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I made this thing for @team-choro at 4 am
Also I reached 900 followers woooo

Also guys! Im at 900+ followers right now!! If I reach 1000 Im going to be doing a special event! Probably a 24-Hour Haikyuu Stream! Where we’ll watch all 3 seasons  (or as much as we can at least) of Haikyuu, while i take live self-insert or pairing art requests and I’ll think of some other things to throw in there, like raffles of some sort! 

Thank you so much for all your support!! I really love running this blog it makes me so happy!! I’ll do my best to make sure I give back as much of that happiness to you as you give me <33

I’m sorry

I got this really cool request that I got a long time ago and I really liked the request.

Warnings: like one swear word
(Peter Parker x Reader)
Summary: You and Peter get into a fight and don’t talk to each other but when they need him to fight she finds herself having to apologize but in a different way
Requested: yes


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(gif isn’t mine full credit goes to owner)


(Y/N)’s P.O.V

“We got into a huge fight and he hates me now.”, I said to Wanda

“What even cause you guys to get into such a big fight?”, she replied

“I just stated facts but it came out wrong and he got really mad and he hasn’t talked to me in forever.”

“That must suck to have your best friend mad at you.”

“Yeah it is the worst and he won’t listen to me. I tried to talk to him the other day to see if we could figure this all out but he wouldn’t even look at me.”

“Well I have to go take care of some stuff so good luck with Peter.”, says Wanda walking out of my room. I lay down on my bed and look at my phone. I open my messages and see Peter’s contact. 

“Why won’t you talk to me Peter?”, I say to myself. 

Time Skip

I go out to the kitchen to get some food and get my mind off of the entire situation. I go into the kitchen only to see Peter standing in the kitchen. I walk back into the hallway and hide behind the wall. “Oh shit.”, I whisper to myself. 

“Who was that?”, I hear Peter say “Who’s there? I swear if it is someone trying to pull a prank on me I am not happy about that.”

I slowly walk away from the wall and smile at Peter “Hey! How’s it going?”

He looks at me rolls his eyes and walks back to finish with his food. “Hello?”, I say to him “Peter you can’t be mad at me forever!”

He looks over at me then back down to his food. I let out a sigh and give up. “Fine if this is how it is going to be then that is how it is going to be.”, I say to him walking away back to my room loosing my appetite. 

Week Later

I sit in my room scrolling tumblr on my computer when my phone starts to ring. “Hello?”, I say after looking at the caller id and seeing that it is Tony

“Hey uh are in the head quarters?”, he asks clearly stressed

“Yeah? Why?”

“Well we are in a little bit of a pickle and I need you to come and help us.”

“Okay I will change and be right on my way.”

“Wait! Could you get the little spider-ling to come too?”

“I don’t know about that Tony he is still mad at me.”

“Well do what you need to. We need both of here and as soon as possible!”, he says hanging up the phone suddenly.

I let out a large sigh knowing what I have to do.

I walked around the building trying to find Peter. “He has to be around here somewhere.”, I say to myself

After walking around for another minute I find him in a little lounge area reading a book. “Peter!”, I say to him. He turns around but just goes back to his book. 

“Peter listen to me!”

“Peter please I need your help. The rest of the team is in danger and they need us to help them!”

“Please Peter!”

He looks over at me and rolls his eyes then getting up and walking in the other direction. “Peter! I AM SORRY”, I yell to him as he begins to walk away

He stops walking and looks out at the view from the window. “Listen I know that what I said wasn’t right but right now people need your help.”, I say with tears starting to form in my eyes “And… and after we’re done you can hate me and that will be fine, because I was an awful friend and I hurt you. And yo… you can walk away knowing you were right all along!”

At this point I am close to balling my eyes out when he turns around. He gives me small smile “Apology accepted. Now stop crying give me a hug and lets get going.” 

I let out a small laugh and  run up and give him a big hug.


Thank you so much for reading! Also I want to make a quick thank you because I reached 900 followers!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for all the support you guys give and for reading my stuff! I love you all!

(Also huge thank you for @marvilimagines for requesting this!)

So, I’ve reached 900 followers, which to me is amazing - and also really surreal and weird. I very nearly didn’t make this blog. I was nearly too scared to take the chance and start roleplaying, thinking why the hell would anyone want to play with some weird old dead elf, especially one written by me? But I’m glad I took that chance, because despite the ups and downs, I can honestly say it has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. And that is thanks to the lovely people I have the pleasure of interacting with and following, those who make my time here enjoyable and make me feel glad that I joined the Tolkien fandom. Both my muse and I are grateful for the friends that we have made and the way we have been accepted and supported. Thank you <3 

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For those with multiple blogs, I’ve put down the one that I associate most with you; though a couple of people have their personal and art blogs here in different sections bc reasons. 

Thanks again; from both Oreo and myself. I love you guys a lot and look forward to what the future holds :3


Now that 2014 is almost over, it is time for me to make my first follow forever ever (little fact: I’m here since May 2011… so yeah it took me long enough). I have been through a lot this year in my personal life but also in my fangirl life so I am happy you made this year a little better. Thank you to all my followers (I’ll soon reach +900) and also to all the amazing new people I met (especially from the catws and NS fandoms) and to the talented gif/graphic makers making my dash something beautiful.

This year, you saw the best of me (catws releasing time, mentalist s6 finale, Twelve and Clara…) but also the worst (bitching about HIMYM and Naruto ending, anger against Studio Pierrot and the Last Bullshit, anger about Ferguson, favorite character deaths again) but you are still here and for that I am more than grateful.

In case you are wondering who are on the gifs (since I also became an anime blog in extra of being a tv and movie multifandoms one), you have on the first gif Tony and Ziva (aka my very first otp) from NCIS and Naruto and Sakura from Naruto and on the second one, you have Klaus and Caroline from TVD and Sting (aka handsome blondie) and Yukino from Fairy Tail. These four pairings are part of my favorite pairings of all and it’s even thanks to Tony and Ziva that I have started a youtube account and made this blog. That is why I wanted to gif them.

Anyway, may 2015 be the year where you will all blossom into a beautiful flower willing to fulfill your dreams and keep having hope not matter what happens in real life or here and that includes also more favorite character deaths, more “you deserved better” and more pain because of doomed pairings.

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i am blown away by the response my bone bros comic got. it got MUCH more attention and feedback than i ever expected, and i also reached another huge follower milestone as a result - 900 followers!! ;v; normally i do a thank-you sketch request for each centennial follower, but unfortunately i just don’t have the time to do three requests for the three people who made my 700th, 800th, and 900th followers. so instead, have this quick, messy sketch of my favorite bone bros (which i really should have spent more time on ono;; ) doing something a lot less heart breaking :‘D

THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!! i hope my art doesn’t disappoint! ;v;