also on the back page she wrote 'need gas' 'need money'

I need help

My ex boyfriend and his family are psychotic and liars.
It started out late last year when I first started dating Addison Smith and everything was perfect.  Now, I have lupus disease and I only have about a year left to live.  I gave him the opportunity to back out because of it but he made the decision to stay.  He said all these sweet things like how he wants to be there for me and help make me live longer, how he loved me so much that he wanted to marry me, he told his entire family this.  But months pass and he came to visit me in my state twice.  On the second visit, he gets a call from his mom who says that if we moved down to Missouri, that she had a place for us to move into and everything was set up for us.  I told Addison that I wasn’t going to move there if we had to live with his mother because she had already made a very bad impression on me the first time I met her by her saying “Aren’t you a little too old for him?”  We’re 5 years apart and she shouldn’t have talked because her husband and her are 10 years apart.

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