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so I guess I'm just a bit confused but can you just help clarify some stuff for me: the LGBT+ community is for everyone that's not 'straight,' or rather for everyone that doesn't identify as both heterosexual and heteromantic, for example, heteromantic but bisexual, and these people are welcome in the LGBT+ community. These people are heteromantic but not heterosexual. Asexuality can work the same way; heteromantic, not heterosexual. What exactly makes them not part of the LGBT+ community, then?

im not sure if the overall tone of this ask is mocking or serious but im going to answer it as politely as i can bc i actually have the patience this morning

the lgbt community isnt for “everyone that’s not ‘straight’“. the lgbt community is for those who are either same gender attracted (sga), trans, or both. sga ppl who are cisgender are lgbt, and straight ppl who are trans are also lgbt. so yes, some straight ppl are still lgbt, because they’re trans.

being asexual doesnt inherently make you lgbt; it just means you lack sexual attraction. being aromantic doesnt inherently make you lgbt; it just means you lack romantic attraction. a lack of attraction does not make you lgbt. like i said before, being sga and/or trans makes you lgbt.

there are ace ppl who are romantically sga, and aro ppl who are sexually sga, but ace/aro ppl who are neither are not lgbt unless theyre also trans.

i hope this cleared things up a bit


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