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Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

A/N: Ok, so this is pure smutty trash, also, my first time writing full on smutt, so please be gentle. I would like to give a HUGE shoutout to @jalove-wecallhimdean​ for beating this for me, and helping me with ideas! Seriously, you’re amazing! Hope you guys enjoy!

Pairing: Demon!Dean X Reader

Warnings: Smutt, masturbation(female), oral(female receiving), orgasm denial, slightly dom!dean, like seriously guys, if smutt isn’t your thing, turn back now!

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(wowzaihavesomanyquestions) About deaf!Keith, is he still entirely vocal(still signs tho)? Or does he just stick to signing along with a few sounds for clarification? Also with Lance, is he an interpreter for Keith or another student just touring the school with Keith? Lastly, is Keith able to read lips? Thank you for taking time in reading this I adore your art as well as your au!!! 💞

oh gosh thank your for your interest in my AU anon! 

here are my own headcanons:

- Keith was born with severe hearing loss, so he wears really strong hearing aids. He relies heavily on lip-reading, sign language and writing as communication. (He used a tablet but it broke so he uses the sketchbook now)

- He didn’t really do speech therapy so he can’t speak? He was orphaned and moved a lot so he didn’t get to stay at one place to learn. He probably squeaks sounds out without realizing it tbh (lance thinks it’s cute and illegal stop that)

- Lance is a student at the high school and is Keith’s classmate. Keith is enrolled in a special scholarship for deaf kids that the school offers!

everything is pretty much still in brainstorming stage, but those are what I think are solid for my headcanons of the AU ^o^ 

Bad Daddy

Ok so i had an idea for this Fic and just wanted to write it and get it out of my system help me god I have sined. It’s my first smuty phanfic please be gentle also my first language is French so probably a lot of typos. Anyway enjoy!

Warnings: very very smuty, daddy!kink, Dom/Sub, phil!top, Dan!powerbottom, Viagra (;p), dirty talk (my favorite), swearing (ofc), praise!kink, cockslut!Dan, baby boy!dan (he’s his normal self just called baby boy), pain!kink(?), slut!Dan, and that’s about it any other that you see?

Summary: Phil received Viagra for is birthday as a joke, but the next morning Dan as a little evil plan he will put to use, let’s just say it involve him drugging Phil’s coffee.

Usually Phil his the Dom but because of Viagra and all Dan takes control for a bit, but phil regain dominance at the end. It start with Dan’s POV then Phil’s then Dan again and after its a third person POV. Tell me if you want me to do their “next time” like it said in the end (sorry for the spoiler ;p) and what you would want me to put in the Fic like what kink or a prompt or something, also I will accept critics as long as they are to help me not say that I suck ok? Please be nice…

Dan’s POV

‘What is it ?’ I asked curious. It was phil’s birthday and phil was opening pj’s gift smiling, until he realized what was the gift, his smile fell. He looked dead serious into an incontrolably laughing pj. “Are you serious pj?! You really got me those thing for my birthday!” He said throwing the medicine bottle to pj, they were Viagra pills. “Oh come on Phil I was just playing mate. My real gift is at the end of the bag” he said chuckling while reaching for the bottle of Viagra that hit Chris rather than pj and put it on the table.
“Well that’s a better gift” phil chimed seeing the little dessert flavoured candles and getting them out. “thanks Pj now Phil will have an easier job of burning the house down!” I said sarcastically. I love phil very much (even if it was a secret for our friends), but I had to play the fireman every time we were about to go out somewhere and be sure phil didn’t let a candle burning, it was annoying.

Phil opened other gifts and was really happy Chris got him a house plant (a cactus of course), we then talk and laugh and pass the time until Pj said they should go and get some sleep since it was 1 am. Me and Phil said our goodbyes and went straight to Phil’s bed and fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up early and went into the kitchen and prepared breakfast before making coffee, because every time I make it, it’s like phil as a radar and smell the fresh coffee and wakes up. I made waffles of course for my daddy’s birthday and wrote in chocolate sauce 'best Daddy in the world’. Then I started making the coffee by getting the grounded coffee beans in the cupboard but remembering we brought it into the lounge yesterday. I go into the lounge get the coffee beans and Im about to go back, but stop in my track. It’s too late, I saw it, my brain is already thinking of it. With an evil plan in mind, I takes the little bottle from the table and bring it to the kitchen. I serves two cups of coffee and in Phil’s cup put one of the pills. I know it’s wrong and Phil wouldn’t want that (or would he?), but I wants to be fucked senseless by Phil’s huge cock.

Just thinking about phil’s cock in my mouth made mine twitch. I almost trip on my way to the bedroom with Phil’s waffles and cups of coffee. The smell of fresh coffee woke a smiling Phil up of course and his smile grew wider when he saw what was written on the waffles. “I’m the best Daddy huh?” He was now smirking which made me blush and giggle I loved it when Phil was like that “yes” I said almost inaudibly. “Well your the best baby boy in the whole wide world Dan” he kissed me and went back to eating.

Usually I would whine when Phil wouldn’t pay more attention to me, but I know what’s coming so I just waits like a predator on its pray. Phil finishes and I offer to watch a movie and take a day in, Phil agrees and we go in the lounge and start a Buffy marathon, to please Phil.

Phil’s POV

We were about 10 minutes in the third episode when I felt it. At first I taught the pillow was in a weird shape and tried to move it but then I felt my cock throb and knew I was rock hard. I didn’t know how it happened the episodes weren’t arousing or anything and I wasn’t even that close to Dan. I didn’t even think anything sexual, I was kind of freaking out and my cheeks started to let it be known with a crimson colour appearing on them. Oh my god how am I getting out of this one, I can’t really ask Dan to suck me off right in the middle of a Buffy episode and for no apparent reason either. Maybe I could go to the loo and take care of it myself. I quickly get up and reach the door almost running earning a questioning look from Dan.

Dan’s POV

I see him getting hard, I see him getting embarrass, it turns me on just the taught of his huge and thick cock leaking pre come begging me to just touch it. I’m shaken out of my thoughts when I see Phil running for the door, why didn’t he just ask me to take care of his problem? I’m his baby boy, I’m supposed to take care of his cock it’s my job, a job that I enjoy very much. Seconds later I hear the bathroom door close, oh no he’s not taking care of this on his own I want my daddy’s cock in my mouth and up my ass. I run over to the bathroom and open the door seeing a very flustered Phil on the toilet pants and underwear at his ankles getting off with closed eyes moaning so loud he didn’t even hear me.
“Oh fuck it would be so much better if it was Dan” phil thought aloud “I’m here Daddy”
Phil’s eye shot open looking straight at me and stoping his hand, he was getting redder if that was even possible. “You’re being a bad Daddy, touching yourself without me’ I get closer to phil ’ if I’m not suppose to do it so can’t you” I’m now on my knees in front of Phil teasingly kissing his thighs getting closer and closer to his rock hard cock and like I thought he was leaking pre come. “But now that I’m here’ I said continuing my little speech ” let’s do something about it"
Without letting Phil interrupt me I start licking his slit making him throw his head back in pleasure, I wrap my lips around his head and start sucking only making him moan louder. I suddenly stop get up and walking towards the door making Phil whimper and whine “DAAAAN!” Pleaded Phil “why’d you stop”
“Phil I am not going to suck your wonderfully large cock on a toilet get your ass in my bedroom” Phil whined kicking of his pants and underwear and resume to follow me to my room he’s the one usually commanding not me, but right now he is in such a state he will do anything to get off. Phil lays on my bed, spread his leg while I rid myself of clothing and search for the lube and other toys we could use in my dresser. I turn back only to see Phil getting off once again “HEY! Did I tell you, you could touch yourself?”
“Then stop right now” I ordered
“What if I don’t?” Phil asked cheekily.
“I am going to punish you”
Phil chuckled continuing getting of “You punishing me, yeah right. You couldn’t even….” I shut Phil up by tying up his hands “what do you think you’re doing?” He asked
“Punishing you Daddy. You didn’t stop when I asked you to, now you can’t touch yourself” I get back to the dresser take a gag and put it on my nightstand “now if you can’t keep quiet Daddy, I’m going to have to put that on you, you can moan, beg and dirty talk but no more defying my dominance and talking back to me understood?” Phil nodded which is the only confirmation I needed. “Now Daddy, the safe word is Buffy and you tell me if you want to stop ok?”
“Yes, s-sir” Phil said hesitantly
“No keep calling me baby boy, I prefer it that way” I said smiling reasurdidly
“Sure baby boy I like it that way too” he smiled back “But please baby take care of my cock”
“But I need to stretch first” I said innocently, I know he was aching, but he disobeyed me and he needed to learn the lesson, also I wanted him to fuck me hard since this morning I couldn’t wait for it either. I took the bottle of cherry lube, put some on my fingers and started to warm it up so it wouldn’t be too cold and proceeded to massage my rim with my index making sure Phil was seeing all of it. I pushed the first digit in, not taking to long to insert a second one, gasping at the intrusion.
“Oh god! You’re so hot baby boy, I can’t wait to fuck that tight little hole” Phil was now bucking in thin air desesperatly searching for friction on his cock, I took my fingers out letting my hole clench on nothing. I straddle Phil’s lap and put my ass right above his length putting my hands on his hips making sure he wouldn’t buck right into me.
“You want me to ride you Daddy, huh? Want that tight little hole stretch around your huge cock tearing it open?”
“Yes! fuck Dan get on with it” My eyes widen and I slap Phil’s lap.
“I told you to call me baby boy and told you not to talk back… Now suck my dick if you want to get inside me… If you do a good enough job I’ll ride you… Now suck!” I ordered putting both of my knees on each side of his shoulder and placing my cock on his mouth. He didn’t took long and wrapped his mouth around my head and sucked stoping once in a while to lick my slit, I knitted my hand in his beautiful black locks of hair and shoved him further down my length I looked down making sure he was ok and he looked straight back with lustful eyes praying me to fuck his mouth, so I did.

I stopped when I felt a knot form into my stomach. “Now are you gonna be a good Daddy and let me ride you the way I want?” I asked looking deep in is wonderful blue eyes. “Yes!” Phil screamed “yes baby boy!” He was at my mercy, but I wanted to tease him more, I liked the power dominating gave me so I straddle Phil’s hips once again and rubbed my ass on his length, Phil was shuddering and whimpering at the so very little friction “please…” He whispered breathlessly.
“You’re gonna have to beg better than this if you want me to ride you Daddy”

3rd person POV

Dan knew Phil would make him pay by edging him and make him beg even more once this was all done and Phil would be back to his Dominant self, but to tell the truth he couldn’t wait to be punish back. And Phil knew all he could do, to finally have release from his aching hard cock, was to beg his baby boy who was being an ass right now, but an ass he wanted to fuck so badly
“Fuck! Please Baby boy, please ride me,… I know you like my huge cock in your tight ass tearing it open,…. fucking you deep into your hole pounding your sweet spot every time making you come hard! Please baby!”
Dan sinked himself right onto Phil’s huge cock loving the burning sensation the stretch gave him, leaving Phil crying out in pleasure. Dan was bouncing on Phil, bottoming out and hitting his prostate every time. “FUCK YES DADDY! You like when I bounce on your huge throbbing dick like the filthy cockslut I am,… Am I being good for you Daddy? Is your baby boy ridding you good? Making you want to come?”
“Yes Baby you’re so good, let me touch you ” Phil pleaded wanting to fuck Dan deep into the mattress and gain back his dominance.
“Of course Daddy” replied Dan to tired to keep up his dominant side and untied Phil’s arm then throw the tie away. Phil then placed his hand on Dan’s hips and flip them over, Dan yelped in surprise but started moaning “Daddy!” Louder and louder letting Phil know he could fuck him hard. Phil thrusted harder and faster into Dan praising him “you’re so good baby boy taking my huge cock like the dirty slut you are. Who’s slut are you?"Phil asked while kissing Dan’s neck and leaving a mark.
"Yours D-daddy! Yours, and only yours!"Dan cried out in pleasure he was getting closer and closer to cumming. "D-daddy… I-I’m close..” Dan warned
“Me too baby, do you want Daddy to come on your beautiful face?’ Phil asked nipping at Dan’s earlobe 'Do you want your Daddy to fuck your mouth like you did before? You wanna taste Daddy’s come MY little cockslut?” And it’s all it took to push Dan over the edge and come all over his and his Daddy’s stomach clenching around Phil’s cock and screaming in pleasure. Phil helped him ride out his orgasm his thrust getting sloppier.

“Fuck my mouth Daddy! Fuck your baby boy’s mouth and come on my slutty face Daddy!” Phil pulled out and got off the bed standing, Dan kneel in front of him and took Phil’s dick into his mouth. Phil took hold of Dan’s hair and pushed him slowly further down his length until Dan’s nose was touching Phil’s groin. He hold the position, Dan swallowing around phil and moaned. Phil then pulled out to let Dan breathe and buck right back into Dan’s mouth fucking it hard. He fucked it harder then usual, but Dan loved it and couldn’t wait to taste Phil’s wonderful come, Phil moaned loudly letting Dan know he was close. He pulled out and started pumping his length rapidly looking at his baby boy’s face, mouth open, tongue out waiting for his huge load to spat on his face. Dan looked at him with lust filled eyes and Phil came undone spurting white ribbons of come on Dan’s face. Dan licked all the come off his face and collect it with his finger to taste it.
“Mmmhm Daddy’s come is so good and warm” he then sucked Phil and made sure none was left and swallowed it all.

Phil then fell on the bed tired from the amazing sex they just had, Dan cuddling up to him and putting his duvet on them. The Viagra had worn off and Phil was finally back to normal, but he couldn’t help wonder why he got so hard all of the sudden for no reason. “Dan?”
“Yeah?"Dan answered sleepily
"I don’t know why I got hard and I was kind of freaking out and kind of still am. What if it happens in public? We couldn’t take care of it like we just did” Dan chuckled which made Phil frown “Dan I’m being serious there was no reason I got hard I wasn’t even thinking about you”
“Well I’m glad you think about me when you get hard, but I wouldn’t worry as to why you were hard"Dan giggle when phil gave him a questioning look "don’t hate me, but…I put one of the Viagra pills in your coffee’ Dan looked down full of guilt when Phil’s furious eyes looked at him "I’m sorry Daddy, I just wanted to see what it would be like to be the dominating one” Dan softly said pouting, Phil’s eyes soften when he saw Dan’s sad face. “Oh baby it’s alright you could of just tell me you wanted to try… I quite enjoyed you making me beg… But please don’t tell me you think I need those pills to please you” now it was Phil who was sad, he was always afraid he couldn’t keep up with Dan’s stamina, he was older then his baby boy.
“Oh no Daddy! You please me enough, I just knew you would be begging for me to touch you if you were and… and I quite enjoyed it too, I would like to alternate if you want Daddy?”
“Of course baby and I’m glad I can please you, now let’s cuddle ok?”
“Ok, Daddy… I love you phil"Dan replied sleepily
"I love you too, Dan” Phil said before they both drifted to sleep already dreaming of their next time.

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Stormpilot + “Your voice is sexy.” - “Your ass is sexy.”

otp drabble challenge

They’ve got a very rare day off today, and somehow Jessika’s talked them into going off-base for drinks.

(”Oh, come on, Poe, I bet Finn and Rey have never gotten drunk before – they deserve to have a little fun!” And really, with Finn by his side fixing him with wide eager eyes, Poe couldn’t exactly say no.)

So they borrowed a ship and flew out to – well, only Jessika really knows where they are, and Poe, who’s figured it out. Finn and Rey are too excited to concern themselves with the details.

Things didn’t exactly go according to Jessika’s plan, though – they’re all back on the ship Rey pretty much passed out after two shots of Correlian brandy (after being adorably mesmerised by Jessika’s hair, which she’s worn down for once), and she’s stuck looking after her, because Rey’s decided that Jessika’s lap makes a comfy pillow.

Poe and Finn have an extra shot each in them. Finn’s so buzzed he’s talking a mile a minute and Poe, languishing on the floor with his head propped up on his hand and gazing up at Finn with a lovelorn smile, can only catch bits and pieces of what he’s saying.

“Your voice is sexy,” he says.

Finn, in the middle of recalling when he was thirteen and assigned to shadow a stormtrooper, stops. He blinks at Poe. “Your ass is sexy,” he replies.

(From the back, Jessika snorts.)

The smile on Poe’s face grows. “Yeah? Your smile is sexy,”

The heat rises to Finn’s face, and he gives Poe a goofy smile. “Your eyes are sexy.”

(Jessika rolls her eyes.)

Poe bites down on his bottom lip to keep his smile from splitting his face. “Everything you do is sexy, Finn.”

Jessika snorts, pulling a face. “Please get a room, you two,” she tells them. But of course, things aren’t going her way today – so of course Finn pretty much jumps on Poe, pinning the other man down with his body as his lips attack Poe’s. Jessika – who can’t move because she’s got a snoring Rey in her lap – groans very loudly. Why me?


THE SUPERNATURAL GIF CHALLENGE | brilliantrosetyler vs castieldeans
round 27 | bela talbot + favorite color(s) | purple

Just Like Heaven

 Reader x Chanyeol
 Word count: 3.4k

A/N: Hi! I don’t know who made the gif above, got it from google so credit to the maker!! Also, this is literally my first scenario/fic so please be gentle. I hope it’s not too ooc, I’m still kinda getting the hang of these guy’s personalities (also it’s v ‘american-ish’ (if that’s a things), I apologize what I mean is I know some of these always have like little Chinese/Korean tidbits like pet names and such I didn’t add any. I hope it doesn’t offend anyone, not trying to like whitewash via writing I promise I’m just not used to writing these) But I hope you guys enjoy! Also, if you’d like more of these you can always send me a msg and request some heh ♡

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wow i can’t believe it’s taken me so long to finish this HELLO EVERYONE I’M GRILLSTER TRASH. i also know nothing about comics or typography so please be gentle

This is based off of one of my fanfics, First Impressions, which is a Grillby/Gaster/Reader trashavaganza, but the basic premise of the comic is that gaster is a sad baby plagued by a terrible backstory and grillby always makes him feel better.


this one is going to a graduation trip to spain for 2 weeks,,, tonight ! !! !

ft. my new hair and a very excited elín

so i wont be super online?? but i havent really been much online anywayy?? 

The wisdom that comes from God is like this: First, it is pure. It is also peaceful, gentle, and easy to please. This wisdom is always ready to help people who have trouble and to do good for others. This wisdom is always fair and honest.
—  James 3:17
Heat (pt. 2) {Bucky x Reader}

words: 1913

warnings: smut smut smut pure pure smut, swearing, USE CONDOMS, KIDS

A/N: SORRY FOR SUCH AN AGONIZING WAIT, BUT HERE IT IS. Also, remember I’ve never written smut before, so please be gentle but feedback gives me life so let me know what you think! :)

Originally posted by joseph-castellanos

You tug your lower lip into your mouth before releasing it and running the tip of your tongue over it, his eyes following the movement carefully. You smirk at him, knowing that what you’re about to say has the power to change everything.

“I bet I look better out of it, though.”

Bucky visibly tenses as he turns over your words in his head. Fuck it, he’s been wanting this for too long and here you were, maybe wanting this too.

He turns around and as he stalks towards you, there’s a hungry, almost predatory look in his eyes and jesus fucking christ, you can feel your already damp panties grow wetter.

“Oh, there’s no doubt in my mind about that, doll” His voice is low and raspy and he’s standing right in front of you, his breaths heavy, and you can feel his heat and you’re craving him.

“Touch me, Buck, please”

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I’d wait an eternity for you

Pairing: Stydia
Word count: 2182
Summary:  Lydia has been following Stiles around all day in school, and Stiles couldn’t take it anymore. So he confronts her, and the reason she really is following him around is a little bit more… Well, unexpected that he thinks.

A/N: For you @ncislafreak, a very (late) happy birthday to you. Hope that you’ll like it, and that this is what you wanted. MWHUA

All mistakes are my own.

Also, read it ao3

”Lydia, what the hell is going on with you?!” Stiles stopped in the middle of his steps in the crowded corridor and turned around only to almost collide into Lydia who was walking behind him, almost following him around like a puppy.

Lydia´s eyes slightly widened and his words, and she squeezed her books closer to her chest, shielding herself from him.

They were at school after a night out defending this godforsaken town yet again, and Stiles had almost gotten himself hurt. Again. First it was the piece of glass that had gotten into his chest when he helped Malia take down the desert wolf, and now, when Deucalion was back once again seeking after more eyes to steal. Stiles always knew that Deucalion was bad to his bones and never would keep promises.

Last night Deucalion had attacked Stiles, and no one had understood why. He was human, nothing supernatural about him. He had gotten thrown in to a wall, knocking him unconscious and still he was back in school the next day as nothing had happened. And the entire day, Lydia had been by his side, or behind him, constantly stalking him and making sure that he was okay when Scott wasn’t there to do so himself.

On a normal day, Stiles would’ve loved it, but now? It was getting a bit annoying. 

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Prompt : "Please.. I love you" -jaspenor

Alright, Anny thank you for sending this in! I hope you like it. This is my first time writing for Jaspenor, so please be gentle. Also, I kind of took this after the last Sunday ep. So it’s canon but kind of au. Bc I just don’t like that ending at all and I need my babies to be okay! I also wrote this before last nights ep, oops. Also, I APOLOGIZE FOR TAKING SO LONG. Please, forgive me.

Prompt : “Please.. I love you” -jaspenor


word count; 3,719

The words echoed around inside of Jasper’s head like a haunting chant. He hadn’t moved from the spot he stood in when she said the words, he couldn’t find the energy. Jasper knew he needed to move, needed to go after her to fix this, but he couldn’t move. Hell he felt like he couldn’t breath. He knew he had fucked things up not asking for help, thinking he could fix it on his own. However, he never thought it would be this bad, none of it; with Eleanor, with James. It was all just one giant cluster fuck. All because he didn’t stop and think to just ask for help. He thought he could handle it on his own and look where that got him? Shit creek with no paddle to help him out.

Except, this wasn’t like with James or the others. This he could fix or at least he needed to try. Len deserved that much. For him to at least try and fix this, to mend what he broke. If anything, she deserved to know the truth. All of it. Even if she walked away at the end. He couldn’t even blame this one on his father. This was all him and unlike his father he was going to fix this. He was going to do everything in his power to make things right, or at least try. He at least owed that much to Eleanor.

“Len, wait.” Jasper finally mumbled out the words, but they just echoed into the empty room. Jasper shook himself from the state he was in and making his feet move. He needed to go after her, so he did just that. Kicking his feet into motion, he twisted around quickly making his way out of the Princess’ bedroom and down the hall. He wasn’t sure where she was or how far she had made it, but she was leaving. So he quickly made his way through rooms towards the doors of the palace, praying she hadn’t made it out of them. Taking a short stop to catch his breath, Jasper took a moment to think. She was so determined to leave, ready to walk away, he was sure she’d already said goodbye to everyone. She wouldn’t be making any stops. All but one, her father’s picture, which meant the living room like area.

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A sketch from a very self indulgent AU that I’m hoping to finish once I have more time 

The premise here is that Atem starts out as a kind of jackal monster spirit who regains human qualities as he gets his memories back and learns things from Yuugi (You know, that ongoing lesson of kindness thing)

The possessions and penalty games still happen, of course, but when Yuugi gets possessed at first he looks positively feral. 

  • person: I have a great idea for angst
  • me: noooooooo please don't, please... be gentle with me
  • also me: body is ready....the more angst the better
fanfic: Work From Home

supergirl/supercat. also on AO3, babes.

AU. Romcom. Cat’s building a new house. Kara is her hot contractor.

I blame Fifth Harmony’s Work From Home.  I’m not even sorry.

I: The Hot Contractor

It’s too hot.

Cat adjusts her gigantic sunglasses, scowling at the sun.

James, with his impeccable dress shirt, doesn’t seem to mind – he looks fresh and smells like oak trees, and who smells this good on a day like this?

Cat doesn’t know.

Anyway. There’s someone by his side, holding the gigantic floor plans up.

James smiles. “Miss Grant, this is the contractor I’ve told you about.”

The person puts the plans on the table – it’s not who Cat was expecting.

Definitely not a bearded man.

This girl is still her 20s and she’s not particularly imposing, blond hair in a tight ponytail, white muscle shirt, lean body, strong arms glistening in the sun.

“Kara Danvers, this is Cat Grant.” He gestures between them. “Miss Grant, this is Kara.”

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