also photoshop crashed like 5 times when i was making this

Below the cut is a step-by-step tutorial to how I make my gifs, and how I make them quickly. There are pictures to follow along with as I make a gif. I am using the latest version of Photoshop and I pay for it, so please don’t come asking me where you can find a free download, I do not know. For the purposes of this tutorial we will be using the gif below. 

Let’s Begin.

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#04: Thoughts On Animate CC

I’ve had Animate for almost a month now. I’m still using the trial version because I haven’t decided if I should get it yet. It probably has the most new features than any Adobe Flash upgrade ever. While a lot of these features will probably be ignored, I still think some of them are a step in the right direction. It’s the reason why I didn’t even bother trying out Flash CC, because I knew nothing would change.

If you didn’t know, Adobe recently rebranded Adobe Flash (CC), which is a program that a lot of people use to animate with, and changed its name to Animate CC. Flash has had a really bad reputation for the longest time with its constant crashing, ugly brush strokes, and overall buggyness. The first version of Flash that I used was CS3 and I’ve used all latter versions except for CS4 and CC and I can definitely say not much has changed. Also, as a side note, I don’t care what any animator says, Flash CS6 is the best, fuck CS3 and fuck Flash 8. In CS6, there are a bunch of features that I find useful (auto save, convert to bitmap, export sprite sheet) but still it doesn’t really feel like they’re adding actually helpful stuff for animators.

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A couple months ago I was graciously given the opportunity to make a Game Grumps animated for the Grumps, which premiered on the channel today! I’ve been anxious for it to debut and now that its here I’m almost shocked. This has been a small dream of mine that I never thought would happen– But it did and I’m so glad it could be shared with all of you.

If you’re interested about the process of how I made this animation and my other thoughts feel free to keep reading below the cut!

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Super basic how to Animate with Photoshop


September 29th 2014, 1:18:00 pm · a minute ago

I apologize if this is a loaded question, but how do you animate? What program do you use?

Eeeeh okay, so I guess i’ll explain some basics.

I use a combination of Manga Studio and Photoshop to animate. [ You can also just draw in photoshop to animate it, but I like the lines in MS.]

1: Start by sketching your frames. Depending on how complicated it is, you can sketch just the first frame and go from there or sketch out all the frames.

2: Start doing the lineart for your frames. Keep your first frame/layer at the bottom and work your way upwards as you move the object. I lower the opacity of the frame before so I can either sketch over it with a completely new frame or edit. [ For example, the Loki animation frames are redrawn every time where as this one is simply one frame modified a few different times.] Note: Make sure to turn your opacity back up once you’re done so that when you transfer it over to photoshop you don’t end up with ghosty layers.

3: Export to photoshop. Manga Studio has the option to save as a PDF, which is perfect for bringing all your layers over.

[ Ignore my file names, it was a bitter time when my computer crashed.]

4: Now that you’re in Photoshop, make sure you have the animation window open on ‘Frames’ rather than timeline. You can see all the layers over on the side there, and there are two ways to put them together.

One way is to simply click the button on the far top right corner and select 'Make frames from Layers’.  This will automatically make frames in the order in which you have your layers set up. So if you have, for example, a white background layer that is separate from your animation, it will show up as frame 1, and not in any other frames after that. It’s easy enough to fix, you simply select all the frames and make sure to turn the visibility on the white background layer. [ the little eye thing.] 

This saves you a lot of time, but if you have repeating frames, sometimes it’s just easier to do it manually. This means making a new frame by selecting the new frame button, and then clicking you desired layer and making sure it’s visible. 

5: After that, it’s simply a matter of making sure the frames are timed at whatever amount you wish. [ 0 tends to be a little fast.] 

Note: The animation will play at a higher speed once you’ve uploaded it. When you play it back in Photoshop, it tends to play slower. 

Things to remember:

Do you want a looping gif?  Make sure 'Forever’ is selected.

Looping gifs should have the same start and end frame. 


6: Save your gif under the 'Save for Web and Devices’ option.

and then you’re done! 

Throwback to all my shitposts

Because this is the most productive thing I’ve ever done for 2016

Long post and 1 asterisk (*) = 1k notes. Enjoy my personal shitpost list.

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