also one of my favorite photos!


99% DONE

I just need to stick on a few pieces of extra velcro under the pauldrons to guarentee they sit straight and then I’m DONE. YAAAAS. 

I cannot wait to get it out in better lighting because my photos aren’t doing it justice. It’s definitely my new favorite cosplay and probably one of the best I’ve made. So I’m hyped! Now I just need to hope my giant spear dries in time for WonderCon! 

oh man also - shout out to @nnoitragilga and @my-randomworld for helping with reference photos! Making this would’ve been absolutely impossible without their help. Since she’s such a minor character, has such a ridiculous outfit, and since I don’t actually own a copy of FFXV myself, I was in dire need of help finding pictures and they came to my rescue! @nnoitragilga especially saved my butt with the dragon sigil on the skirt and the back wings! So thank you, guys!

vulcanvampire  asked:

What's your favorite photo from the ERS?


But I mean my best friend is also in one from Bozeman holding Josh’s hand so that’s a close 2nd.

But also, any of the floral ghost ones omg I really can’t choose. Ask me again when all the pictures are released haha

one of my favorite things about Prompto is that he seems to have a tourist mindset. dude has to take pictures of everything, and i do mean everything

like such as this moment, where he observed the crown prince of Lucis getting stabbed in the tummy by an 8ft tall ghost samurai and said to himself, “okay but this is a photo op, when is Noct ever gonna get gored by a samurai again, Kodak Moment™”

i identify with that



@markiplier was an anime?

Would you watch it?

I wanted to redraw my favorite parts from some videos of mark and one photo cause i think it would be great, btw sorry if in some parts i forget something i was very busy by the time i was doing this and this were the only ones i could finish (maybe in another time i do this again with another youtuber/ o tal vez no jojojo) but well haha, also if Mark is reading this- Hey! your videos are cool! keep doing this quality content entertainment and thanks for making my friends and me smile :D


It’s your friendly internet goose here! This time I have a guide for getting pictures for your bullet journals and planners but without heavy printing fees!

This is divided into two sections: 

  • where to find pictures
  • picking pictures to use

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What are your 5 favorite pics/gifs of T-Bear?

hmmm okay this is going to be so so much more than just five because listen….i love tyson so much it’s almost embarrassing

this where he and natemac adopted max talbot’s son because well that’s what bros do right

and this where he calls gabe a stallion with the most dreamiest look in his eyes like this is incredibly adorable?? (gifset here)

also!! the tbear/natemac/o’reilly trio was a lot for me?? this is just one of my favorite photos of them three among the multiple gems there are but this because ty’s smile is so gentle i lov

this!! a smol focused bab in juniors with a c on his chest i love this photo a lot??

also tbear getting a bit flustered after being called out by matty lmao but erik is still apparently very endeared by ty comparing him to jax teller (gifset here)

Very Smol!! look at his hair and his chubby cheeks he’s so cute??? oh also that’s his mom they’re both very cute

THIS IS A CLASSIC i love this photo a lot because?? even jabenn manages to look like actually cute here (oops someone’s gonna drag me for that) this is literallt one of the sweetest photos i’ve ever laid my eyes on

ok i’m gonna stop here or this would get really really long but please before you go check out this video of him on nate’s instagram it makes me laugh every time because like…. who even is tyson barrie


still got some handmade copper pieces from my husband left up in the shop <3 
100% hand cut, sanded, textured, stamped and given a rustic patina. 
The bottom photo is one of my favorites, reminds me of a symbol for fertility and femininity… plus the lined textures with the patina give it a nice rustic aesthetic..
Also love the battle axe, nothing like a miniature copper battle axe to make you feel badass  


I finally properly scanned and edited these so its not just a lousy photo :)

One of my favorite things to come out of Inktober 2016 and purely as a silly suggestion from followers when I asked if they wanted to see Mermaid, or Space Girls (al 1950s sci-fi) as the last set of 7 for Inktober. They unanimous response was “space mermaids”

Sadly this was also the only set not to get a full set of 7 (I still of the pencils for the 5th one, and I plan to do more though!)

Grateful to have ended this Thanksgiving weekend seeing friends and my favorite Tony Award winning performer do another incredible set at Sterling’s.

I am truly thankful for all the friends I’ve made during this journey and also that I have had the opportunity to see JLY perform.  I’m also happy his fans are permitted to take photos of his incredible shows.  They capture his powerful performances and serve as remembrances for those of us that were there as well as mementos for those who were unable to see him.

Here’s one that I took just a few  hours ago.  More to come…



EverAfterHigh# Princess Flower Bell# Justine Dancer custom

I"ve finished her yesterday after 2 months working with a lot of issues lol… This custom is done for now .. sadly not my favorite custom … though one of my favorite backgrounder… she was without a doubt the most difficult custom I ever attempt to make… had been my first one she would be also the last lol….her skirt was a nightmare to make in fact along with her hair … I had to redo her with a second Justine doll. In fact of u take the take to look at the last photo that’s not the same custom/doll. So many things went wrong with both attempts lol … which let me with the desire to redo her once again one day. For know she will have to endure as she is my poor girl lol. I also decided to use the EAH castle that I recently got from Amazon when was on sale. I didn’t put tge castle together so forgive me if I use only tge panels leaning against the couch lol. Anyways I hope to take more photos later with this Princess and others.

“Technicolor Deco” by Shirley Gisi of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

I absolutely adore this quilt! I saw it in Chattanooga last year, where it won Second Place Wall Quilts. It went on to Des Moines where it won Best Use of Color, and here in Daytona, it won Second Place for Wall Quilts-Stationary Machine Quilted. It also graced the cover of American Quilter Magazine last November.

Shirley Gisi is known for her wonderful use of color and this one is my favorite of all of her pieces I’ve seen.

When the same quilts travel together to shows (as frequently happens) they start feeling a bit like family, and it was great to see this gorgeous quilt again.

Photo taken at AQS Quilt Week Daytona Beach, Florida, 2017.


Here are more screenshots.  My favorite one is where the car door closes on everyone.  Another one I like is where Lincoln hits the keyboard because it shows how all sides of The Loud House fandom react to each other lol.  At least things have gotten better for everyone, right guys?…….“Deathly Silence”

Also, what’s up with the guy dressed as Lucy? I think that might be from “The Whole Picture” where Lincoln accidentally destroys his  photos and wants to recreate the moment.

I’ve edited this photo more times than I can count. Tried my photoshop skills out a bit by adding in the background (it’s like….an abandoned factory that looked fitting).

Honestly this is probably one of my favorite photos of my Red Core Rabbit cosplay even though it’s literally just a selfie I took on my iPhone in the middle of my living room.

Also, I’m wearing Rabbit again and doing another photoshoot on the Saturday of Anime Boston!! I’m like…the eternal AB Rabbit cosplayer because this will be my 3rd year in a row wearing her. 2015 was Version 1 Rabbit with the eared headpiece and then last year’s debuted Version 2 Red Core Rabbit.


hello all, my name is Makani and i am the creator of this blog. I’m a mixed, trans, queer, fat beginner cosplayer! (they/them)

 So, these are some of my cosplay photos. (Photos by thrdplanetphotography) My favorite ones anyways. My favorite cosplay I have done, Idol Steven Universe from Steven Universe. This cosplay means a lot to me as a fat individual. But, whenever i wear it to a con, i always ALWAYS get looks. i hate it. cause i feel so good and confident in it, but its been starting to  make me feel uncomfortable. i created this blog for a safe space for all fat cosplayers to share their photos, stories, experiences, etc! 

I will probably need another mod or two soon, also!


For @gray-card‘s end-of-year top 5 extravaganza.  I wasn’t going to include my cat blog, but I had a special request. So here are 4 pictures for my fellow photographers and one silly shot.

To my @mischiefandmay followers, check out the New Year’s Day event at @gray-card.  Tumblr photographers submit their favorite 5 photos of the year.  It is a good place to see lots of the photo talent on tumblr and find some new blogs to follow.

My other blogs:

@celestialphotography: My main photography blog.  Mostly nature and travel photography.

@celestialmacros:  Bugs and birds and whatever wild living things will let me get close enough to photograph.

@cat-chat-gato: Reblogging cat photos taken by tumblr photographers

I’m also a frequent contributor to @letstalkphotography


I had a field trip with my plant taxonomy class and there were butterfly mcfreaking everywhere. I had to collect plants, but I also wanted to take photos of all the butterflies. I saw about 15-20 different species in about 20 minutes which was great. It made me remember how much I really miss doing my butterfly field study. The most excting finds were two species I haven’t seen before in the wild (only in the collection holdings). Top: Little Metalmark (Calephelis virginiensis) and then middle Georgia Satyr (Neonympha areolata). Bottom is a gray hairstreak. which is one of my favorites. 



Dewi “Dee” Lestari

Filosofi Kopi by Dewi Lestari

I was ranting about the beauty of Indonesian literature and @themultifandomblogger wants to know a few of my favorite poets.

While Marga T. is also one of the best writers out there, she mainly wrote books. I couldn’t find images of her writing, so I’d give Karmila as one of her examples because it is an amazing read.

Click the photo for names and description.