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Shutter Speed Ch.1

Amature Photographer in Need of Model for Experiemental Career Starter

Are you looking to get a jump into a modeling career? Or do you just like having pictures taken of you? If either of these apply to you, this listing is perfect for you!

I am an “amature photographer” looking to build up a portfolio, and I am in need of the perfect model for it.

You don’t need to have experience with modeling for this gig. I am not looking for a runway model or anything. You just need to be able to sit still and listen to any directions I may give you.

Dress and makeup will be left to your discretion. Details on that will be further discussed when chosen, as well as details on payment.

All I need from you right now is to reply to this with a sample picture (nothing fancy, just need to see how you look on camera), your first name and email address, and 3 facts about yourself.

Excited to meet you all through this lovely website.


“Is this stupid? This has to be stupid, right?”

Archie doesn’t even look up from his spot on the couch, eyes trained on his phone. “No, Jughead. This is not stupid.”

“Do people even go on Craigslist anymore? Will people even answer? I probably sound creepy, honestly. Arch, this is stupid, why did you talk me into doing this? I’m horrid at photography!” Jughead throws his head down onto the desk, groaning loudly. Archie sighs heavily and gets up, walking over to his best friend and reading the ad over his shoulder.

“Jug, this sounds just fine. Yes, people still use Craigslist and no, you are a great photographer. You won the county fair’s photography contest three years in a row. You beat the photographer for the daily paper!” Archie slaps his friend’s back enthusiastically, eliciting yet another groan from him. He rolls his eyes and moves his finger to the mousepad on the laptop, hitting the post button before Jughead rethinks anything. “There – the replies will come in in no time!”

Jughead lifts his head to look at the screen, groaning once more and slamming the laptop shut. He looks up at the tall redhead, shooting his best evil glare. “Have I ever told you that I hate you?”

Archie grins down at him, swiping the beanie off his head and ruffling his hair, earning a very manly squeal from Jughead. “You love me and can’t live without me. Now how about we order a pizza and play video games for the rest of the night?” He laughs as Jughead steals the hat back, already walking to the kitchen for the takeout menus they keep stashed in a drawer.

“Only if you’re buying!”

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GeekGirl and FanBoy

A/N: Drabble request for @marvelatbarnes. Imagine where the reader and Juice are geeking out in front of the other club members. Thanks for the request, lovely! Hope you like x

You ran down the hall of the clubhouse, screeching out to your best friend, laptop in hand.
“Y/N, what’s wrong??” Juice asked you, his voice muffled.
He’d been working on club stuff when you came out, and was so in the zone that when he heard you yelling, he looked you over for injuries, missing the smile on your face.
“THOR IS COMING TO COMICCON!!” You turned your screen to face Juice, pointing at the announcement post made on the ComicCon website.
“OH MY GOD, NO WAY!!” Juice’s eyes were wide and bright, fists clenched tight in excitement.
“What on Earth is going on with you two?” Chibs asked, turning in his barstool to face you. His voice was also muffled.
“ONLY THE GREA-” You started before Chibs stopped you, hopping down from his stool and walking over to you, removing your headphones from your head.
“Only the greatest thing to ever happen to us! Thor is coming to ComicCon! He got added to the lineup last minute, was able to make it!”
You and Juice danced around, the rest of the club watching you with concern.
You both stopped, looking back, slightly blushing.
“Neeeeeeeeeeeeerds!!!” Tig yelled out, to the amusement of the others.
“Yeah, yeah.” You said, Juice rolling his eyes.
You’d both had heard it so many times, but you didn’t care.
Meeting Juice at the gaming store you worked at, you’d quickly become best friends. When Juice wasn’t out doing club business and you weren’t working, you were joined at the hip, geeking out over all your favourite movies, games, comics, everything.
The other club members always teased you guys, but were glad that Juice had found someone to freak out about all that stuff with, even if it was so they didn’t have to fake interest.
“Do you reckon Clay would let you take time off from club stuff to go?”
“I hope so, I really wanna go!” Juice replied. “We’ll ask him when he gets back.”


“You wanna go away to a nerd convention?” Clay asked, looking disapprovingly at you guys like you were his children.
Both you and Juice had ambushed Clay as he’d rode into TM’s parking lot, having waited all day for him.
“Please, Clay, it’s only in San Diego. I haven’t asked for any time off in months and we’d really love to go.” Juice said, asking Clay.
“You are literally the greatest man alive, even greater than a Norse god. If you tried to lift his hammer, you would be worthy and possess the power of Thor.” You said, trying to sway the old man.
“Hardly anything you ever say to me makes sense, Geek Girl.” Clay replied.
“Pretty endearing, huh? Endearing enough to let my best buddy here come with me to San Diego in a month?” You raised your eyebrows, biting your lip and nodding your head slowly, watching for any indication on Clay’s face of a positive answer.
He sighed, rubbing his eyes.
“Yeah, you can go. But,” He added, before you started getting overly excited.
“Juice, you gotta be reachable if we need you. Phone on at all times. You too, Y/N, in case we can’t reach Juice.”
Both you and Juice nodded and started dancing around again.
”Save the dancing for the party tonight.” Clay said, walking into the clubhouse, the pair of you following him.

”Okay, tickets are purchased, and we have our passes to meet Hemsworth and get pictures.” You said to Juice as he walked into the room, the confirmation email having been sent through to your phone.
”I’m gonna start looking up hotels tomorrow.” Juice replied. He’d been helping make sure everything was set for the evening.
”Juice, Y/N, come out and party!” Jax came knocking on the door of Juice’s dorm room.
”We should go out there.” Juice said, and you nodded.
The party hadn’t been going on for long, but it was going off when they got out there. They hung out, chatting and drinking with everyone.
After a while, Juice went and sat on one of the couches, and you went to get beers. As you brought them over to your friend, you stopped dead, appearing to be staring into space.
“Costumes!” You blurted out.
“But it’s less than a month out!” Juice replied.
“So we’ll just do one really good one each. We only have to wear it for one day if we want, but you can’t go to ComicCon without dressing up!”
Juice took a beer from you and you crawled into his lap, pulling out your phone.
Putting his arm around you and his head on your shoulder, he watched as you pulled up the Pinterest app, checking out other people’s cosplays.
“Who should we go as?”
“You should go as Shades from Luke Cage!” You responded, seeing a picture of him as you looked through the pictures.
“No way, I couldn’t pull that off!” Juice said, scrolling further through the feed.
“Well, we could just go as Thor and Loki, I mean, that’s kinda the reason we’re going, right?”
“Yeah! Let’s do it!”
“You know, Juice, there’s croweaters that’ll sit on your lap and give you a better time.” Tig said, seated a short way over from them, a crow giving him a lap dance.
Juice waved him off, not even bothering to look at him.
“You know what we should do.” Juice said.
“Marvel marathon.”
“Right now?” You asked.
Juice shifted under you and you stood, letting Juice up. He took your hand and lead you to his dorm.
Taking off his kutte and sinking into his bed, you grabbed more drinks from the bar fridge in his room.
Sitting next to him against the headboard, Juice scrolled through the movies on Netflix, finding the first Thor.
As the movie played, you got to the scene where Jane gave Thor mortal clothes to change into.
“Maybe I could go as Jane for one of the days.” You mentioned offhandedly.
Juice turned to you, and before you knew it, he had kissed you.
When he pulled back, you had the same face that Jane had when she saw Thor without his shirt on.
“Whoa.” You said, not sure what else to say, or if you possessed the vocabulary to say it.
“Wanted to do that for a while.” Juice said, blushing, looking down at his lap.
“If I’m going as Jane, you should go as Thor.” You replied. “Would look a bit weird if Loki was kissing Jane.”
You both chuckled, and Juice cupped your cheek with his hand, pulling you in for another kiss.

Coming Out - Peter Parker x Reader

I asked if you guys wanted some spiderman stuff and @fuckkoffcourtney requested this! I did change it a little with less questioning because I have something important to say and this seems like the perfect chance. I am Bisexual. I have never officially come out before at all but towards the end of my high school years I began to make a few more jokes about it and I was questioned as to what my orientation was and I am very relaxed about it. I am already a very open person but I have always been a little apprehensive to fully out myself as identifying as Bi and I feel now, with you guys at least, I feel very relaxed about it. I wrote this fic kind of based on what I believe it would feel like to come out to these guys like I am coming out to you and how I would believe it to be a very relaxed environment - I hope this is okay and i know this isn’t the case for everyone but this is kind of my imaginary but real coming out. Yay for pride ❤️

anyway, Bucky’s little joke is something I saw on pinterest so i take no credit, also for the purpose of Tony’s comment both Peter and Reader are over 18 - so it isn’t creepy and without further rambling, here you go… Requests are open!


Originally posted by tomhollandisdaddy

To say it had been playing on your mind was an understatement. You had known and kept it to yourself for years and years never really knowing how to come out with it. How to come out literally. You had been comfortable keeping it to yourself for a while, it was a big deal but at the same time you were who you were and whether or not they knew didn’t make you any different and it never would but now, after dating Peter for just over a year you were beginning to debate if you should tell him. Only one other person knew and that was Bruce. You trusted him and he had guessed one day after a comment you had made but you didn’t mind him knowing and it was that feeling of normality that made you debate coming out.
Despite Peter being your first and only relationship you knew you were bi and there was no denying it. Hell, you had even, not in any way against Peter, checked out Natasha on more than one occasion. But telling him might change everything. You loved him, more than you could possibly say and you were almost sure that he would never change the way the he looked at you but there was always that little part of you that wondered if he would. If he would decided that he didn’t like that about you and suddenly leave and it scared you, you were still the exact same person but maybe he would feel like it was you lying to him.
“Are you okay?” the very boy you were thinking abouts voice broke your silence. His hand brushed over your shoulder lightly as he came into the kitchen from the gym, he had finally accepted Tony’s offer and was now training with the team almost every day, but that meant that you were around him a lot more which you would never normally mind until you had made the rough and loose decision to come out to him, and the others while you were at it.
You turned your head a little to smile up at him, going to reassure him and say you were fine when you say the others - all the others, come in behind him. For once they were all in the same room and it was your first chance in a long time and maybe even now your only chance. You had to do it for yourself. “No, actually. I have to talk to you guys.” you called out to them all and getting their attention.
“Wait, what’s wrong?” Peter instantly got worried and it was adorable how much he stressed over you, his innocent sweet face all frowny and his chocolate eyes that you loved so much drowned in worry and questions,
“Nothing is wrong, I just have something I need to get out.” you smiled a little and pecked his cheek lightly, hoping that after your announcement his sweet ways would never change.  Your hands clasped together before you as your nerves grew. These people were your friends, there was no changing that - they would never judge surely. “so…” you started, never realising how intimidating  their looks were even when they didn’t mean them to be. “So, this changes nothing I have to say that now, I have always been like this I just didn’t tell you guys, but yeah. I’m Bi.”
“Knew it.” Natasha smirked and walked to grab a drink for the table from behind you but as  she passed Clint he almost discreetly passed her a $50.
“That’s kinda hot.” Tony smirked, “Keep that one close, kid.” You just looked at them a little dumbfounded.
“I mean, I obviously knew.” Wanda laughed a little and sat herself on the counter behind you patting your shoulder lightly as she went past. Natasha and Clint had been betting, Tony was being his usual slightly creepy self but in a joking way, Wanda had probably known the whole time and that just left three very confused men and one smirking idiot standing before you. Steve and Bucky didn’t look uncomfortable but a little confused,
“Bi as in guys, and dolls?” Bucky asked carefully and you got a little nervous,
“Yes, exactly like that.” Sam laughed, “how long you known?” he laughed coming and hugging you lightly,
“A few years. I think Natasha helped me figure it out,” you admitted a little quieter and blushed furiously,
“Yeah, I thought so too.” She laughed from behind you and you could barely look up at her, pulling at the hem of your shirt and looking down, “It’s just who I am.”
“Okay.” Steve finally spoke up, a small smile on his face, “that works.” Instantly you smiled breathing a long sigh of relief,
“So does that mean that whenever you’re single you’re on ‘standbi’?” Bucky joked and was obviously very amused at his comment as he laughed hilariously and you smiled happily, shaking your head at his awful pun.
“She won’t be single for a long time if I can help it.” At last Peter spoke up. You had almost forgotten that he hadn’t said anything yet but you smiled, he was stood smiling at you, no, beaming at you. “you’re still (y/n), you’re still the girl I have been dating for a year and a half, you’re still you and I’m still in love with you.” You hadn’t said that to each other infant of others before, you didn’t think that he was ready to admit it to everyone but obviously, you were so, so wrong about it. “You’re my girlfriend, You have always been like this and so that means nothing has changed so why should anything now.” he smiled and walked over to you, pulling you into him as the others dispersed a little but still stayed close enough to hear, Peter placed a sweet kiss on your forehead, “as log as Natasha or any other girl for that matter decides to steal you away its fine. I mean, a guy I can kick out, a girl - unless Its Nat, I can’t.”
“Like to see you try, kid.” You heard Nat call from the next room making you both laugh.
“But Tony was right, it is a little hot.” He mumbled much quieter as he leaned in for a kiss.

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anonymous asked:

Hi Emma! Just wondering, how do you study and get good grades and stuff when you at the same time is active on social media? Just wondering, bc I really struggle to get things done because of my procastination and phone..

Hello! I try to limit my social media usage during study time and when I can. I obviously dedicate a lot of time to my blog, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc, but I will usually do it when I’ve got time to spare. A few things I’ve found reduce my social media usage has been:

  • use applications - I’ve found that having my phone functioning whilst studying is best. If it’s just sitting there or out the way, I’ll be thinking about it. I’m one of those people that likes to have their phone in view constantly so allowing it to be doing something productive helps me. currently use an app called Forest. It gamifies and rewards my time with a little tree. If I use my phone, it will die! It really helps me to stay focused. I’ll see that I’ve got 5 minutes left of that study period and I’ll think “okay, it’s just another 5 minutes..keep going!”. You can also add other people so it is quite motivating to see them working (add me at!)
  • alternative applications - For your computer, there are apps that block websites. Forest as a Chrome and Mac extension but apps like RescueTime, StayFocusd can stop you going on Tumblr. I have a post on productivity apps here including paid and free for iOS, Android and Mac. You can also check out these Google chrome extensions for productivity!
  • time-lapse myself - If I don’t use Forest, I will sometimes timelapse myself. I find it so cool to be able to watch it back and see everything I’ve written or typed in a quick video. I love sharing them on my blogs too so it’s great! I don’t want to stop recording so I’ll just stay off my phone! It is also great because I stay focused. I don’t want to be seen using Tumblr for 10 minutes, so I’ll tend to stay off it and save that for my breaks. I filmed myself over 4 days doing my last assessment for my digital experience design course and made it into a little YouTube clip. It was really awesome to see everything as I went along!!
  • customise your laptop - another thing I’ve found works best is having two accounts on my laptop. One is for university work and the other for blogging. I don’t have any social media logged in on my uni account so I can’t just check a site for a minute because I’m bored. Honestly, probably one of the smarter things I’ve done without intending too haha! I think most computers have the option to create a second account, so have a look into that!
  • put things into perspective - the reality is that social media is always going to be there and if you’re not on for 20 minutes because you’re studying, it is unlikely that you’ll miss something amazing happening. If you don’t want to miss notifications, you can customise them to allow some things to come through incase. Discipline and challenge yourself to not use it until your breaks!

Hope this helps :-)

anonymous asked:

I just want to put this out there but do you at all have an active account on imvu or secondlife? this is not to bash you in any way but to put the question out there just in case you have been creating for both the sims and SL and the people posting stuff on simsecret are just paranoid over copying and shit. I also want to say that I highly respect you and always will and will continue to support you regardless of others opinion on you. I hope my question doesn't come out as negative. TY <3

Hi. No, I don’t have any active account on imvu , neither on second life. The stuff they are posting about me: my old creations were highly inspired by the second life pictures and I stated it in many posts, though they were never stolen, they were created from scratch by me.

When it goes to ALL the hair creations AND those two pieces of clothing - these are complitely founded on Pinterest and fashionnova store (the frilly top) and to be honest I don’t give a single damn about what some kid thinks about me.
If they are so willing to accuse me, they are free to check the UV maps.

They even put there some bear on head which was converted by some other creator not me, but hey… they know everything.

since they started to accuse me of stealing from second life, I stopped looking at anything SL related. And since then, for every single creation I have created, I have saved a reference image of a REAL LIFE example.

And if they think that SL creators takes ideas from nowhere, well… it’s gotta be hard to live in such an ignorance.

I repeat: i am modeling stuff too many years and I am good at this, so I would be totally stupid to steal stuff from others. Moreover, I saw many SL creators stealing from me, so knowing how awful feeling is this it would be auto destructive for me to do the same.

They can make photo collages, they can send me anons. I don’t care. I know I am a good person, I didn’t steal anything and I have no reason to care about their dramas.

Perfect Little Family - Part 1

Originally posted by ithereckless

Request//Can you do a pack mom imagine, Theo being alive and good, also the reader and him have a kid that the pack doesn’t know about, and once they find out, they start calling the reader and Theo mom and dad and Liam act’s like an older brother to the readers and Theo’s kid. Sorry if it’s confusing.

A/N// Thank You @padmekay For Your Request! Sorry It Took So Long. I Hope You Enjoy! Photo Is From Pinterest! 

Part 1  Part 2

Theo and I left Beacon Hills around a year and a half ago. We thought it would be safer. Not for us.For our child. We have a perfect little girl who had just turned one. Avia Raeken. She was such a daddy's girl.Theo adored his baby girl. He sat through all the tea parties, talked to all her dollies and told her countless bedtime stories at night.

But it was time. Time to go back to Beacon Hills. The Pack had no idea that I was pregnant. They were sad to see me go. But they didn’t know I was leaving with Theo. I understand that Theo did kill Scott, but he has changed. He has changed so much! Theo was a totally different person. He was also an amazing father. Yes, we may only be 17. But we are doing well. We have now bought a new house in Beacon Hills and moving back. 

It was the day of the move. Finally. We only had a few things to pack then we were off. The house already had everything we needed in. We needed to change some stuff but it will do for now. 

When I woke up, Theo was still asleep. I looked on the baby monitor to see that Avia was awake and waiting. I shuffled out of Theo’s grip so he wouldn’t wake up. I opened up the door to Avia’s room to see that she had a big smile on her face, behind her pacifier. I went and grabbed her, to give her, her morning cuddle. Before I took her to her dad, I changed her then we went to wake Theo up. We crept back into the room. Avia in my arms knowing what we were doing. I placed her onto the bed standing up, then she jumped onto Theo.

“Daddy!”  Her giggles filled the room. It was like music to my ears. Theo wrapped his arms around her and she rested her head on his chest. I left them both when I went down to the kitchen to get Theo and me coffee, as it was going to be a long day, and Avia her bottle of milk. As I came back into the bedroom. Avia was cuddled up to Theo and they were both watching cartoons. I gave Avia her milk and Theo his coffee, then I went to get ready. When I came back into the bedroom. Avia was sat on Theo. Theo would raise his hand and smile.

“I’m gonna get you” He would say causing Avia to squeal and laugh, shielding herself. Theo would then grab her and tickle her. The would lift her up in the air and bring her down and kiss her cheek, telling her how much he loved her. I was stood in the doorway just admiring my little family and how perfect it was. 

“Avia, go to mommy so I can get ready then we can go and get breakfast” Theo gave her one last kiss then Avia got off the bed and ran up to me. I took her into her room and got her dressed and took her downstairs. I couldn’t cook anything as everything that we owned was boxed up in the car. So I had some ready made pancakes and I cut some fruit up and placed them into a bowl. Theo came into the kitchen.

“Daddy!” Avia shouted and ran up to him arms wide open. He sat down and placed her on his knee as the high chair was in the car. 

“Why boxes?” Avia pointed to the boxes, that were needed to be filled with the rest of our things.

“Because sweetie we are moving,” I told her. She looked up at Theo.

“Where moving?” She asked

“Well princess, we are moving to a place called Beacon Hills,” Theo said as he began eating his breakfast.

“Why?” Avia was full over questions today.

“We have friends there. We haven’t seen them in a very long time” I informed her as I put drinks on the table and started eating.

“Who?” She asked looking confused.

“You will see princess, now come on eat up, or I will eat it,” Theo said encouraging his daughter to eat her breakfast.

“Nooo daddy. Mine” She said beginning to eat. 

After we all finished eating I cleaned everything we used and but them in the boxes, as Theo helped Avia pick up all her toys and put them in the box. That was it. We were leaving to go back to Beacon Hills. Back home. Theo took the boxes to the car as I checked everything then came back and picked up Avia, as well as her pink fluffy blanket, which she wouldn’t fall asleep without, her bottle and a pink Polka dot pacifier. He carried her outside and I followed behind. Theo strapped Avia into her car seat and gave her, her blanket so she would fall asleep. But before we took off, the cutest thing happened.

“Bye bye,any more” Avia said waving to out old house. It made my heart melt. As soon as we took off Avia fell asleep, snuggled up to her blanket, sucking on her pacifier. She was the sweetest thing ever. I looked out the window. Just thinking.

What if when he get back and they attack Theo….What if they test Avia to see if she is like Theo…But if she is like Theo they could help with getting her to gain control…What if they don’t want toanymoreas I went with Theo..What if they hate me for having a child…And having a child with Theo!

“Hello, Y/N?” Theo said bringing me out of my daydream. I looked over at him and gave him a small smile.

“Are you okay, you kinda zoned out” Theo asked with a worried look.

“Yeah I’m fine was just thinking,” I told him leaning my head on the back of the chair

“What were you thinking about” He asked

“What if they don’t want to see. What if they hate me” I blurted out.

“Baby, they will be so happy to see you and get to meet our little girl. But me on the other hand, They might not be happy. I will just have to work on getting their trust back. The dread doctors are gone. I don’t want power anymore. I have everything I will ever need in this car right now” Theo told. Which brought a tear to my eye.

“Theo, that’s why I love you!” I said holding his hand now.

We arrived in Beacon hills and Avia was just starting to wake up. I handed her. her bottle. When we pulled up to our new house she looked over to it. 

“New!” She shouted.

“Yeah princess, this is our new house,” Theo said taking her out of her car seat then handing her to me. Theo grabbed the boxes and we both went in. 

“Friends?” Avia asked. I guess it was a good time to go and see them. 

“Theo, I will go and change her then we can go around to Scott’s and see if he is home?” I asked and he gave me a nod. Once I changed Avia I put her back in the car and we drove to Scott’s house. When we closer to Scott’s house I noticed a blue Jeep and a Blue Toyota. Everyone must be there. It was Friday. That was when they had pack meetings. We pulled up outside and I got out and got Avia out of her seat. 

“You go, I just have some things to sort out,” Theo told me. I walked up to Scott’s front door and knocked on. 

“Y/N!” Scott shouted throwing his arms me and Avia. Everyone else came rushing towards the front door. They all had big smiles on their faces.

“And who is this little one,” Scott asked.

“This is my daughter Avia,” I told the as she was looking around.

“Daddy?” She asked.

“He will be her in a minute sweetie,” I told her.

“Y/N who’s the father?” Stiles asked. But before I could answer Avia wanted to be but down as Theo was coming towards us.

“DADDY..DADDY…DADDY” She yelled running up to him and Theo picked her up.


Part 2?

anonymous asked:

Any advice for builders who are just starting out?

Oh, I love this question! ♥ I’m actually thinking of recording my builds and maybe make a Youtube channel for them, because I definitely learnt the most watching speedbuilds myself. I do have a few tips, though!

Don’t be afraid to look for inspiration or even recreate a house/building
I have several Pinterest boards where I save pictures of houses and other interesting architecture that I would like to translate into a build of my own someday. Mostly, it’s just the front view exterior of the build that I use for inspiration, but it definitely helps me along. When you get into the build, you will probably be inspired enough to just keep going and add more to the build yourself.

Start with the front, shape and size of the house
This is obviously a matter of preference, and you could definitely do it differently, but I prefer starting my builds by almost finishing the front of the house. That way, I know for certain that I like the way the exterior looks, and that there isn’t anything I want to change on that part. That way, I can go from there and keep adding to the build without feeling like starting over. Shape or silhouette is also an important thing to keep in mind - do you want your house to be tall, but not as wide? Or only one floor, with a pointy roof?

Determine a theme, colour scheme and key elements
This is, for me at least, a very important thing while I’m working on a build. I will try to come up with an idea and formulate it in such a way that it makes a little sentence, for example ‘an old restaurant ran by witches’, or ‘a pink Victorian-styled house, home to an artist’. I am someone that is very ‘bothered’ by colourschemes: if colours do not go together or don’t look a certain way, I won’t like the way it looks. That’s why I try to keep a colour scheme in mind for the house as a whole and the rooms.

Key elements are the things that add something special to your build. It could be just a swimming pool in the basement, a well in the backyard or even a large balcony.

Rooms are often much smaller than you’d think
A mistake that is often made, and one that I still make on a regular basis: rooms are easy to build in a way that makes them way too big. Your Sims do not need a lot of space to live or move - and a lot of stuff fits in even the smallest of rooms! Don’t be afraid to make rooms smaller, and see what fits in there before expanding.

Use cheats
bb.moveobjects on is probably one of the most useful tools when it comes to building in the Sims 4 - or any Sims game, really. While holding the ALT button, you can move furniture off-grid, and place it wherever and at any angle you would like. If you use the 9 and 0 keys, you can move the objects up and down in the air, especially handy for adding more decoration to tables, and such. You can also use the [ ] keys to size up or size down an object.

Don’t forget the garden and landscaping
Important to a build as well: the landscaping around the home!

Lighting is important
Always make sure to check your rooms and your whole build in different times of day. You can easily do this by clicking the little sun at the top right of the menu - this way, you can easily add lights at nighttime, to see what looks right! Lights can have different colours and intensities, so play around with that to get the kind of atmosphere you’d like.

Take a step back
Don’t be afraid to take a step back (or a scroll back in this case), and look at your build from different sides, zoomed in, zoomed out, et cetera. Sometimes, a new viewpoint can help you determine what goes where and if something is working or not.

Functionality is important as well
Always make sure to playtest your build after you are finished, and see how the Sims interact with your house. Sometimes, objects do not work when placed close together, or something along those lines. You could be lacking a garbage can, or even a toilet. Maybe the dining room is on the wrong side of the house, and your Sim will have to climb 2 stairs from the kitchen to eat.

Don’t be afraid to experiment
And have fun, of course! Look at some inspiration, start recreating the looks and architecture that you like! Don’t be too hard on yourself, you will learn a lot the more you build and it’s important to just have fun.

I hope that helps a bit! ♥