also phil is the most adorable thing ever

Dan and Phil are so creative and that article just didn’t respect them. He calls them over-grown teens, finds their tones ‘annoying’ completely alienates Phil by mainly describing and centring the article around Dan, and then insulting him by mocking his annoyance at the irrelevant addition of the ‘oreo video’.

He didn’t mention any of their massive achievements as film stars (Big Hero 6), Two year personal radio show (BBC Radio 1), interviewers to the stars (Radio 1′s Big Weekend) and so many other things. He barely even mentioned the book and inaccurately described TATINOF as a ‘children’s party’. 

This article could have been the most beautifully positive, happy thing ever. He claims he went to TATINOF and saw a ‘children’s party’ and some ‘over-obsessive girls’ however failed to mention the HUNDREDS of adoring smiling faces that would have been there. Also he completed alienated the male fans. 

My brother was so anxious to go to TATINOF because, as he kept telling me he thought he’d ‘be the only boy’. It’s because ridiculous articles like this subject a gender to any form of entertainment. Dan and Phil aren’t just there as entertainers but as friends and aspirational role models. 

The reporter asked them about their address? and their past? even though he could have enquired deeper into their relationships with their adoring fans, or the best selling book that he failed to mention all but once at the beginning. 

He completely disrespected us as an audience and Dan and Phil as creators. Mentioning the rumours of Dan’s sexuality was completely uncalled for, and also pointless, until YouTube and it’s entertainment, much to the disagreement of the journalist. 

Phil was hardly mentioned in detail which makes my blood boil. He called Dan the dominant of the duo, or whatever he claimed, saying that he answered most questions with eloquence and described his black clothing style as a ‘sex idol’. 

If this bloody journalist had done his job, and done some actual research into the two beautiful human’s that he had the absolute honour of meeting, then this could have been an incredible article. He could have found out so much stuff that Dan and Phil are comfortable with sharing. Plus he’d have won the support of the Phandom, but no, he fucked it up, because people don’t appreciate the internet and what it does for the modern teenager who simply isn’t accepted into this world anymore. 

Worst thing is, he almost takes the piss out of us. Claiming that we feel accepted with Dan and Phil because we relate, and the world doesn’t understand. Quite frankly no it doesn’t, and this article clearly shows this. Now I’m going to protect my boys because I want them to be respected for the beautiful creative individuals that they are, because they deserve so much more than this interview lets on.

You All Deserve Each Other


summary: Dan Howell is the errand boy for the popular girls at Uni. he has to carry shopping, order drinks and even ask out guys for them. One fateful day at Starbucks, however, the guy they want Dan to ask out for them… is his boyfriend. 

if you think you may have already come across this story, well sort of. I changed the plot a bit but I still got permission! Don’t sue me! 

Link: A Breath Of Fresh Air by Ink-Stained-Tea


Here we go!

Phan status – together

Warnings – swearing

If you asked Dan Howell what he currently thought about school, he’d probably just swear at you.

For one, he didn’t even want to be a lawyer, so why the fuck was he taking law?

He was also the errand boy for the popular bitches.

Shopping? He was carrying the bags

Coffee? He was ordering, picking up, and generally doing anything besides having coffee

Cute guy? Dan had to ask him out for the girls

Lunch line? He was queueing

Lines in general? He was queueing

Test? He took the notes

You get the general idea.

The one thing Dan did like about going to this Uni, was that it was he was closer to where his boyfriend, Phil lived.

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this guy said to my friend “do you love me?” and we were all like “um” and he was like “no not love love like,,,friend love. like lung love.” and we were like “dude wtf” and he said “well the heart is on this side and the lung is on this side,, so do you lung love me” and he meant it like ‘the heart isn’t on this side so its lung love’ and it was the cutest and most hilarious thing ever