also omfg i love them both so much

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just found your blog and may i say what a *GEM* it is LOVE your ocs but also giving me major jasper feels that flirty red jasper is so extra she gives me life thank you for this cute as hell art i legit cant stop smiling and saving images

!!!!THANK U SO MUCH, ur the sweetest !! it makes me so happy to hear that ppl like my ocs omfg. red snakeskin jasper belongs to @baited-in btw !! both red and baits are wonderful and i lov them :’DDD

Drunj!Der Yells About Outlander

Thoughts on Ep. 301

Ermagherd guys. It’s been 84 years but the new season is finally here! And not gonna lie, I was about 50/50 excited and nervous for the new episodes to come out because ugh season two…

But I actually really liked the episode! I felt the things I was supposed to feel! I wanted to punch the people I thought I’d want to punch! I yelled a lot of things at Frank because I still hate him! My desire to smash the patriarchy grew three times! It went by really, really fast! Can they all go by this fast so it’s not like waiting 84 more years for Jamie and Claire to get back together? Cool.

Anywho, ramblings are under the cut. I split them up between Boston and Scotland just to keep it organized but I *loved* the editing of the episode. And the direction. Good job, new director guy!

(omfg i forgot how long i get when i write these things and also how fucking long it takes to like proofread and format once i’m sober…)

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I can see you have a type...

If the type is The Most Knowledgeable And Smart In Their Group But Still A Complete Idiot then yes, definitely, I have a type lmao - seriously tho I dunno if this is specifically about DGM (Lavi and Wisely are pretty similar) or if it’s a general thing, but as far as Wisely goes you might not believe this but over half of the reason why he’s my fave is that he suffers from chronic migraines and I Hard Relate


Thank you!!! Super happy you liked them!!! <3<3

Anon said: You know, apparently in the raws of Chapter 144, Kirishima’s friend calls him “Ei-chan”, not just Ei

!!!!! thanks for the info! I was actually wondering which between the -kun and -chan they had used!!! 

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so i just started watching voltron (tbh mainly because i love your art of them so much) and for some reason i was expecting lance to have a kinda deep voice NOT FINN THE HUMAN'S i cackled


ghsdj SOON YOU’LL REALIZE jeremy shada is both a blessing and a curse. he’s a great va and makes lance scream all the time but evry now and then you can’t help but hear finn and it’s very Pain

Just Friends Part 1

Can u do an imagine where ur friends with andy and austin, but you want more and so do they but you don’t know which one u wanna be with. Uve been sleeping with both of them but they don’t know. Add smut and fluff please. Also you can add whatever

This omfg I LOVE IT so very much. Probably gonna be in parts c: I may use this for a full fanfic one day :o


“Just come over! It’ll be fun,” Austin’s voice said over the phone. 

“Austiiiiiiiiiiin,” I replied, being whiny. “I’m so lazy. And its getting late.”

“I know, so come here and be lazy with me for the rest of the night.”

“Ugh, fine,” I sighed, getting up and slipping on my shoes. “You’re lucky that I like you.”

“You love me and you know it!” he shot back happily. I could practically hear the smile in his voice, which made my flutter a little bit.

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll be there in ten.” With that, I hung up the phone and got in my car, driving over to Austin’s place. It made things really convenient that I lived so close to him seeing as how we spent so much time together. Between him and my other best friend I was practically never at my own place. Which I was fine with because hey, less cleaning.

“Finally!” Austin shouted as I walked in his front door. “It took you forever to get here.”

“Dude, it literally took me like seven minutes. You’re a dork,” I told him. He gave me that gorgeous smile and I plopped down next to him. Austin slung his arm around my shoulders. 

“Whatcha wanna do?” he asked, smiling down at me. I shrugged.

“We could watch Disney movies,” I suggested. Austin got excited immediately and jumped up to put in Aladdin. We sang along to all the songs and even recited the lines to some of our favorite parts. During the movie, I ended up curling into Austin’s side, his arms wrapping around me. When the movie was over, I checked the time to find it was well after midnight.

“Do you just want to stay here tonight? I don’t like you being out by yourself at this time of night,” Austin offered. 

“Sure. Thanks,” I told him. I stayed at Austin’s frequently so it wasn’t a weird set up for us. Part of the reason why? We had started occasionally hooking up every now and then. It didn’t start out that way. I actually had stayed here a lot before we first slept together. It just kinda happened, but we decided not to make it weird because we valued our friendship too much. So it just turned into a kind of…thing. And it wasn’t like I didn’t care about him as more than just a friend. But that whole area was extremely complicated.

“Do you wanna head to bed?” Austin asked. I nodded and we sat up, Austin behind me, stretching out. I felt his hands trail down my sides and I smirked, leaning back into him. His lips found my neck soon enough and I started massaging his thigh. Both of his long arms snaked around my waist and we stood up, walking back to his room like that as he whispered sweet nothings in my ear. 

“Is this why you wanted me to come over tonight?” I asked playfully as I fell back on his bed. Austin crawled over me and immediately started on my neck again. I threw his shirt onto the floor and ran my hands up his colorful chest.

“Not the only reason, but I will say that it was a large contributing factor,” he replied. I laughed loudly. Austin removed my shirt and bra and made his way down to my chest, massaging and biting and licking. I let out a moan and tangled my fingers in his hair, relishing in the feeling of his tongue on my skin. 

“Hurry up already,” I mumbled, wanting him badly. Austin chuckled low in his throat and came back up to my lips. He got his pants and boxer briefs off, my underwear and pants following. 

“I see we aren’t one for foreplay tonight,” Austin observed in a playful way. I bit my lip and shook my head, ready for more. He lined himself up and slowly entered, my nails digging into his back as he did so. I have to admit, Austin was an amazing lover, knowing exactly where to touch and when to do it and what I liked and what I didn’t. When we had both hit our highs, he laid next to me in bed and kissed my temple. “You’re amazing…” he whispered. I turned over to face him, studying his face. I placed my hand on his cheek, seeing the love in his eyes. It absolutely tore me apart. 

Austin’s eyes eventually closed and I continued to lightly stroke his cheek until his breathing evened out and I could tell he had finally fallen asleep. With a sigh, I turned over and laid there, unable to sleep. I stared at the ceiling, drowning in my thoughts. My phone began to vibrate on the side table and I quickly snatched it up, not wanting it to wake Austin.

“Hello?” I whispered, sitting up in bed. I threw Austin’s shirt on to have some clothes.

“Y/N! What are you doing?” Andy’s voice came over. Austin knew that I was rather close with Andy, and vice versa. But Andy had no idea about me staying at Austin’s, let alone sleeping with him.

“I’m in bed, Andy. It’s like 3 in the morning. What’s up?” I asked, exasperated. I got up and crept into the hall so Austin didn’t wake up. There was loud music and what not in the background of the call.

“I want to see you,” he said.

“I can’t tonight, Andy.”

“Okay,” he sighed. “I knew I should have called earlier. Hey, Ash is having a party day after tomorrow. Be my date?” I couldn’t help but smile.

“Sounds great,” I whispered. “I’ll talk to you soon, okay?”

“Sweet dreams, beautiful.” I hung up and snuck back into the bedroom. As I was crawling back into bed, Austin began to stir. He sat up and looked at me groggily.

“What are you doing up?” he asked sleepily, rubbing his eyes.

“I just needed some water. Go back to sleep,” I assured him, runnin gmy fingers through his hair. He laid back down with a small smile and a sleepy sigh.

“I love you,” I heard him whisper. Those words made my heart crack. 

“I know,” I whispered back once Austin was back to sleep. “I know.”

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do you like dean or jensen better?

This is one of the hardest questions ever…it would be like someone asking a mother to choose a favorite kid.

Well Jensen is my favorite person ever in the entire universe, and Dean is my favorite character ever…there would be no Dean without Jensen, NO ONE could EVER do the incredible job he does….

I love Jensen because not only is he the hottest, sexiest, most gorgeous human being ever but he is like sweet and funny as hell and ugh just so amazing. I love all of the movies and shows he has done, but Dean is my favorite character he has done, and my second favorite is Tom from MBV

I love Dean because he is a total BAMF but he also has that soft spot for Sam, and Cas and omg I could go on all day bc he is fucking hilarious and perfect and I love him so much.

I can’t pick because I love both of them for different reasons, I would love to have either one of them, Dean is the closest to my type because I always end up with the bad boy type but I would take either of them, omfg I would love both of them….could you imagine a threesome with Dean and Jensen? I WOULD FUCKING DIE