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So while I take a small break from the mafia tension, I thought I’d give everyone the next chapter title of Masquerade, because I’ve been busting my freaking bubble to use this title for a long time.
From a song title of one of my fav bands - Parkway Drive.

Also it says ch11 cos I didn’t include interlude in chapter count this time. 🙈

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For the thing you're doing with all the nygmobblepot scenes, are u adding the "you want to know the nature of my relationship with penguin" scene with ed and jim cause 💚💚💚 that's one of my fav lines lmao (also I'm very excited for it and would 100% watch when it's done :) )

I shall! I have a lot to do when I get home on Monday 😂

Edit: jokes on me, it’s already in the first movie skhcjebf

lgbtq meme: 6 gay/lesbian characters » elena alvarez, one day at a time

When I think about love, I see myself someday loving a woman.

“I haven’t signed anything.”

“I hate you.”

I read this fic by @byakurangesso and i am suddenly cured. all my problems have disappeared.


another list of random spirits encountered:

-  a spirit with multiple eyes. each eye sees a different period in time (@becblanc)

-  a spirit that possesses plants and drains the life out of any surrounding plant life while strengthening its host/vessel (@3-possums-in-a-hoodie)

-  a spirit that likes to hang around people playing really loud music from their headphones (@yoki2ginko)

(thank you to anyone who stopped by the stream, and til next time ;))

Tsubaki based on Alphonse Muchas illustration for The lady of the camellias, because, you know, tsubaki means camellia in japanese! :3c

(Click for full size!!)


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I’ve never spent so much time on any royai art before, and I’m really happy with the outcome! Tisiphon might have recognized the scenes, since they’re all from the wonderful fanfic she wrote FOR ME almost two years ago! Ever since then I’ve been wanting to honour it with fanart and I’ve never got around to doing it. Until now! I hope you like them, Tisi, there’s one drawing for every section in your story, and they all express moments of intimacy I really appreciate in fiction ´-` with that fanfic you literally fulfilled my fanwork wishes and I am so, so grateful for that <3



every westallen scene ever (133/?)