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Okay but I saw Pokemon and now I must ask: Did you play Pokemon Rangers and if so, what did you think about the games? Personally I actually played the second game, and then the third, and /then/ the first and the difference in quality had me crying from laughter the entire game

I did! 

I played the first game obsessively (I really wanted that Manaphy egg) and have very vivid memories of playing it in-between classes. I think the capture mechanic itself was one of those things that you’d either love or hate, and I’m not really a fan of games requiring people to have fast motor skills to play them, because then you start excluding people who aren’t as agile or able to perform the movements for whatever reason. But that aside I thought it was a really neat concept and a fantastic way to expand on the Pokemon world in a way that the main series games don’t really ever get to do. 

Sadly I don’t think I ever played the sequels, so I don’t know what the change in quality between them might be. It sounds like you definitely played them in an interesting order though!


Lance! let him eat the vegetable!!

I want them to at least hang out a little more in s3, and what’s a better way to do it than giving some skin care tips to your local living-in-the-desert boy?

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The character of Tommy Oliver is written as being of Native American decent (despite the actor being white). Frankly, I don't care if Tommy is male or female, but the character should stay Native American. I'm majorly feeling Devery Jacobs, Nikki Gould, or Amber Midthunder as female Tommy. Also... I'm LIVING for your Trimberly fanart.

Oh that’s so cool, I didn’t know that!! AND A 1000 TIMES YES FOR AMBER MIDTHUNDER AS TOMMY OLIVER HOLY SHIT

Also, because I personally haven’t seen any posts about it yet, trigger warning in the beginning of the power rangers movie because there’s an intense and pretty fucking realistic car crash seen from inside of the car. Like, I was shaking and my friend had to ask me if I was alright

you: disney made one of their white male villians gay 

me, an intellectual: power rangers has four poc, one is a lesbian and one is autistic, all of them are heroes


My @voltronsecretvalentine gift for @thedemidiaries! hope u like it ✨ Happy Valentine’s day!!

Klance miraculous ladybug AU, am I right or am I right?

y'all writing Trini as some cool, suave, lady-charmer and Kimberly as someone who’s putty in her hands when cleARLY it should be the exact opposite
like trini is a freakin dorky young gay who would melt if a girl so much as looked at her for too long,
and i can just sEE Kimberly slinging her arm around trini’s shoulders and smirking as she subtly flirts with her and makes her face go red and makes her ‘tough girl’ demeanour crumble
i mean we’re talking about Kimberly ‘Punched a dude’s tooth out, chopped her hair off in a school bathroom, swims in a lake in the middle of the night’ Hart, she’s got all the moves to make a small gay like Trini swoon

My assessment of the Power Rangers
  • Jason: troubled cinnamon roll, too young to be having an existential crisis
  • Kimberly: sassy boss ass bitch with a mean streak
  • Zac: caring and crazy son of a gun
  • Trini: smol angry lesbian bean
  • Billy: protect my son at all costs