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favourite queens in no specific order [1/?]: adore delano

“I do have really dirty tights. They smell like feet. I’m too punk to wash my tights.”

Klance Week Day 6: Hero/Villain

(I regret nothing. Also, today’s offering features a lovely cameo by @amalgamoffaces and @88madison88! Huge thank you to both of you for allowing me to use you as characters!

Disclaimer: The opinions and ships of the cameo characters depicted in this fic probably do not reflect the opinions and ships of the actual real-life people. I have no idea if you guys have ever even watched the show in question. But your fic counterparts have and your fic counterparts ship the thing. So MUAHAHAHAHA

Enjoy! :D)

“Oh come on, it can’t be that bad,” Lance grumbled. He had been standing outside the bathroom stall for what felt like thirty minutes, though it was probably closer to five. Either way, it was taking forever. He was bored.

“It keeps riding up!” Keith snarled, his voice echoing strangely off of the bathroom’s tiled walls. “I told you it was too small!”

“It’s supposed to do that,” Lance insisted with a gusty sigh. “Pidge does not make mistakes when it comes to cosplay. She’s a perfectionist. If she tells you it fits, it fits. Now just hurry up and come out of there already!”

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my dudes !! sorry i’ve been radio silent, i’m moving into my new/old place while also working long ass training shifts at my new/old job and prepping for the start of term next wednesday, during which i’ll be !!! teaching a class !!!! yikes !!!!!! i have an extremely busy fall ahead of me after something of a bummer summer, so please bear with me… i’ve never had much success replying by queue before, but i think i’m gonna have to settle into a rhythm there or i won’t be here, so look out for that, and always know that you are both pretty and loved

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wait what is the "one reason" there's not sufficient love for handsome and beautiful golden prince of dropkicks and giggles kazuchika okada???? Because I'm also completely confused by it.(PS I love him too so much)

He’s not white? There’s a reason people conveniently leave him out when they reference THEIR 6 star match. Like, with Western fans that’s the reason Kenny is the ‘gateway drug’ as he puts it. Whether or not people want to admit it, it’s racism that keeps us more attracted to white performers than anybody else.

That being said I KNOW. He is the most adorable boy and watching more of his stuff , shit, WK11 wasn’t even near his best match. Everyone should like him, he’s amazing.


make me choose: lala-kate asked OUAT or Sherlock (sorry Sherlock)

Evil isn’t born, it’s made