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i came back to check on my tumblr after a while and i was honestly very surprised to find that i have over a hundred asks – not to mention that i had also received emails on my gmail account. every single message was a message of encouragement and kindness, and i was very surprised by the fact that so many people stood by me and my art ♥ your support is overwhelming and i would like to say that i appreciate it all so much!

ps: i have a small request – if you see the art in question on any facebook page, could you please kindly tell the admin to take it down? i would prefer that the artwork isn’t uploaded on facebook especially.

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Jews have always been a huge part of the Civil Rights movement. Saying we’re “some of the most racist people” is historical revisionism and slander. Does the Jewish community have a race problem? Yes, just like every community does. But we’re also a community that has always actively worked to address that race problem. I don’t expect thanks for what we do, that’s not why we do it (we do it because Judaism tells us it’s our job to destroy prejudice, bigotry, and injustice) but it would be nice to not have people fucking act like we’re the goddamn problem.


So, it has been a couple of months since I last shared a complete pack of borders and PSDs, so I thought I could drop another one, now that it’s almost September. Every PSD file includes ONE border, but not all files include a coloring this time around. Most do, but there are a few where I chose not to add it. There are #30 PSDS in total (technically there are #47 in total because I also included some older borders that I used as my styles last year), and like last time, they are named after some of my favorite people/characters. Please like or reblog this post if downloading, and do not claim any of these as your own (please credit me somewhere on your page if you use these for rph purposes). You can download them all ( HERE ).

Celebratory Voice Lesson Giveaway!

Oh, I’m excited, guys.  Today I got my NATS certification, and I’m also marking two years teaching over Skype.  What is NATS certification, you might ask?  Well, it’s the National Association of Teachers of Singing.  I am not only able to attend big conferences with other wonderful teachers of singing, but my students are now eligible to compete in competitions across the country, both to receive constructive criticism, but also to win cash prizes!  I’m giddy to be a part of this association, and I can’t wait to provide opportunities to all my students and learn people who love singing just as much as I do.  I’m feeling mighty official.  So, in celebration, I’ve decided to do a voice lesson giveaway!

Rules and How It Works:

  • You must be following me!  
  • You can reblog once for an entry, and like once for an entry.  That means you can get a max of two entries!  Note: this is a change from previous giveaways.
  • You must be willing to Skype in.  I’m happy to do video or just audio if you’re uncomfortable with video.  I can obviously do more work with you if I can see your mouth placement and such, but I can definitely work with audio as well!
  • You don’t need to have EVER taken a lesson before.  If you like to sing and are interested in learning a bit more and working on a song, absolutely enter!  And if you’re a seasoned singer, you’re welcome to enter!  Everybody’s welcome.  Yes, even you!
  • If you are already a student of mine, you can still enter!  Your charge will be waived for the week if you win!  (Up to 30 minutes waived.)
  • If you would just like to signal boost this and not enter, simply say in the post or tags that you are not entering.  
  • Depending on what you want in a lesson, we can work technique, repertoire, or a mix of the two.  It’s your lesson, so we’ll do what you want!
  • Giveaway ends Sunday, September 11th at midnight CST.  
  • Winner will be chosen via random number generator.

Feel free to message me with any questions!  

I find it funny that not-so-big SM groups like f(x) and SHINee have all their members known to the public, while really big groups like SNSD and EXO still have members that people don’t know/care, like Yuri, Sooyoung and Lay or Suho. It’s not even because they have a lot of people, because SJ also does and everyone knows all of them. It’s just that when SM promotes them, they do promote the whole group as one, not only a few popular members.

On my last kenhina post, a lot of people were excited about Shouyo with piercings so I present to you, more pierced!shou, with added pierced!kenma (in this au they’re both uni students (also credit to @carryonbazpitch bc she came up with this au when I was feeling down a while ago and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since then))

  • Shou goes to this obscure little coffee house down the street from his apartment every few days on his way to and from uni, and it’s definitely not just to see the cute barista working there
  • He always takes a window seat across from the counter so he can admire the barista from afar without looking like a creep
  • The coffee house has a pokestop right next door and a gym across the road, so he uses that as an excuse to spend his weekends in there
  • The barista is just so aesthetically pleasing to Shou
  • He has clearly dyed silver hair (the roots just starting to grow through) and piercings lining the shells of his ears, as well as an eyebrow piercing that compliments his striking golden eyes
  • Shou gets a lip piercing, because he’d wanted one for a while and Tadashi had gone with him to get a septum piercing
  • The last thing he expects when he walks into the coffee house a few days later is for the cute barista to compliment his new piercing
  • He just kind of flails for several moments, face flushing bright red as he struggles to form words
  • The barista’s lips quirk into a coy, barely-there smile as he asks, “the usual?”
  • Shouyo manages to nod, still flustered that the barista had noticed him enough to realise he’d gotten a new piercing and to remember his usual order
  • When he gets his drink from the barista, who gives him a wink with that same coy smile, and sees a cute little sun drawn on it, he’s pretty sure his heart just about jumps out of his chest
  • For a while, that became their routine every time Shou goes to the coffee house; the barista gives him that smile that makes Shouyo feel like his chest is bursting, he takes his order and finds some cute messy little doodle drawn on it, and then he sits in his usual window seat and admires the barista
  • And then somewhere along the way they’d exchanged names with shy smiles and flushed cheeks
  • Shouyo found himself eagerly chirping “Kenma!” every time he walked into the coffee house and saw the barista serving
  • And he found himself feeling warm and almost dazed when Kenma would glance up through strands of (now dyed a pretty pastel blue) hair with a smile, mumbling “Shouyo” in that soft voice of his
  • Whenever the coffee house wasn’t busy, Kenma would wander over to Shouyo’s seat and they would chat, under the guise of him cleaning the table
  • (Kenma’s boss knew that Kenma was just flirting with the other boy but she always let it slide bc she’d known Kenma since he was a kid and was glad to see him so interested in someone)
  • Several months later, Shouyo found himself shuffling into the coffee house at 3am, absently worrying away at his lip ring with his teeth
  • He’d had a bad night or smth and gotten into another argument with his roommate (AKA Kags) and had to get out of the apartment for a while to calm down
  • And his feet had almost instinctively taken him to the coffee house, seeking Kenma’s quiet, comforting presence
  • Kenma sits down with Shou when he notices how much quieter he is then usual, and listens as Shouyo rants about his “frustrating, annoyingly tall, scary” roommate
  • Eventually Shou apologises with a sigh for venting to Kenma, but Kenma just smiles softly and tells him that he’s glad Shou trusts him enough to tell him all of that
  • And they’re both nervous and smiling shyly at each other when Kenma asks him out
  • When Kenma’s shift ends several hours later, they go on a date and Shouyo’s in awe of how good Kenma looks in casual clothing
  • The whole time they both feel light and bubbly and like they could float away with how happy they are
  • Right before Kenma gets on his separate bus to go back to his own apartment, he leans down slightly and presses their lips together
  • And Shouyo pretty much glows as he stands on his tippy toes and sighs into the kiss
  • Don’t think about Kenma teasingly tugging on Shou’s lip ring with his teeth, cheeks flushed and eyes lidded when he draws back
  • That night Shouyo stares at the ceiling, tracing his lips as he remembers what they’d felt like pressed against Kenma’s
  • He definitely doesn’t roll onto his side and squeal into his pillow like a teenage girl
  • And he definitely doesn’t wake Kageyama up just to tell him about the super cute barista with the super cute piercings, and how they’re going on another date in a few weeks
Some people in this fandom are being fucking disgusting

And I’m tired of it. It’s one thing to hate the book; it’s one thing to hate the story; it’s one thing to hate the characters. But it’s a whole other thing to hate the author because you didn’t like the book, characters, ships, representation, etc.

Its also another thing to send threats to the author because the book didn’t go how you wanted–newsflash, if you didn’t write it, you don’t have a say in the events of it. It’s as simple as that. The author wrote this book because they wanted to, and you read it because you wanted to. It’s not the authors fault that you didn’t like a book you wanted to read, and it’s absolutely horrifying that people think threatening the author is okay.

And another thing, do not, I repeat: DO NOT send hate to fans who like a character that you don’t. That is wrong and barbaric on so many levels.

My heart goes out to @sjmaas for all the backlash she’s getting (that she most certainly doesn’t deserve). Mrs. Maas, you deserve all the love and respect in the world, you are an amazing author and an inspiring person. I hope the people who are doing this haven’t tainted your view of your whole fanbase, there are still people who love you and your books no matter what.

To @rowan-stole-my-heart for being sent rather horrible messages as well, please don’t listen to these people. You do not deserve the hate that is being sent to you, and you most certainly don’t deserve what they are saying you do.

Also to anyone else being sent hate or threats, know that you are valued and you are important. You don’t deserve this either. This is a hard time for the fandom, which is being stained by the cruelty of some, but don’t let it change your perception of the books. Everyone, stay safe and stay strong–this won’t last forever.

Why do people assume that all Roman’s fans are females? He has male fans, too.

Also, why do people assume that Roman’s fans only like him because he’s attractive? Like I just don’t understand where that comes from. There’s a lot more to Roman than just being attractive. He’s a good wrestler, he can cut a promo and is good on the mic, too.

Yes, I said that Roman is attractive, come at me. I want you to say something because most of you male fans only like the women because they’re hot and all you talk about is wanting to fuck them. Which is a very distant dream because the WWE women have standards.

plantophile-purplefusiontrash  asked:

Is it possible for you to draw dennis or Yuri in a flower crown(I'm obsessed with flower crowns)also your art is beautiful and unique so carry on being amazing and drawing so much beautiful art

I gotchu I gotchu… I actually wanted to draw Dennis as well but flower crowns are a little harder than I thought and I got real carried away with this one, so I did the one. I hope you like it!

And thank you so much..! That’s so nice of you to say ;v;

though i do also like the fact that there are some problems in undertale that just can’t be undone.

take the amalgamates. they had something horrible happen to them that can never be undone, not ever in their lives…but treating them like they needed to be separated from society was very clearly portrayed as wrong, and their families were just glad to have them back, no matter what.

that’s so touching to me. it isn’t often that we see something like that happen, where people go through a traumatic change, but their loved ones still care about them, and their loved ones are just happy to have them back.

no one in undertale says the amalgamates are better off dead, and no one suggests mercy-killing them. the fact that they’re alive is portrayed as good enough. their status, “Living with their families” in the ending? that’s so important. they can’t have their old lives back, and they’re irreversibly changed, but they still get love and support.

like snowdrake and his dad are so happy to have snowdrake mom back, even if now she’s fused with 16 other people, or the dogs saying it doesn’t matter that their parents are now fused with the parents of every dog in snowdin, they’re just happy that they’re all alive. how often do you see that?

usually in disability metaphors like this, or especially in outright portrayals of disability, everyone is horrified and disgusted. the people who suffered are portrayed as a burden, and in the worst cases, people talk about them like they’d be better off dead than alive.

but here? everyone still loves them! everyone still cares. the amalgamates are never called a burden to their families, and their families are ecstatic to have them back. that’s so, so important.

PSA to Sai-Shou's Followers

We would like to thank you for your continuous support for @sai-shou especially during times she hasn’t been feeling too well.
However, multiple people have been contacting us to ask about her personal situation and mental state. Although we understand that everyone is worried for her wellbeing, we want to ask you to please respect her right to privacy.
If Sai-shou wants to make an announcement and let you guys know how she feels, she will do so. If she does not, she will not, and we will not release information about her in her place.
While your show of support is certainly heartening, we would also like to ask you to have a little faith. Not only in Sai, but also us, and the rest of her friends and family. Though she may falter, she is strong, so please believe in her ability to keep moving forward and give her time to rest and gather herself!

@me-bious and Megapieceoftrash

crownkind  asked:

i wanted to offer some further context to that ask you just got about con tabling - a lot of it also has to do with some of us being very, very unaccustomed to being in the limelight like the way you end up being at cons. being on a pedestal is terrifying, and especially if you approach an artist expecting them to act a certain way. we're all human, we're all exhausted, and we're essentially running our own business either just by ourselves or with maybe a few people helping us.

this is very true! most of my job (and my life) is just me sitting and drawing. i work from home and on an average day i will see 2 people (my fiancée and our room mate) and our 2 cats. i’m honestly a shut in and it’s not uncommon for me to go a full week without leaving my apartment building.

in contrast, most of the conventions i go to have anywhere between 25k-100k attendees and by sheer force of numbers i am outmatched and overwhelmed and usually end up losing my voice and my sanity. it is simultaneously gratifying and terrifying to have so many people look at, enjoy, and often recognize my work (or me) in person when typically i am just a some rube sitting at a desk working for hours upon hours.

i’m really grateful for my fans but the expectations can be kind of scary because in all honesty i am a very boring and easily overwhelmed person and not as cool as people probably want haha

onelonlybluespark  asked:

I've think to travel to Japan to improve my japanese but I dont know nothing about Japan. Do people understand eng? Whats the most popular sport? Where do people go to have fun? Since u're japanese I thought u coul help. Ty for Snk and for ur time ;)

People do understand English, but they probably won’t be able answer properly. However that shouldn’t get you down. People in Japan are very eager to help and will try everything to make sure you get your problem solved. If that means communicating with hand and feet that’s fine!

People love Tennis here in Japan. Also baseball and golfing, but Japanese traditional sports are still very popular, like judo and kendo. 

To have fun people love to go to arcades and cafes (maid cafes, karaoke and so on).

I hope you have a great time when you come here! And please look around a lot and don’t just enjoy the cities, but also the beautiful nature that Japan has to offer :)

anonymous asked:

hi! the reason that there's so much eos/sjm discourse isn't because of chaol. it's mainly because of the lack of diversity in tog (and acotar too). it's the fact that even though non white characters canonically exist in the tog universe, there are only like two, and they are only made somewhat important in the narrative where they could assist (and eventually die for) the white protags. people are mad at the fact that sjm chooses to exclude races other white from her narratives.

Here’s how I see it, and this is just my personal view because I have a habit of doing this when I write for my own original stories.

It is true that there is a lack of diversity in SJM’s books, with the few POC and the few lgbt+ representations. But it is also true that Sarah J Maas herself is a straight, cis, white female with a husband that she’s had since college. She literally doesn’t know anything else.

SJM could have made Manon end up with Elide, or made more of her characters POC, but I feel no matter what she could have done or how hard she could have tried, people (especially tumblr) wouldn’t have seen it as her trying, because there’s always going to be that one little detail that’s going to set people off because it’s not true representation.

SJM is writing what she is familiar with and what she is comfortable with. (I personally do this a lot with my characters because I’m terrified I’m not going to represent correctly and make a community upset.)

Plus, there are still POCs and lgbt reps in her series, though they don’t make much appearances or are deceased.

For POCs:
• The Silent Assassins (particularly Ilias and the Silent Master)
• Nehemia and her family
• Ghislaine Blackbeak
• Tarquin, Cresseida, and Varian

• Emrys and Malakai
• Thea and Kaya
• Aedion
• Amren (I’m pretty sure she’s asexual af)

I can’t hate on a series just because of lack of diversity. Sarah J Maas has created such a beautiful world and has an amazing way of writing.

I am part of the lgbt community, and I haven’t taken offense to lack of representation because it’ll happen. There are other books that have representation and I’ll just read those. I can’t speak for people of color, but there are also other books with poc leads.

Just, if you don’t like or respect her comfort zone of writing, or her writing at all, don’t read her books. Hate is always unnecessary.

yo so i see a number of people on my dash who write out captions for videos/vines, img descriptions, etc. but did you know: you can also make subtitles? 

i found through a family friend who needed subtitles for a movie he made, and it’s basically a combo of crowd-sourcing both original subtitles (eg. for youtube, instead of the automatic ones) and translation via subtitles, and providing a professional/business subtitling and translation service

it is SUPER easy to use, all you need is the yt url (or wherever it’s hosted) and the editor itself is really simple and intuitive

idk how large the subtitling community is for series hosted on youtube (i’m thinking specifically of let’s plays and the like) but if you’ve got an ear for transcription and time to kill then i highly recommend subtitling

sometimes I gotta take a little mental break from ML cause while I love the romance, the love square genuinely and truly stresses me out in an unfun way where i start to overthink whether I’m doing fandom right by thinking things like, am I shipping them correctly? am I supposed to like one dynamic over the other? is one dynamic objectively and actually better? if so, is it wrong that objectively better dynamic isn’t my favorite and not what I look forward to the most to seeing? is it a disservice to these characters to like this dynamic more than the other one? is it bad that I don’t particularly like one dynamic as much as the other? do I get these characters at all if I don’t love each side the exact same way?

and then I tell myself to R E L A X cause it’s just a show and just because their love life is unknowingly complicated doesn’t mean my brain needs to dwell on it

Stand Alone Comics and Tumblr

Compared to other kinds of comics of similar quality, comics that stand alone can do very well on tumblr. If people who have never heard of you or your work can understand and enjoy it, it’s likely to get reblogged a lot more. There are a few ways you can do this:

1. Ongoing comic series with stand alone pages
Tobias and Guy is probably the most famous of these within the realm of lgbt webcomics. It had a loose ongoing storyline, but most of the pages were constructed so that they could be understood by anyone. Autobiographical comics such as Gender Slices also often structure themselves this way.

2. Oneshot comics
These are short comics that aren’t a part of any broader narrative. These often stand alone best because there is no broader context to accidentally leave out. Examples here and here. The examples I’ve included are multi-page comics with a narrative, but you can do just as well with something much simpler if it’s cute or funny or relatable in a way people find appealing.

3. Collections of pages from a webcomic which stand alone together
This can be difficult to achieve, but can be good advertising for the full webcomic if you can do it. Sometimes the beginning of your comic may achieve this, such as with some meet cute situations. Flashbacks in which someone tells a story about their past may also work.

4. Extras from a longer webcomic
Sometimes your funny or cute filler extra comics will stand alone and can act as advertising for your full webcomic.

5. Short comics featuring characters from a longer webcomic
Similar to the above, but as an intentional promotional move. This is the only example I can think of off the top of my head. I think this could be a useful approach. 

anonymous asked:

YESS Farkle is being so weird latetly, like at first I even thought Corey was trying new acting techniques(specially in SL, he acted super weird) But he also looks so sad and anxious all the time, it just intrigues me. Like in triangle, when they were all in the hallway and he says "somebody is getting hurt" he looks so angsty. And now his convo with Topanga where he seems so lost, I don't understand how people can't see he is not 100% happy. Maybe he knows something is missing?(Riley).

This all has to do with Riley still living in the “Boy Meets World” universe. Farkle doesn’t have a “face” (role in the story). Riley is blind to Farkle’s pain until she decides to do something for herself- without anyone’s influence.
(Girl Meets Flaws,I Am Farkle, Yearbook, and Money)
I have a feeling history will repeat again. Riley is very aware of losing Farkle, subconsciously, but she doesn’t know who she is, and she won’t “take on the world” - make the world her own.
Only Riley recognizes how important Farkle is, but she constantly allows herself to be influenced by others. Especially Maya.
I think Riley can’t “see” Farkle because she’s so focused on the concept of a Cory and Topanga relationship.
“Did you ever think that when you look through a microscope, you miss the bigger picture?”
Farkle stays quiet, but subtly implies how he feels because he expects rejection. He needs to vent it somehow, and he’s been growing sadder and sadder and angrier and angrier since Triangle 😔
But we know that Riley and Farkle love each other (Girl Meets Texas) so they will get past that sludge and “see” each other for who they truly are (Girl Meets Stem)

Real love takes time, and it’s a leap of faith. (Girl Meets I Do)