuinely devastated by anything in all the years she’d know him.

And he’d brought it on himself, actually telling Aaron, not letting someone else do it. That’s what surprised her the most, really.

“You’ve not always been the pillar of goodness you are now, Robert.”

“Are you being sarcastic?” Robert raised an eyebrow, face still pressed to his knees. He looked so much younger than the 31 one he was, hunched over like he was. 

Bernice smiled. “No,” she shook her head. “You’re a good man, Robert, underneath it all. You just make more than your fair share of mistakes, but you’re still a good man - most of the time, at least.”

Robert smiled, a tiny laugh escaping his lips. “Doesn’t change the fact Aaron hates me.”

“What actually happened?” Bernice asked, seeing through Robert’s dramatics easily. She couldn’t imagine Aaron ever really, truly hating Robert - not really, Aaron loved him too much.

Even Bernice could see that. 

“He told me he needed some time to think.”

“So you decided getting drunk and hiding on a playground was the best way to give him space?” Bernice rolled her eyes, tugging on Robert’s sleeve. “Come on!”

“’M fine here.”

“No, you’re not, Robert.” Bernice struggled out of the pirate ship, yanking a reluctant Robert along with her. “You’re coming home with me, and I’m going to make you a sandwich, and you’re going to sober home, go home to your husband, and save your marriage.”

“That easy?” Robert asked hopefully.

“Of course it won’t be that easy!” Bernice rolled her eyes. “But if you love him as much as you say you do, it’s worth the try.” 

Robert nodded, slowly, unsteadily getting to his feet. “Can we stop at David’s for food? I don’t trust your cooking.”

Bernice was instantly offended, hands on hips. “Excuse me, I can make you a ham and cheese toastie, thank you very much! Now shut your drunken gob, and come with me.”


Can we appreciate the fact that they kept having to reshoot this scene in planet terror cause quentin was getting too into character and making noises and he ended up biting fergie pretty hard

time 4 u all to feel jealous of my brain:

i would like u all to know that i had a dream last night that andy came back and he and robert sat around for an entire episode talking about rob’s sexuality and his feelings about the baby and it was glorious

there were just endless scenes about robert boning randoms and about how much he thought he loved chrissie and then how much he genuinely loved aaron and it got real soppy and andy sat there awkwardly and nodded the whole way through like a hench, bearded melon

and then i had a dream about danny and ryan having a picnic and it was gr8