also really disappointed in the show for handling it so poorly

Spiderman Homecoming Review



Spiderman Homecoming was masterful storytelling. It completely exceeded my expectations, and I had expected a great film. It was writing and directing at its best. As such, it is by far one of the best Marvel movies ever, not to mention an amazing movie overall. Director Jon Watts did an incredible job combining so many different elements, to make this not only an entertaining film, but a critically good one. Watts and the writers cleverly weave together a plot full of great action scenes, comedy relief and the second hand embarrassment characteristic of a high school coming of age drama. In particular, the direction of the early scenes highlight Watts’ precision in crafting multiple settings for Peter to inhabit, as two different personas. On top of the direction, the dialogue was Marvel at its best, remarkably moving between comedy and tension from beginning to end. As someone who was sad to see John Francis Daley leave Bones (in order to pursue screenwriting more), I am so glad to see him at his very best throughout this film. There is no doubt in my mind that this movie brought together the very best, and as such, created one of the best superhero movies I’ve ever seen. 

This movie was promoted first and foremost as a coming of age drama, except one that is also part of the superhero genre. It is very much both of these, to the point that it is difficult to even separate the two. I would have to say however that on reflection, this film is very much about a high school kid coming to terms with himself and what makes him different, just in this case his major point of difference is superhero powers. You cannot completely separate Peter Parker from Spiderman, and that’s why this second reboot works so well, precisely because all aspects of who Peter Parker is are brought together. Carefully balanced, Peter’s different personas (and their associated problems) bleed into his separate identities. What Peter experiences as a high school kid and as Spiderman are completely entangled, these experiences affect both personas and his reactions to various situations. 

The transitions between different scenes and plot points were seamless, as both aspects of Peter’s life come together, and interact with each other. The incredible score really set the tone, and enabled these smooth transitions very effectively. There’s nothing better than watching a movie such as this in a cinema full of other people that are just as invested as you are, on its opening day. The joy and tension is heightened precisely because you can feel everyone else reacting to what you are watching. The movie was littered with humourous lines and sequences that had the entire cinema laughing as one. Even better were the scenes in which you could feel the tension emanating from the entire audience, as Peter fought for his life, or even more so, at the great plot twist towards the end of the film.

From what I could tell, everyone in the cinema was shocked by the plot twist. I had heard from an early review that there was a great plot twist, and didn’t think much more of it until it showed up towards the end of the film. One thing I’ve complained to various people about the Marvel movies, is that often their villains are rather poorly constructed. In this case however, the Vulture is a well-rounded, even sympathetic villain at times. His motivations and actions are even understandable in the situation that he finds himself in, even though those actions are clearly immoral. And yet, the very plot twist that reveals the Vulture as Liz Allen’s own father makes the Vulture an even better villain. The best villains are often the ones connected to the hero, and it is clear that Peter battles many emotions over the Vulture once he learns the truth. It is this connection that causes Peter to use everything he has to save the Vulture. And in some small way, it is this determination to ultimately save him that suggests the Vulture will not reveal Peter’s identity to anyone. In another movie, this plot twist might seem cheap, simply added for shock value. Whilst it does shock, it also adds another layer of depth to the narrative and the villain’s storyline, which was already miles ahead of many earlier MCU villains. 

I actually liked how the trailers were handled, for I had a preconceived idea where the different scenes would fit in, but they turned out to be wrong. I genuinely hate when you watch a movie and feel as if you’ve already seen it because the trailers show everything, but I didn’t think that was the case here. The trailers gave different impressions of the film’s focus, and as such, the unfolding storyline was just so much more interesting. One thing that stands out is that Tony Stark has a much smaller role than anticipated based on the trailers. In fact, most of his scenes were in the trailers, emphasising that he was used more for promotion purposes and settling Peter into the MCU. This is a positive of the film, because it would not do for the first Spiderman movie of the MCU to be overshadowed by too much Tony Stark. I felt that his appearances were handled well, he was there just barely enough to keep an eye on Peter as a mentor, and yet allow for Peter to grow and fight independently of him. 

Tony’s inclusion however is a critical aspect of Peter’s journey. Without Tony’s presence to begin with, Peter would not be on his way to eventually joining the Avengers, nor would he be as determined to do so. Furthermore, it is Tony’s absence that propels his story forward, as Peter is desperate to prove his worth. And yet, it is this desperation which leads to him putting people in danger, and earning Tony’s disappointment. We learn that all along, Tony has been listening to Peter, though his lack of communication suggested otherwise. Whilst Peter is demoralised on Tony taking the suit back, he chooses not to give up. In doing so, he fights harder and smarter, earning back Tony’s trust. This aspect of Peter’s journey is so important because it emphasises that he’s still a kid learning to be a superhero, and makes mistakes along the way. This Spiderman’s genius lies in the fact that Peter is constantly learning, to improve not only his skills, but how he reacts to situations. Even by the end of the movie, Peter has not stopped learning. He recognises that he is not yet ready to join the Avengers, even as Tony is ready to announce his acceptance into the Avengers to the media (and I loved that Pepper showed up for a couple of minutes, and she and Tony are back together!).

I enjoyed the first post credits scene with the Vulture in prison, as his decision not to reveal Peter’s identity references his earlier decision to give Peter an out, and request a thank you for not killing him. It does appear to suggest however, that the other man may come after Spiderman at some point. I especially enjoyed the second post credits scene, even though Marvel were obviously trolling us with it. I can’t believe they actually gave us a Captain America PSA extolling the importance of patience-even if you end up waiting a long time for something that you didn’t want/expect! It was certainly a humourous moment. 

What worked well throughout this movie were the characters, particularly the kids. Whilst I didn’t care much for Liz as a love interest (mostly she just wasn’t very interesting to me), I really enjoyed Peter’s interactions with the other characters. There were so many great friendship moments between him and Ned, and it’s significant that Ned discovers his secret early on, as the film is peppered with his questions, but more importantly, Ned is therefore able to help Peter out when he cannot rely on the help of anyone else, including Tony and Happy. And without Ned, Peter would certainly have died towards the end of the movie. I also loved the updated interpretations of Flash and MJ. I knew from the trailers that Michelle was going to be my favourite, but unfortunately she had few scenes apart from what we had already seen in trailers and sneak peeks. This was probably my one major criticism of the movie, because I felt she could’ve been utilised more, although it’s evident that she will have a larger role in the next movie. Michelle revealed as MJ was perhaps not too much of a shock for many in the audience, given that this has been a prevailing theory since Zendaya’s casting. 

The acting in this movie was amazing. I have heard before from many people that they liked Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker and Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman. But this version is different, and in my opinion, better (although I did enjoy The Amazing Spiderman). Tom Holland impressed fans in Captain America: Civil War, and continues to do so. Both his Peter Parker and Spiderman were incredible, and brought a new vitality to the character. This version appears to combine the aspects of both personas into one amazing character. But it is not just Holland that brings a lot to the acting table, with RDJ, Michael Keaton, Jacob Batalon, Zendaya, Laura Harrier, Tony Revolori  and Marisa Tomei bringing everything they have to their scenes. And I must admit, that I absolutely loved the final scene, in which May finally discovers Peter’s secret. 

I highly recommend Spiderman Homecoming. At this stage, I’m even more excited for the next Spiderman instalment. And hopefully, the upcoming Marvel movies live up to the high bar that Spiderman has now set. 

The 1975 are fucking up...

It’s breaking my heart to see the tweets and posts from people I follow dragging the band and saying their feelings towards the band and their music is changing because of the seriously mishandled series of events that have occurred this week.

I’m an American. So this hasn’t affected me like it has a lot of you but that doesn’t mean I don’t get it and I’m not mad for you.

First, the pop up stores, while a wonderful idea, ended up being divisive and total bull shit. Not all merch (like the jackets) being available in all the stores created a sense of elitism and unfairness and upset a lot of people. The Loving Someone hoodie was a beautiful idea….but the LGBTQ community didn’t benefit from it’s sale, a bunch of het cis males did. And I get the anger there. They threw it together too fast, with little thought and it ended up making them look like they just wanted more of our money. When in reality, I truly feel like they try and keep putting things out for us because they want us to constantly feel rewarded by them. Not realizing that we’d much rather them take their time to really come up with a fair and meaningful product or idea then to just keep throwing out these half thought out and executed plans that end up disappointing more than exciting. It’s not that hard, have a limited number of jackets? Then spread them out amongst the stores. Don’t put them ALL in the London pop up and not send any anywhere else. That’s crap and poor planning.

The Christmas song being hyped was a big mistake. They shouldn’t have said a word about that unless it was finished. The She’s American video being hyped, and even snippets released, but all we got was a tweet reply to someone from Jamie that it wasn’t going to be released with no explanation. Same with the Christmas song, no explanation. Then Euro tour cancelled with a bull shit half assed apology and explanation that everyone saw right through. And now the Loving Someone video that could have been something really meaningful and wonderful….and it’s just the O2 Performance we’ve all already seen. You’re disappointed. I’m disappointed.

But here’s things we have to remember…

The band themselves DO NOT plan their schedule. Matty half the time doesn’t know where the fuck he’s going to be the next day. They rely on Jamie for this massively. He hasn’t just failed us with this. He’s failed the band. He was stupid and threw together tours without thinking because they think they have to constantly keep going. If he’d stopped for a minute to look at their ticket sales history, and sales numbers in the Euro places they were going to then he would have KNOWN that trying to book them in arenas wasn’t going to make them any profit and they’d probably end up owing venues, promoters etc money to make up for the poor sales. He would have KNOWN what they could sell there and what they couldn’t. It’s his job to know that. He also, would have seen that it falls during awards season….and if he had even the slightest feeling like they were going to be nominated for awards, then he shouldn’t have booked them anywhere. The entire Euro tour was poorly thought out and executed and is a HUGE embarrassment and mistake on Jamie’s end. Not the bands. Yes, the band probably had final say when it came to officially cancelling but Jamie didn’t really put them in a position where they could say anything other than to cancel. The announcement of the US tour not even an hour later was extremely bad planning. The rescheduled dates being nearly 6 months later was extremely bad planning. Jamie saying it’s The Brits but then rescheduling them in much smaller venues was honestly, just taking the fans for idiots and like they wouldn’t notice. Just because the majority of the fanbase is teenagers doesn’t mean they’re stupid.

I know you feel like the bands social media is almost all promo but at this point those tweets and IG posts are not coming from them but from their team. The guys aren’t very active on their social medias in general so that’s why it looks like that. Yes it’s annoying….but it’s also their jobs. If they don’t promote themselves who will? I think it’s made into a bigger deal than it should be.

The Loving Someone video was just the icing on the already disappointing cake this week has been. It’s been hyped and promised for weeks and could have really been a beautiful and moving outlet for them to really express how meaningful that song is to a lot of people. What we got was a performance video we’ve all already seen. It’s a missed opportunity and a big fail. I don’t know if they didn’t have the time or the budget to make an actual video. I don’t know. I just know it was a massive disappointment on top of a string of disappointments.

Jamie isn’t qualified to handle a band with this large of a fanbase and this serious of a schedule. He doesn’t need to go, because he truly does love this band. But they need a PR team and Jamie needs to be under the umbrella of a bigger management team that can advise him and take over when necessary. Because his massive mistakes and half-assed thinking is greatly affecting the fanbase and the reputation this band has worked tirelessly to build.

This is where I have to be a “Matty stan” and defend some things because I’m seeing a lot of people coming for Matty and saying he doesn’t care about the fans and he’s just money hungry. Saying he shreds fans who get tattoos or travel to see them etc. We all know how Matty has ALWAYS been. If he wouldn’t do it, he doesn’t get it. He’s always thought his fans were a bunch of weirdos but he’s never stopped appreciating and loving them. He wouldn’t get a tattoo for his favorite band so he doesn’t get why anyone else would. He wouldn’t travel across the world for a concert so he doesn’t get why anyone else would. It also stems from Matty’s DEEP self-loathing and wondering how the hell people care this much. But he has never stopped caring for all of us and I can’t sit here and watch people say he has. He cares almost too much at times to the point where it’s affected his health. Look at the way he looks at you when he’s on that stage. Look at the way he speaks to you and connects with you. Yes, he’s created a boundary between him and fans lately but he HAD to. He was giving too much and it resulted in him having nothing left to give to even himself. Artists HAVE to create boundaries between themselves and fans otherwise they’re going to burn out. You have to accept that. When he’s been tweeted about ridiculous pricing on merch, has he not then taken care of it so that the prices are lower the next shows? Has he not made sure to give extremely intimate moments to fans he knows have given so much to this band? He loves us too much most of the time. We are so lucky to have a front man who connects with his fans the way he does. Matty can’t be fake to save is life so when he thinks something is strange, he says it. He’s not trying to shame you…he just doesn’t get why people do it. But he doesn’t have to.

Last, try and remember what is the bands fault and what is their managements fault and don’t come for the band over things like their schedule and shit Jamie has said and done that have fallen apart. Hopefully lessons have been learned from this huge mistake and it’s never made again. It makes sense it’s left a bad taste in a lot of peoples mouths. I’m sure the band isn’t happy about all this either. Sometimes shit happens and there has to be some room for error. They’re not always going to be perfect but they work SO hard. They tour more than any band I’ve ever seen because they love us and want to be in rooms with us. If they didn’t love us, they wouldn’t do that.

Be mad. Be sad. Be disappointed. Let Jamie and Dirty Hit know how you feel. But don’t forget how much THE BAND loves us.

‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Brings Spidey Home

“Behind this door is a room full of reporters. Real ones, not bloggers.” That is by far my favorite line in this film.

“Spider-Man: Homecoming” is the third reimagining of our friendly neighborhood webhead as he’s makes his solo debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tom Holland reprises his role as Peter Parker from “Civil War,” who is so amped up about having fought major league heroes that he is putting less emphasis on his poorly balanced life as a teenager in high school. But soon he sets his sights on an underground group of demolition workers who are crafting and selling alien weaponry made out of leftover materials from the previous “Avengers” battles. They’re led by Adrian Toomes, played by Michael Keaton, who re-purposed some of the material into a fully functioning, deadly flight suit that resembles the wings of a Vulture. It’s up to Spider-Man to both put an end to this dangerous arms trade and keep his teenage life from going too far off the hinges.

I can comfortably go on record as saying that Tom Holland, is the BEST Spider-Man/Peter Parker portrayal I’ve seen on film. While Tobey Maguire was a great Peter Parker, he was a fairly stoic Spider-Man. On the flip-side we got Andrew Garfield, who was a bit more fun as Spider-Man, but unrealistically too cool to be nerdy, poor Peter Parker, (I mean his girlfriend is Emma freakin’ Stone). Not only does Tom Holland bring the best of both worlds, he actually LOOKS like he could be a nerdy high school kid. Not to mention everyone around him ALSO looks like high school kids; Not like the previous films, which take place in world where 30-year-olds are still in high school.

How they handle his progression is also surprisingly competent, and if anything much more realistic. He’s still fairly new to the powers, and even newer to the suit that Tony Stark made for him. He’s still a kid, so naturally he’ll get overexcited about having these abilities. He’ll constantly make mistakes, learn lessons, and jump to things too fast.

Not only that, but the film is realistic in its portrayal of a new Spider-Man in a cinematic universe that’s already seen intense hero action. Among the likes of Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and the Hulk, a skinny kid in a spandex suit does not frighten or excite anyone.

I know what most of you are probably wondering. “Did Homecoming solve the MCU’s villain problem?”

Here’s the thing: If you can make THIS [above] intimidating, you’ve done your job.

Goodness deary me this might be my favorite MCU Villain to date. Similar to Tom’s Peter/Spidey combo, Michael Keaton brings about an Adrian Toomes/Vulture combo that is well acted, well motivated, and EXTREMELY terrifying at times.

Some of the complaints I heard about these trailers were that Iron Man might be interfering with Spider-Man’s big spotlight. Calm your worries folks, because not only is Iron Man/Tony Stark’s screentime minimal, it’s also justified, and almost always hilarious. None of the external MCU stuff, such as the Chitauri materials or Avenger’s tower is shoehorned in or hamfisted. In fact, they all provide a good backdrop for the film, and if anything they symbolically indoctrinate Spider-Man into the MCU.

This film has so much going for it, so many positive things to remark about. Which left me wondering: Why did I not find this amazing…?

Sure, this is without a doubt Spider-Man’s welcome return to our good graces, but some obscure facet of this film prevents it from becoming that saving grace, Superhero film messiah that we all thought it was going to be. It could be because the trailer really did show too much? Or it could be that  the film is too lighthearted at times, which kind of takes the edge off a bit. I think both of these combined create a significant lack of urgency.

But if I were to grade this on a specific MCU-related scale, my disenchantment with this movie could be because it did not bring much to the table. The best MCU films usually set something up or brought something into the MCU that we know will play a part in upcoming Avengers (or other MCU) films. “Civil War” introduced two new heroes, and brought in the split between the Avengers. “Doctor Strange” brought in the entire cosmic side of Marvel. The first “Guardians of the Galaxy” introduced the entire space side of Marvel, and shed light on Thanos’ character. But the only thing “Homecoming” brought to the table was that Spider-Man is in this now. Like, that’s it.

Even with the low stakes, I still think “Spider-Man: Homecoming” is one of the most fun movies I’ve seen this year. We now have a competent Spidey-Peter duo that works well, a candidate for best MCU villain that’s not Loki or “that guy from ‘Civil War,’” and a story that was well-rounded to shape Peter into an amazing hero.

By the way, I know I mentioned this above, but my absolute favorite line in the film was when Tony Stark said “Behind this door lies a room full of reporters. Real ones, not bloggers.” I checked google to see how triggered some bloggers got, and boy am I not disappointed.

[20170416] B.A.P PARTYBABY in LA Fanaccount

Note: You all are probably tired of me saying this, but I am going to say it again ^^ Everything is written by memory, so everything is probably not exact and accurate. And I am so inconsistent with Junhong’s name, so forgive me if I keep saying Junhong then switching back to Zelo.

Also, If you don’t want to read all of the BS and wait I had to go through, you can just skip to the Songlist Section. And if you were tagged and don’t want to read this LONG post, just click ctrl+F and find your name to see where I tagged you, so you don’t have to waste your time ^^

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So looking back at the episode after I stopped yodeling because of the kiss I decided to go back to this scene because it’s just so real. fair warning, this will be quite a long post.

It’s not a secret that Yuri’s an emotional and anxious person.  This was established in the first episode, and I’d say Viktor knows this better than anyone. Still, he thinks a reality check would be the most effective at cutting through the tension and reminding Yuri what he’s skating for.  Kind of odd that Viktor’s idea of motivation is destroying someone but you do you fam 

the ultimatum.  Viktor is threatening Yuri, and as much as I love Viktor, this was a little unnecessary and excessive, HOWEVER, his intention was to snap Yuri back to reality my dude, you done fucked up tho 

which proves to be the final straw for Yuri (understandably so) and Viktor quickly realizes this (so y’all talking about how heartless Viktor is can stop, he acknowledges he done fucked up) 

I have anxiety myself and I 100% see where Yuri is coming from. It’s implied on several occasions that this is his last season. I’m not an athlete, but I’ve watched enough pro sports to have some idea of the kind of toll it takes on a person.  Naturally, all this time, Yuri’s been thinking about what kind of note he wants to end on.  I’d say a lot of Yuri’s anxiety stems from this, but we also have to look at how Viktor fits into this. 

Viktor isn’t skating this season and he’s not young.  Both of their careers are essentially close to the end, and that pressure has been building up in Yuri until this moment. We saw this in the last episode with how Yuri reacted to people hating on him for taking Viktor away from the ice.  Yuri says he wants people to hate him, but I feel like it’s a face he puts on.  What good is having people hate you for pulling the top skater away from the ice to coach you if you’re a monumental mess who can’t even make it to the Grand Prix Final?  There’s a lot going through Yuri’s mind at the moment, and almost everything can be linked back to Yuri not wanting to disappoint or let Viktor down. 

Ultimately Viktor saying he’d quit being Yuri’s coach solidified all of the thoughts Yuri has been having for the past couple of months, and it was the catalyst for this whole scene. Even if it wasn’t true, hearing it from the one person you care about most doesn’t help the situation 

Again, Viktor knows he royally fucked up and he’s trying to apologize for it

Yuri consistently acknowledges his career hasn’t been stellar.  Coupled with generalized anxiety and the added pressure of having Viktor’s reputation on the line, it’s no wonder Yuri is in tears.  Everyone reacts to pressure differently. Some people are motivated to try harder (which was what Viktor was trying to do with his whole “shatter the heart” thing), but some people just don’t react well to it.  Yuri wants to try to be the best damn bowl of katsudon in the world and prove to everyone that Viktor being off the ice isn’t a waste, and he’s been doing well lately but that’s made his anxiety worse. 

And that’s the thing.  He has been doing well, but what if that momentum is short lived? What if he actually can’t do it and can’t prove his worth to the world? What does that mean for Viktor, who will most likely never return to the ice? It’s a lot for one person to handle. Yuri cares about Viktor deeply (which is also not a secret), and the thought of performing poorly and letting Viktor down utterly destroys him

This was the most heartbreaking part of this scene to me.  Yuri knows Viktor won’t quit, and Viktor almost finds it laughable that Yuri would think such a thing.  Viktor constantly reassures Yuri throughout the series, but Yuri’s so damn worried about what would happen if he doesn’t do well.  

You can tell yourself the opposite all you want but anxiety always forces you to think about the worst case scenario, no matter how outlandish it sounds.  You can’t simply will yourself to think logically about the situation, and someone else can’t make you either.  No matter how hard Yuri tries to tell himself it’ll be okay and no matter how many times Viktor reassures him, Yuri will always find himself stressing about how his mistakes will affect Viktor

I loved this line and the following lines because Viktor’s always been portrayed as this suave and young coach who is seemingly perfect, but he’s truly fucked up this time, making Yuri cry and he does. not. know. what. to. do. As inexperienced as Viktor is as a coach, we haven’t really seen any of his weak points until this episode.  And I love it.  It shows that not even this flirtatious and charismatic living legend is perfect. Viktor Nikiforov DOES make mistakes, and he DOES own up to them 

He’s not pretending he knows what he’s doing. He’s never coached someone. He’s never had to deal with someone else’s feelings or had to comfort them.  But he acknowledges it instead of saying otherwise

“Should I just kiss you or something?” 

This (I feel) implies that they’re already in a relationship.  Yes, Viktor is known to be flirtatious and tries to placate Yuri with hugs, but the fact that he says it so casually, thinking it will fix the problem, sort of implies that he’s done things like this before.  This also reiterates that Viktor does not know how to properly comfort someone.  What Viktor has done in situations like this up until now is placate them with his charm, hugs, and kisses, and it’s just not enough this time (I’m here for the character development

And Yuri’s not having it. He don’t want no kiss from Viktor

What he wants is Viktor’s support. Yuri knows as well as anyone else that there are a lot of things Viktor is unfamiliar with, but he trusts Viktor.  It doesn’t matter that Viktor threatened him with a lie.  Nothing matters as long as Yuri knows he’s not walking alone.

Even if you think lowly of yourself, it feels so damn good and empowering to know that at least one person believes in you.  It gives you the motivation to see your task through and give it everything you have to try to make that one person proud.  In the end, you want to be able to see their smile and hear them say they always knew you could do it.  That little bit of validation, especially coming from Yuri’s idol, means the world. It sounds a little selfish, seeing it all in writing, but that’s honestly what anxiety does to me, personally, and what I think it does to Yuri.  

I ended up writing a novel about this scene but fuck it meant so much to me.  I watched this episode about six hours ago, and I’m honestly STILL SHOOK.  It means the world to me to see that the writers portrayed anxiety so accurately.  This show continues to do me proud every week ugh *gross sobbing* :’) 

Shipmas: Day 1 - LadyNoir/Adrinette (Part 7)

Part 7 of 7.

A one shot about a bunch of sticky notes with poorly written pickup lines for both LadyNoir and Adrinette. Two for the price of one!

This marks the end of Shipmas day one. I hope you Miraculous fans enjoyed your two ships for today. Please look forward to your Marichat/Ladrien tomorrow :D

Total time spent writing: 10 hours. 

I lied not when I said it was a lot of work. Imagine if I kept the 5 quota. I’d be dead.

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Preference 3: Someone from his family doesn't like you (Ashton/4) FINALE

Hello, my loves! Hope all is well! Well as promised, here is the finale to this segment. I just wanted to thank you all for being so patient with me! Now, I decided to break up the finale into separate parts as they are all very long! So tonight, I’ll be posting Ashton’s part and then proceed to post Luke’s, Cal’s and Mikey’s if you guys want! Please feel free to send me feedback! I’d love to know your opinions!!!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Ashton: Ashton stormed into the house. He locked eyes with everyone but refused to speak to them. He ascended into his room, locked the door, and destroyed everything in his path. He destroyed all the memories of you both, he took down all of your pictures and the little gifts you had sent him within the months you’ve been together. Oh how he wished this was some dream. He can’t imagine being without you and yet all his fears were coming to life.

Meanwhile downstairs, Ann scolded Lauren. She was beyond disappointed in Lauren and was also embarrassed for her actions. After a while, Ashton went into the kitchen to grab a bottle of water. Lauren saw him and quickly wanted to mutter a quick apology but Ashton had other things in mind.

“This is all your damn fault! She is not, has not, and will ever be a charity case, you got it?! Y/N is the most beautiful, caring, selfless person I have ever come across. She’s not like the girls I’ve brought home before. When we met, she refused to ask for a picture with me as she didn’t want me to ‘waste’ my time on her. It was only when we met at the VIP meet and greet that she finally obliged in getting a picture together. It took me all of 8 months to prove her worth, show her how much I do care for her, let her know how beautiful I found her, how intriguing she was and when I was sure she was the one I decided to introduce you all to her. I regret thinking that you’d all welcome her into the family with open arms. You made her feel worthless, after spending all this time showing her, letting her know her worth, has diminished the moment you locked eyes on her. It’s like it was your personal mission to tear her down and break her. You may be my sister, and I know you, you’ve never acted this way. The real you wouldn’t do something as low as this. I don’t even know if I can get her back let alone talk to me! Damn it Lauren, why the fuck did you have to say that??!! She probably wants nothing to do with me all because of you!!”

“Ashton, sweetie, please calm-”

“No mom, I will it calm down! She felt like an alien in this house! You and Harry aren’t off the hook either! You made her feel uncomfortable and unwelcomed. You guys don’t truly understand the extent on how poorly you treated her, you faked it all since Lauren said those words! You guys have have a great way of showing love to my girlfriend. You don’t know how much I truly care for her and now I’ve lost her forever! When she thinks of me, she’ll be reminded of you all and your actions. I leave for tour soon and I wanted to spend it with you all but I can’t stand to even look at you. I’m going to stay at Luke’s.”

Four days later, Ashton went on tour. You were home, locked in your room. Your family felt bad for you, they wanted to see you happy again. It pained them to know that you were hurting but decided to give you your space. They did try their best in including you in family functions and stuff, but you desperately wanted to be left alone. Even though you only dated for 4 months, everything was real; the emotions, the heartfelt conversations, the late night conversations, everything. You believed he was truly the one, your soulmate. He constantly told you and showed you how beautiful you were in his eyes and how you’d be together forever. Nothing lasts forever right?

Ash was currently on tour, but he hasn’t been the same. He’s more quiet, reserved, and wasn’t his usual bubbly self that everyone loved. You didn’t text him back after his many and I mean many attempts, but you did follow up on him and the boys every once in a while. They were currently in an interview and you couldn’t bring yourself to change the channel. You intently watched the interview, he really wasn’t the same. His eyes were sunken in and swollen, there was no sparkle in his eyes, it look like he had lost some weight. Everyone knew about your breakup and he wasn’t handling it well.

On commercial, you get a text from an unknown number.


Hi Y/N, it’s Lauren. I know I’m probably the last person you want to hear from but I just wanted to apologize for my actions. I regret how I’ve treated you and what I said. When you left, Ash left too. He was beyond upset with us. We didn’t even say goodbye to him at the airport before he left for tour. I know me apologizing won’t give you solace and change what what I said about you. If I could turn back time, I would. And we’d start all over. I would take the time and get to know you. I can’t live with the fact that I’ve hurt you. I didn’t know how much you meant to my brother and how he wanted to let you see how beautiful you were in his eyes. He knew about your past and how you’ve started to finally let him in to all be destroyed because of me. I am so sorry but please don’t blame this on him, it’s not his fault. Please talk to him. He’s been a wreck. I hope you can work this out. I never want to see him sad and I never meant to cause you both so much pain. It took me till now to see how much you meant to him and how you made him happy. Again, I am so very sorry. I don’t deserve your forgiveness but please don’t blame this on him.

You read and reread her text. It hurt you to know that he didn’t say goodbye to his family before going on tour. He texted you throughout the day and got yet another text from him before heading off to bed.


Hi Y/N, I miss you. I hope you’re doing okay. As for me, I’m a fucking wreck. I’m sorry for my family’s actions. The guys and I will be headed into your city and I was wondering if you’d like to meet up. We could meet at the place we first met. I really hope to see you there, I’ll be waiting.

The boys had a radio interview when they were in your city. After the interview, he went straight to Starbucks where you first met. You contemplated all day if you were going or not. You decided you were going to meet him. You arrived there at 7PM and were surprised to see that he was still there. He immediately saw you and quickly got up to guide you into your seat. You could’ve sworn you saw a smile grace his lips.

“Hi Y/N, I’m so happy you came”

“I’m surprised you’re still here”

“Listen, Y/N, I’ve been a mess without you, baby I need you. You mean the world to me. Fuck baby please, please come back.” He asks crying hysterically.

“I missed you too Ash, but-

” baby I swear I’ll do whatever it takes to have you in my life again. Please baby girl please, I love you, so so much, what do I have to do to make you change your mind and try us again? Name it babe, whatever it is and I will do it.“

You reached over the table and grabbed his hand and interlocked your fingers, “I want us to try again, I am willing to give it another shot but I want you to do this for me. I want you to talk to your family and I want us to take things slow. Can you do that?”

“Yes, baby yes, anything for you.”

“I want you to call your family and apologize to them for not saying goodbye at the airport before you left for tour.”

“Okay, done babe”

“And Ash?”


“I love you too.”

And with that, he leaned in and gave you a passionate kiss. As you pulled away, a smile graced his lips, and you knew you had your Ashton back and you were going to be okay.

anonymous asked:

Flaws aren't always sympathetic, they *are* "flaws". That's how it goes for real people and AoT likes going by that logic. I like it personally because you barely see things like this. Eren cares for Armin more because he's a close friend, unlike Erwin and he was upset. Eren didn't tell the whole truth because he didn't want to disappoint Armin. It shows Eren knew he was in the wrong for letting emotions getting better of him, but again, Eren didn't realize it would be bad to hide that. (c)

© It might not even be “sympathetic”, but understandable from the characters’ perspective. Which is what the story is going for in my eyes and Isayama also says in another one of those interviews. Eren acting like that was the *point*, a delibrate writing choice, rather than an oversight or inconsideration. This is all stuff for Eren (and Mikasa) to learn from. Which is how stories work. (Grumbles about storytelling attitudes on Tumblr)

Preaching to the choir here, mate.

I’m sure I’ll say it dozens of times before the series is through, but I really love how AoT does humans. Over and over again, humans do horrific things. Over and over again, other humans do thankless, heroic things.

There is so much darkness in this world, and such capacity for hurt, and not a single character is immune to that–but, still, the ideal of what it is to be human is where the series comes home. Whatever people are shown to do, the brilliance of the belief that being human is amazing threads through everything.

Eren has been humanity’s rage. He’s been humanity’s hope. He’s been humanity’s impotence. He’s inspired his comrades and civilians alike.

Here, he’s humanity’s glorious selfishness. He wants his friend, his family, the person who spawned the most amazing dream of the world for them to share, to live, and how dare anyone else’s feelings matter more than his agony and despair.

For a little while, Eren loses to the pain. Not of the greater, worldly tragedies, but the idea of a world without Armin. One life undoes his discipline and commitment to his cause, despite how deeply he values those things.

It’s so damn awesome, really. Having characters who flare and deal emotional friendly fire and handle things poorly, all while keeping the progress of the story going… it’s just plain fun.

physticuffs  asked:

why did you think Sherlock 3.3 was misogynistic? none of the leading ladies were portrayed as evil because of their femininity, and they all fulfilled my two primary requirements for well-designed leads--depth and agency. I think Mary was extremely complex and sympathetic. Janine was not portrayed in a misogynistic way; the issue was that Sherlock was being misogynist--and was justly portrayed as a douche for it (nowhere near as much as he should have been, but still). and Mary was AWESOME.

at what point did mary have all this agency?

  • the part where her husband talked about her like she was a disappointing purchase, while she stood silently in the background
  • the part where sherlock explained that her Surprise Dark Backstory actually proved that she was ~destined~ to be a ~perfect choice~ for john, because john likes Dangerous Things.
  • the part where sherlock and john literally sit down and decide whether she’s worthy of being helped or not (because she can’t help herself by, say, killing magnussen)
  • the part where john decided to “forget”/erase her entire history so they could be together, conveniently meaning that the writers would never have to extrapolate on the actual substance behind the revelation that she used to be an assassin.
  • the part where sherlock tricked her into revealing her secrets to john
  • the part where she shot sherlock in the chest for reasons that basically boiled down to “there needed to be more conflict in the episode”
  • the part where (despite her suddenly-badass gun skills) she was drugged unconscious for the final scenes of the episode so the men could solve her problems for her?

YES, mary is a really likeable character and amanda abbington’s performance was awesome and fun to watch (especially in the first two episodes), but that doesn’t make any of those things any less true.

n.b. i feel like “not portrayed as evil because of their femininity” is kind of a low bar for “not a misogynistic portrayal of a female character,” but maybe my standards are too high.

amanda abbington did a great job of making us like mary, and mary really was a well-written character in the first two episodes. but in the third? nope. in the first two eps she was presented as a normal person who could cheerfully stand up to sherlock and john as an equal, but in ep 3, two things happened: she was revealed to be a Very Special Badass with a Secret Past, and (rather incongruously, considering that first part), she lost the ability to do anything for herself. for a detailed explanation of the many ways in which Mary’s agency was completely stripped from her over the course of this episode, i recommend this post.

also re: mary, the revelation that she’s a former CIA agent/assassin was really poorly handled, partly because it was discarded without being “used” in the story except in the context of her a) being magnussen’s victim, b) shooting sherlock, and c) betraying john — and none of those were about HER, they were about magnussen, sherlock, and john. her past is something that magnussen knows about and threatens her with, and john decides NOT to know about, meaning that we don’t get to know know either. she’s still a complete blank slate, but a useful blank slate when it comes to providing more manpain for john and more conflict for the story. also, the big revelation instantly made her fit into the stereotypical Steven Moffat Fantasy Woman mold of a ~badass confident lady~ who is disempowered by a main hero dude, thus implicitly proving his superiority because she loves him. i mean, she’s a former spy who can shoot a hole through a coin… but she allows sherlock to trick her into revealing all her secrets… and she shoots him in the chest for reasons that don’t really make sense… but she doesn’t kill magnussen… and then sherlock drugs her…??

Then there’s the fact that she literally attempted to assassinate Magnussen… and yet supposedly, the reason why Sherlock was able to kill Magnussen at the end was because he was “so arrogant that he couldn’t imagine anyone ever trying to kill him.” So the fact that she tried to kill him earlier in the episode was functionally meaningless??

Oh, and there’s that whole thing where Moffat & Gatiss effectively erased the central female character/storyline from the original canon story, because they thought it was inconceivable for a woman to kill Milverton/Magnussen. now, i have zero problem with them “changing” the original holmes stories, because obviously sherlock is totally different from ACD canon. but this change not only removed one of the very few canonical female characters who had the power to solve her own problems (and kill the bad guy when holmes & watson couldn’t defeat him!) but it removed her in a way that said, “we don’t think she ever could have existed in the first place.” what isn’t sexist about that?? plus, they could very easily have had mary kill magnussen in the end, what with her being an assassin and everything. but she was too busy being pregnant and unconscious.

and as for janine — huh?? i mean, while it is certainly plausible that some people in the world might respond in the way she did (ie, by “making the most of the situation” and selling the story of her personal life to the tabloids after her boyfriend screwed her over), it’s vanishingly unlikely. basically what you have to remember here is that janine isn’t a real person, she’s a fictional character. a character who was written by a real man with real biases, in order to create a series of funny scenes where sherlock pretends to have a girlfriend, and then reveals that their entire relationship was a lie. but then sherlock’s completely unethical and cruel behaviour is excused by the fact that she’s an opportunist (or “whore,” in Sherlock’s words), making it totally OK in retrospect that he behaved so badly in the first place. i mean, yes, i think sherlock is written as being somewhat misogynistic/thoughtless, but at no point does the text of the show really criticise him for that. and the fact that she went the route of contacting the tabloids etc in the first place implicitly puts her in the Bad Girl role.

her reaction was purposefully written to be as convenient as possible, because any other option would force us to confront the utter weirdness and cruelty of sherlock’s plan to seduce (and become engaged to!) some random woman, just to break into her office.

TL;DR version: Mary, Janine, and every other fictional character ever = not real people. They serve certain purposes within their intended storylines, and are influenced by the biases and emotions of the people who write them. In Sherlock 3x03, those biases were pretty obviously illustrated in the treatment of Janine and Mary (both by the male characters and by the story itself), and this looks even worse when you put it in context with Steven Moffat’s history with other female characters. But that’s a story for another day.

About the whole debacle with Xivents.

Everyone please, bear with me and stay calm. This actually concerns quite a lot of people, so here’s hoping you’ll read it and try to see things from my point of view. My attempt here is definitely not to “hate” on anyone, but offer you another perspective on things. I will gladly hear any response from respectful CS shippers.

Be warned: I realize this will sound patronizing to a lot of you. It’s not my intention at all, honestly. I’m just addressing a number of issues that I hope you’ll be receptive about.

More under cut because this got really long.

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anonymous asked:

Have you ever thought that maybe you cant see the development between Korra and Asami because you always been so focused on makorra? I guess just understand that even though it's not the outcome you were looking for, it really is still such an amazing show and ending! The story telling was excellent when you consider how much time that bryke had allotted to them. Idk I just used to love your blog because you had such a passion for this show like me, now you just tear it down. No offensive intent

I’m sorry I offended you, my disappointment comes from how passionately I cared about this show, and I feel like it stabbed me in the back. Not just because of makorra, like honestly I have book 1 whatever that doesn’t matter that much to me right now, but these characters, Korra, Asami, Mako, and Bolin, deserved better than this.

I took the day away from tumblr and the fandom it helped, but honestly, No. I don’t think my focus on makorra blinded what I saw. I’m sorry, there was no development between Korra and Asami that ever hinted toward romance, and their friendship was shallow. Look back at their interactions, how deep did they actually get on screen? We saw them bond at Mako’s expense, they fought together that’s cool!, Asami takes care of her when she’s broken and it’s very sweet but the focus is on Korra and the support she needs from people and how broken she is, not their relationship in particular, like especially how after we see her parents and Lin and Tenzin try to comfort her but it’s the airbabies that actually make her smile (ugh that part gets me). They keep in touch because of how Asami took care of her and they were friends with no baggage in comparison to Mako (her ex) and Bolin (her ex’s brother) she feels most comfortable talking to her and that letter showed us how she’s struggling with the Avatar State. They have a (really bizarre?) awkward moment when they see each other again but ok so things are tense when you don’t see each other for a long time but it’s ok now, Asami tells Korra how amazing she is when Korra tears herself down but Tenzin is the one to really encourage Korra in the right direction, they don’t really talk much later until…um….the finale? I think? (in all honesty no one in team avatar talks before the finale until the last 5 minutes so yeah poor writing in general) This show is not subtle with romance, it handles romance in a very specific way, (forget makorra, look at book 3 kainora, zhurrick, bopal) and narratively there was nothing non ambiguously romantic about their relationship, their relationship for what it was on screen showed no evidence of romance, and that’s unfair first off to this idea of representation, and just to writing in general, and frankly the least interesting and explored friendship, we never saw how far this friendship stretches, they didn’t grow, they didn’t grow together at all, their relationship was never connected narratively except for the fact that Asami literally had no other purpose in book 3 but to be Korra’s friend. (Asami and Mako had a more interesting friendship tbh but that never got explored further).

My issue isn’t the bisexuality. My issue isn’t Korrasami in itself, this was written terribly with absolutely NO build up to the point where people outside of tumblr call it a “surprise ending” or an ending of friendship, and even tumblr people, korrasami shippers themselves were surprised, that’s how much the writing didn’t point to it and we overanalyze everything. 

Asami herself is the most underdeveloped character in the series. She didn’t change at all from Book 1, and that’s another failure of this writing. Book 1 she was a victim of the love triangle and the issue with her father but she didn’t grow, she just ended sad. Book 2 she was more of a victim of the love triangle and also ended sad with her company, she didn’t even play a single part in that finale. Book 3 she had absolutely no arc of her own except being friends with Korra, which considering how little of importance she played in the first 2 books, it was forced, but I’ve been a proponent of them being friends since book 1, I LOVED the idea, I think that’s a fantastic message. And then Book 4 was her Dad thing which took one minute in one episode and then resolved in the finale with her dad dying and she’s sad again. Like I’m being 100% objective here, she was poorly written, this was poorly written for all characters on all fronts.

Trying to make sense of nonsense

So it’s been over a week since Arrow killed off Laurel Lance, the Black Canary, and despite reblogging a lot of posts and voicing my annoyance, it has been difficult for me to actually write a coherent piece trying to make sense out of this nonsense.

 It’s hard for me to decide what annoys me the most about the whole Laurel death. Is it the fact that she was not given a hero’s death despite Guggenheim talking about it being earned?, or the fact that on her death bed she is shipping 0l1c1+y?, or maybe it is the fact that Katie only finds out about her character getting killed off when they are shooting episode 16?, or Marc’s attempts to reduce our outrage to Lauriver shipping and asserting that her story reached a creative plateau?, or how about the fact that her only storyline this year was resurrecting Sara, which almost undid her character growth?. 

Actually, I think my anger stems from the fact that these writers have consistently treated the actress and character with disrespect from the very beginning, so it is not surprising that her death reflected that. Someone wrote a post on the many deaths of Laurel criticizing the writer’s spin on the GA/BC romance. While I do not appreciate the bashing of Arrow’s Black Canary, I have to admit that turning the second most iconic female Justice Leaguer into the civilian love interest was one of the biggest injustices done to the character, especially when they decided to add sister swapping into the mix. Then the audience said there was no chemistry so her character got penalized by becoming an alcoholic and drug addict while Oliver’s mistake got excused and justified by the writers. Suddenly, she was blamed for Oliver cheating on her with Sara because Laurel called the cops on Sara, who was framed as his female counterpart in every way. 

By the time the show got around to making her Black Canary, Marc is liking comments calling Felicity the female lead (she will never be in my eyes), 0l1c1+y is the primary focus of the show, she is  being given the Canary Cry on The Flash but it is never explained on Arrow, and pivotal scenes that would have shown her growth in Team Arrow end up on the cutting room floor. I hoped her exclusion would end after season 3 but I was wrong. 

 TPTB had promised Laurel fans that they will be happy in season 3 so at least we were not duped in Season 4 but the disrespect given to her this year started before that stupid grave scene. There was the controversial board  that had every cast member but Katie’s, the constant shilling of OTA and 0l1c1+y, and the writers reblogging fan art excluding her. So with the lack of a storyline for her except Sara’s resurrection,  five minutes of screen time, her glaring absence in the Flash crossover, not getting a mention in Mericle’s interviews. I started being afraid that she could be in the grave. Still I hoped they wouldn’t be so stupid.

As much as I hate the paps who leaked it, I am glad they revealed the death ahead of time so I stopped watching the show. I probably would have been angrier than I am right now. Did the Black Canary really have to die as a punishment for her father betraying Damien Dhark, instead of dying protecting someone?. Was it necessary to have her last words be about her being a defeated or failed love interest, instead of her growth as a character?. What is Guggenheim even talking about when he says her story had plateaued and that they had to pay off the grave scene in the first episode?. This is a character with years of history in the comic books. Even though it was obvious that she was no longer going to be the love interest, there were many directions her character could go. She was yet to have a personal villain so giving her one would have been a good way to show her character growth and add more “pop” than death. They could have explored the contradictions of working inside and outside the law. With a villain as a mayor, we could have seen her rethink her career path, and whether she preferred vigilante justice even if it meant her leaving her friends and family behind. I mean, we saw her connect with Nyssa and will see her with Vixen, so why not have her leave town and work with them. Hell, an organic canary cry might have created story lines for her since she would have had to learn to control her powers and exercise restraint. Come to think of it, her tech Canary Cry could have had her dealing with the control of her “powers”, and when to use restraint. The excuse that they have reached a creative plateau just does not make sense at all.

Why the show needed a death to revitalize interest in the show is beyond me. They said they were going for a lighter season so why kill someone off. This problem is not just limited to Arrow but seems to be an irritating trend in television these days. I don’t know if it is because of Game of Thrones or Walking Dead but apparently the death of a character has become an alternative to character development. I believe an article cited five character deaths in the same week, all of them women, including Abbie Mills, the lead character of Sleepy Hollow (there is no way the show is escaping cancellation). Character deaths may seem edgy and bring the sense of stakes but when done as a gimmick or handled poorly, you get absurdities like the death of Laurel Lance. Guggenheim’s interviews have shown that it was done for shock value, and probably because he assumed she was the least popular so there will be minimal backlash. He didn’t count on the fact that viewers were warming up to her, or that we will see through him. If there is anything I have liked about the death is the backlash the show is receiving for this stunt. The episode got low ratings, a lot of viewers were pissed off and are contemplating dropping the show. Critics panned the death scene, even those who seemed to be anti-Laurel. Given how TPTB sabotaged the character from the start, I am not surprised her death was also handled with minimal care for the character, the actress and her fans. I am just happy that people are finally realizing what has always been a writing problem.

A lot of fans blamed Katie for Laurel’s lack of popularity, calling her a bad actress or a bad person that is difficult to work with. While there might be truth to Katie not being the writer’s choice, everything I see from her tells me she is a professional and classy person who does well with what she has been given, and tries to exude positivity even though it must be demoralizing to sign up to be lead actress, only to have everything taken from her. On the other hand, Guggenheim and the other writers have shown little professionalism and class. Ask a question about Laurel on Tumblr, and he either turns it into a shipping question or makes a comment that can potentially instigate fandom wars. Then he uses Katie’s classy tweet to wag his fingers at her fans. He claims to never take story ideas from the internet but 0verw@tch, the Fern video, and the Quentin and Donna relationship easily refute his claims. Writers calling people bozos for not liking 0l1c1+y, and making Laurel’s death about Felicity, despite the two spending little time together tell me that they are unprofessional and tone deaf so it is not surprising it shows in the writing. Despite viewers citing season 3 as the beginning of the decline in quality, Slade’s motivation and Moira’s mayoral candidacy are but two examples of the decline beginning in season 2. It is no wonder poor writing has become the norm in season 4.

Some people have tried to oppose Laurel fans for voicing our displeasure, with Stephen telling us we are making a mistake for quitting the show but truth be told, we Laurel fans have been suffering since the show started, and despite being excited when she became Black Canary, “disappointed but not surprised” soon became a common sentiment in our side of the fandom. There really is not much to keep us as viewers. The  writing has declined, Marc’s attitude is off-putting, they could barely respect the Black Canary when alive or on her death bed, so why should anyone expect her to be treated with respect when she is in the grave, and the people who screamed OTA also called for her death so seeing OTA will always leave a bad taste in my mouth. I guess I should be happy Black Siren is on the table but I need to see how she is handled on The Flash first. Last year, she was handled so well that a reviewer was forced to rethink their opinion on Katie’s acting. The way she is handled there will inform my watching of her subsequent appearances in the Legends of Flarrowverse. That said, I can’t see myself watching Arrow whether they bring Laurel back or not. I hope the people who declared they were done actually put their money where their mouth is. Maybe the show’s loss of viewers and ratings will make TPTB rethink the way they treat an actress, her characters and her fans.

THOUGHTS on 3x11

Okay so first of all I missed the first fifteen minutes aside from the 2 minute clip released today so someone PLEASE fill me in on what transpired, particularly how Bellamy and Clarke interacted after she literally FROZE IN HER TRACKS after seeing him.  I’ll watch it when it’s online but right now I am DYING for information and/or gifsets.

JASPER.  I liked him calling Clarke out on taking charge, because even though she DOES know what she’s doing, it’s really presumptuous of her to assume that after months and months of being away (and changing pretty drastically herself) and assume that everyone else will just fall in line.

Additionally, I get that people are protective of Clarke, but along those same lines as Jasper yelling at her: yes, she’s grieving, and if I had my chance I would wrap her in a blanket and let her have a good long cry.  But I’m also glad that she’s getting called out for abandoning her people, because she did. She has a right to take care of herself and she doesn’t owe anyone anything, but for most of this season Clarke has been trying to have it both ways: she wanted to run away and heal, but she also didn’t want anyone else to change in the mean time.  She thought she could hit pause on her place in Camp Jaha/Arkadia and then step back into it when she was ready, and that’s not fair to anyone else.  Niylah kind of called her on it later on, because Clarke makes decisions for other people an awful lot without considering their perspectives and needs. That’s a tough but necessary lesson for Clarke to learn, and I’m glad she has now.

MONTY.  Oh man, you are my MVP of the episode for terrible, heartbreaking reasons.  And in further adventures of “people on this show are getting hotter as they get darker,” Monty joins the Moral Ambiguity Makes Me Really Handsome Squad.  So far it’s just Bellamy, Monty, and Roan, but I’m sure we’ll get some more recruits as this season wraps up.

Using ALIE/Raven to call out everyone’s weaknesses was a really good way of resolving a lot of shit and setting up some emotional catharsis.  However, unless I missed something major, Bellamy and Clarke just snapped back into “okay, we’re handling this shit and dealing with our emotional shit later” mode, which is appreciated and in character and means WE STILL HAVE A HEART TO HEART COMING.  This pleases me greatly.

Oh, Octavia.  I’m glad you’re staying with your people.

So Niylah’s father died in Bellamy’s massacre?  That’s…convenient.  But hey, at least he got confronted about it and apologized and I hope that’s the last of that shitty plot.  Not because I think Bellamy should be absolved of his participation, but because it was poorly thought out and mostly just used for shock value and was clearly never intended to make him irredeemable but very nearly did.  Let’s just…move on now.

MUTUAL HAND WRAPPING.  I’m dead.  Stick a fork in me, kids, because I’m DONE.

“Too bad you were never that devoted to Gina.”  The pain on Bellamy’s face when she said that was great, because you know he blames himself for trying to rescue Clarke and leaving Gina to die.  (I’m also going to take a moment and point out that I wrote a very similar scene earlier today, so clearly I am a genius and/or able to predict emotional beats in a post-apocalyptic CW show.)


Let’s take a minute to appreciate a) how much Sinclair cares for Raven and b) that he’s just like, building shit while teenagers fall to pieces around him.


Jaha is, once again, a disappointment on many all fronts.

But what’s this?  An episode ending on a hopeful note?  Be still my heart.

I watched the finale again.

But this time, just The Last Stand, and skipped Day of the Colossus, and this time, separated myself from all shipping aspects and tried to watch it subjectively and with an open mind, knowing what was coming. 

And I feel a lot better. Yes, I still feel incredibly disappointed and misled that there wasn’t a clear M/akorra resolution and yes I still think the K/orrasami is forced with too much tell and no show (but I’ve felt that way since the beginning and that’s all I’m going to say about that), but the actual finale finale really did give the krew more time than I thought. Mako has his incredible sacrifice scene, and his brotherly moment with Bolin. Korra has a beautiful fight sequence with Kuvira and opens a new freaking portal. Aside from the wedding, which does serve as a sort of curtain call, the other side characters are in it very little.

I could see what I think Bryke was going for, but just didn’t execute very well in those last few minutes. There should have been a clearer definition of just how much time had passed - maybe with a line from Mako about the process of his arm healing, or from Korra with the remarks about Raiko expanding the city instead of rebuilding - and something to show Korra’s work was done for now. That she could afford the time to take a vacation and take time to herself and that she wasn’t abandoning the city. Because of course she does deserve time to herself. And maybe a line to show what Mako and Bolin were up to, so they didn’t feel so shuffled to the side. 

I think the shipping wars really tainted the episode, which makes me incredibly sad. I understand why people are so upset about so many things, but I also think the shock of everything really threw people. I’m glad K/orrasami shippers have something, regardless of how well or poorly I think I was done. But M/akorra shippers have something, too, and both sides need to remember that this isn’t a war and Korra isn’t a prize - whoever she ends up with didn’t “win." 

So in terms of the finale, I feel better. There are still some other very valid issues about various other things in terms of how character development and other such things were handled that I agree with, but I’m not going to talk about those now. The Legend of Korra is over. I actually just teared up typing that sentence and I think I’m going to go cry now. 

Thank you, Korra. It’s been an amazing journey. I love you and I’ll miss you.