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56 / 365 days of my sunshine (feat. Tae)


Greg your face your FAAAAAAAAAACE: Twelve O’Clock High edition


I meant to do this a while ago but I kept putting it off. My blog officially turned a year old on January 5th! And there are several things I want to do to celebrate but I wanted to start off with a follow forever of all my amazing mutuals!! I love you all so so much and you have all been such a blessing!! 

(If I forgot anyone, I am so so sorry babes and pls let me know!)


➰ My Parabatai @aleclightwqqd ➰:  Sam! My first official friend on here and one of the best people I know!! You’ve been there for me through quite a bit and there honestly aren’t enough ways to tell you how thankful I am for you! Also, all of your gifsets are absolutely amazing and I am always in awe every time! I am always so excited whenever I see that you’ve tagged me in your work!

💕 My Soulmate @loganlermans 💕: Nik my beautiful soulmate! The Magnus to my Alec, the Connor to my Oliver and the Thomas to my Minho! You are amazing and one of the sweetest people ever! You have been there for me through a lot and you always manage to make me smile! Also, your icons are to die for omg!! I love you xo

😍 My faves 😍

@delzinrowe : We’ve only been friends for a short time, Stef but it’s been a blessing! You are so nice and so so talented! I am in awe of all of your edits because wow! How can gifsets that pretty exist???? 


@protectholland: My Holly Bae! We have been friends for a while now and I am so grateful for that! You are one of the most positive and opinonated people I know and I love you for that! I also love your writing, edits and headcanons! So much talent!!


@harleyqvnn: Chloe, you are one of the most down to earth people I have ever met and you are always so so positive! You always have incredible urls and you make the best edits!! 


@tyrgaryens: Katherine my ask meme buddy! I look forward to when we reblog ask memes from each other because I can always count on a few questions from you! Also you are so sweet and kind and I am so happy to be mutuals!


@ersojyn: You have one of my honest to god favorite blogs of all time, Fenja and I am always in awe that you follow my trash blog! We don’t talk all the time but I love when we do because you are so kind! And wow I am in love with your writing and all of your edits! So much talent!


@ffinn: I’ve followed you for a while and we recently just became mutuals and honestly I am still in shock by that! I absolutely adore you and your blog, Holli! All of your edits? Amazing! Absolutely stunning! 


@barryallhan: Callie you are just the cutest little bean ever and I love seeing you appear on my dash! You are an incredible, strong and beautiful person and I am really lucky to have you for a friend, love!


@emmastoncs: Martina you are another one of those high quality blogs that make me wonder how you could be following my trashcan of a blog! I absolutely adore you! I love how you are here to enjoy what you want and what you love and that you refuse to let anyone tell you otherwise! You are incredible and I am so happy that we are mutuals! 


@victaj: Katie, I am not evene sure where to begin hun because there is so much I want to say! You are amazing and an absolute godsend to the Shadowhunters fandom! I am in love with your love for all the underappreciated characters! And wow I absolutely live for your headcanons and icons! Also, you’re absolutely gorgegous, I am in awe! 


@poedameron: Maggie, I adore you so so much and you are one of the coolest people I know! Your edits are always stunning and to die for, you are always so sweet to everyone and so positive and incredibly beautiful and gifted! 


@magsbane: The sweetest of the sweet! Corrie you are just so positive and kind and I am in love with your love for Magnus Bane! Your edits are so incredibly beautiful and wow! Have I mentioned how amazing you are???


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kisses and love for the klonnie fam

it’s been like 4 years and i just wanted to s/o all the folks who’ve made me fall in love with this ship, inspired me to write, and supported me in a variety of ways:

@cheleonrage712: this girl is a BEAST y’all. She’s written cross overs for Bonnie and Klaus with almost every fandom imaginable, from Black Panther to Game of Thrones. Writes some of the most amazing kidfic out there, with kid OC’s that have the most adorable personalities, and is always reblogging and boosting other writers and artists. One time she wrote a drabble about klaus having a tea party with his and Bonnie’s daughter that was so FREAKING CUTE it made me lie down and cry. No joke.

@bonneibennett: my OG! She’s best known as queen of the b*amon fandom and possibly the most perfect cinnamon roll to ever roll, but she’s also a multishipping STAR whose amazing klonnie gifsets and graphics sucked me in. Nisha also has the dubious honor of reccing me my first klonnie fic that forever cemented my love for the ship and ruined my life. Without her encouragement and amazing artwork I would’ve never taken the plunge to writing klonnie. I mean, just look at this talent right here. Enough said.

@darwinquark: another beast of a girl who’s always around when i’m feeling EXTRA SALTY about that one Ship That Must Not Be Named. Her one klonnie fic is so amazing and she herself is so freaking talented. I mean, she gifs, she vids, she edits, she writes, she throws shade like no one’s business. Is there anything this girl can’t do????

@thebennettdiaries: UH-MAZING writer and lovely person. Seriously, this girl is like writing #goals. Wrote one of the hottest klonnie fics TO DATE that I always return to when I need inspiration, incredibly supportive to other writers, always down to talk plot bunnies and headcanons, and consistently fills the klonnie tag with amazing drabbles and chapters. A veteran of the klonnie fandom and one of my all time faves.

@iputaspxllonyou:  runs like one of the most beautiful Bonnie Bennett RP blogs I’ve ever seen, is undiluted 100% klonnie trash, and aside from being a talented writer herself, is always around to help me talk ideas and scenarios and read over scenes I’m having trouble with. One of the wittiest people I know, takes no shit, and writes some of the most heartbreaking and beautiful stuff. She has a drabble about Klaus helping Bonnie babysit the neighbor’s kids that I’m pretty sure made me ovulate spontaneously. 10/10 would recommend.

@thehedgerider: YO this girl always leaves the best reviews, smart as a whip and has a brain that can assemble and disassemble stories at the drop of a hat. She started writing Klonnie fic last summer and her very first fic SOMEHOW managed to take 8 years of shitty shitty canon and weave it into something magnificent that develops Bonnie and Klaus both individually and as a couple. I still don’t know how she managed it. Tbh she may have sold her soul to the devil, cos it was that.freaking.brilliant. Also always around to talk sensibly when I’m freaking out about canon stupidity. Bless your heart girl. Go read her fics!

@lilac17: once upon a time I said a prayer for someone to write a klonnie babyfic where everyone’s in character, the cuteness is balanced with development, the angst is paired with fluff, and Bonnie has agency and Klaus grows as a person, and the fandom gods sent THIS GIRL. She’s also currently writing a soulmate fic that breaks and restores my heart in every chapter, and her mastery of emotional conflict breathes so much intimacy and warmth into her stories it’s almost unbearable. She’s also a sweetheart who supports other fans and always stands up for creativity. Go read her stuff and catch all the feels!

@thefudge: if y’all follow us both then you know we spend an inordinate amount of time up each other’s butts so please excuse this gratuitous affection. But YO, she’s my trash sis for a reason. My evil twin. My road dog. My fellow bride of Dracula. The other raccoon in the dumpster with me. This girl is the Lestat to my Robert Redford. She’s such a gifted writer it’s ridiculous y’all. I mean, go see for yourself. Whether it’s gothic romance or bittersweet indie ventures, I always end up flailing and demanding more. This chick’s writing will keep you up at night, but in like a GOOD, i-didnt-know-i-needed-this-until-now kinda way. Aside from being brilliant, she’s also kind and smart and has helped me get through some of the craziest stuff in my life with her beautiful gifsets, amazing fics, and always rewarding conversation. So much so that I hereby forgive her for hurting me with beautiful Klonnie AUs. (You’re welcome bish)

Additionally, there’s so many more people who fill the tag, who review and reblog fics, who’re part of this classy little ship, and even though I don’t talk to all of you regularly I want you to know I love seeing y’all on my dash, and your artwork and contributions and support helps keep this fandom going. @capesandlace @godiva-duchess @prairienina @aprilgeorge365 @ofdragonsanddreams16 @gray-jedi-scavenger-rey @lilouklonnie @danya1980 @ishipwhateverthefuckiwantto @fortheloveofklonnie @tehzo @bellavida0213

Each and every one of you are responsible for creating a lovely little community in which I’ve felt more inspired, more creative, more welcomed and supported than any other fandom community I’ve been in. Y’all seriously rock, and I can’t wait to keep rocking with this fam <3 Viva la us my loves!

megatraven  asked:

Any chance I can get some b99 blog recs?


@elsaclack is the queen of fanfic and a super nice person i could go on abt how amazing she is forever and ever

@youngsamberg one of the first friends i made in this fandom. she has such quality content and i love her 

@startofamoment makes the most amazing edits??? creates the most beautiful aus???? is just the embodiment of sunshine???? i love erica

@chandlersthripple listen michelle is one of my best friends and she is just the kindest sweetest amazing cutest person and also has amazing Lonely Island content 

@smolperalta such amazing content and gifs like wow very talented


@tall-butt amazing gifsets and amazing content

@thatjakeperalta i love matt he’s amazing and his tags are just Top Quality™

@b99 is the b99 god like always has that Top-Secret Shit and u can always trust Tori for the scoop

@roscoesantangelo such a sweetheart??? so kind??? love jorma taccone and will make his cameo in early season 4 even better 

@peraltiagoisland honestly one of the main reasons i ship Dianetti (Rosa Diaz/Gina Linetti) like she is the driving force behind the ship and i love michelle

i did not mean for this to get so long and im running low on words so *scream* here are more names 

@youdontoutgrowpunk @sxmberg @tiadorable @juliadorable @haylestorming (if u love rogue one like i do and peraltiago she is Amazing) @amyjake @sergeant-santiago @santiagostyles @peraltalinetti @phil-the-stone @peraltasmoak @ginas-opinion @ginarodrigucz @fourdrinkamy @three-drink-amy @daddyperaltaa 

i am forgetting so many amazing people but i hope you find some blogs to follow!!! 


Everything You Taught Me (and the things I’m yet to learn).

 - Walter & Paige: 3x02 | 3x22

An observational contrast between Walter’s desire and dream to be close to Paige, while simultaneously pushing her away. 

**This is the first gifset I’ve ever created and shared. I hope you all like them. Any feedback is greatly appreciated (still working on my compression quality). I started watching Scorpion on a whim when another one of my regular shows went on hiatus a few months back. I was instantly hooked and Waige became my OTP. Ugh.. I got hit hard with Them Ship Feels. Hence the name of this page. 

And what a great fandom! I dedicate this gifset to @webuiltthepyramids who encouraged me in a quick message the other day to post the gifs I make.

And also to .gif queen @a-beautiful-mind-wf001 who just released a new FanFic that I’m just *dying* to read. 

Cheers! Nat x


-You are no more Mr Strange than my wife is!
-Well, it is easily resolved. There are any number of magical things my friend could do to prove it.
-Oh, yes? And what might they be?
, tell us, Merlin.


shameless (us) - mickey milkovich + if kev hasn’t figured it out by the end of the season it’s a minor fucking miracle

anonymous asked:

Idk if I should talk abt this bc I'm white & I don't want to speak out of turn but I think Tumblr's content filter might be racist. I'm in fandom with character who is a black man. Whenever I make gifs of him they get (falsely) nsfw by the filter evn b4 they're out of my drafts. If I make gifs with the white chars this doesn't happen. Also feel like I've noticed a high proportion of gifsets with poc being falsely marked as nsfw. But not sure if it's confirmation bias. Anyone else noticed this?

hmmm, this is the first time i see this mentioned to be honest? in my case, of the edits i’ve made since the whole filter thing started, only two of them were marked as adult oriented or whatever they are calling it. Both of them were of woc, but I only ever make edits with poc so i’m not sure i’m a good example. If it helps anyone, one of those edits was of an asian girl and the other a light-skinned black woman. The others, two of dark skinned black women, one of a mixed woman, an icon pack of ww and one of black panther, were not marked as such,

The two edits that got marked were revised and un-marked in less than 12hs too, but has anyone else noticed this?

(and I’m mentioning skin tone because I read somewhere  that tumblr automatically tries to flag posts with ‘lots of skin’ showing, and that their bot counts “nude” or the color of light skin as that).

Mod A.


otp meme: one otp
     ↳ bilbo baggins & thorin oakenshield

“i’m glad to have shared in your perils, thorin- each and every one of them. that is far more than any baggins deserves.”

anonymous asked:

Hey Goop, when did you realize you were a ryuketsu girl? I remember going through episode 4 and noting the line "thanks for not cheating on me" but not thinking about it, and episode 5 when I first watched it was a blur, but then just half-way through the elections I just arbitrarily thought "well yeah Ryuko and Senketsu are greatest love story ever-WHAT?!" and it all just sort of snapped into place. I think the self-surprise was part of why I stuck to it so hard these last 3 years.

Right here.

This one moment. At the end of episode 5. After Senketsu risks his life for Ryuko and Ryuko responds by sticking with him and hugging him even as this horrifying man threatens her with a gun and tells her that what she’s hugging is a monster.

My heart.

I suppose more seriously, though, I don’t think I was consciously aware I liked the idea of the two as a couple then (after all, I wasn’t consciously aware of my interest in non-human/human relationships at the time), but I was intrigued. I didn’t care for the show at all until I saw this, and it was this one episode that really made me consider giving the series a chance.

This is probably the oldest documented thing I got regarding my feelings on the matter, from January, 2014:

Not even a month later, I made my very first Kill la Kill gifset (claiming it’d be the only contribution I’d ever make…), and, well, you can see what happened from there…

I don’t know what it is about them myself, Anon, but… they’re good.


Trespasser Gifsets x x x x

This one is comprised of weird avatar placement, idle animations, and gasp walk cycles! Just like you knew there would be. <3

During both sequences when the Inquisitor doubles over in pain from her arm, the camera cuts away from Solas to focus on them. With flycam, I noticed that he doesn’t simply disappear, like I might imagine, or that he doesn’t just stand idle in place while the camera cuts away. Nope, they have him just chilling while the Inquisitor literally falls to their knees in agony. Good shit, pretty funny.

I can say for certain though, at least in these cuts and not necessarily pivotal ones (like both times he walks towards the eluvian) that this stride is not the same as the ones I had in my first gifset with his walking animation in the Frostback Mountains. I’d personally blame the armor, but it’s also noteworthy that he isn’t actually confident here, and not providing a perfect solution to the Inquisitor. This conversation is stressful for him, painful, and one he’s been simultaneously looking forward to and dreading all at once. He’s not practically bouncing on his soles, far from it. This is likely the last time, if not the second to the last time, he’ll ever see her. We won’t know until DA4.

Solas Gifset Masterpost


Bern, 4.07.2014


Ever since the Doctor Who tv movie almost twenty years ago (which I saw when it first aired lucky me), I thought the one thing – the one thing! – the notoriously never-let-anything-go Who fandom agreed on was to NEVER AGAIN bring up the whole half-human thing.  So I decided to do this gifset to completely take my mind off it.

Oh wait…

(And yes, the four kids joke is exactly as awesomely terrible as you think it is.  With an emphasis on the awesomely.  And also on the terrible.  I kind of love it.)