also now my vision plan is much better

Been a super, super long day -

- full of that high-intensity mania we rarely see. I have a headache that is threatening to do its own taxes.

We thought this would be a little heads-up, buuuuuuuut IDK how registration for LCHP isn’t going to be like the Hunger Games. I mean, there’ll be less killing, I suppose. Because the actual metric on the interest today is kind of blowing our minds.  We’ll figure it out. But we really want this to be super immersive and special and old school, so one of the things to do is to make sure people know, ideally before reg even opens, what’s going to happen at it. We don’t want you buying a ticket and realizing it’s not your thing. That’s one of the reasons for this soft launch, to kind of weigh reaction, and.. um… LOL.

Meanwhile, things continue to grow and change with main LeakyCon and we are including more geekdom and more communities, and making more connections between communities, and increasing the power that HP fans have to change the course of the geeky universe. Sometimes feels like we’re helping empower a generation of geeks to be the most proud version of themselves possible, you know? What a thing to be doing every day. As we grew the question became clear to us fairly early: How do we continue to take this awesome thing in its natural, best direction, but also create something that strikes to the very heart of our favorite fandom? We always knew we’d be back here in some manner, and the park in LA is perfect for it.

I remember when we started planning 2011. Remember the yearbook? That thing took an IN - SANE - AMOUNT - OF - TIME to put together. The staff who did so were tireless champions. But we had this vision of attendees walking around with side-messenger bags and yearbooks, celebrating their graduation, and that theme made for SO MUCH WORK but also so much awesome. And we are *so* much better at this now.

Both 2016 events and WHATEVER we have planned for 2015 and EVERYTHING on tap for 2014 (a lot of which is yet unannounced for various reasons) represents a kind of “holy shit this is actually my life and it is awesome” moment. 

Tired. Bed. NIIIIIGHT.