also not everybody can say that they made a gif of a toilet

                                 🐍🐩  JackBam VLIVE 🐍🐩


            [TRANS]170930  JackBam’s Sweet and Salty

They said they are the last one who didn’t do Ch+ broadcasts

Taste of comeback:

🐩JS: Taste from your past - taste you are craving for

One word from the lyrics:

🐩JS: A day

They did dab-like move and looked at the ceiling - spoilers from cb

BB and JS: But it’s not dab

🐩JS: MV…we can’t talk about it, right?
🐍BB: We can’t
JS: Oh, we can’t…

🐩JS: But we can give spoilers of our next album, right? Not upcoming one but..
🐍BB: What are you talking about?!?!?!


🐍BB is eating fried food

🐩JS: How you know they use good oil? I have a weak immune system, I’m not gonna eat it

🐩JS: My rap part is salty

🐩JS: The song is all melodic like “It’s a beautiful sky~~~” But the dance is really hard like TATATATATA

🐩JS keeps scolding Bamie for eating fried food:

🐩JS: You haven’t eaten?! why you eat so much?! It’s bad for body. Your blood is full with fat!

🐍BB: I like salty! I LIKE IF YOU DO

an intellectual.

Bamie also likes Never Ever and Gimme

Jackson asked Bambam to look at the comments by himself cause he has trauma from before…..

🐩JS: Yugyeom will do broadcast tomorrow at 1 pm
🐩JS: Nope^^

🐩JS: What is Chuseok in Thai?
🐍BB: What are you talking about? There is no…Chuseok is Chuseok ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Comment: Upload selfie
🐩JS: How about we do it this way…all 7 of us will take selfie during Chuseok and upload it?

🐍BB: Let’s do it in Stories - selfie Story!


Jackson said once again for Bambam to look at comments himself and just say him what people write….

Jackson again say that Mark hyung is leaving first - “You did we…wait where is Mark? And he is already at home or sleeping in the car” 😂

JS said he is having heart attack in the car with Youngjae. It’s like here is he, Mark and Jinyoung and Youngjae next to him. And it’s wuite

And it’s quite - everybody are busy with their stuff and suddenly Youngjae will be like “AAAA”

Or Mark will watch let’s plays and suddenly will rumble something angrily in English 😂

JB said he is going to delete IG after the promotion ends but BB said he would try to convince him to keep it.

Fav songs from the album:

🐍BB: Remember you

Bamie said Remember you is really calm

Bamie said he made Remember you the way it really matches the album’s concept.

Jackson really avoids looking at the comments…when he tries to he stops himself and ask Bamie to look at it…BB even doesn’t joke of it.

Jackson made “OUT” before he debuted but the melody and everything were different from the final version.

Their spoilers for comeback is really strange: they are lying on each other, do waves and hugs….and everything is so…slow and gentle (?)

🐍BB: “Face” that Mark and Jackson made
🐩JS: I only wrote some lyrics
🐍BB: Anyway
🐩JS: Even like that I’m thankful for opportunity

Some people misunderstood…
🐍BB tried to show how each of them contributed to the album. He also participated in writing “Face”, omg.

He listed which member wrote which song and since he already mentioned himself in making “Remember you” he mentioned MK and JS in “Face”.

🐩JS: Because Bamie needs to go to toilet
🐍BB: I really need to go
JS: Bambam needs to go and bam bam
🐍BB: I need to go and have some good time

🐩JS: There is a deep meaning in our MV

🐍BB: The MV is really meaningful. Please, try to find out the meaning behind it.

🐍BB: Ok, I’m going to have some good time in the restroom. Where will you find the more honest idol, lol?

🐍BB: Our title track is by our Beomie
🐩JS: Wait, Beomie? JB hyung might watch it, you know?
🐍BB: Nah, he doesn’t, he wouldn’t buy CH+ 😂

🐩JS: Comparing members to bananas, Mark hyung and Jaebeom hyung are already ripe, but you and Gyeomie are still green in some places.

Bambam wrote Remember you already a while ago - it must have been included into Arrival but was postponed.

Jackson also said when they are in the car and Youngjae will suddenly scream, Jinyoung gets mad 😂

🐍BB about JB and his IG life:

“Bambam ah, I created IG, follow me”, “If I press "like”, will other people see it?“

JS kept saying in the end of broadcast that BB needs to bam bam in toilet and 🐍BB said he farted, then JS checked if it smelled 😂 Idiots ☺️💞

trans by: igot_markedby7