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anyways!! tysm for all the kind words and stuff after i got that one ask that was kind of ehh.. it kind of got me in the mood to finally stop being as sad and actually get some things back on track! see ya in the next post!

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If you don't like your URL and you find half the fandom embarrassing, why don't you just change it? Maybe to a recent thing you like more?

just because i dont like the fandom doesnt mean i dont like the content from the show. and just because i dont necessarily like this url for what is actually says and criticize this show a lot doesnt mean i dont want this to be a hollstein centric blog– which it still is.

regardless of how i feel about “y'all” and what this url actually says– bottom line im not changing it b/c i dont want to.


Poly relationship with Namjoon, Jin and J-hope.

guys, i need more blogs to follow bc my dash is dead, dead, dead. if you guys want, reblog/like this if you post any of the following:

  • sebastian stan
  • stevebucky
  • bucky barnes
  • colin farrell
  • chris pine
  • rami malek (mr. robot)
  • f.r.i.e.n.d.s
  • daredevil
  • luke cage
  • movies
  • quinnshot (suicide squad)

also other things i look for are:

  • tagged posts
  • discourse free
  • not a multishipper
  • being active
  • clean theme

it doesnt matter but if you make gifs or edits it is a plus. if you do any of the above i’ll check out your blog :)

i love ks but the fandom is a fucking disaster

Oh, It’s the mistletoe meme!

Since this was fun last year, so I made another one! Draw your oc doing their thing under the mistletoe >o<

Such a shy bean


Sweet summer child Yugyeom’s struggles during girlfriend-related missions


• Okay now this one is actually a bit louder. The “Ringtone Maker” app was used to turn it down but it didn’t do much.
• If you steal pls be nice enough to give credit. If you decide to be a meanie and not give credit then siGH there’s nothing I can do I guess
• About an hour ago I posted to my Instagram @/joshlur about how I was going to be posting this finally lol anyway I don’t post the audios on Instagram anymore bc they seem to be getting longer and I don’t like them being on the explore page anyway. and tumblr users are so much nicer :)
• If I make another, it will be posted on here as well
• You can also search my blog for my smutty photo edits

I personally like the first one better but here’s the second!

When ur too tired and can’t deal with ur adoptive parent’s bullshit anymore

(Emoji challenge from my bae @t0binka, from left to right C1, C7, D2)


So, I got my Victor wig in the mail! I am in love with it even tho it has a mind of it’s own ahah! <3 

When I was in 3rd grade, my mother carefully went over every single part of the Pledge of Allegiance until I understood exactly what it meant. She then let me decide if I was going to stand with my hand over my heart, and pledge my allegiance to a version of God I didn’t believe in, and words I didn’t feel were a completely accurate description of my country.

I chose not to stand.

And over the years I was hated and punished for it by teachers and students alike.

But I never stood for the Pledge of Allegiance again, and that was my right.

I firmly believe in standing up, or sitting down for you and your people’s rights and beliefs, even in the face of patriotism. If your country has done wrong, you do not have to pledge your love and trust to it until your country reflects the words of the anthem for everyone equally.

Patriotism is supposed to honor your right to speak, to protest, to be safe, and to believe if what you believe in to begin with. That is kind of the point of our anthem and our pledge.

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stop reblogging yellow diamond this is a jasper blog isnt it

Also, this is the personal blog of someone who happens to love Jasper (and Yellow Diamond, too) and reblogs/posts a lot about her, not “an EXCLUSIVELY Jasper blog”. There are tons of Jasper blogs out there, I’m sure you’ll love them!