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reptile blogs?

I want to follow more blogs that have reptiles on them. pictures, information, updates on your scaly babies, anything.

bonus points if you have a veiled chameleon that you post about, since they’re my current favorite 🌿❤️

I’m also absolutely in love with ball pythons and bearded dragons. but literally any reptiles will do, so please like/reblog if you post about reptiles!!

anonymous asked:

what are your favorite blogs? if you want you can talk about the blogs/people

ohhh there are so many! 

☆.。.: @seokjin-lester, @htmloss, @unlabel, @cloudshowell, @blisslester ☆.。.: my amazing fam

@tinybeanlester - ale has the most amazing edits aahhh she’s literally the queen of photoshop also i love her personality !!

@fallawayoongi - gal has my soul, her blog is everything, every time she reblogs something from me i go fnjknslkjlksdgsnjgnknew,jgnj

@oops-phan - the best gifs you can ever find !! also sol is a literal sunshine omg

@bless-howell - i’m addicted to stas’ asks and anons i’m always reading them help. i love her theme btw !!

@forever-howlter - i feel like i’m always reblogging posts from gemma?? soz if i’m annoying you haha

@marvelphil - holy hell i love rachel’s blog and her aesthetic so much like what ???

here are also some of the most amazing blogs: @amazedphill, @btsphan, @mushroomdildophan, @danqueray, @heykeykey, @memeghoul, @pinklester, @happyhappyphan, @lavenderlester, @fuckinlester, @rosebudlester, @fallhowell, @nebulouslester, @iheartlester, @anomex-x, @digitalphan@bitesizedhowell, @stellarphil, @nervouslester, @friskyphan, @glowinghowell, @ukulelephil, @sunsetlester

Anniversary Raffle/Giveaway!

I’ve been playing Dragon Economy Simulator for two years now apparently and i should celebrate!!! I didn’t think i would be that into FR, but here i am. Playing with pixels. It’s absurd.

Okay whatever, i heard there were prizes??? what prizes can i get???

Good question, idk really, i’m going to dig through my hoard and throw a bunch of items at you. what will they be??? A bunch of festival Crowns? Those cakes they gave users for the first anniversary??? A single Nickel Cat Figurine??? An entire stack of those buttrocks from NotN??? The possibilities are endless.*

How many people will win???

idk. i’ll decide later. Maybe everyone will get a buttrock, who knows.

This is very unorganized.

I literally just decided to do this two seconds ago. what more do you want from me 8(((

How do i enter?

Reblog with your Username and ID #, also tell me your favorite thing that’s happened to you on FR. Has someone been super nice to you and sent you random cool stuff? Helped you out?

OR tell me the worst thing your dragons have done. Dream breeding pair gave you one egg? How dare they. A five egg nest with a 50/50 chance of being triple white all come out as White/White/Maize??? The RNG was not kind to you, at all.

(Not actually required, but it’s neat to read, you know?)

Winner(s) will be decided on Friday, October 23rd! I’ll just throw stuff in messages at you lol 8′)))

Good luck to everyone!

*The possibilities are, in fact, very much end-ful. They end sooner than you would think for a user who has played for two years.

i typo’d that and i am ashamed no one point it out to me omg