also really hot but like yeah

imagine being at a class reunion like, yeah remember hot tom? i heard he made all of his friends get ugly matching skull tattoos and call him a really ugly french name and also I heard his nose is gone. weird.

what I want for EP VIII is this:

A new female character. She’s hot, funny, smart, cool, a fanboi’s dream. She and Poe obviously have history. They are at ease with one another, hug a lot, have inside jokes, each other, the fanbois are appeased. It seems like Poe is indeed a hetero dude™.

Meanwhile, Finn eyes the both of them with what an observant audience member easily identifies as jealousy. Somewhere in the second half of the movie he approaches hot new female character and says something like ‘Yeah, I’m really happy for Poe and you. He’s a really nice dude and deserves someone as hot, funny, smart and cool as you.’ He turns to leave. The fanbois rejoice. The gay has been defeated.

Then we hear her answer: “Waaaaat, no buddy, Poe is gay as shit.”

The dudebros stop breathing.

“And I also think he has the hots for you”

Some start whimpering silently.

“And btw, I’m a lesbian.”

Dead silence in the movie theatre. There is no hope left for the dudebros. It has been crushed by the merciless gay agenda. Somewhere in the distance Rey whoops Kylo’s emo ass into the next galaxy.

Libra Lance- the post

So @pining-keith suggested libra Lance and I was like hot dang. I agree. I know that personality wise I am like pretty much identical to Lance and I am also a libra soo yeah :)) Here is my libra Lance post

SEPTEMBER 23 - OCTOBER 22 traits: Charming, Diplomatic, Easy-going -yes these are three basic traits but three traits that Lance has, and that frankly the other paladins lack. SYMBOL: The Scales Signifying Balance, Equilibrium, Order, and Justice) -Lance is a smart boy and always does what’s right, I.e. Pro-going back and saving allura, not once putting his needs/ wants to go home before the others like Pidge and extension hunk Ruling Planet: Venus -goes with his ‘Romance’ vibe the writers insist on including Keyword: I BALANCE. -the team!!needs!!!lance! I firmly believe that he maintains their sense community Special Colors: Blue & Lavender -uh blue?? He’s the blue paladin?? Boom Also my birthstone is sapphire which is a really pretty dark blue and blue paladin. It adds up my guys.

Libras also tend to be the more ‘pampered’ of the zodiac and are said to have refined tastes. And you cannot tell me that Lance does not like to be pampered and that he does not have refined tastes. And I speak from experience when I saw libras are a little hopeless romantic. I for sure often dream about being in like my ideal future relationship, like ya know daydreaming about it and stuff? That’s very Lance. We all get like have the understood that the blue lion values trust right? That’s another staple for libras. Trust and loyalty. It goes hand in hand with the prominent ‘diplomacy’ trait of ours. As we have seen Lance might be to quick to trust and be open, but nonetheless it’s something his lions values and a trait he has and that is common among libras. Uh I’m sure that there’s more but I’ve done this all on my phone lol and it’s 11:30 so I’ll continue this tomorrow but I had to put this out there

anonymous asked:

I need to make an important announcement, but I don't think the fandom likes me very much ^^; We all really love you (rightfully so), and so I wanted you to be the first to know/announce it??? I work at hot topic, and my supervisor just told me that around summer time we'll be getting in some exclusive YOI merch. It's hush hush which is why I'm anon, but..... So yeah... hopefully that'll make some people happy :) Xx b

EYYYYY that’s super exciting!! ;o ;o I know I definitely need some YOI merch in my life lmao I am #lacking.

Also – ‘I don’t think the fandom likes me very much’ omg why?? You can’t just leave us hanging like that anon ASDLKFASDF are you on the run from the YOI fandom??

Okay., Alex/Maggie, M

[Also on AO3]

“You okay?”

Alex laughs, breathless. Maggie has asked her that repeatedly since they started - “are you okay?” “tell me if you want to stop” - and honestly okay doesn’t even cover it when she feels like she’s got fire running through her veins.

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So I was browsing the KS tag earlier against my better judgement because I love suffering AND pain and omg… I’m literally antis worst nightmare because people were also going off about Captive Prince at the same time and while I wasn’t in that fandom as hardcore as I am with Bolton fandom and KS, I still really liked it a lot and went hard briefly. Also like I’m sure they’d hate Stockholm Syndrome, they just don’t know about it because it’s such a niche thing. Same with Thramsay. But yeah in case any of you scum of the earth KS fans want to come join me in the apparently irredeemable person zone, I guess I got one or two hot recommendations for you. 🤷🏼‍♂️

Boueibu Puzzle Game Akihiko Hot Spring Ending

And now the other twin! He is definitely the more mature and reserved one xD

So pretty much the same thing happens as with Haru, except Aki isn’t one to pick a fight haha. You again hide from the Beppu Apes, but yeah Akihiko is also quite the smooth talker!

Yeah unlike Haru he didnt really seem too surprised, and definitely didn’t mind in the slightest.

I was a little surprised that he was playing it more seductive then Haru, and that Haru was more the gentlemen. It was like they switched personalities for the image xD

What a tease! But a ridiculously hot one >.< 

Running Hot

Characters: Dean Winchester, Y/N (Reader), Casifer (mentioned), Chuck (mentioned), Cas (mentioned), Sam Winchester (mentioned)

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: Implied smut, language, devious pepper flakes, clumbsy Dean, almost drownings (not really but… yeah malfuntioning kitchen tap.)

Wordcount: 1700ish

A/N: This is my entry for this weeks hiatus prompt for @one-shots-supernatural challenge and this weeks prompt is:   Oh my God, you’re in love!

It is also based on a sentence @nichelle-my-belle let slip and a little joke born from a gif I send her for my challenge. Belle I love you and I hope you will like this :D

Thanks to Rach @mysupernaturalfics for betaing this!

You had no idea why you were this nervous. You had known Dean for a long time and you had been sleeping with him for months. The thing was this life didn’t really allow dates. With everything that had been going on with The Darkness and Chuck hanging around (believe it or not God in the next room puts a damper on your sex life), there had been even less time for you to be alone with Dean. Not that Dean hadn’t tried to find some release, but it had proven impossible. Once he had finally gotten you over your fear of Chuck overhearing you, Cas or Lucifer or whatever the hell he had been at the time, had walked in. Not just walked in. Asked if he could join which proved to be an instant mood killer for both of you.

Tonight you were planning on changing that. You were both hunters and even if Dean didn’t care to admit it, you both prefered to stay in. Enjoying each other’s company over a crowded restaurant or bar.

It had taken you hours to even get an idea on what to cook for him tonight. Not to speak of a way to get him out of the bunker so he didn’t realize. You wanted to surprise him. Finally with Sam’s help you had succeeded. To get both Dean and Cas (who were now himself but no less in the way) out of the bunker so you could focus on making Dean dinner.

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‘drive me absolutely fucking insane’ (au john murphy one-shot)

Prompt: John & Angel had a FWB deal going on. He called it off this morning and she was sulking around. She freshened up and walked out to find John Murphy at the door.

Requested: “you never stay the night” “well I’m tired so scoot over” “yeah, but you never stay the night” with AU!college fuckboy murphy (from this prompt list)

Pairing: John Murphy x Angel, Other Female x John Murphy

Warnings: cursing probably, intense making out, lotsa hot stuff

A/N: Hey, anon! My one-shot is a little different compared to your request, but I really hope you like it. It’s also got a bit more narration than dialogue, but please bare with me. Thank you for your love & support guys! Much love xoxox! !!!PIC CREDIT GOES TO THE RESPECTFUL OWNER!!!

I had a FWB deal with a guy that I’ve been madly in love with for thirteen years. Initially, I thought it’d be good for us both, that maybe he’d fall for me in the process as well. But, no luck. He’d just called off the deal this morning saying that he had a date to go to tonight. And here I was, sulking away.

“God, I’m such a loser,” I wrap my arms around myself and lean back against my headboard. “I wonder if John’s still on the date. NO NO. I won’t think of him. If he still wants us to be friends, we’ll be friends. If not, I’ve got to move on. I won’t hold him back.”

I slowly get up and decide to head to the shower hoping to wash away all the negativity. I can’t just sit around and do nothing while he has the time of his life. I strip my clothes off and grab a cute new lingerie set that I bought for John. I chuckle and shake my head, deciding to dress up for myself.

I get in the shower and let the warm water wash over my tense shoulders. I stand under the water for 10 minutes before sighing and finally deciding to get out and get dressed. I wrap a towel around myself and let the little water droplets dry out before changing into the silk set. Before I’m able to put any other clothes on, I hear a knock on the door. I huff and put a matching silk robe on before going to check on the door.

“Who is it?” I lean my ear against the door and wait for an answer.

“It’s me,” A familiar voice whispers, head resting against the side of the door. “Please open up.”

“John?” I whisper and open the door. “Come in, what’s wrong?”

He walks in and immediately wraps his arms around my waist, nestling his head in the crook of my neck, whispering my name like a soft prayer.

“John, love, what’s wrong?” I rub his back gently, his hands tightening their grips on my waist. “I can beat her up if she upset you.”

All I get in response is a soft chuckle, his breath fanning across the side of my neck. He slowly pulls away and finally takes in my appearance. His eyes widen as he dedces that all I’ve got on is a silk set.

“D-did I interrupt something?” He removes his hands from my waist and takes a step back, running a hand through his hair.

“What?” I look down at my robe and blush. “N-no, not at all.”

“Then?” His hand gestures to my clothing, or lack thereof, as his eyes burn holes into my own.

“I-I wore them to feel better about myself,” I shrug and look down, tugging my bottom lip between my teeth. “I felt pretty shitty when you called the whole fling off this morning, thought it was something I did or said or maybe it was just me.”

“Y-you thought I ended us because of you?” He sounded almost hurt at the accusation. “Look at me, please.”

I just look up at him and shrug, unable to form words or thoughts. His hand slowly reaches up to cup my face, his thumb brushing my cheek. I open my mouth to say something, but before I get a chance to, John presses his lips against mine. They mold perfectly with one another, his teeth nipping my bottom lip which happily opens for him.

I finally move my hands to his neck, tugging his hair as his tongue wrestles with my own. I moan softly, his hands moving down to grip my ass as his lips move down the side of my neck.

“Fuck, you’re so hot,” he whispers and presses his hips flush against mine. I whimper, my nails digging into his shoulders as he bites my neck. “The entire time I was on that stupid date, all I could think about was you. How you felt, how you laughed, how your mouth always managed to drive me absolutely fucking insane.”

He pulls away, looking just as completely breathless as I feel. I love this man. I love the way he kisses me, the way he rubs small circles in my shoulder, the way he watches me. I love how he fucks me senseless and holds me down as he curses my name. I take a small step closer, almost begging for his touch. He looks down at me and hands untie my robe before slowly moving up to my shoulders. He pushes the robe off of my shoulders and stands in front of  me, eyes growing in awe and darkening in pleasure.

“There’s no way you dressed up like this for yourself,” he whispers, his eyes raking down my body before moving back up to meet my eyes. “Please. Please tell me you weren’t going to meet someone else tonight. Tell me you were waiting for me.”

I reach my hands up to cup his face, pressing my lips flush against his. My hands softly rub his face as I continue pressing soft kisses all over his face. His hands slowly move down my sides and rest against the small of my back. I pull away only to rest my head against his shoulder.

“I only ever dress up for you, John. I only want you.”

posts like “neck kissing makes me want to commit sins” or “list of tiny turn ons” or whatever confuse me like how the fuck are you turned on by people rolling their sleeves partway up? Are you gonna kill someone after they kiss your neck??? Steal their bike maybe????? I’m worried about those people

nopeachesforme  asked:

But imagine, news spreads amongst the other dragons about Jack's brood (they're all horrible gossips), and one day Nisha shows up to "congratulate" the new parents. This involves mercilessly teasing Jack for "getting tied down", and tormenting Rhys with the fact that she and Jack used to bang - describing dragon sex in graphic detail, because the prince is clearly both horrified and aroused by the idea.

oh my god yes (also 100% yes to dragon nisha she would look AMAZING)

and she totally would tease the shit out of jack for being a domestic daddy now and be super graphic to rhys about all the mountain crushing, earthquake inducing sex they used to have. and yeah rhys is partially like “holy shit thats terrifying” and partially “thats really kind of hot oh god jack do that to me”

irlpigmon replied to your post15 year old: one direction boy is so hot me: sorry…

i also feel like adults shouldnt tell kids to *not* crush on adults bc that just seems normal to me?? i mean i did it idk. like obviously kids should be taught not to /date/ adults and that adults who are willing to date them should be staid away from but like it;s still the adults responsibility and like?? it’s not really your place to tell them they Cant crush on people?

yeah the “don’t have crushes” addition was so bizarre. telling kids not to act on those crushes is fine but like, that specific phrase went too far for me
Right Here All the Time - longleggedgit - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: Right Here All the Time

Fandom: Haikyuu!!

Pairing: Kagehina

Rating: Explicit

Summary: “You were flirting,” Kageyama says, sounding bewildered, almost accusatory. His chest is heaving under Hinata’s hands.

Hinata laughs. “Yeah, and it worked.”

(Alternate summary: Hinata and Kageyama meet for the first time since high school and it becomes immediately apparent that Kageyama is a) really hot and b) really into him.)

Notes: I wrote this entirely in one sitting to make reallycorking happy!! I hope at least a handful of other people feel as strongly as we do that this fandom is sorely lacking in bottom Kageyama fics :’D

Title from this song, but probably don’t listen to it and think about these two too hard if you don’t want your heart to hurt a lot

MCL’s mangas fifth volume pics

This post was a request from zombiefromfinland, moment with Kentin, Nathaniel and Armin (also I’m sorry there’s barely any Nathaniel moment in this volume T^T)


Cutie pie blushing at the bae (◡‿◡✿)

Okay so this moment had me laughing really hard xD Castiel was feeling hot so he put off his shirt, therefore jealous dork over there put off his too pretending he was also feeling real hot. Yeah right.

Okay so they had to jump of the waterfall and Kentin was feeling kinda reluctant and so was Lynn so they choose to jump together (and Kentin totally took the opportunity to act like a  Knight in Shining Armour™). He’s blushing at the end ‘cause Lynn liked it so much she asked him to do it again. (人´∀`)

Kentin: “Dake, alone with Lynn ? No way.”

Alexy: “What do you think he’ll do to her?”

Kentin: “N-Nothing, but you never know.”

The guys are having a whip competiton of sort in a ranch and as you can see there’s kind of a competition between Kentin and Castiel. So as Kentin asks to go first, the twins are acting like the little shits they are with him like “C’mon Kentin ! Try not to fail !”, followed by  “This will make a change !” that’s why Kentin goes in “I-will-kill-them-both” mode. And so he gives it a shot and- surprise! He totally kicked their asses.

Lynn’s birthday months later. Kentin gives the whip he won at the competition in Australia to her as a birthday present. Obviously, Alexy has to sass him by “yeah, yeah… aren’t you giving this to her just so she remembers you’re at least good at something ?”  The next one she opens is Armin’s and he gets all excited like “you’ll see, it took me ages to come up with it!” while Kentin, not amused, tells Lynn that Armin had actually forgotten about the party this morning.


Armin fighting over food with an opposum. You heard me.

Kids eating ants. They didn’t like it.

Back to the whip competition. Alexy thinks he’s a whip master. Armin is not impressed and takes it from him. He ends up whipping himself and blaming Alexy for it. Idiots.

Back to Lynn’s birthday. As you can see, Armin’s gift was actually those huge glasses. The boys think they’re horrible, but Lynn promise him she’ll wear them at the beach. For Nathaniel, since they had that ‘investigation’ back at the camp, he chose to give her one of his thriller book by Agatha Christie.


If you choose to jump of the waterfall with Nathaniel  ( 〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 (it’s the only real Nathaniel moment except that time when he scolds Dake for no reason really)


So that’s it ! ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌  Hope you enjoyed it, I had fun making that post. Also, I’m really sad that it is the last MCL’s mangas cause I truly loved reading them every time but oh well. Thanks for this adventure (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*: ・゚✧

I have had Alcohols and A Good Time
Surprisingly good actually
My throat hurts now though
Is that because of drink or because I talked loud a lot? Someone who has been drunk more than one time please advise
Also please how do I ensure I feel Not Terrible tomorrow
It was all great though tbh? Except for the whole thing with the hot guy who I’m 100% not allowed to hit on but who I 100% want to hit on and at least 50% did hit on
I mean no that was also great it was fun and I like him I’m just not supposed to hit on him at all really
A good night
Everything was good
Happy boy

man like i Get It i get why folks are hypersensitive abt straight women thinking 2 dudes together is hot but also like. idk I thought 2 dudes together was hot for yeeeaars when i thought i was a straight girl and like yeah in my case it was bc I was a gay dude but even if it hadn’t been who was I really hurting by feeling that way

I feel like u have the option 2 be like paranoid and defensive all the time about this or to just be like “girl same” and I’ll tell u right now which ones been better for my health

blurb: you're on your period

honestly i think DAN would be super chill with menstruation like sure boo what tampons do u like do u need me to clean ur menstrual cup for u whatever u need is fine so whenever u had cramps he’d just ask what he could do to help which most likely was just to give u a hot water bottle or “inject hot chocolate into my bloodstream DAN PLEASE U SIGNED UP FOR THIS WHEN U ASKED ME OUT” yeah dan wouldnt mind at all like give him a job and he’ll do it also psa period sex is super great i doubt he’d care

PHIL would be a bit weird abt it at first like he wouldnt really know how to broach the subject at first?? like he didnt wanna be like HEY SO UR BLEEDING OUT OF UR VAG so he just restocks the girl box for you but then u were like hey philly i use a menstrual cup no need for all that other crap and he’d be SO FASCINATED like ooooh how does that work?? ur cervix?? COOL CAN I SEE and then he’d go beet red but who cares he’s so cute and he cares so much