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30 day AU challenge: Bonus round 1!

Day 1 - Day 30  - Bonus round 2?



B-b-b-bonus round! I’m not letting this one die that easily. This challenge was super fun but it didn’t cover all the AUs I’d like to draw so I’m going rogue and gonna continue this format for as long as I please. Or until I run out of fun AUs to do (prffff….) . Also, you guys gave me some cool/funny prompts last time which I wanted to use for the last entry. This one was one of them :D. (if you wanna give me some more ideas go for it. No promises though)

I have no idea how many of those I’ll draw and there are no rules anymore and I’ll probably just spiral into madness and/or silliness. 


7 Bucky Barnes icons added to my icons page

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27 years later…

eddie kaspbrak - scoot mcnairy || bill denbrough - jimmi simpson
beverly marsh - bryce dallas howard || ben hanscom - logan marshall green
mike hanlon - william jackson harper || stan uris - joseph gordon levitt
richie tozier - bill hader

🍁23/100 Days of Productivity🍁
Studied at coffee bean yesterday for 6.5 hours and got quite a lot done. Still a lot more to do for school but I definitely think I deserve a break today but I have to go work tonight so that kinda sucks
I am also going to take a lot more breaks for myself where I can just chill and relax for my mental and physical well being. Since studying everyday is probably gonna make me go crazy 😵

anonymous asked:

Wait so having a very very strong don't look feeling is bad? Dude I've been feeling that for ages at nighttime. I think it started after I dug up a pair of rusty scissors in my garden as a kid. We also keep getting foxes coming into our flat at night which isnt uncommon in london but still weird. Ratthew am I gonna get murdered by a grumpy fairy prince or what

I mean, it’s not necessarily bad, so long as you listen to it. if you get the feeling you shouldn’t look and then you do, then you’re probably gonna have a bad time. but if you get the feeling and you just move the hell on, you’ll probably be alright.

rusty scissors and foxes walking into your house, however, is probably a sign you’re gonna get murdered by a fairy prince, yeah. he probably wants his scissors back.

Hey guys I’m probably gonna do inktober this year and record myself every time I do my drawing for the day and then compile it into 2 videos and upload them in the middle of October and the end of October!

I’ll also be posting them here and on my instagram

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the author of my immortal is saying its connected to a bad time in her life and she was kinda hunted down against her will and like… shes being really nice and up front about it, probably more than people deserve, but i wish people chilled out and let it be a mystery instead of tracking her down. 

shes moved on, shes just doing her own thing like everyone else. also shes a writer and like she shouldnt have to have that attached to everything she does from now on lmao…


I had promised a KiriBaku kid something like months ago, and tbh most of the reason why it took me this long is because I couldn’t pick between these two so?? In the end just have them both I guess - some info about them under cut, in case you wanna know more!!

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My @voltronsecretvalentine gift for @thedemidiaries! hope u like it ✨ Happy Valentine’s day!!

Klance miraculous ladybug AU, am I right or am I right?

ok so, it turns out that i love drawing altean lance,, a lot


Sick Viktor | Pt. 6 Mama Yuuri edition
pt. 1 | pt. 2 | pt. 3 | pt. 4 | pt. 5


we’re talking about Voltron season 3 here so wATCH OUT

-We see Keith’s knife only once this season, and it was sheathed
-Pidge is trying to find her family in the first episode, but nothing about it is mentioned the rest of the season
-We got no flashbacks to Keith’s childhood or past with Shiro
-We saw baby Allura, but not baby Lotor
-Kurōn means clone in Japanese guys
-Keith is dominant left-handed, but he’s actually ambidextrous
-Keith teleports the black bayard through his body to his other hand. I need answers
-So technically Zarkon and Haggar are dead?
-If Sven exists, do the other original “space explorers” exist too?
-if Zarkon and Haggar had Lotor, and if they had him after they were dead and revived by quintessence, wouldn’t that cause some problems with the birth?
-I know we’re supposed to assume that being in the rift and dying and coming back gave Haggar her powers. But what about the rest of the Druids?
-It’s apparently a Red Paladin thing to just leave your teammates and do your own thing on an impulse. Does that mean Lance is gonna start doing that?
-I think that Alfor is more like Keith than Lance, actually. If Keith had had a better past and childhood, he probably would’ve ended up a lot like him.
-How in the world are they going to defeat the new comet ship? Like I know that they’ll be able to, but how? It seems very impossible at the moment
-I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of the Awkward Two Leaders moments
-Keith is absolutely on to Not Shiro. Did you see the way he was looking at him?
-I also don’t think Not Shiro knows he’s Not Shiro. He thinks he’s Shiro, but remember Young Justice with Red Arrow? I think it’s like that.
-The Black Lion so far hasn’t shown a lot of her personality to Keith, not like Red did. I wonder if she will later, or if she even has the ability to.
-Why was Lotor exiled, and where? They’re obviously setting this up. And unless Galra have extended lifespans like Alteans do, Lotor was exiled pretty young. He appears to be in his early twenties right now. And he was exiled so well and efficiently that not a word was casually spoken about him in hallways and such that we saw. Is this part of the reason Lotor is so bitter towards his father?
-Lotor doesn’t treat Haggar like his mother. Does he know if she is his mother?
-Haggar had Space Amnesia, gaining a new name and identity while her husband presumably knew her original identity the entire time. That seems kinda sad. I almost feel bad for them.
-I stand by the theory Acxa is related to Keith somehow. Also, we know Keith flashbacked to the Weblum. But did she as well? If she did, then she’d remember he saved her life, right?
-Since Keith is in the black lion now, does that make him Space Big Brother?
-How is Earth doing rn
-I bet that Keith will tell the others that Shiro isn’t Shiro. And I bet none of them will believe him- except one. And it’ll be either Lance or Hunk. Pidge and Allura are too happy to have Shiro back. Hunk is suspicious and observant enough to come to the same conclusions as Keith, and Lance trusts what Keith says.
-“Take me to a space hospital”
-Young Zarkon looks like a lego


Stranger Things 7 Day Challenge | Day 3 -  a character that you miss

The gate. I opened it. I’m the monster.   

Anti wants control. So he kills Jack first, then Chase, then Schneeple last - so he can see just how useless he really is against Anti’s power.

Chase is red, Schneeple is blue, Anti is green. Together they make Jack.

song: Panic! at the Disco - Emperor’s New Clothes (i know, i know, but i listened to it and got inspired!! give it a chance please)

my other anti video || warfstache video

@markired @angelsean @anti-support-group @therealjacksepticeye

Top 10 Tricks to Making Shitty, Hack Pop Songs that Fucking Everyone Will Love

10. Have a talented producer create a decent instrumental– and completely ignore the tone of the instrumental during the lyric writing process.

9. Hire way too many songwriters to write lyrics that an eighth grade honors student could write!

8. March to the beat of EVERYONE’S drum– The words in your music should feel specific, but in reality, will be very broadly applicable. Be sure to omit any lines that have too much of your identity in them!

7. Hire a personal trainer, and a stylist! Less people will care about you if you’re some kind of fuckin sack o’ shit uggo!!

6. (OPTIONAL) If you’re performing, or at a red carpet event: dress like a fucking alien.

5. Start a public feud with other hack artists– this encourages people to root for you, and gets people talking (this benefits you and your fellow hack artists)!

4. You LOVE the gays– publicly (it’s okay if you privately don’t, but you really want their support– they’re a vocal community)!

3. Drink the blood of a virgin– it will imbue you with an overwhelming aura of innocence that will make the easily influenced feel protective of you and your shitty, shitty music.

2. Occasionally shatter this innocent image with provocative lyrics, or just good old fashioned nudity! This will make people feel like either (A.) you’re blossoming into an independent adult, or (B.) they want to have the sex.

1. Have FUN! You’re a sociopath! Enjoy taking advantage of millions and millions of people who are less fortunate than you :)


DISCLAIMER: This is satirical; I pretty obviously don’t ACTUALLY endorse any of the things mentioned above. I wrote this because I was frustrated with the current titans in the music industry, and the current state of the music industry itself. This was my method of voicing said frustration.

I also understand that my points probably weren’t groundbreaking in anyway, but what are you gonna do?

hi I’m kelsey.

I’m in a really bad situation at the moment and it’s really hard for me to even write this, I’m not one to usually ask or even open up when help is needed but this is really urgent and apparently this is all I have left. 

So my mum was recently diagnosed with a disability called MS which is basically like brain damage and it affects the whole body, she had to leave her job because she’s in so much pain and she was on sick pay for a while which did help but now she’s not getting any money and even the government won’t give her money. 

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Goryeo’s Best Dressed: Hae Soo as the King’s Woman