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You are gay but you want to be a teacher? An educator of children? That's disgusting. Being gay is not normal. Being gay is a choice so if you are, you need to get your head checked out and reconsider your profession. All you will be doing is telling these children that being gay is okay when it is not. You are poisoning the mids of children! I'm unfollowing you. I hope you get help.

Uhm, what??

I really hate that there are people like you in this world. Not only do I hate it, but I also think it’s incredibly unfortunate. Please don’t tell me my choice of profession is wrong and that I should reconsider.

I would like to start off by educating you (ironic isn’t it?). 1. Being gay is normal and 2. Being gay is not a choice. Now, since I feel like your ignorance has poisoned your mind, let me explain why I know points 1 and 2 above are correct. 

1. Being gay is normal. As of 1999 (in case you didn’t know, that was 15 years ago and please note that science has kept moving forward since this point), scientist discovered that more than 1,500 species in the animal kingdom engaged in sexual behavior. Now, please please please understand that you were not magically poofed onto this earth by God. We as humans have evolved due to a process known as natural selection. Natural selection is when biological traits become more or less apparent over time due to environmental changes. For example: why birds have different shaped beaks. Some need a pointed beak to get the required food they need out of small holes and some need longer beaks (like the hummingbird) to reach down far enough to get nectar. With that being noted, understand that humans are a part of the animalia kingdom. More specifically, our species being sapiens. Since we too, I know you will find this hard to believe, are animals and we have evolved just like other animals, it is normal for us to engage in sexual behavior because we are no different.

2. Being gay is not a choice. Since homosexuality has just recently been acceptable to study and research, we don’t know a lot of “why” yet, however, the evidence is strong in indicating that being gay has to do with our genes and chemical reactions within the brain. Sorry if I’m moving too fast for you. We were not made with Gods hands, okay? We are actually made up of several different things, but in the process of being gay, genetic make-up is potentially the key factor. Genes are what make up certain DNA sequences. The gene frucose mutarotase which is found in lab mice (lab mice are the most closely constructed to human genetics ever more-so than primates, our closest known relatives: I know this from experience of working in a lab) can be disabled and after doing so, these mice engaged in more homosexual behavior. Serotonin plays a huge factor in the neurological standpoint of homosexuality by inhibiting the dopamine neurotransmitter, but I won’t even begin to try and explain that to you. Another thing I would like to point out is that you CANNOT condition a human to be straight or gay meaning you can’t do therapy, hit them with bibles, show them heterosexual porn, or electricite them. That won’t change anything. They will just hate you more.

Now from the emotional standpoint of humans, why would someone choose to be gay if it caused them pain, abandonment from family, harassment at school and in the workplace? Why would they choose to be treated like shit by people like you? I promise you, it’s not because they think it’s fun. It’s because they have no other choice. Food for thought maybe?

Lastly, I am not and will not poison children’s minds. I will educate them on what you will not. Things like; accept people for who they are, don’t judge them based on religion, skin color, or any other difference, and have respect for others…oh and I’ll teach them about math, science, history, and writing :)

The more you know! Have a lovely day :)