also people like to do the

Do you know what it feels like to be mentally ill? To have your mind manipulated by something you have no control over. To constantly think about stuff you don’t want to think about. To always feel like there’s something wrong with you, something bad. And because you’re so scared of your own mind, you’re also too scared to ask for help, but you know you need it. You know there’s no way you can do it all by yourself. Thinking it’s all your fault, thinking people are better off without someone like you.

That’s how Even feels. That’s what he’s trying so hard to hide from his Isak. Because Even’s own mind is his enemy that even he is scared of, so he’ll try to protect Isak from himself.

So, to everyone talking shit about Even because of his mental illness, fucking leave. Being mentally ill is not a choice or something to joke about. Even just needs some help. And that’s okay. Despite it being for various reasons, we all do, we all need a little help sometimes.

I think one of my favourite parts about YOI is the fact that Yuuri isn’t a prodigy. Like the majority of people who work in artistic fields aren’t prodigies and just saw one person do something great, and wanted to follow in their footsteps. I, for one, am a musician and I go to an arts school for the music program. I don’t think any of the musicians my age that I know are actual prodigies, but they’re all talented and driven people. And I also like that there is a character who is a prodigy, but the main character is able to support him and see him as a real person. I just feel like there’s this sense that if you aren’t a prodigy, you are a waste, and I like that that doesn’t happen here

Wait what happened ? o.o

She does one hit one freaking hit 

Then she collapses

Why? I mean I know Hinata isn’t as strong as the other girls but come on she is definitely not weak 

I’m sorry but that was just a pathetic move form you SP just to get a Naruhina moment 

QVQ/  you know what someone go bring Hanabi or maybe Neji ..oh wait XD

Not: This is my own blog I’m allowed to post what I want on it also I didn’t tag this post on any of the tags. 

A LOT of words about the differences between the adaptation of “Story of Your Life” into “Arrival”. I’ve read the story three times and seen the movie twice. I wrote a lot of words. Putting in a read more cut, so I hope it works.






Why “Arrival” is a Brilliant Example of Adapting a Story to Film

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So you do think that Sam was in London that Friday into Saturday? I thought the pics we got were from the OL actress IG story...but then I also saw a 21 and there were 21 climbers so I'm confused. It looked like other OL people there too but no other cast members posted about it. The pics were grainy so I couldn't tell if it was Sam or not. But he did retweet them first thing in the morning and then him and Cait were online together too tweeting the same things so I don't know what to believe

I do think that Sam was in London that Friday and Saturday. The video that has a couple on it that look so much like Sam and Cait was posted by an Outlander cast member, Hannah James, who was finished filming and taking a few days in London before heading back home to LA.The video is part of a longer IG story that featured the pics of the dessert table as well as the pic of the dining room and a table set for at least 36 on which Hannah has written “21!”. The party decor in the video matches with the pics of the dining area so it’s most likely the supper table for the people that we see mingling in the dark room- or for some of the people anyway- it’s not uncommon for there to be additional guests who attend the “reception” prior to the party but do not receive invitations for dinner.
You are correct, anon, that no other Outlander cast were posting about a party that evening. And it would be odd anyway to have an Outlander party in London where everyone would have to travel to attend. But Cait’s charity does have their offices in London- could this be something to do with the charity and not Outlander?
You also ask, anon, if there might be some connection between this party and the 21 members of the World Child Cancer Kilimanjaro Trek team. There could be. It would not be odd for the charity to host a send off for the team to allow them to not only meet each other, but also meet any important sponsors as well. And Sam was signed up to go, which means he is probably a paid up participant of this team wether or not he was able to make the trip. As a team member he would have been on the guest list of there was a party, and Cait as a patron would have no doubt been as well. The team was due to fly out on the Saturday morning so a Friday evening send off party makes perfect sense and the number of places at the table for 36 gives enough room for the charity’s people as well as the team and any plus ones they brought.
A few other things I notice are that the man in Hannah’s “21!” pic could be the same man who is seen partially standing behind a blonde woman in the pic of the team as they pose together at the ticket counter at around 5:50 am before flying out of London Saturday morning. He’s got the same glasses and the same hairline and hair color. And there also is a tallish blonde who could well be the woman who is seen in Hannah’s video walking with another woman and partially hiding Cait(?) from view.
It’s interesting that Sam was also up at 5 am on Saturday morning- maybe to see the team off, or maybe to fly out to NC where he was planning to do some exploring of the area in NC Diana used for Fraser’s Ridge. But Sam could easily have flown out on Sunday, or even Monday, morning instead since he didn’t turn up in NC until Monday evening and the direct flight that gets into nearby Charlotte lands around 2pm which gives plenty of time to make the 2 hour drive to Spruce Pine for the 6pm grocery appearance.
As to what Hannah James was doing at that party- she never posted any information about it beyond the pictures on her IG story and as no other Outlander cast or crew were posting about a party in London that evening it’s likely that it was not Outlander related. Why Hannah would be at a party for World Child Cancer is anyone’s guess-perhaps she or her family contributed to the trek in some way. Or the party could be a private affair that had nothing to do with either the show or the charity. But whatever the reason for the celebration I do think that that is Sam and Cait on that video.
So to answer your question, anon, it seems Sam was flying out of Glasgow for London on the Friday morning and remained in that city until at least Saturday morning, if not later. His tweet times on Saturday still seem to be on UK time and he had until Monday evening to get to NC, where he remained until at least Wednesday. It’s a bit of a reach because of the 5 hour time difference, even with an overnight flight, to depart from NC at 5or 6pm Thursday and be back in Glasgow and getting picked up for work at 8 am Friday morning as he was. But not so bad if you fly back Wednesday night to get back home late morning Thursday and have some time to get over the jet lag. It’s pretty obvious that whoever is behind this wants this trip to appear much longer than it really was- they monkeyed with the arrival time by at least 3 days, and it’s certainly possible that they fudged his departure by a day as well. And no airport sightings since his Friday morning in Glasgow….


I’d just like to take a sec to appreciate how these two have grown together. From the start Killian has been pushing Emma to let down her walls. But really when he says that it’s time to try trusting people again, he’s also talking about himself. He’s like #I know you have walls. I get it. I’ve been a member, now I’m the president. So let’s say you and I join the land of the living now. Let’s stop wasting time. Let’s fucking DO this mright? And every time she wants to retreat behind that armor he’s like #nope#not gonna do this again Swan#we’re in this together and we’re actually pretty damn good at it. And I’m just so proud of these babies.

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why do you hate fen//cer-x? this blog seems to be pretty prominent with translations and meta so i'm worried if they're not good people now ;-; thanks for informing me, i like to know who is good to follow!

so a month ago we got into an argument about yaoi tropes or whatever and she called me a misogynist and also misgendered me because i answered an ask where someone said they hope fujoshi don’t ruin YoI. as you may know f-x is the biggest fucking fujo around and loves to fetishize the shit out of m/m relationships so of course she’d get defensive lol. also in the Free! fandom she was mega annoying with constantly pushing her ship and shitting on everyone else, and ALSO…. she has a JJ/Yurio tag on her blog. she’s garbage

So recently I hit 1000 followers on this account ^_^ and that’s a huge accomplishment for me especially because I’ve had a pretty hard year and will probably have an even harder one coming up. Junior year kills ugh. I wanted to do this to thank the people I follow and a few few friends I have on here for helping me and making me seem less lonely 😅 I really hope to make more friends here this year and thank you for everything guys! *I feel like I’m accepting a MAMA Award omg* But seriously I’d like to thank everyone for supporting me.

I also changed my name for the holidays! Hope you guys will like it and I actually want to follow more accounts because I barely follow any 😅 so if you guys have any suggestions! or wanna talk my ask box is always opened! 

Bold- Mutuals  | Italics- You’re seem so cool…I’m scared to talk to you 


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What Friends Are For

Title: What Friends Are For

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 654

Warnings: PLEASE READ talk of anxiety and panic attacks. This fic is designed to be a comfort to people with anxiety, HOWEVER if you are not able to read things about uncontrolled anxiety and panic attacks DO NOT READ THIS


Request: Anon: I have dealt with my anxiety alone for a long time because my family doesn’t really understand it and I was wondering if you could do some fluff about something similar to that but with dean helping reader?

A/N: Anon if you are reading this I hope you like it. I also sincerely hope that you reach out if you ever need something. This goes for all of my readers whether you follow me or not. I am not a mental health professional but I am a listening ear and someone who can and will help you seek out help. My inbox is always open. Always Keep Fighting. Know that you are loved. Know that You Are Not Alone.

Oh god. Not again. Fuck. Okay Y/N, just breathe. You’re fine. Don’t freak out. Come on. Just breathe.

No matter how many times you went through that cycle in your head the anxiety still hit you like a truck. You were nauseous, jittery, irritable, just overall uncomfortable. The only thing harder than the anxiety itself was hiding it.

You had been hunting with the boys off and on for years now. Chalking it all up to nerves was almost too easy and the boys never really wanted to pry. You sure as hell weren’t going to tell them, you hadn’t even told your family.

Am I making this up? Maybe this isn’t really anxiety. Maybe something else is wrong.

You could try and convince yourself otherwise all you wanted but you always came back to the same conclusion. Anxiety was a part of your life, and for the foreseeable future it wasn’t going away.

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anonymous asked:

In my psychology text book they talk about astrology and they say its fake and a mind game and all that but it literally pains me how wrong it is😩like they give a fake astrology report and r like "see how this could apply to anyone" and I'm like if I read that vague ass description in a astrology book I would not be impressed and not believe astrology obviously astrology reports are more specific then that that's y millions believe in it! Sucks cause I love psychology but this makes it annoying

ugh that’s like when that 1 person has taken a psyche class and condescendingly explains that barnum effect and uses that vague ass paragraph and is like “see how anyone can relate to this?” and it’s like you just wanna scream “yeah, what’s that got to do with astrology though?” lmao

I also saw this experiment once “disproving” astrology and they went the the public and read them the current capricorn newspaper horoscope and asked if people related, and guess what, loads of people that weren’t capricorns did so that means astrology isn’t real!!! haha

güd things
  • i finally bought the moana soundtrack instead of constantly streaming it off youtube and using all my data (sidenote: moana was so good. i’m gonna try and go see it again this weekend)
  • i got a macbook air as a birthday/christmas present and it finally came today and i love it so much and i love having a laptop that works and one that weights like 0.2 pounds 
  • also i turned 18 back on monday & being an adult isn’t completely bad so far 
  • i got a job?? i’ve been working for a couple months now as a barista at starbucks and tbh i get stressed so much (i’m already stressing over my shift tomorrow) but i love it so much and the people i work with are so fun to be around and i haven’t really had a Bad experience yet so idk why i stress but yeah
  • also my bf comes in and works in the corner almost every time i’m working and we’re a literal gay coffee shop au and i just need everyone to know that
  • i’ve been making BANK from working and also all the money i’m getting for my birthday and soon-to-be christmas money too & i love treating myself and my bf all the time to things and being able to actually afford things
  • also maybe i’ll get a new car soon w all the money i’m getting since my truck sucks in the winter and is only decent in the summer lol
  • i dropped off paperwork to legally change my name yesterday?? and i had an appointment to start testosterone and signed my consent form??? and this morning i went to do my bloodwork for testosterone???? and when my doctor gets my results she’s going to call me and send my prescription in so i can go pick it up and give myself my first t shot?????
  • also my insurance will most likely cover my top surgery, even if i go to brownstein and crane in sf?? holy shit things are starting to actually happen??? 
  • i’m just really happy right now and my transition is finally going somewhere and i have good friends and family and support and i couldn’t be more thankful 

It would be nice to have something celebrating non binary people of color and something celebrating fat non-binary folks (There’s a reason I never post for Big *Girl* Appreciation Days) but I DO NOT have the time or energy to take responsibility to organize them.

Also side note: it feels like all the celebration days are gendered and it’s like….bloop I don’t fit in!


So, I haven’t been working on my monster au in months, so I decided to do the part of the plan for the au. This is an early Christmas oc for the au.

So, let’s get on with the info!

Her name is Amanda. She is 19 years old. She’s one of the stars in the night sky. She’s a shy person and rarely talks. She loves kids. She really adores Lucy’s looks. She always tries to look as good as Lucy. Melanie inspires her to dance. Amanda loves to hang out with human children. She would often visit their dreams and talk with them. She is called a “shinning star of hope” by some of the monsters in the monster town. She doesn’t have any hobbies. She has a wish to be able to feel love by someone.

Also, Amanda loves nice people and is very smart!

Thanks for reading!

Hope you like her~



anonymous asked:

people shipping yurio with adults (like yuri, victor, jj, etc) makes me really uncomfortable coming from someone the same age as yurio

I totally get what you mean, speaking as a person who’s also Yurio’s age. It’s really weird seeing Yurio shipped with older people, but I’m not sure what it’s like over where you live, but if you live in a place like mine, it’s actually extremely common for 14/15 year olds to be in relationships with adults. So I guess sadly I got used to seeing it and barely react to seeing Yurio shipped with an adult :( ((unless it’s nsfw, then I just can’t.))

((I don’t ship Yurio with anyone older 17, and the only person I do ship him with is Minami, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯))

The thing is, Even if it was all a still makes some people think that bullying is Okay, we already suffer so much with kids taking their lives. And when huge bands like BigBang do this over a longer time, it's points out that's "Okay" which it isn't. Also if you're going to say "they all love him a lot" let's turn the tables. If they did this to Youngbae I would be so mad, I would feel hurt and I would be so sad just to see an hurt YB. So put your bias in his shoes, think about how hurt they would be if it was them. I love them all, but this isn't cool.

ncfan-1  asked:

Also, what sort of fate do you see befalling Jorah? I know there are people who think he’s going to die, but to me, Jorah feels more like the sort of person who just winds up fading into total obscurity, eventually dying in a ditch in Essos somewhere. I can’t see him benefitting from the inevitable restructuring of the Westerosi political network, but at the same time he doesn’t even feel like the sort of character who warrants the drama of a death scene.

Jeor’s last words might well point to Jorah ending up with the Night’s Watch. Which, whatever. There’s no fate to be meted out to Jorah Mormont that I would find satisfying, because what I want is for him to not have been written. 

“My mood, and therefore my photography, is colored by my surroundings. When I photographed ‘Ton tun’ (2009) - in English: making a (color) tone - I was feeling rather lonely in the countryside where I was living at the time. The picture expresses this same feeling. The stooped elderly lady looks as if she is trying to adapt herself and her clothing to her sterile surroundings. Do we have to assimilate ourselves in order to be recognized by society?

There is something tragic-comic in the woman’s posture. Sometimes I find it’s easier to use humor to approach the more tragic aspects, as this also opens up a more possibilities for interpreting the pictures.

I have noticed that I am very interested in objects in space. Even the people in my photographs often look like sculptures interacting with their surroundings. You can’t see their faces most of the time, which makes it easier to take a more general view of their behavior and situations.”

More Cars, Clothes and Cabbages: Ton tun by Torsten Schumann (1/5)

Vaguely Tipsy Review of 8x05 and by 8x05 I mean 8x06

If there are spelling mistakes, I apologize, hopefuly this will make sense.
If not, I’ll do a redo tomorrow. Somehow I think that was a redundant sentence. Anyway.

Those of you who have read my reviews know the drill, I write my thoughts in real time so that means if I make a mistake at the beginning, it’ll more than likely be revised by the end. This post will include anti-Damon, anti-Delena, anti-Defan, anti-Steroline, anti-Bamon, anti-Bonenzo sentiments. This post will most likely discuss anti-blackness and misogynoir in the show. This post will also most likely reference other tv shows as pop culture references. OK ready? Let’s. D. This. Dp. Do. Let’s do this. Omg.

1. They keep going back to Sybil saying “Damon believes in hell” so I kind of do think that only the people who believe they’ll go to Cade’s hell dimension end up going. Because there’s no logical explanation as to who Cade decides to take or how he takes them. Like if it’s just anyone then why haven’t we come across this before?

2. Bonenzo honestly doesn’t give me any feels.

3. So no one is going to trace the call that Alaric places to Seline?

4. Alaric, you don’t do cold rage well at all, or well Matt doesn’t, like you sound FLAT, son. Also do Sybil and Seline have a psychic connection and that’s why Sybil found her so quickly when Alaric is making half-assed threats on the phone?

5. So we get to see mediocre SC sex in 8x01 but we don’t get to see mediocre BE sex in 8x06? Oh true. I see you, Julie and co.

6. Also how is that a high school bedroom? That looks like a mid-twenties bedroom.

7. I find it kind of cold and distancing that Stefan calls the twins “the twins” instead of by their names but then again, we’ve never seen them spend time together, so like…

8. At least there was a partial trace but like we could see them set that shit up, guys

9. WHO eats bacon that way? Seriously, who the fuck eats bacon that way? That’s not sexy, it’s weird.

10. Seline and Sybil are bad actorsindividually and together they’re worse.


12. Stefan, dude, Bonnie asked about Enzo, tho.

13.  This writing is ridiculous. You and Sybil aren’t Cade’s missionaries, Seline, you aren’t converting people to your ways or “spreading the word”, you’re eating their flesh and giving the souls to Cade, you’re his butchers.

14. It just so happens that everyone in this diner are men? 

15. Yo Paul is looking fiiiiiiine though.

16. The siren song is legit just compulsion.

17. Paul and Kat look gorgeous standing next to each other.

18.  Paul is good with directing the cameras and he likes medium shots that show surroundings.

19. “I love him so much” I still don’t know why, Bonnie.

20. “She found whatever was good inside of Damon and crushed it” LOL like what? ELENA?

21. Matt sticking up for the man who ran him over with a car for no reason is kind of ridiculous though.

22. Yeah this Calaric argument isn’t sad because they just don’t have conviction.

23. Yeah Paul is good with camerawork and lighting.

24. See, THIS is a good fight. Good direction, Paul.

25. Stefan’s devastation at killing the dude is done well. Subtle but on point.

26. Cade’s speaking patterns are annoying.

27. “Two of history’s most prolific killers.” LOL WHAT? People hav committed GENOCIDES, TVD.

28. Stefan exchanging himself for the twins is Stefan exchanging himself for Damon and trying to do so for Jenna, it’s nothing new.

29. Bonnie and Enzo are just, I mean, I guess? Eh.

30. “I raised them” they’re THREE. And on the real, it didn’t look like or feel like you were dying when the twins were gone, Caroline.

31. “Right now wherever I go, darkness follows me” almost the same words Stefan said to Elena in season 1, “Everywhere I go, pain and death follow me, Damon follows me.” Same idea.

32. It would be far more intriguing if the twins actually did become the next butchers not Damon and Stefan.

33. “I gave Damon what he promised me an eternity of misery” HOW THO? Damon’s BEEN spending his immortal life killing people, like how is it any different that he and Stefan are doing it for a purpose now? Jfc. Also legit, guys, y’all are immortal, vampires, you’re never going to hell, the paranoia surrounding this place is ridiculous especially since they have both died as vampires and haven’t gone to Cade’s hell dimension each time.

34. Matt saying Damon has had enough is the most ridiculous thing ever, I thought you didn’t care about Damon’s drama anymore? Like for a minute I thought it would just be a scene of Matt an alaric beating the shit out of Damon to vent some frustration an I was like COOL but no of course not.

35. Lmao why is this ending with Alaric killing Damon as if Damon is actually dead? We know he isn’t! Stefan just told us they’ll live forever serving Cade and we already know he and Sybil crash Steroline’s Christmas. LIKE? THIS ISN’T SHOCKING.

Final thoughts: Paul Wesley is a good director.

I’m trying to stay calm and everything, but do you realize that Haruka legitimately guessed that Sakura was impersonating a Dinosaur Tyrannosaurus out of the blue despite Sakura’s impersonasion clearly sucked (that looked like the impersonation of a drunk man to me)?. Also, see how Sakura always manages to make Haruka laugh so hard?  My feels, people. My feels. 
(Miru’s face being like “Is she fucking kidding?!”)


Ok imagine this scenario.

So a lot of people imagine that Gabe would invite Daisy to stay with him and Robbie for a bit. Maybe a visit once in a while or if Daisy needs a place for a little while. He also would give her full permission to finally be Robbie’s buddy.

So one day, Daisy comes over before the bros are home yet. She’s hungry. She wants to cook something like how Gabe and Robbie do it, but she can’t do it as well, however she gives it a go anyways. Unfortunately she can’t find anything that goes well together, still, she tries.


Before she does anything about it, Gabe and Robbie come home and they go STRAIGHT FOR THE FOOD. Daisy comes out of the washroom and back to the kitchen, seeing the bros there, sitting at the table, she stares in horror.

The look on Robbie’s face as he takes a bite, he looks to Gabe.

Robbie: Dude, try it!

Gabe tries it.

Gabe: Dude that’s disgusting!

Robbie: Isn’t it?!


Daisy: Stop eating it then!

Robbie: No way!

Gabe: Who made this?


Daisy: I did! There’s no one else here!

Robbie: I don’t know what you did, but it’s the nastiest stuff I’ve ever tasted.

THEN THEY EAT IT ALL and Daisy just has some corn with a very irritated expression on her face. Though, in the end, they are all amused and happy.