also others can join too


What went from just meeting up in the square to hang out turned into a worry fest as he tried to find the hospital he was told to go. Did not quite help his poor sense of direction had decided to kick into full swing making him miss a few of the proper turns every like other turn. Which of course did not help his worry so when he did finally find the hospital he was like on thin ice for stress levels.

Counting the rooms quietly as he tried to locate the room head just swinging left and right. The want to just find his best friend quickly ever growing the fear of what could have happened just bubbling up. So when he did finally find the room Johan quickly peeked in to make sure it was ok to enter minding his manners, “Hello…Is it ok to enter?”

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A really good site to use for finding people to do a raid group in washington state, over in lynnwood/everett/seattle area, is seattlepokemaps/com It lets you know what pokemon will be where, who's going and how many are going. If you join their discord group you can also tell others you're joining in too.

You’re a hero of the day! A second! You guys are all so good to me, and the rest of the community. Thank you, very, very much for this info mystery friend.