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There continues to be so much amazing STAR WARS fic that it’s impossible to scream about all of the good stuff, but I’m certainly going to try and here’s the next batch of fic you definitely should cry and scream and flail about with me!

wicked thing by imaginarykat, obi-wan/anakin & ventress & cast, nsfw, sith!obi-wan, 100.9k wip
   The story of how Anakin exists in a perpetual state of intense embarrassment, Kenobi is enjoying it a little too much, and everything is, generally speaking, a gigantic mess.
Only Ones Who Know by maravilla, obi-wan/anakin/padme, NSFW, d/s, pegging, 3.6k
   Or, the one where Anakin gets pegged.
The Nature of Fire by Phosphorescent, anakin/padme & obi-wan & palpatine & cast, 9.1j
   “One Jedi, then,” Padmé offered to the others. At least let me speak the truth to my love. At least. Please, she pleaded with them silently. “There is one Jedi—one whom I truly know all of us can trust absolutely …” Her voice trailed off into appalled silence when she realized that she wasn’t talking about Anakin.
untitled by panharmonnium, obi-wan & anakin, 1.3k
   two padawans who cannot take care of their clothes
Goreblood the Terrible by BloodyMary, jedi & cast, 1.7k
   It has occured to me that so far we lack any sort of folklore/storytelling tradition for the Jedi. So I set out to remedy this. Behold, for Goreblood the Terrible was the result.
The Flaw in the Plan by WingletBlackbird, obi-wan & anakin, 1.1k
   Obi-Wan has to explain the subtleties of Jedi culture when Anakin passes a lesson with flying colours, but fails to see the point of it.
Hearts of Kyber by Elfpen, baze & chirrut & cassian, 1.6k
   Cassian, Baze, and Chirrut share a conversation on the eve of their mission to Scarif. Chirrut tells a story about a man he met a long time ago, and Baze and Cassian may or may not believe him. Chirrut doesn’t need eyes to see. Sequel to ‘Strongest Stars’.
Clarity by Orange_Clown, anakin & leia, 1k
   By the time that the Imperial Forces landed on Hoth, Leia was the only one left on the base.
The Apprentice Returns Home by BarbaraFett, obi-wan & anakin & ahsoka & yoda, force ghosts, 2.1k
   Ahsoka Tano lived a full and interesting life as a Jedi Padawan, a Commander in the Clone Wars, a Rebel leader, and finally as a peacefully-retired civilian. Now, near the end of her life, she reaches out for the Force and is surprised to find not only comfort, but a warm welcome from old friends.
The Force Awakens: Another Point of View by BarbaraFett, obi-wan & anakin & yoda & mace & cast, force ghost,
   ForceGhost!Anakin angsts about observes and reacts to the events of Episode VII. (This is the first angstfic I’ve ever written, and it’s probably not all that angsty.)
Lion Jinn by esama, obi-wan & anakin & qui-gon & cast, 5.7k wip
   Qui-Gon Jinn reincarnates as a lion.
untitled by writegowrite, obi-wan/anakin, modern au, ~1k
   Prompt: “I have an idea for a prompt. Set in Southern California, Anakin Skywalker is a surf instructor and his newest student is Obi-Wan Kenobi, a two-star Michelin chef and a single parent to Ahsoka.”
The Force That Binds Us by ReaganJenelle, obi-wan/anakin & padme & cast, f!anakin, 4.7k wip
   Anakin Skywalker is just fifteen when she and her master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, are given orders to protect Senator Padmé Amidala from the assassins sent by the Separatists. After four years, Master and Padawan are reunited. Only Anakin is no longer the girl Obi-Wan sent to Naboo.
untitled by lurkingcrow, obi-wan & anakin & jedi, 3.6k
   The matter of Anakin Skywalker is put off a little longer, until Qui-Gon is in a better position health wise. Besides, while he is not completely at ease in the ranks of the initiates, Skywalker has settled in somewhat - it will do no harm to wait a little longer.
Is That Really Me? by avada_matata, obi-wan & anakin & ahsoka, 1.2k
   In which Anakin and Ahsoka stumble upon the toy section at the Space Walmart

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Star Wars photoshoot!

@catslock as Obi Wan (I believe the one w the fly ass shades)
@revyyourengines as Anakin (RotS version)
@punsbulletsandpointythings as Qui Gon
as Obi Wan (far left in the bottom-left pic!)
as Hux

missmarthanightingale  asked:

oh my goodness please continue the macethroughtime thing, it was wonderful! maybe after a few years, mace and obi-wan go on a mission together, and obi-wan gets injured and then remembers everything? or maybe somewhere down the line they've grown close and mace gets to enjoy wooing obi-wan all over again? or just anything really, i love this whole story so much!

“Master Windu!” Mace stopped at the voice and turned, smiling slightly since he recognized the voice right off the bat.

“Knight Kenobi, I wasn’t aware you were back already.” He greeted the younger man warmly while keeping his longing out of his voice as the knight caught up to him, having to dodge another knight to avoid crashing into them.

“I arrived back last night.” The copper haired man smiled up at him and Mace had to resist the urge to reach out and stroke the others hair out of his face, chuckling faintly. He had tried not to be a creepy stalker, trying not to pay too close attention to Obi-Wan’s comings and goings but still tried to cultivate a friendship with the younger man.

But Force was it difficult at times.

Especially when Obi-Wan started growing out his hair past the awkward padawan cut and he started to look…

It made Mace miss his Obi-Wan almost desperately.

But he also adored this confidant man who still had his master and a smile so big and warm that it made Mace melt all over.

He might miss the shy smile his Obi-Wan used to give him.

He adored this confidant smile even more.

“I see. Qui-Gon mentioned you were injured?” Mace gestured for the other to walk with him.

“Yes, I was thrown against a cave wall, unfortunate really but I guess these things happens.” The young knight hesitated. “Actually though, I wanted to speak to you about something…in private.” He tucked his hands into his own sleeves and if Mace didn’t know Obi-Wan so well, had spent hours memorizing both his face and body language, he wouldn’t have caught the small sign of nervousness the other was displaying.

“Oh?” He was intrigued.

“Yes but as I said, in private, when you have time.” Obi-Wan added again.

“I have time now.”

“Perhaps we could speak in your quarters then?” Obi-Wan glanced up at him and there was something in the others eyes.

Something that made Mace heart speed up even as he nodded his agreement and gestured for the other to walk with him to it.

Leading the other to his quarters they spoke about mundane things, Obi-Wan’s own forage into Soresu, Mace catching Depa trying to prank his cupcakes again, Ka-Adi committing tea crimes by spiking his tea with a rather fancy booze when he thought no one was looking, Qui-Gon falling over a rug and apparently breaking his nose again…

Just mundane things.

So when Obi-Wan shoved Mace against the wall in the foyer of his quarters the Korun had no inkling it would happen until it already was there.

Responding on instinct, he pressed back, arms sliding around the others waist as dry lips meet in a chaste kiss.

He almost chased it when Obi-Wan pulled back to stare up at him.

“…Thought so.” The knight whispered, hands twisted into Mace tunics as he stared up at him. “When I hit the cave wall… I had some kind of vision. Or something. And it was you and me and… and Qui-Gon died.” He continued to whisper, swallowing heavily. “But you…you were there for me, you held me.”

Mace shifted slowly then eased one hand off the others waist and up, cupping Obi-Wan’s face to stroke his jaw gently. “That future didn’t happen.” He murmured.

Nuzzling into the dark hand, Obi-Wan kept his eyes on Mace face. “Only because of you. You did it for me. I know you did it for me… no one’s looked at me like you do.” He smiled, a soft and shy smile as he stared at him. “I like how you look at me.”

“How I look at you?” Mace smirked a bit when Obi-Wan blushed deeply at the words, his hand going back to holding onto the others waist. “And how do I look at you Knight Kenobi?” He teased gently.

“Like I’m precious.” Obi-Wan whispered.

Mace leaned down. “We’ll talk about what you saw…another time…right now I just want to kiss you again because Force, you’re right, I have looked at you as if you’re precious and I’ve waited a year and a half to have you in my arms again.” He pulled the other into a slow and tender kiss.

Against the Korun’s lips, Obi-Wan gave a soft, pleased sigh and closed his eyes, hands going up around the others neck to hold on, standing ever so slightly on his toes so Mace wasn’t doing all the work.

‘My Obi-Wan…’