also remember when she was smart

I love it when Tv shows have random guest apperiances for example:

On Hannha Montana: 

Remember the Rock:

David Archuleta:

And Wizards of waverly place:

The rock once again


Cindy Crawford


When Drake randomly walked in, in one of the episodes was the best thing ever

Jack Black

Emma Stone

Remember her from Zoey 101? she plays the same character in one episode

Jane lynch

Jim Parsons

Michelle Obama 

One Directon


Raven on Sonny with a chance

Selena Gomez on sonny with a chance

Suite life of Zack and Cody

Victoria Justice

Chris Brown appeared on London’s shows

Jesse Mccartney, and London took a picture of them like this to make an Christmas/Hanukkah card :D

Selena Gomez

Jordin Sparks appeared on suite life on deck 

Sean Kingston also appeared on suite life on deck

Smart guy:


Guess who this is??

Naya Rivera from Glee! 

This actually took me a while to guess when I first saw the episode because she look familiar….guess who she is??

Ashley Tisdale!

And here they are together again all grown up in suite life of zack and cody

Miley Cyrus randomly appeared on high school musical 2

When Corbin Bleu randomly appeared on a episode of neds declassified school survival guide 

Justin Bieber on CSI

Taylor Swift on CSI or CSI Miami cant remember which 

Ned on Criminal minds

Young sam on Zoey 101

How I met your mother:

Jennifer Lopez

Katy Perry 

Ashley Benson

Brittany Spears 

Carrie Underwood

Victoria’s Secret Models 

Nicole Scherzinger

That is all! :D

I have fallen down the "humans are space orcs/earth is space Australia" hole

I see a lot about humans being scary durable and cute and they bond readily to other creatures type of posts. But like what if the aliens don’t understand that we can bond with other creatures sometimes MORE than other humans….


Zůrłtg is “best friends” with human-trixie, their crew first got their human 7 cycles ago and it has been a fast friendship, humans are infamous for their bonding ability, but Zůrłtg didn’t know that they sometime bond more with one person then others. Zůrłtg was honored when human-trixie bestowed upon zem the title “best-friend”. Human-trixie joined the crew as there botanist, which might be part of there friendship as Zůrłtg is made mostly out of cellulose. She has been a true asset to the crew, as she has saved many a fellow crew member from harm with her bravery and courage.
Zůrłtg remembers unwillingly the time she pushed Captain Cul out the way of a carnivorous plant only to be devoured herself, and when all thought she had perished bust out of the bloom with the plants brain stem in hand.
Human-trixie is also adorable, she is small and kind and smart. So if this is what humans are like it no wonder everyone was so excited to be meeting with Space Crew Valen as they also has a human aboard. Maybe they will be lucky and their humans will mate and they can have baby humans!
Unfortunately for Zůrłtg the Valen crew human was not like human-trixie. He was not as small as human-trixie or having pleasing brown “hair” from his head, in fact he seemed to always be making the face human-trixie makes when she is displeased, though not nearly as adorable.
But ze tried not to judge a book by its cover as human-trixie would say and was extatic to meet him.
Even more unfortunate, the human did not choose to bond with zem as human-trixie did, in fact quite the opposite, this human, human-dave, did not like zem at all, calling zem a (swear word) jolly green giant and that he should (swear word) off.
OH NO this is terrible!!! Human-Dave will tell human-trixie not to like zem anymore and he will lose his “best-friend”. If ze had tearducts he would be crying like human-trixie when her pet-hamster-walnut died. Human-trixie must never know this or she will surely not like zem anymore!
To zes dismay human-trixie knew something was wrong the second that she saw his drooping mumds. Zůrłtg ended up telling her everything as ze is not as adept at the act of deception as her.
Zůrłtg watched with horor as human-trixie got really really still, “he said what?” she spoke with a stone voice so unlike her normal happy squeaky tones.
She got up.
This is it.
She is abandoning zem. She told zem to follow him as she walked calmly to the common room where the visiting crew was.
There must be a ceremony to leave a “best-friend” that another human must witness Zůrłtg thought. Or maybe she wanted say hurtful things with human-dave at him. Zůrłtgs mumds were dragging on the floor at this point.
Much to Zůrłtgs surprised as he watched human-trixie mall human-dave screaming swears words with a violence that none of either crews thought possible for such a small adorable being.
Zůrłtg was still disappointed about not getting any human babies but ze was releaved that ze was the “best-friend” of such a fierce creature.

It’s A Comfort Thing

author: @sincerelystiles
pairing: dylan x reader
word count: 3,738


authors note: i was gonna keep this fluffy, but we all know it’s pretty impossible for me to not write sin for dylan, so here you go!! also i apologise for how dirty this got. fUCK. and thanks to my bby @sabrinas-wolves for helping me with this and the puthey… and this is dylan pov

summary: dylan finally comes home after months away for filming. him and reader can’t keep their hands off each other and dylan learns how reader kept herself satisfied when he was away. 

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moonlight [part one]

Summary: James wants to know what she is. || werewolf!bucky x supernatural!reader

Warnings: language (i think) and maybe a little bit of angst, but nothing too major (for now)

Note: I have no clue where this idea came from, to be honest. I think I might make this into a series if you all want me to.


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okay lets talk about beth.

Beth Smith. I donno if many people have talked about this but i definitely see some Rick in her. 

The fact that whenever she’s really emotional or i guess when theres a lack thereof too, she seems to drink; an obvious connection. But what about her personality and the near-constant annoyance? When i really look at her, she seems like a frustrated person with not only people, but the world in general. Kindof just done with everything. And she only seems to relax in scenes in which shes drinking. 

ALSO; we don’t get to see it much, but she does have uhhhh i guess purposefully over exaggerated obnoxious moments, like her dad.

She takes a great deal of pleasure from being right. And her foundation seems to derive from her intellect (and Rick obviously.) Remember in the first episode when Jerry says “Maybe you’re right”, and Beth goes “Oh, yeah im right, im my father’s daughter, im smart?” So it’s safe to say that her ego and self esteem are relatively high. That’s actually a recurrent theme with her. 

ANYWAY TLDR; like father like daughter, more than u thought

Lust at First Sight

Slight AU in which everything is the same except when Alex and Maggie meet, Alex is a Seasoned Gay and Maggie is single.

They argue about jurisdiction, but the tarmac isn’t where the debate ends.

Because she’s dealt with local cops before. All part of the job.

But this woman?

This… Maggie Sawyer, NCPD Science Division. With her showed you mine bullshit and her irritating head tilt and the way she saw things Alex didn’t, knew things Alex didn’t think she should know…

This woman got under her skin.

And she wanted so much more.

And when she shows up at that warehouse in the arts district? Alone, no backup? Not even a flashlight?

Just a slow rise from that crouch – that crouch that Alex has seen twice now, and wants to… well… she can think of other ways to get this woman to bend down – confident and calm, collected and cool, like an entire DEO strike team isn’t stamping down the stairwell with guns that would melt her inner organs?

Just a smirk and a witty retort about feds and firepower and god she remembers her name – of course she remembers her name, because, as she’s also reminding her, she’s a detective.

And she detects.

And when Alex radios Winn that they missed him, that he could be anywhere, she starts to walk away.

She starts to walk away because she wants this woman – badly – but right now, the president’s life is on the line. 

Right now, she has a job to do.

But right now, this woman, this detective, this… this force… is following her, with that low voice and that confident gait, and she’s updating her on what she’s found, and Alex is pretending not to hang on her every word, but damn this woman is smart and damn this woman is brave.

Smart, because she might dismiss it as just detecting, just doing her job, but Alex needed Winn’s genius to find this place. And she was still slower in getting there than this Maggie Sawyer woman.

And Alex had stormed in with an entire strike team, with armor and a rocket launcher on her shoulder.

This woman had strolled in with a glock in her waistband and bravado in her step, and that’s… that’s it.

So Alex isn’t surprised when Maggie doesn’t back down when Alex stops abruptly, when she turns and she stares down at Maggie and she backs her slightly into a wall.

“What do you want, Sawyer? For me to admit you got the drop on me, that you found this place before me? What, do you want a medal?”

“We don’t all do our jobs for gold stars, Danvers. Maybe I’m just trying to keep people safe, same as you. Maybe it’s nice to get the chance to work with someone whose eyes don’t glaze over when I mention heat vision and Infernians for a change. You trying to tell me that’s a crime? That the warehouse is out of my jurisdiction, too?”

Maggie’s eyes drop to Alex’s lips, and when they travel back up her face to lock into hers, Alex knows.

Knows that she’s not the only one who feels it. 

This… thing. Between them.

“This whole city is my jurisdiction, Sawyer,” she says, her voice meant for the bedroom, her voice dripping with the things she wants to do to this arrogant, brilliant, beautiful, bold cop.

“We might have to disagree about that, Danvers,” Maggie arches an eyebrow, her eyes now entirely on Alex’s lips, on the shrinking space between them.

“We might,” Alex whispers, and they move their moves to crash into each other at the same time, and god, god, god, is it like breathing for the first time.

She tastes like black coffee and she tastes like motorcycle exhaust, and she tastes absolutely perfect.

“This how you fight all your jurisdiction battles, Danvers?” Maggie breathes as Alex’s lips case out her neck.

“Only the ones with gorgeous women,” Alex chuckles from the back of her throat, and when Maggie takes her lips with hers again, it’s with tongue and it’s with teeth and it’s with everything perfect and everything needed and everything released.

Alex grabs her wrists as Maggie tries to run her fingers up her shirt. 

“Sorry – “ Maggie starts, but Alex shakes her head sharply.

“Good?” she asks, gaze flitting between Maggie’s and the way Alex’s hands have caught her wrists. Maggie’s eyes fly wide for a moment when she catches her meaning, catches her question. She covers her surprise, her hope, her excitement, with a cocky smirk.

“Still my jurisdiction, Danvers,” she taunts, and Alex hisses as she pins Maggie’s hands above her head, relishing the way her head tilts back, the way her hips roll forward, the way her entire body reacts when Alex slips her thigh between Maggie’s legs.

“Yeah? Your jurisdiction?” Alex taunts right back, and Maggie’s nostrils flare, but her eyes beg Alex not to stop. And she doesn’t.

She pushes Maggie’s hands against the wall gently but with purpose, gingerly but with a clear command – stay – and she traces her hands down Maggie’s body to her breasts, shoving aside her jacket and filling her palms, moaning softly when she feels Maggie’s nipples responding to her touch.

“Like that, Sawyer?” she asks, already knowing the answering, already reading the answer pouring off Maggie’s body in waves.

She teases her nipples between her thumbs and her index fingers, all through her shirt and desperate to find out what kind of bra she’s wearing, what her breasts feel like with no barrier between them at all – and she braces her body up with the steadiness of her thigh between her legs, letting Maggie grind down on her as hard as she wants.

And god, does she seem to want it hard.

Alex crashes her lips back down onto Maggie’s before licking down her jawline, to her neck.

“Danvers,” Maggie brings her hands down from above her head to try to touch Alex.

But it’s Alex’s jurisdiction, dammit.

So she grabs her wrists again, stopping her again. Maggie gives a quick nod – so subtle, so quick, Alex would have missed it if she didn’t care to look for it – and Alex correctly reads it as her permission to continue.

She spins Maggie around, so she’s facing away from her. Facing the cool, solid wall. Maggie writhes and just barely restrains herself from whining in pleasure, in desperation.

“So you like it rough, Detective?” Alex growls just behind Maggie’s ear as she presses her up against the wall of the now-abandoned warehouse, Alex pinning one of Maggie’s arms behind her back.

Maggie struggles and Alex loosens her grip immediately, but Maggie turns her face enough to catch her eyes. Enough to tell her that she’d better not stop.

“I like it when you don’t talk, Danvers,” she rasps, and Alex chuckles.

The sound shoots straight through Maggie’s body, infects her blood and makes her wonder, only briefly, what a genuine laugh would sound like coming from this woman’s lips.

“Mm, see, I think you’re lying,” Alex tells her, grinding her hips into Maggie’s ass, snaking one hand down her jeans, one hand around her body and up her shirt to tease at her nipple again, pausing only long enough for Maggie to nod once, to nod desperate, to nod sharp.

“Do you? You have some fancy polygraph you’re taking readings from?” Maggie retorts from the back of her throat, and Alex nudges Maggie’s hair away from the side of her neck with her nose and bites down softly with her teeth.

Maggie hisses and arches back into her, and Alex hums a question. Maggie nods again, once, sharp, and Alex sinks her teeth deeper, harder. Rougher.

“Don’t need a polygraph to tell you like it when I order you to cum all over my hand, Sawyer.”

A moan escapes Maggie’s lips, then, and she lets her head roll back onto Alex’s shoulder. 

But only for a moment does she allow that intimacy.

“I don’t take orders from feds, Danvers.”

Alex works her hand harder over Maggie’s clit, licks at her earlobe, and revels in the way her body is putty in her grasp.

“Good thing I’m not a fed, then. Cum all over me, Detective. I want to feel you unravel for me. Now. That’s an order.”

Maggie’s bites her lip, but it doesn’t help.

A hiss of air, a throaty moan, a string of curses spills out of her lips as her body racks, as her body tenses, as her body convulses, as her body stills. As her body unravels for Alex Danvers. Right on command.

Alex bites her own lips.

To keep from calling her beautiful.

To keep from telling her she’s got her.

To keep from turning her face gently, kissing her tenderly, guiding her down from ecstasy and into her heaven.

She bites her lips, and instead, her arms do all the talking for her.

Holding Maggie steady and holding her safe.

“Fuck…” Maggie pants as she comes down from her orgasm, and Alex pulls away slightly, bringing her hands back to herself and licking her fingers clean, a smug smirk on her face. 

Maggie turns to watch her, and Alex thinks she sees a hint of something more than sex in the way her pupils dilate. But only for a moment. Because then it’s gone. Then the shutters are back up, as she watches Alex teasingly relish the taste of Maggie’s orgasm on her own hand.

“Fuck you,” Maggie breathes, and Alex’s grin just broadens.

“That’ll be next time, Detective, won’t it?” she winks, and she strides off without further explanation, without further hope.

Or at least, that’s what she tries to portray.

Nothing to hope for but lust, but kisses stolen, but touches taken, but orgasms given.

Because she can’t have time in her life for anything more than that.

Can’t have space in her heart for anything more than that.

And yet.

And yet.

And yet when Maggie calls her to ask if she wants to see how local cops get their information – and Alex is infuriated, frankly, that this woman somehow found her number, and she doesn’t want to think about how that only makes her more curious, how curiosity only makes her more… interested – Alex makes sure to take her Ducati.

Because she looks damn good on her bike, and she looks damn good in this jacket, and she will focus everything on how she looks and nothing on how she feels, because this woman is amazing to kiss and this woman is amazing to fuck.

And hell, this woman may even be amazing to work with, but she… no. No, no, no, no.

She can’t be touching Alex’s wrist, hand, gently with her own when Alex reaches into her waistband for her gun.

She can’t be looking at her with soft eyes, she can’t be telling her about growing up a brown queer kid in small town Nebraska.

She can’t be talking about relating to aliens, to outsiders, because then the thing that’s started to burn inside Alex might be real.

It might be… feelings.

Feelings, beyond sex.

Feelings, beyond warehouse trysts and alleyway fantasies.

She’s grateful when she gets even the slightest bit of intel.

Because she needs to get away from this woman. Away from this bar that feels like it could be the place where her life changes.


But then the president is speaking, and then the Infernian is attacking, and then… 

And then Maggie is gone.

And Alex… Alex cares more than she should.

She cares more than she would if Maggie just felt like some fling, like some hot case to crack, like some jurisdictional kink to resolve.

She cares to the point where her heart wavers, and she cares to the point where she literally walks into fire for her.

Because it’s her job, she tells herself.

Rescuing people.

It’s her job.


But it’s not her job – doctor or not – to chase all the other DEO medics away from Maggie’s beaten body. It’s not her job to check her over with quite that much tenderness, and it’s not her job to want to press her lips to the gauze she puts over her burn.

It’s not her job to want to squeal with giddy joy when Maggie tells her she usually doesn’t do well with partners, but they make a really great team.

It’s not her job, and it’s not her sex drive, either.

So when she tells her she should get some rest, that she can stay at the DEO if she wants, Maggie pauses, and her heart leaps, but then it sinks right back down again.

“No, I can’t.”

“What, you got a hot date or something?” Alex asks, like they didn’t fuck each other hours before.

Maggie’s breath hitches. 

“No. No, of course I – no, I just… don’t wanna impinge on your jurisdiction, Danvers.”

She tugs her jacket on and Alex barely resists the impulse to help ease it over her shoulders.

“We could share,” she offers, and Maggie tilts her head and squints, a lopsided grin starting to form. 

“Jurisdiction, I mean. I mean… what I really mean is… Stay. Maggie. We… we’ve done this whole thing backwards. Our first fight and then our first…” She glances around. “You know.”

“Oh, is that what the kids are calling it nowadays?”

“Sawyer. Stay. Let me take care of you.”

“So you can get laid later?”

“No! I mean… no. Like I said. Backwards. Stay. We can backtrack. Get to know each other. Keep each other company.” She gestures at her shoulder. “I can help you heal. I’m not just an alien hunting fed, you know, I’m also a doctor.”

Maggie chuckles and leans back down onto the medical bed. “Yeah, I noticed. Anything you can’t do, Danvers?”

“I’m not good at relationships. But I can try. If you wanted.”

Maggie blinks and purses her lips and stares, hard. Like she’s calculating.

Alex waits, because god, she knows what those calculations are like.

“You’re on, Danvers. So you gonna show me around your spy lab, or what?”

“Happy to.”

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Sian I need your thoughts about Andy calling Michonne the matriarch! He's the best ship captain ever.


I had to gather my thoughts for a moment because I was fangirling so hard! LOL

Canon Richonne is the gift that keeps on giving and AL has always been an amazing Captain for this beautiful ship!

I love listening to him speak about Richonne/Michonne because of the turn of phrase he uses. He’s always eager to talk about her and how she relates to his character. He uses very specific descriptors to convey how important DG’s character is, not only within the wider narrative of the show, but also to Rick and his children.  

I think that AL calling Michonne the Grimes Family Matriarch solidifies what we already knew: Michonne is the Grimes children’s mother; Michonne is Rick Grimes’ wife. She is the head of their family; she holds them together. She is not simply Rick’s girlfriend and their relationship was not ‘two friends hooking up’; it’s deeper than that.

She is in a place of great importance within their family unit. Rick is the leader of their community, but he can’t lead without Michonne. That is how important she is.


Remember when they were having their candlelit dinner and he, ever-so-shyly, asked her if she wanted to reorder their world with him? *sighs* Or when he told her she had to lead Team Family if anything happened to him? *crying* And when he told her that she could lead them because she led him to where he was? *fugly crying*

Not only is Michonne an integral part of Team Family as a strong, smart, capable fighter, she is also essential to the Grimes Family. Her position within the Grimes Family showcases all of her best qualities: Loyalty; strength; unconditional love; integrity; protectiveness; intelligence; maternal instincts; faithfulness; respectfulness; and honesty.

From that moment Michonne told Rick she was done taking breaks, she has stepped up and done everything a matriarch would: she mothered his children; she reined him in; she showed him a way forward when so many times it looked like there was none; she questioned him and made him look at his own choices; she was still with him; she led him; she loved him, even when he may not have deserved it!

Michonne is more than worthy of this title AL has bestowed on her. 

She is the Grimes Family Matriarch; Warrior Lover; Mother; Leader; Best Friend; and, to paraphrase Andrew Lincoln, the Greatest Love of Rick’s Life.

Just leave me here crying!


Overwatch AUs to Good Home

I’ve got all these half-baked AU ideas, but not enough energy to pursue them, so I’m setting them free in hopes someone can use them to jumpstart their own creative process. :) Just give me credit for initial spark, and show me what you do for them!

The Morrison is one of the most top-of-the-line dreadnaughts in the navy, but there’s a rumour it’s cursed–the ship’s been losing captain after captain. Gabriel Reyes, decorated veteran of the Omnia-Terran War, is assigned to the Morrison in hopes that he’ll break the failing streak.

He has luck with ships, after all–he turned the Deadeye from an unruly pirate ship into a formidable interceptor, and salvaged Sparrow when everyone else though the AI was too damaged beyond repair. Surely he can sweet-talk a dreadnaught into doing its job properly.

And of course, it’s not like there’s much on the line. Gabriel’s died once. He’ll be able to handle it if a treacherous ship makes it happen again.

Jesse’s a bounty hunter with the Sparrow as his trusty (and snarky) companion. He found the scrapped ship in a junk heap with AI still intact, and earned its trust through the rebuilding process. It still won’t tell him how a Shimada interceptor ship ended up in a backwater scrap yard, but that’s okay–Jesse wouldn’t trade his ornery little ship for the world.

Wings are sorta like daemons, in that they give an insight into your personality/fate, with the caveat that they’re also usually location/heritage specific (ie you’re not gonna get white people with tropical bird wings).

Jack’s got red-tailed hawk wings because they’re in Indiana, and they’re sorta an everyman kind of bird–not patriotic like a bald eagle, but almost everyone in the USA knows those hawks or has heard of them. I also liked the “hawk noise substituted for actual eagle noise” thing that happens in movies, since to me it somehow suggests the figurehead the UN wants him to be (if he actually is or not is another story).

Gabe’s got crow wings (though he lies and says they’re raven wings to make them sound more impressive). They’re clever birds. Such clever, clever birds. Fits tactician Gabe to a t. Crows will also attack things much bigger/dangerous than they are. And they’re little shits.

I also had the idea that Fareeha’s original wings were cut off and replaced with the Raptora suit’s rockets/wings. To be a Raptora pilot, you can’t have your wings out there, you need to be integrated with the suit. I thought it was a good way to symbolize her commitment to JUSTICE and also provide a nice little knife-twist to how Ana never wanted her to be part of a war, and yet Fareeha found a way to be forever marked by it.

Reinhardt has swan wings because those things are meant to carry a lot of weight, and they look ornamental (like Reinhardt) but they will mess you up (also like Reinhardt).

Genji had sparrowhawk wings. He’s wingless post-Hanzo, and struggles a lot with the loss of his flight. 

Jesse has the wings of a California Condor. I liked the mirror of their almost-extinction and then successful reintroduction to Jesse’s journey of rehabilitation by Gabriel. They’re surprisingly fast (56 mph!). And those wings are massive, which means Jesse can carry Genji around without effort.
“The condor is a significant bird to many Californian Native American groups” according to Wikipedia, so I figure it’s also a nice nod to Jesse being mixed with indigenous groups. (I don’t really know who lives down there, so I’m keeping it vague. Please remember to do research if you want to go more in depth than a nod.) 

Hana has skua wings. They’re migratory (calls to when she eventually leaves S.Korea to join Overwatch) and predatory, and I liked that they’re seabirds since she fights the kaiju-omnic in the sea. They’re also apparently pretty agile and they pass through s.Korea, so it fits with my "regional/heritage” rule.

Lucio’s wings are some sort of parrot, I think a macaw or something. Pretty and loud and smart and entertaining and fun to have around. And They can snap through bone with their beaks (incidentally, in daemon au his daemon is a macaw for the same reason).

Hanzo is a goshawk since they’re known to eat other, smaller raptors (like sparrowhawks).

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We all did things when we were young that we regretted later. Imagine yourself being more brilliant and smarter than any men your age and the only person who's smart enough to appreciate your brilliance fully is your professor so of course you're attracted to that. And in this case, Scully was not the one who cheated. Daniel lied to her too? When she knew he was married she broke up with him?


Also, is that canon!? I don’t remember that! That would totally make me rethink my opinion on the cheating debate. 

Over the Moon

this is for @loveandlucky who really needs some fluff in her life right now. go send her some love!

pairing: nalu

type: fluff

word count: 768 words

i hope you enjoy!

Lucy stomped inside her house and threw her keys into the bowl beside the door, startling both her cat and her fiance. It had been a hellauva day, and she didn’t care who knew it. Throwing herself on her bed, she groaned and began to yell into her pillow.

“Uh, Luce? What’s wrong?” Natsu asked, coming up to her hesitantly, placing a hand on her back.

“Don’t touch me!” she yelled with fire in her eyes, and Natsu stepped back instantly with a scared look on his face. His soon-to-be wife could be scary when she was angry, and she was sure angry now. It would be best to stay away.

Then Lucy sighed, running a hand through her ragged hair. “Sorry, Natsu. It’s just that someone tried to flirt with me today.”

“Who was it? I’ll kill the bastard!” Natsu roared, punching the air twice.

“Calm down. It was someone who wanted a book deal but kept staring at my chest. I told him I had a fiance and he made a joke about him not being here so he could do anything he wanted. Thankfully Levy was around the corner and slapped him away before he tried anything,” Lucy told him, shaking her head at her friend’s antics.

“Wanna take a nap with me?” Natsu asked, with a grin. Lucy almost couldn’t refuse, but decided to anyway.

“Thanks, Natsu, but I need some time alone,” she told him with a yawn, turning over and pulling the covers over her head. A few moments later he heard slow breathing, and he knew that she was asleep.

But he knew he had to cheer her up even if she didn’t want him to. Lucy wanted him to help even though she didn’t ask. And Natsu knew just the thing.

He walked over to the stereo and hooked up his phone to it, tapping a few buttons to turn on her favorite songs. The familiar piano started to play, and a few moments later a trumpet joined it’s quieter companion.

“W-Why are you playing La Vie En Rose?” Lucy asked, and Natsu smiled at her tangled bedhead.

“You had a rough day, and I wanna cheer you up,” he said with a grin, pulling on some fuzzy socks onto his bare feet. He handed Lucy hers, and she reached out a reluctant hand.


“Dance with me, Luce.”

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Chaebol Ise

Now that I know Kim Seok-Jin is a son of a CEO, for some reason, I feel so distant and strange. 

Well this is delusional and we DO HAVE a HUGE DISTANCE equivalent from earth to pluto. But, honestly, even being a fangirl, I don’t really find this fact exciting. 

It’s like, after all these times I have been thinking that he started from TOTAL SCRATCH, like literally from nothing, being all broke and struggling to death, apparently he got quite a strong support system from the start. He got parents who provided him things he needed during his trainee period. No financial problems. He just needed to do his best in coping with other member’s pace since he didn’t have any experience in singing or dancing to begin with. He struggled, he did, but not in terms of financial situation. He got support, so he could roar.

It’s not that I hate this fact. Or that he doesn’t deserve any of his success right now. No, no. He DOES DESERVE everything he has achieved and I admire his hardwork and determination. I really do. I am also still amazed by the fact that he remains a humble, down-to-earth, intelligent, and funny-ass guy even tho he inherits a buttload of money. I am still captivated by the fact that he worked THAT HARD to be known as he is right now. Not the son of a CEO of this or that company, but as himself. As the name he made for himself.

I adore all that. I still really do.

But I just feel like he’s become less relatable.

It’s like, he turned out to be someone that I don’t even know.

Well yea I don’t really know him in person, tho. So who am I to judge. But this become very personal. Now that I know how he grew up, what kind of family he was born into, and what kind of previlege he has accustomed himself to, I started to feel less related to him. 

Everyone likes someone who they can relate to. I liked him because he is so hardworking, ambitious and determined. I liked him because of his positive wit and great sense of humor. I love that he is such a passionate but also pragmatic smart ass, that he does realize that money is essential (remember time when he scolded his mom because she bought some overpriced stuff), that he knows investment is important (he wanted to buy a property and even acquisize BigHit after he got the money), the fact that he still go after his degree even when he is packed with schedule (Konkuk University, no less. And now MBA in Hanyang. Think about it.).

His passion and determination to what he is doing combined with his long-term pragmatism instantly caught my attention. Like, this is the kind of man I imagine myself to be with.

He is so relatable because right now I find myself in this pace. This quarter-life crisis. Lately, I have been thinking a lot about investment and establishing my own venture. I know that being passionate is needed to gain more while we are young, but being realistic and thinking long-term is also absolutely necessary. And finding out that Jin is not like other celebrities who simply go after their passion, I instantly feel so related to his perspective towards this life. He is the oldest, he is about the same age as me, he is struggling to keep his shit together, and that’s what makes him so relatable. 

This might sound judgemental as fuck, but somehow I begun to see him as one of those over-privileged brat. The type that I despise the most, whether in drama or in real life. You know how much I hate Kim Tan in Heir and how much I adore that self-made billionaire in W-Two Worlds. The image of chaebol ise (the second generation of a conglomerate) never even once impressed me. Those guys have everything too easy. 

Unless if he decided to get out and not getting involved in his family business. 

And make money on his own.

Which I really hope that’s what he has been doing and will always do. 

Imagine accidentally telling Ivar that you like him

So, this is my first one-shot. I really hope you gonna like it. Send me feedback, I would like to hear opinions on this. Also, English in not my first language, so I apologize in advance.

Light wind caressed your cheeks. Air was warm with scent of sea. You could see ships on shore of Kattegat. Tomorrow you will be in one of  those ships as part of huge army that has only one goal. Revenge Ragnar Lothbrok. Coming to your favorite place, hill above Kattegat, was best way to prepare yourself for tomorrow.

Familiar sound came from behind your back. The sound you could never mistake for anything else. It was Ivars chariot. You tried to hide smile, but failed. Ivar is your best friend. Your father and Ragnar were like brothers, so you practically grew up with his sons. Although you see them as brothers, Ivar took special place in your heart. He was not like others. He was smart and skilled warrior. You could remember playing Hnefatafl with him for hours. It would usually end up on pat position so you’d have to play all over again. You, also remember your moms angry face, when she had to drag you all the way home. 

-Are you following me, son of Ragnar?- You asked when he settled next to you. -You wish. I came here to clear mist of my mind.- He sighed. -What is that sad face for? You should be happy. Your brother got married.- You nudged him teasingly. Ubbe and Margrethe got married earlier today. Ubbe insisted that you stay on feast, you refused. Even though you regret not seeing Hvitserk serve the feast. -Is not that I got married.- he shrugged. -You will, some day.-

He glared at you. His mood changed, again. Although you were used to this, you were not expecting this one. -Are you mocking me, or what?- His defensive voice made you regret that sentence. -Why would I mock you?- You narrowed eyes in confusion.

-Please, who would want to marry me?- He said angrily. You rolled your eyes. You hated when Ivar thought of himself like that.He became Ivar because of those legs. He was amazing and obviously only he couldn’t see it. -I am a cripple.- His words made you angry. -So what?- you shouted at him. -Who wants to be with a cripple?- 

-I! I want to be with you!- You realized what have you said and it was too late for you to take it back. You sat there watching at his blue eyes, observing his face, waiting for some reaction. But he did nothing. Ivar’s face was emotionless, he just stared at you.

-Forget it. I.. just… Forget it.- You stood with with such force that you almost fell backwards. Embarrassment was just too hard to bare in that moment. You almost run entire way home. 

Love you nonetheless

Title: Love you nonetheless

Pairing: Joffrey Baratheon x female!Reader

Word Count: ~2.1k

Warnings: h/c (Joff’s an ass as always)

Request: Hey! If it’s not too much trouble, could I request a jealous/protective Joffrey? Maybe like the reader likes Joffrey but thinks he likes someone else/deserves better, so they back off and eventually try to move on with someone else (despite still loving Joffrey) and he gets really jealous? Thank you so much 😊❤ ((sorry if that’s too specific))

A/n: Don’t know if I really fulfilled the request. If you aren’t happy just message me and I try again J

Despite knowing the young king and his obvious flaws you had fallen for him. You couldn’t point the exact moment or what it was, you only knew there was no way back. The way your heart beat a little faster at the sight of him or the way your eyes would always scan the room to find him, you wouldn’t change it. Even though it rationally wasn’t smart. Loving a spoiled, cruel boy like your king wasn’t wise or even rational, but your heart wouldn’t have it any other way. The heart wants what the heart wants, you mother always used to say. She had been a smart woman even though you could barely remember her. She passed away when you were quite young.

Loving Joffrey confronted you with all the struggles life could throw at a young girl. He wasn’t just any boy, not just a prince, Joffrey was king. And technically engaged. You hadn’t like Sansa Stark the moment you met her. She was pretty and all ladylike, but you also found her pretty stupid and dull at the same time. Sure it was probably jealously, but you couldn’t help it.

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Beauty and the Beast Part 1

Originally posted by jimiyoong

Genre: Fluff, Angst(?), Fairytale, Prince!Jimin

Pairing: Jimin x reader ft. members of Seventeen, Got7, and BTS

Summary: Based off of 2017′s Beauty and the Beast!

You wake up to hear to the birds chirping and the light streaming through the curtains. You blink several times before adjusting to the brightness of the room. You sigh and sit up.

You knew today was going to be no different from the day before, or week before, or several years before. Every single day was the same and you were growing tired of it. You wished, someday, you would be able to travel away from the small, quiet village.

Aside from your somewhat depressing thoughts, you got up and changed into your simple dress. It wasn’t too flashy or poofy like the other girls in the town, but it also wasn’t too out-of-date.

You washed up and put on your boots. As you skipped to the door, you grabbed your basket to get some materials while you were out.

You open the door and stare at the blue sky with a few clouds painted across. It’s enough to bring a small smile on your face. No matter how small the village was, you did enjoy the peacefulness.

That is…

Until is was eight o’ clock.

As you were walking down the cobblestone ground, you heard good mornings being shared and small conversations being held. You looked around, knowingly.

‘The baker should be out by now,’ you thought. Then, there he appeared and you immediately smiled. You walked over and bid him a good morning. You left the coins on the tray and took the roll of bread. You passed by the school and overheard some of the kids saying, “There goes that strange girl.”

“She is always dazed and distracted, can’t you tell?” the headmaster says. You mentally roll your eyes.

The townsfolk always knew you as the strange girl who is different from everyone else. You loved to read and almost always had your nose stuck in a book. You didn’t mind the judging stares people gave you when you passed by. If they kept the disrespect away from the rest of your family, it was fine with you.

You hear the daily arguing of the woman and the seller of the overpriced eggs as you enter the bookshop. It was probably the quietest place in town.

“Oh. Not surprised to see you here Y/N,” the bookkeeper, Wonwoo says with a smile on his face.

“Who else would come here besides me?” you smile back. He steps down the ladder and leans on his broom.

“So. What are you here for today?”

“I was just wondering if you had any new books arrive this week.”

“Sadly, no,” he frowns. “You can come back next week. I’m sure there will be books arriving.”

“Alright. But first,” you hand him the book you had borrowed a few days ago.

“You’re already done with it?” he asks in surprise. “It took me a least two weeks to finish it.”

“I read it in three days. It was too good to put down,” you sheepishly grin. You run your fingers over the spine of “To keep me busy, can I borrow this book?”

“Of course,” Wonwoo immediately agrees. “But didn’t you read that before?”

“I love this book. It’s probably my favorite one!” you smooth out the cover.

“You can keep it, if you’d like,” he offers.


“Of course!” he pats your head and pushes you out the door before you can start objecting.

“Thanks Wonwoo!” you wave and he waves back before going back to organize the little collection of books.

You skip through the town and wonder how life would be so perfect if were like a book. A normal girl who meets Prince Charming and after that, happily ever after. But you knew that life would never be so easy and perfect in just a snap of fingers. You in fact, knew that it would be harder for you to live a normal life. As hard you were trying to, people saw you as the strange girl of the town. Who cared if you were so pretty and attractive? You needed to blend in, which you weren’t so good at.

Maybe that was why you caught the eye of so many. One of the many being Jeon Jungkook.

Jeon Jungkook.

He was a bit of a bother to the townspeople, but he somehow always got away with the things he did. To be honest, he was great at dancing, art, running, hunting, anything athletic, really. And on top of that, he was extremely good looking. Well, to everyone except for you and your family.

“Just look at her, Yugyeom,” Jungkook said with a smile that almost resembled a bunny. “One day, she’ll finally realize I’m the only one for her and say yes when I ask her out.”

“Her?” Yugyeom almost scoffs. He knew why Jungkook fell for her. She was beautiful, but she was also different. And Jungkook liked different. Yugyeom was friends with Jungkook, longer than he could even remember. There wasn’t a single thing that he didn’t know about him. So, he knew that Jungkook hated the three girls who always called after him whenever he went into the village. Jungkook always wanted a smart, independent girl who knew what she was doing. The three girls, however, were always screaming and giggling right behind him. And it annoyed him. A lot.

“What?” Jungkook asks a little discouraged.

“I mean…” Yugyeom hesitates. “She’s so… bright. And you… are bright in athletic terms.”

“It’s meant to be.” Jungkook grins and starts down the hill, on his horse. Yugyeom sighs at his friend and follows after him. 

When they both entered through the gates, Jungkook explains his repeated story of how he fell in love with you.

“Right from that day at the bakery, I realized she was the one. She sure is different, but what’s good if she’s the same as the rest of the-”

“Three girls at two o'clock,” Yugyeom alerts him.

Jungkook turns that way and immediately regrets it. The three girls, was it Momo, Seolhyun, and Jennie? They weren’t ugly. Anyone could see that. In fact, they were known as the prettiest women in the whole village until you were seen out in the market. After that, the three girls were forgotten about. Nevertheless, the girls despised you. You had not only gotten the attention of the townspeople, but also had gotten the attention of Jeon Jungkook which they believed was theirs.

And that was the thing that made them flip.

“Jungkook-ah!” Seolhyun waves with a wide smile. If it was any other man, he would’ve fallen for her charms immediately. But it was Jungkook who had his eyes set on you only.

Jungkook barely nods and jumps off his horse. He still feels three pairs of eyes on him and he gestures at Yugyeom. This happened frequently, so Yugyeom knew what to do.

Heck. Even Jungkook’s horse knew what to do.

The horse started to dig its back heel into the mud and gradually got faster. Right when the three girls clambered out, the horse kicked with all his might and splattered mud all over their dresses. 


“This is my favorite dress!”

“It’s in my mouth! And my hair!”

Yugyeom looks at them with pity. “I’m sorry ladies. But it’s never going to happen.”

Jungkook stifles his laugh at the sight. He swiftly turns around and tries to find you in the busy area. He then spots you and quickly jogs to the florist’s cart. He purchases a bouquet of several different flowers and weaves his way through the crowds of people to get to you.

“Y/N!” you hear making you stop for a second. Then, you realize whose voice that belonged to.

Your eyes widen and you make your legs walk faster. You think you’re getting away, but then you internally groan when you feel a hand on your shoulder. 

Maybe it wasn’t an internal groan because you were sure you saw a flash of hurt in his eyes.

“Hello,” you force a strained smile.

“Hey,” he hands you the flowers rather nervously. “I was wondering if you had any plans for dinner tonight?”

“Yes,” You’re afraid you might’ve answered a bit too quickly because you saw the edge of his lip quirk up.


You hear him ask, uncertainly. You tried not to look in his eyes, because no matter how you disliked the guy, you couldn’t reject his doe-like eyes.

“No…” You look up for a nano second to see his confused expression and then start to run back home.

Jungkook smiles, almost sadly, at your retreating back.

“What did she say?” Yugyeom asks with a blank face.


Yugyeom squints at Jungkook for an answer and Jungkook shrugs in response.

“Said she’s busy.”

“Face it Jungkook,” Yugyeom shakes his head, showing pity towards his hopeless friend. “She doesn’t-”

“Hmm. Maybe, today wasn’t the day,” Jungkook interrupts, then turns to Yugyeom with a grin. “Wanna get lunch?”

You turn around to make sure Jungkook hasn’t chased you all the way home.

Which he has done before.

You trudge up the porch steps and sigh. “Soonyoung-oppa!”

You knock on the door when your brother doesn’t answer.

No answer.


The door opens ubruptly and you are met with the sight of Kwon Soonyoung.

Your older brother.


You push past him and collaspe on the small pile of folded clothes. The door shuts right in Soonyoung’s face when he turns around to yell at you. You lean against the wall and watch as Soonyoung flings open the door and storms in the house.

“WHERE ARE THE RECORDS!? DID YOU BURN THEM ALREADY!?” he shouts with a panicked expression.

You giggle at the sight. “Calm down. I didn’t burn them.”

He sighs out of relief.

“Yet,” you add with a grin.

Soonyoung shoots you a glare before he sits back down at his desk. There’s a moment of silence before Soonyoung speaks up. “It’s only morning. Why do you look so tired?”

“Jeon Jungkook,” you state, without opening your eyes. Soonyoung lets out a laugh, but doesn’t take his own eyes off of his drawing.

“He still likes you!?”

“I don’t know. All I know is that he likes to chase me around and try to eat dinner with me every other day.”

Soonyoung looks up at you and shakes his head with a silly grin on his face.“I never knew my sister was so popular.”

You open your eyes to glare at him. “I’m not. Don’t you hear the rumors?”

Soonyoung’s eyes slightly widen at your words. “What rumors?”
He’s no longer looking at his drawings and instead fixing his concerned eyes right at your defeated expression.

“The ‘Oh she’s so strange’ and ‘She doesn’t fit in anywhere.’ Or ‘Look at her. The only girl who has her nose in a book.’” you mimic the townspeople’s words.

Soonyoung’s expression only softens and a small smile appears on his face. “Y/N.”

You look up to meet his eyes.

“You’ll never influence the world by being just like it. Being different will do more change than being the same and blending in.”

You let the words settle in and watch as Soonyoung goes back to his drawings.

You look down at your hands. “Remember our parents?”

“Of course. I don’t remember much of them, but why do you ask?”

“Sometimes I think it would’ve been better if they hadn’t died,” you sigh. “Usually I think that it’s good that they passed away since they would be suffering right now too, with us. But then… I wonder if they hadn’t died, we wouldn’t have gone to auntie and uncle. Then, Shua and June wouldn’t have-”

“Y/N,” Soonyoung softly interrupts.

You look up, almost pleading with your eyes. “Please tell me what happened.”

“Don’t I deserve to know?” you say softly. “I was closest to both of them.”

“Just…” Soonyoung starts.

You look up hopefully.

“You’ll get to know the whole story one day. When we’re both ready,” he smiles.

You sigh in exasperation. Whenever you brought up your cousins, Soonyoung would shut right up and change the subject as quickly as he could.

You glare at Soonyoung as he gets up and carefully places the notebook full with the moves of his dances in his sack.

Soonyoung was a passionate dancer. He always made new choreographies and drew them out. After he completed a dance, he took them to a man named Seungcheol. Very rarely, he would actually meet Seungcheol when he dropped them off at his home. When he did happen to see Seungcheol, they would practice the dance and see how it actually looks when performed. They would work it out and sometimes gain a few other men to join them in the dance. They would perform it at the center of several villages and hopefully earn some money from gracious townspeople.

“I have to drop this off at Seungcheol’s cottage. I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon.”

You nod and go out the house with him to greet him goodbye. He mounted his horse and attached the small wagon.

“I’ll be stopping by any big markets I see while coming back. Do you want me to get you anything?”

You hum in thought. You had always asked him for books or certain materials that were very, very rare in such a small village like yours. But at that moment, you just wanted something simple that you didn’t see much of.

You gently scratch behind the horse’s ear before you answer.

“A rose,” you tilt your head up at Soonyoung. “Just one single rose.”

Stop thinking money or awards matter

So, the prevailing argument one hears when dealing with Swifties to prove Snakelor’s worth/talent is the amount of money she owns and awards she’s won. So let’s run with that logic, shall we?

Leading up to the 2016 US elections, Donald Trump proved he could be VERY charitable.

He dropped a cool mil with a veteran’s charity, and $100,000 to a church after a flood. Those were solely to make himself look good leading up to the election, and were an investment in his brand more than actual charity, but who cares? Charity = good person, right? It’s not like Taylor suddenly has charitable ‘leaks’ happen right when she’s got bad publicity she needs buried or fans to fleece with her latest crap. Charity ALWAYS equals good person.

Speaking of Trump, he’s president, and supposedly worth billions, or at least hundreds of millions. Trying to lock down the exact amount seems to change minute to minute, but he is loaded. And remember, so is Taylor, as Swifties loooooove to remind us, and that money means she’s smart, successful, and talented. Since Trump’s net worth rivals hers, that MUST mean he’s just as smart, successful, and talented. That also means he’s just as beloved. 

Oh wait. He’s not smart, successful, talented, or beloved. It’s almost like, with all that money, he’s capable of paying people to be smart, successful, and talented for him, and for some reason, just like with Swift, his followers have confused having enough money to swim in it to the person being good and well-liked. Just because YOU like Swift, doesn’t mean that other people aren’t capable of seeing her bad points or seeing why she does what she does.

Starting to get the parallels yet, or are you already angrily typing away about what a ‘jelly hater’ I am and that I should kill myself instead of trying to understand? I know that’s what you Swifties were taught by your queen snake. Someone disagrees- ATTACK!!!! Nevermind that she cried crocodile tears about her being the target of bullies, she literally has and does condone her fans’ bullying anyone that hurts her fweewings.

But let’s move on to the awards argument with an example of an artist I know you Swifties just adore.

Kanye West: 

21 Grammy’s

Taylor Swift:

10 Grammy’s

Katy Perry:

3 Diamond Songs (Only artist to ever do so)

Taylor Swift: 


Garth Brooks, a fucking legend that is beloved across the board:

SEVEN Diamond Albums

2 Grammy’s

Do you know what it takes to reach Diamond status? Selling a lot. I mean,





of songs or albums. Now, it’s a bit easier to get a Diamond song as it uses streaming services instead of just relying on physical copies of albums sold. And Garth did most of his before streaming was a thing. And with all Taylor’s so-called success, and it being easier to reach that coveted Diamond level, she still has NONE.

She gives money when she’s getting bad press or has a new album to roll out. She invites fans to her house for bake-offs when she’s on tour, almost like she’s trying to get parents to fork over cash because they think she’s so sweet and safe. Then she turns around and steals art, rips off Indie artists after she supposedly stood up for them against Spotify, sues fans, assassinates characters left, right, and center, manipulates the press, and on and on and on. (Believe me, I’ll be writing up a very long list of the problems I have with Swift later.)

The point is, her success isn’t her songs. It’s her marketability. Her merchandise. Her concert tickets. In other words, her BRAND. Just. Like. Trump. No actual talent. Just a lot of hype that people stupidly bought into. So stop trying to say she’s the best just because she’s a female Scrooge McDuck or has awards. They really don’t mean much.


So in the ‘Which Lion Would You Pilot Quiz’ we learn a few things about the paladins including what they value the most. This got me thinking. You get sorted to your Hogwarts house based on what you value the most(to my understanding anyways).

Shiro values teamwork which would make him a Hufflepuff. We all know Hufflepuff traits include fair play,hard work,and loyalty. Shiro has said he likes to work hard. Not to mention Shiro has proved loyalty. Fair play also falls in the lines of teamwork.

Lance values Confidence which would make him a Gryffindor. Gryffindor traits include bravery(obviously),daring,nerve,and courage. Lance is pretty brave since we see him on the verge of death and still fighting against the galra. Daring,nerve,and courage fall under the lines of being confidence.

Keith values honor which would make him a Slytherin. Slytherin traits include ambition,and determination. Keith has shown being ambitious quite a lot. Especially, in season 3. Fighting Zarkon by himself to take him down once and for all and also when he was going after Lotor even after he knew Lotor is quite clever and that it could also a trap. Ambition and determination fall along the same lines,but Keith is quite determined to defeat the galta empire since he tries to defeat Zarkon and Lotor whenever he has a chance.

Pidge values wisdom so of course she would be Ravenclaw. (We all saw that coming) Ravenclaw traits include wit,individuality,wisdom,and creativity. Pidge has shown creativity by messing around with her lion and making an epic invisibility cloak. Also,making rocket boosters to the pods in the castle (yeah it made the pod blow up in million little pieces and cause Allura and Keith to be stranded,but still.) She’s also shown individuality by being really independent. One example of this is when she took back the castle by herself (might’ve had some help,but I’m pretty sure it was mostly herself.) and during the process we also see that she’s even tinkered with her suit by making a hologram type of thing that confused the galra soldier and shooing the hologram instead of her. Also she values wisdom,i think that says which house has she would be in pretty clear.

Hunk values quick thinking that would make him Ravenclaw. Obviously the traits are above,but Ravenclaw also has another trait which is acceptance. Hunk has shown acceptance with Pidge and Keith. He accepted Keith for being galra (I know the rest did too,except Allura,but they just show Hunk interested and wanting to learn more about it when Keith and Hunk go get the thing from the worm thingy that eats planets.) He also excepted Pidge as a girl (again,I know the rest did too,but Hunk read Pidge’s diary/journal in episode one where Pidge freaked out maybe she had something saying she was actually a girl. And if Hunk did see something like that,he definitely excepted it right away and decided not to say anything until she was ready.) Also in season 1 episode 1,Hunk created that thingy that tracked down the blue lion when not even Pidge thought of that. This falls into the creativity part of Ravenclaw. Hunk is also really smart and we see this a lot but where I thought it stood out was in season 3(don’t remember the episode) but he said some technical crap with Pidge and Lance and Keith didn’t know what they were going on about.

So yeah,y'all have fun drawing Hogwarts au now.


P.S idk if I should do Allura and Coran tell me if y'all want me to think about their hogwarts house and explain why.

anonymous asked:

what are your favourite imagine blogs of shawn? <3

I honestly have not had much time to read imagines lately, so here are some off the top of my head, mostly ones I remember loving and going through their master lists. 

@shawnmendesdream is such a babe. I honestly love her and everything she writes. She’s also super smart and so articulate in her writing. I just love her so much and love reading everything she writes.

@ihaveabadreputation has always been one of my favorite imagine blogs. I remember when I first found her blog, I had her masterlist open on my phone pretty much all the time and whenever I had a free second I’d read another one of her imagines, but then I read them all lol. But I still look forward to every time she posts. 

@mend-es is art. Literally everything they write is a work of art, and the titles are absolutely beautiful. I went through their masterlist when I first started reading imagines, there were a lot less then, and I read a lot of them more then once. 

@nike-shawn is also one of the first imagine blogs I found and loved. Such a talented writer.

@shawnandzoestories writes with such depth and understands emotions so well. Her imagines and snapshots are all gold.

I also love love love: @babyshawwn @ftsgerald @thewritingcupcake @whitechocolateperfection @everythingshawnmendes @thesmutofthemendes @illumegeoff @teen-mendes @latteshawn and there are probably so many more but those were just the ones I could think of off the top of my head. 

Thunderbirds   Chapter 31

T/W: language, smut

    I woke up the next morning to Jane getting out of bed.  When she returned just a minute later I assumed she had just gotten up to go to the bathroom.  That was until I felt someone else crawling into the bed between us.

  “What the hell….” I grumbled, my head ringing from last night’s antics.  I didn’t bother opening my eyes.  I knew it had to be Roger.

  “Mommy wake up, I want pancakes,” he whined like a six-year-old.  I opened one eye in time to see Jane thump him in the face with her pillow.  He laughed and set it aside.  “Seriously, why aren’t you guys up yet? Jared’s been up for like two hours.”

  “Fuck,” I groaned into the mattress.  “What time is it?”

  “10:22,” he reported after checking his watch.  “When do you guys have to get to the venue?”

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Some thoughts on TPP 2.10

- Rilla is me when I’m tired, I get so cranky too
- BFF Rilla and Marc is everything I never knew I needed
- Rilla’s rant about reproducible results, I love her
- Rilla going, hey if I go unconscious, note down the symptoms. Remember kids, it’s only science if you write it down.
- ‘that was reckless! … wanna burn it?’ I knew I loved Rilla, but I also LOVE her
- Wait…is she carrying black powder?
- Dampiere is a flirt, I cannot stop laughing
- Marc and Tal break my heart and I love them too
- Smart Marc, gotta love the boy, knight of my heart tbh
- Oh monsters working on ‘bad’ metaphors and following their own physics and logic that defy human ones, I like it
- ‘You’re never too old to get a kiss from your Marc.’ Aww
- Rilla does love Damien and more importantly she really understands him. If someone else got hurt because of him, that would’ve been worse. But ouch was that scene brutal
- but also…was Damien one of the knights that bullied Marc? Or unintentionally hurt him? Because if so, I’m going to fight Sir Damien in a swamp.
- Have I mentioned how much I love Rilla? Not going to stop going into the swamp because people need her, also recording her findings
- ‘Rilla needs sleep. Research log concluded.’ I do love her so much.
- Weird little grub is very important to Lord Arum.
- Love how reluctant he is to kill her and how exasperated at the realisation that he now has to kidnap her
- I want them to bond over science! and properly protocolling your research and awkwardly falling in love
- I need them all to end up in a poly-relationship, run away together, found a giant fungus citadel and make Marc and Talfryn knights of that alternative citadel.