also rachel i hope you don't mind me quoting you

I wasn’t “cool” with Lizzie calling Lydia a slut, I wrote it. I had Lizzie call Lydia a slut. There’s a difference. It was an active choice. And again, one that I still 100% stick by, especially now. And I am by no means the only person on our team who feels that way.

And that’s in-world (characters speaking, which requires servicing the story), this is out of world (real people speaking, which requires responsibility).

As I’ve said before, Lizzie’s view of Lydia and how she approaches her on and off camera is part of Lizzie’s journey as a character. That doesn’t reflect my view of things, and if you think just because somebody writes a character a certain way they hold all of their views, I mean, to put it simply, that’s stupid.


Rachel Kiley

(Let’s be honest, this is something the fandom at large could do with realising, because I’m sick to death of hearing people attack the writers and creators over things the characters have said)