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It’s Complicated

Summary: Killian Jones saved his best friends’ daughter from a curse 28 years ago, but that baby is now a grown woman who has just broken the curse. Oh, and she also happens to be Killian’s girlfriend.

FF | AO3

Notes: One-shot based on this artwork from @winterbythesea (@svenjaliv) and inspired by @spartanguard and @queen-mabs-revenge and a Lieutenant Shepherd idea. And yes, it’s another Cursed!Killian fic from me because apparently I can never get enough of him.

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He didn’t know why, but as soon as he heard the Evil Queen had breached the castle walls, his first instinct was to run into the nursery to protect the princess.

Killian Jones leaned against the locked door of her nursery and looked down at her as she slept quietly in his arms. How could she be so pure and quiet when chaos was raining down around her?

He couldn’t stop the sad smile he gave her as she yawned and stretched her arms, her tiny feet kicking his hook. He had picked up that little souvenir in a battle against Rumplestiltskin, a battle he fought for his friend, David. Well, his friend and his leader.

It seemed like ages ago when he first met Prince Charming, as his wife Snow lovingly called him, the man who oversaw the kingdom’s Navy. Killian and his brother had started out low in the ranks and worked their way up until he was serving as a lieutenant under his brother’s captaincy. David had been on his own adventures before meeting up with Snow, the princess of this realm, and marrying her.

Killian could still remember the looks on their faces when they told him and his brother that they were expecting a baby. Four friends who celebrated together when a daughter arrived under the toughest of circumstances. The Evil Queen was threatening to enact a curse, threatening to take away this happy ending. And now, only a few days after the baby’s birth, she was about to fulfill her quest.

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Presenting: Scorpius…the rapper. (I’m so sorry - I don’t know what any of this is.)

Doodle inspired in part by the incredible works of @platinasi. 😄Wishing you luck on the upcoming national nursing license exams!! ✨

-Yes, that’s supposed to be the Time-Turner on his chain. Gleams like gold, just the way the Malfoys like it. True, only the adults use this one in Cursed Child, but let’s just ignore that, okay?

-So I like to think Scorpius’s propensity for singing + killer pun game + tendency toward wordiness in general = rapper potential.


-But you can’t deny that the boy who gave us “engorgimpressed” and “it’s time that time-turning became a thing of the past” wouldn’t be able to spit some clever rhymes. Plus he genuinely sings nearly every other line in the play so he’s clearly musically inclined.

-The biggest challenge he faces is choosing a rapper name to use during the one (1) week (albeit the longest week of poor Albus’s life) that he spends fixating on this potential career path. There are simply too many to choose from. I mean…

(Btw, Albus is normal, Scorpius is italics.)

-“Scorpius the Dreadless”

-“Malfoy the Unanxious”

-“Scorpion King”

-“Son of the Dark Lord” “Do you really want more people to call you that?” “I thought maybe I should just embrace it…”

-“Pepper Imp” “Scorpius, no, you can’t call yourself that.” “But there’s a Muggle rapper named after a Muggle candy! Have you ever tried Muggle candy? It’s fan-taaastic!”

-“$corpiu$” “We’re supposed to be English, remember?” “Oh, right…”

-“MC Awkward” (I shit you not, I took a rapper name quiz as Scorpius and this is what it came up with for him.)

-“Floorpius. It’ll make more sense when I’m famous for my breakdancing. I’m playing the long game, Albus.” “Please…no more-pius.” (Credit to @ohscorbus for coining “Floorpius.” Bless you for this gem.✨)

-“” “But you’ve changed it.” “So?” “So it’s technically not your middle name anymore.” “It’s close.” “It won’t make sense now, Scorpius.” “But I’m…so hyper…”

-“Master Malfoy…It’s what our House-elf calls me…”

-“Hyper Ion” “That’s not even clever.”

-“Lil Scorpy” “OKAY, ALBUS! THANK YOU FOR THE SUGGESTION.” “No, no, Scorpius, I was kidding - it was a joke!” “NOPE. I LIKE IT. CALL ME THAT.” “S-scorpius…p-please…I’m begging you…no.”

*12 hours later*

-“Scorpioncé” “Go to sleep, Scorpius.”

-He’s also definitely tried to commit the Twelve Uses of Dragon’s Blood to memory via rap. 

-And on one hand, I think Scorpius probably listens to songs and is entirely oblivious to any and all innuendo present, but on the other hand…engorgimpressed.

Once upon a time a curious pale-eyed and black-haired boy wandered into a big, deep forest. The boy was so fascinated by the plants and animals in these woods that the hours passed by like fish swimming downstream and soon it was dark. The boy only noticed this when he came upon a clearing in the forest, where he could gaze at the twinkling myriad of stars above, glittering like no jewels ever could. Under this starry sky the child laid himself down and fell asleep, trusting himself to the stars care.

The boy had no idea how fortunate he was, for in the forest lived a big, vile spider who resented everything that could walk under the sun. The spider could bear no light, even moonlight left him horribly scarred. So in the darkness of the forest he dwelled, praying upon any that strayed into the woods.

On this night he had been hunting in a far and lonesome corner of the forest and only heard his webs sing when the boy was in safety. The young thing tempted the spider so terribly, he hadn’t had a bite so fresh since he’d been damned to the forest. The spider was patient and could wait, the moon on this night was barely a sliver and would set soon.

Thus the spider creeped towards the boy on the meadow with his long, spindly legs. The starlight pressed patterns into his body, new scars sprang into his flesh at every step. The prize would worth the pain, though, and he was already hideous.

Suddenly the spider felt a burning on his back more like the moon and the sun, intense and painful. He barely had the time to glimpse at a shooting star when he scuttled back into the dark depths of the forest. For a fallen star was standing now next to the sleeping boy, a star like a child of blond hair that shined starlight and twinkling blue eyes, that searched the woods for danger.

The spider became angry, for he could not even look at this star without hurting and he began to plot the demise of the star and returned to remote depths of the forest to wait for his time.

In the meadows the star turned his attention to the sleeping boy. He had gazed down at this boy from his home in the sky, wondering at the curious life of this human. He had worried when the boy had wandered into the forest, his fear growing until he had appeared in the meadow. This was the first time the boy had looked up at the sky for longer than a moment and the star felt as if it was him that the boy gazed at. His joy turned to worry soon though, for the forest loomed around the meadow and dark things dwelled there. Soon his fears came true and the most evil creature in the whole of the woods creeped out into the meadow.

The star didn’t hesitate for a moment and jumped down towards the boy, leaving his home in the sky behind. His descent was as fast as light and yet it still seemed too long for the star. The creature fled at the light and the boy in the meadow was safe for a time longer.
The boy stirred from his sleep soon, a shining star next to him made it seem like midday was upon him. But what gazed down on him was a much more wondrous than the sun.

The boy’s eyes went wide when he realised what stood watch over him. He had heard stories of falling stars, but never believed any, for they were set in times long past or lands far away. But now a real star stood before him and he was sure that nothing in the world could ever compare to the beauty of this star. His skin shimmered, eyes twinkled and his hair was a shining light, bright enough to light up the darkest of nights. The boy was quick to open his mouth.
“A star. A fallen star. How are you real?”
The star stared mutely back, his brow quirking up.

“How did you come down? You look like a human, how could you survive up there? Can you speak?”

At the last rapidly spoken question the star shook his head. Speaking was of no use up in the sky, the distances too great. Instead the star lifted up his hand and cupped the cheek of the boy. The boy had only time to freeze when his mind fell into the star’s. He saw himself there, at different moments in his life, and a question drifted to the forefront of his mind.

The boy gasped as the star let his face go and breathed:

“Sherlock- my name is Sherlock.”

The star smiled dazzlingly at him.

“What’s yours?”

The star scrunched his eyebrows together and shook his head.

“Well, I can’t refer to you as star all the time. Can I make up one for you?” Sherlock inquired.

The star nodded vigorously and smiled.

“I think I’ll name you… John. It’s a common name, but you are so uncommon already. And people tend to notice you less if you have a generic name, not like mine.”

The star smiled wide at his new name, but took hold of Sherlock’s hand to convey that he liked Sherlock’s name. He frowned at the sadness in the boy’s voice. Sherlock gulped and rambled:

“Some people think it’s a weird name and that I do weird things and that I should stopped and-”

Sherlock’s speech was cut off by John hugging him and conveying him emotions of care and happiness. Slowly he relaxed into the hug and for the first time felt like he had a friend. The star hugged him even closer and Sherlock smiled like he was truly happy.

For the lovely lovely @love-in-mind-palace, I started this as an ask to you, but it somehow grew and I now have an entire plot. Whelp! I just have to get it down on paper now.

I’m tagging also @addignisherlock and @predictably-unpredictable, because you may like it and everyone deserves something good!

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Rating: MATURE  (also, this is the incomplete version; full version on my AO3 - read till end for link.)

Summary: KLANCE SMLUFF (SMUT+FLUFF), or alternately, porn without plot on a fucking magic carpet (oho see what I did there?) and a lot of flirting. (I’m sorry but this is exactly what it is.)

A/N: HAVE! YOU! GUYS! SEEN! @emuyh-art ‘s KLANCE ALADDIN AU ART. Like many of the smut/porn I write, this one is no exception and was inspired by emu’s surprisingly not-so-sinful gorgeous art..AU credits to the amazing Fuwa beeb on twitter who keeps on producing all these AUs!!! 

(I cRY o(—<)

Also, because I ended up writing this, Klance College! AU will be updated next week instead –

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was a damsel in distress –

Except Lance absolutely did not believe in those shitty “once upon a time”, when all the times life once-upon-a-timed him ended up with him back to the pathetic state of being single with a twisted personality, a broken heart, and a broken wrist – for he would sometimes forget that his fists were not made of concrete and that punching the poor inanimate soul out of a brick wall every time he got dumped was probably not the brightest idea in the history of mankind.

But that was before his dazzling prince charming came along and then Lance was once again head-over-heels in love with the idea of loving – alas, where’s the joy in history unless it repeats itself – and such was the beginning of the tragic downfall of the great young highness Lance McClain.

By “tragic” and “downfall”, it was to be understood as “oh shit I can’t get my hands off this smoking hotness that is Kogane and I don’t know what to do like, my mind’s telling me noooo but my body’s telling me yesssss” –

It was by unconventional interpretation that tragedy should be associated with such a preposterous definition but the Lance would hear nothing of it – tragedy shall be the new happiness if he demanded it.

“Hey, this is my fairy tale, so deal with it,” he would snap at all those innocent passerby who harboured the slightest intention of disapproving his curiously unconventional ways.

And such predisposition to rampant irascibility and unaccountable temperamental swings was perhaps what reduced him to be led by the nose by this vile, consuming existence those men of questionable wisdom termed as “Love”.

Yes, the great almighty Lance was very much in love at the moment, and with a man who owned a questionable magic carpet no less. And now as he stared at the beautiful creature that was Keith, looking up at him with those big wondrous eyes as Lance leaned slight over the balcony, he felt that his infatuation was beyond anything he had ever felt, and he was glad of it just as he was glad of love, despite its proneness to plunge him to the infernal depths of emotional fuckery.

“You think you can win me over if you showed me the world?” Lance flashed Keith his best flirtatious smile and leaned in closer. They were now a breath away and he could no longer distinguish the source of the treacherous warmth invading and spreading through his system – the summer heat or Keith fucking Kogane.

“Well, it’ll be shining, shimmering and splendid,” Keith replied in a sort of provocative half-whisper that almost made Lance lose his shit, “though not as splendid as you.”

Lance’s heart skipped a long unwanted beat, and begged that he would miraculously die because Keith with his game on was too much for him to handle.

But Lance was no coward.

Raising a brow suggestively he purred, “Oh? Just how splendid am I?”

“The very definition of splendor,” Keith said, and his breath fanned Lance’s purposefully parted lips. “I can open your eyes, take you wonder by wonder, over, sideways and under –” his voice seemed to drop an octave lower, “on a magical carpet ride.”

As much as the thought enthralled him, Lance could not help but prefer the beautiful man before him to explore his body instead –

Or performed variations of bodily exploration.

On Lance.

“How about you skip the ‘wonder by wonder’ part and just take mesideways and under’,” Lance said demurely, and was immensely pleased when Keith froze in front of him for a second. He brought his lips to Keith’s reddening ear and whispered in his most sinuous voice, “And what’s so magical about a magical carpet ride when I can ride you instead?”


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The owl in Beauty and the Beast

Some fans are looking for Harry Potter nods in the new Beauty and the Beast.

One that they have latched on to is the owl in The Enchantress’ lair and briefly shown in The Beast’s courtyard.  The Enchantress’s owl is not a snowy owl, like Hedwig.  Hedwig is a Snowy Owl.  Different breed.  That’s a barn owl.  The sort of owl Jareth could turn into in Labyrinth. 

Jareth also helped inspire the character of Rumplestiltskin in Disney’s Once Upon a Time, another Disney incarnation of The Beast from Beauty and The Beast.

Labyrinth is also the first family fantasy film where a girl in a ball room gown dances to an original song with the male lead, who happens to be wearing a blue frock coat.

Shown above is a picture of school shooter Bobby Gladden being interrogated. On August 27, 2012, Bobby entered Perry Hall High School in Maryland and attended his first two classes. During his break time, Bobby proceeded to reassemble and load a 12 gauge shotgun that he had hidden in his backpack, and entered the cafeteria with it concealed under his clothes, pulling it out and firing. Gladden’s bullets struck and critically injured special needs student Daniel Borowy before he was subdued by faculty members, leaving time for the rest of the students to evacuate to a nearby middle school and shopping center. A look at Gladden’s Facebook page revealed Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold as his inspirations, and “Charles Manson, Coming Down Fast” as one of his favorite books. Investigators also stumbled upon a post written a few hours before the shooting stating “first day of school, last day of my life. t(~_~t), fuck the world.” Once apprehended, Gladden began making jokes about how he wished he had participated in the Sandy Hook shooting and about how Borowy had deserved to die. Bobby was also put on suicide watch due to a history of self harm and suicidal ideations on his part, and was soon transferred to a mental treatment facility where he would reportedly laugh while talking about guns and would abuse others. A deeper look into his life prior to the shooting revealed that he was prone to abusing his parents and bullying others, even sending death threats on Facebook to someone who had come out as transsexual. Investigators argued that a possible motive for the shooting was that Bobby wanted to commit suicide by cop after. Gladden was charged with attempted murder and sentenced to 35 years in prison.

@rishnea replied to your post “How do you feel about the costumes in the new beauty and the beast?…”

I have no issue with historical accuracy in this film at all, its how -boring- the costume seems to be, particularly the yellow gown. Of all the inspiration, of all the amazing details they could have done, thats it. A few flounces, a boring bodice, some embroidery that falls flat/.Just disappointing when a tv show like Once Upon a Time can do gowns so well, including a sort of modern take on belle much better.

Also, the impression i always got from belles dress was that it was nearly magical in itself. It came from the castle, would have been something belle would have never even seen, probably something worn by a person of nobility for a crazy special moment. The animated film made it nearly look like it was made of a gold fabric!

I have to say that the general costume design in the animation is quite boring, but it’s an animation. I feel that the design for the film feels like borrowed from a (rather amazing) theatre production, not entirely fit for a cinema screen.

The yellow dress is not like the one in the original film, with I have to say I feel thankful, I’m so sorry but those skirt flounces just cannot be taken to the real world in a beautiful way. In a more modern way I would have taken inspiration from Galliano’s time in Dior or some Zac Posen (big but amazing dresses, not traditional but fluffy skirts, you get me).

I haven’t seen the film, so I don’t really know how will all look in the finished movie, I guess they added some magical/golden/digital filters/animation/stuff on the dress in movement, so I assume it will look slightly different.

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The official video for Lost Boy by Ruth B.

Video was inspired by OUAT. <33

(also it came out a week after pan died?)

ALRIGHT (a 2nd time)

Since the first one went well, I’ve decided to start taking shipping requests!  Send me an ask with some details about yourself (i.e., personality traits, hobbies, etc) as well as a fandomFANDOM OPTIONS ARE: The Originals, Teen Wolf, Marvel, Shadowhunters/Mortal Instruments, Bleach, and Once Upon A Time!  Also tell me if you want a male or female ship!  If you don’t I will pick both a male and female from the fandom (if there’s one from each I think would work well with you based on the info you give me)!  (also i’m still taking songfic requests btw)

Special thanks to @mystery-fan99 for inspiring me to do this!  THANK YOU LOVELY! <3


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early Regal Believer, little toddler Henry in Regina’s office, FFnet

Big thanks to Anastasia @spiral-nebula for beta-ing this :-* Seriously, what would I do without you? Regina would probably still sit under that desk ^^
This is also an attempt of peace-offering for Sophia @onceuponahappytime ;) Congratulations on passing your exam today, Madame Lawyer!

This day is endless.

Every day has been endless for the last two decades. Day in, day out. Always the same. She gets to her office in the morning, goes to meetings, does paper work, does her job as a mayor of this town. A dull day on repeat. Someone will barge in to claim ‘new’ rules and regulations or complain about one of her ‘latest’ decisions in town. Who interrupts her varies though. Sometimes often it’s Leroy, sometimes it’s Graham; even the cursed version of Snow strolls into her office from time to time. But often it’s just some random unhappy citizen. But are they? Are they actually unhappy?

Regina sighs as she’s sitting at her desk, and slips out of her heels. She grabs the next paper from her “to-do” pile (even that is on repeat) in front of her as she hears a little gurgle from the couch.

Her little prince.

Henry was a bit under the weather this morning. It’s the beginning of fall and almost every child in that daycare seems to be sick. So she brought him here with her to the town hall. He’s playing quietly with his toys, builds little towers, babbles incoherent words, creates stories and worlds that only he understands. He seems to be happy. She hopes he is in this world of repeat.

She’s concerned about what these endless days will do to him. When will he notice that something’s not right? When will he notice that the other kids aren’t getting taller like he is? He seems to be happy now but she doubts it’ll stay like this forever. In all these endless days.

She feels selfish for bringing him here, for letting him grow up in this made-up world that isn’t real. Did Regina do it only for her own good? So she doesn’t have to be alone anymore, doesn’t have to feel that hole in her heart getting bigger with every endless day?

Little feet tap over the marble floor. Regina looks up and sees him grinning from ear to ear, holding a red wooden toy block out towards her.

“What do you have there, sweetie?” she beams at him. His smile is contagious, as long as Henry’s happy, Regina is too.

He’s still standing next to the couch, unsure what to do next. Then he starts with small but fast little steps in her direction. Her little boy just got the hang of walking, so his steps are still a little unsteady but confident.

Step, step, step, ste-


He lands on his knees with a thud, the red block tumbling through air as he catches himself on his little hands. Regina instantly turns in her chair and wants to get up to help him. She can see he’s distraught, his bottom lip is wobbling as he looks up at her, a pleading expression drawn on his face.

She resists the urge to swoop him up from the floor, stays where she is and says “It’s okay. You can do it, Henry.”

He lets out a big sigh and wriggles a little on the floor. “Mama.”

“Yes, sweetheart. You can do it, I know it.” She opens her arms to him. “Come here, my little prince.”

Henry looks at her again with beseeching eyes, in one last attempt to get her to help him so he doesn’t have to do it on his own. But she doesn’t move, apart from rolling a little closer with her chair, her arms still open to him.

He lifts his little butt in the air, which looks way too adorable, and pushes himself up until he’s standing. He grins again.

“There you go! Come here,” she encourages him. He starts running again but stops mid-way to pick up the red block that fell out of his hand earlier. He squads down, grabs the toy with tiny fingers and continues running across the room, straight into her arms. Regina picks him up now, lifting him in the air, wriggling him for a moment, drawing a giggle and a toothy smile out of her little boy before flopping him on her lap, hugging him tightly. “See, you did it! All by yourself. I’m so proud of you, my little prince.” She kisses the top of his head and pulls back to look at him. He grins up at her, his eyes shining with happiness.

Suddenly he remembers the reason why he ran towards her and holds up the red block proudly. “Mama!”

“For me?” Regina gasps in played surprise and takes the wooden toy from him as he nods. Only now does she notice its form. There are still edges for a better grip for young toddlers like her son, but the shape is unmistakably round, round like an apple. Henry’s jumping up and down a little on her lap, looking up at her expectantly.

She looks stunned from the wooden apple to her little prince. “Thank you, Henry” she says, her voice thick with emotions. “Thank you” she repeats in a whisper while hugging him close to her again.

Regina can hear him giggle, tries to copy her by flinging his little arms around her torso.

This day might still be endless, but it’s a little brighter thanks to her little prince.

93. Simplicity (ft. BTS’ Jimin)

a/n: So this happened. Inspired by One Tree Hill, my penchant for guys in glasses and Jimin in glasses, really. Also, that episode of Bon Voyage that he was wearing his actual glasses (can someone link me the episode, I forgot.) Written for my own satisfaction. Sorry. Let’s play a game of who reads author’s notes again! Okay, so random fact about the weird author of this blog, not that you’d care (haha) We actually didn’t have cheerleaders in our school, but once upon a time, I did join a modern standard dance competition as the rep for my class and I think I did that because a.) nobody wanted to b.) I’d be exempted for the final exam in my MAPEH class (idk what’s the international equivalent of this is but it stands for Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health) and honestly, NO ONE EXPECTED US TO WIN because I wasn’t a dancer, my partner wasn’t a dancer and we didn’t hire a choreographer plus the fact that I have the body type of a coke in can and my partner was practically a bamboo shoot. We didn’t win, but we did place 4th out of 13 couples and we got a nifty medal to prove it ha! Anyway, fast forward to today, that was the first and last dance competition that I ever joined and my partner and I still call each other ‘partner’, like how cute is that? Okay, 끝.

Genre(s): Fluff, Smut-ish, Romance (I’m not a smut blog btw and you should love Jimin in smut and in fluff, in angst and in happy endings)

Warning(s): Implied sex, pretty PG-13 stuff, didn’t proofread and heavily improvised, meaning I didn’t think this one through haha

You stretched out, did a little clap and pushed out of your desk. Feeling cheerful because you finally finished the work you brought home, you surveyed the fridge for something to reward yourself with. You smiled when you saw the pint of half-eaten matcha ice cream that your boyfriend had left.

You smiled at the thought of him sulking when he finds out that you had eaten his food again and then, you’d say that it’s your fridge anyway which he will immediately counter with him saying that you’re his.

‘Ah, I miss that fucking fluffball.’ You groaned internally. Sometimes, you wonder how you can possibly miss him that much whether he’s in the next room or halfway across the world. You shook head, knowing that if you start thinking about him now, you’d have no choice but to call him.

And that won’t be good for anyone.

You grabbed the pint and went back to your room to settle in front of your laptop where a Weekly Idol episode (ft. Mamamoo) was already loading. You already sat down when you realized that you forgot to take a spoon. You sighed and made a trip to the kitchen again.

However, this time, something on the coffee table caught your eyes. A smile easily plastered itself on your face. When you realized what was happening, you grabbed the darned thing and went back. Instead of playing the episode though, you took your phone and proceeded to call Jimin.

And you almost heard the smirk in his voice when he answered with a, “Hello, jagi!” Dragging out that last syllable just to mess with you a little, as if you hadn’t missed his voice enough. “What’s up?”

“I miss you.” You groaned in frustration right after you said it.

He was laughing his loud ass laugh on the other side and the members who were sitting in the van with him gave him their best “will you please stop being so disgustingly happy” look.

“You literally called me,” he paused to check the time. “…20 minutes ago to say that. Did you see my ice cream in your fridge or something?”

“Well, yeah… that, but I held it in. Now, it’s your glasses.” You remarked, turning over the worn out lenses that Jimin rarely wore when you were around.

“Which glasses?” He immediately rummaged through his bag to see if he was missing something and sure enough, the case for his prescription glasses was considerably lighter. “Oh, those glasses. I didn’t even realize that I left it.”

“You did and now I miss you because of it.” You sounded pouty and cute at the same time that Jimin just couldn’t help but laugh again. Hoseok sent him one of his infamous judging stares, so he turned his face towards the window to hide the way he kept smiling.

“I miss you too, but you can’t miss me already! I haven’t even boarded the plane yet.” His tone was light, but you knew exactly how he was feeling. He probably missed you as much.

“I know! I just…” You sighed exasperatedly, knowing that if this conversation goes any longer, both of you will have to suffer. “…do you need these glasses? I know you can’t see without them.”

“Jagiyah, I just have bad eyes, I’m not blind.” He said slowly. “I’ll be fine, besides I have my contacts with me.”

“Okay,” you frowned. “…you sure I don’t need to bring them to the airport?”

Now, it was his turn to sigh. “Not really. I know you’re just making excuses to go and see me. We talked about this, right? I’ll be back in a month, baby. No need to be so clingy.”

“I know you’re kidding, but it stings.” Jimin could almost see your flat smile in his head, the one you do whenever you were upset.

“Just hold unto them for me. I’ll be back before you know it. I promise.” He looked out the window and saw that they were near the airport, so with a bittersweet smile he said, “I have to go now, jagi. Don’t miss me too much and get scolded by your boss.”

You hummed a reply, feeling down all of a sudden.

“And jagiyah?” He looked at the members, hesitated, before blurting out, “I love you.”

You heard them protest and you laughed; that laugh will get Jimin through the darkest nights.

“Liar.” You pouted as you leaned against the window of the bus. It’s been three week since Jimin left and you’ve began hating yourself for missing him so much. You had a life before Jimin, but how come you can’t seem to function properly without him?

You took out your phone and your finger hovered over the call button near Jimin’s name, but you decided against it and hit your forehead against the glass to punish yourself for trying to bother him again. You’ve gone for 5 days without calling him and texting him that you missed him. You also tried to sound okay when he asks how you were, so you were not going to be a pussy and call him now. Right?

You stalked towards your apartment, back hunched as you tried to follow the patterns on the floor. Finally, you arrived at your door. Dejectedly punching in the numbers until the annoying sound which signals that the door opened rang. You padded through the front door and in an attempt to discard your shoes messily, you almost tripped on another pair… which wasn’t yours. Your heart raced as you padded through your apartment in search of its owner.

Park Jimin. His name echoed in your head as you saw him scanning your fridge in his oversized shirt, sweats and… glasses. You dropped everything, the thud gaining his attention, and went to hug him from the back. If this was a dream and you were just hugging your pillow, you wouldn’t be pissed off at all.

Because it would be a very sweet dream.

Jimin’s hands landed on yours and you two stayed like that for a solid minute. After all, he did miss you as much as you missed him and he didn’t mind that he could feel every curve of your body from the way you held him. When you still haven’t spoken a single word, Jimin broke free to look at your face.

“Are you crying?” He asked, trying to peer into your eyes.

“No.” you answered while sniffling and a grin spread on Jimin’s face as he gathered you into his arms.

“Aw, I missed you too, baby.” He said, tucking you in the crook of his neck. “Our shows got cancelled because of the weather, so I took the first flight back because I figured you were beginning to avoid me because you missed me so much.”

“Am I an open book? Even Park Jimin can read me so well.” You whined.

He pulled away and kept you within arm’s length. “What do you mean by ‘even Park Jimin’?”

You met his eyes and noticed that his glasses were still on.

“What?” he asked when you wouldn’t stop staring. “Ah.” he realized and removed the glasses.

“You rarely wear those around me. Actually, you rarely wear them.” You said, your eyes following the pair of lenses in his hand. “Why?”

“You’re changing the topic, but I don’t mind.” He shrugged as he hopped on the kitchen counter. He wore the glasses again and asked, “Don’t I look weird with this?”

“I think you look like that nerd that all the popular girls want to seduce.” You said as you stood in front of him.

He laughed. “That’s a very specific example.”

“Once upon a time, I was a cheerleader.” You narrated playfully, but Jimin’s curiosity was pricked. You had never told him this story before. “One girl got injured and I stood in for about a month for the school games.”

“I didn’t know that.” He said slowly, not knowing where this was leading.

Your hand grazed his knee as you continued, “Naturally, a lot of new people took notice of me.” You pretended to be cocky and Jimin pinched your cheek. “But did you know who I was dating and who took me to prom?”

Jimin shook his head.

Your palms flattened on his thigh. “The quietest kid in class who wore glasses, had the best grades and…” you squeezed the flesh under your fingers and he let out a low groan, smirking at you. “…the lowest self-esteem.”

Your lips were almost against his, but you remained a breath away. “And so?” his voice trembled in excitement.

“And if there’s anything that can boost a nerd’s self-esteem,” you exhaled and you saw from the way Jimin’s throat moved that he gulped. “…it’s a kiss from a cheerleader.”

You finally pressed your lips against his parted mouth, standing on your tiptoes, and immediately leaned back.

“There.” You remarked proudly, not noticing how Jimin’s eyes had taken a darker glint under the specs. “Feeling better about wearing your glasses? You look great, Ji—“

The last syllable of his name was spoken into his mouth as he connected his lips against yours, weaving a hand behind your neck, so that you can’t just pull away and tease him like that again. His other arm wrapped around your back as leaned on him so that you can balance on your toes. He licked your lower lip and you opened up as if his kiss was the password. He was kissing you so passionately that you just can’t help but breathe heavily, fogging up his lenses.

He finally pulled away, letting out a soft chuckle as he took the misty glasses from his face and discarded them on the counter. “I didn’t know you had a glasses fetish.”

“I don’t.” you replied, catching your breath. “It appeared like 5 minutes ago when this guy in glasses showed up in my kitchen.”

Jimin laughed as he pushed you against the nearest wall.

You leaned over Jimin’s naked chest to reach for the glasses that found its way on your bedside table. You placed it crookedly on the bridge of Jimin’s nose. He raised an eyebrow at you, “So you do have a fetish.” You settled your chin on top of your overlapping hands as you used Jimin’s chest to prop yourself up. You looked at him through lidded eyes and Jimin had to remind himself to breathe because while you were adorable in his eyes, he could feel your breasts rubbing against him.

“I told you, I don’t.” you retorted in a weaker voice than intended. “But I was telling the story earlier was real.”

“So you did date someone like him?” The way Jimin’s voice rumbled under you was both distracting and relaxing at the same time.

“Hm-hm, we dated until college.” You tilted your head and leaned on your cheek instead.

“What happened?”

“You happened.” You replied without hesitation. “I moved here to Seoul to work and the rest is history.”

“Sorry for being the bad guy, then.” He pretended to be mad by discarding you to the side and sitting up.

You giggled and wrapped a sheet around you, tucking it under your armpits as you sat beside him. You forced your feet between his legs so that you could huddle closer. You wrapped your arms around your knees and leaned on your cheeks again, so that you could stare at him as he fixed the glasses on his face. You sighed when he finally met your eyes.

“Why do you keep looking at me like that?” he asked softly, all the playful vibes dissipating.

“Like what?” your eyes travelled to his nose, down to his lips then to his jaw.

“Like…” he tried to follow where your eyes were roaming. “…like you’re looking at me, but thinking about something else?”

“That makes sense.” You answered sarcastically. “No, I’m just wondering… what if I had met you before? When you were just a boy in Busan and I… well, I don’t know what I would be doing in Busan but you know what I mean. What if it had been you who took me to prom or went on cheesy, high school dates with me?”

“Are you sure that you’d date me even if I looked like I did back then?” he replied in good humor, pushing the bridge of the glasses back.

“That’s the thing…” you began and though the situation was hypothetical, Jimin was just about to be disappointed. “…I think I would still have fallen for you.”

Jimin searched your eyes for any signs of mischief, but your sincerity caught him off-guard. “Really?”

“Really. Lately I’ve been wondering like this and I’ve only realized the answer now. If you were just simply Park Jimin, a kid from Busan who happened to be good at dancing and singing; without the Bangtan name; without the idol profession, would I still have loved you as much as I do now?” you exhaled loudly, as if you cannot believe the words leaving your mouth. “If I had met you like this, this inhibited, glasses-clad version of you, would I still love you?”

Jimin leaned in and kissed you sweetly, just mere pressing of the lips. His kiss ebbed away and came back stronger. His hand creeped under your jaw, so that he could mold his lips better onto yours.

“Please say yes.” He whispered as he pressed your foreheads together.

“I’m naked in bed with you because you wore those darned glasses. That should be enough of an answer, right?” Jimin loved how this side of you always comes out in the perfect moments, but your gaze softened again as you looked at his face. “I love this too. No complications, no titles… Just you and me.”

You kissed the corner of his lip, smiling while you pulled away.

“I guess you missed me this much, huh?” he smirked and you smacked him in the arm. “If I wasn’t an idol, I wouldn’t have met you though.”

“True.” You both slid down to the pillows again and you could feel Jimin’s finger tracing patterns over your collarbone.

He pulled you close, so that he could whisper into your ear. “You in a cheerleader uniform though, that’s a sight I would’ve wanted to see.”

You slapped his arm again, but gave him a giggle as he rolled you over and kissed you again.

And those were the last words that weren’t whispers and pleas for release that both of you said that night.

4x13 meta

Hey guys! I definitely had some problems with tonight’s episode, but I also felt there was a lot of great material, and obviously, it was enough to inspire a meta! In order, I will talk about: Scarlet Beauty (Will and Belle), Regina and the Author–and, as usual, end with Captain Swan last. 


(warning: if you’re a fan of Rumbelle, you probably will not like what I have to say. I promise I’m respectful to it’s shippers though! hopefully you’ll hear me out, or skip this section if you want.)

So unless you’ve been living under a proverbial tumblr rock and have avoided being spoiled over the Will x Belle pairing (in which case I would commend you, because it can be more fun to not be), you are probably not surprised. You may, however, be confused. 

And it’s probably not helped by the shock value way it was introduced! It’s not the way I would’ve done it, but given that most of the show’s viewership isn’t on this obsessive website, I get it. It’s a ~big reveal~

I’ve been meaning to meta on these two for a while and didn’t have time to get around to it–but when you stop to think about it, it’s really not as random as a pairing as you might think. 

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Imagine being someone like Alice who has gone to Wonderland in your dreams all your life. While you’re there you fall in love with Jefferson and everyone thinks you’re crazy back in your world when you insist it’s not a dream.

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(So I was inspired by this video and I honestly love this idea so much. Also yes I am planning on doing this a a multi chapter fan fic if you guys are interested in me doing another Jefferson piece.)

“Everyone thinks I’m mad.” You admitted.

“Darling, you’re in love with me. Of course you’re mad.” Jefferson chuckled.


So i def. want to do a video on my place with my proffesional camera as my dinky phone camera is not good at all. But i did promise some pictures so here some is. 

This area is my Living Room and Dinning Area. I wanted this space to just be inspired by disney princess themes. The basis of what I think a lot of OUAT fairytales are. So my couch (while not really picked up on, on camera) is a light pink. The gree frame is leaves which im in the process of making a picture area. I thrifted everything and painted the table white, and did a floral pattern under the glass top. Also there’s a a few pop figure characters from once upon a time chilling in the corner shelf in the first picture over there. I wanted a bit of a color theme so I went with pinks blues and golds, with some shabby browns and whites tucked in. I also thrifted my table, which currently has a blanket as the cover on it because I am actually decopauging (or however you spell it) the top if it why fairytale/mythological based images. And its unfinished. The table was thrifted for thirty dollars and I painted it white. It came with chairs which I reupholstered myself. I found the nook at a thrift store and painted it pink. It’s where all my tea cups and such are. My kitchen is just an assortment of my favorite tea wear with a few plants, a snow white apple, and some bird imagery (all things i associate with princesses) in between. I also got that shelf from a elementary teacher who no longer wanted it and painted it pink. Check out the apple carvings in it! :D The rest you can kind of see, even with the poor lighting, yourself. Hopefully I’ll have a video to better show you some cool stuff in the future. 


once upon a time I was obsessed with aratou and even dedicated playlists to them and one of them was fairytale-themed so this au thing was inspired by that playlist

now with a part 2!!