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Fic Rec

I have officially hit 300 followers, which means this fic rec will finally be coming out of the depths of my phone’s notes app! I tried to give a lot of information on the fics, more for my sanity than anything else, but it should give a pretty good overview of what’s up in them. I’m pretty sure there’s a good mix of shorter and longer fics and most of these are Lily-centric and pretty fluffy with a good sprinkle of angst. Some of these you’ve probably already read, but they are some of my absolute favorites so they might be worth a reread or a first read if you haven’t already! I do have a bunch of Percabeth fics that I think I’m saving for another milestone or smthn jsyk. Thank you all so much for 300 followers and I hope to continue posting my own fics soon! <3

sunshine in my eyes -

Author’s Summary - Mr. and Mrs. Evans are killed when Lily’s only a girl, and she’s supposed to go to a home with her sister. Instead, a relative they didn’t know they had comes to collect them, and introduces Lily to manners, magic, and a life that’s just the slightest bit different from the life she was supposed to live.

Or, an AU in which Minerva McGonagall raises Lily.

My opinions - This is so cute? It has baby Lily and James and also a lot of Petunia and Lily interaction which is v cute. Also McGonagall which I think might be part of what inspired my McGonagall post. Also Lily tying her hair up with ivy which is my Aesthetic. It gets more and more angsty the more to the end it gets, because it follows them out of school and everything but the tone of it is always cute. Like idk how else to describe it but cute. Cute and angsty. Not canon compliant, but in the best way.

Quality Quote  - “You are not a ship to be battered in a storm, or a sailor at dock, watching it rage, and waiting for it to pass.” Her eyes were bright, blazing. “You are the storm, my dear.”

the bakes of wrath -

Author’s Summary - Lily Evans and James Potter are contestants on the 2015 Great British Bake Off. Lily is determined to beat James. James is determined to win. And to make good cakes. Rivalries and Twitter wars ensue.

My opinions - Another cute one, except this one has basically zero angst. Like none. Also Twitter wars, which is a trope I can always get behind. Snape’s Twitter handle is @torturedgenius which is hilarious tbh. There’s a tiny, tiny bit of Wolfstar, and also Sirius has a cat. Overall v good and v fluffy and not one to read while you’re hungry.

Quality Quote  - “You fancy her.” Sirius said, pointing an accusing finger at his friend. “That’s your fancying a girl look. You fancy her!”

the road to 100 -

Author’s Summary - Lily Evans is stressed. Her sister has a fiancé, she’s overwhelmed by her Head Girl work, and James Potter won’t leave her alone. Although that last one may not be such a problem…

My Opinions - This is the most canon compliant fic on the list. Normally I hate the whole “Lily starts out hating James” thing but on this one the author pulled it off the best I think I’ve ever seen. It’s also pretty good about keeping you interested - a good mix of normal school life and then conflict. It’s got Lily being friends with all the boys, which I love, and also mom Lily, which is gr8. Oh! Also Lily that can handle pranks without internally combusting and has a couple of her own tricks up her sleeve. I think this might be the only one on this list that isn’t completed though, just as a warning.

Quality Quote - “Oh, I’m just joking.” Lily held aside a tapestry that hid a secret corridor. She only knew about it from following James Potter and Peter Pettigrew after one of their midnight jaunts to the kitchens. It was an educational stalk, she had reasoned. Learning the location of the kitchens could definitely come in handy later.

just stay here tonight -

Author Summary - AU. Lily Evans isn’t a witch.

My Opinions - basically Lily isn’t a witch but Petunia is. It’s pretty similar to Sunshine In My Eyes but much shorter and it pretty much dives straight into the angst. Also in Lily’s view, which I actually think all these fics are at least partly in. Also includes an Aunty Petunia. And a pretty good amount of sister interaction. And Lily the mom, which is always adorable. And the classic Harry in a reindeer costume trope that I will always get hyped for. Great characterization and a great AU and overall a good fic to read when you’re at the “one more before bed” stage.

Quality Quote - She laughs, and he asks her what her opinion on deer is. “Specifically, stags.”

in fields of poppies -

Author Summary - Her grandfather’s war and her father’s war were fought with metal and manpower. Hers was done with magic.

My opinions - This fic is the most Lily centric I think, but I kinda appreciate it. Also she smokes in this, which normally I hate (i have a lot of cancer and asthma and general deaths due to smoking in my family), but the way it’s presented and used as kind of a plot device is really interesting. This fic generally is very well written and has really good imagery and other such nice things. It’s not really AU per say but the way it’s written and the discussion of Lily’s family is original and very well thought out. Another fic where Lily knows Exactly what she’s doing and I love it. A good kinda short read with a lot of character insight and non forced Jily interaction.

Quality Quote - She fought because this was a war entirely to do with her: her rights, her status, her entire life. Doing nothing had never been an option; her integrity would not allow it. It was always her war to win.


Part 1: Did Isayama have any say in this?

I’ve exhausted my salt supply because of the Season 2 cour drama already, (the one thing WIT Studio couldn’t have fucked up but did it anyway…) so I tried to be positive in my replies!

Anonymous said:

I m deceived of how they made the rivamika scene :( 

I feel you, anon! But honestly, after almost being scared to death while watching the raw stream because someone whose stream was ahead said they’d skipped the carriage scene again (@suniuz​ I’M LOOKING AT YOU LOL), I’m just relieved they did not skip that scene entirely.

@noatchka​​​ said:

I watched the 3rd episode of season 2, and Levi didnt say ‘dont make a mistake’, or something to Mikasa, but Towards Eren. I like that tho xD 

Nevermind, i saw your post xD 

Despite popular opinion, I also don’t really mind, as long as they do justice to Mikasa’s character development during the Uprising Arc, whenever it airs. Apparently they changed Levi’s scolding to be directed at Eren because of the butterfly effect that came with radically changing season 1′s last episode (rage mode Eren)

Pros: Changing Levi’s dialogue to “I dunno why you’re so attached to him, but protect him at all costs” made him seem just jealous of Mikasa and Eren, and that’s it. In the manga at least he had an excuse for what he said - he was concerned about Mikasa AND her performance. Rivamika feels!

Cons: Mikasa not being scolded takes away from her flaws and makes her character more dependent on Eren, and less on Levi (which is actually what happens in later chapters). Cue “Mikasa is a Mary-sue” and “Mikasa is just shipping fodder” comments. Plus, Levi’s scolding is one of the catalysts for almost her entire character development in the Uprising Arc, and that’s what I like best about Rivamika - Levi is the one that helps her mature in that arc.

It’s also bad for Eren’s character. While they removed his “I’ll know exactly who to point all this anger at…” line, they added his rage mode to episode 25, and now Levi’s scolding on top of it makes Eren seem even angrier and more out of control. We know he’s going to snap later this season because of Reiner and Bertholdt anyway, so what’s the point…? At this rate I don’t understand what they’re trying to get at with Eren’s character anymore.

Anonymous said:

I feel like the rivamika carriage scene got really trivialised…. my only consolation was seeing Levi’s face literally soften specifically for Mikasa when he gave her orders 

In the manga, while we can’t see Levi’s face when he talks to Armin, we can suppose he keeps the same expression when he’s speaking to Mikasa.

Notice above how his expression doesn’t change at all when he scolds Mikasa, after asking her why she’s so attached to Eren. In this episode, however, Levi’s expression is stern towards Armin, becomes softer towards Mikasa and turns even harsher towards Eren, because of his scolding!

That’s a big deal and something I’m eternally grateful to the anime for!

Anonymous said:

As time passes by I find myself even more disappointed and salty about how the carriage scene was handled. Mainly because of how Mikasa’s character is portrayed in the anime and how all the anime-only viewers I know see her and I quote “ she is a generic MC centered character with no actual purpose other than fighting and following the MC around. She lacks all the depth and development of other characters and as it is for a supposed main her presence feels insignificant ” and to my dismay I can’t defend her since The anime adaption does portray her that way with all the changes in season 1 and I can’t reference the manga in our discussions. I’m honestly worried about her character going forward………( two part ask. I guess having more than a 100 people bash one of your favorites while you watch helplessly does that. I’m mostly venting but I’d love to know your opinion on this if you don’t mind. )

Yes, unfortunately. See the pros and cons I wrote about above. We can’t do anything right now except be patient and wait and see if they fix it this season or next (which is more likely because… Ackermans).

Anonymous said:

With these drastic changes in the latest episode (which I was looking forward to so much) it is likely that EreMika and EreRi (NOTE: I have nothing against this 2 ship whatsoever) will gain tons of fans, it just saddens me RivaMika don’t even get much screen time and then the studio will just change it like that, and to top it all they had ruined Mikasa’s character development. We won’t even get the “How’s your leg part”… Is that too much to ask?? Do they really need to do that? 

I don’t think it was all that bad for the Rivamika ship relatively speaking. But which ship gets more fans because of that scene should not be the main concern here, it’s Mikasa, Levi and Eren’s character development!

As for the “how’s your leg” moment from chapter 53: Hold on, we don’t know if they’re going to cut that scene from season 3 just because of what they did to episode 28! Some time ago I even talked about how they might tie Mikasa’s missing monologue from episode 25 to that scene when it airs in season 3. Who knows, maybe Levi will scold Mikasa differently, in other circumstances!

It makes sense to postpone that part of Mikasa’s character development to season 3 since the Uprising arc is much more about these two (Levi and Mikasa) than the Clash of the Titans arc. But it doesn’t look good for Mikasa’s character in this arc - it takes away the balance that Isayama gave her from Levi’s scolding.

Anonymous said:

Hi! I know that you talked about the change in the last espisode, but I feel that they took away what Isayama himself put through several chapters: that feeling of curiosity towards Mikasa. They also eliminated the guilt of her, because first the dialogue of “the strongest man of humanity is injured because of me” was removed. And now the one of “protects to Eren but controlate” which just referred to that occasion of the fight with the woman Titán. (½) 

I would not be surprised if they removed the part where mikasa asks for his leg if they animate the bow of insurrection. The only thing I rescued from that moment in the anime, was that in fact Levi did not even scold Mikasa, instead to Eren himself and made him rather annoying. Sorry if my English is with google translate xD (2/2)

As I said above, let’s wait and see if they include these moments this season or next. Since they emphasized his leg’s injury with the added dialogue from last episode, I think chances are low that they’ll cut the “how’s your leg” scene from season 3.

@dark-als​ replied to your post “EPISODE 28”

I get that they are adapting things to fit with season 1 ending but I must admit I’m disappointed with how they handled this scene. I always viewed this scene as an important character development moment for Mikasa where she acknowledges her mistakes and takes responsibility for them. Yet they completely downplayed the moment … I really hope this doesn’t become a trend with other important scenes

I also hope this doesn’t become a trend, but let’s just wait. They can’t ignore this aspect of her character for too long because of the Uprising Arc. 

I’m still hopeful that they won’t cut the “is your leg okay” scene from chapter 53. In my opinion, the anime’s biggest fuck up was making Levi, despite his injury, use the 3DMG to stop Eren from eating Annie. But they included this line to last episode’s dialogue to remind everyone that he’s still injured and to explain why he’s not actively fighting in the Clash of the Titans arc. So you see, if they fixed their blunder with Levi’s character, there’s still hope they can fix the one with Mikasa’s.

@suniuz  replied to your post “EPISODE 28”

I was a little bit disappointed but maybe this means Levi doesn’t want to blame Mikasa in front of everyone else? (Idk I’m just trying to make myself feel less salty but yeah Mikasa taking responsibility for her own mistake is so important :’(

Maybe it is. But it’s the second time the anime skips over that matter (Mikasa’s blunder versus the Female Titan). While from a Rivamika shipper’s point of view that might be great since Levi seems less harsh on Mikasa (even less than he usually is, considering how lenient he was to her during the Uprising Arc!), I really hope that means they’re just postponing these scenes to season 3 so the context is easier for anime-only watchers to understand.

Lastly, I’m going to quote Isayama, because here’s a friendly reminder that he’s genuinely worried about her character development:

Isayama: Mikasa’s growth probably involves separation from Eren. By separation, I mean she might be able to return to that ordinary girl that she used to be in childhood…… I read some interesting thoughts from readers on the internet. People would say male mangaka have a tendency to reject the notion of “fate.“ On the contrary, female mangaka draw works that approve “fate.” You meet your Mr./Ms. Right, you say “This is fate!”, and you accept that the trajectory of your life is already predestined. People who interfere with that and seem to affect your serene life are portrayed as villains. Of course, I am not speaking of all mangaka, but with my mentality as a male mangaka, I think it is pitiful if Mikasa’s life is only about staying together with Eren. However to Mikasa, it is a wonderful thing to be with Eren forever. Combining what I’ve said, if I were to draw the separation of Eren and Mikasa, I feel like my portrayal likely won’t be satisfactory for readers, because Mikasa would have to endure the strain of being stuck between Eren and Armin…

If he allowed these changes there must be a very good reason, and we’ll only know it when this season ends or maybe when next season airs.

anonymous asked:

I didn't think I saw anything about this topic, so I was wondering if you had any resources on echolalic speech patterns for characters. I have one character who I intend on writing with these patterns but have no idea how to write them (especially since she has delayed echolalia, but nothing really to replicate except what her colleagues say to her).

Hi! First of all, I’m intending on writing up a complete post on echolalia some day, but in the meanwhile, for our readers who are not familiar with it, I’ll leave you with this excellent video by Amythest Schaber which explains the different types of echolalia and why an autistic person might use them. There also are tons of resources in the description so you can check these out.

If using delayed echolalia, your character will basically quote things which she has heard before. They can be complete sentences or fragments of sentences or even disjointed words. They can come from what has been said to her by people, from what she has heard (for example on TV/ on the radio/ in a song…), or even from what she has said herself. She may have heard these words only a few minutes ago, or more than 10 years ago if they have particularly marked her.

Here are some common patterns:

  • Using pop culture references. This is so common it’s almost become stereotypical. I don’t know your story, but if it takes place in our universe, your character could definitely quote her favorite movies or famous songs, or TV ads. And if the story is taking place in another universe, this is a great occasion for some worldbuilding! What are iconic pieces of media in your world? In historical fiction in a European setting, this would probably translate into quoting the bible when relevant. In a futuristic sci-fi setting, it’s up to you to invent hundreds of years of pop culture!
  • Using common idioms, phrases and sayings. Even if your universe doesn’t have a pop culture per se, they will probably have proverbs. These are phrases which are commonly heard and repeated, so using them as echolalia makes sense.
  • Speech mannerisms. These are phrases they use all the time, which will often be their go-to response. Most people have these, but they’re often more commonly used by autistic people. Speech mannerisms can mean using short filler words such as “like”, which is not really what I’m talking about here. Let me give you a few examples of what I mean. Here’s a personal one: When someone says something along the lines of “what do you want to do?” or “what are we going to do?”, my first response is almost always “pancakes”, even if it’s usually completely nonsensical in the context. This is not my actual answer, just something I say automatically and which gives me time to think. I even say that a an answer to “what do you want to eat” when I don’t want to eat pancakes at all. Another example could be immediatly replying “You’re the X” when someone says a sentence which contains the word X, even when it makes no sense whatsoever. And these mannerisms are very easy to “catch” from other people.
  • Using sentences they have heard a lot in their life, for instance words their parents would say to them as a child.

But really, they could quote about anything as long as they’ve heard it before. For your character, this could include what her colleagues say to her, but also everything she’s ever heard and she remembers. You don’t have to pull dialogue from your own story for her echolalia, it could be words she’s heard a stranger say in the bus as she was making her way to the office, or something she’s heard on TV, or something she remembers her sibling saying as a kid. You can get as creative as you want here. Keep in mind why she is using echolalia. Is it stimming ? If so, she’ll probably be repeating words which sound nice to her (bubbles!). Is she communicating? There will be a connection between the echolalia she uses and the meaning she’s trying to get across (eg : “Do you want juice?” to mean “I am thirsty”.)

I hope I’ve answered your question. If I haven’t, please shoot us another ask with more détails!

-Mod Cat

I just want to add that although the word “echolalia” is usually used in terms of aural things the person has heard, there is a very similar (in my mind, identical) thing that uses things someone reads, especially if they are hyperlexic (learned to read at a very young age - before 5, often as young as 2 - with little to know instruction). I am hyperlexic and learned to read at 3, and I personally thank books for many of the social skills I seemed to possess at a young age. I consumed books at an incredible rate and on a wide range of topics, mostly fiction. Most of the time, when I was having a conversation with someone, I was pulling some or all of my side of the conversation from various conversations and prose I’d read in books, though no one ever suspected that. Because I “hear” what I read in my head, I remembered it the same way I would remember a spoken conversation, and was able to echo it later. Rather than seeing my odd speech patterns as a sign of autism, I was frequently praised for being so eloquent and having such a big vocabulary for my age, and for speaking like someone much older than me (because I was generally echoing adults). I still have a plethora of favorite phrases and sentences which are pulled from books I read as a child. Sometimes I hope that someone will catch on and get the reference, but so far, no one ever does.

The character doesn’t have to be hyperlexic to use something they’ve read in this way, though. Any level of reading can work. Even something they saw in an advertisement on the side of a bus can be added to their internal library.

The internet is also a big source these days. I have a lot of phrases in my library which come from Homestar Runner cartoons I watched in high school, or articles I read on Cracked, for example. This could potentially include grammatically incorrect writing that people use online. 

Also, be aware that words learned by reading are often pronounced wrong. If your character prefers communicating in writing rather than speech, they might mispronounce many words when speaking. People tend to laugh at someone who does this, especially if it’s someone who’s usually eloquent and uses a lot of big words. (I really need to do a masterpost on hyperlexia someday!)

Basically, yes, people who are mostly nonverbal or not very verbal might use a lot of echolalia. However, even those who seem to speak very well might use a lot more of this type of scripting than you think. If people knew how much of my speech is directly quoted from another source or from scripts I’ve compiled in my head over the years, they would be very surprised indeed.

Happy writing!

-Mod Aira

It is with great chagrin that we herald the return of the catchphrase of the century, here delivered by a non-euclidean chair.

We open with Shiori shifting her personal narrative.  If she can’t be the most powerful, she might succeed at becoming the most abject.   She’s winning, either way.

Or maybe she’s just really upset, because she was given everything she wanted and it all got taken away from her.  The worst thing to imagine - that none of this is a show, that none of it is manipulative, because there’s nobody in the audience can give her what he did.   Poor little storm at sea.

Utena notices that someone is hurting and wants to fix it.  She goes to Juri and asks for help.  Juri replies with excruciating correctness that it’s not her business and she’s not getting involved.

This would be great, if she meant it.

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anonymous asked:

Suga headcanon meme pls

thank you for requesting this beautiful boy for these

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Headcanon meme time

⌆ a nervous tic or habit they do

  • Uses filler words (um, uh, well, etc.) more often than usual and he’ll drag them out too.

⏀ describe their usual smile

  • Beautiful. Radiant. Stunning. You’re gonna need to wear sunglasses when you look at him. He should be the “after” picture in dental ads.

⇅ do they look up or down while thinking?

  • He looks up and either to the left or right a bit, most definitely.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any good quotes about Asian representation in the media? I'm writing an essay on it. Thank you!

I GOT YOU!!!! I DID A PAPER ON THIS TOO. Unfortunately I deleted it off google docs so I couldn’t just give you my cited sources. But here’s a few good articles and quotes: 

Also if you search an AA actors name and Asian representation/racism into Google you’re bound to find an article of them speaking out on it which says a lot… I’d also touch on the fact that barely a handful of Asians have won an Oscar but people in Yellowface have.

Erase My Regrets

holy shit the second chapter already!! i have so much time on my hands so i use it to write i guess, during the week i probably won’t post chapters frequently. school sucks. anyway, this chapter might suck because i kept procrastinating. enjoy anyway!

part one here

Jason Dean. Who was he? Veronica stared at the name written on the piece of paper that seemed the be wrinkled on the edges. She could’ve sworn there were tear marks. There were dots scattered around the paper where the color of the paper had faded from the tears hitting the paper. What was so special about this Jason Dean?

The young woman sat at her desk, her chocolate hues staring out the window and blinding herself with the bright sunlight shining through. IT was a beautiful day and Martha invited her over to go out and shop, possibly head over to the park and grab some lunch. She agreed to do so.

Veronica had turned down Harvard, Duke, and even Brown. She felt that it was best to go to a community college somewhere close to Sherwood. After everything she’d been through, she felt that maybe she didn’t deserve to go to a superior university.

They were accidents for fucks sake. She didn’t mean to give the cup to her best friend yet worst enemy, she didn’t know they were real bullets, she didn’t want to watch him blow up. Veronica curled up at night even ten years later from those accidents, shrinking in on herself and cursing her thoughts. If all that bullshit hadn’t happened, would she be happy?

Oh Martha. Veronica to this day still felt guilty for her wrongdoings towards Martha, her best friend since diapers. How would she do something like that? Veronica had craved to be like the Heathers yet to only kill the supreme leader. Although, she had forgiven Heather McNamara. The sweetheart stuck with Veronica during her rough times and Martha had soon come to love the Heather. They seemed to be the best of friends and Veronica, Heather, and Martha always tuned into the Princess Bride on Friday nights. Heather was busy today and Veronica couldn’t blame her. They were adults now. They grew up. Veronica’s regrets grew with her.

Her eyes looked down to the dozens of papers scattered on her desk. She tried her best to listen to her counselor who still believed that Veronica was merely affected by the ‘suicides’ and death of her boyfriend.

“You like to write poems right? Maybe writing down your thoughts and feelings will help.” Veronica’s counselor had told her. She must’ve thought it was silly how Veronica needed help even after ten years. Ten years. She tried to write poems but always turned to her diary. The poems reminded her too much of the ‘baudelaire-quoting-bad-ass’.

Instead, Veronica picked up her pen and slid one of the pieces of paper closer. She sighed and wrote the first few letters that she had written in weeks.

“September 1st, 1989”

The past three weeks were amazing for Veronica. The Heathers took her shopping but many snarky comments about Veronica’s wardrobe were thrown around. They had came over to Veronica’s house and threw out anything that “looked like an 80 year old woman’s clothing”, Heather Chandler’s words. Now her drawers and closet were filled with short skirts, revealing dresses, blouses, and blazers. At least they were some shade of blue.

She had nearly forgotten about the letter she was sent on the first day of school. It was when she was digging through her desk’s drawers and the crumpled envelope caught her eye. Veronica pulled out the first paper in the envelope and read the date.

“September 22nd, 1989”

“Oh yeah, it skipped the past three weeks,” Veronica said to herself as she read on. What would happen today? The sense of familiarity washed over Veronica as she read the first bullet point.

  • Today is the day Jason Dean walked into my life.

Veronica bit her lip and glanced at the other bullet points. He must be important if she had to point the fact out in her letter.

  • The Heathers ask you to forge a note from Ram Sweeney. It’s for Martha.
  • I let them give the note to Martha out of pressure. I was against the idea but Duke snatched it out of my hands.

She furrowed her eyebrows. Shit, she would forge a note in Ran’s handwriting? Martha has been crushing on the dickhead ever since kindergarten. Martha and Veronica weren’t exactly the closest of friends anymore due to Veronica joining the Heathers but she wouldn’t want to hurt Martha. It would crush her if she found out it wasn’t from Ram himself.

  • I want you to instantly tell Martha that it isn’t from Ram politely. If she feels bad about it, be there for her. One of my biggest regrets is hurting her, Veronica. Please. It will cause a lot less damage than what happened if I hadn’t told her.

The thing with these letters that bugged Veronica was the longing and curiosity of what would happen if she didn’t follow these requests. Her life probably would have gone the way it was supposed to. “No, you have to erase your future selves regrets,” Veronica reminded herself as she clutched the letter in her hands.

  • You’ll meet Jason Dean after this happens. You’ll also be going to Ram Sweeney’s homecoming party with the Heathers. I don’t regret going. Go and have fun.
  • You’re no longer a virgin.

Her eyes widened at the last bullet point. Holy shit, Veronica had never really thought of sex. Well, she had. Heather Chandler told her to consider it now that she was apart of the group that most horny high schoolers looked up to and fantasized about. Hell, her mother even suggested to have Veronica on the pill. She reluctantly allowed it just in case. The letter didn’t specify who she’d lose her v-card to, great.

It was a bit exciting to know, if she had to be honest. To be a part of the Heathers you should have fun and go wild at parties right? Hitting third base just might be the best thing she’ll ever experience. And it was.

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Quotes by Taylor Swift

Beauty Quotes By Taylor Swift

“Beauty is sincerity. There are so many ways, different ways someone can be beautiful.”

“I’ve never felt like there’s just one way to be beautiful.”

“Never compare yourself to the beautiful girls. There’s always someone gorgeous who will make you feel like you’re not.”

“Unique and different is the new generation of beautiful. You don’t have to be like everyone else.”

 Life Quotes By Taylor Swift

“Anything you put your mind to and add your imagination into, can make your life a lot better and a lot more fun.”

“Happiness and confidence are the prettiest things you can wear.”

“I’m beginning to think that you don’t find happiness from living your life looking ahead or back… that you find it when you look around.”

“In life and love, you learn that there comes a time to let go and move on.”

“In life, you learn lessons. And sometimes you learn them the hard way. Sometimes you learn them too late.”

“In real life, saying the right thing at the right moment is beyond crucial. Most of us fear reaching the end of our lives and looking back, regretting moments we didn’t speak up. When we didn’t say “I love you.” When we should’ve said “I’m sorry”. When we didn’t stand up for ourselves or someone who needed help.”

“Just because something is over doesn’t mean it wasn’t incredibly beautiful. Because another lesson I’ve learned is not all stories have a happy ending and you have to learn to deal with that.”

“Life is a ruthless game unless you play it good and play it right.”

“Life is like walking you take one step at a time.”

“Life isn’t how to survive the storm, it’s about how to dance in the rain.”

“The trials and tribulations in your life make you stronger.”

“The world doesn’t owe you anything. You have to work for everything you get and you have to appreciate every bit of success the world gives you.”

“We don’t need to share the same opinions as others, but we need to be respectful.”

“You have people come into your life shockingly and surprisingly. You have losses that you never thought you’d experience. You have rejection and you have to learn  how to deal with that and how to get up the next day and go on with it.” 

Love Quotes By Taylor Swift

“But no matter what love throws at you, you have to believe in it. You have to believe in love stories and prince charmings and happily ever after. That’s why I write these songs. Because I think love is FEARLESS.” 

“I don’t think there’s such a thing as falling in love too easily or falling too fast. Or loving someone too soon or trusting someone too soon…I’ve never treated two relationships the same. Some people move you and some people don’t.”

“It’s the most maddening, beautiful, magical, horrible, painful, wonderful joyous thing in the world, love.”

“I think the perfection of love is when it’s not perfect.”

“I write a lot of songs about love and I think that’s because to me love seems like this huge complicated thing. But it seems like every once in a while, two people get it figured out, two people get it right. And so I think the rest of us, we walk about daydreaming about what might be like. To find that one great love, where all of a sudden everything that seemed to be so complicated, became simple.”

“Love always ends differently and it always begins differently.”

“Love is fascinating. Wishing for it, pinning for it and the anger that comes when you lose it. I used to think that I could figure out some pattern to love, but there is no pattern. Absolutely nothing is predictable in love.”

“Love is unpredictable and it’s frustrating and it’s tragic and it’s beautiful.”

“Love will find you when you least expect it.”

“My favorite thing in life is writing about life, specifically the parts of life concerning love. Because as far as I’m concerned, love is absolutely everything.”

“Real love still happens sometimes. It’s not just something we make up when you’re nine. I have to believe that. You do too.” 

“The way I look at love is you have to follow it, and fall hard, if you fall hard. You have to forget what everyone else thinks. It has to be an us-against-the- world mentality. You have to make it work by prioritizing, and by falling in love really fast, without thinking too hard. If I think too hard about a relationship I’ll talk myself out of it. I have rules for a lot of areas in my life. Love is not going to be one of them.”

“There is a general rule that I always go by, and it’s that fall for who you fall for. Whatever small issue you get hung up on, whether it’s because they’re shorter than you, younger than you or they live far away- if you really are crazy about someone, none of that matters.”

 “To truly love is to have the courage to walk away and let the other person who wishes to be free go no matter how much it hurts.” 

Motivational Quotes By Taylor Swift

“At some point you have to forget about grudges because they only hurt.” 

“Be that strong girl that everyone knew would make it through the worst, be that fearless girl, the one who would dare to do anything, be that independent girl who didn’t need a man; be that girl who never backed down.” 

“Be yourself, chase your dreams, and just never say never. That’s the best advice I could ever give to someone.”

“Being fearless isn’t being 100% not fearful, it’s being terrified but you jump anyway.”

“Don’t ever regret being honest. Period.”

“Fearless is getting back up and fighting for what you want over and over again…even though every time you’ve tried before you’ve lost.”

“For everything I do, I think about a 6-year-old and her mom that I saw at my concert last night. I think about what those two individuals would think if I were at a club last night. I never want to be arrested, and I never want to be arrested, and I never want to get a DUI those are my moral values.”

“Giving up doesn’t always mean you are weak, sometimes you’re just strong enough to let go.”

“If somebody hurts you, it’s okay to cry a river but remember to build a bridge and get over it.”

“If you’re lucky enough to be different, never change.

“If you’re lucky enough to find something that you love, and you have a shot at it, don’t stop, don’t put it down.”

“I believe when it comes to love, there’s something intangible about who we are attracted to.”

“I’ve questioned everything about myself, every step of the way. You have to have the same amount of fear and self-doubt as you do hope and blind optimism.”

“I wish all teenagers can filter through songs instead of turning to drugs and alcohol.”

“Just be yourself, there is no one better.”

“Keeping your emotions all locked up is something that’s unfair to you. When you clearly know how you feel, you should say it.”

“Live your life like you’re 80 looking back on your teenager years. You know if your dad calls you at eight in the morning and asks if you want to go out for breakfast. As a teenager you’re like no, I want to sleep. But as an eighty year old looking back you have that breakfast with your dad. It just little things like that, that helped me when I was a teenager in terms of making choices you won’t regret.” 

“Never believe anyone who says you don’t deserve what you want.”

“No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind.”

“There are two ways you can go with pain: You can let it destroy you or you can use it as fuel to drive you.”

“What I’ve learned is not to change who you are, because eventually you’re going to run out of new things to become.””

“To me, Fearless is not the absence of fear. It’s not being completely unafraid. To me, Fearless is having fears. Fearless is having doubts. Lots of them. To me, Fearless is living in spite of those things that scare you to death.”

“Words can break someone into a million pieces, but they can also put them back together. I hope you use yours for good, because the only words you’ll regret more than the ones left unsaid are the ones you use to intentionally hurt someone.”

“You can’t have a better tomorrow if you keep thinking about yesterday.”

“You have to be happy with who you are and the choices you make. If you don’t like yourself, you’ll never be truly happy.”

“You have to stop looking in the mirror and realize that you’re living for yourself, not others.”

“You only get many firsts, each one is a blessing.”

Music Quotes By Taylor Swift

“People haven’t always been there for me but music has.”

“People like music when they’re in love, but they don’t need it as much. You need music when you’re missing someone or you’re pinning for someone or you’re forgetting someone or you’re trying to process what just happened.”

“For me, Genres are a way of categorizing music. But it doesn’t‎’t have to define you. It doesn’t have to limit you.”

“I feel in my music I can be a rebel. I can say things I wouldn’t say in real life.”

“I’ve always felt music is the only way to give instantaneous moment the feel of slow motion. To romanticize it and glorify it and give it a soundtrack and a rhythm.”

“Music is my shining light, my favorite thing in the world. To get me to stop doing it for one second would be difficult!”

“My definition of country music is really simple. It’s when someone sings about their life and what they know, from an authentic place.”

“Nobody in country music “made it” the same way. It’s all different. There’s no blueprint for success, and sometimes you just have to work at it.”

Personal Quotes By Taylor Swift

“If you’re horrible to me, I’m going to write a song about it and you won’t like it. That’s how I operate.”

“I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to love. No one does! There’s no pattern to it, except that it happens to all of us, of course. I can’t plan for it; I can’t predict how it will end up.”

“I love all the girls who have my song on their myspaces. I love the people who come to my shows and put the pictures on here. I love the people at those shows who sing along with me. I love reading your stories in emails, some so touching they’ve given me chills. I love every single person who has wanted my autograph, because for the life of me I never really thought it would mean something to someone for me to write my name down. I love the little girls who stand in line with their mothers like I used to do. That was me. I love the couple who danced to my song at their wedding. Every comment, letter, and message. I love people who listen to the radio. I love every single person who is reading this, because you’ve let me into your life.” “I love you all so much, I just wanted you to know.” 

“I’d rather be at home and eat ice cream than go out and get wasted.”

“I’m not complicated. My complications come out in my songs. All you need to do to be my friend is like me.”

“I still love sparkles and grocery shopping and really old cats that are only nice to you half the time. I still love writing in my journal and wearing dresses all the time and staring at chandeliers.”

“I’m always going to be a hopeless romantic. Always.”

“I’m intimidated by the fear of being average.”

“I’ve always been a hugger. If we all hugged more, the world would be a better place.”

“I’ve found growing up can mean a lot of things. For me, it doesn’t mean I should become somebody completely new and stop loving the things I used to love. It means I’ve added more things on my list.”

“I’ve never been shy or secretive with the fact that if you walk into my life, you may be walking onto a record.”

“I want a guy who takes charge, but lets me have my say once in a while.”

“I want to be an over-achiever, and I want to be known for the good things in life.”

“I would love to continue in music, with writing… but I am not the kind of person who will hang around if I start to become irrelevant. If that happens, I will bow down gracefully, raise my kids, and have a garden. And I am going to let my hair go gray when I am older.  I don’t need to be blonde when I’m 60!”

“I’ve wanted one thing for me whole life and I’m not going to be that girl who wants one thing her whole life then gets it and complains.”

“I never want to change so much that people can’t recognize me.”

“I suffer from girlnextdooritis where a guy is friends with you and that’s it.”

“I write songs to help me understand life a little more. I write songs to get past things that cause me pain. And I write songs because sometimes life makes more sense to me when it’s being sung in a chorus. And when I can write in a verse.”

“So to you, or anyone else who has spent four minutes on me in some way– listening to just one song, or watching one of my videos….Thank you. I love you like I love sparkles and having the last word. And that’s real love.” 

Relationships Quotes By Taylor Swift

“As I grow up, the lessons I learn in love and relationships and how we treat each other are hopefully maturing-maturing.”

“A good relationship is all about balance and chemistry.”

“In a relationship each person should support each other. They should lift each other up.”

“You need to be happy with yourself or you’ll never be able to be happy in a relationship.”


Actors Relate Awareness # 1 Vinchelle = Vin & Michelle

“It met him on set of the first movie, actually. It was his fault I was in the movie. He saw my indie film “Girlfight,” and requested me to play his girlfriend in “The Fast and the Furious.” They read me in New York, and I got cast right away.“ –Michelle Rodriguez 

Vinchelle is at the top of my list when it comes to actor relationships that I admire. They first met through the first Fast and Furious movie and with the situation of Vin not only understanding but also standing up for her desires when it came to her character in the series they became quick friends despite her first impression of thinking he would be a dick. They’ve known each other more than ten years and that respect remains intact with how they treat and represent each other in the eye view of their audience and the media alike. I think no matter what it always come back to that first movie where you first get to see their chemistry. Its amazing to think of how far both of their careers and their own personal relationship has grown just from the development of these characters. Even though originally Michelle’s character Letty was supposed to leave Dom for Brian, its very difficult to not only imagine what that would be like but the ripple effects it would’ve had. Given these two actors chemistry which has impacted not only the story but its audience, that original storyline would have made everything totally different. 

“In the script, she was with the Dom character and she was trying to get with the Paul Walker character. I thought that was stupid. First of all, no girl would leave the toughest guy for a weaker one. In the eyes of the street, it doesn’t work like that. I didn’t want to be a slut. I felt like a lot of Latinas in Hollywood were doing that, and that’s not how I wanted to be viewed by millions of people around the world. I was crying on set, and I remember Rob [Cohen] thinking, “I’m trying to make a good movie with fast cars, what are you bitching about?” I remember Vin saying, “I got this. I’m going to take a bullet for you, kiddo.” “Vin was the first one to pull me to the side while I was crying,” she declared. “And he just looked at me and said, ‘I got your back. Chill out and let me handle this, and you’re right — it makes me look bad anyway.’ And there you go. That was beginning of the Letty fairytale.”Michelle Rodriguez

I love when actors who work together find that they have similar thoughts or outlooks that helps them bond and even sometimes helps their careers through this communication. I think Vinchelle is a prime example of this kind of partnership. It’s clear just from their interviews together that they are two people who actually have an open communication and who agree and see things from some of the same levels. I watched their Pico interview and what I saw take place can only be described as chemistry and a cosmic bond, it’s the language of two people who know each other and that takes form in different ways vocally and nonverbally. She knows what type of character he wishes to portray and after he ask her to describe the thought process behind that desire you can tell that they’ve had in depth conversations about it and that it’s a topic they are both passionate about because it’s something Michelle herself speaks on a lot. Music taste and such things that are cues to actually knowing a person are known between them and it’s just great to see a friendship that has bonded through a shared passion of creativity.

“I fought for that one too! I fought for the punch, because they didn’t think a girl would ever get involved,” she added. “It’s like, have you ever been to the ghetto, homie? If your boys are fighting and you don’t fight, they make fun of you, they crack on you, and they’d probably kick you out of the group.”Michelle Rodriguez

“Yeah I mean we have a very, very strong relationship. Uh, we’ve been (pause) friends for so long and there’s so much trust. When the pre-production phase happens I usually invite her in to the writing phase. That’s how much I respect her creativity and her brain. She’s actually, no one realizes, but she’s actually a brilliant screen writer. I have worked with her on that. She’s dedicated in a real refreshing way, a way that you don’t always see. She’s willing to do anything to make the film special.”Vin Diesel 

Michelle is a very vocal woman, she speaks her mind with a frankness that some might consider inappropriate, because the media only likes to talk about bad stuff most think she’s wild and not so serious. You forget that she has two cats, that she doesn’t like make-up that much unless shes working, that if you actually listen and comprehend what she’s trying to say instead of looking for fault, you’ll actually find that she’s actually very deep, conscious aware of the world today and history itself. As an actress she really has this integrity of thinking about the story than herself. And not every actor/actress can say that. Women, def women in a minority group has a smaller window so it’s easier to fall to temptation to get your name out there or to just have a job because the pickings are slim and even if you get past that there’s other elements to worry about. My favorite actresses I feel that they’re all conscious of not only their character but the story itself, that desire to be a part of a concrete piece of work. Often these actress still get disrespected, looked down upon, and often put into a box so others don’t have to think about their real worth and the struggle to get where they’ve gotten. Michelle is one of those actresses, people are okay with categorizing her as the wild party girl so they don’t have to acknowledge her work ethic. Everyone behind the scenes has been called a genius, but people forget to name Michelle – the vocal actress that’s stopped them from making quite a few plot mistakes. And that’s why I respect Vin so much not only because he stood for her at a time she needed him to but because advocates, never slow on the uptake to let people know about the facets of her they not yet know of.

“It’s like losing a limb. I can’t explain it any other way. It was hard. I could see it. He’s a quiet, reserved guy when it comes to emotion. For him to f—ing show how he feels. He’s old-school alpha male. I think the only time Vin was able to show his true emotions about everything that happened was when the movie was finally cut and they showed it to us. That was the first time Vin breathed and let go. He texted me right after and I had a long conversation with him.
I’m incredibly impressed with Universal and the entire “Fast” family. Everyone felt the weight of doing the best work they possibly could to make sure [Paul’s] legacy is something that can be revered. That was the biggest worry for me and Vin. How are they going to approach it? It’s not only a celebration. It’s also a goodbye. They could have been announcing other movies. That would have been an abomination. I’m so happy they were classy about it. I just feel like everybody came through 150 percent”
Michelle Rodriguez 

After Paul Walker’s death, there were people who seemed discontent with what they felt were lack of emotionalism of Vin’s part. It’s disrespectful to act like everyone shows emotions the same, and these people obviously know nothing about Vin Diesel. I like to call Vin Mr. Poker Face because you have to look deep for cues of his emotions, he’s very quiet and very reserved. Quite often in interviews, he looks down a lot, he shuffles and fidgets a lot or he’s very excitable. In interviews with Michelle he often ask her to speak when they have to go into detail about anything or when given the a option question he looks at her to go first (even though because of that laugh-laugh moment he usually ends up going first anyway). I personally see elements of the actors in their F&F characters and while the sunglasses is catered to by both Dom and Vin, Vin isn’t as wordy as Dom. When any emotion comes into play with Vin while speaking that emotion shines through, and sometimes his excitement or emotionalism causes him to lose words and such things, this is another reason he lets Michelle explain things on top of just liking how eloquently she puts things. You can tell Vin is always aware of the audience and he tries not to offend anyone. It was horrible to see people try to denounce that friendship he and Paul had, it’s great when people like Michelle who was around both men speak on how their relationship really was. 

“She’s very brave. Too brave. It scares me sometimes. Everything I feel for her is shown in the movie through Dom’s efforts. If it wasn’t for Michelle Rodriguez, there wouldn’t be any Fast & Furious 6. - Vin Diesel

“I love Vin because he’s got that gangsta ass street cred that you don’t get a lot with people who play tough. You know…he’s got this…it’s in his eyes you know. It’s like I grew up in the hood just like you kinda thing, so you know I vibe with that. I’m like yeeeaaaah homie. Started from the bottom now we’re hurr (laughs) I love that. So every time I look at him I think of it. I think of how we just came from…out of nowhere…into Hollywood and introduced to Hollywood with this franchise….”Michelle Rodriguez 

These are probably my favorite quotes they have about on another. It’s not just because of the descriptors they draw about each other, or the obvious emotion, but because their quotes reflect also on who they are themselves. The F&F franchise is ingrained in their friendship not only because its where they met and connect but because the series is symbol for their own journey. Like Michelle say’s ‘Started from the bottom no we’re here’ that’s both true for the series and them as individuals in their careers. You can tell that Michelle’s past is deeply a part of who she is, it plays part in how she views people and herself, it plays as both a motivation and an experience that she draws from to connect with work in her career. I think the ideal of being able to look at someone and see the reflection of how far you both have come is a flooring thing really. It’s also one of my favorite things about these two because they do reflect off each other a lot, rather from similarities or differences – either way it’s a combination they’ve used to balance out the odds, what one lacks the other may have. There’s that great balance of respect, and admiration. Although Michelle’s responses are funny when Vin starts to compliment her on any level, which I find interesting because she has no problem complimenting others. She’s very down to earth, with this openness about her work and her thoughts on societal issues, everything comes off more as a conversation instead of anything actually formal. 

“I didn’t do two or three because Vin wasn’t in them. And I knew he was my only rock. I don’t fight over action. I don’t care who is beating up who. I fight for integrity. Vin was my only back up. There were too many cooks in the kitchen. I didn’t want to deal with all the chaos.” –Michelle Rodriguez
“I would work with Vin any of day of the week outside of Fast, it’s just that when you have that connection like Letty and Dom do in the Fast and Furious franchise, it’s like we look at other projects and we’re like uhh…it’s kinda whack compared to what we already got going on (…) when I have something special, I like to keep it special. I don’t like to mess with it. But who knows, maybe there’s something really cool that will come down the line that Vin would wanna do and where we’d get to work together on the project. That’d be awesome. But so far it’s just that Dom and Letty relationship is just so awesome, I couldn’t compete with it.” -Michelle Rodriguez

I personally am all for them working together on another project. I’d kill to see them in something that reinvents their chemistry dynamic. Michelle hasn’t really played in any mystical fantasy type movies like Vin likes to do and while I’d love to see that happen Vin’s little love interest in those movies are either nonexistent or they die >.> I’m not here for that. I’d love to see them in a kickass type of action flick, I don’t mean like F&F because that’s a total different type of action, I mean something like Mr. & Mrs. Smith (but not that plot line cause I’m not talking about revamping the movie) I just want that type of partnership hand to hand action. The dynamic is so different. Playing Letty and Dom they never really got to play strangers even with the amnesia that past was still present in the movie. It would be interesting to see what that kind interaction would look like for them. I’m down for a modern type of Bonnie & Clyde rendition with their own flare, or something dark and edgy (they’d make a sexy B&C – But I’d like for them to not die…or end up in jail)…anything with stealing, some gun action, and a fight scene or two thrown in. Unfortunately, they haven’t found a script that moves them enough and honestly I think for them ever to really work together outside the factor of Letty and Dom its gonna have to be an idea they both collectively imagine and pitch. I keep my fingers crossed but truly that’s something only time can tell. But truly, I’m happy that we’ve been blessed with their pieces together that we already have.

“This chemical connection is something you can’t fake. Me and Vin got chemistry. And we’ve got a 13-year rapport with each other. You can’t buy that with other actors — either you got it or you don’t. It’s a special thing.” - Michelle Rodriguez

Note: As I promised here’s the Vinchelle piece I wanted to do, since I just finished the Dotty ship awareness I thought this would be a perfect way to sum all that up. Next I’ll probably do Dom & Brian as my first Brotp, then directly after follow that with the huge F&F Franchise break down I’ve been wanting to do.

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Essays…our endless enemies… well, here’s the guide to learn the basics about an essay so you can leave your readers speechless and stop suffering! Here we go:

1. Identify the type of essay you’re asked to write
Is it an essay of investigation? A review? A summary? It depends on the class you’re taking, and on what the teacher asks from you.

2. Define your main idea
Your main idea (a term I prefer from ‘thesis’, which scares me a little), is the position you will defend along the essay. It’s your point of view, what reunites and summarizes everything you have to say, and it’s what will give your readers the clue to know what your essay is pointing up to.

Some people like to write their main idea first, others prefer it to be the last thing they write, it’s all up to you, the important thing is that you have the idea in mind, and it’s around that idea that you will build the arguments in order to support it. It doesn’t have to be very long, sometimes a phrase is better than a whole paragraph and it depends on what you have to say or how you decide to expose your idea.

You don’t have to write it yet, but you have to have a clear idea on your mind once you start writing.

3. The Introduction
The introduction is perhaps one of the things that I find the most difficult to write, just because it’s never easy to begin. However, an introduction might be just what you need in order to warm things up: basically, you expose what you will talk about and give a general idea of it. It might be the social and historical context in which the topic of your essay revolves around, or to introduce the authors you will analyze, or the research you have done before. It’s all your choice.

What do I recommend? Start with a good, short idea that will drag your readers and hook them to the essay. How to find it? Think of something about your topic that draws your attention, and that you find particularly interesting. If it attracts you, it surely will attract other people. From then on, you have the inspiration to start writing, you can either talk more about that first idea, or you can link it to other topics.

It is generally recommended to use a context-idea, a bridge-idea and a topic-idea. The context-idea locates your topic, that means either place it on a historical, social or political context, or place it within a string of theories. The bridge-idea exposes how your topic is affected by said context/theory, so you can draw a connection, and the topic-idea shows your topic. Generally, the topic-idea is followed by the enunciation of your main idea or thesis.

You don’t have to follow this structure, it all depends on the way in which you write. Do you tend to be more methodic when it comes to writing? Do you prefer to write more freely? It’s all up to you.

By the end of the introduction, I recommend you to add your thesis. Now…up to the interesting part!

4. Argumentation
Finding arguments is perhaps the most difficult part of an essay, but worry not! It’s not that difficult! The first thing you have to keep in mind is your main idea. Once you have it, I’d recommend you to think of the structure of the essay: what do you want to say first? Then what? And finally what?

How to do that? Well, here is where the main idea comes in handy, from personal experience, I recommend you to break your thesis into little fragments, and use each of those fragments as the beginning of each one of your arguments.

I’ll cite as an example a recent essay I made on Greek necromancy. My main idea was that in Ancient Greece, the belief in ghosts and in the underworld gave a sense of non-permanence related to death, and that gave them the idea that death was something they had control of, so seeking for the dead was a way of seeking immortality. I was having trouble looking for my arguments, and then I thought, well it’s simple: break your thesis. And that was it. My arguments were divided into how were the ghosts seen in Ancient Greece, what was their own idea of death, and how the divination through the death created a system of thoughts related to it. That was it! Not so difficult, is it?

Nothing makes your arguments stronger than using good sources, so always quote, it will not only help you during a writers’ block, but it will assure your teacher that you’ve done a good research! Every time you insert a quote, explain what it means and how it helps to prove your point of view. Your arguments will be much stronger.

There are different kinds of arguments: authority, example, analogy and causality. The authority ones are the most important to use, but it’s also fundamental to add some examples that might help illustrate the case: how does what you say apply to life? Have there been any historical events that might prove it? Time to use them! Arguments of analogy are good for establishing comparisons BUT you need to clarify exactly why you are capable of establishing that comparison, if you use them correctly they will be very powerful! As of the causality, you have to explain why if a then b, and b then c = a then c.

5. Wrapping up!
Remember: use the arguments that you find most important to explain your thesis, if you go for the branches, then it won’t help you prove your point of view, and your conclusion won’t be that good.

I think of the conclusion as a present for all the people who read the whole damn thing. You might use it as an opportunity to summarize the main points of your arguments, or to add a killer idea that leaves your readers speechless. My advice is to not write the conclusion right after you finish your arguments, for you’ll probably be tired and will want to finish as soon as possible. Don’t do it. Go, have a coffee, a chocolate bar, listen to a happy song and then come back and write your conclusion. Your brain will have rested and you’ll get to think of a great conclusion.

Don’t think of the conclusion as a shortened version of the essay, see it as a chance to wrap up your super cool essay, as the cherry on top.

Some tips to keep into account
• ALWAYS add a bibliography in the end. I don’t care if you’re writing your autobiography, I don’t care if all you did was draw a baby dinosaur crying, ADD the goddamned bibliography. It will save you from many, many troubles.
• Find your own style! Essays are less strict than academic articles when it comes to your writing technique, so allow yourself to experiment as much as you want until you find your own style! How will you know when you’ve found it? Because people will tell it’s your essay only from reading it. That’s a huge goal to achieve.
• AVOID becoming a 'know-it-all’ in your essay: as I said before, only use the arguments that have something to do with your essay, you don’t have to convince your teacher that you know every single fact under the sun, that will only make you look like someone who doesn’t know much about their topic and use other things to pretend they know.
Create your playlist! Use your favorite tunes, or if you find it hard to concentrate, some classical music will certainly help your brain!

Good luck! :3

Journaling Tips! (by deskgoals)

Hey guys! In early May, I started my first *real* journal - I’ve been attempting to journal on and off my whole life but this is the first one that’s stuck - and I’ve been collecting some tips on the job. So if you want to keep a journal but don’t know where to start or what to do next, here are some tips!

1. Buy a thin journal for your first time out of the gate. You don’t HAVE to do this - and in fact, I didn’t do it, but I’m realizing it might have been a mistake - but it might help. A lot of people give up journaling because they feel like they’re not getting anywhere. If you buy a thinner journal rather than some massive tome, you’ll finish it faster and feel more motivated to keep going.

2. Make lists. One of my favorite things to do in my journal is to punctuate normal written entries with random lists! Not only does it make the journal more aesthetically pleasing to look back on - variety is the spice of life - but it forces you to think about what you value, what you like, and who you are. Some fun list ideas: places you want to travel, your favorite restaurants in multiple categories of cuisine, your favorite books/films/TV shows/songs/bands/artists/albums/etc., wish list of things you want to buy (clothes/stationery/books/etc.), list of favorite quotes, goals for the next week/month/semester/year, etc!

3. Write poetry. I don’t use my journal as a poetry journal per se, but I really love copying down my favorite poems I’ve written into the book on pages that I pretty up with washi tape and fancy pens. I usually do two-page spreads with one poem on each page, and I take a lot of time writing them out so the handwriting is super neat. That’s another great way to break up the monotony of normal entries, since I tend to write long blocks of text at a time.

4. Fill every page! I don’t mean you need to fill every page with writing, but make sure there’s not a lot of blank space! If I finish an entry for the day and there’s space at the bottom of the page, I don’t force myself to keep writing; I block it off with washi tape and return to it when I have an idea for what I want to put there. Most commonly, I put a line from a song or a quote from an author I like, and I use a sort of modified calligraphy to spice it up (I have no idea what I’m doing calligraphy-wise, btw).

5. Collage your memories. My spring semester of my freshman year of college, I kept a jar on my desk, and every day I wrote a happy memory from that day on a scrap of paper and then put it in the jar. When I was journaling, I took the jar out and made a couple collages of the scraps of paper. I also taped museum tickets, receipts, cutouts from show programs - really anything I could find that mind something to me - onto the middle or sides of the pages and wrote entries that snaked around them. Again, it’s all about making your journal interesting from an aesthetic standpoint, if that’s what you’re interested in. Which brings me to my next point:

6. Don’t blame yourself for skipping days. I skipped like three weeks of May with this journal–I only got through like a week before I dropped it. Partway through June, I wanted to get back to it, but I worried that I couldn’t, because I’d have to explain my absence, or somehow summarize all that had gone on in the last three weeks. But then I just decided not to, and I started in the present and kept going from there. I’ve only skipped two days since, but you can stop for any length of time and pick back up with it without ripping out pages or summarizing your life for the days you skip.

7. Make quote pages. Sometimes I break up entries by using an entire page to write a cool quote in large letters. Pretty straightforward. If I go for a while without a quote on the bottom of a shorter entry, I’ll throw a full-page quote in for fun.

8. Make lyric webs. I’m a singer-songwriter, so I do this with my own lyrics, but you can do it with songs you haven’t written, of course. To do it, break up a page (or two, if you want to do a double-page spread) into polygons. They can be large or small, squared or rounded, or a mix of shapes (which is what I do). Then, whenever you’re bored or trying to kill time, fill every space with a line from a song you like. I recommend using pencil for the lyrics so you can erase if you misjudge how much space you need, but you do you. For an extra challenge, try not to repeat any songs (every space should have a line from a different song)!

9. Figure out what materials are the most fun for you to use. For me, the journaling experience is enhanced by changing up my writing utensil from entry to entry–sometimes I’ll do a few back to back with the same tool, but I like to mix it up. I also like using washi tape to section off or border pages, and I sometimes go back over old entries with highlighter to mark the most interesting or insightful lines. But it’s up to you! Decide if you’re pen or pencil, dark or colored ink, printing or cursive, expressive or minimalist, or some fusion of the above. And most importantly:

10. BE YOURSELF. The most cliche piece of advice on the books, but–if you make your journal as though it’s being prepared for an audience, you’ll give up on it. Make it for yourself. Make it messy. Change the aesthetic halfway through and then change it back. You can show it to your friends and family or keep it 100% to yourself. Just make it something that you enjoy doing, rather than another chore.

To the one who loves him next:

All he’s ever wanted was a chocolate lab,
Living in Colorado,
With 3 kids;
But one boy as the oldest, the daughter in the middle, and the youngest as a boy,
So the daughter will for sure be protected.
He’s going to be such a great father and he gets insecure about being one all the time.

He eats honey with his pizza crust so it tastes better,
And his favorite thing he’s ever made is Texas Roadhouse Butter.
I’m sure he’s already showed that recipe to you.
When he’s sad, take him to Panda Express. It’s his absolute favorite.
He gets the double teriyaki with white rice.
And he always forgets to grab sugar for his rice, so make sure he gets that.
And if you love midnight cookie dough, then lucky you because it’s almost a daily routine.
Midnight Mac-n-Cheese is also common with him.

He always insists on driving, but that might also be because I’m a terrible driver.
But he’ll let you play your music,
And he’ll say that he loves it even if you have a weird taste.
We shared the same music taste of country and hip hop, but he still listened to my alternative and pretended he loved it.

He always participates in no-shave November,
But he can never grow a full beard,
He has spots that refuse to grow hair.
So make sure every day that you say that you think it looks good so he feels less self-conscious about it.
His hair will grow long and you’ll love it, though.
I recommend playing with it, he’ll even let you braid it if you ask.
Or don’t ask, just do it.
He won’t complain at all.

He never takes off his ring;
The ring from his dad.
He’ll tell you about his dad eventually if he already hasn’t.
If you love him and he hasn’t pushed you away yet, then I’m sure he opened up to you within the first few weeks of talking.
He reads people well and he knows who he can trust.
He says that he’s a person that will put all of their trust in you until you give them a reason not to,
But I saw right through his bullshit.
It takes a little while to get it.

He loves having lazy days;
The days where you order pizza and lay around all day watching movies and cuddling.
He hates crowds and being social,
So maybe that’s why.

He’s the best at cuddling.
His body, not too toned but not fat, makes it so comfortable.
He’s easy to fall asleep on.
He likes to be the little spoon sometimes,
Mostly when he just needs to feel comforted.
He’ll pull you closer in the middle of the night,
And it’s the best feeling in the world.

His favorite season is winter,
Especially when it’s in Colorado.
He loves to snowboard and you’ll see his eyes light up when he talks about it.
He loves the snow, the baking, and seeing his family;
He’s a huge family guy.
Cherish that because it’s amazing.

He’ll always hold the door open for you,
and he’ll always insist on paying.
But he lowkey loves it when you pay for it;
He says it shows independence.
He’ll always make sure you’re warm,
and he’ll cover you up when you fall asleep on the sofa while you’re binge watching Friends.

He’s beyond grateful for anything that you do for him,
and he’ll never take something for granted.
He’s definitely the most kind, understanding, forgiving, positive guy I’ve ever met and for that,
He’s not worth letting go of.
He’ll always have a place in your heart whether you want him to or not.

Love him, take care of him, show him how much you care.
Make him be the best he can be and push him ahead in life.
Never forget how truly blessed you are for having him,
Because he won’t ever do the same to you.

And lastly, make him happy.
Give him a reason to smile,
Give him a reason to laugh.
Maybe tell a good joke, because he loves jokes.
He once told me that “humor is the way to his heart,”
and he didn’t lie.

And once you find the way to his heart,
Never let it go.

—  the one who loved him first // 12.13.15

Julianne Moore, Kristen Stewart, Kate Bosworth, Lisa Genova & Wash Westmoreland

Stare Down a Debilitating Disease with Still Alice

by Jay S. Jacobs

It is pretty much agreed that Julianne Moore is one of a handful of the finest actresses working in film. Therefore it is even more shocking that she has never won an Oscar for her work. She had been nominated four times – for Boogie Nights, The End of the Affair, Far From Heaven and The Hours. She’s been robbed several other times – for The Kids Are All Right, A Single Man, The Ideal Husband and Short Cuts.

All that is likely to change as she is the odds-on favorite to win an Oscar in a few weeks for her stunning portrayal of a Columbia University linguistics professor trying to deal with a diagnosis of early onset Alzheimer’s disease in her latest film, Still Alice. Moore’s work in the film is quite simply stunning, arguably the finest work in her career – which is really saying something.

Still Alice is based upon the best-selling novel of the same name by Lisa Genova, which takes a serious but not overly sentimental look at a woman who has been defined by her intelligence and her communication skills coming to terms with losing both. Not only does she have to deal with her mind betraying her, she has to deal with how it affects her career, her life and shrinking her world. It also brings strain to her relationships with her loving-but-ambitious professor husband (played by Alec Baldwin) and her three adult children (played by Kristen Stewart, Kate Bosworth and Hunter Parrish).

The story hit particularly hard for co-writer and co-director Wash Westmoreland. His long-time partner (professionally and personally) Richard Glatzer had just been diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease). The filmmakers decided to work on the film, with Glatzer refusing to let the horrible illness stop him from working on the film.

A few days before the film’s nationwide opening, and just two days before Julianne Moore was nominated for the Best Actress Oscar, we participated in the New York press conference for Still Alice. Stars Moore, Stewart and Bosworth, co-director Wash Westmoreland and novelist Lisa Genova took to the stage at the Crosby Street Hotel in the SoHo section of New York to discuss the film. Here’s what they had to say.

I was thinking if I took this, Safe and The End of the Affair, I could do a most depressing Julianne Moore film festival.

Julianne Moore: (laughs) I do comedy, too.

Have previous characters you’ve played influenced more recent ones, like Alice?

Julianne Moore: I tend not to think that way. Sometimes when you’re looking at someone’s career you look for threads and references. But believe it or not, as actors we’re freelancers. We literally go from job to job. You make a movie and then the next one and the next one. Especially when you are referencing things you made ten years ago. (laughs) I barely remember ten years ago. Often people will remember things in my movies. Lines. People quote lines and I’m like, “What’s that?” Poor Michael Angarano. He’s so great and he’s so funny and so cute. We were doing this little comedy called, The English Teacher, and we had to kiss in it. He told the story on Letterman or something. We kissed and he said, “Was that sexy?” And I went, “Yeah, Michael, that was great. You were terrific.” He wanted to die of embarrassment because he was quoting a line from Boogie Nights. (laughs again) But, getting back to your question, I think everything you do as a person and everything you do as an actor informs your work. It ends up [in it]. But it’s not really as direct as you might think. It’s just like life. It’s all accumulative.

What was your reaction when you got the script? A woman with Alzheimer’s is obviously not going to be what you’d call a big box office movie. People are going to say, “That’s depressing.”

Julianne Moore: I know. It’s so deep.

Even though it’s a fantastic film, what is your reaction when you receive a script like that? Does it effect whether you want to say, “Yes,” regardless of the part?

Kristen Stewart: Typically, no. Every experience of doing something is different when you’re an actor and doing it for the reasons we do. Yeah, it’s definitely morbid. It’s not a walk in the park but sometimes, it sounds silly but sometimes filmmaking can be very important. As soon as I read Julianne was playing this part, I knew that she was going to be doing something important. I knew this movie was being made so she could do something that would say something. It was intimated to me that it was our job to just hold her up. There’s a possibly that the only reason I felt so driven about this film is because Wash [Westmoreland] and Rich [Glatzer] hired me. I felt like if they thought I could do it, then I could. It’s not that I don’t have fun making people laugh going to the movies, but sometimes I think a movie can really say something. 

Kate Bosworth: I feel the same way. I read the book before the script. I would imagine almost everyone in this room has someone who has been affected by Alzheimer’s. When I read the book, my grandparents had Alzheimer’s and we rallied as a family to take care of them, so it touched me deeply. I felt like this was an opportunity to shine the light on this disease in a way that hadn’t been done cinematically before. That was a real draw for me, and also being able to work with Julie. I’ve been wanting for a few years to have the opportunity to work with her. I really wanted to sit and watch her do what she’s done. She’s really spectacular. Just be around her and watch and learn. To be a part of the whole process and be a part of the message is very important to me.

Julianne Moore: I did it for the money! (They all laugh.) Sorry. It was such a great script. Such a wonderful script. And such a beautiful book that Lisa wrote. What she did that was so remarkable was that she presented the disease so subjectively. What would it feel like to go through this process? We never get to see that. Rich and Wash took that novel and made it cinematic in a very, very deceptively simple way. It was a thrill to be involved in something like that. I think that’s what attracted us to it, the very human nature of the story. The idea that you were watching an individual and a family’s journey through this very difficult situation.

Kristen Stewart: It’s interesting when you have a story and you know for a fact that if it’s done right that it’s going to be something and everyone is going to talk about it. But if it’s done badly, the alternative is so polarized. We were like, it worth it, because if we do it right it’s going to be more important than anything we’ve done in quite a long time.

Wash Westmoreland: We didn’t want Still Alice to be a depressing movie that deals with something very intense and very difficult. We wanted to always shine a light on the human, the possible connections that people can make even in the most difficult of times, which I think gives the film something very powerful to say about what it means to be alive.

Kate Bosworth: I think that even  through the tragedy, what I loved watching was the comedic moments because truly that is so human. I take care of my grandmother with my parents and there are just some moments that you can’t tell if they are tragic or just absolutely hilarious. I feel like that was something that was important to Wash and Richard, to find that kind of humanity in the journey that Julie had with Alec. Those are the moments that make it very real.

The collaboration in regards to adapting this for film and working on set, what was it like? Was it a lot of give and take?

Wash Westmoreland: Well, I will say that often when you get into a situation where a book is adapted, there’s tension between the author and the screenwriter. We wrote the first draft before we showed it to Lisa. We were nervous when we sent it off – it’s her baby and we were in a way the foster parents, bringing the child up through this next stage of life. Lisa’s response was just immediately incredibly positive and supportive of what we had done artistically. Just very helpful in terms of her background and knowledge of the whole terrain, giving great, positive feedback. The process continued through the successive drafts and production. Lisa came to visit the set and it was a wonderful time. We very much enjoyed seeing her book, our screenplay become flesh through these amazing performances. We just felt very in tune all the way through. That’s not just press conference stuff, that is the truth.

Lisa Genova: I feel so incredibly lucky. I know a lot of writers and the horror stories of what those people did to the book. None of that applies to this. I understood from the beginning and was lucky to have the consciousness to realize that this is not my project. This is not supposed to be the book. This is a movie inspired by the story. I made it clear to Richard and Wash from the beginning, I know I’m not steering the ship. This is your creative project, not mine. Yet if I can support in any way what you are trying to do, please ask me, I’m here to help you with whatever you need. I’m very lucky in that the script that they sent to me was wonderful. It was incredibly respectful to the story and incredibly respectful to the subjective point of view of Alice. They got why the book was special. It wasn’t about what the caregivers were going through. While that point of view is very important, we know a lot about that. What is so heartbreaking and difficult to understand is what is the point of view of someone with Alzheimer’s as they descend further and further into dementia. They were committed to staying in that point of view, so it was easy to support what they were trying to do because they were doing such a magnificent job.

Wash Westmoreland: That was one of the challenges, because the book is inside of Alice’s head. How the audience member watching the movie inside her head, how to create that subjectivity so you could be with her and grieve with her. Go through all of the tensions and the disappointments and the triumphs with her. That was one of our main challenges when we brought the book to screen. The other one was what to leave out. A book takes 16, 18 hours to read if you’re a slow reader like me. It’s a lot of time for events to evolve. Watching a movie is a shorter amount of time. Some adaptations try to cling on to too much. You’ve got to be quite disciplined and stick to the core of story in a way that it becomes a cinematic experience that works.

Has the movie impacted your thinking and knowledge afterwards about Alzheimer’s?

Julianne Moore: Oh wow, did it ever. I knew nothing about Alzheimer’s. I was one of those rare people who really hasn’t had any contact with the disease. I didn’t know anyone personally. The National Alzheimer’s Association set me up with three Skype calls with women who had been diagnosed with early onset. They had all been diagnosed within a few years. I talked to them about their experiences. I went to Mount Sinai and talked to the lead clinician and researcher there. I had a neuropsychiatrist administer all the cognitive tests, which were fascinating. They sent me to the New York Alzheimer’s Association, where I met with women in support groups. They actually supplied a lot of dialogue for me. Specific things they said that I then told Rich and Wash and we tried to incorporate them into dialogue. From there I went to a long-time care facility and spoke to patients and caregivers and family members. I watched every single doctor who was out there and just kind of immersed myself in it. The great thing about Rich and Wash was that I didn’t want to do anything I actually hadn’t seen, because I didn’t feel like I had the authority. I didn’t know what it was. Whenever there was a time that I was unclear about something, I would check with someone. People were so happy and excited that we wanted to know and that we were trying to get it right that they really extended themselves. There’s one woman that I’m still friends with, Sandy Oltz, who was diagnosed at 45 and spent her 50th birthday on our set. She’s been very, very helpful. She would email me if it was something she thought I needed to know. People with Alzheimer’s don’t feel seen. A lot of the times people look the other way. It’s hard to look at. They feel like there’s some kind of a shame attached to cognitive decline, where people are like “Oh, I wish I had cancer instead.” It’s easier for people saying, “Look, this happened to me.” Somehow, when it’s cognitive, there is a great deal of shame involved. So it was great to have the experience of these people, and their help behind me. I really owe a lot to all of them.

Lisa Genova: I love what you said. It’s not like cancer is now, where people own up to cancer and wear the ribbon. Rally behind people and support those with cancer. That wasn’t always the case. I mean 30, 40 years ago people said cancer in hushed voices and they called it “The Big C” and nobody talked about it. There was so much shame and stigma. Then something changed and now we have the support and the walks and not coincidentally with that attention has come tons of research dollars. We have treatments for cancer and we have cancer survivors. One of the things, the importance of a film like this truly, is what I’ve been doing on a smaller scale with the book and now the movie in a bigger way, is dragging Alzheimer’s out of the closet and into the movie theaters. Now people with Alzheimer’s can be seen and heard. We’re not talking about it as though it exists. It’s very hard to cure something if it doesn’t exist. So this is a way of bringing the conversation to life, knowing it’s okay to talk about, it’s okay to say you have it. This is huge.

Julianne Moore: Do you remember in The Flamingo Kid, Jessica Walter in dinner conversation, she would say, “Did you hear about… (whispers) They have cancer.” It was literally, people were making a joke in that movie about the way people dealt with the disease. And it’s true.

Lisa Genova: That’s what they have been doing for Alzheimer’s. Now they will see Still Alice and they’ll see a vivid depiction of a woman who is not an elderly person in end stage dying in a hospital bed. That is what a lot of the mental pictures of Alzeheimer’s have been. This is how those living with Alzheimer’s look like and feel like.

How much did you take away from the family element that is so supportive?

Julianne Moore: What people told me is that everybody is different. Some families are very supportive and are there, but some families are not or refuse to acknowledge it. One woman told me that her children refuse to acknowledge that she has Alzheimer’s. They will just not acknowledge it. Another family told me that the father refused to acknowledge it and the kids didn’t know what to do. Every family dynamic is completely different. Every friendship is different. People say that sometimes people are surprised by who disappears and who sticks around. We explore that in the movie. You see one daughter who you would expect to be the one to stick around not able to take it, because of her own diagnosis. Then another daughter who seems like she’s already left come back and be able to handle it. The marriage, too. It was interesting to me, Alec was so incredibly compassionate in his performance. You see how much he loves his wife. He says he’s going to be there and at the end of the day he can’t. He wants to be with the other wife. His old partner. Every dynamic is completely different.

Wash Westmoreland: Certainly. My co-director Richard has ALS. One of the things that we found in our lives was that some people would get more distant. No one ever said anything nasty or mean, but they would re-prioritize. Whereas other people would come forward and be really emotionally present for you. We wanted to create that dynamic and make people’s absence as known as their presence. It’s really interesting to see how that works with the family members thought the film. Lydia [Stewart’s character] is the character is the one who is initially antagonistic and on a different coast. She is absent at the little birthday dinner, but comes through in the end. Whereas John, who is in love with his wife as the marriage of the minds, struggles constantly with dealing with the disease and ultimately makes a decision that makes him more absent. I think it’s really fascinating case with the character of Anna [Bosworth], the one who has inherited the gene that will become Alzheimer’s becomes absent after that for a while. She can’t deal with it. When she comes back, there’s clearly problems she’s having dealing with her mother. But ultimately when she has her baby, a new relationship can start between them, because the genetic link has been broken for the next generation. We’re very conscious of absence and presence of family members in the way the story evolves.

Is there any particular scene that you felt was the most challenging in this movie? What about your characters did you relate to the most? Like when they made the decision to find out if they had the gene to pass the condition on…

Julianne Moore: That might have been the most challenging scene, when we had that family scene where Alec and I were supposed to give the news. Because you know, she’s not in a place where she has declined, she’s just been diagnosed so she is very present, she’s very articulate. But then how do you give that news to anybody? How, as someone who is dealing with the effects of the disease on themselves. They are worried about the effects on their children. They are worried about their children’s diagnosis. They are worried about their relationship. They are worried about how this thing started, how it ended… That was probably the most difficult day.

Wash Westmoreland: It was tough because you’re dealing with a bomb going off. It’s like a silent bomb going off on that family in that room. It’s all about how people initially respond emotionally. It was different for each character. It took a lot of working out to get each emotional tone right. Just, this is what we’ve got to do now.

Did you shoot it chronologically?

Wash Westmoreland: We didn’t shoot chronologically. We would have loved to. But that’s a privilege for films bigger than ours. We tried within the house. We were in the house the first eight days. We tried to push some of the more difficult scenes at least until day three. But there were a lot of determining factors around the way we could schedule it. The amazing thing is once it was put together, how well calibrated the developments in Alice’s character are through the decline. It’s not just a straight line. It was lots of ups and downs as she descends, which is I think very authentic to the experience of living with Alzheimer’s.

Kate, how did you relate to the scene?

Kate Bosworth: I’d say that was a challenging one for everybody. Just trying to figure out the tone of the scene. For my character, I felt like Anna was Alice’s mirror. They know each other’s shorthand. They’re very, very close. I think I had the line where I say “Are you sick?” Everyone was guessing, “Are you divorcing? What’s happening?” Kind of joking. My character hones in and figures it out. I wanted her to be the most vulnerable there. Then I had to close up throughout the film, not being able to handle her own fate of having the gene and how does that affect her relationship with her mom. Watching her mom decline while recognizing that that’s how she is going to decline. Having to shut off from that. That was probably the most challenging day for me as well.

Kristen, your character did not want to know if she had the gene. Do you relate to that?

Kristen Stewart: Personally I do relate to it. You have two starkly different representations of people in the two Howland girls. Lydia finds that she has so many aspects of her mother and because of this little fast-forward accelerated period of life they are able to find that quickly. Level with each other and appreciate with each other. But at first, you have a girl who does not want to nail anything down. Conversely, if [Alice] can’t find her name for something, if she can’t understand it or define it, then it is expelled from your mind. Whereas, Lydia is not isolated or a black sheep or anything like that, but she is different from her family. She is not an academic. She lives in ambiguity. She is a creative person. She is experiencing every moment that is appreciated. Basically, I think I would not want to know. I think you can still be happy knowing, but I just think one of the things this movie is very much about is the present moment. Being you. Not being a disciple and projecting and reflecting too much. That’s why Lydia stands up and becomes a backbone. It’s weird because it’s counterintuitive because she is so flimsy, but then emotionally she is the strongest for Alice and learns a lot.

Copyright ©2015 All rights reserved. Posted: January 16, 2015.

Photos ©2015 Jay S. Jacobs/ All rights reserved. 

Just How Ugly is Elrond Really?

The answer, my friends, is: he isn’t.

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking. “But in the movies he looks so old!” and “He has such a huge forehead!” So here is where I ask of you all to momentarily put aside the image of Elrond you’ve constructed in your minds eye, and take a look at what the books themselves have to say about the character.

First of all, let us take a look at how Tolkien himself describes Elrond in The Hobbit: "He was as noble and as fair in face as an elf-lord, as strong as a warrior, as wise as a wizard, as venerable as a king of dwarves, and as kind as summer" (51). Here, Elrond is described as being both “noble” and “fair” (I know, I know, it says “fair…as an elf-lord,” as if to indicate that Elrond was not in fact an elf-lord. It is believed, however, that at this point Tolkien had no entirely settled upon the fact that Elrond, Lord of Rivendell, was the same as Elrond son of Earendil, and thus it is at least somewhat hinted at here that Elrond is not even a true Elf. Of course, due to later writings, we know that Elrond was indeed the son of Earendil, immortal, and although not a “full” Elf, was indeed more than half Elven, and was considered one of the Wise, and most certainly an Elven lord. But back to the quote). Elrond is also described as “venerable,” and since I had to go look that definition up, I figure I might as well share what I discovered:

[ven-er-uh-buh l]
1.commanding respect because of great age or impressive dignity;worthy of venerationor reverence, as because of high office or noble character

So, judging by this quote alone, we can gather that Elrond appeared “noble,” commanding, and with great dignity, and was called “fair.”

However, there is much more said on Elrond’s physical looks throughout Tolkien’s writings. We simply have to dig a little bit, and draw some connections that Tolkien does not necessarily spell out for us in plain detail.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

I definitely agree with you that there are clearly closer bonds within the Stark family. For example, when Jon thinks of fond memories from home, sometimes only Arya is involved, but in many of them its always "Robb, Bran, Arya" and he thinks how Bran and Arya played together like him and Robb before them. Its really cute! I think the Bran x Arya relationship is underrated, they were pretty close as well. Rickon was too young to form those bonds, which breaks my heart, the poor baby.

This quote?

Playing, Jon thought in astonishment, grown men playing like children, throwing snowballs the way Bran and Arya once did, and Robb and me before them. Jon, ADWD

I love it. It’s so cute. It also mirrors a quote of Arya’s I have further down.

Yeah, I once catalogued Jon’s moments when he thinks of his family, and unless it’s every single child in the Starks, it’s mainly just Arya, Bran, and Robb (though Robb references lessen a bit post-ASoS and Ned was included in AGoT.) But that makes sense because the three of them were also his three goodbyes before leaving Winterfell. 

He remembered the day he had left Winterfell, all the bittersweet farewells; Bran lying broken, Robb with snow in his hair, Arya raining kisses on him after he’d given her Needle. Jon, AGoT

There are several other cute ones, but I’ll leave that for another post.

Well, this mirrors many real families. Even in close families, there tends to be people with closer bonds because of things like similar interests. Age is also a huge factor. Jon is way closer with Robb than Rickon for instance because he grew up with Robb, and Rickon was too young for him to form a bond with.

But about Bran x Arya. Well, I’m glad you asked because I have a bunch of feelings on the subject. First, you’re right, they are a highly underrated relationship.

There’s some great parallels to start with.

They’re both climbers:

The rooftops of Winterfell were Bran’s second home. His mother often said that Bran could climb before he could walk. Bran, AGoT

Arya was a skilled climber and a fast picker, and she liked to go off by herself. Arya, ACoK

They’re not fans of romantic stories:

“Some books. I like the fighting stories. My sister Sansa likes the kissing stories, but those are stupid." Bran, ADWD

(on hearing the story of Ashara Dayne) Sansa would have sighed and shed a tear for true love, but Arya just thought it was stupid.Arya, ASoS

 They both have darkness as a theme that their teachers tell them will give them strength/guide them:

There he sat, listening to the hoarse whispers of his teacher. “Never fear the darkness, Bran.” The lord’s words were accompanied by a faint rustling of wood and leaf, a slight twisting of his head. “The strongest trees are rooted in the dark places of the earth. Darkness will be your cloak, your shield, your mother’s milk. Darkness will make you strong.” Bran, ADWD

Every dawn she woke to darkness…

"How long must I be blind?” she would ask. “Until darkness is as sweet to you as light,” the waif would say, “

"You must now walk in darkness until you see the way” [the Kindly Man tells Arya] Arya, ADWD

They’ve both met at least one of the Children of the Forest despite them being so rare now:

Bran saw a bear skull and a wolf skull, half a dozen human skulls and near as many giants. All the rest were small, queerly formed. Children of the forest. Bran, ADWD

[The Ghost of the High Heart] turned her head sharply and smiled through the gloom, right at Arya. “You cannot hide from me, child. Come closer, now.” Arya, ASoS

They are also the most accomplished skinchangers so far, the youngest two POVs, and deal the most with wolves (although Jon’s up there.)

But about their actual relationship. Well, for starters, Bran likens someone he has great respect for to Arya:

Meera reminded Bran of his sister Arya. She wasn’t scared to get dirty, and she could run and fight and throw as good as a boy. She was older than Arya, though; almost sixteen, a woman grown. ACoK

He’s highly complimentary of Arya here since the idea of women being on par with men in terms of running, fighting, and throwing is unusual in such a patriarchal society. But also because of Bran’s feelings for Meera.

He wondered what Meera would think if he should suddenly tell her that he loved her. ADWD

Bran thinks very highly of Meera, so the comparison of the two girls in Bran’s life is great praise.

Also, I like this bit:

Bran had not wanted the Freys at the high table, but the maester reminded him that they would soon be kin. Robb was to marry one of their aunts, and Arya one of their uncles. “She never will,” Bran said, “not Arya,” ACoK

Bran seems to really know Arya here, especially considering what we see of Arya/Elmar’s interaction. 

And one of my favorite things is how Bran sees Arya all the time now. There’s him seeing Arya in Meera above but also

A cloud of ravens was pouring from the cave, and he saw a little girl with a torch in hand, darting this way and that. For a moment Bran thought it was his sister Arya … madly, for he knew his little sister was a thousand leagues away, or dead. And yet there she was, whirling, a scrawny thing, ragged, wild, her hair atangle…

And the Arya thing stood over them, clutching her torch… That was not Arya’s voice, nor any child’s. It was a woman’s voice, high and sweet, with a strange music in it like none that he had ever heard and a sadness that he thought might break his heart. Bran squinted, to see her better. It was a girl, but smaller than Arya, her skin dappled like a doe’s beneath a cloak of leaves. ADWD

Bran sees Arya in Leaf.

Now two children danced across the godswood, hooting at one another as they dueled with broken branches. The girl was the older and taller of the two. Arya! Bran thought eagerly, as he watched her leap up onto a rock and cut at the boy. But that couldn’t be right. If the girl was Arya, the boy was Bran himself, and he had never worn his hair so long. And Arya never beat me playing swords, the way that girl is beating him. She slashed the boy across his thigh, so hard that his leg went out from under him and he fell into the pool and began to splash and shout. “You be quiet, stupid,” the girl said, tossing her own branch aside. “It’s just water. Do you want Old Nan to hear and run tell Father?” She knelt and pulled her brother from the pool, but before she got him out again, the two of them were gone. After that the glimpses came faster and faster, till Bran was feeling lost and dizzy. He saw no more of his father, nor the girl who looked like Arya. ADWD

and he sees Arya in Lyanna. Another great thing of that second quote is that it alludes to how Bran and Arya used to play. Bran even thinks “if the girl was Arya, the boy was Bran himself” and that “Arya never beat me playing swords”, which means that they must have played swords a fair amount together. This is also interesting because people tend to see people they miss or are thinking about in others. 

And on Arya’s side there are some good moments as well.

"Father, will Bran come and live with us now?”

“Not for a long time, sweet one,” he told her. “He needs to win his strength back.”
Arya bit her lip. “What will Bran do when he’s of age?”
Ned knelt beside her. “He has years to find that answer, Arya. For now, it is enough to know 
that he will live.” The night the bird had come from Winterfell, Eddard Stark had taken the girls to the castle godswood, an acre of elm and alder and black cottonwood overlooking the river. The heart tree there was a great oak, its ancient limbs overgrown with smokeberry vines; they knelt before it to offer their thanksgiving, as if it had been a weirwood. Sansa drifted to sleep as the moon rose, Arya several hours later, curling up in the grass under Ned’s cloak. All through the dark hours he kept his vigil alone. When dawn broke over the city, the dark red blooms of dragon’s breath surrounded the girls where they lay. “I dreamed of Bran,” Sansa had whispered to him. “I saw him smiling.”

“He was going to be a knight,” Arya was saying now. “A knight of the Kingsguard. Can he still be a knight?” AGoT

I love how Arya is asking after Bran’s dreams. She knows Bran wanted to be a knight and wants to know if he still can.

And this is the sweetest memory of all the Stark kids (sans Rickon who had not yet been born) but has some close Arya/Bran bits:

Suddenly Arya remembered the crypts at Winterfell. They were a lot scarier than this place, she told herself. She’d been just a little girl the first time she saw them. Her brother Robb had taken them down, her and Sansa and baby Bran, who’d been no bigger than Rickon was now. They’d only had one candle between them, and Bran’s eyes had gotten as big as saucers as he stared at the stone faces of the Kings of Winter, with their wolves at their feet and their iron swords across their laps.

Robb took them all the way down to the end, past Grandfather and Brandon and Lyanna, to show them their own tombs. Sansa kept looking at the stubby little candle, anxious that it might go out. Old Nan had told her there were spiders down here, and rats as big as dogs. Robb smiled when she said that. “There are worse things than spiders and rats,” he whispered. “This is where the dead walk.” That was when they heard the sound, low and deep and shivery. Baby Bran had clutched at Arya’s hand.

When the spirit stepped out of the open tomb, pale white and moaning for blood, Sansa ran shrieking for the stairs, and Bran wrapped himself around Robb’s leg, sobbing. Arya stood her ground and gave the spirit a punch. It was only Jon, covered with flour. “You stupid,” she told him, “you scared the baby,” but Jon and Robb just laughed and laughed, and pretty soon Bran and Arya were laughing too.

The memory made Arya smile, and after that the darkness held no more terrors for her. AGoT

Arya uses this memory to keep her calm and unafraid right after everything becomes chaotic in her life- this is just after she killed the stableboy. I love picturing a three year old Bran clutching Arya’s hand because he’s afraid and then Arya getting defensive of him. “You scared the baby.”

Arya stared at them with resentment, remembering the times she’d played at hoops with Bran and Jon and their baby brother Rickon. She wondered how big Rickon had grown, and whether Bran was sad. AGoT

Another reminder that Arya and Bran used to play together. But also, I think it’s cute that Arya wonders if Bran is sad. She’s worried about him even though she’s in a horrible position herself at the moment, stuck alone in Flea Bottom without food or shelter or any sort of idea what’s going on.

She remembered a summer’s snow in Winterfell when Arya and Bran had ambushed her as she emerged from the keep one morning.  Sansa, AFFC

And another quote to indicate that Arya and Bran played together and were probably up to the most mischief in the Stark household actually.

I think that Arya and Bran had a great relationship, which shows through in the text, and an underrated one. Bran and Arya are portrayed as each others’ primary playmate (likely because they are close in age,) enjoyed similar things like sword playing and climbing and snowball fights, and have some interesting parallels (like their mutual dislike of romantic stories and their themes of darkness as given by a mentor in ADWD and just by being the most accomplished skinchangers so far in the Starks.)

The Girl With the Harry Potter Tattoo pt 2

(gif credit to the creator)

Part 1

Prompt: My regular tattoo artist has left and so I went to check out your studio and now I’m getting tattoos just so I can see you and at this stage is it creepy to ask you out? It’s probably creepy.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,071

Warnings: drinking, language

A/N: Here it is! The second part to The Girl With the Harry Potter Tattoo! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is cool :)

Tagging: @iwantthedean @kbrand0 @daydreamingintheimpala @growleytria @halespecterwinchester @kazchester-fanfiction @busybee612 @jerkbitchidjitassbutt @superapplepies @jojomonsterbunni @demondean-for-kingofhell @growningupgeek @etiquette-faux-pas @letsgetoutalive @rockerdestiel13 @aerisawriting @little-red-83 @the-queen-of-hades @whyisleepacesoamazing @kaylas-obsessions @sassysupernaturalsweetheart @mist-and-echoes @smoldeanmon @isometimeswritesomethings @torn-and-frayed @driverpicksthemuusic @browneagle7 @roadhouse-respite @fandommaniacx @harley7509 @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @saltandburnitboys @holywaterbucketchallenge @juanita2108 @supernaturalstarbug @novaevelenekim @nikki4nina @amberythoughts @angelus320 @jackburtonsays @deansbottleofwhiskey @stanuriecollinsacklesevans @illisea @fandoms-are-my-true-nature @that-supernatural-girl @a-closet-full-of-skeletons @fangirlofeverythingme @iwriteshortstuff @fandoms4everyone @highonackles @pulgapelayo18 @raindancechocolate @aprofoundbondwithdean @spnfanficpond @winchester-writes @readingissupernatural @the-mrs-deanwinchester @why-do-you-want-my-user-name @jodyri @raeganr99 @bookishdorito @ellen-reincarnated1967 @justanotherdeangirl25 @deanslittleangel2y5

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Yet More StormPilot fic recs

Even more fic recs!  There’s still so many great fic coming out, and as my friend put it, I’m being a proper Ravenclaw by continuing to catalogue some of the best! (Well, best by my opinion at least).

A few of these are JediStormPilot, a few of these have a side of Jess/Rey.  A number of these are also on the longer side, so I’ve included word counts this time.

Previous fic rec posts:




Healing Through Flight

Summary: “Poe has always wanted to properly meet his hero, Luke Skywalker. He’s also been dying to meet Finn’s friend Rey. He didn’t think these things would be happening at the same time and he certainly didn’t think it would be so awkward.”

Sequel to the wonderful fic Naivety and Stupidity which I recced in my very first post, this one from Poe’s POV. (Also, part 3 is currently coming out!)  This fic also has Jess/Rey, and has Poe dealing with the after effects of his encounter with Kylo Ren

16075 Words in 6 Chapters.

“They hadn’t gotten any word that this would be happening. Damn, Poe wished Finn was there. He would have been ecstatic. As it stood, Poe supplied the excited nature for both of them. He’d seen Rey about once but from the transmissions between Rey and Finn and the stories he had heard, he was more than a little excited to meet the girl himself. He hadn’t even had a chance to properly thank her for bringing Finn back. He definitely needed to do that. And then buy her a drink because that’s what you did when people saved your not-yet-lover-but-eventually-lover.”

Supernova Tonight

Summary: “There’s probably a lot that Finn needs, now he’s conscious again, and probably half of it Poe is never going to be able to figure out, but at least he can tell him the stories.”

This beautifully written fic is probably one of my favorites right now.  Finn dealing with the effects of growing up a storm trooper, Poe dealing with helping him.  It follows Poe’s perspective throughout this, figuring out how not to speak without thinking so as to help Finn as much as possible, things like that.  There’s so many paragraphs I could pull to quote, but here’s a few that made me fall more in love with this fic towards the beginning of it.

It is rated Explicit, as it does have a few smutty scenes, but if that’s not your thing the story is still worth reading as the vast majority is.

9628 Words

“Finn says things, those times when he’s stuck back in the memories that never formed properly, that make Poe want to go out, gear up, get in his X-wing and basically personally kill every First Order bastard and go back again twice over just to be certain.”

“When he’d been young and stupid, he’d bought into the reputation flyers had for love-em-and-leave-‘em, and felt like it was something you had to live by, that it came with the role. His mother had been nothing like that, but since when did kids let parents be their models? He had one night stands round half his squad, and casual arrangements with most of the other half, and then there were all the off-world trips and the bars and the skin-sinks, and it was awesome until the night he was all on his own drinking banthan rum with no one who gave a shit to talk to about his Dad’s passing, and realised it wasn’t….

And now somehow it’s twenty years later, and he’s wound up in the longest relationship of his life – even though it’s barely been half a cycle - with a guy who probably views their interaction as familial, or at least would if he’d not been horribly kidnapped from his actual family and mind-wiped and exploited until any sense of how people might relate normally was stripped from him and…”

summer daze

Summary (and a great quote from the story):”Poe is a rescue pilot, Rey a paramedic.

While surveying a bushfire east of Melbourne Rey spots a man in trouble, and without any hesitation they save him from the fire. Noticing that her friend is checking out their recent rescue, Rey takes it upon herself to make sure Finn stays in their lives.”

This is a modern AU that takes place in Australia.

6340 Words

“Rey. Rey. What is wrong with me? What if he doesn’t like me? What if he isn’t gay? Or bi? What am going to do?” He groaned again and Rey rolled her eyes. She leaned back in her chair and took a sip of the red wine, contemplating her answer.
“You’re an idiot.” Poe sat up and stared at her, mouth open.
“Excuse me?”
“You heard me! You’re an idiot. Seriously. Just bloody call the bloke. He likes you too.” Rey rolled her eyes again. “Men. Jesus Christ, I’m so glad I’m not interested in men.”“

Square Pegs

Summary: “When Finn asks Poe for Resistance propaganda to read in the hopes of catching up on what they’ve been doing, he doesn’t expect to find a certain calendar full of what could delicately be described as glamour shots of the Resistance’s greatest pilot.”

Finn is trying to find something to do while healing, and wants to learn more about the Resistance.  The above describes it really well.  

6937 Words

“The function of the calendar seems to be all but forgotten as most of each double page is taken up by a photograph. Photographs that could only be described as softly pornographic. Poe straddling the front of his X-Wing with nothing but his helmet protecting his modesty. Poe climbing a maintenance ladder resting against the X-Wing, thigh strategically angled. He may be hidden at the front but everything is on display at the back. Finely defined muscles that shine in the bright starlight, curves instead of lines that disguise the intimate control that Poe has over each and every part of his body. Finn’s eyes are drawn to one curve in particular.”

the beloved body, compass, polestar

“Poe knows his place in the Resistance, in the galaxy at large–or, at least he thought he did.

But that was before Jakku. That was before Finn.”

Poe is trying to help Finn recover and find a place in the Resistance, while simultaneously trying to figure out how to balance his own feelings for Finn and his devotion to the Resistance.  Also, this has great friendship between Poe and Jessika.

6124 Words

“Finn makes his stomach swoop and his chest constrict and the back of his ears burn hot, but that’s not important in the long view of things. It’s not important when the First Order is still out there, and the Republic is beginning to wither after one key system was shot down out of the sky like it was nothing. Poe’s heard the stories about Alderaan–not from the General, always tight-lipped about her home planet, but his father had spoken late into the night about the fear that rippled through the village seeing a planet burst into an asteroid field, never mind five. The rain had been heavy, and as he spoke, Kes Dameron rubbed at an old blaster scar on his thigh that tended to twinge with the weather and with mentions of friends who had been left under knots of vines on Endor or in the dissipated fires on the surface of imperial star destroyers.”

number 3

Summary: “Whenever Poe thinks he might be about to die (which is approximately three times a week) he always wishes he had the chance to do three things:

1. Have a glass of the Coruscant blush wine that had been drunk by legendary rebel fighters before the Battle of Endor (a childhood dream, okay)
2. Thank the General for everything she’d done
3. Tell a certain jacket stealing, ex-stormtrooper that he’s in love with him

(The list was in the order that the points had been added, not the importance. It was embarrassing how quickly Finn had started to rank number one in importance in Poe’s life.)”

Poe works his way through some of his list.

3358 Words

““Don’t wait until it seems like the end, Dameron. Tell him when you’re safe and breathing easily. I waited. And then Han waited. We were always waiting until one of us was leaving or dying. Eventually that’s the only way you can love each other, when the world is ending. Stop waiting, tell him.””

reach me down

Summary: “Poe Dameron deals with the effects of having someone forcibly root around in their mind without permission. Luckily, he doesn’t have to deal with it alone.”

Can you see a theme in the fics I’m reccing? Poe has a nightmare, Finn and Rey come help.


1292 Words

Cover Boy

Summary: “Poe doesn’t find it funny. Unfortunately, everyone else finds it hilarious.”

Poe discovers he has ended up on the cover of First Order Propaganda: “His face appears under a bold, menacing headline that reads, “Don’t Let The Resistance Seduce You Away!””  He’s not so thrilled about this, especially the way they paint Finn.

2331 Words

“Jess is the only one who hasn’t fled from his sudden temper flare. Her face has softened, looking a little too knowing. He ignores her and scrolls down to the article, which is just as purple and stomach turning as he had suspected it would be, painting him as the sexual lothario who had preyed on a trooper’s weakness and Finn as… no one. As just another trooper, one with higher scores and more promise than most, but likely used and ultimately discarded by the Resistance. As though Finn’s choice means nothing. "They’re turning me into another boogeyman of the Resistance and making Finn seem like nothing special.””

Keep Your Eyes on Me

Summary: “Finn and Rey totally had a Moment (probably), Poe’s life is the hardest, Ben knows all of Mean Girls by heart, and none of them are going to survive Homecoming.”

Modern world high-school AU.  JediStormPilot.  I ADORE the fact that bb-8, instead of a little kid or an animal, is a genderqueer kid named Bibi.

2930 Words.

“"Them.” Finn waved a hand across the study hall room at the cluster in the corner. This being an unsupervised study period, the juniors of Jakku High were variously draped over, sleeping under, and teetering precariously half-on their desks, and engaged in a variety of excitingly not-homework-related pursuits. Finn and Poe had gone for the classic push-two-chairs-together-into-a-loveseat-and-sit-mostly-on-top-of-each-other maneuver, which had been a good idea in Finn’s opinion because Poe was warm and also had very soft, comfy hair. Jessika was sitting in her seat normally like weirdo. Bibi was lying across two desks with their iPod headphones in and a soccer ball balanced on their stomach.

And, in the opposite corner, Rey Kenobi and Ben Organa were slumped in chairs, Ben draped like a maiden on a fainting couch and Rey crouched with her knees pressed up against the desk and the chair wobbling on two legs but never actually in danger of falling. There wasn’t anything as dramatic as a space cleared around the two of them, people weren’t actually hanging back in reverence and awe, but it kind of felt like they should be. There was a glow, an aura, nay, an eminence about that particular corner of the classroom. It housed an angelic being after all, Finn reflected. Angelic in very much the flaming-sword sense, but still. “

In Fits and Starts

Summary: “Poe knows how Finn feels about Rey. But that won’t stop him from holding on as long as he possibly can.”

Poe knows Finn is in love with Rey, but is going to get as much out of his time with Finn as he can.  Then Rey returns.  Angst with a happy ending.

2093 Words

“People always think he wants it hard, fast, impersonal. And he does, he loves it like that. But not every time.

Finn is the only one who holds him in his arms, who pushes into him carefully – like he’s something precious, something to be cherished.

Poe doesn’t know what he’s going to do when it stops.”

But I’m a Stormtrooper!

Summary: “A Resistance pilot and a reformed stormtrooper walk into a bar. Finn’s not sure what the punchline is, but he’s almost certain it’s gonna hurt. (He’s wrong.)”

Seriously, this fic would be worth it for the drink names alone at the bar.

3269 Words

Galactic Dreams (Or lets fly birthday girl)

Summary: “Rey had to admit that she was sorely tempted and it really wasn’t like Luke could possibly sense her from all the way down here. It wasn’t like he could somehow stop her if he possibly did. It wasn’t like he could outrun an x-wing at any rate. Great motivations and suggestions from a supposedly even-headed Jedi in training but Rey had only ever piloted the Millennium Falcon. Opportunity like this didn’t just come flying in every day.

It’s Luke’s birthday and Leia’s idea to surprise Rey with a gift inspires Jess to do something similar.”

While still StormPilot, this fic is primarily Rey/Jess. and is cute fluff where Jess goes to deliver Rey and Luke birthday presents from Leia.  She decides to add her own presents to Rey to the mix.

5684 Words

The Adventures of Ace Dameron

This is an adorable little series, of three short fic so far.  Finn wakes up to a little boy named Ace, who over the course of the stories proceeds to charm the pants off Finn, to the delight of his dad.

Same Old Story with a Different Name

Summary: “Jessika has more important things to do than gossip about Dameron and Finn or daydream about Rey. Pity she’s not getting around to them.”

This fic is from Jessika Pava’s perspective. The pilots gossip about Poe and his relationship with Finn.  It’s also Jess/Rey

2662 Words

“The mood on base changes when Rey returns with Luke Skywalker. They’re not staying long—just giving an update, really—but both are treated like the celebrities they’ve become, Rey’s star shining slightly brighter since she’s younger and cuter and a whole lot newer, although Jessika’s never really let go of her childhood fixation on Skywalker as the galaxy’s greatest hero. Rey stops by the hangar sometimes, where Dameron’s been teaching Finn the basic mechanics of X-wing repair. (“He’d rather be working sanitation,” Snap tells Jessika at lunch one day. “At least, that’s what Dara said. It’s what he’s good at. But I think he likes Poe more than he likes working.”) The three of them have become something of a trio, and though Jessika treasures her friendships with Snap and the rest of Blue Squadron, she can’t help her jealousy—not of Rey, but of the others, the ones who get to occupy her free time. Jessika would be lying if she said she hadn’t noticed Rey, and not just for her heroics. But no one needs to know that.”

I hope you all enjoy this one as much as the others, and if you can help me get to over 300 notes (My 3rd one got to 270 notes) through reblogs and likes I will love you all forever!!!

anonymous asked:

How do you go from roman wall paintings to "primitive looking" early and high medieval paintings and crude depictions of forms? Was the skill lost? Was it a concious choice?

Hi there anon, sorry this took so long to answer. I wanted to give you a thoughtful response.

There was certainly a lot of talent in ancient Greek and Roman art–understatement of the century, I know, please bear with me, ancient art is not my area of expertise nor my passion (my poor Italian archaeology professor, she tried). The Greek classical canon demonstrates an understanding of human anatomy that is still breath taking today. And although I am not as fond of Roman art, I do adore the Roman mosaics. Particularly from Pompeii!

I’m going to have to disagree with your (presumed) views on medieval art, but I will attempt to thoughtfully articulate an answer to your question (I am also enormously fond of medieval art, so feel free to take this with a grain of salt). In a technical sense, I agree with you, I can look at, say, the Bayeux tapestry and scratch my head and wonder where the artist(s) got their understanding of human proportions and perspectives. 

But medieval art, well, to imply that it was “a Dark Age” really isn’t truthful. Yes, many technical skills and knowledge were “lost”, if you will. But the Islamic World was flourishing just outside of Europe, and often interacting with Europe! Ibn al-Haytham had discovered the camera obscura in 10th century Cairo, and his understanding of light fundamentally altered both the fields of science and art. In fact, many discoveries were being made! Europe didn’t exist in a vacuum, it never has. Monks were hard at work transcribing documents and salvaging classical studies; Vikings pillaged the British Isles and brought with them their own cultures and art, and brought new ones back home. The “rediscovery” of Greco-Roman cultures in the Renaissance era was a phenomenal event in human history (an understatement, AGAIN), but, well, there is a certain disregard for pre-Renaissance art and culture, thanks to some humanist scholars. Let me borrow a quote from my ancient art history textbook: 

“Historians once referred to the thousand years (roughly 400 to 1400) between the dying Roman Empire’s adoption of Christianity as its official religion and the rebirth (Renaissance) of interest in classical antiquity as the Dark Ages. Scholars and laypersons alike thought this long ‘interval’–between the ancient and what was perceived as the beginning of the modern European world–was rough and uncivilized, and crude and primitive artistically. They viewed these centuries–dubbed the Middle Ages–as simply a blank between (in the middle of) two great civilizations. This negative assessment, a legacy of the humanist scholars of Renaissance Italy, persists today in the retention of the noun Middle Ages and the adjective medieval to describe this period and its art. The force of tradition dictates that we continue to use those terms, even though modern scholars long ago ceased to see the art of medieval Europe as unsophisticated or inferior.” Gardner’s Art Through the Ages: Twelfth Edition, Volume I, Fred S. Kleiner and Christin J. Mamiya, p. 421.

Let’s take illuminated manuscripts, for example. One of my most favorite forms of art. For the heck of it, let’s use a well-known example, like a folio from the Book of Kells. 

I could wax poetic about the dedication and love that went into illuminated manuscripts (or the way entire communities joined together over centuries to construct massive Gothic cathedrals, which were also looked down upon by Renaissance scholars) but I’ll give you this, more relevant quote, instead: Giraldus Cambrenis, a priest visiting Ireland in 1185, when (most likely) referencing the Book of Kells (or a similar illuminated manuscript): “Fine craftmanship is all about you, but you might not notice it. Look more keenly at it and you…will make out intricacies, so delicate and subtle, so exact and compact, so full of knots and links, with colors so fresh and vivid, that you might say that all this was the work of an angel, and not of a man. For my part, the oftener I see the book, the more carefully I study it, the more I am lost in ever fresh amazement, and I see more and more wonders in the book.” Keep in mind, now, that the text alone could have been compiled by two to three different scholars; the inks and dyes imported from miles away; and, while I am not an expert on creating vellum, I imagine turning calfskin into fine, readable paper is no mean feat. An art in and of itself.

Now, this is one of the most beloved and well-known examples of Western art from this period, to be fair. 

So, maybe, a less common example, but one very near and dear to my heart: the icons of Andrei Rublev. Let’s talk about Rublev’s Holy Trinity (dated 1410, starting to get closer to the Renaissance era, but Russia was very isolated from the West at this point; but as it has similar artistic values to the medieval era, I think it makes a good case):

If you and I were to criticize this from a technical viewpoint, what might we say? The heads look unnaturally small, to me, compared to their long bodies. Their feet and hands look very flat; the entire image looks very flat. It is difficult to discern their forms under their billowy robes. We assume they are sitting. The features, to me at least, are a little difficult to distinguish. 

But, that is also not the point of an icon. This sort of icon was meant to be a window into heaven; “writing an image of the divine” is how the process was described; believed to lend protection and perhaps even healing; meant to educate a largely illiterate population with beautiful, Biblically significant scenes. The rich symbolism, the delicate gold coloring; the way so few icons were ever signed by the artist because they were all meant to be equally good, equally pure, equally holy. They were an act of love and work, not necessarily artistic pleasure (now, maybe that was a conscious choice to deviate from the Greco-Roman canons; but the Russian schools, which were beginning to grow apart from the Byzantine schools, doubtfully had access to those resources, anyway.) Alright, I’m going to cut myself off before I spend the rest of my Saturday night sniffling about how important icons are to me. I guess what I am trying to say, is an artwork can still be significant without utilizing the sort of skill sets we associate with ancient Greece and Rome. It can still serve an important purpose. 

I do stand by the belief that medieval art was not lesser, merely different. And I don’t think that the budding cities of Western Europe had quite the resources that the great cities of Greece and Rome did, either, not for many years. 

As for a conscious choice to make the stylistic differences that gave us some really strangely drawn Christchilds, well, I’m afraid I don’t know enough to say and I don’t want to overstep my boundaries of knowledge. Certain schools and monks tended to resemble each other and learn from each other, we can compare and contrast those. But I’ll leave it to medieval and Renaissance scholars as to just how independent these artistic choices were. 

Well, I hope that answered your question a little bit. I apologize if I was unclear or a bit sporadic, it is rather late here. 

Film Review - Pulp Fiction (1994)

Raise your hands, how many of you can quote at least one famous line from this movie? I thought so. God, it feels redundant to summarize this movie, everyone knows this movie! And if you’re of those rare specimens that genuinely don’t know much about this movie, then I’m probably just spending too much time with nerds and film students)

This movie is divided into 7 parts, the prologue, the three different but interconnected storylines, the preludes to the first two storylines, and the epilogue. The main characters of this movie include two contract killers Jules and Vincent, their boss Marsellus Wallace and his wife, and Butch the prizefighter. The first part revolves around Vincent and Mia Wallace, the second part revolves around Butch and Marcellus, and the final storyline is about Jules and Vincent. And to bookend the whole thing are two thieves who hold up a diner. The movie is very much circular in nature; it starts and ends at the same point in the timeline, and the middle of the movie is the chronological end.

The plot, though seemingly convoluted and disjointed, is actually pretty easy to follow (then again, I’ve seen this movie about 5 times, and I don’t really remember how clear everything was the first go.) It’s crazy, violent, moderately paced although it does lull in a couple of spots (Butch and his girlfriend come to mind) When I think about this movie, for some reason I want to describe it as very fast-paced, but actually, there are a lot of pauses between the plot, scenes of  people just sitting and talking to each other, but for some reason it doesn’t feel like it’s actually stopping or slowing the plot in any way. I’m actually interested in what these characters have to say to each other. So, that’s what I described as moderately paced; there are a lot of scenes where technically not much is happening, but the pace doesn’t feel slow, so it isn’t??? Moving on!

The characters, though almost all of them are thieving, cheating, murdering or drug abusing, are likable as hell. They have no redeeming qualities (well, maybe Jules), except that they’re funny, likable, and sometimes pretty badass.That’s all and well, but what’s so special about that? Well, this was Tarantino’s second movie ever. His character archetypes and dialogue style was still new. No one had really seen anything quite like this before, at least done well, so I can see why this movie gripped the 90’s indie scene so hard.

Throughout my film school experience, I’ve noticed a lot of my peers consider this movie to be a masterpiece, or at least on their favorite movies.Many of them even cite this film as being the reason they realized they wanted to make movies in the first place!  I mean, I enjoy the hell out of this movie as well, and no way am I in any position to judge people’s movie taste; but I find it so strange just how many people love this movie. I mean, the first film screening a bunch of students in my res hall set up was Pulp Fiction. I know why this movie is great, but why are so many of us captivated by this movie? Why this specific movie? What’s so goddamn special about this freaking thing?

My hypothesis is that this is another movie that has the perfect balance of entertaining, and “good”. “Good” movies are like Citizen Kane, Sunset Blvd., The Graduate, Mr Smith Goes to Washington, and all the other movies AFI think are greater than great. But how many of those would you actually watch for fun, repeatedly? Pulp Fiction is also on that list,because it’s good. Entertaining movies meanwhile, don’t always get that AFI praise. Audiences might rave about the Avengers, Pacific Rim and Mad Max, but no critic will call George Miller or Joss Whedon an auteur and laud their summer blockbusters. But Pulp Fiction just might be in the sweet spot. It’s  so much fun to watch, so much fun to rewatch, and so much fun to quote. It’s fun, and memorable. And also considered “good”. All praise Pulp Fiction, the unholy fusion of cinema!

So, it’s entertaining, comedic, seemingly fast-paced, filled with quick dialogue, ridiculous but interesting characters, and blood. Yep, the total package. While Pulp Fiction may not be my favorite movie, it’s definitely somewhere on that long list (that’s a whole different list from “The List”, though there is overlap.)

Basically, if you haven’t seen this movie yet, why haven’t you? Go! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go home and have a heart attack.

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