also one of my favourite lines ever

Why Atypical is Crap- from an Actual Autistic Person

In case you dont already know Atypical is a hot load of garbage (although this shouldn’t really come as a surprise considering how wonderfully Netflix has dealt with mental health in the past) here is my personal run through.  

This is dedicated to the 100 beautiful porn bots that follow my blog, I’m sure you’ll all appreciate this. If any actual autistic people find this though (and if you manage to read through all this crap), I’d appreciate your pov as well since i probably won’t even cover a tenth of what’s wrong (esp considering I’ve only watched the first episode, but take this as first impressions, if you will). 

  • Apparently autism is synonymous with stupidity, but this isn’t much of a surprise since this has become the sweet new meme among edgy 4chan users. 
  • Autistic people are completely gullible and lack any critical thinking whatsoever
  • Only white straight cis men can be autistic (only). It doesn’t matter they are primarily the only demographic shown with autism and this has been the state of things for far too long, or that we desperately need representation for autistic people who are poc, women or lgbt+ (especially considering that girls are frequently misdiagnosed to the point that some medical professionals- medical professionals- refuse to diagnose girls with autism at all, or that many poc struggle to get a diagnoses or even a review because of racist teachers or psychologists)
  • He’s tech savy bc we all know that if he wasn’t interested in computers he wouldn’t be autistic (though i can say that i do appreciate the fact his main special interest is biology and the antarctic, although it still follows the same STEM stereotype)
  • His sister constantly bullies and makes fun of his symptoms (but she defends him against other people so it’s okay) dad can’t relate bc he doesn’t play sports and just generally acts like he hasn’t realised or got over the fact that his son’s autistic (despite living with him for what? 17 yrs???), mum is a typical Autistic Mum™ who is burdened with her godawful son, both parents heavily imply life would be better without him. Not to mention the mother is v. paranoid about him having any kind of independence, bc he ‘can’t survive without them’They have stereotypical Autistic Family™ down to an art, congratulations Netflix for being so revolutionary, because god forbid autistic people actually have a supportive family or group of friends that dont constantly make fun of them and emphasise how much they make their lives a burden. (btw, im not saying that every autistic kid’s family has to be perfect; but their family could  at least treat them with some dignity and not do what every other ableist show has done)
  • He has zero self awareness, and of course he can’t date or do anything well without being heavily dependent on a nt. (Can I also emphasise that im not saying autistic people dont have these symptoms, just that they are used so often that its a huge stereotype and is portrayed as a crude caricature) 
  • He can’t date what a surprise never seen that one before netflix we already know autistics are r*t*rds that can’t date of course they can't 
  • The stupid as fuck instance when his psychiatrist asks for his brain??? How did they think that was ok?? (and even if it was, it’s totally impractical and ignores the fact that there are plenty of older -and already dead- autistic people who are, you know, not 60+ years away from dying
  • He can only ever talk about his special interest because autistics never talk about anything else you know never. 
  • ‘i can see your bra’ ??? (again, caricature)
  • there’s so much that bugs me but its hard to articulate sometimes so again, if there’s an autistic person who has seen this crap and has something to add i’d really appreciate it.
  • also apparently it was written by non-autistic people (am i surprised??) and the cast isn’t autistic. I dont think i have to go into how fucking stupid this is, considering it’s A STORY ABOUT BEING AUTISTIC AND NO ONE WHO HAS WORKED ON IT IS AUTISTIC. How the fuck do people think making this shit was a good idea?? 
  • ‘every time the phone rings’ (suchhhh a burdennnn, he’s not the same as themmm)
  • Sam is another Sheldon
  • The thing i hate the most about the show is the level of condescension. I feel like the protagonist is presented as the same caricature, straight white guy who is afraid to talk to girls, nerdy and smart but without an ounce of independence, never speaks up for himself and is a collection of all the stereotypes we’ve seen before, he lacks any nuances what so ever. He is another autistic character written by neurotypical people.
  • apparently also their only form of research was talking to autistic kids (bc you know we’re so r*t*rded that we’re all the same, regardless of age) and parents
  • Autism Speaks supports it, I don’t think I need to continue. 

Ok, but all this other stuff isn’t even that infuriating because, you know, we’ve seen it so many times before it’s just laughable. But they crossed a fucking line (and I’m not joking with this one) when they decided that it was ok to use one of my favourite fucking bands in their shit tv show. I’m always going to be reminded of this crap whenever I listen to them again, Netflix, and I’m fukcing pissed its not fucking acceptable. fuck. you.

I feel like I’ve covered most of the things I had problems with, but again I’d love if other autistic people could add on to the discussion (neurotypicals are welcome to reblog)


People talking about boycotting 2x16, DON’T! The show could get cancelled. Then you won’t ever get what you wanted to from boycotting. It’s one episode. You’ll be fine. Also, the show isn’t just about Malec. Now, if you’ve taken a five second look at my blog you know that I’m the biggest Malec shipper EVER, but I know that the show also has a plot line and I’m not even talking about the books. Fuck the books, I’m talking about the show. It’s really stupid to watch it just for your ship and to threaten to stop watching is childish. You shouldn’t have started watching the show if all you wanted was Malec, it’s called Shadowhunters. Sometimes your favourite characters don’t get screen time but you have to remember, they are real people. They have lives and sometimes scheduling doesn’t work out. But it’s not like they’re never going to be in the show again. They are still characters, MAIN characters, might I add, and there is no reason to get upset that they won’t be in an episode.

Small Hyungs and Giant Maknaes

Just a collection of tiny hyungs and their giant maknaes. It’s just for fun. It’s between the oldest members and the youngest so not between the other members. Obviously not every single pair in kpop since I don’t know everything.  It’s cute nonetheless! 

Jinho and Wooseok | Pentagon

Jinho is really super cute and adorable. He’s a 92 liner and Wooseok, the adorable -voice as deep as the earth’s core- maknae is a 98 liner. If you don’t stan Pentagon you should. They’re amazing. But also, Jinho with the rest of the maknae line- Yuto and Kino. This is just my favourite picture, ever. The cuteness wrecks my heart. 

MJ and Sanha | Astro

MJ, the mat hyung of Astro and Sanha the cutest fucking maknae on this planet. They’re so cute I die. Sanha is a 00 liner and MJ is a 94 liner. Also, JinJin and Sanha are a cute pair too. If you aren’t stanning Astro, what are you doing? Sanha is one of my favourite maknaes, the boy is evil and adorable. 

Jinhwan and Chanwoo| iKon

This makes my heart happy. Jinhwan is a 94 liner and Chanwoo is a 98 liner. Look at them. Look how adorable they are together. Like don’t you feel the need to squish them both? I really, really love ikon they get me hype and make me happy. Stan. Stan. Stan. 

Taeil and P.O | Block B 

Taeil just gives my heart many feelings and when he is around P.O I don’t know what to do because it’s a cuteness overload. Like, help?? Taeil is a 90 liner and P.O is a 93 liner! Must protect at all costs, alright? Give Block B more love. 

Xiumin and Sehun| EXO

The fake maknae and the real maknae. Xiumin is a 90 liner and Sehun is a 94 liner. Like pls look how cute? I love them so much. Also, Suho is a very tiny hyung as well, like really tiny like have you seen him next to Tao? 

Himchan and Zelo | B.A.P

Like, there isn’t an extreme difference but I just really wanted to include Zelo cause he is known for being really tall and his dancing is fucking amazing and also ‘cause the picture will forever amuse me and I love b.a.p so there’s that. Zelo is a 96 liner and Himchan is a 90 liner! And Himchan is one of the mat hyungs so this counts! Staannn, 

This is just something I’ve been dying to do. And again, I don’t know every single kpop group out there so this isn’t every single pair and it’s between the oldest hyungs and the maknaes! It’s just something cute and fun! <3 I also do not own the images. 

✩ Indigo 

lgbtq representation in the raven cycle

Scrolling through the ‘pynch’ tag I’ve seen a lot of posts saying that Adam and Ronan aren’t good lgbtq representation because the word ‘gay’ or ‘bisexual’ are never used in the series, that pynch felt rushed, and that it was like Maggie decided they were queer halfway through the series in order to jump on the diversity bandwagon. 

If you are queer, you are more than entitled to think that them not actually labelling their sexuality is poor representation or isn’t good enough (if you are straight, I don’t care about your opinion). Personally, I don’t think it matters that the words are never shown because their sexualities are so explicitly depicted over the course of the novels. I read something that Maggie posted on her blog where she talked about not wanting to have to write that coming out narrative, that she wanted to show them being queer without having to them go through this narrative of coming out that draws such a clear line between straight characters and queer characters. Which I very much appreciate, as a queer person who is sick of coming out narratives being one of the few ones queer characters are allowed. I also think that the lack of labelling is perfectly okay because it is so clear that the characters are not only queer, but that Ronan is gay and Adam is bi, that the words don’t need to be used. And this from someone who normally has fits whenever writers refuse to call bisexual characters bisexual. 

It’s so clear Adam is bisexual because neither his relationship with Blue or his relationship with Ronan is prioritized over the other, or written to be lesser. Maggie describes Adams attraction to Blue and Ronan in the same terms and in the same way. His relationship with Blue is never given the treatment of ‘once I was with a guy, I realized how much I hadn’t been complete being with a woman’. Even when he’s beginning to realize that he returns Ronan’s feelings, he still acknowledged that he thinks Blue is attractive, even if he no longer has feelings for her. He also doesn’t have any ‘gay panic’ when Ronan kisses him, or at any point while he begins to realize that he returns Ronan’s feelings, which speaks pretty clearly, in my opinion, to him knowing he’s bi and being totally fine with it, even if he’s not out to his friends. Which I don’t think he was, partially because of the contrast with how his friends interact with Ronan. 

Reading the series, it was so obvious from book one that Ronan was queer. To be honest if you thought that was a change made halfway through, it’s because you were approaching it from a heteronormative view point, not because Maggie suddenly decided he was queer. One of my favourite lines is in the first book: ‘I’m always straight’ ‘That’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told’. This joke is exactly the kind of joke me and my friends would make with each other. That’s such a queer joke! It’s great! It makes it clear that not only is Ronan queer but both he and his friends are totally accepting of it! Ronan being gay is there in Maggie’s descriptions of how he thinks of Blue (and Orla) versus the other guys, in his interactions with Kavinsky (who is also obviously queer, but unlike Ronan hasn’t come to terms with it). It’s there in the small lines between him and his friends that acknowledge that he isn’t attracted to women. It’s VERY there in how he thinks of Adam. 

In terms of their relationship being rushed, I think that’s just another example of reading through a heteronormative lens versus reading and being open to the possibility of queer characters and relationships. In both the way Adam talks about Ronan and Ronan talks about Adam, their attraction to each other is clear. Adam might have developed feelings for Ronan after Ronan had already developed and accepted his feelings for Adam, but that doesn’t make them forced or rushed. A slow build relationship like theirs can’t by it’s very nature be forced or rushed to be honest, not when you can see Adam slowly beginning to return Ronan’s feelings. 

tl;dr if you think that it wasn’t obvious that Ronan and/or Adam were queer before they kissed, I recommend you reread the series with the fact of their queerness in mind. 

as soon as my dcbb posted i took a day to rest and then moved straight on to writing another fic, so i never really stopped to tell people about it


★ The Wireless ★

it’s a 58k AU set at a carnival, in a world all messed up by global warming, and free-range monsters. there’s a 1930s-esque solarpunk vibe (brass everything, renewable resources, dean in suspenders!! makeup is gender neutral so both dean and cas casually wear it, hallelujah)

dean and cas meet at a kissing booth, and smooches ensue!! except dean doesn’t realise they already know each other indirectly: dean and sam are both fans of cas’ monster-hunting-themed radio station - although dean would deny he listens to ‘bedtime stories for little hunters’ - and cas has been reporting on their cases for years. (dean accidentally talked to god that one time. he does not speak of that)

there’s character development (duh), tent sex (twice), a sea monster named something silly that will make you laugh… also cas secretly has BIG ASS GLOWING WINGS and chases a train on a bicycle just to tell dean he wants to join him on an epic quest… y’know, normal fic stuff

but also it contains my most favourite line i’ve ever written. this is cas speaking live on the radio, about dean:

Yes, I say perfect: I could not have asked for more. I would change nothing. Again, he made me vulnerable, and I cannot tell you how impressive it is that a naked man could remove his weapon and still weaken an angel so greatly, with only kindness and affection.

He taught me that this is how we have to win,” Castiel said, voice breaking. “We need to win with love. I cannot take the blade or the bullets from everyone’s hand. But I can rally forces with a single cry: throw down your weapon. Be kinder. Be softer. Ask your enemy what peace would look like for them. The only enemies we have to fight are the ones who answer with ‘you beneath my feet’.

one of my betas wasn’t especially fond of it. but i had a distinct purpose with this line: once you strip away the fiction and metaphor, i wanted it to be relevant to punching nazis and achieving political revolution and equality for everyone. it’s kind of the whole overarching theme of this story. and i just wanted to share that. this is hands-down the coolest story aesthetic-wise, and most morally-charged story i’ve written to date. if you’ve ever wanted a novel by me, here ya go.

also it’s cute. and intimate. and all that good stuff.

it would mean THE WORLD to me if you felt like settling down with a blanket and the beverage of your choice, and getting lost in this universe i made just for you. ♥

also here’s my patreon in case you have money and want to throw it at me so i can write more stuff (pretty please!! it’s my only source of self-generated income because i’m too sick to function)

okay, that’s all. sending love to you all~

Elmie x

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If you had to pick 5 songs that people with bpd could relate to most what would they be?

hihi! okay sorry this is alex ive been super absent due to a lot of my own personal drama and this ask is old BUT i wanted to let yall know i was still alive. 

okay SO obviously everyones music taste is different and no one will like the same stuff etc etc but here r some that i rly like off the top of my head in no particular order!!!

-the frights // you are going to hate this 

-um like ever the front bottoms song ever tbh…. i really like today is not real tho

-be your shadow // the wombats

-days n daze // self destruction anthem (i love this band overall for songs about addiction, mental illness, etc AND this song is really wonderful basically they change the lyrics every show but ill link my favourite live version)

-los campesinos! // by your hand 

(honourable lowkey obligatory mention is 505 by arctic monkeys fr that one choke line, wont link it cause literally everyone n their grandma has heard that song i think ;;; still good tho…..) 

ALSO i have an 8tracks account (shameless self promo) where i post stuff sometimes! 

hoNESTLY these arent even the best ones im just tired and have been absent for way too long. but im here! so keep interacting with us! im so sorry for all the absences! 

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do you know any marvey fanfics where Harvey is a lawyer but Mike has a different job and they meet through some other way??

Hi there Anon, 

First of all, if you are after fic recs look here, @lovemarvey just made this rec list, and you might find something on there.

These might not all be Harvey as a lawyer but I think the majority are, plus they are all awesome - 

Casual Encounters - by Attorney C @arh581958 - Felon!Mike - Harvey finds Mike on craigslist for a family function.

Edith Ross; Matriarch, Entrepreneur…Wingman? - by @sairyn-noc - Bike Messenger!Mike 🚴‍♂️ - Grammy is a scheming legend.

Home Sweet Home New Jersey - by youretheone - Sweet Home Alabama AU ♥️ - Harvey needs a divorce from his childhood sweetheart, Mike.

Forget the Rest - by @eadunne2 - Escort!Mike - Harvey hires Mike for the night, angst with a happy ending.

Mike + The Harmony - by @sosauffie - Musician!Mike 🎶 - Also Harvey quotes Britney Spears, and this is actually my favourite line ever! 

Okay, the rest is not exactly what you asked for, but they are GREAT!

Five Times that Zeus Almost Left this Mortal Plane, and Once He Did - by @accol-fics - Harvey is Zeus, God of the Sky. (Both lawyers in this one)

Spare Parts - by @jonibeloni - Future Fic, Harvey procures Mike for spare parts, slow burn.

Crescendo - by smartalli @crazyassmurdererwall - Music & Lyrics AU 🎼

When our stars collide - by @tattooedsiren - Actor!Harvey, Bookshopowner!Mike. 🎬

Thanks for the ask anon, I love doing these.  It reminds me of all the fics I love. 😍

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Hi! If you have time, do you have any fic recs? I don't mind WIPs but please nothing sad like death or illness type fic. I need happy right now with the way the show is at the moment, happy/hopeful please! Thank you, you're an amazing writer by the way, I've read all of your fics apart from one (deathfic... no thank you lol). :)

Happy fic nonnie here! Thank you! I don’t have to have just happy though, the good kind of angst is also well loved by me (just no death, illnesses or breakups jfc no breakups omg can’t nope nope nope). Angst is good, though. Like your ‘between lines’ fic! My favourite of yours, so so so angsty but never not hopeful and a happy ending. I love that one. :D


okay there’s a million honestly but i’ll give you the ones i think of straight away. also thanks for being lovely about my own fics, you’re a gem!

Domestic Bliss ~ Family

it’s by @robronalways

honestly if you ever need cheering up go and give this read because it’s lovely daddy robron goodness.

Teach me

it’s by @escapingreality51@escapingreality51

this warmed my entire soul, so soft and well written and has such a family feel to it. i had the best time reading this honestly!!

Dales United

it’s by @wellyfullofale

this is a WIP and i cannot wait to see how it ends (but at the same time i don’t want to either) honestly tash is brilliant with the whole push/pull aspect of robron and it’s just so enticing. oh and aaron is a footballer so it’s just the best!

By your side

it’s by @snarfettelove / lovesnarf (snarfette)

it’s a bodyguard au that the whole fandom needed and it’s perfect. the best amount of angst and drama and happiness!

Keep reading


OK so although he is a scary topic and hard one to start with, i will be using springtrap as a perfect example of how human anatomy can be used to draw anything to do with the mascot costumes. This can be applied to any fandom really.


The body of anything is built into basic shapes: the head, the ripcage, the hips, the elbows to the hand and the knees to the feet: height and weight is determined by the distance between those key shapes. this is what proportion is! Take a look at Trap’s proportions:

So, whenever you make a sketch of Trap or an animation or any character, you can make a basic skeleton first. USING REFERENCE PICTURES OF POSES OR STOCK IMAGES WILL HELP with posing. LOOK UP TUTORIALS DO LIFE DRAWING DRAW FROM MOVIE SCREENSHOTS JUST DO IT

let me use an example: see how i plotted out them main shapes to make a skeleton before i fleshed out the sketch? 

THIS LOOKS SCARY RIGHT? at first yes, but I’ll walk you through some helpful tips too


WELL this is my favourite tip I was ever taught at school: draw FAST AND LOOSE. 

These skeleton sketches look neat BECAUSE i don’t do the “fuzzy line” trick that as a beginner artist is easy to fall into. You know, where you fuss and repeat lines over and over. NOPE LET ME ENLIGHTEN YOU on a better way….

by drawing loosely to make a sketch i can correct anything that annoys me with little consequence as i haven’t spent half an hour perfecting the lines on one patch of torso… but also I can quickly and efficiently apply FORCE to my sketch….. 

WAIT WHAT IS FORCE you shout, well, let me show you….

see how the leg moves into the force of the swing, and the arms move to carry it upwards? When using a reference to plan out a pose sketch quickly the direction of the movement, usually in one stroke. The rest of the ribcage pieces etc will usually fall into place of the movement!

It’s easy to practice anatomy on a standing T pose but you won’t learn much unless you put a force of emotion into it

try it! Don’t be afraid! if it goes abstract and weird WHO CARES if you were drawing and feeling it. 

so now you can make a human sized quick pose. yay! But did you know you can apply this to other styles too???

i used the exact same reference but instead of doing a scott style sketch I made it cartoony by enlargening the head, making goofy feet, a simple grin: THIS IS HOW TO MAKE A STYLE. 


but you can’t do it without a good sketch to work from! 

hope this helps with some pose problems when it comes to our murderfurry fandom problems: Luckily we have a fandom where they are human shaped first so it’s a great fandom to learn from! I am mostly self taught using books and tutorials so I am not perfect but these are the tricks i use to make my own art. Have fun kiddos! 

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Recap: 04/02/17

I was going to make this a short one but I think I failed… There was just too much to talk about! So without further ado, let’s do this. 

(Apologies for this recap being almost entirely about James Le Lacheur, Nicola Alexis, and Tom Mackley… I don’t know what to tell you. I love the covers and the ensemble.) 

Keep reading

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I'd like to ask: which fanfics have been important to you as a reader/ writer and why?

I had to think about this one for a couple of days! I guess, like, these are my All-Time Fic Recs??

as a reader:

Presque Vu, by rageprufrock (Inception)

I imprinted on this fic, basically, I read it when I was juuuuuust getting into fandom, years away from contemplating writing anything of my own, and I still re-read it about four times a year. The depth of the characters’ lives, the domesticity, the crisply observed tiny details, and the breadth of it all - the way it unfolds over years and years, wrapping around the canon of the film, I deeply love it.

It’s an old fight between him and Mal, but under the skin, Arthur knows the truth: some people are meant to have extraordinary lives and other people aren’t. He’s glad he can watch Mal’s, at least, and whenever he’s told her this, her cheeks go red with fury and Arthur thinking yearningly of earplugs. Arthur is precise and careful and knows better than anybody his limits, and he’s content with that, if nothing else.

notes from the in-between, by radialarch (MCU RPF)

The epitome of RPF, for me, and the source of more than a few of my deep-seated Sebastian Stan Suffers So Pretty feelings. I love how sketched-out it is, a fully-realised story in a few carefully considered lines, and the observations on acting and bleeding into your role are so perfect. Just the fact that the tagged relationships “Sebastian Stan/His Bucky Barnes Feelings; Sebastian Stan/His Acting Career; Chris Evans/Sebastian Stan” is pretty much everything to me.

Sebastian thinks about the things you can’t have, and breathes, and says, “Yeah, it’s fine.”

i’ll build a house inside of you, by magdaliny (Captain America/MCU)

The best Natasha fic I have ever read, and the most achingly hopeful, filled with sweetness and horror and people clawing their way to freedom, building lives for themselves. Can I ever read this without crying? No I cannot.

One afternoon in December, when Natalia is frowning at her grammar homework and Father is frowning at his computer screen, both of them in their pyjamas, she sits up and realizes:

Somehow, when they weren’t looking, they stopped being assets and started being people.

i’ll write you harmony in c, by magneticwave (Pride & Prejudice + Mansfield Park modern AU)

Did I think, before reading this, that a modern AU from Mary’s POV would wind up being one of my favourite things in the world? I did not. And yet. This is acerbically funny and a portrait of a family that is both a little dysfunctional and beautifully tight-knit, and I love everyone in it so much.

“To the Bennet sisters,” she intones. “Fucking blokes and taking names.”

first comes the night, by coffeeinallcaps (Star Wars: TFA)

So a of all, this fic is a beautifully crafted story of people recovering, in slow increments, from trauma, and b of all, when I was done reading it I promptly started yelling at @coffeeinallcaps about it on every platform I could find, and now it’s a year later and she’s my best girl, so. Fanfic! Bringing you friends from around the world!

“I get these dreams sometimes,” Finn says. “They’re not nightmares. Just these sort of glimpses. A forest at night, the feeling like someone’s following me. The sound of that lightsaber. Water, an island.” He pauses to press his fingertips to a spot of moss that’s growing in a crack in the rock wall. The gentleness of the touch makes Poe’s stomach tug.

as a writer:

fight on (i want to touch you but i’m too late) (i want to touch you but there’s history) (Agents of SHIELD)

One of my early fics, and although my writing style has changed and refined I’m still pretty proud of it - sparring and UST and slowburn pining, what’s not to love.

She doesn’t think she’s ever fought like that. Her blood’s singing and she can feel her power like an earthquake deep in her bones.

classified (MCU, The Man From U.N.C.L.E.)

I love 60s espionage and I love women who are both very tired of the men they work with and I love, love, love stories where the gravity of the reveal is never explicitly mentioned.

Carter nods, just once. Spare in her movements, and precise, and glacially focused. Gaby might be a little in love. It’s refreshing, after working with Illya and Solo for so many months, to avoid all of their hyper-masculine posturing.

you’ve got cracks right through (it’s where the light shines out) (Star Wars: TFA)

Apparently I have got A Theme and that theme is “people putting themselves back together as part of a fragile and wonderful OT3″.

There’s this pottery Poe’s seen once or twice, from some homeworld that’s famous for it. It’s beautiful, until it breaks. And then a craftsman will piece it back together, fine and perfect, solders along the cracks with lacquered gold and silver until it’s more beautiful for having been broken. 

the future unfolding, infinite (Captain America)

oh hey what was it that I was saying about having A Theme, huh, plus also: A Love Letter To Sam Wilson

we could jump the state lines (we only get the one life) (Captain America)

hands-down my favourite piece of my own writing and in my opinion the best thing I’ve ever written. Sam’s life, from Winter Soldier onward, and everything we’re never going to get in the films.

This is it, Sam thinks, this is the last chance he has to make a choice.

Don’t treat yourself as expendable in comparison, Bucky says, far off in memory, and Sam folds it away.

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Despite all the amazing social media bits this chapter, nothing will ever top the one in UMFB&MHA that says 'If Katsuki Yuuri can be an olympic gold medallist and also have anxiety then so can I'. Idek why but I love that line so much

That was one of my favourite social media bits :D

heathers 1988 - starter sentences

“Dear Diary: My teen angst bullshit now has a body count.”
“Did you have a brain tumor for breakfast?”
“Are we going to prom or to hell?”
“Fuck me gently with a chainsaw.”
“I use my grand IQ to decide what lip gloss to wear in the morning and how to hit three keggers before curfew.”
“I can’t believe you did it. I was teasing. I loved you. Of course, I was coming up here to kill you.”
“What’s the up-chuck factor on that?“
“Now that you’re dead, what are you gonna do with your life?”
“You know what I want, babe?”
“You were nothing before you met me.“
“The extreme always seems to make an impression.”
“I just killed my best friend.”
“Chaos is great! Chaos is what killed the dinosaurs, darling.”
“Well, it’s just like they’re people I work with and our job is being popular and shit.”
“Whether to kill yourself or not is one of the most important decisions a teenager can make.”
“If everyone jumped off a bridge, would you?”
“Lick it up, baby. Lick it up.”
“Is this a weak turnout or what? I had at least 70 more people at my funeral.”
“Jesus God in Heaven, why’d you have to kill such hot snatch?”
“What is your damage, ______?”
“It is one thing to want somebody out of your life, it is another thing to serve them a wake-up cup full of liquid drainer.”
“I say we just grow up, be adults and die.”
“______ why are you pulling my dick?”
“You’re a rebel? You think you’re a rebel? You’re not a rebel you’re fucking psychotic!”
“Why do you have to be such a mega-bitch?”
“You want to fuck with the eagles, you have to learn to fly.“
“When teenagers complain that they want to be treated like human beings, it’s usually because they are being treated like human beings.”
“You inherit 5 million dollars the same day aliens land on the earth and say they’re going to blow it up in 2 days. What do you do?”


How to sigil:
So a few of you have asked me about my method for making sigils, so heres an overview of my most recent sigil!
Disclaimer: This is not the only way to make sigils! There are dozens of methods, this is just my personal favourite. I encourage all of you to try multiple methods and see which ones work best for you!
1) My first step is to come up with a good, clear, and strong statement of intent. “Will” is usually too nebulous and won’t happen when you want it to, and “no"s are often not the greatest, though with enough intent, the lines get a little grey for those two points. Generally, its safe to say while they’re not a good idea, they’re also not a “never ever do it” kinda thing. This is chaos magic after all, it doesn’t much care for your rules. However, word it like instructions to a mischievous child who likes to find loopholes and you’re usually set.
2) Next, I pick out a few repeated shapes. They dont have to be full letters,but for example the curve of a r or an h or an n could be one element. I’ll sketch out a couple variations of their combinations till I get one I’m happy with. This is largely intuitive, and you don’t absolutely need to include every detail you picked out. These are just a starting point, let your feel and knowledge of magic influence your design, and feel what the sigil wants to be, so you don’t have to fight it when you’re trying to make it look good. A lot of the balance of the sigil will come intuitively with some practice.
3) Once I’ve selected one design I’m going to stick with, I do a good copy in strongly weighted lines, and adjust the alignment till it feels right. Again, this is very intuitive, don’t get too stressed out it they don’t match your sketch exactly. You don’t need a perfect tracing of it. Let it flow intuitively. If your inner voice isn’t happy, keep working until it is and it feels right. The better it feels to you, the stronger your connection to it.
4) I add a pretty textured background from my file of backgrounds and if I need to, add a more solid bit of the background colour behind the text to make it more readable, or sometimes a bit of white or black to make the contrast stronger

And that’s it! Happy sigiling!

Discussing the intersection of expectations, culture, and narrative structure when it comes to suspension of disbelief and perceived narrative quality (using Kuroshitsuji and Sherlock season 4 as examples)

The title makes this sound kind of smart but in reality this is another really really long and totally incoherent ramble that accomplishes nothing it’s just something I thought was interesting and wanted to rant about. I’m sorry. One day I’ll go back to writing clever text posts I just don’t know when that day will come.

TL;DR: I thought of what it would be like to describe the 2ct becoming canon to someone who’s never heard of it and it sent me on this long spiral of thought where I concluded that the cleverness of a plot twist can be weighted on toooootally different criteria depending on who you ask.

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honestly…the love of my life..i know everyone always talks about THIS PERFORMANCE but it is literally one of the most beautiful things i’ve ever seen in my entire life. i LOVED that she chose to debut it at the live stream because it meant that she was super proud of it and thought it showcased some of the songwriting on red which she somehow managed to take to another level from speak now

i love that she seems kind of nervous in this performance because it echoes the tone of the song JSFDS i’m sorry i’m like shaking just thinking about it TBH i love that you have to wait so long for the chorus like the structure of this song is one of the most interesting and mature things she’s ever done there’s no instant gratification and i think maybe this is the kind of direction she could explore more in the future?? IDK 

also THE LYRICS!!! my favourite is probably…the whole thing…but specifically  “nothing safe is worth the drive” like what kind of simple quiet genius?? that one line DEFINES the entire song 

put a taylor swift song in my inbox and i’ll share every thought i’ve ever had on it
Longing - purplesocrates - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

The lovely peeps at @hannibalficwriters are holding an event for a season 1 self rec.  Here is mine, I have one other fic called Timing which fits season 1 but this one is quite special to me as it was one of the first things I ever wrote for this pairing.   

 Hannibal and Will embark on a relationship after Will gets cold and sleepy in Hannibal’s office.

What does this piece mean to you?

It was one of the first serious long pieces of fanfic I have ever written in this fandom or others. It was a strange one because I had no conscious plans for the story it just happened and then I read it back and was like woah clearly you had actually planned that and didn’t realise! Also this is my first daddy kink something I have never written or read until this fandom!  Now I am OBSESSED with!

What was your favourite line in your piece/what was your favourite comment that you’ve received on your work?

Favourite line:

This exquisite misery was fast becoming addictive. The pain of it was searing and wonderful, running through him like lightening in a storm. Sudden shocks and a deep black after burn in his bones.

The moment to tell himself to stop, to walk away, had long since passed and he was stuck in melted glass made solid by his addiction. He was suffocating quietly and slowly in glorious agony.

Favourite comment:

WHAT?!?! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

“Hannibal sensed this slowly and carefully wrapped his arms around Will and pulled him into an embrace. It was so tender and slow, Will’s head found its way to Hannibal’s shoulder and rested there like it was meant to be”


“Tell me a story.”

Yes! *happy dance* Though I was shocked with the twist at first I actually enjoyed how this ended. ;-)


This comment made me smile as it was exactly the reaction I wanted! (Sorry so mean!)

Did you research for the piece extensively when you wrote it? Did you learn anything new from writing it? Tell us something unique about the process?


I did do a little bit of research about possible Italian towns they could move to!  I also did some research in different organs and their meaning and how to remove them, where to cut etc.  I also looked up what recipes you could use for different organs….I was channelling Hannibal and was slightly worried Jack was tracking my internet history and would be at my door any second!

I learned about how to cut a spleen out of a body!  

The process of writing this fic was really interesting for me as it was curve ball for me!  I also wrote a lot of it while waiting for a plane and while on a plane.  I sincerely hope the person sat next to me did not read what I was writing!  I was overcome with it and I couldn’t stop writing it!

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Okay but Clay is totally the type of person to accept looking like an idiot in front of others if it'll cheer a close friend up, like if someone's sad at a dance he'll do the most ridiculous moves to make them smile even though he looks strange as heck. It's worth it if it makes his friend happy. He also makes stupid faces at babies when the parents aren't looking to entertain them 👀👀👀

Okay but can we just agree Clay would be the best friend ever? I mean sure, he’s a little clueless sometimes, but that’s kind of the best part. I mean my personal favourite line from him is ‘maybe you need some camomile tea.’ Like little one liners like that would just have me bursting out laughing. Also Clay doesn’t exactly care what the other kids think as long as you’re happy. He knows they’ll be dicks no matter what, so he just does his thing. And oh my gosh the babies thing. Clay would totally stick his tongue out at kids all the time.


2017/08/09 Blog post by Hikaru 『皆さんのもとへ』

Towards your origins

Good evening everyone.
When crape myrtle trees are blooming,
and the red spider lilies, also known as fiery flowers, open up,
and they are all growing close together
in disarray, it makes me feel like September is upon us. This is Hikaru.
[“hyaku-hyakujitsukou-crape myrtle”, “hi-fire”, “ryou-disorder”, “ran-midare-disarray” => Hyakka Ryouran]

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