also now i want to draw alluka

Alluka scratched at her head, blinking blearily to her left where he big brother was laying. Or where he was laying.

He was out of bed now, his thin frame silhouetted by the moonlight as he stood by the window. Alluka couldn’t see his face, but she figured he was making that thoughtful, longing face he made on certain days. The ones that marked anniversaries with Gon.

She slid out of bed, and padded over to her older brother. The plush carpet of thier current hotel was softer than the last, the tall and fluffy strands quieted her footfalls better. It didn’t stop her brother from hearing her though.

He turned and looked at her, somewhat wide eyed. Alluka felt like he shouldn’t be so suprised at her being awake, seeing as she always walks up with him.

“You should be sleeping.” He muttered quietly, but still raised his arm to accept her. She slid in under his warmth and sighed happily.

“You should too… what were you thinking about this time?” She asked kindly. She knew it helped when her brother could talk out what got him to wake up in the first place.

“Nothing much.” He lied easily, shrugging. Alluka giggled knowingly.

“Come on.” She said, turning and wrapping her slim hands around his wrist as she led him to their kitchen attachment.

They sipped warm milk and ate cookies as alluka explained her dream first. A wild tale of one of their more recent adventures, a climb up a beautiful hill filled with flowers, and the magical adventure that followed including some wizard who demanded they prove thier magical worth. They laughed and giggled at the strange twists and turns her brain had thought up.

Killua sighed, lowering the nearly empty cup of milk. “Today… would be the day Gon came to get me at home.” He muttered with a small nostalgic smile. Alluka looked up in thought. That sounded about right, about 5 years to this day. “I wonder how he is?” Killua mused lightly, and Alluka smiled widely at her brother.

“You should call!” She said. She knew on nights like these, Gon would be up too. Killua grinned at his sister and reached across the table to muss her hair up, making sure when he pulled back, her messy curls stuck up in strange angles.

“Have I said how great you are yet?” He asked, slowly pulling out his phone. It took Alluka a while to first convince Killua that it was fine with her for killua to call Gon whenever he had to, and and even longer to help him get over his apprehension of calling Gon in the first place. She let her shoulders shake with mirth.

“Not since yesterday!” She teased, hoping up and sliding back into bed on Killua’s side, wrapping her arms around the pillows and enjoying the scent of her big brother. She smiled more at hearing Killua’s quiet voice muttering to Gon, no doubt. The last few years have been amazing, and she wouldn’t trade it for anything. And re-learning her big brother (and her brother re-learning her) has been her favorite part.

Now that they know each other so well, it would be fine to head back now, right?

She couldnt wait to re-learn Gon with her big brother!!