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so there's a line in the princess bride which I believe bucky starts saying after he Steve and tony watche it, no its not "as you wish" thats Steve's line, it's also not "inconceivable" that's tonys line, buckys line is.... "I'm going to do him left handed"


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I'd love some Vibe meta at some stage if you have the time. ☺

I love everything about Vibe.  

Since Cisco doesn’t exist in a vacuum, it’s only fair to speak about Vibe in context.  Let’s look at KillerFlashVibe first.

Finish the quote: “With great power comes great _____.”

Barry: OPPORTUNITY.  The pathos of the team, predominantly emotional and secondarily logical and ethical, Barry’s primary motivation is to ACT FIRST.

Caitlin: CONSEQUENCES.  The logos, predominantly logical, Caitlin’s primary motivation is to DO NO HARM.

Cisco: RESPONSIBILITY.  The ethos, predominantly ethical, Cisco’s primary motivation is to PROTECT AND SERVE.

Barry reacts (act first, think later), Caitlin responds (think first, act later). 

Unlike his emotionally-charged Flashy sidekick or his logically-driven Killer companion, Cisco takes a responsive-reactive approach: he’s the mediator between Barry’s Fast and Caitlin’s Slow responses.  He sides with Barry to fight fires because they must act first, but he sides with Caitlin to discourage Barry from going after Tony because they need to think first.  He is the gravity that holds the team together, binding opposing forces.

He’s also incredibly powerful. 

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C.S. Pacat: Livestream transcript

So last week C.S. Pacat did a wonderful Livestream chat with CP readers. It went for an hour and a lot of interesting points were made. You can watch that livestream clip HERE. But the point of this particular post is just to let people know that I did my best to transcribe the whole thing for non-native speakers. It’s under the cut because it goes for like 16 pages. ;)

Hope this post helps people out there!

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Invisible Power Of The Subconscious

There is an invisible force that rules the human will. This force is easily controlled and this is dangerous because it may be controlled not only by the man who owns it but by everyone else. It is commonly believed that the human is a being with free will. But is it really like that?

Experiments on people in hypnotic trance have shown that there is a mechanism which accepts all the given commands and then applies them to a person showing its ultimate authority on him.

What exactly happens? Who has the ultimate authority in material life? The truth is that the absolute power belongs to the consciousness. It controls and directs every action according to the accepted commands, beliefs and instructions. But if it is so, then what do we call subconscious?

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Let me guess, you're a woman with a grudge who can't accept that her failures in life have nothing to do with the 'patriarchy' oppressing her, but actually result from her own short comings.

Manslation: The concept of non-female feminists is inconceivable to me. Also inconceivable: the concept of a woman who, in spite of being successful in certain ways, is still aware of a power imbalance between her and men in the same position, let alone concerned about the safety and happiness of other women who lack the resources and privileges she has access to. I’m one of those people who’s inclined to dismiss people’s suffering as unimportant and evidence of their own failings, always, no matter what, even though I probably blame everyone else when anything goes wrong for me.