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how do i come out to my family as bisexual with actions instead of words because i'm to scared to say it.

Kristin Says:

1. Rousing family game of Scrabble (you won’t get any points on “I am Bisexual,” but I think they’ll get the point.)

2. Gift them This is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids, cross out “GAY” in sharpie marker and write “BI” and then circle all of the related advice questions inside of the book (spoiler: this is also a book for parents of bi kids). Bonus Points: Wrap it in newspaper clippings about famous bisexuals.

3. Wear this shirt to dinner:


5. Write them a letter. This one doesn’t really have a JOKE component, I just think it is a great way to come out as anything because it gives you the space to say exactly what you want, and gives them the space to digest and process the information. Ya know?!

6. Gather them together for a morning breathing session (it’ll be great, it’ll be grand) where you show them this GIF & explain how calming it can be to the central nervous system:

After they do that a few times, “accidentally” close that GIF to reveal this one:

Then, shrug and shout I AM BISEXUAL and do 16 jumping jacks. It will give you such a great story…

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Result: Artemis

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Your godly patron is Artemis, goddess of the moon, the hunt, wilderness, chastity, maidenhood, archery and childbirth.

Hunters are extremely close-knit and form strong bonds with those they hang out with daily. They will die for people who are just like them. You are probably very suspicious of outsiders, especially those who might harm your group. You are also mature, and often the voice of reason and calm to others. You have a natural talent for smoothing out discord, and you also give pretty sound advice. You also have a knack for getting out of trouble, the rare instances that you’re in it that is. Artemis represents all that is wild and mysterious, and you might have distinct sides to your personality people are not usually privy to. Much like the Hunt/Moon duality of Artemis, Hunters of Artemis can be enthusiastic, athletic, and in-tune with nature; or they can be calm, soothing and mysterious. However, sometimes your perspective can be narrow, and when circumstances do not fit your unique view, you can brutally shut down the other person. When disrespected, you can become harsh and unforgiving.


Maturity, protectiveness, camaraderie, reason, harmony, athletic, outgoing, wild, unforgiving

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Story idea: a world in which your social status is determined by where your father places in the bracket of the International Dad Beatup Tourney. The further you get, the better the education and job opportunities for your child!

Better yet, there isn’t actually any dad fighting involved. It’s all determined based on arguments and debates about hypothetical dad fights. (Moms and other parents/guardians also acceptable as contestants)

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Briana is probably in England with Freddie.

Don’t you think if briana was in England with freddie she’d of let us know by now? lmao it never stopped her documenting the last 20 times she was breathing the same air as louis.

I also can’t imagine her going lengths to let the kid near louis when she’s only given him 80 minutes in a parking lot with the kid before.

while i agree that a lot of people (especially some “big” larries and The Straights) need to stop talking about skam the way they do like saying how hot the sex scenes are to them, how the actors probably like being shipped together (especially since tarjei sandvik moe is 17 and henrik holm is 21) etc, i don’t think it is fair to get upset at lgbt fans of the show who are genuinely excited to see a well written show with a same sex love story that deals with internalized homophobia & coming out to religious parents & also has a main character with a mental illness being handled as well as skam has done and it really REALLY rubs me the wrong way how people are making post after post saying everyone who is into the show are fetishizing gay men like i am literally begging you guys to stop making lgbt fans feel like shit for loving a show that portrays us realistically when we get so little of that and are desperate for Good & Genuine representation in popular media 

one of the best parts of working with 2-5 year olds is getting to work with the little boys! because little boys are SO sweet and emotional and receptive to emotion! it’s really sad to see how pervasive the idea of “boys will be boys” is. I see A LOT of parents and also fellow educators just fall into this whole idea that boys are rough and emotionless so we don’t need to correct the behavior in them that we correct in girls. and that we don’t need to talk to them about their feelings as much or encourage them. idk, i try in general not to project any gender onto the kids I teach, because they are children and maybe they don’t know how they feel yet, but I DO know that Toughen Up is the policy a lot of parents take with their sons, even their very young sons, and that a lot of these little kids will not be given a lot of time or space to express and understand their emotions as they grow up, and that a lot of them will eventually develop shame over having feelings at all. Idk if what I do makes any difference at all, but I just hope ALL of my students grow up more in tune with their emotions instead of afraid of them!

I wanted to write a bit about Usopp and Kaya, but I was having a hard time putting my thoughts into words last night, so I’m trying again. Since it’s not specifically stated what illness Kaya is suffering from, I’m hesitant to say that this arc is an excellent example of treating depression as what it is - a legitimate illness that one does not simply “get over” - but I know that a lot of people believe that’s what Kaya had. Personally, I think it’s at least part of it, probably combined with (or born from) grief over the loss of her parents. It also seems that there’s a physical component, though that could very well be related to mental illness (or the simple fact of having stayed in bed for a long time).

Anyway, whatever the illness is, I’ve always appreciated Usopp’s decision to go and tell her stories. Ninjin seems to imply this is nosiness, but I don’t really think it is. There’s no indication that Usopp ever tried to pry about Kaya’s illness or her life or anything at all. He just went over day after day to tell her funny stories about “his adventures”, and it cheered her up. Piiman, Tamanegi, and Ninjin all agree that she’s already doing better, and we see that she’s laughing while Usopp’s telling her about the giant goldfish and its island-sized poop. She’s also visibly upset when Kuro refuses to allow her to see Usopp (more on that in a bit).

Now, we don’t know this from the get-go, but Usopp has been alone since he was a kid. His father left presumably when he was still a baby, his mother died when he was a child, and he seems to have been living on his own ever since. He certainly knows a thing or two about grief and loneliness, and I think that when he heard what happened to Kaya, he simply decided to do what he could to ease her pain. And he does it very skillfully. Instead of trying to talk to her about what happened and how she feels (which might be the go-to method for some), he gets her to focus on things other than what’s hurting her, positive things that make her laugh. The icing on the cake is that Usopp never asks for anything in return. He’s not pulling a Nice Guy™ move, trying to get with her through being kind, or at least there’s no indication of such a motive. He’s just a good person who wants to help.

Which brings me to Kuro, who wants the exact opposite. I’m heading into headcanon territory again with this, but I believe that Kaya’s illness may not have been so long-lived had Kuro not been in the picture. Kuro has a vested interest in keeping Kaya sick. If she’s sick, it’s much more believable that she dies, even if her death isn’t caused by the illness itself. Furthermore, isolation is a common tool used by abusers (and Kuro most definitely qualifies as one). He’s made her dependent predominantly on him, and he doesn’t want anyone, not even a random kid from the village screwing that up. If Usopp helps Kaya through her illness she might become more able to take charge of her own life and her own decisions, and that would throw a wrench in his plans. Plus, the fewer people have caring personal relationships with Kaya, the better. It’d be a lot easier to get away with killing her and taking her home and fortune without anyone actively checking up on her. Even the observation by Piiman, Tamanegi, and Ninjin that she’s doing better lately could arouse suspicion.

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The toughest thing for me is accepting that I didn't deserve the abuse I went through as a child because other than that my childhood was great, I was involved in competitive sports, we had the money to live well, both my parents have university degrees and good jobs. I was a lucky kid in those ways. Everyone seems to think shit like ' what a nice family' or 'what a great life you've had' while in lots of ways that's true it's also not. My parents have the nicest but also worst things to me.

i completely get this. from the outside my family looks like angels, but i’ve had plenty of things in my history that have affected me. i like to use dbt when thinking of this - i am lucky to have the family that i have AND i didn’t deserve the abuse i endured. my parents supported my financially AND they weren’t there for me as i needed. holding both allows you to see that the two aren’t mutually exclusive 

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Tbh my parents are kinda like that. But instead of a P.O box it's either paint or food lol. They seem to forget that I need food to survive

LMAO HONESTLY also my parents keep going “you really need to get working on your mental health stuff we really need to get you a new psych/therapist” but like. they literally. n ever. help me. do said things. because i’m too socially anxious to do all that on my own just yet and even if i tried to do it on my own my dad would yell at me because according to him i literally can’t do anything on my own withot parental supervision because i’ll guaranteed fuck it up so :///



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Happy 45th Birthday Ewan Gordon McGregor! (March 31, 1971)

I like kissing boys on screen. As a straight guy, it’s quite an interesting proposition. Anything on a film set that takes you by surprise like that, that gets your blood up, is good.”