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klaroline goes out on a double date with kalijah (a/h)

Forgive me for the fluff


Caroline has tolerated a lot of things about Katherine in the five years they’ve been friendsfrom her obsessive yoga fetish to her weird choices in men, from that one time she kept a boa constrictor in the trunk of her car to that time she left her curling iron on and almost burned down her entire apartment.

Other than that and that one time she invited her to her hometown, Mystic Falls, and the brunette ended up being knocked up by her old high school tutor, Katherine’s been great

Until tonight.

“Who’s that with Elijah?”

They had barely set foot inside the Grill when Caroline suddenly dragged her friend to a corner, all panicky. 

“Well it’s a double date, Care." Katherine merely shrugs. "I told you he’s bringing someone." 

"You didn’t tell me he’s bringing his brother.” The blonde hisses, her blue eyes darting to the two men waiting for them on the table. 

Elijah is looking pristine and totally out of place in his formal suit, legs crossed as he studies the menu in his hand. Beside him, with his back turned to them, sit a dark blonde curly-haired head she’d recognize everywhere even after all these years. 

Ain’t that just peachy?

“Look,” She begins at her friend’s explain now face. “Remember that time you faked being pregnant because you’re totally crushing on that cute guy from the free clinic? Which is funny because you’re pregnant now like real pregnant and, anyway, I’m veering off track so yeah, remember that? This is ten times worse. Like a lot worse.

Her face feels freaking hot after her word vomit and it takes a while for Katherine to respond.

“Look,” The brunette speaks then, sounding surprisingly serious. “I’m sorry I wasn’t aware of your creepy childhood crush


but when was the last time you had a date? Or got laid?” 

"Ugh!” Caroline throws her hands up because really, there’s no need to spoil everyone’s night with the truth, thank you very much. “Why do you even need to have a date? You’re already pregnant.”

Katherine bites her lip. “He doesn’t know yet.”

What?“ The blonde exclaims. "You said you’re gonna tell him!”

“I’m going to. Tonight. Okay?” Her friend murmurs, now looking like she might cry. She knows this is a side of Katherine she rarely shows to others. “Which is why I need you here. As my friend.” The brunette tangles her hand with hers. “Please, Care?”

She looks at their joined hands.

So her embarrassing blast form the past is sitting just right there and Kat’s gonna be as big as a whale a few months from now

“Okay then.” Caroline concedes after a moment. “I’ll stay.”

What’s the worse that could happen, right?


Well, none apparently because nothing happened.

After the initial introductions and the awkward oh-didn’t-you-go-to-school-together talk was pushed out of the way, Niklaus Mikaelson just sat there in his leather jacket, barely speaking, a dimpled smile on his face the entire time. He hasn’t said another word to her… Which is great and also, weird because after all this is supposed to be a date.

She thinks maybe he has actually grown up to be a mature adult and developed enough tact over the years not to say anything. Or maybe he has forgotten all about her and her horrible rhymes when she wrote him a love song in the fifth grade to the tune of My Darling Clementine


She’s happy enough listening to her friend and her boyfriend talk to each other and about each other. She’s happy that they’re happy. She has never seen a more smitten couple and there’s no question that after tonight, no matter what Katherine says, Elijah’s going to love her either way.

It is after a while when she catches Klaus watching her watch them.

“What?” Caroline asks casually, taking a bite of her fry and avoiding his blue eyes.

He doesn’t say anything and only offers her a polite smile.

Elijah settles the bill after dessert and Caroline’s in a bit of a better mood that when Kat invites her to the movies, she agrees, not even complaining when her friend asks her to get Klaus.

Outside the Grill, she finds him smoking beneath a low lamp post, him almost dwarfing it with his height. He turns to her when she approaches, a cigar caught between his lips, the light above casting harsh shadows on his profile.

She releases a breath.

“We’re going to the movies.” Caroline informs him though once again, he hasn’t said anything back, only looks at her blankly before nodding and throwing his smoke to the ground.

“Right.” She mutters, spinning on her heel to head back to the Grill. 

She’s a bit disappointed and she doesn’t know why. They were never friends in high school, just casual acquaintances. They were never in the same crowd. He’s aloof and sarcastic and rude. She doesn’t even remember when or how she had a crush on him, she just did. But then she thought maybe they could be friends now at least after all the awkwardness has been cleared up.

A few steps away, she hears him follow behind her, whistling.

It takes her a while to recognize the song and when she does, her jaw literally just drops.

It’s fucking My Darling Clementine.

Caroline stops dead on her tracks but he continues on his way and she catches the look on his face as he passes by

He’s wearing a shit-eating grin.


It’s terrible. She thought going to the movies means never-have-to-acknowledge-you-exist but the jerk is relentless, staring at her the whole freaking time then chuckling to himself like an idiot. Katherine and Elijah are just left confused by the change of mood but are both completely useless in deterring Klaus, even disappearing in the middle of the movie and not bothering to come back.

Caroline is feeling utterly nauseous and when the credits finally rolls, she all but runs out of the theatre. When she doesn’t find Kat everywhere, she settles waiting outside, her heart just sinking when his smug dimpled face enters her field of vision.

He is walking towards her with both hands in his pocket, still whistling that damn tune. 


She can’t believe she had a crush on this jerk. 

“Will you please just shut the fuck up?” She blurts out loud when he stops in front of her and Klaus just laughs, seemingly unfazed. 

“Didn’t you write me that song?”

Seriously?” She crosses her arms. “You’re seriously bringing that up now? What are we, twelve?”

“Oh come on, sweetheart. You’ve a lovely voice.” His smirks curves wider when rolls her eyes. “You had me at You’re my angel, That’s your label, Oh my darling Niklaus.

 Oh God.

How in the hell does he even remember that?

You’re unbelievable.” Caroline scoffs, walking away towards her car only to find it locked and that Kat has the keys.


“You should lay off the cursing, love. It’s unbecoming.”

Suddenly Klaus is there leaning on her car like it’s the most casual thing in the world. She ignores him and he watches her struggle with the car door for a bit before she throws her hand up in surrender and slumps exasperatedly beside him.

After a while he speaks up, his voice takes a somber tone. ”I never had the chance to say this earlier but, it’s really good seeing you, Caroline Forbes.”

He eyes her with his ocean blue eyes, his dimpled smile that used to get her weak in the knees. She can tell he’s laying on the charm but she knows better now. 

“Wow. Now you’re feeling chatty.” Caroline mutters sardonically in return, seeing as earlier he all but ignored her.

At least he has the decency to look guilty.

“I knew you wouldn’t appreciate it if I spoiled our dinner by mentioning how you serenaded me in the sixth grade, am I right love?”

She groans. ”Can we please talk about something else?” 

“Alright then. Let’s talk about you.”

Shoulder to shoulder on her car, he leans closer, his face inches away from her.  

Caroline tries hard to appear nonplussed. 

“Just to be clear: I’m too smart to be seduced by you.”

“That’s why I like you." Klaus grins, enjoying the shade of red her cheeks have now taken. "Your courage, your wit, and, not to mention, your impressive rhyming skills.”

"Please don’t tell me you’ve waited all night just to say that to my face?”

“I’ve waited ten years, love. You certainly knew how to leave an impression.”

She rolls her eyes again at his flirty tone.

"Really? ‘Cause I remember you sucking faces with Hayley the slutwho, by the way, did grew up to be a sluta week after that.”

Klaus sighs, looking away. “Because you avoided me for days. And then I saw you holding hands with that quarterback.”

"And then you dated a whole string of girls before your family moved out in the summer

While you were at your Aunt Mary’s in Richmond.”

It sucked when she heard they left while she was away. She would have loved to say goodbye and maybe give him a kiss or a slap.

"Wai–What? How did you know that?”

“I’ve waited for you that time… at your house.” He is still not looking at her. “I didn’t want to leave.”


Things have seriously took a different turn since this conversation has started.

Is she really hearing this right now? Her doomed love finally being requited after ten years?

“But you’ve barely even said a word to me…” Caroline murmurs, not knowing what to say.

“You too, if I recall.” Klaus retorts. "Not until you wrote me that song

“Can we please just forget about the song and—”

Suddenly his hand is on her cheek, turning her face to meets his eyes. 

"Never.” Klaus whispers. He’s looking at her now, so intensely and so honestly, and then this is when she remembers why she had fell for him in the first place.  "Don’t you dare forget, Caroline Forbes.“


If you’d ask her, Katherine would have wished things went differently. 

She had a speech. She had it all planned. She was ready. 

What she didn’t expect though was dinner threatening to shoot out of her mouth all over the cinema and she all but ran out of to the comfort room, Elijah trailing behind her.

As if that hadn’t ruined the night enough, they had to bump to Meredith Fell on their way back and well, you can’t really make any more excuses when a doctor questions you directly in the face how’s-the-baby?

Elijah was stunned speechless to say the least and Katherine was ready with the tears and the claws if needed be but then the expression on his face when it all sunk in… 

It’s like she’s given him the world and Katherine’s never going to get used to that.

Now they walk hand in hand exiting the theatre, the idea of a family still tingling in every bit of them

When they see Klaus and Caroline making out beside the car.

"Huh.” Katherine mutters a bit amusedly, her fingers tightly squeezing his.

Elijah remains contemplative for a while before turning to look at her, musing. “You know, I do remember Niklaus having an unrequited crush on Miss Forbes.”

Okay so hear me out.

Season finale.

We see Callie and Penny packing up at Penny’s apartment, boxing up a few last things. Both are slightly sombre, both maybe a little emotional. But there’s also a sense of excitement. They’re leaving, right? It’s a big deal. It’s a big change. The shot pans to two large suitcases sitting by the door with their purses. The music is something kinda remorseful but kinda hopeful and light. Penny says something along the lines of “it’ll be okay, you know. New York is gonna be great.”

The episode goes on. Stuff happens. We see Callie and we see Arizona around the hospital, but we never see them near each other. It’s nothing remarkable. They haven’t been that friendly the last few episodes.

A little later on, toward the end of the episode, we see Arizona at her house. She’s standing in the doorway to Sofia’s bedroom, a stuffed bear in her arms. She looks devastated. Callie’s leaving. Sofia’s leaving. Maybe she wipes at her eyes. Maybe she holds it in - ever the stoic daughter of a marine. But her face shows how heartbroken she is. The music is something slow and sad, something instrumental.

She walks into the bedroom and sets the bear on the perfectly-made bed, and the shot follows her eyes as they land on a framed photo on Sofia’s nightstand. A photo of the three of them. When they were happy.

The doorbell rings.

She sighs, and she goes downstairs to answer.

The music changes. It’s one of those Grey’s acoustic versions of “I Choose You” by Sara Bareilles. (Because goddamn that song is meant for them.)

She opens the door and Callie is standing there looking at her.

Arizona is shocked – Callie and Penny and Sofia were supposed to leave for New York tonight.

Except Callie couldn’t leave.

She felt bad about Penny. She felt awful for what she was doing to her. She was even kinda sad – but she couldn’t leave. She helped Penny with her things and she just put her in a cab to the airport. But they’re over.

And she looks at Arizona. And Arizona looks at her. And the connection is there - like it’s always there. It’s magical. Electrical. The song gets a little louder, the lyrics are prominent.

And Callie says “I’m done fighting.”

Is she done fighting over Sofia? Is she just done fighting with Arizona? Is she tired of fighting her feelings for Arizona that never quite went away?

All of the above. But mostly the last. She chooses Arizona. She chooses this fight – the fight to be together again.

And the scene fades to black.

And the season finale ends.