also personal space



Papyrus’ concept of personal space is….peculiar.

so i’m watching the extra’s on my the Lost Bladesman dvd and there’s literally a whole segment where they just marvel at how great jiang wen is

some of the things they said: 

  • he’s very mysterious and they couldn’t believe he was actually there working on the movie with them [cryptid confirmed]

  • that he’s a great director himself
  • they find his complexity most attractive
  • his charisma is almost too powerful [”He’s overwhelming.”]
  • he’s the best actor in China
  • and then they just went on and on about how great and subtle his acting is

same tbh…

I have contacted NASA about my moon burial request.

Hey, so if you’ve noticed how I pretty much have been dead on tumblr for a while….. I finally got around to refilling my queue!  I can look like a normal person again.

Also have thought a lot about how I used to write a lot of personal posts about my life and my work and all that before I moved and sometimes I consider doing that again but mostly I think I’ll continue to be silent on it all.  With personal matters, there’s a lot going on and public conversation is not something I want a part of it.  With work, I both love my job a great deal and most of my former posts were some version of complaints or venting frustration, which I don’t need to really do any more, and also given the amount of information I share and the much more unique nature of my work (particularly as compared to before), it would be very easy to identify where I work if I talked a bit too much about it, so I’ll refrain on that front too.  But here’s a general update:

As mentioned, I love my job.  I do a wild number of things.  I work weird hours.  I’ve learned so so much and I have no idea anymore what a career path looks like for me and that still scares me but hey, I love my job sooooo.

My doggo is amazing and the love of my life.  He’s made huge progress and the stress of being a single mother to a neurotic mess has considerably calmed.  We are both still mild neurotic messes but we’re doing quite well.  

Supergirl and I are still together and coping with living on opposite sides of the country, along with various other things, but we’re working on getting her to the Happy State where I live very soon.

I’ve been doing my photography again and have done several weddings in the past few months and have several more booked, plus am picking up a good number of senior portrait sessions, which I love.

For various reasons, I’ll probably be resuming therapy soon after a year and a half without, BUT honestly I’m in the best mental space I’ve been since probably like 2011 or so (when the weight of grad school began to drown me), so all is well and good.  (I will probably have an anxiety disorder the rest of my life, and depression will always be a companion lurking in the back of my brain, but the three of us have made arrangements which allow me to live my life quite to my satisfaction.)

@masterkfox had some really good additions to us vs england culture stuff

as an american who studied for five months in England: Pants/Trousers, state religion vs “freedom” of religion, Articulated Lorry, “it’s pissing out”. I’ll let you know if I think of more. 

multiple flavors of british accents and the names for them all, how the UK is *not* part of Europe Thank You Very Much, Eurovision, the spelling of “tyre” and related absurdities, americans really are loud (our base volume is just naturally higher), british food really is terrible and they’ve never heard of salt, their entire country fits inside my state and they have no sense of how tiny they are or how big the US is

I FORGOT ABOUT LORRY and i told sam we call it a “semi” and they just lost their shit for ages like no thats a boner and i was just like the fuck kind of word is LORRY

pants vs trousers i still havent adjusted to and YEAH ALL THE DIFFERENT ACCENTS I DIDNT EVEN KNOW!!!! when we started dating one of my friends who watches a ton of BBC was like “what kind of accent” and i was like oh god i dont know was i supposed to know before i got involved what kind of girlfriend am i LMFAO

also all y’alls comments have been great + sweet!!!!!