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Okay, so, my school generally sucks at everything, especially hiring teachers, and, oh boy, the French teacher! She is known for being intolerable by EVERYONE.

My school is fairly diverse for being in the middle of nowhere (we have racial diversity, lgbt+ kids, multiple religions, etc). Also worth noting, I live in the US.

The French teacher–I’ll call her Prof. B., okay?–was from Portugal and claimed to be fluent in seven different languages. She also claimed to have lived in the US on and off since the age of 16, but spoke so broken that you couldn’t tell what she was saying and didn’t know how to say most English words, as well as speaking like a textbook.

Prof. B. is also sexist, saying that a woman can’t be an authority figure unless we want the world to fall, homophobic, saying that same-sex marriage is equal to marrying cattle, transphobic, saying that a chair (or whatever) can’t be masculine no matter how hard it tried whilst staring directly at me (a nonbinary individual), and once said, “my notes are so easy that even the re***** downstairs could learn it!” Below her classroom is the Special Education classroom.

Prof. B. also neglected teaching us, turning on French baby songs and sitcoms and being mad if we claimed not to understand. She never gave rubrics for projects, didn’t give due dates, but did not accept late work.

And when I complained to the office (with exact quotes and dates, with witnesses) they said, “well, she has a right to her opinions. she’s been teaching here for 20 years, so she can’t be that bad…”

dialect, languages known, etc.

* these topics are no way related to mingyu’s plot or whatever, but we’re here for character development, right

  • first things first, for mingyu’s voice claim, i wouldn’t be using jin’s since the dialect he’s using is 경기 (“gyeong-gi”), which is the dialect spoken by most people in seoul. mingyu is from daegu, so he speaks in 경상 (“gyeong-sang”) dialect, which has a harsh sounding intonation compared to the gyeong-gi dialect. if you’re curious what’s the difference between the two, you can watch a video here
  • his voice is hoarse and deep, mostly because of his smoking habits. mind you, he’s been smoking since he was 21 (he’s 27 now), so no wonder there is inflammation in his vocal cords.
  • mingyu is fluent in a lot of asian languages such as chinese, japanese, and thai since most of his business transactions/partners are from china, japan, and thailand. with that said, that makes english his fifth language. is he as fluent in the english language like the languages stated above? no. since it’s only been 4 years when mingyu started leading the red brotherhood, and 2 years when it started spreading to western countries, he’s still in the process of learning the language.
  • ok, that’s all for now. expect more random metas like this one in the future.


Embarrassingly, it’s been a little while since the last time I did any sort of bloggin’ whatsoever. Now, I find myself near the very end of a long year having said nearly nothing about it! What a year it’s been for Paramore. Taylor and Jeremy and I are so thankful, so exhausted, and so satisfied. Thinking back on everything from The Self Titled Tour in OZ to launching “Ain’t It Fun” on one of the biggest pop stations in the country, to Parahoy and Monumentour… I just don’t know that there’s been another year in our career that has felt both this sentimental (like show #2 on the cruise) AND this triumphant (like having our first top 10 single at top 40 radio) all at the same time. It just keeps getting better, you guys.

2014 really changed me in a lot of ways. I guess it’s one reason I kept away from blogging and sharing as much as I usually feel inclined to. I grew up a lot and the process wasn’t really expected, nor was it always fun. Since the top of the year, I’ve gone through a “break-up”, a “make-up" (YAYWOOHOOO!), had a really promising hair-dye business opportunity completely fall through, got sick a TON of times on Monumentour and had to cancel shows, and just got plain tired. Well, we all did! Oh, I also got a dog (YAYWOOHOO!). The reason I’m saying all this is to show you that even when things look simple or wonderful on the surface, there’s always a battle to be fought. Don’t let it stop you from getting where you want to be. It’s not about where you think you should be, or even where you think you deserve to be. Where do you want to be? 

I’m so eternally 100% absolutely ridiculously grateful for people like you who have given my life, as well as Jeremy’s and Taylor’s, a major purpose. We are constantly learning along with you. Existing along with you. Singing along with you. But more than that we are always FOR you. This is so cheesy, omg… but you can’t water down the truth and when you do, it loses all its power.

I hope that, at the end of this year, you realize how the hard times made you. I hope for you that you allowed those times to make you better. I would bet that you’re better. 

You already know about this but, to bid 2014 goodbye, we’re leaving you with a re-release of our Self-Titled album. The re-release includes tracks from our favorite show on Monumentour, which took place at Red Rocks in Colorado. We didn’t originally intend to ever do anything with the recordings. It wasn’t planned. We just loved the show so much and felt it embodied the rawness and the fun that we had with you over the summer. The songs we chose to include from that show are mostly ones that weren’t on The Final Riot (save for “LTFB”, which we just HAD to have since we played that and “Part ll” back to back!). These recordings are un-touched and though they’re not perfect, we are psyched that we caught it on a recording because it was so special for us.

The re-release also has ALL 3 B-sides! Maybe you’ve already heard “Escape Route” and “Native Tongue” but there is noooo way you’ve ever had the pleasure of “Tell Me It’s Okay”. It’s such a cool song. I’m so happy we finally found a home for it. For whatever reason, at the time, it just didn’t fit the album. We never even finished recording it! This is the scratch demo that we recorded all in one take while Ilan was tracking drums at Sunset Sound. I later added some harmonies, Taylor threw an extra guitar bit here and there, and that’s pretty much it! The lyrics were always important to me and very true to that particular time in our band’s life. Maybe I’m giving too much away here but… it IS okay to be happy NOW. 

Lastly, there’s the duet I did with Joy Williams (formerly of The Civil Wars) on “Hate To See Your Heart Break”. We recorded our vocals (to the original track) in Santa Monica, CA about a week after the Monumentour ended. Joy has been a friend and a mentor of mine since I was just 12 years old. I met her, by fate, about a month into moving to Franklin, TN. She was on her own musical journey and I was chomping at the bit to start my own… (little did I know I would meet the guys like 6 months later). Joy has been an incredible example of strength, perseverance, faith, and grace throughout all the years that I’ve known her. I always wanted to be able to sing like her and being able to duet with her actually felt like an amazing tribute to the inspiration she’s given me. Taylor and his family are also close with Joy and he is actually the one who brought up having her on the song. It’s the first time we’ve ever collaborated with anyone as a band and we’re all really really proud we were able to invite someone into Paramore’s world who completely understands multiple aspects of who we are. Whether you’re a Paramore fan, a Civil Wars fan, or you just like pretty songs… This one will satisfy, I swear! 

Alright, this is long. I’ve typed for DAYS. My fingers hurt. I’m a little rusty! I won’t take any more of your time, except for to say this: we love you and we can’t wait for what’s next.

Always always always betting on you, 

Ava's singing audition
Ava's singing audition

uhh my ava singing audition for avasmelodies WHOO idk i kinds just pulled this out ofm y ass cause i just woke up but it’s not that bad uhueheuehu and then i’ll probably just use my avasdubproject audition for the speaking part bc there isnt much point in re-recording anything alRIGHT

i have a maggie singing audition also but since the instrumental was copyrighted UNBEKNOWNST TO ME i can’t upload it but i’ll figure something out it’s kind of the reason I didn’t use an instrumental in this one also OOPS

song is landfill by daughter its a rlly pretty song check it