also putting all the pictures on the canvas thing was really fun too

hey everyone thanks! first of all, i’m flattered you’re asking me of all people questions about process and stuff. second of all, i hope this stuff will be helpful to you. but i get the impression that everyone’s process is different because people are different in terms of how we visualize the world around us or the images in our heads. for example, i sincerely hate doing linework and i will avoid it to my death because i visualize images in color blocks, not lines. other people love linework and emphasize that part of the process the most.

thirdly, thanks for the nice things you say.

so this is kind of my process (for this spring weather thing here). details under the read more cut.

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if viktor and yuuri were artists

 #victuuriweek2017  day ( one ) 
↳ au: other careers  

Title: Colours
Author(s): @viktor-nkfrv
Rating: PG
Warnings: N/A
Summary: Street artist Katsuki Yuuri wakes up to find that his wall art has been altered by the famous Viktor Nikiforov. From there, the two get to know each other despite having never met face-to-face, for a picture speaks a thousand words. 

Now also on AO3 here.

Read the full one shot under the cut. (Cut doesn’t work in the original post on mobile, but WILL work once reblogged!!)

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Easter HC’s

Happy Easter my loves!

(If you don’t celebrate Easter then… Happy Sunday!)

((And if you prefer the religious aspect of the holiday then…. um… Amen? IDK IM NOT RELIGIOUS IM SORRY))

I felt that, since we currently aren’t accepting requests, I would write a little HC with some Easter themes for you guys!

Okay enough talking, here you go my dudes <3 ~Admin 404


               -He wanted to do something a little different for Easter

               -Instead of the standard basket full of goodies, he wanted to have some fun! Play around! Go outside for once!

               -“It’s so nice outside… it’d be a shame if we didn’t enjoy it…. if we just sat in here…. doing nothing….” “Yoosung are you okay? Are you sick?”

               -He grabbed two spoons, a bucket with some unfilled water balloons, and your hand, dragging them all outside

               -You helped him fill up a bunch of water balloons, laughing when you realized they had little patterns on them like Easter eggs or little bunny faces

               -He announced the two of you were going to have a spoon and egg race, but with water balloons!  

               -But he gets really competitive? But it’s always really playful, never hurtful!

               -He’s knocked the spoon so the water balloon drops, or he bumps into you on “accident”

               -After his 7th win, he’s laughing at you and gloating that “Shooting Star” is the best Water balloon racer there ever was. He stopped laughing when you hit him in the face with a water balloon

               -The rest of the race turned into a water balloon fight. The both of you ended up completely soaked, running, and giggling like children. Once you were out of water balloons though, you two used the spoons as if they were swords and continued to run around like complete dorks


               -“BABE WAKE UP I HAVE A SURPRISE FOR YOU” “Zen it’s 6 in the morning this better be important or I’m killing you”

               -He has you get dressed, hands you a piece of paper, and shoves you out of the house?? This early in the morning?? He won’t unlock the door?? YOU’RE GONNA FUCKING KILL HIM

               -The piece of paper had a location on it and a memory he had written down on it- it was the coffee shop the two of you and Jaehee frequent. When you got there, the manager handed you a basket with a single plastic egg in it, and another piece of paper with- surprise- another location and memory associated with it

               -After a while, the scavenger hunt got harder and harder. He’d write down a memory and you’d have to start to figure out where to go next

               -At each place, you found a single plastic egg. Curiosity got the better of you and you opened a few of them

               -Inside were different puzzle pieces? He put together a scavenger hunt for puzzle pieces? What kind of moNSTER

               -The last clue sent you home where he sat at the living room table, waiting for you

               -He helped you put the puzzle pieces together, the pieces revealed the picture you were putting together was your favourite photo of the two of you, with “I love you” scribbled in his handwriting in the corner

               -You absolutely loved it and couldn’t stop smiling at how dramatic and over the top he was with it, but it was still super cute! But there was a puzzle piece missing? You turned to ask him about it and you found him holding up a plastic egg covered in glitter. You opened it to find not only the last piece, which was a picture of a heart, but also a ring.

               -He turned a nice shade of pink but had the brightest smile when he saw your eyes light up. The whole day was amazing, fun, and just absolutely beautiful. You loved all of it, and especially him, there was no way you could say no


               -She woke up that Sunday to find your shared living room covered in hand-made paper decorations, coloured construction paper scattered across the floor, a basket full of goodies she couldn’t quite make out, and you standing in the center of the chaos with a large smile on your face

               -“MC, do you care to explain what all of….this… is?” She asked, side-eyeing the large paper rabbit you’ve hung against the bookshelf

               -“It’s all part of a game! It’s the Bunny Hop game! We pick these coloured cards, and move to that colour, sort of like Candyland!”

               -You gestured over to the basket sitting at the end of the “board”, and gave her the brightest grin you could

               -“Winner gets the basket of goodies!!! Okay okay, come over here!! Hurry, hurry!”

               -She laughed at your enthusiasm and joined you at the start, taking turns moving across the “board” from colour to colour


               -At the end of it all, she finally realized that you had rigged it so she would win. The basket was full of some of her favourite coffee beans, a bunch of caramel chocolates, some rare Zen merchandise, and a gift card for her favourite book store

               -She had no words?? You literally set this game up just for her to win? This is the sweetest thing anyone’s done for her in a long time

               -The two of you shared her chocolates throughout the rest of the day as she’s cuddled against you. As a thank you for the day, she cooks one of your favourite meals for dinner. she also makes you play the bunny hop game a few more times because?? Its cute and fun and she just wants to enjoy it let her have this


               -On Easter, you wake up to a basket full of goodies, correct?

               -When you live with Jumin, you wake up to like 5 different baskets

               -There’s even a basket for Elizabeth omg what a cutie

               -EACH BASKET HAS THEMES!!!

               -A few are full of items pertaining to your favourite interests/hobbies, another is dedicated to candies and chocolate, and the largest was by far the one he was most excited about

               -It held a beautiful outfit, dazzling accessories, and even some shoes??

               -He was grinning from ear to ear when you turned to ask him about it and he held out some tickets towards you

               -A play?? This dude’s seriously taking you to a play?? What a NERD but you couldn’t help but get just as excited who’s the nerd now, mc????

               -IT WAS ACTUALLY THE CUTEST LITTLE PLAY ABOUT AN EASTER BUNNY BRINGING GIFTS AND JOY TO CHILDREN AND YOU CAN’T BELIEVE THIS DORK TOOK YOU TO THIS (it wasnt even a play pertaining to the religious aspect of the holiday?? it was a grown man in a bunny suit?? and he loved every minute of it??)

               -When the two of you got home, you gave him his own Easter basket, full of cat-themed accessories, bottles of his favourite wines, and a hand-made coupon book full of tasks and actions he can cash in on (which he laughed at because?? you both knew you’d do any of these if he just asked)


               -It was too early in the morning and Saeran was pissed at the both of you

               -He had to hide dozens and dozens of plastic eggs around the house for the both of you to find

               -But Saeyoung was COMPETETIVE AS FUCK

               -He loves you, MC, but he’s gonna find the most eggs. He’s gonna get the most candy. He will reign supreme


               -There was one up like in the door of the attic? You found Saeyoung dangling from the opening

               -“Uuuuh MC, since you’re soo nice and sooo amazing…” “I’m not bringing you the ladder” “MC PLEASE”

               -He actually threw a pity party in the corner of the living room when he lost the Easter egg hunt? “YOU’RE BEING A CHILD, MAN UP, CHOI” “LEAVE ME ALONE MC”

               -At the end of the day though, the two of you sat watching cliché Easter movies and eating the pounds of chocolate the two of you collected

               -It’s not surprising that the two of you ended up in a sugar induced coma, spread out of the couch. Saeran looked at the two of you in disgust as he stole a handful of his brothers candy, so you’d have more than him when the two of you woke up


               -Why is there a large canvas sitting in your living room whERE IS THE FURNITURE

               -V was standing there in an old t-shirt and shorts, smiling at you proudly, which makes you question just what he has planned

               -The entire room is covered in layers of old sheets, painters paper, and cartons upon cartons of eggs scattered about the floor

               -“MC! Look! We can make art with paint instead of photos this time!” “But V, you have your camera set up right here, it’s set for rapid fire” “No it’s not, ignore that” “IT’S RIGHT HERE” “No it’s not”

               -Once you’ve changed into the appropriate painting attire, you look around for some brushes, and more importantly, some paint

               -You watched as he picked up an egg, smiled at you, and threw it at the canvas. The egg shattered, leaving a large paint splatter across it. That’s when it clicked that the eggs are hollowed out and full of different coloured paint

               -The two of you take turns just throwing different colours, laughing, and shoving each other playfully

               -After a while, throwing the eggs at the canvas turned into throwing them at each other. He even smashed a few full of light blue paint over your head

               -“Look, MC, now you’ve got hair like mine”

               -The fight didn’t end until the both of you were covered head to toe in paint, and he had enough pictures of the two of you playing to make a full scrapbook of its own. You even laid on the ground and made a paint angel, and he drew a little halo above you and everything


               -He watched in confusion as you filled a ton of different bowls full of vinegar and food dye

               -You had almost every colour you could think of and he wasn’t sure what you were even going to do with it?

               - After an explanation that, you take hard boiled eggs and set them in the liquid so you can colour and decorate them, he was just left with more questions

               -“Why would you do that? Couldn’t you just eat it? What’s the point?” “Stop asking questions and just dye some eggs”

               -He watched you use a clear crayon to draw some designs on the eggs, dip them in multiple colours, and tried to do the same

               - his first few eggs were literally just black

               -He actually enjoyed drawing little bunny faces on some of them. There were even little egg versions of the two of you!

               -A while later, he realized that the dye sort of…dyes your skin, so he wanted to mess with you

               -He got a paint brush and started to paint little pictures on your arm while you tried to finish dyeing the eggs

               -But it was really relaxing and you couldn’t help but let him do it. By the end of the night, the two of you were not only naked, but you guys were covered in adorable little paintings! He loved them a lot and didn’t want to wash them off in all honesty. Though the two of you reeked of vinegar and Saeyoung had to exaggerate and wear a clothespin on his nose the whole next day

anonymous asked:

Also!! (It's the Bill's jumper slut here) I recently got into digital art but I am,,, really bad. Can I get any advice for it? Like with colours and shininess and backgrounds because ugh background and stuff? Idk what exactly I want advice on but please help because I am,, really bad and you are definitely the opposite of that

Yo!!! Thats a lot. Digitial art? Just as hard as traditional; it has its own rules. I can give you some tips but the most important thing out there is ehhhh TWO things.

1.) USE REFERENCES, DRAW FROM REAL LIFE. I hate doing this because I feel like a cheap printer, but think of it this way if you do too; if you use references and draw inspiration from real life, you’re making a base for what you make later one. Practice drawing one thing often enough and you have it memorized so you never have to look at it again/can warp it to your own exaggerated devices. You can’t draw anatomy if you don’t understand it! You can’t draw perspective if you don’t observe it critically! You can’t walk until you crawl yadda yadda yadda do as i say not as i do lmfao

–this is helpful for basically everything, including backgrounds and colors and shininess

2.) LEARN FROM EXAMPLE. There’s tons of artists from around the world who put their portfolios online. There’s tons of youtube videos based on learning art! Check out art throughout history, even! Check out your favorite styles, be it traditional or cartoon, and observe what you like about them specifically. Test it loads of them yourself; after awhile of trying style after style your personal preferences will develop.

Aside from those two, here’s some of my personal tips. They might not work for you! I’m not a professional here, these are just some things I enjoy doing with my art.


-if you use a color once in a picture, use it again to balance it out.

-made a character and colored it in but having trouble deciding on the bg colors? Use the ones already on your canvas/in the character. unite that canvas under one palette. Even just an abstract shape in the bg of one color is better than a blank; make it the least used color in the character if thats the case, or at least one not near the edges.

-try analogous color schemes or monochrome schemes to get a feel for colors you dont normally use. 

- try coloring without lineart too, thats a fun exercise. 

-sometimes if you put yellow next to blue it looks green. either decrease the intensity of said blue or adjust the yellow; same with other odd pairings. your brain is weird just go around it.

-if two colors of the same intensity are right next to eachother your brain might blend the line between them; again depends on if you want it but it happens with painting so i mean have at it i guess. 


-make sure you know the direction where light is coming from; that dictates where lightspots go

-putting lightspots against areas of intense color makes em pop

-try making them not just white, but also pastels or just intense color. It’s good to experiment! 

-A hard lightspot gives an area a smoother, almost rubber like or wet texture. making it jagged makes it look a bit more leathered? Again, experiment as to what you like best. I enjoy putting a hard blot of white on a darker bg and then airbrushing around it to make a nice glow effect. 

-if the lightsource is anything but white, make lightspots that color. 


-I prefer to use references for backgrounds. rough out a few examples of various angles or object placements if you need to. I actually made a sort of room scheme for the parlor in Recovery, as seen below:

(its ok they can be shitty and still be useful)

-know that for bgs there’s the foreground, mid-ground and background, and it makes more sense to have all of them haha

-also good: make your characters interact with the bg/environment! Really brings the whole thing together. 

-most digital art programs have grids available; use those for making buildings and such, much easier than dragging over a bent-out-of-shape ruler and hoping for the best. 


-if you know you’re bad at something in particular don’t shy away from it. Don’t avoid drawing hands bc you feel like you’re bad at drawing them! You gotta practice that shit, even if its hard/you dont like it. 

-generally if you’re going to draw something hard just do it with enthusiasm; a sort of fuck-you to despair. 

-if your wrist hurts stop until it doesn’t, Repetitive Strain Injuries are Bad and so is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. 

-flipping the canvas after drawing one eye lets you draw the other one without making it crooked, but if you’re lazy like me you can just…copy-paste it and reverse the layer and also maybe transform it to fit LMFAO. Still though flip the canvas just in case. 

-for some reason if you’re drawing a stack of objects start in the middle or do the contour first it helps with sizing. 

-draw at least once a day unless in pain lmfao

-Praaactice makes Peeeeerfect

-tbh anything goes in art, i’ve seen cheese with hair stapled to it in a museum just do what you want just get the basics down first makes things easier haha

Have you ever wanted to make your own icons, only to face how every tutorial out there seems to be based on photoshop and expects you to have it? Have you figured out a way to make them even so, but are looking for something that can make the job just a tad bit easier?

Hopefully, you can take a few tips from here!

Now, what is GIMP? It’s a free image editing program. Sold yet? Well, it is also expandable and has a bazillion (a round up) of scripts to be downloaded for whatever it is your editing needs… need. In fact, even in this one tutorial where I’ll be teaching you the basics, I’ll tell you to download one script which will make saving the icons we’ve made way, way easier. 

So, under the cut, I will explain some things about tumblr and dimensions, what script you’ll be needing for this, how to set up your working area, how to make icons and how to save them.

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What’s this? Numero 6? But trust me this needs to be talked about. I’m a newer fan to K-Pop but NU’EST just snatched me up and went, “You’re our fan now”. And that really is the magic of k-pop and music in general; in one spontaneous swoop I’m instantly a fan–and NU’EST did exactly just that. Kind of like VIXX, I was sure at first that I wasn’t going to be a fan, but never say never. All it takes is that one song to hook you in, and boy did I become hooked. 

NU’EST is really special as an under-appreciated/underrated group that really fell out of radar. Short story: they debuted with a bang and somehow never picked up momentum like other groups that were debuting around the same time (like BTOB, VIXX, EXO, etc). Long story: check out this video. Understanding their story and struggle, makes me believe in them harder. They deserve better and their maximum potential needs to be reached so the world can fall back in love with these 5 talented dorks. I whole-heartedly wish for them to return to their original glory because they deserve it. They’ve shown versatility, perseverance, hard work, and most importantly talent. Bless them.

Bias: Baekho

First of all…just gonna leave this here…

Okay, now that I’ve revealed my thirsty ass, Baekho is a huge part of why I fell in love with Nu’est. The recipe for me to stan a group is as follows: (1) give me that one song that hooks me in and makes me start to listen to other songs, (2) find a song that immediately strikes me as the best thing ever, (3) find my bias. My first exposure to NU’EST was Face (rightfully so) but I wasn’t hooked. It wasn’t until I heard Overcome much later and I was just entranced. Let’s just say Baekho is hot af and is my kind of man. His smile and his laugh are to die for. Oh yeah, and his hair…gurl…one of the big factors of me liking a dude is their hair and his hair is not only the most distinguishing features of his look but also fucking awesome. But then his voice…dear lord…his voice is absolutely glorious…slays me every damn time. A tough guy exterior who’s ultimately seems like a teddy bear underneath, I’m sold. I hope he gets to sing as long as he can ‘cause I love his voice. Baekho is a lot of the man I wish I had in my life lol…

Bias Wrecker: Aron

Here comes to boyfriend type…

Out of the five, he seems like the one who gets the least attention, but hey, that means more Aron to myself ;) . He’s originally from LA and you gotta respect his choice to move to Korea to become the artist he now is and I love hearing him speak english especially when he helps introduces the group. He can rap, although JR is usually the one rapping, and he’s great. He can sing, I love his voice and I squeal and get a little excited whenever I get to hear him sing. He can dance, even though JR steals the spotlight when it comes to his crazy dancing and Ren slays when he does his girl group dancing. Finally, his visual is no joke even against the others how are also handsome af. What his visual appeal to me? Well he’s equal parts cute and sexy (I mean did you see his abs in the Good Bye Bye era…I died). He’s an all-around talented guy and his charm just comes for me and I can’t resist it… It’s a really fine line between my love for both of them because they’re both very much aligned with my kind of guy lol.

TOP 5 Songs:

1. Overcome

2016 was a fucking good year man. I have: Promise (I’ll Be) from 2PM, 1 of 1 and Tell Me What to Do from SHINee, The Eye from INFINITE, Dynamite and Fantasy from VIXX, Ribbon from B2ST/HIGHLIGHT, and now add to that list for me Overcome (and later on Love Paint and Look) from NU’EST. This is everything dammit. This is the song that made me fall in love with NU’EST and made me believe in them hard.

Each member’s voice is highlighted well and the variety among the voices works extremely well together: Baekho covering a strong and powerful lower sound, JR’s rapping covering a gruff lower sound as well, Aron and Ren offer two distinct voices that serve as bridge to Minhyun’s smooth and higher vocals. And let me tell you, I love both Baekho and Aron’s vocals in particular. The music it self switches between three tones: the intense sexy synth of the chorus, the light jazzy beats for the verse, and the softer mellow piano for the ending. This song flew under my radar, but I’m glad I found it because it is some guuud shit right here.

Now for the video/choreography/visuals: sexy af. Knights? Bitch yes. I have Princes for 2PM and now Knights for Nu’est, I’m freaking set. And boy does a knight fit Baekho well (I mean he can wield a sword too lol); I picture Aron more as a prince charming type (considering his outfit in the video), but hell a knight works too. But this hair on Baekho is everything and the subtle blue pushes it beyond perfection. Oh, and that coat on Baekho just….ugh he looks so fucking good. Ren looks fabulous as af with that hair; I personally don’t like androgynous looks, but after getting to know Ren, he pulls it off so well and whether or not he wants that hair (or whether or not you like it) he werks it and deserves major props because his visual is no joke. Minhyun is seducing you with that open shirt and blonde hair and then to top it all of his voice is angelic. JR looks handsome af especially with that greyish-silver hair. The body rolls in the choreography though, talk about icing on the cake. 

NU’EST gave us: sexy choreography, powerful vocals, smooth sound, perfect visuals. The only thing I can criticize is that the video could of been amped up a whole lot further. BUT, Overcome checks off everything I could want from a group. This is a strong comeback that didn’t get the recognition it deserved.

2. Hello?

A ballad? What? Yeah, I don’t really prefer ballad-y types of songs, but this is something special. A complete 180 from what they debuted with, but the composition and performance is just so memorable. What sold me is that move with the tie (what can I say, I like a well dressed man).

The song is very mellow but there’s something about it that just mesmerizing to me. While the style of NU’EST changed for this release, the formula was still there. The song itself is just composed beautifully, everything is smooth and there is enough variety to help keep us entranced and intrigued. Where Minhyun’s sweet voice is the foundation for the typical ballad sound, Baekho provides a contrast that helps add a layer to the vocals of the song. While I find Aron’s raps for the song cheesy, his singing parts make me smile. Ren’s voice especially in that bridge at the end is refreshing to listen too. JR’s rap provides an enormous contrast to the song but at the same time blends so well and I find it extremely pleasant to listen too. This song shows the versatility of NU’EST more than anything and while I prefer their more poppy and upbeat songs, this is a surprise favorite of mine.

3. Love Paint/Look (A Starlight Night)

2016 slayed. Year of Masterpieces. And what do you, NU’EST releases art with Love Paint. The song itself didn’t appeal to me instantly, however it won me over very quickly. Lemme just say that Baekho’s voice in Love Paint is heavenly and I couldn’t resist. The video is extremely aesthetic and nice, but I wish it showed off more of the choreography instead. Everything about this comeback seemed more relaxed especially with the visuals (Baekho’s hair is simply down but that purple though ;) ). Also JR’s rap is really nice with essentially two parts: first mellow and then becomes more fun and active.

Look (A Starlight Night) on the other hand instantly won me over. It feels very jazzy and there a subtle retro vibe going on that’s really nice. While the video is just a simple choreography video, you get to see some nice footwork from the boys. Imagine if they had some kind of starlight backdrop behind them…oh my god it would so beautiful. The only thing I will say, is that I don’t like Baekho’s hairstyle (because I don’t care for that look in particular on any guy). However, yet again, Baekho’s vocals just slay me. 

Canvas and even Q is are both cleverly done albums by NU’EST and deserve a lot of love. NU’EST worked really hard and released some really good music that needs some love.

4. Sleep Talking

Poppy. Colorful. Fun. Sexy. NU’EST returned to their original sound but gave up the angsty look from something more typical pop (and my kind of pop lol). I mean, this is classic k-pop no? Baekho looks mighty fine in fabulous pink hair and looking sexy in his tank top or sleeveless tiger jacket. Minhyun is wearing that green shirt with a stupid cut out in the back giving his fans some skin. Ren is still slaying you with his blond hair. Aron and JR look like the stylists vomited all the patterns over them lol. The dancing is catchy, fun, and has a hint of sexy (see gif). The mood of the song is upbeat and fun and is infectiously happy. And I’m always for music that naturally puts a smile on your face.

5. Face/Action

The song that started it all. Now don’t hurt me, but I actually don’t like this song. BUT I don’t have to love this song to appreciate how good it actually is. There is a reason this debut was so successful and legendary. Let’s check off the list: solid choreography, obligatory dub-step dance break, powerful vocals from Baekho (his vocals strong from debut like gurl…) and Minhyun, catchy beat and sound, strong visuals, and add to that a relatable and appealing concept. If this is what we had to begin with, imagine how much more they still have to offer. STAN TALENT. STAN NU’EST.

These boys comeback not too long afterwards to give you another does of legendary. It’s the same formula as before, but it’s more of my taste (minus the dubstep dance break which feels random but you know, it was a thing). While, NU’EST didn’t keep their initial gritty concept, they showed off many sides to them that I think deserves some merit. Finally,  One thing I’d like to point out is this

bless you Baekho…bless you…

Honorable Mention:

Good Bye Bye

This is the culmination of everything they’ve done before. Let’s mash together the softer side of Hello with the formula of Action/Face (with a dub-step breakdown that I don’t care much for–the vocals during that part though are everything) and add a touch of sexy like Sleep Talking. NU’EST’s visual game stepped up really hard with this song: Aron really came for me this time (have you seen his abs I mean…c’mon…it’s just deadly), Minhyun looks handsome af, Ren is serving you masculine and abs (Ren fans must of been slayed so hard lol), JR in blonde…dear god, and Baekho’s relaxed orange hair is refreshing. The vocals from each member are much stronger (and in just about two years). Minhyun’s vocals really got to shine here. In general they showed off an extremely strong comeback. So please…let’s love NU’EST! ;)

🌊DNI Banner Tutorial🐬

I was asked by someone how i made my banners, so I thought i’d share a bit of what i know in a small tutorial!

I personally use an app called ArtStudio for IOS. It costs some money but it works really well! It can be done on pretty much any art softwares!

First, you need a background that you’ll use (if you don’t wanna draw one) and a transparent image that you’ll want to use if you want to have a character in your banner! Here are the pictures i’ll use for this tutorial:

A farm background

And our good old friend Knuckles, bringing back a good amount of fruits and veggies that he harvested from his fields

First thing you’ll want to do is have the background you’ll use as your canva

Then what I do to get the exact banner dimensions is I import the banner on top of the background

The banner size will reduce but don’t worry we’ll scale the banner so it becomes big again later

Now what we wanna do is select the borders of the banner we just imported

When that’s done, move the banner up or down depending of what you want to be in your banner

When that’s done, crop the picture to the selection by pressing “crop to selection” in the Image section, and then delete the banner you used to get the dimensions

So it looks like this!

So we got the banner! Great!! But now we wanna make it bigger, because if you’re gonna put the transparent image in right now, it’ll look all pixely like this

Not good ey? So what you wanna do is resize the image by pressing “resize” (and not “canva size). Usually i do 2500px by 400px for my banners, it’s big and just enoughto get a good quality!

So now when i import my transparent image in it looks good!

Much better in fact! Now select the picture and move and scale it around how you want it to be! And then, pick a color and write your DNI! Usually my template goes as such:

“Please do not interact if: dd/lg, cg/l(re), kink, nsfw/18+ only, exclusionist, TERF, truscum, aphobe, agere society (Liltot, Tinyroyals etc)”

But you can shape it however you want it to be!

It’s so hard to read… barely readable right? That’s why we’ll do white borders around! Fuse the text layer with the transparent image layer and do “alpha to selection” so it selects everything. Afterwards, choose the “border” option and set the borders to 7 so it has sort of big borders. Then choose the “feather” option and put it at 4. That way the borders wont be hard pixels. Make a layer underneath the one with the transparent image and the writting and color in white!

Looking good, right? Now if you want you can play with the opacity of the white border to make it less apparent while making the text still readable. Save in PNG then you’re done!!

Congratulation!!! You got a nice DNI banner with a farmer Knuckles on it! Now you can use it on your posts to keep it safe!!

Here’s a few things to remember while making a DNI banner:

MAKE IT READABLE. Don’t do extremely pale/pastel colors on a white background with a small/hard to read font. You can do pastel banners but try to make them readable! That way people who interacts without your conscent can’t use the “I couldn’t read your banner” reason. I know it’s aesthetic but the purpose of a banner is to be read!

•Write as much options as you can while still making it readable. If you just write “dni if k!nk”, some people like in “sfw d/d/l/g” will say theyre not k!nk and reblog anyways because they’re “sfw”. Write as much as you can while still keeping it readable and fancy. Also, putting too much can make it too clogged so write the main people you don’t want interactions from!

•If you’re gonna use someone else’s art on your banner, please, please! Write a credit to the artist on the banner. Find a small spot on your banner and write “art by *artist username* on *Platform where it was posted*”, like in this banner that i made a while back:

On the bottom left you can read the credits. Make sure it’s on it so people know it’s credited

So that’s all the tips I have!! Have fun making banners my friends~!!!

Cel Shading Tutorial by mwah

So, I got an ask from one of you lovely people asking if I could make a tutorial on how I color, or more specifically, how I colored for the Legend of Korra generation II kids.

Compared to shading with a brush tool, which is my usual, I decided to use cel shading, because it is clear cut and in my opinion the easiest style of shading. :)

Alrighty here we go! 

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2seoke  asked:

Jin smuts??? Fluff? Angst?? NAYTHING WITH JIN OPPA

Hey you go~

Extremely old Jin comp - top!jin - Jin centric fics
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Check out the Jin tag too~

These are the most recent 5 jin fics from each of his pairings

[30 fics ~ Mobile Link]

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Studio Space


Thanks as always to @scribefindegil for betaing!

It’s the future.

Somewhere in California, there’s a girl sitting in a painting studio. She’s finishing the first semester of her second year at art school. Maybe it’s the art school in California that you’re thinking of. Maybe it’s not. It isn’t important.

The girl’s name isn’t important, either. Or maybe it is. Maybe everyone’s name is important. Either way, her name is Aysha, and she is friends with Mabel Pines.

Lots of people are friends with Mabel the way that Aysha is. She isn’t Mabel’s closest friend, or even her second closest or third. Sometimes they eat lunch together, and sometimes they work together in the studio and talk and play loud music and laugh, and it’s nice. She’s gotten to know her a little, but most of Mabel is still a mystery to her.

She knows that Mabel loves sprinkles and 80’s music and Crayon D'Ache pencils, that she can’t control the volume of her voice or her laughter and that she has strong opinions on hot chocolate. She knows Mabel has a pet pig back home and will, at the slightest hint of skepticism that she actually owns a pig, immediately pull up two and a half gigabytes of photo evidence. She knows she hugs way too hard and way too fast, she’ll hug someone the first time she meets them without fear or shame, and it’s hard not to love her for that.

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Accepted CSSSA animation 2014 portfolio analyzed

Hello friends! Soap here! Just yesterday I learned that I was accepted into CSSSA this summer for animation! A dream come true!

I also learned yesterday that some amazing artists got rejected, they and myself are confused as to why. Seriously. Amazing artists got rejected. I’m still bummed out.

To help you guys out, I thought that I would analyze my own portfolio, and try to dig out ideas and traits that might help people who were accepted/rejected possibly realize why they were accepted/rejected. Maybe this will even give next years applicants some tips on what to include!

Just to let you know, I just figured out yesterday that I was accepted, so I am no means a CSSSA veteran. I just wanted to possibly help out my fellow friends!


Let’s start with a bit about me…

Name: Madison, but you can call me Soap

Age: 17

Year: Junior

Gender/Sex: Female

Location: Michigan

I’m a pretty standard applicant. I’m a junior going into my (yikes) senior year, and will be applying to colleges next year! Ahhh! I’ve heard from some people that CSSSA likes to accept people going into their senior year or junior year, so that may or may not have given me a bonus. Really, I think it comes down to skill level. I am from out of state, so I was one of the 20 people who were chosen. CSSSA only accepts up to 20 out of state each year, across all majors.

This year, I’ve heard people say that 260 people applied. CSSSA accepts about 50 into the program each year. Yikes! A 19% acceptance rate!

It’s competitive yes, but I think CSSSA wants to weed out the people who are too  terrified to apply. Seriously, GO FOR IT! SHOW YOUR STUFF! YOU ROCK!!!

Let’s get to my portfolio for animation…

With my application, I was largely focused on these two statements

“The applicant is highly encouraged to include submissions that explore a wide range of fine arts styles and ideas other than cartoon art.”


The review committee insists that all work is presented with the utmost care and attention. The artwork / animation you submit should be original and from your own experience and imagination. The committee wants to see YOU reflected in the content and distinctive style of your artwork. Be yourself!

So, I mainly focused on the use of different media, and expressing my own style, staying far away from any other artist’s style. Largely, I wanted to just BE MYSELF. If I love lizards, I LOVE LIZARDS, and CSSSA needs to know that!

This piece is called “The Creator.” I used it for assignment A for the prompt “One drawing or painting that shows what you feel is unique about yourself” This is a digital piece, drawn (err, painted…)  in Photoshop.

What I aimed to show here was the following…

-My characters/creations

-My digital art skill

-My optimism and excitement for creating

With my characters, I wanted to show diversity in them. I tried to make all my characters distinguishable from each other, especially my human characters. I also included my creature characters, which I feel to be original and interesting. When digitally painting them, I was largely focused on their form, and how I could manage to relate it to realism.

I spent a total time of 2 weeks on this piece, and it is still the best digital painting I’ve ever done. I really wanted to show my chops here, and show CSSSA “this is what I can do!” Do this! Really! Apply with your absolute best work! Or knowing the deadline, put something together a few weeks/months in advance that you know you can spend a lot of time on. I painted an environment for myself to be placed in, which is important! Characters in environments is a great thing to include! DO BACKGROUNDS.

I know that many animators are optimistic and fun people, so I wanted to show that here. I heard from an interview from a Sheridan professor of animation that “characters with guns make me nervous.” Make your apps happy and fun! Animation is fun! Animation is imaginative! Yeah! Animation! Yeah! Creating things!!!

Documentation wasn’t a big issue here, because the work was digital.

Now onto assignment B… which is “One drawing or painting of any subject that interests you. You might consider an emotion, memory, song, place or thing. Provide an explanation of the work on a separate sheet of paper, and include the poem, or lyrics if appropriate.”

This is an oil on canvas painting of my bearded dragon lizard Alfredo. I call it “Portrait of Alfredo.” Here, I wanted to change up my medium. I wanted to show that not only did I know how to paint digitally, I know how to paint with oils! That’s important! CSSSA wants to see variety! “Wide range of fine art styles.”

Here’s my prompt for assignment B:

My lizard Alfredo is an essential part of my life. As an only child, he acts in the place of a brother. Alfredo’s actions, expressions, and small adventures always manage to brighten my day. Having him as a pet makes me a more optimistic person. To immortalize my lizard, I set out to paint a portrait of him. For this piece, I stretched a canvas, and then painted Alfredo using oils. My main goal was to make the portrait have historical elements, as well as comedic ones.

History plays a very large role in my work. I draw history both from my own observations, and accounts from textbooks and novels. I’m very interested in the ideas of character relationships and cause and effect. History holds many stories that largely explore these elements. The characters presented in history are all real and unique. I love reading about how historical figures interacted with each other and dealt with the situations at hand. Almost all of my stories contain deep history, or are inspired by a historical period. For example, one of my narratives is largely based off the Gilded Age. Politics also influence my stories, tying right along with history, where the process and the outcome are both very important

I also have a strong interest in reptiles and birds. Many of my characters are based off these animals. I enjoy taking features from reptiles and birds and combining them with other things. These other things may range from inanimate objects to other animals. My creations can either be something serious, like an anthropomorphic businessman eel, or something goofier, such as a strawberry bird.   By playing around with combinations, I feel that I open up many possibilities for interesting and unique combinations.

The main topics I focused on were my love for my lizard, history, and hybrid creatures.

I especially wanted to hit on history, because I feel like it relates to story telling, which is an incredibly important part of animation! Personally, I’d put story before artwork any day.

The lizard head is painted from a photo, the fabric and salad bowl are painted from life, and the rest is painted from my imagination.

Documentation was a bit more of an issue with this piece. When taking a picture, my painting would get a nasty glare, as you can see. In Photoshop, I tried to minimize this to the best of my abilities. Try to stay true to the actual color of the work when color correcting! Documentation and display of your work is just as important as the piece itself!

This was my piece for assignment C… “One drawing or painting that you feel demonstrates your technical skills.”

I included a collection of figure drawings! All of them are in a different media, which I felt was important. I have a line drawing, a colored pencil figure, a marker figure, and a watercolor figure. Once again, variety is cool!!!  Figure drawing is very important to animation. CSSSA probably wants to see your observational skills with a figure! Go out! Take a figure drawing class! You’ll be glad you did! Sadly, my class can’t do naked models D: I aimed on showing form, and hopefully some movement. Ha ha… our models are really never in dynamic poses D: Yay! Observational life drawings!!!

For my animation I used this:

Don’t worry! Your animation does not have to be a 2 minute ordeal! It can be a simple action! Like, a few seconds. This also doubled as a final for one of my classes, that’s why it’s so long. I spent 2 months working on it, maybe even 3… Yeah, the animation is really choppy, I’ve gotten SO MUCH BETTER since submitting this. This animation does contain (choppy) movement, and a story, and my own personal music! I think possibly the story was the thing CSSSA was probably most interested in? Stories are really important!

These were my other prompts I submitted:

Madison Stubbs E #1

Last year, I applied to Interlochen Arts Academy, a well-known art high school in Traverse City Michigan. For my application, I had to piece together a portfolio out of nothing. I had never taken a formal art class, primarily being self-taught. To combat this, I enrolled in my first art class at my local community college. Throughout the semester I saw major improvement in my work. With new and better art in hand, and after an interview with the visual arts director, I was accepted into Interlochen.

The visual arts director suggested that I’d take on the summer program to push my art further before the fall. I did so, attending the advanced drawing program over the summer at Interlochen. The program was three weeks long, classes being six hours a day.  Our class was challenged to create several major drawings in a short time period. I was very proud of what I accomplished, once again seeing a major improvement in my art. Overall, I produced five major pieces, as well as three smaller exercises, which helped me be much more prepared for the school year.

This app focuses on challenges that I experienced with my artwork, and challenges that I faced at a similar summer camp. I wanted to show my dedication to my art, as well as my experience working hard at a 3 week camp with CSSSA’s similar expectations. Write about something that you truly worked hard on, or an experience that made you work really hard. I think if it’s an art experience, that’s a bonus!

My other prompt was..

Madison Stubbs E #2    


To me, animation is the ultimate vessel for story telling. It allows for an escape from everyday life, leading to a fantastical adventure. My personal stress relievers are my stories, untangling me from my anxiety. By focusing on the problems and conflicts of my characters, it helps me take my mind off of my own problems, and even helps solve them. By telling stories, I become a much more optimistic person.  

Animation is a medium that can definitely affect people’s lives. I aim to tell stories that will have the same effect on audiences as they do on me. Animation is wonderful, due to its ability to depict emotion and movement that ties right along with narratives.  I want to tell stories that will impact both young and old audiences. Also, I aim to create characters that stick with people well after a viewing. Hopefully those who view my films will pick up something they can take with them, anything ranging from laughter to a life changing moral.

My love for animation!!! Animation is great! Animation is awesome! Let CSSSA know this! Relate it to yourself, relate it to others! JUST TALK ABOUT HOW PASSIONATE YOU ARE!!!

My letters of rec were from my painting teacher and my digital arts teacher.

I hope this helps some people out who are planning on applying next year! Best of luck to all of you! I apologize if I sounded stuck-up and a know-it-all. (which I probably did, OMG I’m so sorry)  Just doing my best to help! If you have any questions, send me an ask!



April Fool’s Day

((By 101))

It was a busy week at Dragon Hall. There were only a few days till the first of the month and everyone was preparing and filled with excitement. Well… almost everyone.

“Evie, what are you doing on the first?” Carlos asked shyly.

She glanced away from her compact mirror to look at her young friend. Evie knew why he was asking. Jay and Mal had not kept their plans secret and Carlos didn’t want to spend his time worrying alone.

“I’ll be at home locked away,” she dramatically made it seem like she was about to faint. “Mommy will have the doors and windows locked and barred. She hates April Fool’s Day,” she rolled her eyes, a bored expression on her face, at the name of the holiday. “Last year someone managed to get in and took a few mirrors and jewels. She was not happy.”

April fools day wasn’t the same as it was in Auradon. In Auradon it’s was a day of pranks and silly jokes. On the Isle of the Lost it was one of the most dangerous days to be out on the isle’s streets. The black market would be closed along with all the other stores and shops. No one wanted to be objected to the tricks and pranks that would occur that day.

“Do you want to come over?” Carlos suggested meekly. “My mother will be out. She’s going to the ‘spa’.”

Evie giggled. The spa wasn’t really a spa. There weren’t many luxuries on the Isle. Cruella was so use to the finer things that when she ended up on the isle she became a little delusional. Her delusion of a spa was warmish steam coming from the crags of rocks in the ruined basement of building.

“Sure. I just have to make sure Othello has enough food in his bowl for the day and I’ll go over.” She gave him a sweet smile and returned to looking at her reflection in the tiny mirror.

School seemed to drag the rest of the week. No one was interested in learning. Everyone that was brave enough would be out reeking havoc all over the isle come April first.

“Mal, you ready for tomorrow?” Jay asked as he joined the group of VK’s in what they called the cafeteria.

“You bet. It’s going to be a howler.” She replied not looking up from her sketchbook. She managed to swiped it from Mother Gothel’s daughter, Ginney.  She had already covered the book in her personal graffiti. If Ginny ever noticed it was gone she wouldn’t want it back.

“Are you sure it’s a good idea for you two to go out?” Carlos question, he tried to hide the concern in his voice but he failed.

Mal looked up quickly, “Yes. It’s going to be an awesome time. You two should really come with. We can show you a few tricks.” Mal winked at Evie. She blushed and looked away for a moment.  They had been flirting back and forth for a awhile before Mal decided to make the first move and asked Evie out. They’ve been dating ever since. It was an added bonus that their relationship annoyed their mothers.

“No thank you,” Evie snapped a second later. “Mother would kill me if I came back bruised.” Fluttering her eyelashes at Mal.

Carlos looked to Jay, “Please rethink this.”

“Nothing to think about, C. It’s going to be just like any other day. Just a little more intense. I’ll be fine.” He gave Carlos a pat on the shoulder. Jay wasn’t into public displays of affection unless he was going to get something out of it. Carlos was okay with it. Just as along as Jay’s lips didn’t touch anyone else’s, just his.

“Fine,” he huffed, leaning against Jay. That he could handle, “Please be careful.”

“You should be telling the others that,” Mal laughed reaching out to high five Jay.

“We mean it you two!” Evie was serious now, casting glances at the both of them. “Be careful and watch each other’s back. After you two are done having your ‘fun’ you can come find us at Hell Hall.”

Evie grabbed her bag, got up and before walking off gave Mal a kiss, leaving her wanting more. Mal turned in her seat to watch her walk away. Carlos took Jay’s hand and gave it a quick squeeze and followed Evie. As he walked away Jay gave him a wink and smile.

It was around noon when Evie knocked on the door. Carlos ran down the hall to open the door quickly and let her in.

“What’s in the bag?” Carlos questioned motioning to the bag she was carrying.

“Supplies,” she answers vaguely. “Jay and Mal will be out for a while so I brought a few things to occupy our time.”

Carlos led Evie up the flight of stairs to the closet he called his room.

He had cleaned up a bit and hung most of the furs towards the back.

“Cozy,” she commented as she gently set her things on the floor and made herself comfortable on the comforter she had given him a while back.

“Sorry.” Carlos blushed with embarrassment. Maybe he should have asked if they could wait the day out at her place. Except Carlos really didn’t like being around Evie’s mom. She was intimidating at times.

Evie waved her hand at Carlos, “It’s fine, Carlos. Don’t be silly. Come and sit next to me. I brought books and managed to find a few snacks.”

Carlos light up a bit and sat next to the blue-haired girl. It wasn’t long until they were both discussing about the articles and chapters they read from the books and magazines. They also almost finished the treats Evie brought but made sure to save a few for Mal and Jay when they returned.

Once in awhile Carlos would look towards the door to see if the shadow of the sunlight had moved.

“Hey,” Evie snapped her fingers to get his attention, “they’ll be back soon.”

Her voice sounded unsure but Carlos nodded and went back to the book he was reading.

Even with the book he was reading being something he was actually interested in he couldn’t focus on it. Something inside was nagging at him to go to the window, to even go out and try to find Jay and Mal. But every time he would move Evie would assure him that at any moment they could come through the door.

“We can’t just leave. What if they come back and we’re not here?” She pointed out.

Carlos could see her point. That could cause more trouble and even get one of them hurt. He sighed deeply trying to calm the nerves he was experiencing and focus on something else. Evie patted his hand and did the same.

The streets of the Isle of the Lost were more of a mess than usual. Trash was everywhere, windows were broken, and a few people were laying in the alleyways. Mostly likely dead.

“Jay,” Mal called out but only loud enough for him to hear her.

Jay looked in the direction her voice was coming from and saw her wave him over to a shop that looked to be untouched.

He skillfully made his way over without making too much noise. When he made it to Mal’s side she was already at work trying to pry the door open. Jay could see that inside there were rugs, rusted pots, and a few other things. Why Mal wanted to get inside, he didn’t know.

“Why are you trying to get in? There’s not much inside,” he pointed out to her.

“It’s been a few hours already and we haven’t done any damage.” She complained.

Jay rolled his eyes at her. She wasn’t much of a thief because if she were she would know that even the best thieves sometimes come out empty handed.

She elbowed him in his gut. “I saw that, jerk,” she hissed. “Help me get this door opened.” She moved over to let Jay examine the door.

He jiggled the doorknob a bit and lightly ran his fingers over the top of the doorframe. When he did a small key fell to the ground.

With a huge cocky grin he bent down, picked it up, and showed it off to Mal.

She quickly grabbed it from him and scoffed.

Opening the door they walked in and examined the space. It didn’t seem like anyone was inside.

Mal walked deeper into the shop and Jay closed the door and headed in a different direction.

The shop was unusually big and had a few side rooms. Most shops on the isle were small and cramped. The side of the isle they were on was one they rarely ventured to which is why they picked it to ransack. Something different they had agreed.

Mal was looking through the cabinets while Jay checked the other rooms. It seemed oddly deserted. Jay felt something was off but continued to explore.

There was one more room to the left that had the door completely shut. The other doors he came upon were all open slightly. Enough for him to peek inside before fully opening the doors wide.

He could hear Mal putting things in the canvas sack they had brought to carry whatever they managed to come across that had any value. She must have found a few things because he could hear things clatter and clang against each other as she put them into the sack.

He hadn’t found much. Just a few knickknacks and a book that he thought Carlos might like. He enjoyed bringing back a few things for Carlos. He would smile and that alone would be enough for Jay. Seeing him smile and forget his problems, if only for a moment, was all Jay ever needed.

While picturing Carlos’ smiling face he reached out and grabbed the knob and opened the door quickly.

In one swift movement, Jay came face to face with an unknown man. The man had been standing near the door and he was armed.

Jay tried to get away but the man was just as fast as the young thief.

He didn’t even get the chance to call out to Mal. The man had already stabbed Jay with the knife he had in his hand.

Mal had heard rustling and walked over to where Jay had just been. But instead of seeing Jay struggling to carry things she saw a man standing over Jay’s body holding a bloody knife. Her eyes went wide in shock.

The man backed into the wall, fear covering his face. “You're… you’re the daughter of the Mistress of Darkness,” he stuttered.

Mal took the fear the man had in his eyes as a cue to work with it.

“Yes, I’m the daughter of the Mistress of Darkness. The wicked fairy, Maleficent!” Her voice seemed to boom. “And that is the son of the grand sorcerer, Jafar of Agrabah!” She pointed to Jay, laying motionless on the floor.

She knelt down next to her best friend and tried to feel for a pulse. It was there but very faint. She looked up and glared at the man.

“Leave!” She commanded.

The man dropped the knife and ran out of the shop and into the streets of the Isle of the Lost.

She looked around her to see if she could find anything to stop the bleeding. One glance around the room and she managed to find a towel that was draped over a chair near them. She took it and wrapped it around his neck where the wound was. It was bleeding so fast that she knew the knife must have hit a vein or something.

Leaving behind the sack she had filled, she left the shop with Jay on her back. He was bigger than she was but she wasn’t going to let her best friend die. Not like this.

It was a long and difficult trek to Hell Hall but she managed to get there. Making the decision to keep Jay on her back, knowing if she put him down there was no way she could pick him back up again, she balanced herself and kicked the door over and over hoping that Carlos and Evie would come down.

Carlos and Evie were playing with Beelzebub when a loud but muffled bang erupted through the house. The cat jumped from fright and ran deep into the fur closet to hide.

“What was that?” Carlos whispered.

Evie shrugged her shoulders.

“Do you think someone is trying to break in?” Carlos was hugging the pillow Evie had given him tightly as if it was a shield that could protect him from the intruders.

“They wouldn’t be making so much noise. Most thieves are quiet.” She slowly got up and walked over to the closet door and pressed her ear against it.

Carlos shakily got up and stood behind her. “What do you hear?”

Evie shook her head, “Nothing.”

After the words left her mouth another set of bangs followed.

Carlos wrapped his arms around Evie, hiding his face in her long dark blue hair.

Evie hugged him close and gestured for him to walk with her.

They slowly and quietly opened the door and walked downstairs. As they descended down the bangs began to get louder and had longer pauses between them.

When they got to the front door Carlos carefully moved the drape that covered the cracked glass window and looked outside.

A horrified gasp escaped as he rushed to open the door.

“What?” Evie asked in a panic, “Who is it?”

He didn’t answer her. He swung the door open to find that Mal had collapsed under the weight of Jay’s body.

Evie was shocked at the sight and froze in the doorway.

“Help… he’s hurt,” she managed to say through labored breathing. “Stabbed.”

When Evie heard that she snapped back and rushed to help Carlos get Jay inside.

They picked him up off of Mal and half carried half dragged him through the door and laid him in the foyer.

Carlos stayed by his side while Evie went to help Mal up. She was so weak from having to carry Jay so far.

“What happened!?” Carlos shouted.

Mal couldn’t answer him. She was too worn out and was trying to regulate her breathing.

Evie had Mal laying on her lap, supporting her.

He focused his attention back to Jay.

“Jay,” he whispered into his ear. “Can you hear me?”

There was no movement. His chest didn’t even look like it was rising.

He looked back at Mal and Evie. She had managed to calm down and they were holding on to each other.

“Mal, please,” he begged, “what happened?”

Mal couldn’t look Carlos in the eye, so she resorted to looking at her girlfriend.

“It all happened so fast.” She began trying to sit upright, “We were in this shop or store. It was kind of big. Bigger than the shops around our normal area. It looked deserted. We thought it was, so we went in separate directions..”

“You split up?” Evie shouted at Mal. “You two were to stay together! Watch each others backs.”

“I know, I know,” she said as she ran her hands through her short purple hair. “It was just so quiet. We thought no one was around so we split up to cover more ground quickly.”

“And look what that caused!” Carlos shouted with a sob.

He leaned over to pick Jay up and hold him close.

Mal was holding back tears and was starting to shake.

“Mal, honey,” Evie cupped Mal’s face with her hands. Getting her to focus, “How did this happen?”

“There.. uh.. there was a man. He uh… must have been hiding or something. He stabbed Jay with a knife.” She couldn’t hold back the tears. With those last words they fell. Tears or regret, she had failed her friends.

Evie pulled Mal closer to her. Allowing the shaken villain to cry and scream into her shoulder.

Carlos was in shock at what Mal had said. How could this have happened? Jay was the most skilled thief he knew.

He looked down at Jay and saw that the cloth round his neck was soaked with blood.

He carefully removed it and the pain of having it removed stirred Jay.

“Jay?” There was hope in Carlos’ voice. “Jay, please talk to me.”

The thief didn’t have much strength left in him. He had just enough to open his eyes to look at the young,freckled, white haired boy that managed to steal his heart and whisper two small phrases.

“I’m sorry. I love you, Carlos de’ Vil.” And it was with that he struggled to breath one last time.

His body went completely limp in Carlos’ arms.

Carlos, filled with grief, held onto the the love of his life’s lifeless body and broke down. He was inconsolable that all Evie could do was continue to hold on to Mal and watch as their friend grieved over the loss of his love and their friend.

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Preference #20 - Boyfriend, Girlfriend, And Project Partners - Requested




“Alright class, we are starting a new project where you will have a partner.” The teacher began after the bell rang. Within those seconds everyone was looking at each other trying to get a partner. I looked at my boyfriend, Ashton, who was looking at me laughing. We could work well together actually, so I was looking forward to getting to work with him.

Until the professor said his next words.

“And I will be randomly assigning them.” The teacher said with far too satisfied a smile on his face.

I tuned out waiting to hear my name.

“Alright now it’s Y/N with… Ashton.” The teacher said. I looked over at him and he was laughing with a big smile.

“Ok, now that everyone has a partner, we are going to work in the library so go.” The teacher finished so I got up with Ashton.

“So we are going to have the best project, right babe?” Ashton said dropping his arm across my shoulder as we walked.

“I don’t even know my partner…” Calum pouted walking with us.

“Aww…” Ashton said laughing.

“You have no pity.” Calum pouted. But we finally reached the library so we parked ourselves in front of a computer to begin research. Ashton’s hand landed on my leg while he leaned in to me.

“So, after we finish this project, do you want to catch a movie?” Ashton whispered. I nodded laughing.

“Of course, just a good movie, like an actual date movie.” I said kissing his cheek.

“I know you two are together but please stay focused.” The teacher said walking passed us.

“Hey, we’re more focused than Michael.” Ashton defended.

“Yeah… But it’s too much work to take the PSP from him…” The teacher sighed. I giggled.

“I know that all too well.” I commented.

“Oh and the yearbook editor asked me to remind you about campaigning for prom king and queen.” The professor said. I looked to Ashton.

“It’s not really our scene.” I finally said.

“Alright, well get back to productive work. You can be flirtatious outside of school.” He said with a knowing smile.

“That was awkward.” Ashton said with a chuckle.

“You’re the one being touchy feely.” I said and he rested his chin on my shoulder.

“You’re just a party pooper.”

“Someone has to be.”

“Ugh, so are we doing a PowerPoint or a prezi or just like a poster board?” Ashton asked rubbing my back. I shrugged.

“A prezi would probably be best.” I said in the end.

“Are you going to design it?”

“Probably, since your aesthetic eye is ripping your shirts.”

“You’re never going to drop that are you?” He said and I nodded.

“So difficult.”

“I’m better when I get kisses.” I said with a smile.

“Of course you are.”

“You already knew that.”

“You are my girlfriend.”

“I love you.” I said and he smiled leaning in to kiss my cheek.

“Love you too, now back to work.”

“Back to the boring.”

“We’ll have fun later, promise.” He said.


“Damn this studying crap sucks…” Calum groaned next to me on his bed. I was over at his house to work on our school project together since we were partners but he was also my boyfriend. He was finding it frustrating to be alone in his house, on his bed, and working on school stuff, not getting frisky.

“Come on, I want a good grade!” I teased nudging him with my leg turning the page of the book in my lap.

“Have to admit, I love that you’re so smart but there’s something I’d rather be studying.” He said with a suggestive voice. He pushed his book off his lap and scooted closer to me. I looked at him through my hair, raising an eyebrow.

“Don’t give me that look; we’ll get it done.” He said moving around on the bed until I found myself somehow positioned between his legs without moving. His arms entwined around me waist and his head perched on my shoulder.

“Calum Thomas Hood we have a project.” I said admonishingly. He responded by pulling me closer.

“Come on, just a break baby…” He purred next to my ear letting his lips drag over my ear.

“We are supposed to be studying! Ah!” The moan coming out when he started kissing my neck playfully nibbling.

“Ok, can I study you?” He said against my skin.

“What does that mean?” I asked, a little annoyed with how breathy my voice was getting as his lips traveled over my neck.

“I want to study the sensation of your skin. The taste of it. The sounds you make. The expressions you make. Everything about you.” He said sinking his teeth lightly into my skin. I squeaked for a moment.

“Calum!” I cried. He laughed lightly sliding our notes and books off the bed and nimbly flipping me over onto my back on the bed before positioning himself over me. “You just ruined my notes and our work!”

“But isn’t this more fun?” He said laughing with his puppy smile. He leaned down brushing his lips over mine.

“We are supposed to be working.” I said but most of my fight had somehow evaporated.

“I am working; I am gathering research on my project about you.” He hummed in a happy voice.

“And how does that work?” I asked and he beamed. He dropped down to press our lips together.

“I am so glad you asked baby.” He said smiling. He leaned forward running his lips down my neck.

“Observation #1, skin is soft and supple, sensitive to kissing and nibbling. Subject likes biting, won’t admit it. Several colored spot are on skin, similar to bruises. Origin unknown.” He said between dropped kisses.

“You know exactly how they got there!” I said and he clicked his tongue.

“You are interrupting my presentation.” He said. He then trailed his lips further down my body. He used his hands to unbutton my shirt clearing the way for his lips to travel down my chest.

“Observation #2, subject is highly sensitive to touch. Gets breathless and heart races. Chest fills with air and subject’s breathing fills chest as subject’s blood rushes.” He hummed against my chest.

“Calum! It is a project!” I whined and he laughed.

“This is infinitely more fun.” He said giggling. I liked his eyes when he did that.

“Seriously Cal, we need to work.”

“Can we just do this first…” He said convincingly.

“Did you know you are very lucky to be my boyfriend?” I said raising my eyebrow again.

“I am very lucky indeed.”

“You also should feel lucky that you have convinced me to do this…”

“I feel very lucky. And I love you.” He said kissing me briefly.

“I love you too.”

“Lovely. Now are we gonna make love?”

“You are impossible.”


“So we have an art project.” Michael said standing in my back yard with a giant canvas in front of him.

“Yep.” I said opening the paint. (*I am not in art)

“And we are splattering it.” He said and I shook my head.

“We are going to put on it, in a splattering way, quotes and images that are important to us.” I said and he nodded.

“Alright, let’s get started.” I said grabbing a brush and some of the paint beginning to put some of my favorite quotes on the canvas. Michael did the same in the other end.

“I don’t see why we couldn’t just dye my hair or something like that. There’s a chick who paints with her hair.” He mumbled and I laughed.

“Mostly because your hair can’t take it and I am not risking my own hair.” I said laughing.

“You really are a romantic.” Michael said noting the quotes I’d used.

“Someone has to be in this relationship.”

“Does that mean I am getting flowers?” He said with mock shock.

“No, I am getting you flowers yet.” I said and he pouted.

“Is this permanent paint?” He asked and I shook my head.

“Good.” He said and flicked it from his brush to me.

“Hey!” I said flicking some at him.

“You did not!” He cried reaching over and painting down my arm.

“Michael Clifford! You bastard!” I cried swirling my brush across his face.

“This is going to clog my pores!” He yelled in a girl voice.

“Oh very nice!” I said but then he tackled me to the ground.

“I don’t want to ruin your shirt with paint.” He said and I rolled my eyes.

“You do, too.” I said and he shook his head.

“Why would I?”

“Because then I would have to go in and change and then I wouldn’t be in a shirt so you would be very happy.”

“I can’t boobs on this can I?” He asked gesturing to the canvas.

“It is a school art project.” I said and he sighed.

“Can I play with boobs?” He asked raising his eyebrows.

“When the canvas is finished.” I said with a big smile.

“I will literally just splatter shit on this then to hurry this up.”

“Please not poop!” I said as he got up.

“I would not put poop on your picture!”

“It is a piece of art, not a picture!” I said laughing.

“…I’ll pretend I know the difference.”

“This is the difference.”


“Hey Michael,” I said after we worked in relative silence for a bit.

“Hmm?” He said and I sighed.

“Thanks for doing this with me.”

“Hey I get to be here with you.”

“I’m sorry for not doing something more fun.” I muttered.

“This is fun.”

“I love you, Michael.”

“Love you, too. Even with paint in your hair.”

“I love you even with paint all over you.”

“Wonder who put that there…” He muttered.


“So does this look right, Luke?” I asked pointing to my chemistry lab calculations. He dropped his hand to my waist as he leaned over to look at them on my notebook in my lap.

“Sure, just make sure you show your work.” He said turning back to his math work. Technically, we were doing the lab together but he was going to let me do the calculations before he went back over them.

“Oh look at that.” I said with a chuckle.

“Look at what?” He asked turning back to me.

“The math tutor is back.” I said laughing. That was how we’d met; he’d been my math tutor and then one thing led to another… It was very Montegue and Capulet because I was humanities and he was STEM but we made it work.

“You know I care about you a lot more than just some girl I tutor.” He said and I laughed dropping my head onto his shoulder.

“I know that.” I said. This is how we were when we worked together. We weren’t being collaborative necessarily, just there, which was more than enough for me. So we sat side by side in his room listening to music softly. I felt comfortable with him like usual. We both quiet people, introverts. It was almost the best when we were just together.

“Hey,” He said after a while.

“Yeah?” I said scribbling units into my calculations before turning to him.

“I really do love you.” He said leaning in to kiss my cheek.

“I know Luke.” I said with a smile. “I love you, too.”

“Hey, do you want to get distracted for a bit?” He asked as I felt his hand on my waist.

“What?” I asked cocking my head to the side.

“I just kinda want to kiss you…” He said biting his lip before a soft smile swept over his lips.

“You want to…” I trailed off.

“Hey, we’re alone like this…” He said and I smiled.

“So we are going to forget the chem lab?” I asked and he laughed.

“Your calculations are right anyway.” He said and my mouth dropped open.


“Showing your work makes all the difference.” He said leaning closer.

“The math tutor talk is only going to be sexy if it’s roleplay.” I commented.

“Where did that come from?” He asked chuckling.

“My head.” I laughed.

“Oh wow.” He said kissing my forehead.

“Hey, wrong spot.” I said pouting.

“I know.” He said pressing a kiss to my lips.

“So I have an idea.” I said sitting closer to him.


“For every question I get right, I get a kiss.” I said giggling.

“But you got them all right…” He said glancing over the work.

“Then I get a lot of kisses.” I said and he smiled.

“Oh then I will happily give you those rewards…”

“I think we should work together more often.” I said and he laughed.

“I just like being alone with you.”

“Horny teenager.”


“Love you,”

“Love you, too.”

“No more math tutor.” I finally said and he laughed nodding.

BTS’s Run Theory

Okay, since… everybody’s making their BTS’s Run theory, I thought: Why don’t I make my own, too.

This is just on how I see the music video. Because of course… Bighit is the biggest troll ever, and is constantly leaving all of us in this huge mess to make up our own theories.

Honestly, I cannot take credit for all of this, but, hearing many theories, and adding some of my own, I think I can piece this all together.

Well… here it goes:

When the MV first starts, we are met by a figure standing:

Then after, as the figure starts bending backward, it falls down and splashes of water can be seen:

At first, we’re not so sure who’s figure this belongs to, but later, we can come to conclusion that it’s actually V (later into the MV):

I really have no idea what’s going on, but I heard that many assumed that it was him underwater from the Prologue after he jumped (That’s what Admin Venus assumed, :D) but in my personal opinion, I disagree, since… V’s wardrobe is shown to be different compared to the Prologue; He has a hoodie, wore black shoes, and has a yellow t-shirt under. But in Run, he’s shown to be in a black sweater and in white shoes/bare footed. I’m not sure what this means, yet, but we’ll get deeper into it.

After that…. Rapmonster is shown just wandering around but suddenly turns to something and opens it.

But when he opens it, it suddenly opens up an old BTS memory: When they were throwing a party/celebration (Honestly, I don’t know.)

From there, it shows the members having fun and doing bunch of crazy stuff. 

But here’s where it hits:

In the picture above, V and Jimin is shown pushing Jin into the wall as V spray paints over him, painting an ‘X’ over his body. Notices the written words surrounding them: “Canvas High (Maybe their song Converse High?) and “Wasted Youth enter the World (or Void)?” I haven’t really found a good meaning for these words yet, but I feel like I can’t just brush ‘em off because BTS is always so sly. I’m not 100% sure about my translation about the “Wasted Youth enter the World/Void” since the words are always blocked and blurry, so I might be wrong. But this could be indicating BTS wasting their youth, thinking about suicide, depression, rebelling, etc… at such a young age to the point where they literally doesn’t give a single shit about what happens to them anymore.

Then here… it shows V recreating the same thing he does to Jin at the party, and also notices that Rapmonster is wearing the same clothes from when the MV starts. So, this means that the party was all just a memory. This could mean that they miss Jin (the reason why V recreated his silhouette) , so basically, my point is that… Jin’s dead.

Rapmonster turns and sees the police (Offscreen) and notifies V and both of them try to outrun the police. *cough cough* Them rebelling.

I believe that rebelling is one of their action of trying to get over Jin.

We’re than transferred back into a scene of them at the party, and Jin is building a House of Cards. 

And he smiles after putting down the last card.

But then V smashes his hand against the cards and destroys it immediately.

And then Jungkook’s hand from the back can be seen patting his shoulder.

But then we’re stuck against another unanswered scene as Jin looks at the screen. But then again… this is a memory, but Jin might already have been dead, even at this point (Okay, I’m confusing myself, but bare with me) As V knocks down the House of Cards, Jin looks to the camera and realizes something: He’s dead. And then we’ll get to Jungkook’s pat later. (It definitely means something, I tell y’all.)

After the party scene, it shows them running away from something? But you realizes that they’re all running together.

Just after showcasing them together, it suddenly changes to them alone, suffering from their own misery (or whatever they’re suffering from). This shows that they’re actually pretty messed up without the rest.

Going back to the VMon’s plot, right after trying to outrun the police, they’re suddenly caught. But they smiled and laugh to each other as if it’s a joke, or as if it’s funny to them. 

Then V’s face suddenly turned serious for some reason, for which, I couldn’t get. Maybe because he saw the police hurting Rapmon? Or being too harsh on him with the cuff (lmao.. Idk..)

After them being caught by the police, it switches to Jhope.

As he stands up, he sees Jimin. (I believe there’s a special relationship between the two). But goddamn, could you imagine waking up to Jimin? Lord… o_o

Jhope snatches a pillow and hits Jimin, which flashes them back to one of BTS’s old memories: Them having a pillow fight.

And there… we see Jihope, again:

There’s also this scene: Where Rapmon opens up the same thing he did in the beginning, and inside, he found a card that has a Butterfly sign on it. I’m strongly convinced this symbolizes Jin. 

Not too long after that, we’re suddenly brought by shock into Jungkook’s and Suga’s fight scene:

You could obviously tell that Suga is drunk (from Jin’s death) and still refuses to accept the fact that Jin is gone, but… Jungkook, fighting him… has already accepted the fact that Jin’s gone. That’s why on the house of cards scene, Jungkook was the one that patted him. When V knocked down the cards, it was a slap into reality for Jin that he, himself, is really gone, and Jungkook’s telling him “It’s okay, just go, be free like a Butterfly” (I’m also sure that the Butterfly song represents Jin). I’m kind of convinced that Jin is really a ghost that’s just running around and all with BTS because of the fact that they still haven’t accepted his death. And Jungkook is trying to assure and bring the rest back into reality that Jin’s dead.

*Jungkook tries to comfort Suga*

But no, shit… Suga pushes him and threw a fit back.

This is real shit now, everybody! Golden Maknae is angry!

*Boom bitch* Revenge is the best dish served.


 *Yoongi still not believing Maknae was that strong*

“You’re going to get it, Jeon Jungkook.”

“You break my face, I’m going to break your favorite mirror.”

And then, Suga throws a chair into the mirror and it breaks, but then it suddenly turns into the house of cards again. (I think the cards is trying to tell us something about Jin).

I really believe that the cards is trying to tell Jin that it’s his time to go; that he doesn’t need to be with them anymore and that they all need to learn to accept the reality.

Then this scene comes up, and Jungkook is nowhere to be found, but as they zoom in closer, Jungkook is just at the back, sitting down.

But then…………….. they zoomed out, and Jungkook is ACTUALLY shown to be ALL alone. 

This is another hint that Jungkook is alone in accepting Jin’s death.

Then a lot of scenes of them hanging out and having fun shows up.

Jhope then falls back asleep and then… wakes up in Jimin’s lap. (I swear, the Jihope in this MV is strong).

This might also indicate that it’s just Jhope’s dream. Also, Jin is shown kind of special in here as Jungkook looks down and finds Jin laying out there in the grass, it’s as Jin’s odd out. Maybe this is Jhope’s dream and he’s surprised that Jin’s actually there (Because he died). But then Jungkook and Jin made eye contact, again. It’s kind of a sly eye contact like “You’re dead… so, let’s not tell any of the members.” kind of thing.

There’s also an interesting lyric that I’ve found:

“I’m chasing butterflies, so lost in dreams.”

This could represent the BTS members chasing the butterfly ‘Jin’ and being too lost in their own fantasy (Not accepting he’s gone).

The next scene, shows Jungkook on top of a car, which Jin seems to be driving.

After that, it shows them terrorizing other cars, spitting on them, basically trashing it. But V… I’m pretty sure you’ll get run over if you ever do that to my car.

But this is where I found it interesting. V drew the same ‘X’ sign he drew on Jin. This is a ongoing hint that they really miss Jin, or I just don’t know what else to say. lol. Awkward…

Suga then notices the police and notifies the rest and they all try to run away from the police, again…

But Jin came to their rescue and saved them. (This is probably why they like him so much. Cause he protects them and saves them from a lot of things. My guess..)


Yet, we’re brought back to another BTS memory.

As soon as Jin sees Jimin, he pulls him and dump him into the bathtub. Kind of how we see his death in I Need U.

Then it goes back to their scene and now, they all seem to have escaped the police and is now walking as Jin is still driving, but Jungkook looks back.

And gave him a wink and tells him (Jin) that he could go. Probably cause now, all the BTS seems so happy.

Yet, just when we thought it was over, Bighit goes at it again.

At the end, there’s a picture from the prologue of all the 7 members at the beach, but then on the polariod picture, there’s only 6.

Then Jimin burns the polariod photo:

He probably came to accept the truth/or not! it’s either way.

Honestly, I still don’t know what V’s water scene represents. He might be trying to kill himself? Any suggestion?

Woah… this theory took up a whole 2 hours. 

Tell me what do you guys think?

- Admin Hazel


Art Improvement of 2014:
-Age 15-16
-Paint Tool Sai // Photoshop CC

January: This month, I was really experimenting with the black/white type compositions? I used a bunch of references and didn’t really know how arms or gravity worked.

February: I experimented with a lot of textures. This month was strictly limited to ‘sand textures’ which I used for almost every art piece I made. |D

March: MORE textures to hide the fact that i had no idea what I was doing with my coloring. //shot I didn’t really have a concept of mood lighting so I’d just color like normal then put textures on top of it when it was all done. Not the best method??

April: I decided to start practicing on lighting and such. This is the first picture where I decided to include the shadows that characters actually cast on the ground. whoa, revelations. |D The lighting was fun here too, and this was the first picture that I actually completed a background. owo

May: More ground shadows. Hiro’s first picture was released this month and I had to draw him! Nothing big this month since it was the end of school and finals and all that. There’s a lot of flaws in this one.

June: I saw How to Train Your Dragon 2 this month and was officially broken. I studied screen caps for shadows and emotions and such in faces and tried to replicate it.

July: This month was all about colors and big pictures pretty much. I had a lot of free time with it being Summer and all and most of my pictures were really loose-lined and not too cleaned up. The first thing that came to mind is what I drew, and I didn’t fix a lot of (or any) anatomical or technical errors.

August: Big, floofy hair. I studied a lot of Big Hero 6 artwork during this time period. I got more comfortable with drawing hair and definitely a lot more confident with hands. Thanks, Hiro!!

September: I tried to not cut off at their shoulders with every piece I drew. I wanted to incorporate hands as much as I could since I found a new love for drawing them. Anatomy was a weak point for me still since I didn’t practice it much. Simple poses, simple poses, but at least it was something different. I also got Photoshop during this time and completely stopped using Paint Tool Sai.

October: I read Blood of Olympus and sort of re-emerged myself into the PJatO fandom. I was introduced to new artists and such while doing so, so this time period was pretty cool! I wanted to work with background again as well as experiment with lighter colors.

November: I’m still trying to put more than two characters onto the same canvas!! It’s a challenge but it’s really fun! More characters means I need to think of more different poses so things don’t become boring. It was great practice!!

December: Ah, yes, here we are now. I guess I’m trying to combine a bunch of things together after slowly building it up all year. Poses, backgrounds, mood lighting, shading, bounce light, emotions. All those things that I’m probably (and hopefully) going to look back at next year and say 'lol you call that a background?’ But yeah, I’m still experimenting a lot and I’m still learning!!

>>Improvement of 2013<<

All art by me
Template made by hope-for-snow. Thank you<3

anonymous asked:

Your headcanon is owesome!!! Can you please do a headcanon where KBTBB guys amnesia, and their reaction when their memories back but the mc already go and resign from the hotel??? A long one pleeeeeaaaseeeee ^_^

A/N-  Sorry for the delay!  Thanks!  Is it long enough?  Sorry if it isn’t :’(


Eisuke-  Taking a sip of coffee, Eisuke’s expression quickly changed to disgust as he slammed the mug down on the table.  Something was wrong with the coffee.  What was it though?

“Is something wrong boss?” Ota asked as he lied on the couch engrossed with a picture he was sketching.  Eisuke stared at the cup curiously as he tried to figure out what was wrong.  It was made the usual way, but it still tasted disgusting.

“Something is different,” Eisuke stated as Baba and Ota shared a curiously glance.

“Like what?” Baba asked.  Eisuke glared at the thief as he stood up from his seat with the coffee.  “Did you remember something?” Baba asked as he watched Eisuke walk over toward the window and peer out.

“Did you guys do something to my coffee?” he asked as he kept his gaze on the window.

“Nope,” Baba stated.  Eisuke looked down at his cup and felt a pain radiating in his skull.  It felt like he was forgetting something very important.  What is it though?  Staring into the coffee, he could not help but realize the colour was familiar…  Eisuke felt a pain in his chest the more he looked into the cup.  Why?  What is this feeling?  Eisuke closed his eyes as he tried to pull an old memory to the surface…

Eisuke pushed a lock of hair out of her face as she slept beside him.  She looked innocent as she slept.

“Eisuke,” the woman whispered as she opened her eyes.  She stared at Eisuke with sleepy coffee brown eyes.

“Goodmorning MC,” Eisuke whispered.

Eisuke’s eyes shot open as the mug slipped from his grip and crashed on the ground.  The sounds echoed loudly in the quiet room causing everyone in the room jump.

“What’s the deal?” Mamoru muttered as the noise woke him up from his nap.  He rubbed his head as everyone turned to look at Eisuke who was still facing the window.

Soryu got up from his seat and walked over toward Eisuke asking, “Eisuke?  Are you okay?”

“Where is she?” Eisuke asked as he turned toward the men was a deadly expression.  Eisuke’s eyes were finally opened.  How could he have forgotten about her?

“Who are you talking about?” Soryu asked.

“MC” Eisuke responded as he walked toward the men, “where the hell is she?”

“So you got your memory back then?” Soryu groaned, “we thought you wouldn’t.”

“The kid already quit and left,” Mamoru groaned.  Both Ota and Baba gave each other anxious looks while Eisuke glared at the four men as if it was their fault

Baba added, “she didn’t want to continue working after you forgot about her.  She said it would be too hard, so she…”

“Why didn’t you stop her?” Eisuke yelled as he ran his fingers through his hair.  Eisuke pulled his phone out of his pocket and scrolled through his contacts for her number– it was not there.   Eisuke angrily stuff his phone in his pocket before rushing toward the elevator.  The guys watched him in confusion before following him.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Baba asked as he grabbed Eisuke’s shoulder.

Eisuke shook off the thief’s hand as he replied, “I’m going to her apartment.”  Before anyone could say anything Eisuke had already left.

“Shouldn’t we tell MC that he’s coming?” Baba asked the others as Soryu pulled out his own phone and walked away from the guys.

“Hello, MC?” he said, “where are you?”

Baba-  “My heeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaad,” Baba whined as he laid on the couch.  He rubbed his forehead with the heel of his head as he moaned.

Ota groaned, “why don’t you go to your own room and rest then.  Stop complaining to me, I’m trying to–”

“But I don’t want to be alone,” Baba said as he rolled onto his side and stared at Ota, “and I feel like I’m forgetting something.”  Ota froze as he looked up from his sketchpad and gazed at Baba.  Baba looked at his friend in confusion as Ota gazed back at him anxiously.

“MC?” Ota asked.

Baba hesitated, “MC?”

Ota groaned, “forget it.”  He went back to his sketchpad as Baba gazed up at the ceiling.  The name sounded so familiar, but where is it from?  Baba sighed as he closed his eyes and slowly drifted off to dreamland.

“What are you doing here already?  I thought you were going to be gone for another hour,” the female curiously asked as Baba walked into the room.

“We were finished early,” Baba replied and she smiled at him as she continued to fix the bed.  Her smile made the room light up in his eyes.  His heart pounded in his chest at the sight of it.  “I missed you,” Baba said as he walked over and wrapped his arms around her from behind, “are you busy tonight?”

“Nope,” she said as she turned around in his arms and looked up as him with a small smile, “are you planning on stealing me away tonight?”

With a  mischievous smile Baba replied, “it would be no fun to tell you now MC.”   MC sighed as Baba leaned down and kissed her on the lips.

Baba jumped as he woke up and nearly fell off.  He took a deep breath as he looked around to see Ota and him were not alone anymore.  Eisuke walked into the room with a coffee in hand and sat down by the window in front of his laptop.  Baba sat up and turned toward Ota who was completely distracted by his art.

“Where is MC?” Baba asked.

“You finally remember her?” Eisuke asked with a wicked smile as Baba stood up and searched for his cell phone to call her.  He found his phone stuck underneath the couch cushion.  “She quit,” Eisuke said, “and according to Mamoru she changed her number.”  Baba’s phone slipped between his fingers and fell onto the couch.

“Why did she quit?  She loved her job,” Baba asked as he expression grew pale.

Ota sighed, “she didn’t want to see you anymore at work after you lost your memory, it was too sad she said.  I think it would be more awkward, especially since you dated that woman with the weird hair right afterward.”

“Why didn’t you guys tell me before?” Baba asked as he grabbed his phone and went through his pictures.  All the pictures of her were deleted as if she never existed.

“Luke said not to,” Ota stated, “it’s better to let you regain your memories by yourself.”  Baba stared at his phone lost in thought as he figured out what to do.  He almost gave up hope before the corner of his lips lifted into a smile.

“It’s not too late,” Baba muttered to himself before going to work.

Ota-  Ota’s paint brush fell to the ground as he gazed at the blank canvas.  He was distracted by a forgotten memory.  A memory of his was scratching the surface of his mind trying to break free of its confines.  The more he tried to grasp it, the more it seemed to slip away.  Ota knew there was something important he was forgetting since that stupid accident, and it had to do with the penthouse maid that quit.  Did he have a thing with her?  She seemed so boring to him though.  That is impossible.

Her face seemed to haunt his dreams though… Damn that woman.  All his inspiration to draw also seemed to disappear once she quit.

As he leaned down to pick up the paintbrush Ota noticed something shiny on the floor.  He walked over to see a necklace lying forgotten on the floor.  It looked familiar to him.  As he picked up the necklace he remembered something.

“This is beautiful,” the maid whispered as she smiled up at him.

“Obviously, I picked it out,” Ota replied with his own smile as he gestured for her to turn around.  He put the necklace around her neck before she turned back toward him.  Ota leaned down and kissed her on the lips.  She let out a cute surprised gasp as their lips clashed.  “Now, let’s get going Koro,” Ota said as the two left the room.

Ota hesitated as he looked down at the necklace.  Was that real?  Were they really together?  Ota stuffed the necklace in his pocket as he tried to shake off the memory.  He walked back to his canvas as another memory slipped to the surface.

Ota lied in his bed watching the sleeping figure beside him.  With a sketchbook and pencil in hand, he was sketching the woman.  It was the maid.  Her real name was stuck on the tip of his tongue.  She began to move around in her sleep.

“MC?” he whispered.

Ota quickly took out his phone and searched for the name.  Why did he not do this before?  Ota looked through his old messages with MC and his eyes widened.    Seriously, Ota thought, why the hell did I not do this before?  He ran his fingers through his hair as he called the number.

“This number has been dis–” a voice responded and Ota hung up.

“Why didn’t anyone say anything about this?” Ota muttered to himself angrily as he called up Eisuke.  Maybe he could help get in contact with her.

“Hello,” Eisuke said.

“Hey, do you know how I can get in contact with MC?” Ota stated getting straight to the point.

Eisuke groaned, “I don’t know, and I’m busy.  Ask one of the other guys.”  Before Ota could say anything Eisuke had hung up the phone.  Ota called Baba next.

“Hey Ota, what’s up?” Baba said happily.

Ota, again, went straight to the point, “hey, do you know what MC’s number is?”

Baba hesitated, “I… I don’t know?  I think she got a new number after leaving… maybe some of her old coworkers know.”

“Okay, bye,” Ota said.

“Wait–,” Baba yelled but Ota hung up before he had a chance to say more.  He rushed out the studio without another thought.

Mamoru-  Mamoru looked around his apartment with a confused expression.  He took a cigarette out and lit it up before taking a puff.  This was the first time he entered his apartment since his accident and everything seemed off.  The apartment was surprisingly clean.  Mamoru did not remember cleaning his apartment.

Mamoru walked into his room and lied in bed as he continued his cigarette.  He stared at the ceiling considering if anyone broke in.  There was nothing important here to worry about.

Mamoru snuffed out the rest of the cigarette before closing his eyes.  Something felt different, but he could not put his finger on it.  Deciding to think about it the morning Mamoru drifted off to sleep.

Mamoru walked tiredly into the kitchen to see a woman.  Who was she?  She stood with his back toward him stirring a mysterious dish in a pot.  She hummed a song.

“What are you doing kid?” Mamoru asked.

She turned toward him with a smile, “I’m cooking dinner.  I bought some groceries while you were sleeping.”  She looked familiar.  His chest hurt when looking at her smile.  It took him a few seconds to realize it was the penthouse maid that quit recently.

“Mmhmm,” Mamoru muttered as she turned her attention back toward the pot.  Mamoru walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her body.  He kissed her neck and felt her stiffen in his arms.  “Dinner smells good,” he muttered.

Mamoru’s eyes shot opened and he looked around.  He was alone.  He sat up in bed and ran his fingers through his hair.  Standing up from the bed he walked toward the kitchen.




Mamoru took his phone out and tried to call MC’s number to no avail.  He took another cigarette out and lit it up as he tried to call the other guys; however, no one answered his call.  Mamoru was tempted to throw his phone on the ground as his search for help came up empty handed.

He knew there was something different about the kid when he saw her after the accident.  She looked depressed, and he wanted to comfort her.  He just could not bring himself to do it because he could not remember anything about her.

He had to find the kid… Why did he have to remember now?  Why could he not remember before she quit the damn job.

Taking another puff of his cigarette, he put on his jacket and left the house.  He will try her house first; hopefully, she did not move.  He took a final drag of his cigarette before throwing it onto the ground and crushing it with his foot.

Soryu-  Soryu sat in his office reading a new detective novel quietly.  Occasionally he would glance at the door with a curious glance as he tried to figure out what was going on.  Ever since the accident the guys have been acting very strange around him– especially Inui.  It seemed like they wanted to ask him something, but could never get the courage enough to ask.  It did not help that Soryu himself has been a bit hostile.

He knows he’s forgotten something big, but he cannot put his finger on it.  Ever since the accident he has felt lonely.  It does not help that the other bidders have been trying to force him to try to remember everything since the accident; strangely, Baba and the penthouse maid were the leading forces of this movement.  Even Inui had a hand in the chaos.  The progress slowed down after the woman quit her job.

Nothing helped.

Everybody seems to just want to tell Soryu the truth, but they keep holding back.  It seems to be harder for the members of  the Ice Dragons than for the bidders.

Soryu groaned as he closed the book and hid it in his drawer.  He stood up from his seat and walked over toward the door to hear a name being whispered.  MC.  The name sounds familiar to Soryu.  It took him a few seconds to remember whose name it was– it was maid’s name?  Why would they be talking about the damn maid?  Even better, how do the guys even know her name?  Soryu tried to remember a time where they would have met; however, he soon realized that most of his memories containing her seemed to have vanish.  Could she be the thing he was forgetting?

She is unimportant to him though, how could she be the source of the annoyance?

Soryu threw open the door with a smirk on his face, “what are you guys talking about?”  Everyone froze in their spot at the sight of him.

“Nothing sir,” Inui said with a bright smile.  It was pretty convincing but Soryu saw through the charade quickly.

“Really now, I heard you talking about MC,” Soryu said.

Inui’s expression brightened, “you remember her name?  So you do remember her!”

Soryu gave him an annoyed look, “what are you talking about?”

“The fact that you two were engaged before the who–” Inui began before being elbowed in the side.  Soryu’s eyes widened as he heard the word engaged.  That cannot be true, he thought, he surely would remember his fiance.  Right?  Without a single word he walked back into his office and ran his fingers through his hair.  He took his phone out and called up someone that would tell him the truth.

“Hello,” Eisuke said.

“Was I engaged to the penthouse maid?” Soryu asked as he sat down at his desk.

“Yes,” Eisuke replied with a distracted tone.  Soryu stared at his door as he pictured the maid.  It explains a lot.  Ending the conversation he searched through his phone for her number, but could not find it anywhere.  His chest began to hurt as he thought about where she could be.  He may have forgotten who she was, but chances are his enemies would not.

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prompt; He still has a sketchbook full of drawings of Caroline and she finds it - thank you x

Okay, so this thing got crazy (12K and not done!) as my things unfortunately do sometimes that snowballed from a silly idea about Klaus and Caroline being total trolls and breaking into each other’s places. It includes a couple of my inbox prompts but this is the only one in this first chunk. There’s a little bit of side Kolenzo alluded to (apparently I can literally ship Enzo with everyone).

Why Can’t I Get (Part One)

If only her mother could see her now. Liz Forbes would have a lot to say seeing Caroline silently creeping through a darkened estate, dressed in sleek black clothes. She cringed thinking about the disappointed face she would have surely been on the receiving end of if her mother were still alive.

The breaking and entering wasn’t even the worst part. It was the fact that Caroline was doing it in the company of two vampires who were pretty firmly the ‘bad’ kind. Plus, they were completely unapologetic about it, took great pleasure in mayhem and the whole eating people thing.

Enzo had an excuse, mourning Bonnie as he was. They might have separated years and years ago, once it became clear that Bonnie wanted a little human normalcy, a career, maybe a husband and a couple of kids. Not things she could have with Enzo. He’d loved her even if he’d accepted her choice and Bonnie’s death, at the ripe old age of 87, followed quickly by Damon (and Stefan) taking the cure to become human had been a lot for him to deal with. When he’d shown up on her doorway, single duffle bag in hand, Caroline had immediately directed him to her second bedroom. And then she’d fished out her very best bourbon.

Healthy? Probably not. Good thing they didn’t have to worry about their livers deteriorating. As far as coping mechanisms went it seemed like vampires were limited to booze and violence and Caroline thought alcohol was the better option. Enzo was game to try though he soon got restless and Caroline had rolled with it, decided she didn’t mind tearing up the tentative roots she’d set down in Toronto. They’d grabbed the first available flight, had ended up in Italy.

That explained Enzo. Kol was just… Kol. He liked to say he was celebrating his return to the living but he’d been back for like eight decades now. How much celebrating could he actually do?

Stupid question, Caroline knew. Kol loved a good party, and himself, with an intensity that was something to marvel at.

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