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You know, I think "monosexism" is more real than "aphobia" since Biphobia is a serious problem in the quiltbag community (and more importantly, the wider world) but aphobia isn't.

monosexism and aphobia are both Not Real. there’s a difference between “biphobia should be discussed more within the lgbt community” and “gay people are privileged over bi people for their attraction to a single gender, just like straight people”. the latter is really fucking bad discourse, my friend. and there’s no such thing as the quiltbag community lmao it’s the lgbt community.

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thank you for that crow post ofmgalkfj asdlkfj adfl crows are just... wow. I love crows. bless you for continually making my life better, also crows, i'm very emotional,

Whoops I meant that for my personal blog (curse you mobile)but I’m glad you enjoyed it
-mod karin

Despite all the incredible previews, I’ll admit I was a little wary going into Moo Moo, only because racial profiling is a really heavy topic to cover in ~22 minutes, especially in a comedy. I spent a lot of time thinking about how the conflict between Terry and Holt might play out. My fear was either the episode would slip into “after school special” territory and ultimately present a superficial, overly simplistic depiction of the issue, or veer all the off to the other end and give us a dark, bleak ending devoid of that hope and optimism that makes B99 so special. Nothing against B99 – I’ve just been burned by many a show before, and this is a topic that could be an absolute disaster in the wrong hands. 

But then there’s this? A show that is thoughtful and nuanced while showing us the horrors of racial profiling and the complexities of reporting it, that doesn’t shy away from the fact that we still have a lot of work to do but also allows Terry and Holt to have their own personal victory? That covered a super serious subject, including a conversation where two beautiful young black girls asked questions they should never have to ask, but still allowed for moments of joy and laughter that felt genuine? And that did it all in about twenty minutes, wrapping up on a beautifully bittersweet note that was just the right tone for an episode of this level of importance?

I’m just in awe. And I feel really, really lucky that we have so many incredible people involved with this show who share it with us. 


found out by accident that @tyranttortoise and i are apparently birthday twins? because the world is just really beautifully weird like that sometimes. and what with that uf sans jacket she posted herself in, i decided to indulge in my own love of this edgy skeleton for my own birthday break time i gave myself and to wish her a happy birthday at the same time.

so happy birthday, ty! what a good day to have a birthday - i say, totally unbiased. <3

I’ve received a lot of messages saying that my theme being broken might be one cause for people not reblogging/commenting as much as they used to. Also my bio is cut off for some people with a specific screen definition/size (the part with my e-mail for work contact, the part about how I don’t take requests, and the part where I say if commissions are open or not) . The “next page” button is also cut off for some people. The reblog button is broken. My Patreon link is missing. etc.

I suck at html shit but the friend who did my original theme is coming to visit in a few days so I will see with her if we can fix all of that. Sorry about all of this.


My hair decided it wanted to play nice today even though I forgot my hair brush, so I documented this rare phenomenon with some gratuitous pictures of myself, or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bombshell, AKA Me

Hey everyone! It’s that time for me to start looking for new blogs to follow :D

Below, I have listed what I am looking for:

  • ***Aesthetic blogs ( black/white or dark aesthetic! something similar to mine i guess ^^ )
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breaking dog blog news

recent vignettes from the life of Chalo and Priya:

  • Last night I couldn’t find Chalo, and then I did find him. Standing by a wall, gingerly licking the tapestry hanging from it.
  • Priya’s whirligig tail is nearly prehensile in its utility, and works beautifully as a built-in long line holder. Just hook the line into the tail, and it never gets tangled in her legs.
  • Chalo goes all wide-eyed with desire for injera.
  • During a recent tornado warning (yes, in March! wild), we hustled into a dark closet in the middle of the house. Both dogs considered it a wonderful party. All 50 lbs of Chalo curled up in my lap and fell asleep, while Priya leaned against me and batted her eyelashes against my forehead in the darkness. It was like a meditative field trip.

Wanted to draw lomadia because I was watching her play the walking dead
I drew a thing!!! can you believe it!! 


• Okay now this one is actually a bit louder. The “Ringtone Maker” app was used to turn it down but it didn’t do much.
• If you steal pls be nice enough to give credit. If you decide to be a meanie and not give credit then siGH there’s nothing I can do I guess
• About an hour ago I posted to my Instagram @/joshlur about how I was going to be posting this finally lol anyway I don’t post the audios on Instagram anymore bc they seem to be getting longer and I don’t like them being on the explore page anyway. and tumblr users are so much nicer :)
• If I make another, it will be posted on here as well
• You can also search my blog for my smutty photo edits

I personally like the first one better but here’s the second!

someone: cs banged for the first time during the 6 weeks of peace
me: tru!!!
someone: nah they banged for the first time when they were in camelot
me: facts!!!!
someone: uh no??? they banged for the first time when she rescued him from the uw
me: u right!!!
someone: nope, after she said ily outside of grannys in the s5 finale they went to emmas house and banged for the first time
me: absolutely 100%
someone: it was obviously when cs moved in together that they banged for the first time
me: i agree!!
someone: nope it was when-
me: ur correct!!