also remember her crush on him

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..Did you not read that conversation between John, Dave and Karkat where Dave was visibly jealous by Karkat bringing up his past black crush on John? Or remember when Dave broke up with Terezi BECAUSE he was uncomfortable with her dating Gamzee at the same time? Also that part about penis ouija, right before that Karkat had a conversation where he said he wanted her "in every quadrant" specifically so that he "could have her all to himself" and compared it to joke characters in troll romcoms

A. I don’t think it’s that uncommon for a person to get jealous or flustered or whatever when their partner brings up an old flame or crush

B. Dave broke up with Terezi because she didn’t tell him she was also hatedating Gamzee and he didn’t understand it.

C.That doesn’t really factor into potential polyamory but rather highlights Karkat’s weird obsession and idealization of Terezi

when i was like 14, i once wore contact lenses instead of glasses to school bc i had just learned how to put them on and i wanted to show them to my friends right, and this one guy goes and tells me “i thought girls were supposed to become beautiful when they stopped wearing glasses. something obviously went wrong with you” and that was??? so incredibly rude i wanted to cry but i just stood there not knowing what to say bc i honestly thought we were friends

but the girl sitting in front of him (who was also his crush, mind u) hears him and turns around with the most disgusted expression on her face, and calls him out on it like “omg i cant believe you said that have you even seen yourself in a mirror you have no right to tell her shit” and then she turns to me and says “dont listen to him, you look gorgeous with or without glasses” and she probably already forgot about that but i always remember it whenever i feel self-conscious about myself

so the moral of the story is: if u see someone being a jerk to someone else, dont laugh along and call them out on it. stick together and bring all the fuckboys down

Some really good things in Voltron Legendary Defender:

  • Hunk’s big strong hands and the very delicate motions he makes with them
  • the way Keith’s voice squeaks sometimes if he’s trying to raise his voice (see: “We had a bonding moment!”)
  • How in the episode Shiro’s Escape Shiro woke up from remembering his time in captivity to the entire team smiling at him and happy to see him.
  • How super nonjudgmental Lance was about Keith not getting the cheer, like. corrects him gently
  • Allura. just Allura. she is everything childhood me aspired to. She is an actual disney princess who can crush space-age metal with her bare hands. Has mice friends. Is a terrifyingly powerful sorceress. 
  • The whole fact that Shiro is a hugger, like. season 3 wishlist: I want to see Shiro hug everyone on the team at least once. Since Hunk is also a hugger they get The Best Hug. 
  • How sad Pidge and Hunk were to split up in Belly Of The Weblum
  • Basically as early as s1e2 Coran just has this gaggle of aliens show up in his house and his response is to basically just adopt them all. You know who’s the real Space Dad on this ship. He has juice boxes
  • I mean look at this proud dad, presiding paternally over his strange space children. (also Keith, my boy, why are you sticking only one leg out like that)
  • Pidge’s space caterpillar friends
  • Everyone’s laser sound effects
  • The Lions are ancient super powerful beings but basically everyone on the team has adopted this very affectionate gentle way of talking to them and it’s just the most endearing thing ever. 


Here’s some long overdo Smurfs fanart. I wasn’t a diehard fan as a kid, but I did like it and watch it often when I was very small and remember it dearly. I’ve always really liked the art style of The Smurfs, and just always found their designs very fun and cool looking. Just super appealing, cute character design. 

Brainy was always my favorite Smurf, even if most of the Smurfs seemed to hate him in the old show, lol. Sure, he was egotistical and snotty, but I found him funny, and I felt his snobby ego was clearly a cover up for the poor dude’s insecurities. He had to hold his intellect above the other Smurfs to gain respect, and to be fair, it wasn’t very hard. Most Smurfs weren’t too bright. There were definitely other Smurfs who deserved more hate than Brainy. Greedy and Vanity for sure.

I also remember having a little crush on Smurfette when I first watched it. I didn’t fully get crushes yet, as I was about 3, but I just liked looking at her, lol. And I’ve always liked her design. She’s just so cute and likable. I feel like her design is just one of those really fun, appealing designs that almost everybody has to love.

But, anyway, I just watched Smurfs: The Lost Village yesterday. While there were some nitpicks here and there and I didn’t think it was amazing, it was surprisingly really cute and well made. I enjoyed it enough. I’d say it’s worth a watch, even if just for the beautiful visuals and animation.


Truth or Dare?

Request: Could you do a Bucky x reader where the avengers are playing truth or dare and the reader gets dared to give Bucky a lap dance since he’s never had one and the reader gets really embarrassed because she thinks he doesn’t like her since Bucky never really talks to her but he’s actually secretly in love with her?

Summary: Basically what the request its; you give Bucky a lap dance and you get embarrassed ;)

Warnings: Fluff and kinda angst ?

A/N: I love doing requests! Also, if I don’t get to yours right away it’s most likely because I’m busy with homework / I’m doing research for the request. I finished my homework for today so I have some free time hence why I’ve been basically bleeding these fanfictions. Enjoy!

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You know one aspect of Tumblr I hate? No one is allowed to like villains anymore

Because if you like a character (a FICTIONAL character mind you) you automatically condone their actions.

Let’s say your favorite villain of all time is say… the Joker for instance. If you share this on Tumblr, the chances are someone is going to swoop down on you and ‘casually remind you’ that the Joker is a psychotic murderer and a manipulative abuser towards Harley Quinn and you should be ashamed if you like him.

You’re not allowed to enjoy a villain being a villain anymore… everything has to go back to politics and how if you like them, you support their actions. Steven Universe ESPECIALLY falls under this. NO ONE is allowed to like Jasper or even entertain the notion of her being redeemed without someone coming over to rain on your parade and drill it in that she’s ‘an abuser’ and ‘how dare you support literal trash, I can’t believe you’re in favor of her actions’

What blows my mind about this anti-villain mindset is that three years ago EVERY SINGLE PERSON on this site was bending over backwards and making incredible leaps and stretches to justify the actions of Loki and paint him as a misunderstood woobie. The wobbie who stole the throne twice, tried to kill his brother, invaded Earth and caused a lot of deaths, and so on

I don’t understand how he is different from any other villain (Actually I do, he’s played by Tom Hiddleston and for awhile everyone had a crush on him)

It’s not just Loki either, I also remember back in 2014 there was a WHOLE FANDOM dedicated to Randall from Monsters Inc. 

Randall, the kidnapper who tried to strap a child into a torture device to suck the scream out of her… EVERYONE was painting him as misunderstood and bullied because Monsters University was coming out. When the movie came out, we learn that he was ALWAYS sort of petty and his grudge against Sullivan started over a minor accident

Oh let’s not forget Pitch from Rise of the Guardians! Everyone was all over him too!

At some point after specifically 2014 we went from loving villains to HATING them. A good villain makes you hate them granted, I’ll give you that. But now we HATE the people who LIKE them!

We went from wanting to redeem every villain to immediately wanting to burn every single villain at the stake and anyone who likes them. What caused the change? What flipped? It’s a mystery that baffles me.. and it’s something I really hate

Why should we hate the people who like villains? It’s not fair at all. Let people like what they like, there are bigger problems in the world than someone liking someone or something you don’t like

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Royalty s/o with Gladiolus. (Noct's younger sister)


They seriously <3 Give <3 Me<3 LIFE<3

CAUTION, feminine pronouns ahead


Gladiolus wasn’t sure when he found himself crushing on the princess of Lucis. He was an Amitica, it was his duty to train and protect her and her older brother Noctis. However, it was forbidden for him to fall in love with the girl, not only was she two years younger than Noctis- and thus 6 years younger than him- but he was only to protect them. Despite his noble-ish blood, it was unheard of for Crownsgaurd and royalty to mix ever since the legend of the first result of the whole ordeal. Besides that, she had already been sworn off to Ravus at a young age- well until Regis had called it off and instead arranged Noctis to Lady Lunafreya when the dislike between the two had been proven apparent. King or not Regis respects his children’s feelings.

Though, if he thought hard enough he could recall the days where he had first begun training the girl. She was spunkier than her brother had been at her age, though not as talented with her magic- her first warp strike nearly sent her out of the window. She wasn’t much different than her brother, aside from her sleeping habits and her balanced diet. Neither a tomboy, or girly, and definitely not a show off like Noctis had attempted to be.

When King Regis sent the boys off to Altissia he had also insisted Noctis bring his sister along with words suggesting that she would be the feminine touch they needed. Not that Gladio disagreed, but he thought Ignis was feminine enough- he almost reminded him of his mother on occasion, or at least what he remembered of her.

Of course Noctis didn’t want her to come along, he knew of Gladio’s crush. He’d known of it for years- the mutual pining was disgusting to him. Not that he didn’t trust Gladio, it was difficult not to, he just didn’t want his baby sister and his best friend together. Just like Gladio didn’t want him with Iris (though he wasn’t going to be chasing after any fifteen year olds anytime soon.)

Crammed between her sleeping brother and their shield she leans forward to peer over the seat in silent curiosity, eyeing Prompto’s camera. The blond himself was engrossed in the photos of the day, so engrossed he hadn’t noticed her prying eyes until she had tapped his shoulder and he jumped almost a foot in the air with a yelp. With a snort the girl raises a hand to her lips to conceal a smile as he sends an annoyed grimace in her direction. Beside her Gladio lets out a chicle, even Ignis has let out a hearty laugh, and Noctis continues snoring lightly.

“Sorry,” she chuckles, “I was just wondering what you’ve been staring at for the past ten minutes,” She supplies, raising an eyebrow as she shifts back slightly, the male turning around in his seat only to be shoved lightly until he sits properly once more. “Y’know, you can tell me without nearly killing yourself. If Iggy slams on the breaks one day you’ll go flying.”

“Hah right,” Prompto rubs the back of his neck, but he wasn’t actually concerned for his safety, “I’m just looking over today’s pictures.” He shrugs nonchalantly, switching the radio station.

“Oh yeah?” If her eyebrow could raise more it would, “Got some juicy pictures of Cindy?

“Wah- no! I’d never!” He exclaims, tugging the camera to his chest to protect the content from her prying eyes. She throws her hands up in surrender with a look of amusement, scootching back into her crook between Gladio and the waking Noctis.

“Okay Sunshine,” Gladio chimes in, “No need to get your panties in a twist.”

What-?! I don’t wear panties- shut up!” Prompto blushes letting out a distressed grumble as you all laugh at his expense.

“Chill Prom, it’s just an expression.” Noctis claims, rejoining the land of the living.

“So, do you think they noticed?” She asks, grin on her face as she plops down on the cliff beside the giant. He beams letting out a throaty laugh as he shakes his head, hand resting atop hers. Sighing in content the girl nods leaning against his side as he throws an arm over her shoulders. With a blush she cuddles deeper into her side.

“Are you kidding? Noct and Prompto are pretty dense- and I doubt Iggy would tell them,” Gladiolus smiles teeth nearly sparking in the twilight, “It’s just you and I- and the sunset.”

“We have to get back soon.” She mumbles, eyes slipping closed as she sinks into him. The brunet merely grins, fingers drawing small circles on her arm as she hums in content. Relaxing under the setting sun after their first few minutes of peace in ages. None of the guys to interrupt, no dumb games being shoved in their faces. They had just enough time to ditch the others back in the one of the market streets of Lestallum to sneak out here. Even if they had their suspicions they wouldn’t find them out here, they would return before midnight anyways.

“Just relax babe, we have all the time in the world.” He replies pressing a chaste kiss to her forehead as she slowly drifts to sleep in the comfort of his presence.

“I love you,” She sighs, nuzzling her face into his neck as he pulls her comfortably into his lap.

“I love you too.”

Let’s talk about Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide for a minute okay because that show was- and still is- great. Here’s a few reasons why:

  • Moze!!! She was smart, tall, extremely sporty, took woodshop (and enjoyed it AND was really good at it!), and was still attractive to many of the popular boys. She got good grades and kicked ass at sports- remember that episode where she won all the school records for sports? Yeah.
  • Characterized the bullies!!! Loomer and his two cronies weren’t just mean, dumb kids- we actually got to know their personalities, like how Loomer liked Moze and how the one with the curly hair was in sewing club. They had interests that went against the typical “big mean bully” stereotype.
  • The advice!!! It was actually useful! I was lucky enough to watch it before I went to middle school and I really did get to use a lot of the tips that I remembered from the show, such as speed walking to get to class on time and keeping an extra change of clothes in my locker. Even now I’m still using some of those in high school. And the fact that the situations that the show portrayed could actually happen to middle schoolers (well, most of them, anyway) made it even better because kids will know what to do when they run into those problems.
  • The people of color!!! They were all over, and they weren’t just background characters who did nothing or messed stuff up, they were main characters who contributed to the plot and had awesome achievements. Think of Cookie, Claire Sawyer, Mr. Wright, Faymen, Backpack Boy, Evelyn, Spencer, Rose the Lunch Lady, Doug, Vanessa, Timmy… Numerous examples out of all the characters on the show and only one of them was never officially named (despite being a recurring character).
  • There are at least two confirmed characters with mental disorders. (x) (x) They aren’t really main characters, but hey, it’s still something.
  • The teachers had complex personalities, just like the kids, and it exposed how hard it is to be a teacher (and custodian!). Many kids don’t understand that they’re difficult jobs, and this show absolutely proved that.
  • There were overweight (or near overweight) kids who weren’t made fun of for their weights!!!
  • The jokes were actually pretty good. Come on, let’s admit it, that show was funny.
  • Gender inequality issues were addressed and stereotypes were totally broken! Loomer was a total sucker for love, one of his guy friends enjoyed (and was good at) sewing, Moze tried every sport at the school, one episode completely dissed the idea that girls and boys should each dress a certain way, Mr. Monroe ran the sewing club, Spencer was completely and unashamedly into acting and adored for it, women taught the gym class and high-level math, The Huge Crew weren’t afraid to show their total affection for Ned, Cookie frequently used dressing in drag as his first plan when trying to accomplish something, Ned could be sweet and sentimental, Ned and Cookie took health class (which was taught by Mr. Monroe) and were extremely protective over their fake baby (which they “raised” together!)… And, my personal favorite example: when Lisa Zemo got her makeover before season 3 and came back all attractive, she got tons of attention from boys. Not only did she not turn down boys for being nerdy or not the most attractive, but when Cookie kept vying for her attention she didn’t drop everything to go after him again. For the past two seasons she’d had a crush on him and he barely acknowledged her. She obviously remembers that and is still willing to be friends with him, but she also remembers that he wouldn’t have been going after her if she hadn’t had a makeover, so she won’t let him suddenly have her just like that. She understands her worth and won’t go out with guys who only want her for her looks.
  • The custodian character was actually important and taught some good life lessons to the kids. Gordy showed an obvious and usually overlooked worth of the people who clean up your messes- they are people too, and they enjoy talking to you! The same goes for the lunch lady- she was valued and respected!
  • Suzie!!! She was made out to just be the pretty, popular girl, but she was so much more. She competed hard in sports, had lots of school spirit, was a loyal girlfriend, didn’t agree with Missy’s harshness, and was disadvantaged when it came to family. Her parents were divorced and she didn’t even have money to get school lunches- she worked for Rose, remember? And people stuck up for her when others (*cough* Missy *cough*) tried to make fun of her. She wasn’t entirely self-centered or vapid or stupid.

Those are just a few of the reasons why Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide was, and is, an amazing show. Feel free to add anything that I’ve forgotten, as I’m sure there’s plenty.

~Vilde theory~

Hi friends so since Vilde has literally been shitting out of her mouth this season I decided to analyze what’s up….
So I have A little theory that Vilde talks about sex with Magnus so much to distract from the fact that’s she’s a lesbian. The way she talks about g-spots and sex in general just seems like she doesn’t really know what she’s talking about and she’s exaggerating….for seemingly NO reason….it’s not like it’ll make her cooler if Magnus is good in bed, so why is she talking it up so much? Also the position she describes doesn’t even make sense, and it seems like it was made up on the spot. Also Magnus, who talked about sex for all of season 3, doesn’t mention it to the boys in the clip we see….me literally just wants to tell her he misses her. Vilde corrects Chris too when she says she and Magnus are all over each other, and says they are just “enjoying themselves”.
It also seems like she’s afraid of the silence. Like if it’s too quiet for too long, she might let a big secret slip. And then she ends up rambling and says something rude or offensive without meaning to.
I wanna tie this back to season 1 too….when she was aroused less by sexual acts and more by hair and makeup and clothes. I also think the reason she tries so hard with William and talks so much about him is because she wanted to feel like a “normal” girl that crushed hard over hot guys. As a pansexual girl myself, I remember obsessing too much over guys to try to pretend I was “Normal” and liked guys as much as straight girls.
Don’t forget when she texts Isak to ask if he’s gay, and reassures him that it’s cool and is very sweet about it, almost as if she wishes someone would do the same for her….she doesn’t talk about it with the girls really either, afraid she might let her secret slip.
She’s always seemed very touchy with Eva in particular, and I think the part of today’s clip where she asks Eva to feed her the ice cream was included on purpose. Every little action or word in the show has a purpose, that’s just the way Julie works. I have more but I could go on for hours if you wanna talk about it send me an ask❤

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All I want is a Prince/Princess AU where Jack is a Prince who has to marry Princess Bittle but all he wants to do is bang her brother

Mama,” Jack whines, “I look like a butler.”

“Sweetheart, you look wonderful. The princess will just love you in this,” she gushes. Jack doesn’t say what he’s thinking - that he honestly doesn’t care what the princess thinks of his outfit.

Princess Julia is kind, sweet, and pretty. She’s quiet and somewhat introverted, like himself. They get along just fine, conversations always polite if not a little awkward. Jack’s known her for as long as he can remember, and he’s been engaged to her for longer than that. Jack thinks he could be happy with her, if it weren’t for one thing.

Prince Eric is also kind, sweet, and pretty, but he certainly isn’t quiet or introverted. He’s loud, loud, loud, always bustling around, catching everyone’s attention, and loving it. He’s the center of every royal party, and the most interesting person in any room he’s in. Eric is Julia’s twin brother, so Jack’s also known him as long as he can remember. He’s had a crush on him for the past ten years or so - maybe longer. 

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A Winters Crush : Philip x reader

Prompt : Could you write a phillip x reader one where reader meets him just the way Eliza met Alex but is also to shy too approach him so she sends her sister and Eliza & Alex watch them and remember how they met at the winter’s ball?

BTW : requests are open, you can choose a prompt from the list or if you have one of your own you can ask that to. And to who ever asked this I hope you like it. 


The room was filled with an over whelming sense of grandure, the dressed of all colors swished gracefully and the sound of the music playing properly in the distance took you to another world practicly. 

You where only brought back to earth by means of a young man looking intently at you from the other side of the room. He was quite handsome, and you felt the strangest urge to run your hands through is impossibly curly hair and connect the dots from freckle to freckle that adorned his face. Almost immediatly the moment the pair of you locked eyes he blushed a bright red and looked away nervously turning to whisper something to another young girl next to him, of course he was already courting someone, how could you even think. 

You selected a flute of champagne from the sliver platter of a passing worker as you noticed a young girl, the one talking to the mystery man walking towards you. 

“Hi, you where the girl who was looking at my brother earlier, the dork to nervous to even look at you,”she questioned, causing you to look away intimedated, “don’t worry, i’m not here to nark on you, my brother, Philip, as extroverted as he can be at many times, was to nervous to come over and talk to you,” she finished with a smile. 

You smiled back at the thought, it was a suprisingly sweet thing. 

“Why was he so nervous to simply introduce himself,” you chuckled, “Do you know wher he is, I guess I must have to take matters into my own hands and go up to him myself don’t you think,” you returned, looking around to find where Philip was. 

“Oh I am sure that he would love to talk to you, and I spot him over there, don’t fret he already likes you well enough,” she said noticing a sudden nervousness washing over you. She led you over to where Philip was standing and quickly made her exit, “ I’ll leave you too it, have fun.” she darted away rushing towards a friend of hers you assumed. 

“Hi, my name is (Y/N), it’s really nice to meet you,” you said trying to stay confident. 

“I am Philip, Hamilton, the pleasure is all mine,” he practicly mumbled. 

“Would you like to dance, Philip,” you responded with a sudden bout of confidence over taking you.

“I would love nothing more miss,” he retorted leading you away to the dance floor amongst all of the other couples. 

Little did you two know that Alexander and Eliza where taking great note of the love blosseming between the two. Eliza felt a strong similarity towards Philip, the nervousness of falling in love, and the extroverted sister who always took control. Alexander on the other hand felt a calling towards you sistuation of being whisked away into a whole new world by the hand of other people. 

You yourself didn’t really know how to feel at this but all you knew was that meeting Philip was the begging of a whole lot of adventure. 

“Working much this week?”

Worked with this guy, classic fuckboy, attractive as hell though. He developed a little crush on me and I, lacking attention from my boyfriend, developed a little crush on him. 

Last message sent was from me (I had the roster, I knew he wasn’t working much - how embarrassing). He never replied despite texting first. I was trying to make conversation with his dead-end ass because I liked his attention. I look back now months later and judge my past self, but I also feel bad for her. Must have been pretty insecure to crave attention from an actual dropkick with two words in his vocabulary when she had the perfect guy to call her boyfriend. 

I remember once after finishing a late, hectic shift, we went to the playground. Swinging on that swing set with him made me feel impulsive, spontaneous, reckless; things I was not known to be. Getting into an argument with him over why I wouldn’t date him made me feel wanted in ways I hadn’t before. This fuckboy saw me for my appearance, he didn’t care about my personality, which for some fucked up reason sent fireworks free in my stomach.

Funny how, during that argument, I never mentioned the whole “I’m not single” as an argument for why we couldn’t date. I’ve never told my boyfriend about the playground visit, or the other times I dropped fuckboy home/stayed later at work to chat, either. 

I never, ever crossed a line but the thought was there. That old thought still makes me feel guilty, even though I am a different person now with a different mindset. I’m just glad I never went that step too far.

I actually used to go back over texts before sending them to him so they didn’t sound too “mature” or “proper”. How disgusting it makes me feel that I changed myself for a boy that wanted nothing more from me than to add me to a list of other girls.

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Okay, I have this weird headcanon that in an alternate universe where Sunnydale isn't destroyed Willow becomes the new principal of Sunnydale High; Xander a teacher, and Buffy the guidance counselor. Willow because I think she's actually a really good leader, Xander because he's really good with kids (thinking back to Halloween), and Buffy, despite what the fandom thinks, can actually be very caring, sympathetic, observant, and a good listener/advisor (when she's not so overwhelmed!)

OH, MY. GOD. i’m so into this alkajsdfbn;dsgk

willow protecting the school with her powers. all the kids respect and look up to her (not to mention all the precious bby wlw who have crushes on her) but they’re also appropriately scared of her because…even they don’t know exactly what she’s capable of, they know it’s best not to piss her off.

xander teaching history because, hey, it turns out he’s a pretty good storyteller, and if he thinks of history as a story he can actually remember all the dates and stuff. plus, when he’s got buffy cluing him into all the supernatural parts of history that historians have explained away and rationalized, he finds everything so much more interesting. and so do his students.
imagine him paying special attention and giving extra care to the kids he sees himself in, too. the poor and the abused and the bullied. they all feel like they have an adult to talk to because of xander.

and buffy! buffy being able to help the students with their ‘normal’ high school problems and the supernatural crises. the kids like that she’s such a good listener, but they also try to get her talking about herself a lot because they know she’s a badass and they want to hear about some of her deadlier conquests.
buffy inspiring little boys and girls to stand up for themselves and to be better, more caring people in general. buffy leading by compassionate example. buffy leading a fashion revolution at sunnydale high as all the little ones who look up to her try to emulate her style of dress.

this is perfect tbh.

sleepover weekend

Miscellaneous Adrien Agreste Headcanons
  • He’s super touchy-feely. Of course this is kinda canon with the shoulder thing, but let’s take that to the extreme. I think his mom was probably the same, and when she left/died/whatever, and his dad got all cold or was cold to begin with, he was starved for it. So he’ll casually throw his arm over Nino or Marinette or other friends, and he hugs people a lot, and he’ll put his elbow on other people’s shoulders. (people love it)
  • During at least one of his fights with Gabriel, he left the house in the most atrocious outfit he can possibly put together, just to spite his father.
  • He’s also left with the most amazing outfit he can possibly put together - with clothes that were designed by his father’s rivals. Again, just to spite his old man.
  • He knows full well that Chloe is nasty, and he doesn’t like the way she treats other people, but he also knows that she’s a good person at heart and hopes that one day she’ll realize it, too. That’s why he’s still friends with her, not just because they grew up together.
    • Also they grew up together, and he would play dolls and dress-up with her all the time

More under the cut

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Why Rose Wilson should be in Young Justice Season 3 (aside her being a great character in her own right):

* Originally the creators wanted to use Deathstroke as the Light’s top agent, only picking up Sportsmaster when they were denied him.This lead to the introduction of Artemis we know and love. As such it would be an interesting meta moment to have them meet. And Artemis, now that she is older and more experienced, mentoring Rose, someone with a familiar background, but different personality, could provide a great character writing opportunity for both. Especially after Slade took Sportsmater’s place in the Light.

* Speaking of which, Deathstroke became the Light’s high-ranking member and stated he has ambitions to move into their inner circle. If they’re going to increase his role, they might as well bring members of his family, for those of us who don’t care that much about Slade himself (this extends to Joey and Grant as well, of course)

* Rose always had interesting relationships with Superboy, Tim Drake and Wonder Girl, all of whom felt out of focus in the second season (ESPECIALLY the latter two). Bringing those relationships in can allow fixing that problem, while also getting already existing fanbase interested in Rose herself.

* For some time Impulse had a crush on her in the comics. She shut him down, but it would be interesting to see, even as a comic relief (I have a strange feeling BartJaime shippers will kill me for saying that)

* You guys remember who was Lian Harper’s babysitter in the comics, right? Well, why not try it here as well?


Colonia (2015) - Florian Gallenberger

5 bullets on this film:

  • I almost died while watching it. I mean it. I had to count to 10 and breathe to calm down during some scenes because they really made me so so so anxious. 
  • It’s based on a true story, and it makes sick to think that things that were shown in this movie really existed, not so long ago. A religious cult in Chile run by a nazi sounds crazy, but it actually existed!!!!  It’s not really fun to watch because it makes you think about the horrors of this world, but, you know, we have to remember those horrors to avoid them happening again.
  • I don’t even have words for Emma Watson’s beauty and talent. You could see that she really got into the character, and she managed to transmit her desperation to the viewer, I think that’s why this film stressed me out so much. The bad guy (Michael Nyqvist) was also great.  Oh, and by the way, if you ever see Daniel Bruhl, please tell him that  I have a huge (platonic) crush on him. Thanks.
  • It’s set in Chile, but we don’t see much of the country, and the characters don’t even speak spanish. I think the director managed to show the revolution and dictatorship atmosphere really well.
  • The only thing that bothered me was that the characters weren’t developed very well and their actions didn’t always make sense so I was left a little confused. Also, the romantic part was really unnecessary, and it turned the film into the usual blah blah blah love love love kiss kiss kiss.
“Why Now?” Suga Scenario

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Yoongi sighed as watched his members dance and sing the songs he should be performing. His head dropped as he watched one of his fellow members performing his part of their songs. He listened contently and told himself to remember to praise his member on doing a good job at his solo. He had his usual gummy smile on as the boys started talking about whatever they were asked about also mentioning him every now and then.

Yet his smiled faded once he heard a faint announcement that his members would be sharing the stage with the group, the group which he had been following since they debuted also the group which homes his ultimate crush. The boys were all very aware of his obvious crush on her just from the way he smiled when you talked and how he wouldn’t listen to anyone if you were on screen. He wouldn’t be able to explain how gutted he was that these were the shows he was missing. The ones which you just happened to be at.

A little while later when your band had joined with his, he watched you and Jungkook laughing at something and jealousy ran through his entire body, cursing at himself for getting injured in the first place. He watched in awe as you got along with every member in his group, amazed at your charisma to easily talk and laugh with a bunch of strangers. He had seen the interview where you had announced that you were bad at making friends and confronting people and how you were trying to get that sorted, he was amazed at how far you had came already. 

As you looked at the camera his heart flickered because it felt like you were looking at him even though he knew there was probably a load more other people thinking the same thing.”Y/N, As you seem to ave gotten along with all of the present members of BTS, what would would you say to Suga who is currently at home hopefully watching?” He looked up at the screen shock written all over his face at the question. He was so excited to hear your reply.

“Suga!” You squeak looking dead into the camera. “I’m sorry that you are not here as I really wanted to talk to you. Maybe we could get in touch one day. Stay strong and fighting!” you giggle into the camera covering your mouth with your hand as your members nudge you in the side. His members laughing probably imagining how flustered he was right now.

“How will I get a hold of her?” He whispers to himself still speechless at her request. “She’s smart I’m sure she has thought of a way” he smiles laughing to himself about how shocked he is. Quickly he grabbed his phone and opened twitter and answered her.

“Of course @Y/T/A, I would love to meet you. Personally I’m your biggest fan” he tweets immediately locking his phone staring in disbelief that you wanted to meet him.

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If Reiner and Bertl ship is cannon (from that page in the last volume) then why Isayama made Reiner to have feelings for Historia/Christa and the same with Bertl to Annie Anyone who reads the manga would see both of them as childhood friends

But is that really the case?

The moment I started to suspect something between these two was because of this panel:

The Gay Discourse of 2013 - Ch. 38

That panel sparkled a lot of controversy due tot the undertones and the ambiguous nature of Reiner’s and Ymir’s sexuality. That’s why I brought up the context as an introduction because here, neither Ymir or Reiner are denying their lack of attraction to the opposite gender, which pretty much describes their conversation as “lol ur gay - yeah you 2 m8″. [Source]

Combine that with the hints I listed in the original post above and these two here are definitely gay. That’s what kicked me in the reibert zone as well as several others, which is why it’s the most popular Reiner ship.

There were other facts that could be interpreted as romantic but I listed them in a long meta post so if you have the courage to read it, click here.

Anyway, to answer your question more directly about Reiner’s feelings for Historia and the same with Bertolt for Annie, Isayama never really insisted with it. Speaking of that highschool AU page, you could spot Hitchlo and Springles, whose relationships were pretty much anchored.

About Reiner, you’ll notice in that panel he has no problems with Ymir hitting on Historia. The only time he expressed “attraction” was during the FT arc, when he joined the SC. This is also the time where he started to have intense mental issues because it follows Marco’s death. Not to mention he’s not the only one to find Historia cute: Armin and Jean did it as well.

The only time he made allusions to the possible romance between him and Historia was during this:

Reiner alluding a crush from Krista - Ch.46

And that was when he had an episode of dissociation: you’ll notice in this chapter he recalled Utgard while omitting certain portions of his memories: he started to ramble when Ymir asked for water, several hours after Eren woke up. He remembered titans popping up but not exactly why. He forgot his brief glimpse of Marcel which was the main reason why he found resolve in returning successfully to his home, he also omitted the parts where Historia was about to risk her life to save Ymir from a titan massacre whereas he previously had no problems with Ymir and Historia being together. That’s the contradiction. Oh and let’s not forget he’s directly addressing Marcel’s killer. That should tip him off.

When he’s brought back to reason, he straight out admit he needs Historia due to her being from the Reiss family. In his mind, he had to focus on her but by the time Marco was dead, he started to forget why. He knew she was important for his plans but his guilt shook him to the point of even forgetting his main goal.

Notice also during this arc where he worries more about Bertolt getting eaten than Historia, similar to how Ymir thought about Historia’s safety.

Ymir and Reiner thinking about Historia and Bertolt’s safety respectively - Ch.50

Because deep down in Reiner’s friend list, he’d rather privilege Bertolt, his fellow Marlean Eldians at war and the rest.

That being said, he was willing to deliver a letter… for Ymir’s sake. Not to mention Historia wasn’t the person he subconsciously remembered when his head was reformed:

Reiner remembering Bertolt - Ch.82

That’s all there is to Reiner’s “romantic” interest over Historia.

Moving on to Bertolt’s attraction towards Annie. When reading that part I couldn’t help but think it was just elaborated to make Armin smart, because it was never expanded further aside from that context.

Besides, it wasn’t even confirmed straight from the concerned’s mouth:

Bertolt denying Reiner’s sayings about Annie - Ch.47&77

During both times he straight up denies it, blushes out of embarrassment and gets interrupted by Reiner. His blushing while denying it could be interpreted as embarrassment, if Reiner’s spot-on, which would be coherent with his characters, at the same time weird considering all the facts available in the manga. On the other hand, the same reaction is engendered by hearing a ridiculous assumption. In that case, Bertolt denies it and blushes because he knows Reiner’s supposition is completely false.

And there’s the fact he gets interrupted by Reiner every time he tries to justify himself: now there’s often the “My good dude Reiner ships me with Annie and tries to support my love choice” meme (thanks Chuugakkou), but his reaction for a “supporting bro” is strange: if you truly supported your friend with his crush, you wouldn’t interrupt then speak over him. As a matter of fact, he never tried to encourage Annie and Bertolt to hook up together during their trainee days (mission aside, it was considered their most peaceful days). 

Usually after one or two chapters after Reiner teases Bertolt about this, you have Armin using Annie as a bargain chip. Reiner evidenced that supposed crush about Bertolt staring at Annie. Now considering their uprising as Marley warriors and the fact they had to work together, wouldn’t that mean just concern for a fellow sister? Bertolt is someone who treasures and respects the friendships he made along the way, even with his enemies (and when you look at his death, it’s the worst irony).

Aside from their interactions as teammates, there’s nothing pointing out to a mutual attraction or desire to be around the other, not even the author’s encouraging. Compare other het ships like springles, eremika, petrauro, mikenana or hitchlo who have a mutual bond. Meanwhile, Bertolt spends his time alongside Reiner and Annie doesn’t show any interest in him. 

I’ve mentioned the lack of concern about Historia from Reiner and the same can be said for Bertolt. Not that he doesn’t care but Annie isn’t the privileged one on his friend list:

Reiner urging Annie to remove Marco’s 3DMG - Ch.77

Well, if Bertolt put Annie on top of everything else, he’d rush in and switch places with her instead of guarding the roof. It was clearly shown in the page it was harsh for Annie, especially when she wasn’t responsible for the incident (she even suggested Bertolt to do it). 

On top of that, Reiner’s the only one who fought Zeke to set the list of priorities about whether getting the coordinate back or saving Annie, as well as the only one who brought the topic about Annie in the forest of giant trees in chapter 47. So if Bertolt’s indeed in love with Annie, that’s pretty weak.

On the other hand, the only times Bertolt butted out of his passiveness was when Reiner’s life was at risk. Notable examples: the pitchfork incident and especially the barrel abortion in chapter 78.

Bertolt jumping out of the barrel - Ch.78

That put the whole mission in jeopardy, but Bertolt couldn’t afford risking Reiner’s life. Too bad the acceptance came a bit late into play.

Dream vs Reality || Mark Tuan frat boy au

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Reader (you) x Mark Tuan

Word Count: 1127

Genre: Humour and Fluff

Summary: Being in college, it’s hard to manage study and social life. One day, you’ve decided to go to a party and manage to bump into the boy of your dreams.

note: this is the very beginning so bare with me and it’s my first ever story.

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6  Chapter 7  Chapter 8  Chapter 9


Today was not my day. I woke up late because my alarm didn’t work which meant I had twenty minutes to get to class. Without even thinking, I put on clothes that probably didn’t match, grabbed a banana and my bag, and then ran out the door. Let me just say that I was thirty seconds away from being late to my business class.

As for business class, I was put into a group to research about current economics and go into depth with different companies and their economic status. Instead of planning for the project, my group talked about the upcoming party that was tonight. And as a straight A student, I did all the planning myself. Even though it’s a group effort thing, I would rather get things done so I at least have time to watch Netflix.

About an hour later, I found myself sat in front of my friend and roommate Alex. Brunette, tall with legs that were made to walk down a runway, blue piercing eyes and a killer smile. Basically, she’s a model but, she doesn’t like to admit it. Alex calls herself “the fashion designer” or in which case, she’s majoring in fashion.

But the other job Alex has was getting me into her social life. Every month, there’s a new party at campus that’s thrown by these random people who don’t want to succeed in life. Alex, on the other hand, goes to the party alone. Which is why she tries to convince me to go to the parties. She knows parties aren’t my type but every time a party comes up, she always ends up begging on her knees.

“It’s the party of the year.” Alex smiled, but it looked forced. “Loud music, alcohol and cute guys.”

“Alex,” I said while grabbing her hands, “I. Am. Not. Going. End of story.”

“You always say that, (Y/N).” Alex whined as she threw her hands up in frustration. “Seriously, it’s not that big of a deal. When was the last time you’ve been to a party? Oh right… never.”

“Can you stop making my life sound so boring?” I sighed, taking a small sip from my cup.

“You watch Netflix. You cry every time you watch a sad movie. You sit on your bed like a little potato and basically glue your eyes to your computer screen. If that’s not depressing then I don’t know what is. (Y/N), you need to have a social life.” Alex said, leaning back on her chair and pushing her hair behind her ear.

To be honest, I do admire Alex for her determination. No one has given that much effort to make me go to a party. Plus, she did go alone to these parties because she has no other friends. Not a safe idea. Maybe if I went once, would she stop pestering me? I mean, the alcohol thing isn’t really my ideal drink. But cute guys, on the other hand, it’s an offer I’d like to take.

I would be lying if I said I haven’t dreamed of my perfect guy. A nice smile, tall, kind and caring, but also a man who can protect a girl. Maybe this was my chance to find the perfect guy.

“Fine, I’ll go.” I huffed out.

“Really?” Alex suddenly beamed, jumping slightly in her chair. I haven’t seen Alex this excited since she bought a Michael Kors bag. And that was six months ago.

“Yes, really. Might as well go and see what everyone has been fussing about.” I mumbled, taking another sip of my coffee.

“It’s going to be lit, (Y/N). The hottest guys are going to be there. Jinyoung, Yugyeom, Jaebu-”

“Wait,” I interrupted, “Jaebum?”

“Yes, him. I still remember that little crush you had during high school.” Alex teased, smiling at the memories where I used to gawk over Jaebum. He was considered the hottest jock in high school. Every girl had a crush on him, including me.

“I still can’t believe you remember those days.” Sighing to myself, as my hands covered my face. I was a complete fool in front of Jaebum. Tripped in front of him and dropped my books, accidently bumped into him and made him spill his lunch. It was embarrassing.

“It’s not like he’s going to remember you.” Alex stated. “I’ll make sure you’ll be a different person tonight which means I’m doing your hair and makeup.”

“Alright, whatever you say.” I said, grabbing my bag and coffee. “I’ll see you later, Alex. Gotta run.”

“Be home before seven, (Y/N). We have lots of work to do.” Alex yelled as I bolted out the door to my next class. I may have lost track of time and may be slightly late for my next class. What do I have to do to make it in time? Run.

Finishing my coffee quickly, I disposed it and sped walked to my next class because no running to class is a rule since elementary school. As I was near my class, I spotted Jackson waiting outside the classroom for me. He gave me a quick smile and waved. Before I could even smile back, I crashed into someone making us both fall to the ground.

“Fuck.” I cursed under my breath, quickly gathering my books. Standing up, I straighten my clothes, tucked my hair to my ear and was about to run off until hands grabbed my arm to stop me.

“Here.” the voice said, handing back my binder. I looked up and made eye contact with the person who crashed into me. His eyes were soft and his skin was as white as snow. The perfect outline of his face almost made me drool.

“Uh,” I stammered, “Thanks.”

“Next time, watch where you’re going.” He said harshly, giving me a kind smile before walking off. I didn’t know if I should be insulted or happy. It sounded like a threat but I didn’t care. His smile showing off his pearly white teeth was perfection. His voice was deep and hoarse, making my inners go wild. How could a person be so kind and rude at the same time?

“Uh, (Y/N), we’re late for class.” Jackson hissed, interrupting my thoughts.

“Who is he?” I asked, still in awe by the angel sent down from heaven.

“You don’t know him?” Jackson laughed, grabbing my arm and pulling me into the classroom. “That, my friend, is Mark Tuan.”

“Mark…” The name rolled of my tongue as I slowly developed a crush on the stranger who bumped into me. This urge inside of me wanted to see him again. Could he possibly be the guy I’ve dreamed of in class? I mean dreams can become reality… right?


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All I remember is that Hermione goes to ball dressed as a gypsy and is one of the dancers with the intention of sleeping with D, D spends the night with her but she doesn't let him know that it's her. In rl they work together and H has a crush on D and D figures it out that H was the dancer shortly after seeing H at work. Also, I think Narcissa is concerned about D attraction to the gypsy dancer (AKA Hermione).


Masquerade by Day Met the Night - M, 5 Chapters - “When no one knows who you are, you don’t have to worry about being caught.” “And what would you be caught for?” “Beguiling the heir to the Malfoy fortune.” A one night stand with a masked gypsy at a Halloween Masquerade leaves Draco wanting more. But what happens when the girl behind the mask is someone he never would have expected? Halloween Fic. Dramione.

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