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hi i'm a new follower and i've been going through your blog and saw on of your selfies and omg your so pretty... is it okay if I ask for a self introduction or is that too weird? (sorry)


OMYYGOOOOSH Thank you??!!!

Ummmm… Okay I guess we can do this…

Hi! I’m Carol (or CJ). My birthday is on October 4th, and I’m 23, though apparently I don’t look it -_- I’m an INFP (I don’t really know what that means) I have like 7 blogs haha I LOVE COOKIES and also giving hugs! I LOVE TOKOYAMI SO MUCH!! He’s my bird son. I don’t really know what else to say… My favorite season is autumn. Space is neat. Ummmm that’s it I think? If you want to know something else then just ask me x)



Tag yourself I’m the guy that screams “I SHIP IT”

some Jack headcanons:
  • he’s afraid of ghosts/supernatural stuff, especially after the haunted house incident. if he hears a ghost story he won’t be able to sleep that night
  • more than half the time he really doesn’t understand all the futuristic lingo and slang, but makes 0 effort to figure it out. he’ll just nod and smile, pretending to understand
  • he tried coffee once but it made him shake way too much and he thought it was overly bitter. he doesn’t understand why people drink it
  • he can’t eat chicken after becoming one. he also gets a bit unsettled when he sees others eat it
  • he hardly ever gets sick, but if he does it’s pretty bad and he’s incapacitated for a bit
  • bugs give him the creeps, if a bug crawls on his hand he’ll lose it
  • he loves hello kitty, which is somehow still around so far in the future. the design is super cute to him and thinks it’s great that it’s practically everywhere 
Ed stahp
  • S1 Ed: Wow that's a Mr. Penguin, so cool let me befriend you with riddles of foot eggs
  • S2 Ed: Omg let me love you and I will love you until you learn to love yourself also you're not getting those clothes back what is personal space your mommy is dead want some spicy mustard?
  • S3 Ed: Hey thanks for the prison break and the nice suits and giving me a job and feeding me but ugh stop calling me when I'm trying to murder why are you so self centered
  • Me: (ಥ_ಥ)

Tomco Week Day 4: Cosplay

Are they friends, are they enemies or are they…loversFriendenemies?

(NAILED IT XD.., don’t kill me)

I watched Iron man sucks The Lego Batman Movie, I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing my lungs out. I had a blast and has to be my favorite movie just in the beginning of 2017…which is funny that this wasn’t my MOST expected movie that I was going to enjoy, I’m waiting for Guardians Of the Galaxy 2

I couldn’t resist, Joker was such a cutie, and Batman was acting like his normal batman self XD. It’s quite funny how we view their relationship as this love hate “hero against villain” and how they just go well as themselves…

you can’t imagine how much this one was don’t get me wrong I had fun with all my previous works BUT THIS ONE

OMG…I still can’t stop smiling from doing this!

Also, I want to thank the person who drew this to get an idea of tom with a new style…or it would’ve looked A LOT worse XD

Found out this drawing was drawn by seunghyeoni, but found she’s not here but on Twitter, so she deserves the credit ;)

Art (the top one) by me

Tom and Marco belong to Disney

Batman and Joker belong to Warner Bros.

God bless you :3

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Things I’d really love to see in s2:

  • Yuuri winning the Grand Prix Final
  • The wedding
  • Victor knowing how to handle Yuuri’s anxiety
  • Yuuri gaining a lot more self confidence 
  • Yurio’s incoming growth spurt
  • More character development for Yurio
  • More development between Yurio and Otabek (romantic or not, I’m honestly fine with both) 
  • More backstory on Yurio and Victor
  • Domestic Victor/Yuuri moments
  • Maybe a cute new wlw couple??? Maybe involving Sara?? Omg imagine the possibilities~
  • More of Chris, Phichit, and Yuuko

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I love your writing so much omg could you do RFA reaction to an mc that is super messy? Like never cleans up after them self and just always leaves stuff strewn about when they leave a room? thank you so much!!!

It’s no problem!! I’m actually the polar opposite of this and I can’t stand just leaving everything lying around so this was fUN thank you for requesting this!!
Also unrelated note but I finally got my new laptop and it’s a Macbook and I’m actually cry ing it’s so nice and I can finally write headcanons properly again and I’m so happy-


  • He’s one of those people who doesn’t particularly tidy up after himself but things end up staying pretty tidy?
  • So seeing a mess just naturally grow is weird
  • He’s cool with helping out with keeping stuff tidy
  • But oh my gosh you can’t just leave everything out though okay
  • He has a reputation to keep up and what about the fans that show up they caN’T SEE HIS HOUSE LIKE THIS


  • The only thing messier than his house is his life so
  • You both live in this state of constant mess
  • He doesn’t even have to do anything in particular, it just gets untidy super easily?
  • Like he’ll have those I’m gonna get my life together!!! moments that we all get from time to time that never really last longer than 2 minutes
  • But outside of those experiences you can both just adjust to the mess and?? it’ll be fine probably


  • Don’t dO this to him
  • He actually would consider just hiring a maid to just follow you around all day, everyday
  • He’s more than serious trust me
  • He won’t pressure you into tidying everything up but he’ll prompt you a little when he can?
  • Because let’s be honest a huge amount of mess in the penthouse would probably make him a bit uncomfortable
  • honestly he loves you but plEASE clean up a little-


  • She’s fine with you not cleaning up straight away tbh
  • But maybe you could tidy it up a little later on or something?
  • You don’t have to constantly be tidying everything up though
  • Let’s face it, she’s had a busy schedule so she’s probably left stuff out and forgotten about putting it away for a while
  • Just don’t leave it all for days, and she’ll be cool with it?


  • hO if you thought you were messy, you can’t compete with his house
  • He’ll genuinely turn it into a competition if he gets the chance
  • You once woke up to find a “new carpet” made up of HBC wrappers throughout the house because what else was he going to do with them?
  • On the bright side, you can both work on getting yourselves out of the habit together or just continue living in the messy harmony, either would work with this boy

The delts are poppin today! 💪Going for those boulder shoulders! Also these are my first pair of Lululemons and omg I hate that I’m broke because my other leggings are horrible compared to these! 😣

I’ve been struggling really hard for the past 8 months with my body image so posting this is really hard for me. I need to start pushing myself to be happy with my body and more self love ❤

Surprising The Boys With Lingerie

Anon: annyeong~! ❤️️ could i get the reactions of BTS when you surprise them in lingerie when they come home from tour? (omg daddy jimin pls 😭😂) gamsahamnida! 😘

I love this idea, lol. I’m totally jimin biased and the daddy kink does stuff to me *fans self*. Anyway, here is it!

♡ theo

I honestly think, despite his gentleman attitude, that he’d be a total pervert about this entire situation. Plus it also adds to the fire since he hasn’t seen you since they started touring again. He’d walk through the door, tired and worn out, but as soon as he’d see you standing there wearing his favorite color in that sexy lingerie… oh boy, you just started something and you best believe he’ll finish it. By the night’s over with he’ll have you begging, breathless, and worn the hell out.

“Oh, jagi,” he’d start out, a slow smirk gracing his lips while taking even slower steps towards you.

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Honesty, this gummy rap god would walk lazily through the door and throw his bags on the floor, too tired to see you standing there at first.

“Oppa~” you’d speak up, watching him drag his tired gaze to yours and immediately that same gaze would darken with a soft smirk.
He hadn’t seen you since you visited him at the beginning of the tour. He’d lick his lips and walk over to you, pulling your half naked body against his.

“What is my naughty little princess doing?”

“I’ve missed you…”

He’d growl lowly, “Then get your little ass in the bedroom and let me show you how much I’ve missed you.”

Let’s just say you saw jesus that night.

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Hoseok had gotten home late, just returning from the tour the boys had done. He honestly thought you were asleep judging by the time. He’d come crawling into the room, tired as hell, only to find you resting on your bed and on your belly with legs swinging, wearing his favorite lingerie.

You’d hear a deep growl coming from his chest as his eyes darkend over with lust, his fatigue completely forgotten. All he could remember was how long it had been since he seen you, and how much he wanted to remember what you sounded like when you screamed.

“Come here, baby,” he’d say, beckoning you with his slender finger. Wrapping his arms around you, hands sliding down to grab your ass. “I wanna make you beg.”

And that would start a very long night of you screaming his name so much your neighbors knew him like religion.

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You wouldn’t even have a chance to react when he walked through the door, home from tour, finding you sitting suggestively on the couch. He’d be all over you, hands and mouth showering your entire being as he ripped off the lingerie you had been wearing. Immediately attacking you in all the right places.

“Fuck I’ve missed you,” he’d rasp out, sucking on your breast. “I wanna make you come undone. I wanna make you scream my name. I want your eyes to roll in the back of your head I’m fucking you so good. Do you want that, baby?”

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This fluff ball texted you when they returned to the dorms, asking if he could come over despite his obvious fatigue. When he got there he found you sitting on the kitchen counter, licking whip cream off your finger tips. You looked up at him innocently, but to him there was nothing innocent about you especially wearing that light blue lingerie.

“I’ve been bad, daddy,” you murmured and he groaned.

“And what has daddy told you about being bad princess?” He slowly smirked and began to make his way over to you, settling himself between your thighs.

You bit your lip. “To be a good girl,” you gasped as he started sucking on your neck, breathing heavily against you.

“I think my babygirl needs punished… what do you think?” He asked condescendingly. “Does daddy need to teach you how to obey him?

“Punish me, daddy,” you said, pulling at him.

“As you wish, princess.”

That night was filled to the brim with sexual frustration that Jimin took out on you. Within fifteen minutes he had you shaking from your second orgasm, fucking you into next week. He surely made it clear to not disobey him, though he knew you’d do it again so he could fuck you rough.

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V: I really think if Taehyung came home to see you standing there wearing his favorite color in that sexy lingerie, he’d tease the hell outta you. And after making you frustrated and storming off to the bedroom, he’d catch you in the hallway and push you against the wall, sucking hard on your neck. You’d gasp out loud at the sudden attack, immediately forgetting how upset you were. 

 “Oh, did I make you mad?” He’d coyly ask you but before you could answer, he shoved his hand down your panties and began finger fucking you. You yelped out and grabbed onto his shoulders for support from the much needed friction. After all the fun forplay, he’d rip off the lingerie you had been wearing and bend you over the hallway table, fucking you senseless. 

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 Oh boy. Despite the fact that he was dead ass tired when he and the boys arrived back at the dorms, he went hard the instant he seen you wearing his favorite lingerie. You’d ask him if he was alright, but he wouldn’t respond with words. He’d walk right over to you and pull you in a passionate kiss, tongue, teeth, and all. 

 “Now, baby,” he started and you hummed as he was nipping at your neck, laying over top of you. “You’ve gotta be quiet; I don’t want the boys to hear you, okay?” 

 “You’d cocky, son of a-” but you wouldn’t finish because he’d already began striping you, showing you that quiet was the last thing on your mind.

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Okay, so we’ve had Virgin!Dex before and let’s be honest, I love that like the next person because I can just see it really well but think about: Virgin!Nursey!

I know what you’re gonna say, he’s so confident, so self-assured, he’s so chill. He probably has tried out all of the things, he’s curious. I agree, I totally do. He probably informed himself because hell yes, he is curious but he is also really romantic? Now imagine Nursey, promising himself that he’ll wait for someone special. Nursey who has to listen to his Andover pals talking about their sex-lifes, acting like Nursey is a total expert because obviously, he’s so fucking pretty. But Nursey totally isn’t? Like, yeah, he read about things. He’s seen porn and he imagined having sex but he…never has? 

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Big Fan - Peter Parker x Reader

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Words: 1441
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Featuring: Natasha Romanoff, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers (for the most part. A lot were mentioned.)
Warnings: fighting, one swear word
Requested by anon
omg i love your writing! can you write something that takes place in civil war where the reader (female)is on tonys side and when peter meets her he sorta fangirls over her and hes his dorky self? thank you so much ❤️ keep up the good work❤️”
Authors Note: #notice the slight Hamilton reference oops I had to. THIS IS ACTUALLY REALLY CUTE AND I LOVE IT. Also, there’s a lil bit of backstory but the word count makes up for it because it’s kinda longer than usual :))


Steve and Tony really didn’t want you to pick a side. Neither of them wanted to fight you, the one they called their little sibling. But you demanded, even if you were young, you were part of the team, and chose that Tony’s viewpoint was the right one.

And you saw where Cap was coming from, but being younger you saw that Tony’s stance seemed for the better. Being the youngest on the team usually took a small impact on you, but now it seemed everyone was worrying about you. Your side knew what the other side was capable of- and was scared that you wouldn’t be prepared for the battle that was for sure to come. Especially after James Barnes was brought back into Steve’s life.

Tony had told you to especially stay clear of The Winter Soldier; he wouldn’t know what to do if you were hurt. He had already hurt Nat and almost shot Tony…and they knew how to handle the situation. He was definitely the most dangerous.

You can out of your room on the day you were sure was going to be the battle.

“Are you sure you want to go with us?” Natasha asked you.

It didn’t even take you longer than a second to reply. “Of course I do. I’m standing for what I believe in.”

“I guess I should re-word the question.” She sighed. “Are you prepared to fight your friends for what you believe in?”

You sighed, but still stayed true to your answer. “Yes. I’m going to fight.”

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Im sorry, whats okuasa? Still cant get all the pairings names (or character´s names) at this point.

hey~! Okuasa is the ship name for Okumura and Asada (both 1st years) from Act II here have some of my fav moments because I love talking about them

trying to cheer up your scared self-conscious pitcher.jpg

he’s not an asshole he’s actually a really good person and he’s also cute.jpg

this “don’t want to disappoint my catcher” miyusawa classic is brough to you by okuasa now.jpg

can’t believe this cool cute boy wants to do the bumping gloves thing omg.jpg

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hiii this is kinda off topic but im really getting into fleetwood mac and as ive followed you for ages and you like stevie nicks i guess u like fm too??? sooo im just curious what are your favorite songs of them? i literally can't stop listening to rumours i'm obsessed omg

yess I’m so glad you’re getting into them because they’re just so good, one of fave bands ever! WELL, I love a lot of their stuff but I guess if I had to choose my like…top 10? fave songs, I’d say these ones. Also, yes Rumours is a masterpeice but I also love their self titled album “Fleetwood Mac” the one from 1975!!! (not the first one) it’s such a good album.

so anyways, top 10 songs, no particular order:

- Dreams
- Rhiannon
- Landslide
- Everywhere
- Go Your Own Way
- Gypsy
- Songbird
- The Chain
- You Make Lovin Fun
- Little Lies
- Big Love
- Monday Morning
- Silver Springs

that might be more than 10 I’m soz lol

also: listen to some of Stevie’s solo stuff aka Edge of Seventeen, Stop Draggin My Heart Around, also so good

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KEL. Do you ever feel nervous if people watch you draw? I can always manage to doodle and sketch things at home but as soon as I'm at school and around other people I freeze up and get too self-conscious to do anything, even when my friends are also drawing D: Plz help and I LOVE U

HELLO! YEAH I hate drawing in front of anyone omg I feel like they’re silently judging my every move (even though they’re probably not) and I just get very stressed about it.. I guess maybe you could try drawing with someone you’re really close to? Or maybe try doing small streams online with your good friends first!! I think a lot of the uncertainty comes from being worried that you can’t draw something good, so maybe you can start off with small doodles/ drawing the things you know best! I WISH I KNEW A FOOLPROOF WAY TO OVERCOME IT TOO ANON HAHA I guess in the meantime we can just draw by ourselves :’D

more asks under the cut!

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I saw ur tags abt the tog discourse and i just wanna say: those books are filled to the brim with 18 y/o girls being lusted after by grown men and thats fucking gross. They also killed off the poc and ruined every opportunity for good gay representation. Sarah j maas the fuck are you doing.

i know!! i’m going to write a tog rant so just,,, look under the cut omg

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Rewatching Evillustrator

My tomato child just broke the fourth wall, like seriously dude, how powerful are you??? (Also I love that he made himself taller than Marinette omg he hates being smol that’s so cute)

HE’S SMILING. I CAN’T DEAL WITH THIS. IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY ADOPTED THIS CHILD THEN NOW WOULD BE A GOOD TIME (also it’s interesting how Nathanaël’s actually right-handed while his superhero/villain self is left-handed)

Well at least the poor tomato’s not sitting alone for once (how much do you wanna bet Rose was like “It’s his birthday and he looks lonely, Juleka go talk to him about emo stuff!”)


Also can we talk about Ms Mendeleiev’s heels

This child is like… such a good artist though??? He’s gonna be rich and famous someday, you’ll see

Ivan’s like “Awww no poor guy I know the feel” while Juleka’s like “loooooool”


This class’s reactions to everything will never not be funny to me. Chloé is entertained, Sabrina and Alix are surprised, and Mylène… idk she’s just smiling

(Also Alix has a plaster on her knee, like are you okay? Did you get injured? Why does everyone in this class trip over all the time?)

Only about one and a half minutes into the episode and our butterfly friend is already opening his window dramatically. He must be having such a good day. (So am I omg this episode is a goldmine)

Rose and Nino are friends, that’s really sweet! My adorable sunshine children

Seriously these drawings are great??? Also he did this in about 5 seconds??? I bet the rest of the class commissions him to draw them stuff all the time I mean look at this

Okay this isn’t even important but I just want to remind you that he drew a jetpack. An actual working jetpack that he flew away on. A JETPACK GUYS

Where did he get this boat from? Did he draw the entire thing? Did he steal it? I mean I know he’s pretty nice but he is a villain technically


I never liked your spinach puffs”

I’m reeeeaaallly loving these totally-not-suspicious HONEYCOMB designs on Chloé’s mirror :)))

They’re on the walls too, of course that’s not suspicious or anything

Chloé has all these cute dresses but we’ve never seen her wear them

This really dangerous spinning saw thing has Nath’s exclamation mark logo on it omg, the amount of detail that goes into this show I swear

This poor child… his birthday went so badly… also I hope Ladybug and Chat Noir didn’t just leave him there and run off, considering this is Chloé’s house so she’d probably wanna push the poor guy out of the window or something

Hawk Moth chill

There’s no way Adrien could have got there without her seeing… unless he was hiding in the locker :)))

ishqbaaz 14.03.17 lb
  • i’ve honestly been dying to know shivaay’s reaction at being paanika’d for 24 hours now. especially since it’s in the presence of omRu. 😆😆😆
  • “aaaaaaaaaaaah!” hahahahaha 😂😂😂
  • omg om’s face. lolololololol. 😂😂😂😂😂
  • “kyun? aise mein AAAAAAAAH nahi bolte?”
    “nahi bolte! 😠😠😠
    “phir bhi main bolungi! kyunki aapne bhi tab bola tha jab aapko nahi bolna tha! AAAAAAAH!” 
    • lmaooooo look at him cowering and slinking backwards. i’m dying. 😂😂😂
    • i love how omRu are so thoroughly #TeamAnika in the shivika fights. such good devars. 😚😚😚
  • lmao, bhaiyya DID NOT appreciate your total non-support. 😆😆😆
    • also, what kinda magically self-refilling glass is this? 🤔🤔🤔
  • yeah you were kinda asking for that, omki-shomki. 🙃🙃🙃
  • ugh, stupid prinku is falling for ranveer based on his ghatiya 2 rs.  waala drama. 🙄🙄🙄
    • yes i’m still sure this is drama. 😑😑😑
  • ha! called it. calllllllllled it. prinku, you’re such a stupiddddddd fucking idiot. like honestly girl, you have DUNG FOR BRAINS. 💩💩💩
  • SOMEONE TELL ME IF THIS GIRL IS PREGNANT OR NOT. coz i honestly feel like she’s not. this is all invented by SOMEONE (ranveer???) to push shivaay into ensuring the two get married. 😕😕😕
  • ok ranveer. zyaada ho raha hai. you’re not THAT good an actor. no one except shivaay is idiotic enough to buy it. 🙄🙄🙄
    • omki-shomki/my girl anika would have seen right through this crap. 😒😒😒
  • haaaye, it’s been so long since i heard the words “baagad billa”. i miss it. anika should bring it back. 😼😼😼
  • “aap toh dhania paraye ho gaye.” 😂😂😂
  • rudra certainly is talking a lot about missing prinku a lot for someone who rarelyyyyy interacts with her. 😕😕😕
  • lmaooooooo rudra, stop rewriting history. 😂😂😂
  • “nahi sunni mujhe yeh JHOOTI kahaaniya! 🙄🙄🙄” 
    • affectionately exasperated big brother shivaay is best shivaay. 😘😘😘
  • look at who just became the world’s foremost proponent of marriage. mr. ‘shaadi is a deal and nothing more’. 😏😏😏
    • for someone who just got splashed in the face for not reacting appropriately, he’s still quite happy about being married. such cute. 😊😊😊
  • yeaaaaah, call him outttt, rudra! 😆😆😆
  • dude, i really didn’t think shivaay was all into the marriage rituals and their meaning. apparently i was wrong. he really, really believes that stuff. 🤔🤔🤔
    • seems like dadi’s subliminal brainwashing of him is complete. 😐😐😐
  • i really liked rudra and saumya’s sweet and simple wedding. they had the most normal, not-fucked-up wedding among the three oBros. 😔😔😔
  • shivaay suddenly remembers saumya’s existence. fucking idiot. you were responsible for her, bro! 😣😣😣
  • shivaay be like, bruhhh i’m still learning how to be married myself, now i have to be responsible for those two as well??? 😟😟😟
  • pinky knows it’s a lost cause to be overly invested in shivaay’s marriage now, especially after yesterday. she’s given up on it and is concentrating on prinku now. 🙃🙃🙃
  • wow, haridwaar waale know the nafratbaaz’s motto! 😯😯😯
  • dadi is back! hopefully at least 60% less annoying from now on, now that her OTP is a done deal. 😌😌😌
  • ouff, what a pointless filler waala scene. 😑😑😑
  • yep, pinky’s definitely made begrudging peace with the fact that shivika is established OTP of the house now. 😶😶😶
  • mystical eunuch can already feel that this house has got maaaaaad fucked up shit going on. 😗😗😗
    • tell them to visit the DBO side of the house. their head might bloody explode from the sheer bad vibes. 😬😬😬
  • tej. stop being a fuckwaffle. 😒😒😒
  • what? WHAT???? what’s so shocking????? 🤔🤔🤔
  • wow, pinky’s attribute is “chaturaai”. i didn’t expect that. 😶😶😶
  • oh shit, why??? what’s gonna happen to shivaay in next 10 days? 😟😟😟
    • *locks him up in his room; posts omRu, khanna, pinky, dadi and anika outside to protect him* 😥😥😥
  • tej! why are youuuuu so fucking hateful? ugh. you’re the worstttttttttttttt. 😤😤😤
  • honestly, pinky’s right. why can’t shivaay have a damn moment of peace?😭😭😭 the boy can barely go 12 hours before something goes to hellfuck. #letShivaayLive 

  • oh god, shivaay’s the worst at deciphering clues. he never gets anything right unless it’s almost too late. 😖😖😖
    • anika, please, YOU be in charge of this. maybe bring sahil too, for some extra brain computing. 😐😐😐

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So so so, you should know that you are one of my all-time fave blogs because you're texts are Pure Gold™ and you are the actual sweetest! I love the back stories especially and I just want to binge read the whole long thing BUT I also don't want it to be over, so (in a massive display of self control) I'm reading only one of the boys stories every day for a week! And I have 3 days left and I'm so excited each morning and they're so detailed and perfect & I learnt new Jin things and thank you xx

omg 🙇🏻‍♀️❗️❗️❗️this is so exciting !!!! are u finished ? whose did u like best !!!! i lov u ❤️🌹