also posting so i'll remember to listen

So I received this message. At first I thought it was some kind of joke so I looked for the name of the show on the Internet but it seems to exist. Then I just thought I couldn’t say yes to this, I mean, really, it’s not even well drawn and it was certainly never meant  to be shown to any of the actors of GoT, I just drew that for fun xD

But then I thought about it again (it’s been bothering me for hours xD) and I realized it was something that probably would never happen again in my life. Plus it’s an American show and America’s far away and they don’t know my real name anyways. And I would never actually see the show since I don’t have any American channel at home… So I kind of managed to convince myself xD And I said I was ok with them using my drawing… but I still don’t know if that actually was a good idea…but I’ve already send the answer so it’s too late…

Anyways, maybe it was just a joke after all and the picture will never appear on the show xD