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Hey Guys! So I’ve noticed that art theft has been quite the thing lately, (especially people reposting art.) I also know that some people aren’t sure about the difference between a reblog and a repost, so hopefully I can explain this today!

Reposting happens when you take someones art and make a new post for it (be it on a different website or the same one.) Most artists do not like this. Some will allow it with proper credit, but you should always ask permission first.

Reblogging is when you share the original post on the same website with other people. Most artists love when you do this!

Why reblog? It lets other people find the artist more easily (and to see more of their work!) it lets the artist know people are enjoying their work (which is a huge motivator for sharing it), it provides proper context for the work, and more!

Please share the art you like by reblogging it, and remember never to claim other people’s art as your own. : )

ok,,, not to start the Discourse but i /hate/ it when people pull tweets/quotes/etc that a person said 5+ years ago and are like “problematic!!!!! time to un-fucking-stan!!!!!”

listen, five years ago i was a superwholock. people change. people also don’t remember the shit they put on the internet 5+ years ago??? so also don’t use the “they should apologise!!!” excuse either????

like unless someone is like “hey you said X shitty thing a while ago what was that about” the person probably isn’t going to be aware that they’ve done/said X shitty thing. we live in an age where Everything Is Online. which means even our uneducated opinions are out there, too, but that doesn’t mean people can’t/won’t change.

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Dear Dr Ferox, Yesterday at Crufts I spoke to many dog owners, one of whom was vehemently against vaccinations. Obviously we had significantly different views, but it has made me consider a point; vets get patients to sign consent forms for even the shortest of anaesthesias and most most basic surgical procedures. The same forms are not used for things like vaccinations, which are safe the vast, vast majority of the time but still carry slight risk. Do you have any comments on this?

It’s ‘trendy’ for people to be anti-vaccination. It’s also ‘trendy’ to outright ignore what vets are currently advising re: 3 year vaccines and current protocols and quoting advice from 10 or 20 years ago, but that’s aside from the point.

Every single drug of the shelf in my pharmacy has the potential to cause harm. Every single procedure I do has the potential to cause harm. This is a fact of veterinary medicine. I could do a lot of damage if I set out to do it, or if I was just careless. I do these procedures and administer these drugs anyway because I believe with relative certainty that it is in the best interest of the patient for me to do so.

  • NSAIDS like rimadyl and metacam can cause anything from a single vomit through to acute kidney failure.
  • Antibiotics can cause anything from diarrhea to keratoconjunctivitis sicca, crystaluria and anaphylaxis
  • Putting a steel screw into a leg can cause osteosarcoma (malignant bone cancer)

Every single thing I can prescribe or do in a veterinary setting has a risk of harm. I would have to talk all week to explain every single one of them.

Anaesthesia and surgery are bigger risk factors than most. That’s why they routinely have consent forms, and those forms often come after a decent chat about relative pros, cons and other options.

I don’t get an owner to sign a consent form for every single drug I prescribe their dog. My doctor certainly doesn’t do it for me. There’s a discussion, and usually a pamphlet or information sheet. The risks of these treatments are so small, especially compared to anesthesia, that it is not widely considered necessary for them to have a consent form.

Let’s take a skin case as a hypothetical example. It’s not realistic for me to get a consent form signed for the skin tape test, the skin scrape test, the paraciticide, the antibiotic, the steroid and the topical treatment I might use. Oh, and a consent form for a nail trim, just in case a quick is made to bleed. I then have to print and store half a dozen consent forms, for seven years. This extra work and paperwork would paralyze me, and would only result in increased stress levels for vets and increased fees for the public.

If anyone has concerns about a treatment, it should be discussed directly with their vet at the time.

The risks of vaccines are largely overblown by breeders and anti-vaxxers. The likely side effects of vaccinating a dog or cat are:

  • Temporary itch at vaccine site (1-3 minutes)
  • Possible mild lethargy +/- fever within 24 hours
  • Anaphylaxis (swollen face/feet, like a insect sting, within 3 hours of vaccine and generally resolved with single dose of anti-histamine +/- corticosteroid)

And realistically even anaphylaxis from a vaccine (generally called a vaccine reaction) is so rare that I only see 1-3 per year. Some brands of vaccine seem to be worse than others, and bordatella seems to be the most common culprit.

But sure, there are other things a vaccine can cause, they’re just way rarer that vaccine opponents make them out to be. They’re also not exclusively caused by vaccines. 

  • Injection site sarcoma (not a vaccine site sarcoma as literally any injection can cause these), has a chance of less than 1 in 10,000 and that’s being pesimistic. It also seems to be associated with retroviral vaccines, not core vaccines.
  • Immune mediated haemolytic anaemia (IMHA). This is an odd one because about half of dogs that develop this condition also have a malignant tumor, and our understanding is that anything that stimulates the immune system in a certain way has a risk of causing this condition. Tumors can do it, antibiotics can do it, viral infections can do it and vaccines can do it. It’s just that in certain areas vaccines are the antigenic stimulation most likely to be encountered by the pet. I could talk for about 2 hours on this topic alone, but I’ll stop here for your sanity.

‘Cancer’ as a big nebulous bad thing, is not associated with vaccination. It’s probably associated with reduced genetic diversity in a breed, but that’s the last thing a bunch of dog breeders are going to want to address, because that means outcrossing and the lines not being ‘pure’ anymore.

TLDR: Everything has a risk. Every single thing. Some of those risks are greater than others and it’s not feasible or realistic to have a form signed for every single thing when a discussion would do.

Hey, here’s a message to all you people out there studying stuff in the humanities like English or history or art or film or theater or any of subjects that are often ridiculed or devalued because they’re not STEM or a professional degree: keep doing what you’re doing. Keep studying that subject that you really love because the world needs people like you. It needs people who will give us art and music and theater. It needs people who will study our past to better prepare for the future. It needs people who look deeply at human creations and who understand what it means to be human. And it also needs people who love what they study and continue to do so despite the challenges brought on by people who don’t get it. We need that passion to stay so that the creative expressions of then and now aren’t lost. Please keep studying the arts and humanities as long as you can. Don’t let discouragement that you’re not in a STEM field stop you from studying and loving what you do.

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Who's Janet's Father?

pretty quick to assume Jan’s second parent is a guy

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do you sometimes get - idk if annoyed is the best word- at some peoples reactions? like "calm down and let me tell the damn plot"? idk im just wondering

Not at all! I don’t think I’ve ever been annoyed at a listener’s reaction - I’m just happy that people are reacting! I also totally understand that people get impatient - I get impatient when I’m consuming entertainment too. As long as our listeners trust me to tell the story (which I think - and hope - they do) and don’t expect me to take the plot one way or another based on what the audience wants, I’m happy. I also love seeing people guess about what’s going to happen next. 

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I must say, I am totally baffled at how you are able to produce the amount of quality work you do, and how regularly you update. Don't you sleep? ;)

HOO BOY, okay, so:

the amount of work i put out is kind of unrealistic for most people probably, cause im experiencing a very specific set of circumstances which will not last forever and which allow me to produce great quantities of whatever i want (what i want, in this case, being gilbert and ludwig being troubled brothers for the most part)
like, i don’t usually make this much work,

this also being said: rather than posting my drawings as soon as i finish them, most of them i put in a queue which shits out 2 pieces per day, unless i havent drawn at all, and then the queue runs dry

THAT BEING SAID……..the drawings i use to respond to asks like this usually don’t take more than 12 minutes each, because theyre all scribbly and unreferenced, and i’ve been told im a pretty fast artist

also, i do sleep, but i keep bad hours so i dont dream much which is a shame :’^( rip

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That anon is correct... Justin cheated more than once. I didn't think that was a secret... I've been following their RS since 2011!😏

Okay… do u also know them personally as well? lol please stop, I’m so sick and fucking tired of people resorting to the shit, is cheating a good thing, hell no!! But if the woman he did it to forgave him, THEN WHO TF R U? From now on, unless ur Justin or Selena, don’t come in my friggen inbox with the Justin cheated card, the he/she deserves better bullshit, and most importantly, THEY R DEAD! If I wanted ur opinion, I’d ask, but since I haven’t, feel free to stop! I don’t like being a bitch, but as u can see, THIS IS A JELENA BLOG!! Idc about wtf TSR or JC “say is true” idgaf how much music they leak or whatever tf they do, they aren’t Justin OR Selena, so basically they don’t know shit when it comes to their personal lives, in conclusion, no more negativity, Hate about ANYONE!!!

Sincerely Me

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is there a post that gives all the reasons and arguments against lance having mcclain as a last name? bc i have niether the time nor energy to give 11 billion people seven asks explaining how theyre wrong (also @ the people that say lances name could be mcclain bc hispanic people change their names when they immigrate: PEOPLE CHANGE THEIR NAMES TO AVOID RACISM IF VLD TAKES PLACE IN A PEACEFUL FUTURE WHY DO IMMIGRANTS HAVE TO CHANGE THEIR NAMES TO AVOID RACISM???)


actually @lionbots made the most,,,, fucking incredible post ever like no joke they wrote it out better than i ever have. actually their whole anti mcclain tag is incredible


“so you’re saying that your argument for the BEST POSSIBLE cuban representation is a character whose family (who most likely came to the US as refugees like my family) had to change their name to be accepted in a white society like ARE YOU NOT SEEING THE IRONY OR???” 

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Do you have any suggestions good ways of foreshadowing that a character will turn out to have a lgbt identity?

you could have them use gender neutral language when talking about relationships “my future partner” “The person i like” “my future husband or wife”. Also for lesbian and gay characters specifically, you could mention how they “just can’t seem to find themselves attracted to men/women”

When transitioning, many trans people transition at stages instead of all at once. Ex: a trans woman could start wearing chapstick, and then eventually lipgloss, and finally lipstick. 

If other characters in the story know the characters identity but don’t want to out the character, you could use them to hint to the audience that the character in question is lgbt. Ex: a nonbinary character, you could have character A refer to B as “they” a few times before B comes out. 

okay real talk why do people hate the sabres? like even before the hit yesterday (which was an accident and you can fight me on) i see so much shit about them all over (except for ROR who apparently everyone likes?) but like? literally there’s no one on the team to hate save for evander because he’s a piece of shit. but there are assholes on almost every team yet people still like them. literally there are so many great guys on my team but y’all ignore them for doing absolutely nothing

What are some good ways of making friends in the skating community?

post photos of popular skaters and gush loudly until you attract their fans. alternatively, complain about popular skaters until you attract their haters. (this is a joke but i find that expressing strong opinions online tends to attract people to you, for some reason. this is not a suggestion for you to actually do so, but i’m not in charge of that lol.) (actually i really don’t have any good advice to give here…personally i find it easier to talk to people on twitter than tumblr, but most skating fans on tumblr seem open to talking? you can also try going on the forums.)

I just read Hanyu’s Ice Jewel interview and I’m laughing so much at his skating nerdiness. Has he always been extra on a lot of things?

he’s always extra. but i like reading his thoughts, maybe because i can be overly analytical myself lol.

hey, i’m the anon that asked about yuzuru’s pcs. do you think that he’ll get deflated pcs next season? and how will nathan’s pcs be affected during the olympic season?

unless yuzuru starts bombing regularly i highly doubt his pcs will go down. nathan’s will go up, because that’s what always happens to new stars on the rise.

I’m really worried for the Winter Olympics next year. With both Satoko and Zijun withdrawing (actually you know what with all this drama zijun may still compete idek anymore) it’s literally going to be Russia VS America VS Caroline Kostner. Which we roughly know how it’s going to turn out.

speaking of the zijun drama, ziquan is apparently injured so like :))) so much for CSA’s excuse of zijun having “poor condition and fever”. anyways i assume you’re referring to worlds when you talk about “russia vs america vs caro” because it’s too soon to predict anything for the olympics. idk what’s going to happen at worlds but kaetlyn also has a shot at the podium. i care less about the podium and more about olympic spots, though.

i don’t understand why zijun’s coach wouldn’t allow her to drink water?!!! you’re not losing actual fat?!!! whyyy

because, from all accounts, mingzhu li sounds like a terrible person. she had bad splits with previous students lu chen and caroline zhang too, so. track record of bad relationships with her students. -______-

Does anybody know who choreographed Jun Hwan Cha’s EX? Because I need to go to their house and buy them some flowers or something, that program is a goddamn work of art lmao

i don’t know, can any jun fans help out? because i would also like to congratulate this choreographer on birthing a masterpiece into the world. ETA: it was jeffrey buttle, bless u jbutt

if a skater starts a jump/combo just before the halfway mark and finishes it within bonus does it get the bonus?

it doesn’t, the jump has to start after the halfway point.

I’M PANICKING all my faves are messes and are not going to win T_T

welcome to the life of a skating fan, anon!

Can you try predict the 1st,2nd,3rd standings for worlds?

give wenjing the title in every discipline, then cancel worlds. everyone go home. (i don’t like to do predictions because i’m afraid i’ll jinx someone i like lol.)

Will skaters start to retire earlier because of the quad race?

i don’t know, but i have a feeling they might. no previous generation has ever done this many quads before…we won’t know the effects until they start to appear. i worry that the skaters’ bodies won’t be able to withstand this much stress for long.

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how does a new fan prepare for The Hell Time? or do we just Wait

just learn to embrace chirping and learn to not take people hating your team super seriously. It’s just like….everyone starts to hate your team SO HARD because they’re playing THEIR team. and it’s like. life or death. also the refs call 70% less penalties so there’s going to be all this shit about “so and so threw a dirty hit and it wasn’t called AND THEY ARE A TRULY TERRIBLE PERSON” and a lot of these people are going to be mutuals you LOVE. 

so it’s jsut about learning to not…take tumblr so seriously. especially since there’s liek thsi walk of shame period after the stanely cup is rewarded where people start refollowing mutuals because they realized it was A Mess

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heyyy. i was just wondering if you read klance fanfics? and if you do, do you have any recommendations?? (i literally got into this fandom because of your comics. no regrets. also, love chu!)

Oh my god haha, well welcome! I hope you’re having a good time in the Voltron fandom? My word of advice is to surround yourself with good people that you like. It can be pretty easy to get swept up into discourse, and while I think it’s important to be aware of issues, don’t be afraid to unfollow people if you find it getting you down too much. 

And oh man… god like I used to read a fair bit, but honestly I think I’ve written more klance fanfic then I’ve read now. Or I’ve started a lot of things, and never followed them up. 

Is it tacky to recommend myself? Like is that really presumptuous?

Ah you know what? *Sits on my Voltron throne* I wrote Nightmares so fuck you, I do not deserve your judgement haha. 

So yeah I wrote Nightmares and that seems to be pretty popular. Check that out if you dig canon universe with lots of Keith and Lance spooning and having tender moments. I also wrote a fic called Costumed Identities. It’s a dumb cosplay au. Check that out if you like farcical plots with Keith and Lance not knowing each others true identities, and basically falling in love with both of their personas. Bonus points if you dig the idea of crossplaying Keith. 

Haha but in terms of OTHER PEOPLE’S STUFF (which is probably far superior), I feel like Call me, Beep me is like… required fandom reading at this point. It’s a texting fic, and I’m super weak for those. It’s a cute fun time and there’s a lot of “oh WHEN will they meet!” haha. 

So Why don’t we fall is pretty archetypal, but it still has a nice place in my heart. Like you’ve probably read this scenario before, but you’re still like “mmm yes, this is good”. It’s basically Keith struggling with the notion of a relationship, but he loves Lance so he’s doing his best. 

Never been Kissed is also just like… really satisfying to me? Like that fic is my aesthetic. It’s super short, and it just about Keith and Lance talking shit and eating cheeseburgers and sharing milkshakes in space. i dunno. I think about this fic a lot and I wish I knew why. 

Those are it for now. I can tell you some fandom staples if you’re interested, but these are my personal faves I guess. Happy reading!


Hi! I’m doing my liberal art capstone paper on MBTI’s reliability and application, and would love it if people could answer the following questions(under the readmore). 

  • Feel free to go into as much detail as you would like! 
  • If any questions do not apply to you just put N/A as an answer.
  • Reblog and copy/paste to fill out your answers or message them to me!
  • if any one doesn’t have a tumblr and would like to participate, please send me an email address I can reach you at.

Even if you can’t do the survey please reblog to reach as many people as possible, I would greatly appreciate it if people who use another personality indicator would also answer!

  1. How familiar are you with MBTI?
  2. Why do you, or why do you not, use MBTI?
  3. Briefly describe how you use MBTI/other system.
  4. If you chose not to use MBTI, why and what, if any, system do you use now?
  5. What caused you to switch to that system?
  6. What qualities of this system lead to it being prefered over MBTI?
  7. Why do you find this system more accurate than MBTI?
  8. How familiar are you with Jung’s theory of cognitive functions?
  9. Do you think the cognitive functions should be used instead of traditional MBTI?
  10. How well do feel the cognitive functions mesh with traditional MBTI?
  11. What are the chief reasons that could lead to test-retest reliability issues?
  12. Have you mistyped yourself or others?
  13. How many times have you taken an MBTI test?
  14. What were your results compared to what type you consider yourself to be now?
  15. What are the chief reasons to trust MBTI reliability?
  16. What are the chief reasons to doubt MBTI reliability? How does this impact your use, if any, of MBTI?
  17. Given its reliability, how is MBTI best used in any given life situation?
  18. Is it useful in clinical, career planning, hiring or other professional situations?
  19. How do you practically use knowledge gained from MBTI in casual situations of daily life?

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I'm trying exposure therapy for my social anxiety as per my therapist suggestion. I don't have money though or when I do it's barley any since I am not currently working due to this anxiety. Any ideas of places I can go that are free or cheap? Today I sat at panera bread with a tea reading and writing for an hour and browsed a used book store.

Libraries are quiet places you can interact with people in a safe and controlled environment with lots of free resources as an added bonus. Books! Movies! Music!

I also love to people watch in places like malls, parks, public transit, and art galleries. It helps my anxiety to watch how others interact with people. All free or at least cheap and require minimal interaction unless you decide otherwise.

Taking a class in something you enjoy might also be another idea. Exercise or art classes often have deals on first classes to get new members so you could probably find one in your area for not too much! It pushes you outside of your comfort zone a little but gives you something to focus on (the instructions) so the focus really isn’t on socialization. 

I hope that helps and I wish you the best of luck 💕

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Do you have any sources that prove common fatshamer arguments false?


Apologies if I’m wrong, but this feels like a trolling or sealioning question.  is a good place to start.  Lots of links to sources.

Fat people are deserving of love and respect, regardless of any health issues. Sick people are also deserving of love and respect.  

Fat and sick people deserve love and respect, and there’s no fatshaming claims that can change that. 

-Mod Siarl

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So, I hope this doesn't seem weird but I wanted some advice on something. Lately, I've been practicing gif making and I think I have a good handle on it and I want to post them but I'm sort of afraid to. I wanted to make some gifs for the Flash but every time I go into the tags for either Iris or Caitlin (both of which I want to gif the most) they get so much hate and the people who don't like them tend to say hurtful things to those that do. (1)

I guess what I’m trying to ask is, is it worth it to get into a fandom even though I might get hate for it? Idk, it’s just I’ve never been able to handle negativity that well but I also don’t want it to hinder me from making things I like. 

There are positive Snowest blogs out there and positive people. Please, don’t let the bad side of the fandom influence your passion for it. Don’t let hate win. Caitlin and Iris are both beautiful, smart, badass and we need them to stand up for each other, if not in canon where it’s like an event, at least in fanon!