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Any more skam fic recs?? I need something to get me through this break!

well anon you asked the right gal because skam fic is also the only thing getting me through this break

  • Love Me Harder by @techftw is an amazing au that stays true to isak’s character, and even’s interaction with his friends had me laughing out loud way too much
  • baby, if you’re gonna be lonely be lonely with me by @koninginnen and the sequel which are great looks into the way isak thinks, and are such a realistic portrayal of his character. and also the dialogue killed me lmao
  • the entire Minutt for Minutt series is great and follows the same format as the show, with the real time updates, and i love these little insights into their life
  • come alive in the fall time is really well written even pov. also vaguely angsty which makes me sad but let’s be real i’m a hoe for angst. 
  • i recommended the first part of this series by @diamondjacket in my last rec but the sequel is maybe even more hilarious and every word of it is perfect
IMPORTANT NOTICE: PatrickStumpGifs and PeteWentzGifs affected by Zummer Heat:

As you may or may not know, I will be travelling out to attend this Sunday’s Boys of Zummer show in Auburn, WA. While I’m SUPER pumped about this, this will affect both of the gifblogs I manage in a few ways. Mostly because I am literally outside of my country. Got my train ticket, got my hotel room, the whole shebang. The following will affect August 1, August 2, and August 3, and all times mentioned are in PT:

The ask box for both blogs will be closed! I’m not bringing my laptop with me, so I’ll have no reasonable way to respond to questions with links.

I won’t be able to check for new gifs during this time! If you made a Pete/Patrick gif, or if you see someone else make a gif post (not a repost), save the permalink and let me know about it once I get back. The queues are loaded and will post for the duration that I’m away.

I know it’s a bit of a bummer, but I hope everyone understands that I’ve got a lot to balance when I’m travelling (ie: awareness of my surroundings in a new city) so I’d rather pause my activity than flub it with half concentration. Things should hopefully return to normal on the evening of August 3rd. I will announce when I’m back.

Now, some of you are going to be at this show. Of course I want you to say hi to me. “But wait, how will I recognize you?” You ask.

Auburn, follow the cut:

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