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Snow White.// Draco Malfoy x Reader

Title: Snow White.

Request: Imagine= y/n is Slytherin. Cunning, mature and knows how to read people, a bit of a loner of own choice and her appearance is similar to Snow Whites look! Always up to late in the night in the commroom or astronomy tower. Draco and y/n slowly fall for each other. She got abused and assaulted by students wanting to hurt Draco one night but he saves her in time and takes care of her, he also confessed that he is a death eater and y/n stays with him anyway. (Not a softie Draco pls)! Thnx <3

Pairing: Slytherin! Reader x Draco.

Warning: Like one curse word?

A/N: This is going to be like a over the year thing, but I really like it; this isn’t really like the request im sorry. It was hard for me to stay with it when I came out with this in the time of five hours.

Black hair dark like a raven, and skin as white as snow, was how the Snow White story began.

You had heard about Snow White when a Muggleborn told you how much you looked like her. You sat in your shared dormitory with Pansy. She was going on about how pretty you were, as you applied the red lipstick. “Pansy, hush it. You’re beautiful.” You laughed. She rolled her eyes, “Are you serious? Everyone loves you! I mean, of course, none of the people outside Slytherin. They’re too scared of you.” She laughed, you giggled picking up the mascara from the bedside table beside you, “Thanks Pansy,” she nodded, “Even Draco loves you.” Her voice got low, “You mean that boy you’re obsessed with?” you asked, “It’s not a obsession, just a deep love for someone.” Rolling your eyes you turned around, “Obsessed is a better word for it.” You smirked turning back to your floor length mirror, “Anyways, we’re only in our third year, perhaps he’ll fall in love with you.” “Maybe.” She simply replied as you finished your lashes, “Now we must go to breakfast.” She smiled, you nodded getting up undoing your hair from the messy bun it was in, quickly putting your black sandals on, matching your white button down, and plaid skirt, pulling at your pantyhose you left.

A year had past from that exact date, and from that time you had grown. Everything has grown. Pansy seemed jealous and when Draco asked you to The Yule Ball, Pansy was beyond mad. So, Pansy had decided that she would make Draco jealous.

You and Pansy had been sitting in your dorm getting ready for the dance. Your long midnight blue dress was hanging from the railing on your bed, white heels by your bed. Pansy had asked if you had any lip-gloss, and so now you’re rummaging through the red makeup bag for the two lip glosses you had brought with you. Finding the pink tinted one, you handed it to her. “Thank you.” She turned quickly, her hair flying behind her. You raised your eye brow as you turned back to your mirror, putting your red lipstick on, grabbing your dress and turning around, putting it on.

You and Pansy walked out of the room together, she was going with Crabbe, just as friends, of course. Draco was sitting in the common room when you came out. Neither you nor Pansy stopped your conversation about your family. “Of course my mum and dad are proud I’m friends with the Draco Malfoy, but they were so very excited when I wrote them about going to the ball with him.” You gave her a sly smirk, turning around to great Draco, “You look beautiful.” He said when you faced him, smiling you linked your arms together.

“You don’t look too bad yourself.” He smiled at your compliment, walking you both out of the common room to the hallway.

“So your parents are happy you came with me?” he asked, his famous smirk plastered on his face, “Why wouldn’t they be?” you asked, eyebrow raised, “I don’t know, you tell me.” smiling you got up, setting the drink he had given you on the table, you put your hand out, “Let’s dance.” Draco grabbed your hand, you pulled him to the dance floor, putting your hands around his neck. His hands went to your waist, as you guys danced. “I’m glad you came with me,” he smiled, “Me too.”

When fifth year came, the first day you were back, was the first day you were thought of as a couple. You guys had walked into the great hall hand in hand, laughing at something stupid you had said. “No but seriously Draco, mum and dad did that.” You giggled at the story. Sitting beside each other, you kept talking, not missing a single word either of you said. Pansy was the one to pull you from your daze of a conversation, “How are you two doing?” she asked, you both shrugged, “Are you a couple?” she asked, your eyebrows knitted together. “Of course not, he’s my best friend.” You smiled, she rolled her eyes. “Yeah, okay.”

Later that night, Pansy started asking you more questions, “He’s in love with you,” she whispered, making your eyes roll, “Yeah, and I’m superman.” You snickered, “I know you love him,”

“And? So what if I do? You can still be obsessed with him Pansy, I won’t get jealous.” You jokes, but your joke wasn’t a joke to her.

It took Pansy a year to come after you. Sixth year was overall the hardest year, you were already known as someone who stays up late no matter what Snape said, but you were also known as Draco’s girlfriend, who didn’t put up with any of his bullshit.

Today wasn’t any different than last. You had stayed up reading a book and drink a cup of tea. You read the last page of the book before setting it down, sighing. “Another book finished, only twelve more to go.” You sat your now cold tea on the table next to the couch, pulling at the sleeves of your dark green sweater. Looking into the fire, you studied the way the flames moved. You heard a pair of footsteps, than another, than another. About three pairs?

Who would be up at this time?

You looked up at the clock, you heard a screeching voice behind you, “Y/N why are you up?” Pansy asked, making you turn your head. “Reading, it was a book Draco recommended. It was quite brilliant if I do say so myself. Want to see it?” you asked, picking up the book. “No I don’t want to see the book.” She sneered, your eye narrowed. “What has your knickers in a twist?” laughing, turning back to look at the fire. Crabbe and Goyle were behind her, you not taking notice. When you weren’t paying attention you felt a hit against the back of your head.

“Ouch,” you muttered, putting your hand on your head. “This is what happens when you lie to your friends.” Pansy said harshly. Turning around was a mistake, you were hit in the face, square in the nose, with a very powerful punch. You couldn’t get a word in as she started throwing punches. “I told you I loved Draco,” she muttered under her breath. Struggling to get a word out without her punching your teeth out you whimpered, “Stop,” she didn’t. Your heart was pumping and you couldn’t do much, you let out a blood curdling scream when you felt a especially hard punch to your jaw. Loads of people started running out. Draco walked out of his room, bothered by the ruckus, before noticing your hair; his eyes grew as he ran down the steps, pushing kids to get his way.

“Move, move! That’s my girlfriend you git!”

When Draco got down to see everything closer, he pushed himself through the two bigger bodies. “Pansy!” his voice rose, she looked behind her, “Oh, hey.” She smiled, a bit of blood on her fist. “Get off my girlfriend!” his voice rose higher, as he pulled her off. Grabbing you and holding you in his arms he looked at you. “Go! Leave!” he shouted. He stroked your hair as he lifted your body up, “I can get up you know?” you laughed, he chucked looking down, “I guess you’re right.”

“I am right.” Draco rolled his eyes at your comment, he lead you to his room, opening the door before shutting it. “Are you okay?” he asked, you shrugged, “I’ll go to the infirmary in the morning, but for now, I would like to sleep.” You laid on his bed, “I actually want to talk to you,” he said, sitting beside you after discarding his shirt, “Go on,”

“Well, please don’t be disappointed.”

“Why would I, of all people, be disappointed in you Draco?” your voice was soft, but full of sarcasm, “Unless, of course, you cheated on me with Pansy.” Your eyebrow raised, and his eyes widened, “No! No! Never would I do that to you, I love you too much.” He sounded panicked, you knitted your eyebrows together, laying a hand on his thigh you looked at him, “Tell me.” your voice was stern and had a look that could kill.

“I’m a death eater.” He confessed, you sucked in a breath. “Okay, is that all?” you asked, “Yeah.”

“I still love you either way. Whether or not you’re a death eater or not, I will love you endlessly; now if you don’t turn off the light and cuddle me I might not, but I know you’ll make the right decision and cuddle me.” you smiled as his lips curled into a grin. He stood up to turn off the light before laying in bed with you. “Thank you for not leaving.” He muttered, “Thank you for saving me.” you thanked before falling asleep.