also one of the creepiest

Winged Nicaise, based off the swan! That poor boy.

Opposite the ugly duckling, he does all he can to keep his downy feathers intact. And if he’s plucked out some of his new, larger feathers, well. The man that matters hasn’t noticed yet. 

Enjoy. :’)

More bird boys: Laurent / Damen

people still champion joss whedon for his “strong female characters” but they seldom talk about the scenes where those strong female characters are gratuitously shown in distress or how their bodily autonomy apparently doesn’t matter and is frequently invalidated. it’s something that’s present in all of his work that i’ve seen, and in both avengers movies now he’s taken time to put natasha in the weepy damsel role when honestly anyone else could’ve been there in her place (or maybe not, wouldn’t want to emasculate the big strong heroes, how impractical of me to even suggest it). bringing non-consensual sterilization into natasha’s backstory took the cake though, how out of place and extra can you be with your weird fucking kinks before you start to feel some semblance of self-consciousness?? unbelievable