also remember when she was actually happy

a HUGE change of my theory

the girl represents jimin, so when jimin gets injured when he’s dancing alone, the girl who was dancing with hoseok also gets injured bc they re connected and shit

she could even represent his personality of how he pretends to be bc remember in this video the boys pretend to be all happy and show a good reflection of themself to the rest of the world, because they don’t want to show their true self

so these girls actually dont exist

that also explains why jungkooks girl disappeared when he got better and accepted what happened.

and why we couldnt see who yoongi was trying to shove away when he got mad bc at some points he was alone and at some point you could see him with his girl and trying to get her out of his way.

and thats why the actresses match so well with the boys, bc they represent the boys’ personalities

and thats maybe why everyone stans them bc they remind us of bts lmao

lucky ; jeff atkins

fandom ; 13 reasons why 

summary/request ; can i please request a writing where jeff and the reader get each other for dollar valentines day.

word count ; 1,555

character count ; 8,754

estimated reading time ; 5 minutes, 39 seconds 

warnings ;  none

author’s note ; there’s some clony but not much. it’s mostly flashbacks


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it’s that carousel person again, what’s up kids

tl;dr up front here: high school kid neglects to read, spends all of mom’s gas money on carousel tickets, and it’s mysteriously my fault.

anyway, 10/13 was something of a waking nightmare. I had been at work for about an hour when a teenager comes over with his kid brother to buy a ticket for the ride. a little bit of context here, our ticket kiosk is the worst machine available, it only takes exact change, and it does not give change. an individual ticket is $4, which I am aware is a lot and would love for people to stop exclaiming it when they walk by.

this kid puts a $10 straight into the machine. since three tickets is $9, the machine in its infinite wisdom just spits out three tickets, blissfully unaware of the shitstorm it has just unleashed upon me. it was only then that the teenager read any of the seven different warnings that the machine does not give change, and went back to his mom with just the tickets, sending one of the worst kind of people my way. 

the first thing she does when she gets over is practically throw the tickets onto my desk and say “you need to give me my $10 back, I don’t have money for gas now,” which, first of all, is your problem, and second, is your fault for just giving your kid money that you allegedly needed? it was only after she realized that she had three tickets that she noticed that tickets were as expensive as they were, and, even though both the ticket and the machine say no refund, she demanded it. I, being a lowly minimum wage employee, am not paid well enough to deal with that, so I asked her for her name and number so I could have a manager call her. that was not acceptable and she demanded I call my manager immediately.

a word about the manager that I called, I’ll call her B. she has an actual ton of ovarian cysts (which they had to remove several pounds of a few months ago) and some form of cancer in her abdomen (I don’t remember what kind). I think one of her legs is slightly shorter than the other or something like that, because she’s got a messed up leg too. she also has a pretty short fuse for dealing with stupidity, and is more than happy to call someone out aggressively when necessary. so I call B and hand the phone to this woman, and the first thing she does is call B a bitch. so we’re off to a great start.

after a 5-10 minute phone call, most of which is this woman cussing at B (and myself, though somewhat indirectly), and asking her grown ass kids if they saw the sign, she finally hangs up my phone and demands corporate’s number. she had told B that she would be there at 10 this morning (10/14) when B opened the carousel. neither B nor myself were happy about that, nor was my other manager, K, who has been dragged into this bullshit, or our district manager J, because I actually gave her corporate’s number instead of his. 

immediately after she got done with this phone call, I had a couple more customers come up to the carousel to buy tickets, and she basically yelled at them and told them not to spend their money and then yelled at me again because we’re being deceitful and stealing money and no one can read our signs. (coincidentally, every other customer I had that day read the signs just fine, and asked me to make change before purchasing their tickets. but I digress.)

so she takes corporate’s number and goes to sit across the food court, but she sits in very plain view of the carousel, staring and gesturing at me while she’s on the phone. she was there for about half an hour, while I had one or two minor panic attacks, and I eventually got one of the security guards over to ask them to do something about her. the second the guard touches her radio to talk to the other guards, this woman almost jumps out of her seat to come kick my ass, and her husband (who had mysteriously shown up at some point, so I guess she didn’t need the gas money that badly) had to physically stop her. security kicked her out, and told her that if she came back this morning for the money, to simply come in, get her refund, and leave.

she decided that the better option was going to be to follow B to the bathroom, throw toilet paper and paper towel and stuff into the stall while B was using the bathroom, follow her back out to the carousel, and spend time yelling at other customers again to try to deter them from giving us any money. suffice it to say that she needed to be escorted out by security once again.

but hey, she got her $10 back, right? and it’s not like she made me so anxious that my boyfriend had to hang out at the mall by the carousel for three hours, so it’s chill, right? fuck you, lady, that’s the kind of example you’re setting for your shitty children.

A Chain and a Key

Characters: tom holland x holland family x reader

Concept: tom surprises you with a small birthday dinner

Notes: not the usual kind of imagine but this concept came to me out of the blue and i built it up from there. i hope you guys love it as i loved writing it!



Tom’s hands uncover your eyes and you blink rapidly, trying to clear your vision. You’re standing in the Holland’s backyard where a big white canopy is set up in the center. A long table stands underneath it, adorned with vases filled with your favorite flowers. Rose gold spheres hang underneath the canopy, providing a vague light as the sun starts to set.

Nikki and Dom stand in front of you with their hands outstretched, pure joy etched on their faces. Sam and Paddy are clapping while Harry is holding a camera, filming the whole thing. A couple of your other friends and Tom’s are there too, laughing at your shocked face.

Your hands come up to cover your face as you turn to look at Tom, “I told you I didn’t want anything big!”

“It’s not big! Just dinner with friends and family,” he chuckles as he pulls you in for a hug.

You turn back around and greet Nikki and Dom, hugging them both as they wish you a happy birthday. Harrison and the twins hug you at the same time, squeezing the life out of you. Paddy follows after and you voice out loud that he’s grown a couple more inches since the last time you’ve seen him which he appreciates.

“Mum says I might be taller than Tom,” Paddy tells you.

Tom rolls his eyes playfully, “Not my fault I got stuck with dad’s traits.”

You greet everyone else and accept the gifts they brought for you. As Tom goes away to help his dad with the food, you stay behind and catch up with everyone.

“So how was your holiday with Tom?”

“How long have you been together, again?”

“Give us all the details!”

You laugh bashfully and take a sip of the drink you had gotten earlier. You start telling them about the beautiful beaches you and Tom got to explore together. “I have never seen water so blue and clear,” you comment. You tell them about how even though it was far away from where your original vacation was supposed to take place, Tom went out of his way to change the whole trip so that you got to visit Greece.

As the conversation drove off about someone else, you take a second to look over at Tom. His back is facing you as he stands next to his dad. They’re both focused on the food being prepared on the grill. You start to wonder how lucky you are to have not only Tom, but a wonderful family in your life. Like always, as if he had just read your mind, Tom turns around and looks directly at you. He winks at you and then mouths, “I love you” before facing his dad again.

“Hun,” Nikki places her hand on your shoulder, “Can you help me bring out some of the trays from inside?”

“Yes, of course,” you tell her as you stand up and follow her inside the house.

Several trays of food are set up on the kitchen island and you’re about to take one when Nikki stops you. “I actually wanted to talk to in private.”

She sounds serious, which makes you somewhat nervous. You rack your brain, trying to remember if you did anything to make Nikki want to talk to you alone.

“I just wanted to let you know that as a mother, I am very grateful that Tom found you. He’s always been a happy kid but with you, that happiness seems to have increased tenfold. You’re also such a joy to this family.”

“Nikki,” your voice trembles as you try not to cry. You try to think of words to say back to her but come up blank, your emotions taking over control.

She steps forward and wraps her arms around you, pulling you into a tight hug. “You’re a part of the family now, y/n. I can’t wait to celebrate more birthdays with you.”

When she pulls back to look at you, you both laugh as you see the tears both of you have in your eyes. Nikki squeezes your arm before taking a tray outside. You decide to stay inside for a bit longer to try to compose yourself.

Taking a tray in your arms, you walk outside and towards the table where the rest of the food has been laid for everyone to serve themselves.

The rest of the evening, you eat, you talk, you laugh with everyone. Even though you had asked to not make your birthday a big deal, you find yourself enjoying it so much. You watch as Tom tells a funny story that makes yourself and everyone else around the table laugh. You remember Nikki’s words on how Tom seems so much happier now but in reality, you’re the one who has never been happier. He’s the reason you wake up with a smile on your face and the reason you look forward to going to the gym, even though you can barely last a minute, but it’s just because he’s there that pushes you to try.

He has made you a better you. He has made you love yourself when no one else did.

The rest of the evening carries on and soon, people start to leave. As the boys help Dom clean up, you walk out the last of the guests and start helping out too. Harry has the brilliant idea to move out the table from underneath the canopy and bring in the outside furniture.

“Could we make a campfire?” Paddy asks Dom.

“I love that idea!” You comment.

“It’s your birthday,” Tom replies with a smile and all of you start moving things around to set up the campfire.

Evening was turning into dusk quickly and Tom and Harrison got straight to work on the fire. The pit was set at the center of the canopy so everyone got to sit around it.

“We call the armchair!” Tom grabs your hand and pulls you with him towards the big armchair that easily fit two people. Everyone else takes a seat either on the long sofa or the swinging bench they brought over from the patio.

Tom sits down first and holding onto your hand, you squeeze in next to him. His arms wrap around you as your legs overlap his so that the two of you fit perfectly on the chair.

The crackling of the fire as it gathered strength was a soothing sound. It reminded you of your childhood from when you used to go camping.

“Shall I tell a story?” Dom chimes in.

“You can’t really call it a story if it’s actually a joke,” Nikki replies which makes everyone laugh.

“Seems like mum is about to take over your career, dad,” Harry chuckles.

“Shut it, Motorola.”

“I think we should do gifts,” Tom tells everyone and you turn to look at him so rapidly, you feel your neck crick.

“What do you mean ‘gifts’?” You ask, completely shocked.

“You can’t have a birthday without gifts, love,” Tom chuckles before kissing your forehead.

“Me, first!” Nikki stands up and heads inside and then comes out a few seconds later, carrying a huge book. “I hope you like it.”

“What is it?” You’re suddenly excited because if there’s anything you know, is that Nikki always gives the best presents.

You open up the book and find that it’s actually a photo album. The most prettiest flowers have been captured. Flowers of different colors, sizes, close, and far. Then you notice the similar background in all of them.

Each of the pictures is actually you holding a flower, smelling it, smiling down at it. Nikki had captured every time you admired a flower.

“This is… wow. Thank you so much!” You stand and give Nikki a huge hug. “I love it, Nikki. It’s beautiful.”

You both take your seats again and then Paddy jumps up and hands you an envelope. “Technically dad bought it but I was the one with the idea.”

You laugh as you open the envelope and take out several tickets for a Coldplay concert. You almost screech loudly but hold it in by covering your mouth. “You’re kidding! Oh my God, Paddy!” You pull him in for a hug and then turn to face Dom. “Thank you to you too, Dom.”

Dom nods his welcome and then winks at Paddy.

“I got your gift right here,” Harry tells you as he lifts his camera. “You won’t get it until a few days, though.”

“Of course. Thanks, Harry,” you smile at him.

Everyone else gives you their thoughtful gifts until it’s Tom’s turn.

“I’m guessing tonight is my gift from you,” you tell him, holding onto his arm.

“Sure, but we’re not done yet,” he tells you before he sits up. “Tessa!”

Tessa, who was laying by Paddy’s feet, suddenly raises her head. “Tessa, go get y/n’s gift! Go get it, girl!”

Tessa responds with a bark before launching herself into a run back inside the house. You raise a questioning eyebrow at Tom but he just smirks back.

Tessa comes back outside with a large yellow envelope in her mouth. She bounds straight towards you and places it on your lap. “Thank you, Tessa,” you tell her while scratching her behind the ears. You take the envelope and open it carefully. Reaching inside, you find a large packet. You take it out and hold it up as you try to read it, using the light emanating from the fire.

“Adopt… Adoption?” You read out loud and look over at Tom, confused. “These are adoption papers?”

“Keep reading,” he tells you.

You continue to read down and then you gasp. You can’t look away from the words that have completely swelled your heart with pure joy.

Tessa has just handed you adoption papers for her. Not only Tom, but now you, share Tessa as your pet.

Tessa’s head lays on your lap as you lean down to kiss the top of her head. A few tears leave your eyes but they’re tears of joy. You’ve always loved Tessa like as if she was your own and the cute thought of her bringing you the papers that make it official is possibly the best gift you could ever ask for.

“What is it?” Sam asks, with a grin on his face, showing that he most likely already knows what it is.

“Adoption papers for Tessa,” you tell them as you wipe your eyes.

Everyone starts to clap as Tom stands and raises his hands. “Wait, wait, wait! Before we start to really celebrate, I want to give my gift next.”

“Tom,” you start.

“Just, hear me out,” he chuckles, knowing you would protest.

You stay quiet, reluctantly, and watch as he reaches for his back pocket. “I never knew much about relationships. The only prime example that I have are my parents, which I can’t complain, because they’re the ideal couple,” he smiles at his parents. “Yet, somehow, meeting you and getting to know you reassured me that this is what it’s supposed to be like when you’re in a relationship. As friends, you have always been there and you still remain to be at my side no matter what, even though I know it can be difficult given what I have to do as an actor. You’re incredibly patient, kind, witty, funny, and beautiful. God, you’re so beautiful.” You feel your cheeks heat up and you’re grateful that it’s too dark for everyone to notice.

“Basically,” he pulls out something that is wrapped in a black cloth and starts to unwrap it, “We’ve been together for a while now and I have never felt as confident as I do now to be able to give you this.”

He takes whatever was wrapped in the cloth and pulls it up. A thin silver chain comes into view and hanging from it… a key.


“Now, please don’t reject it because then I’ll look like a fool.” Everyone laughs as he hands you the chain. “I believe we’re ready for the next phase in our relationship and I hope you do too. Will you move in with me?”

You shake your head in complete disbelief as you look down at the single silver key in your hands. You look at Tessa and then at the rest of the family who are all grinning from ear to ear, waiting for your answer.

You glance at the key once again and then slowly place it around your neck. As you do, you feel it in your heart that this is the right thing to do. There’s no one else in the world you wouldn’t want to share a roof with.

You stand up and face Tom, “Yes, I’ll move in with you.” His face splits into a huge smile before he wraps his arms around you, hugging you so tightly, your feet lift off the ground. Everyone else cheers and claps around you.

When Tom finally lets go, he kisses you softly and whispers, “Happy Birthday, baby.”

anonymous asked:

Acchan!!! What do you think about Amon and Touka's talk!?????!!!?

Hey Anon! Ah, well, so many things happened in just one talk somehow but since it’s linked to the rest of the chapter, it’s hard to speak about just that. xD 

I mean, when I initially read the chapter, I hadn’t slept in 24+ hours so in my head that was ‘lmao Amon/Touka + Akira/Kaneki wut” (+ Ayato/Hinami of course) but then I took a short nap before rereading it again and… Amon’s and Touka’s respective feelings are mainly what you conclude on when it comes to this talk (I insist that it doesn’t have to be seen as romantic even if it might be). 

Anyway, I’ll try to avoid rambling but, aside from what I already reblogged on the subject, clearly their talk indicates that we’re hopefully going to have a mini-arc centering around people talking:

  • Amon/Kaneki, which apparently was offscreened (?)
  • Amon/Touka which just happened -> Mado’s death is “solved” from Amon’s point of view
  • Akira/Kaneki which got delayed because Akira has a few understandable issues with her current situation but I think they should talk again later (again they have a deep emotional link + I don’t think Kaneki actually told her that he killed Arima but just that they fought, what’s the point of lying to her about this, especially when she’s not a ghoul?). 
  • Akira/Amon (and maybe Akira/Seidou, if Seidou is anywhere to be found?) -> as Touka urged Amon to do 
  • Akira/Hinami, as Hirako explained.
  • Akira/Touka, because Touka wants to + that’s important for Akira’s character development
  • maybe more Hinami/Ayato talking since Ayato is the one Hinami seeks comfort from for this situation?
  • Kaneki/Hinami and/or Hinami/Touka talking? Hinami doesn’t want to bother Kaneki about Akira because she’s important to him, but she has the right to tell someone besides Ayato about not feeling okay about this situation.
  • Kaneki/Touka at last, but probably once the matter with Akira will be solved (?)

So I’m personally very excited about that “mini-arc” and I hope they all get to talk :D Besides that though…

I’m 2000% proud of Touka at this part, because remember when she actually killed Kureo? Honestly, I knew she’d have to talk about it with Akira one day, but I wasn’t expecting her to want such a talk.

She grew up so much, I’m so proud of her! And also….

Amon had the coolest moment of the whole chapter and I’m proud of him too <3 I’m really glad that the two of them actually met up before this moment and that they manage to have such a good and positive relationship. 

I think that’s about it Anon, but I love the entire chapter actually, so I’m really happy right now! ^_^

I hope it answers your question, have a nice weekend! :D

Rowaelin Fanfic, Modern AU, But She’s Looking at You, Part 9

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 

 Maeve owns the best club in the city, but when Aelin shows up demanding answers from her Aunt, she is forced into one month of working as a DJ in her Aunt’s club in exchange for information. Along the way she meets Rowan and the rest of the cadre, who are working as bartenders in the club… and Rowan is given the task of babysitting Aelin for the month.

 Here she is!! The final instalment of But She’s Looking at You! I Just wanted to say thank you to all the beautiful messages you guys send me, because they honestly keep me going. Since this was the first thing I’ve ever written, I wasn’t even expecting anyone to see it, let alone like it J So thank you from the bottom of my heart <3

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This is America we speak English here.

(warning: long story)

I just discovered this sub so I hope my story fits here.

This story begins when I was a freshman in HS. After school on most weekdays I would walk to my uncle’s house to babysit my little cousin. My cousin was about 2 or 3 years old at the time and liked to go to the public park that was directly in front of my uncle’s house. It was a simple park, about the size of a football field with a playground in one corner and the rest being all grass. One particular day my cousin is begging me to go to the park so I take him.

For a while we were the only ones there. My cousin was too scared to go down the slide from the top by himself so I was picking him up and letting him slide from about half way. He was having a great time and laughing. Soon a lady comes up with her daughter and they start playing on the swing set. Well, the lady was sitting on the bench and her daughter was trying to play on the swing set.

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anonymous asked:

why do you hate touken?

Glad you asked!

(Edit: this ended up being a lot longer than I was expecting holy shit????)
(Another edit: I forgot to actually censor the word to**ken so now it’s gonna come up in the tags I’m sorry lads)

First of all, I wanna start by saying that I’m not a “salty fujoshi who’s upset that my yaoi ship isn’t canon” or a “Touka-hating misogynist”. I like hidekane but that doesn’t affect my views on touken bc I knew that it wouldn’t be canon and that a touken endgame was more likely. Also I’ve always loved Touka since I started the series two years ago, but her current character regression is what’s slowly making me dislike her. Also I’m writing all of this off the top of my head, so sorry if I give any false information or leave important bits out!!

Okay so I actually used to like touken because I thought they had a lot of potential for development and really could’ve been a great ship. My main problem with it is how poorly written the ship is. I’m mainly focusing on :re because I loved the og Tokyo ghoul series. Let’s start with their development from both characters’ perspectives. Start of :re, we see light-haired Touka, all beautiful, grown up and mature-looking running her own café. Wonderful! Turns out she built the :re café as a home for Kaneki to come back to, even though everyone else thought he was missed or dead. Tbh I thought it would be for everyone since she valued her family and friends at Anteiku as much as Kaneki but still: it’s really sweet, I can’t fault it much. At the same time, it’s also very disappointing because og Touka had clear goals in life, wanted to attend school and university and build an independent life and career for herself and cared about all of her friends and family equally. That’s the Touka I love. But no, let’s have her wait around for several years for a guy she’s merely just friends with and doesn’t know that well. Because that’s a great way to write a strong, independent, smart female main character! Also, what did she do for him other than the :re cafe? She recognised Kaneki as Haise immediately and said she didn’t want to force herself upon him and make him remember his actual self, which sounds nice of her in theory, but she knew that he wasn’t actually happy at the CCG and how he was treated there. Yet she did nothing to try and help?? She even told Tsukiyama to just give up when he wanted to save Kaneki?? I thought she loves him? Touken development from Kaneki’s perspective: he thinks Touka is very pretty. That’s really it. And that’s while he has amnesia. What did she do exactly to inspire him to keep living? What did she sacrifice for him? What other romantic things does he say about her except for her pretty appearance? Not much.

Let’s skip forward a bit. Touka and Kaneki haven’t seen each other properly for ages and haven’t had a proper conversation. Bear in mind: they’re still just friends at this point. Not even best friends or anything. Kaneki’s spent more time with Nishiki than with Touka at this point. This is a great opportunity for them to catch up and have a nice, meaningful conversation. What does Touka think a great thing to bring up in this conversation is? Ask if Kaneki’s a virgin! This is based solely on “how he looked at her” when he had amnesia. Not long after asking this, she says that she’s always trying to find ways to stop him from leaving, which heavily implies she was trying to tie him down with a relationship which is really gross. I understand that she has abandonment issues due to her past, but that isn’t a good enough excuse. The meaningful conversation I was hoping for comes back into light when the two of them start talking about Yoriko and Touka asks Kaneki about Hide and how he copes with it. Kaneki gives her a heartfelt answer about how he could never do anything concrete because he’ll start missing Hide again. This is a wonderful opportunity for them to mutually discuss what it’s like to be a ghoul with a human best friend and how to handle the pain, therefore developing and deepening their relationship. Let’s have a quick recap of the atmosphere here. They’re in an abandoned warehouse in the middle of a war, they’re tired and need to rest (which Kaneki suggests) and talking about their dead friends. Of course, this situation is BURSTING with romantic, sexual tension and Touka feels the need to climb on him and kiss him out of the blue. Does this lead to them discussing their feelings like adults, seeing as Touka stans love to talk about her “amazing character development and maturity”? Nope, they fuck without any protection or foreplay out of an impulsive decision which results in pregnancy. One, how cliché could you possibly get? Two, didn’t Itori say that conception with ghouls was very unlikely at the start? And we’re supposed to believe that this chapter makes sense and isn’t ooc at all? We’re supposed to just accept it because “she’s a girl and he’s a boy”? Kaneki could’ve had a sex scene with Hide or Nishiki in that chapter and it would’ve made the same amount of sense tbh.

Moving on again. I would’ve been alright with chapter 125 if they had realised what they had done was irresponsible, yet they recognise the feelings they have towards each other and start building a healthy romantic relationship at a reasonable pace, discussing their issues and working to resolve them. Or, it could’ve been hinted at or explained that Kaneki is using Touka/sex as an emotional crutch due to his mental illness. These would’ve made sense. But no, Ishida doesn’t ever discuss the unhealthy aspects of their relationship which is what led me to hate the ship even more. Within the next 10 or so chapters they’re fucking pregnant and married? Even though they were only just friends like 11 chapters prior? Where was the development? How can y’all honestly think this is good writing? It’s so rushed and forced and makes no sense. They’ve literally been dating for like 2.5 seconds, why are they already married? They’re married and they hardly know anything about each other! Before you argue this point, lemme explain:

-          We’re supposed to be seeing Touka as Kaneki’s One True Love and the light of his life but she’s STILL hitting him at this point in their relationship. I don’t care how many people try to brush it off as comedy or “tsundere behaviour” it’s domestic abuse! Why is Kaneki’s mother abusing him seen as tragic and a massive factor towards his mental health issues, yet Touka, the Love Of His Life, punching him into a table (knocking him unconscious and saying “I feel much better now!” afterwards), pushing him violently and calling him an idiot when he wants to have a serious conversation with her is seen as comedy? Why? Because she’s pretty? Because she’s his waifu? It was even shown that he was worried about her hitting him again. I’ve seen some people say “He’s a grown man if it’s abuse he could just leave”. Most abuse victims don’t recognise it as abuse dumbass!!! He literally said he was used to being beaten by those he cared about which is why he’s normalised it in his mind!! Just because she’s a girl it doesn’t make it okay for her to be abusing her partner. Touka stans like to use the excuse “She doesn’t know about his past!” which EXACTLY proves the point I’m making. She hardly knows him! And they’re married! Regardless of if she knows that he’s an abuse survivor or not, her actions are still gross. Y’all wanna talk about her “character development” but she’s still acting like her angsty 16-year-old self who can’t express her feelings properly. She’s an adult woman now. It’s not fair of her to treat Kaneki like this when he’s been nothing but kind to her throughout their relationship.

-          I’ve also seen the excuse “Well, Kaneki left her when she has abandonment issues so he’s just as bad as her! It’s mutual abuse!”. First of all, you’ve just admitted the ship is abusive. Congrats, you played yourself. Secondly, it proves my point again. He hardly knows about her too! You would think that Kaneki would take it upon himself to get to know Touka and her past and try to understand her as a person before marrying her. And we’re supposed to think that he’s smart? Of course, they were only friends at the time and he had no obligations to Touka but it’s still not great that he left her. Arguably, he originally left so that he could be strong enough to protect those he cares about, including her, sooo yeah. The idea that he’s using her as an emotional crutch makes a lot of sense here, but we all know Ishida would never show touken as the unhealthy relationship it is.

Next point, more bad writing. How is Kaneki out here saying that Touka is his only reason to live and calling her his best friend? I’m not denying the fact that he loves her (I truly believe he does, but not to the extent that’s being currently portrayed), but is he forgetting other people have done for him in the past? Who stopped Kaneki from taking his own life? Hide! Kaneki could’ve hallucinated about Touka down in that sewer if she was really the Light Of His Life, but no, he thought of Hide because his subconscious knows that Hide is the only person who could’ve truly saved him at that point. What did Touka do to stop him from taking his life? I’m not trying to say that Hide is better than her, but it makes no sense for Ishida to suddenly keep pushing the idea that Kaneki’s number one top priority is Touka and pushing his relationships with other characters to the side. Don’t even get me started on how Tsukiyama’s being treated. He starved himself for 3 years and was miserable after thinking that Kaneki was dead then all of a sudden, he’s happy to plan a touken wedding? Who is this man idk him?? Honestly though, how is Kaneki 100% deeply and madly in love with her when the only romantic development from his side was calling her pretty? They’ve hardly spent any time together where did he find the time to fall in love with her and consider her as his best friend. Also, another thing; ghouls getting married via bitemarks is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard and sounds like bad fanfiction. Ayato literally ate Touka’s kagune in the past and she’s recovered. Kaneki has been tortured and had his toes ripped off in the past and that’s healed. Yet his bitemarks on Touka stayed? What the literal fuck? By this logic, Kaneki is also married to Rize, Amon (in the ova they were canonly married and Kaneki asked for a divorce), arguably Hide depending on if he bit his shoulder and was already married to Touka from their fight with Tsukiyama in the church. Yet this wasn’t pointed out until now. Bad. Writing.

Another point: I cannot believe touken stans are out here really thinking that sex cures depression and that Kaneki found ‘true happiness’ by busting a nut in Touka like lmao are you serious? Being with Touka doesn’t automatically erase his mental illness, the torture he’s been through, his psychological and physical damages and his tragic childhood. Yes, being with her does add a positive aspect to his life but this isn’t how mental illness works at all, you don’t need to be a medical expert to know that, it’s just common sense. 

I think this is my last point so here we go: Touka’s character regression due to touken and Kaneki. So far, it probably seems like I 100% purely hate Touka, which is not true. I hate how she’s being written and treated by the author. Like I said previously, I was literally in love with og Touka. She was a total badass, she was smart, she was independent, she loved school, she loved everyone at Anteiku, she loved Yoriko and rabbits and music and was just such a cool character. I originally shipped her with Kaneki because I thought they had good potential and her character and independence wouldn’t falter as a result of a romantic relationship. Well, I was wrong. Currently, Touka’s only relevance to the plot is to look pretty and be Kaneki’s waifu and bearer of his child. Ishida is trying to write her as a soft waifu but at the same time she acts like an angsty teenager around Kaneki half of the time, how does that even work? How could you not possibly think this is unfair to her and is blatantly sexist writing? Because clearly a female lead can’t exist without becoming dependant on a man or becoming a housewife at some point, right? Why does her character have to revolve around him yet his character doesn’t have to revolve around her? Why does her character and personality have to suffer as a result of a relationship? News flash: women can be in love and still be their own person. Touka Kirishima, who valued school dearly and loved her best friend Yoriko so much that she ate human food solely because she knew how hard Yoriko worked to make it for her, gave up on her life goals and hardly cared when Yoriko was gonna die? Even Kaneki thought that was weird. Also, Ishida is trying to push the idea that Touka has become smart and mature and makes good decisions. Uh, where? She waited around for Kaneki for several years when she could’ve been doing more with her life, she had unprotected sex with him in the middle of a war, she’s now pregnant which puts her at a disadvantage as she has to fight and using her kagune would mean the baby would be absorbed as food for strength, which will cause emotional pain to her and to Kaneki. Wow she’s so smart, Einstein is shaking. Original Touka wouldn’t do this. She’s literally no better as a 20 something year old woman as she was as a troubled 16-year-old child. Call it character development all you want, it’s character regression. Also, this part is a bit of a reach I must admit, but Touka’s being drawn to look younger which is really weird? Light-haired Touka at the start actually looks like an adult, yet current Touka looks like a teenager with her original hairstyle and big shoujo eyes and a small nose and mouth in quite a lot of panels. Ishida even drew her with the cutesy sparkly shoujo background when she told Kaneki that she was pregnant. Was that necessary? You can’t replace her current lack of a personality with a pretty face, she actually needs character development lol. I’m not denying that she actually loves Kaneki (once again, I truly think she does but needs to learn to express herself better and act like an actual adult).

I have more points I could make, but I’ll stop here because I literally wrote a whole essay here lmao. I just want to finish off by saying that even though I hate touken, I don’t hate touken shippers because I can see why people ship it, but I hate that 95% of you guys blatantly ignore the unhealthy aspects of their relationship and refuse to hear any criticism about Touka or Kaneki because that’s just gross. The ship and the characters are problematic whether you like it or not. Like I said, I wrote all of this off the top of my head so if I’ve said anything that’s incorrect or missed things out please tell me!!

So I just remembered the fanders meetup, but I also somehow gave myself a black eye in my sleep recently. So here’s a selfie from a few days ago, when I actually looked ok.
Also I go by EC, my pronouns are she/her and one thing that makes me happy is jumping off of high places.

I Know Humans Better Than You

Characters: Jaime Reyes (Blue Beetle), Reader (You).

Requested by: Anonymous.

Synopsis: Reader is sad and Jaime doesn’t know how to comfort her so the scarab helps.


A/N: Y/N = Your Name.
Oh god, it’s probably crap.
I tried not to force why you were sad onto it.
Hope you like it!

Tags: @lastbeliever

“Your mate is in distress.” The scarab chirped.
“I have noticed.” Jaime growled back.
“You must provide comfort.”
“I’m trying.”
“You are standing in the room of nourishments.”
Jaime sighed and closed the pantry doors that he’d been staring in for hours.


Jaime poked his head into the bedroom where you were stretched out over the whole mattress.
“Give her the food she likes. From the place you humans all enjoy.”
Jaime moved away so you couldn’t hear him. “A burger- that’s a good idea.” Jaime couldn’t help but agree.
“And that coacoa and milk treat.”
“For once, I am thankful you can talk to me.” Jaime grabbed his jacket from the back of a sofa and car keys and headed for the nearest fast food restaurant.


The grease from the burger and chips seeped through the paper bag as he set it on the passenger seat.
“Cocoa and milk treat.”
“Yeah, yeah. I know.”
“Wrap her in your arms too. You humans also seem to find happiness in that gesture. The brain chemistry is altered.”
“Since when did you actually understand people, bug?” Jaime questioned, looking around for a convenience store. “You used to tell me stay away from her because my hormones were going loco.”
“Now hers are. Provide comfort before drastic measures are taken.”
“Don’t joke like that!” Jaime snapped. Anger evident on his face. An old lady’s brows furrowed in confusion as she stared at Jaime through the windshield.
“Just return her chemicals back to the standard.”


“Do you remember her preference, Jaime Reyes?” The scarab commented as he acknowledged Jaime was standing, looking at the rows of chocolate bars.
“I think-”
“Third one from the left on the bottom shelf.”
Jaime was amazed. “Thanks, amigo?” He reached for the chocolate and was sure to to take note for future reference.
“I am being a better mate than you, Jaime Reyes.”


“Now. Hold her.”
Jaime sat on the bed and you felt the mattress sink and you groaned. He lay down and wrapped an arm around you, pulling you close to his chest. He smiled as you nuzzled your head into the crook of his neck. “I have a surprise for you.” Jaime said.
Jaime hung the bag over head and let her smell the oily food.
“Oh, my hero.” She sat up and took the bag, immediately diving into the chips.
“I was right.” The scarab chimed in.
“Ssh.” Jaime scolded.
“Was he actually helping?”
“No. No. It was all me.”
You managed a raised eyebrow and a smirk, but there was still a sad look on your face.
“What’s wrong?” He wrapped an arm around your shoulder and kissed your forehead.
“It’s just-” you explained your problem to Jaime and he listened intently.

Life With the Schuylers - Chapter Four (Angelica)

a/n: it’s time for chapter four! At this point I’ve got the series planned to about chapter 15 and I’m pretty sure it’s gonna end there, you know if people care for that long. Please remember to tell me what you think of this chapter! Also! I wrote this chapter with John Boyega in mind as John Church!

warnings: i’m pretty sure there’s nothing to warn about

word count: 3,226

tagged:  @tailored-shirt-tails @legendaryapplesauce @turtlenecks-coffee @pheonix-fire-fangirl @eliza-the-actual-ray-of-sunshine @hercules-mullifan @musicalmoriarty @serkewen12@lupinschocolatefrog @imagineimeliza @wrotemywayoutimagines  @americanrevelation 

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Almost two months into the New Year and things seem to have finally settled. Seeing the way Eliza is when she’s around Alex doesn’t fill her with jealousy anymore instead she can’t help but be happy.

It fills her with joy to see her baby sisters being taken care of, and sometimes even spoiled by people who really care about them. Part of her is a little sad to see her sisters being taken care of so well while she still hasn’t found anyone who she feels like really understands her (aside from Alexander but she is definitely not going back to that), but she’s happier to see her sisters happy than she is sad about not having a partner.

She knows she isn’t alone. She’s got her sisters to keep her company and they’re always good at cheering her up even when she doesn’t tell them she’s upset. While she has her sisters around, she knows she’s going to be okay.

As Angelica makes her way into the coffee shop one afternoon after work, she’s surprised to only see Herc sitting on the couch, a drink in his hand as he scrolls through something on his phone.

She stops at the counter to give John her order, which he reminds her he already remembers by heart and he’d already started it anyway, she makes her way over to sit with Herc on the couch, her aching feet screaming at her to sit down now.

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anonymous asked:

So has Lucifer gone back to womanising again? No wonder Chloe moves on from him.

I’m sorry for the delay to answer this. Different time zones, still a bit sleepy but let’s see…

Lucifer is who he is and Chloe knows that. He is a man who sleeps casually with a lot of women and men, does drugs, will bend the law for his own benefit and rough up some suspects in order to solve a case. From all the above Chloe has confronted him only for the suspects in 2x09. Afterwards, we can also see Lucifer asking her to make her mind on whether he will “persuade” the suspects in front of her or behind her back. She was not happy…

In short, Chloe doesn’t care. Lucifer never committed to her emotionally with the actual words so when he backed down from their thing she just decided to start pretending that the thing never existed. At the same time, we have to remember that what Lucifer believes about Chloe not having a choice might actually be a little bit true but with a twist.When you love someone (romantically or as a friend) and I mean love fiercely it is very difficult to let them go. Don’t get into the notion of romantic love just yet though. This is not about how the movies do it although it is a tv show.

 Lucifer explores humanity and human emotions and as we all grow up we realise that there are some people who we can not let go. We love them despite their flaws and Lucifer as far as Chloe knows he deserves to be loved. He is a kind and honourable man despite his wickedness, his childish behaviour and yes his sexual escapades.So Chloe will move on because if you have not read it yet, Marcus offers to Chloe what Lucifer does not. Marcus seems to have all Lucifer’s positive qualities but none of his bad ones. 

Additionally, Chloe still has Daddy issues. It’s no wonder she fell for Dan. He was a cop, Marcus is a cop and the best part? Marcus will not be afraid to romantically pursue her. Lucifer has issues which he cannot conquer just yet and as such in a sense despite being jealous he will not be emotionally available but will certainly be emotionally shuttered.

Finally, Lucifer returns to his ways because he tries to prove that he is still the Devil, he regresses to what is familiar and comforting for him. You can not fault him for that nor for the fact that he likes sex. Sex is again comforting for him. In 2x11 we realised that Lucifer was seeing sex as a form of connection and perhaps intimacy. No, he does not know what intimacy is but still, he craves it, and he craves to have the approval and make an impact on the lives of others only to fail miserably. So now he goes back to what he knows. With Chloe being Dad’s pawn in his mind he can no longer seek comfort from Chloe actively aside from actually being her investigation partner.

So, in conclusion, Chloe moving on is not in order to punish Lucifer for being sexually active with other women, although I believe it will bother her, it’s a way to stop gravitating herself around him. Chloe is in love with him but with no way to act on that and with a guy who has all your love’s best qualities it will be easy to get tempted and perhaps even have a slight crush on Marcus. Yet just because you like apples it doesn’t mean that you don’t have a favourite variety or that you will throw out the whole sack just for a few spoils in the bottom. Meaning, Lucifer is unique and yes is damaged, and yes he sleeps around, but he does not cheat.

Lucifer tries to survive and Chloe has to do the same with Marcus. Survive I mean. But surviving is never living. Deckerstar is living.

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What it is the most ridiculous way our big brothes Akiteru, Saeko and Hinata would embarass they're little brothers?

Yong: I had to answer this. I love annoying my little brother and sister but the same thing happened with me and my older siblings when I was little.


Not so much as embarrassing but just being really damn annoying. When they’re at an amusement park together, Shouyou always asks the attendants if Natsu is tall enough to get on the ride, picking her up and yelling. She’s old enough for some things but he still buys her toddler toys as jokes and gives them to her in front of her friends like “hey I saw these building blocks on the way home, I think they’d be a bit hard for you but you can do it.” Natsu hits him a lot as a result.


To be fair, just being himself is enough of an embarrassment. Kei can just say “hey I got perfect scores on this test” but his brother makes a big deal out of it, just saying how proud of him he is. As Shimada’s said, “when is he not crying” - Akiteru has absolutely no chill in complete contrast to his brother. When he actually does try to embarrass Kei it pretty much just ends up as roasting like “wow remember when Tadashi was your only friend?” and he ends up sobbing because he feels bad.


This woman is an absolute savage. She’ll just roast her brother at the opportunities she can in front of his team (only in front of his team because they’re the only ones she can trust with roasting him as well). Ryu’s also victim to “hey I saw this cute girl at”- and it makes Ryu embarrassed pretty easily; she’s got pictures and numbers if he actually decides to hit them up too. Saeko isn’t an absolute monster, there’s some good in her teasing because she wants her bro to be happy with a nice girl or someone.

@panonnes late birthday gift

There were many facts in this world that could never be proven false. The sky is blue, grass is green, Chat Noir loved Ladybug, they were both bisexual, Marinette had a thing for blondes, and Marinette Dupain-Cheng was late. Again. For the third time this month. It didn’t help matters that her first class was chemistry with Madame Medlenive. The purple haired woman had a temper hotter than any fire and an attitude stricter than an uptight grandparent.

          Therefore it was understandable, that when Marinette woke up and glanced at the time, she cussed a word that would make the innocent Chat Noir blush and stammer while scolding her. After letting out multiple merdes, she rushed through her morning routine, and made it to class in 7 minutes (it definitely did help that she lived right across her school). With three minutes until the bell rings, she ran into her class and caught sight of her best friend’s fiery red hair.

          “- with three minutes to go, Marinette Dupain-Cheng makes the final touchdown! She made it! Against all odds! Now, Nino, I think you owe me a croissant. Serves you right for getting against my best friend.” Making her way though the class, Marinette caught snippets of Alya’s commentary and apparent bet.

          “You bet on me? I’m hurt. Anyways bonjour guys, I was going to ask you if you wanted to eat croissant and macaroons in the park at lunch, but seeing as you were getting on me, I’d rather eat them alone. Such a shame, my parents made an extra batch of chocolate chip cookies for us, but I guess I’ll have to eat them alone.” Marinette sighed as she faked a hurt expression. Immediately, three horrified faces turned to look at her. As of on cue, three looked at each other, and then at her, and then at each other again. The silence was broken when they all started pushing each other while talking to Marinette.

           “Marinette! My favourite person in this whole cruel world! The only one eho treats me right here! Hey, remember how much fun we had as kids when we played together?”
           “Shut up Nina. Marinette, my best friend. My one true love.” At this Nino scoffed, but Alya continued unfazed by his reaction. “My bi buddy, remember how much fun we had on that one date?”
           “Marinette! My talented cute fashion designing friend who happens to be an amazing baker, have I ever told you how much I love our Ultimate Mecha Strike tournaments and how much I appreciate and love you?”

          Marinette couldn’t help it. She lost it and burst out laughing. Her giggles invited her friends into joining her. Soon enough, they were all laughing in class. That was put to an end when Madame Medelenive walked into the class slamming the door with a sharp ‘Bonjour’. Marinette spaced out after that, tuning every sound out except that of her teachr’s, only glancing up every once in a while to take notes.  Therefore it was understandable that Marinette squeaked when Alya shook her after she failed to answer her.

        "-inette? Marinette. Marinette!“ The last sentence was shouted in Marinette’s ears, nearly piercing her eardrums. "Ow! Ow! I’m here! Stop shouting,” She whipser-shouted while rubbing her ears. She’d be lucky if her ears didn’t ring for a few days. “Well, did you hear what Madame said? No wait you didn’t, well, we’re doing a project!  With partners! Remember last project?” Oh. Oh. Of course she remembered. She had been partnered with Alya, Nino, and Adrian! It was one of the few times she looked forward to chemistry. She not so secretly hoped that they would be partners again. Her hopes would soon be dashed.

          “Today I want you to research Boyle’s law, Gay-Lusaac’s hypothesis, Avogadro’s hypothesis, and the experiments that led them to make their conclusions. I will be grouping you into groups of two. You will have your lunch break to make a quick summary of your researches and you will have to write a paragraph on each topic and present it after lunch break. Therefore the rest of the day, until after lunch, is free for you to complete your research. Now here are the partners.” Marinette hoped she’d end up with any of her friends, since the chance for a group project seemed to be thrown out the window to all four winds.

          “Adrien and Nino.” The two boys high fixed and Alya and Marinette looked at each other hopefully. “Juleka and Rose. Mylène and Ivan.” The girls grew excited, all their classmates were being partnered with their best friends. “Max and Kim. Nathaniel and Lila. Chloé and Sab- One minute,” Madame Medlenive muttered the last part under her breath and continued, “since Sabrina is absent, Alya you can go with Alix and Marinette will be with Chloé. Any questions?” Without waiting for an answer, she said, “Good. Now pay attention as this information will be vital for your research. Now…”

          Marinette’s mind spaced out again after hearing 'Marinette will be with Chloé’. It was true that the girl had changed her attitude last year. She wasn’t annoying and bossing people around as much. Marinette suspected it was due to a certain model having a serious conversation with her. Still, they weren’t exactly 'best of friends’ but it was better than nothing, she supposed.  She’ll have to make do with it.

          Marinette had no idea how to handle this situation.

          Lunch came much faster than Marinette thought it would -or wanted to, if she was being honest with herself. While Chloé was packing her tablet and books, Marinette took a deep breath and steeled her nerves before approaching the blonde.

          “So, um, hey Chloé."  The girl received a glance and a nod in her direction. "Since the project is due today, I was thinking we can start it now at my house, if you’d like of course. I get it if you want to go to your place if it makes you feel more comf-” The rambling girl was interrupted. “Okay.” Chloé was finally done packing her bag. Marinette blinked.

          “So we’re going to the bakery?” She asked. “Yeah. Daddy has a big meeting over at the hotel so its gkinh to be crowded. What are you waiting for, let’s go.” To say that Marinette was surprised with this change of attitude would be an understatement. She was more than shocked, she doubted words would be enough to describe it.

          “I’m done. Let’s go.” The two walked in silence to the bakery. The fact that it was right across the street meant that the walk was short, it didn’t give them enough time to sort out their thoughts. Unlike what the half Chinese girl thought, her companion wasn’t as collected as she seemed to be.

          In fact, if Chloé was anything, she was not collected at all in any way. In that moment, she probably was the furthest from calm and collected she ever was in her whole life. There were around two coherent thoughts in Chloé’s mind, and they happened to be: I’M GOING TO MARINETTE DUPAIN CHENG’S HOUSE, and FUCK!

         Chloé walked through the house as if in a haze, only looking at the pictures hung on the wall, focusing only on the baby pictures belonging to a particular blue eyed girl. It seemed to be seconds before the duo reached the bedroom. Chloé looked around the room. It was very… pink. No, it was very Marinette. She could see hints of the other girl’s hobbies. Chloé was brought out of her thoughts when the petite girl started speaking.

          “Okay so let’s start. I’ll get snacks later. Okay so Boyle’s law is really easy, it basically says that the pressure and volume of a gas are inversely proportional. Avogadro’s hypothesis might take some time though, and as for Gay-Lusaac’s hypothesis, it isn’t really hard so it will take less time than Avogadro. I think we should…”

        Of course she had to be perfect in everything she does. Of course, heaven forbid, Marinette Dupain-Cheng had to be perfect in everything she does. God forbid she isn’t an amazing designer, or a talented baker, or a wonder, person whom everyone loves. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Marinette is perfect in chemistry too. No surprises, she was talented in everything she does, she’s smart and pretty and popular an - .

“Chloé?” Shit. Okay Chloé, act calm and maybe she’ll forge- “Are you okay, you look red.” She inched in closer to the blushing blonde. Never had she ever thought that this would happen! Than anyone would catch her daydreaming! Especially the subject of said daydreams! She had to say something that would stop Marinette from being suspicious.

          “I-it’s nothing. I’m not used to the heat from your ovens. That just it.”. 'That should throw her off my track.’ Chloé was sure that she threw all suspicion away from her.

          Marinette was confused at this point. When Chloé came over, she expected her to be cold and silent, not… that. She inched even closer to Chloé,  as if trying to see in her mind through her eyes. Chloé?

@panonne @chiimei thank you guys for supporting me and encouraging me to post it. Im actually really happy you liked it :,) also panonne sorry for getting it late (don’t kill me I love you girl). Hopefully I’ll post part 2 by the end of June. Chi, thank you for supporting me, ily too.

@re-unknown you probably don’t remember but in April I wanted to write something but I was too much of a scaredy cat to post it so I didn’t. But you still encouraged me to write it and you helped me a lot even though you probably didn’t know. So thank you for everything ^^
Also @megatraven I think you would enjoy this..

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May I request for lords + retainers reactions to MC getting amnesia (blow to the head, shock, tramua, you do the pick!) and how they attempt to get her memories back? :)

He smiled fondly at her when she opened her eyes again, his heart throbbing in his chest, his joy and relief overwhelming him.
However when she suddenly didn’t even know who was standing in front of her, his expression turned serious. He didn’t know how this happened, but already assumed what was going on. Still he couldn’t bring himself to believe it, his voice becoming faint.
Stop that folly, Foolish Girl.
Getting her memories back: He would bring her to the river where they had first met, climbing up on all the trees they had been up to, especially their favorite one. His Konpeito, the medicine for all the problems, would serve as an attempt to make her remember him as well. When he felt like that all was for nothing, he would take her to the river again, starting to skip stones, hoping for them to reach the other side so that this horrible occurrence could turn into something fortunate.

He felt incredibly guilty. She was always like this, wanting to help him with his work, convinced that it was too much for him and overworked herself.
Rushing around so much to the point of collapsing induced by stress, she was unconscious for some time, worrying Mitsuhide to death. When she finally opened her eyes, he was relieved and incredibly happy, his heart jumping in his chest before breaking, as she rejected his embrace.
The fact that she wasn’t remembering him made things even worse, letting him wonder, if things would ever return to how they used to be.
Getting her memories back: He would spend extra much time with her, drink tea in his chambers to remind her of the relaxing days. To help her recall him as a person he would do those things she finds striking about him in front of her deliberately.

She felt so much pain, it was impossible for Yukimura to bear that. Calling the best doctor in Kai, counting on him seemed like the last option he had.
Indeed the medicine he gave her made the pain fade, but also made her unresponsive, soon sending her into unconsciousness for a few days.
When she woke up again and clearly didn’t remember not only their relationship, but not even who Yukimura actually was, he just felt like crying.
Getting her memories back: He would spend his whole days at her side, telling her random stories of them and everthing they had gone through until that moment, hoping that this too would be one of the experiences they completed with a happy ending. Later he would also show her the hairpin her father gave her, as he was the one who picked it up for her as it broke.

He was worried to death when she passed out, so he was more than glad when he saw her opening her eyes and coming to again.
Her first view after several days was his charming smile looking down at her, his expression full of joy, even starker in contrast to her confusion.
She didn’t know where she was, who he was and why he was smiling so happily. When asking him, his bright expression subsided ever so slightly, getting a bit confused or trying to grasp what was going on himself. Once he introduced himself and asked, if she didn’t remember him, they both slowly understood what was going on.
Due to her amnesia and her not loving him anymore, he made sure that she didn’t leave the castle, so that she would not be able to leave him.
Getting her memories back: He would try making her remember him by using her senses. Staying close, he would hope that she could perhaps remember his scent. In case he couldn’t bring back her memories, he would simply make a lot of new ones with her.

He had promised her to protect her, always. However illness was something he didn’t have any power over, no matter how much he wished to.
Especially when seeing his beloved woman lie in their bedding, unconsciously, the fear of losing her gripped him.
Little did he know at that moment that it was not him who would lose something, but her, losing all of her memories, including that of himself. When she voiced that, he managed to stay calm, just nodding and accepting that that was what was to be expected after what had happened to her.
Getting her memories back: He would be absolutely collected, as he would be convinced that her memories could be brought back. Not making use of former experiences and situations to bring them back, he would instead just keep living with her like he did before. If she would spend time with him and the others in the castle, she would eventually bound with them emotionally again. He would hope that it could help her to remember her old feelings or at least restore them, making everything as it used to be.

He wanted to always protect her, wanted that she was always safe, far away and oblivious to his life in the shadows.
However his Little Lady was too curious, getting involved in something she was never supposed to see as a result. As if this wasn’t enough, she got in the way of a blow that was actually meant for himself, letting him drown in guilt now.
In the safety of the Castle Walls, she came to again, his blank expression the first thing she saw. When realizing that she couldn’t remember him or anyone there, that expression shifted into surprise, veiling the relief that was mingled with sorrow due to the development of the situation.
Getting her memories back: He would seem like not trying hard, but he would want her to get her memories back more than anyone. Still he could not ignore the feeling inside of him that maybe her not remembering and loving him was for the better, saving her from future problems that could be even more fatal.

Meningitis. As horrible as it sounded, the fever making her unable to respond, the only thing she was able to do tossing and turning in the bedding. Masamune stopped eating, cared for her in every minute he could spare, even if it was only sitting by her side and watch her in her agony, suffering with her.
He feared for her life, hoping everyday that the fever would subside, telling himself that he would accept anything, as long as he was sure about her surviving.
When she finally came to however, her not remembering him and not returning his love, was something he did not expect, something he was not prepared for. Devastated he didn’t continue eating, worrying everyone that loved him.
Getting her memories back: He would invite her stargazing with him every night and keep his distance for not scaring her away. Additionally he would bring her to the annex where no one was allowed except his closest retainers and her, offering that she cooked something he loved or used to order at her restaurant.

It was supposed to be wonderful, relaxing. A good experience.
An ambush, as he left the Castle with her on their way to a place where they could be alone and vacation for some time, causing her to fall from her horse was something none of them had hoped for.
When seeing her unconscious, blood dripping from her temple, he thought he was going to faint, could have sworn that his heart stopped for a moment.
Even though she still didn’t come to when he brought her back to the castle, he was a bit calmer considering that she was still living and would be getting better soon according to the doctor.
That was why he was even more shocked once she woke up, panicked and not recognizing the man that claimed to be her lover. His heart broke at the sight of her being so confused about it and seeing the eyes that used to be so full of affection now looking and him and telling him that he was nothing more than a stranger.
Getting her memories back: He would always invite her to his chambers, trying to coax her to verbalize her annoyance, but she wouldn’t care about a stranger’s room obviously. When re-introducing her to Bontenmaru wouldn’t help either, he would even offer to try it with physical contact, like a kiss, only if she pleased to get her memories of him back as well.

He trusted nobody. Didn’t accept any food from others, didn’t eat in front of anyone until she came into his life.
She taught him to trust, to sometimes rely on others and to accept them, but most importantly she taught him to love.
What happened to her, made him remember why he mistrusted everyone and why he was suspicious of everything.
There she laid, poisoned. The rage was welling up inside of him everyday anew, uncertain, if she would live for another day.
He chided himself for having been so careless, for once in his life and that one time, was when it put her at risk.
Once she woke up, relief was his main emotion, being grateful that she survived, his panic slowly fading away. Seeing the disarray, she fought with internally showing on her features, his expression turned into a disappointed one. However he was not shocked, as he was familiar with poisons and expected that much - or at least knew that it was a possibility.
Getting her memories back: He would treat her like always, as he wouldn’t know how to deal with it. Tadatsugu would keep trying to convince him to spend time privately with her to refresh the memories of intimate moments, but Ieyasu would tell him to keep out of it. Secretly he would keep pondering about how he could solve the problem on his own.  

Under normal circumstances he would have told her that she was stupid, that she was careless and clumsy.
However when seeing blood on her temple after she had slipped and knocked her head, it did only take a second to be surprised before he ran up to her.
After that incident he cared for her devotedly for several days, hardly sleeping and preferring to guard her unconscious body.
When she came to, he breathed out a long sigh of relief before silencing in shock for a while once she asked who he was.
It made him anxious, a strange feeling welling up in his heart, but there was no way that he would leave her to her own devices, chosing to instead look after her until the bitter end, even if his unrequited and forgotten love tortured him.
Getting her memories back: He wouldn’t stop trying to find a cure for her amnesia, reading through a considerable number of various books. After having read that the memories could partially be brought back by emotional experiences, he would try provoking her and picking fights, only to be confused when she wouldn’t react in the same way she used to.

Everyone he cared for came to grief. Sadly she was no exception.
Driven by their hate of Hideyoshi, they had vented themselves on her, being not able to take him on directly.
When she came to, holding her temple, her face contorted in pain, his surprised expression turned into one of utmost regret and sorrow.
Before he could apologize or ask her, if she felt a bit better, she started to look around frantically, getting even more panicky once he tried to hold her to calm her down.
Of course he understood her behavior, not wanting to pressure her after just having woken up.
However when finding out about the actual reason, he asked again, wanting to be sure that she truly didn’t remember him.
Even though he was sad due to the outcome of the situation, he told himself that this wasn’t the end yet.
Getting her memories back: He would spend time alone with her a lot, his expression saddening whenever he looked at her and saw her confused shrug. He would also make an effort to bring the whole Oda Clan together, hoping that perhaps her memories with someone else could help them along. After every little detail they would do, he would ask her, if it seemed familiar to her, so that he could continue on that track.

After a traumatic event, she repressed every reminder and emotion when thinking of it, which led to a psychogenic amnesia.
Before too long she suddenly couldn’t remember the people in Kiyosu either, mostly to Toshiie’s chagrin, who had finally won over her heart after so long.
First he didn’t understand anything, thinking of it as some kind of sick joke and being even more confused once he was sure that she was utterly serious.
Thinking it the best for her, he brought her back to Kyoto, as she was intimitaded enough with so many unknown faces and an unfamiliar place. He didn’t expect to get even more upset when she actually recognized her family, which was a good thing for itself. However he felt excluded from the group of people she loved and cared for, as she didn’t show any hint of remembering him or their relationship, despite having been together for so long. Ashamed for not having been able to protect her from a trauma yet again, he couldn’t help thinking that he perhaps deserved everything he felt.
Getting her memories back: With the help of her mother and Yahiko, he would try reminding her of the things they experienced together by telling her every story they could think of, starting from their childhood.

He was incredibly relieved. After having even expected that she could die from what happened to her, relief washed over him once he saw her open her eyes and return to a healthy state.
When noting that she didn’t remember him or anyone at the castle, he would be visibly disappointed and sad, but that wouldn’t stop him from being optimistic. After all, he had all the time in the world to bring back her memories, as long as she was there at his side, healthy and alive.
Getting her memories back: He would show her his “treasures”, every single one of them. However he would make an effort to especially emphasize those that he found together with her or that were somehow related to her. Kanetsugu would keep saying that he couldn’t bring her memories back with “trash”, but giving up was not an option for Kenshin. 

He looked after her caringly, though awkwardly, as he clearly wasn’t used to do things like that and actually didn’t even know what he was supposed to do.
Nevertheless he got pretty good at it in no time at all, never losing hope that she would soon wake up and that everything would be back to how it used to be.
When his dreams finally got true and she opened her eyes after what felt like an eternity, he smirked, his heart swelling with happiness. Immediately he swore to himself that he would never allow something like that to happen ever again, taking her hand and squeezing it. However by doing so, he didn’t earn the smile he had missed so much and was longing for, but a confused frown instead.
Hearing that the woman he loved didn’t recall any “Kakizaki Kageie”, all he could offer her was a silent “Ah”.
He was quite stoic about it, not allowing anyone to know what he was feeling, but he himself knew more than anything that he was devastated.
Getting her memories back: Before anything he would ask her, if she wished to have her memories of him back at all or rather leave. If she’d agree on the former, he would ask her for her ideas. He would even ask Kagetsugu to make some kusa mochi.
It’s disgusting, but could help.



‘I’m turning 50 this year, and I remember reading Twyla Tharp’s autobiography, Push Comes to Shove, and she was writing about when she turned 50, and she gets through that and says, “I actually feel like I’ve done my apprenticeship now. I’m actually just coming up to the starting line.” That’s how it feels a bit, really. I’ve just got that desire to make a lot of music.’

Love is Complicated - Part 1

Pairings: Jensen x Reader ; Chris Evans x Reader (eventually) ; Jensen x reader x Chris (eventually)

Warnings: Language, Jensen pining for reader (that’s all for now)

Word Count: 2094

A/N: This was written for Nicki’s Holiday Challenge @dreamingintheimpalawithdean My prompt was Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This will be multiple parts and probably be a slow burn. Sorry this is so late love. Hurricane Irma was a bitch and then school has been tough as hell.

Summary: You get a job as the partner/love interest to Captain America in the sequel movie. You tell your best friend Jensen, who is happy for you until you mention you will be Chris Evans’ love interest. What happens when you start to fall for your co-star, but have your best friend pining for you since childhood?

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anonymous asked:

So, going by show canon, Berry's actually a huge bitch? Damn, she's too cute.

[Cerise is they type of person who is really nice and supportive….if you are also nice and respectful to her and her family/friends! If you are NOT then…lets just say that Cerise can and WILL get what she wants. She can become very scary at times when people are rude to her family/friends. a basically ‘treat others how you want to be treated’ because if you dont, she can deliver it right back at ya 10x]

Tales of Festival, Sunday June 4th 2017

Oh, something I forgot about yesterday’s show. Since next year will be the REAL 10th year anniversary for Vesperia, the cast were joking about having a fancy dinner party. Where everyone (including all of us) comes to Yokohama Arena in fancy clothes and eats dinner and goes home. (The image of this absolutely cracks me up. Moving on.)

Okay, I am just going to say it, today was sooooo much better that yesterday ahaha. I enjoyed it a lot. But now I will have hell remembering everything and will probably be editing this post for the next few hours….

I will start right into the skit. 

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Sinister 10

A/N: Part 10, really? Jeez I feel super excited. Sorry y’all have had to wait ages for this I know I’m terrible and I keep getting sidetracked with other things I want to write. Anywho~

Genre: Supernatural!au

Pairing: Taeyong x Reader (at least for a little longer ;))


Taeyong seemed restless after that, suddenly feeling nervous that so many of  your friends believed he would hurt you. He couldn’t stay still, even as you tried to comfort him. He felt genuinely hurt by the idea. He ended up getting out of bed, despite your protesting of wanting to cuddle longer. You got up behind him, following him as he moved around the dorm.

“Taeyong-” You were about to try talking to him when a sharp knock on the door grabbed both of your attention. You looked at each other before he slowly moved toward the door, tucking you protectively behind him.

He glanced back at you when there was another knock on the door. “Stay behind me.” He whispered softly before putting his hand on the door, pulling it open just a crack.

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