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An Affair of Convenience (2/5)

Eighth Doctor, Rose Tyler

When Rose panics and says she’ll be bringing her boyfriend to her cousin’s engagement party, her friend Lucie saves the day by getting an old friend to play the part.  What was supposed to be a one-time gig soon turns into a standing arrangement between them, until it gets difficult to tell exactly where the line between the ruse and reality lies.  Beta’d by the indefatigable aeonish.

Birthday fic for the incredible perfectlyrose.  Hope you have a great day, darling!

All ages this chapter, will go way the hell up around part four.

part 1 AO3

Jonathan thanked the valet quickly as he snatched the ticket up and stuffed it in his pocket.  He charged up the hotel steps, tying his bow tie on the way.  Rose was going to kill him; bad enough that she was here as a favor to him, but to be nearly late enough for her to think she’d been stood up was inexcusable.  The fact that his tardiness was due to an emergency surgery didn’t make him feel any better–he’d texted her earlier to let her know, asking her to meet him here, which was clearly a mistake.  There’d been complications with the surgery, nothing dire enough that he couldn’t handle, but time consuming nonetheless.  The patient was in good condition, and the high of that had been enough that he hadn’t even realized how late he was until he’d gone back to the locker room and seen his tux.

He checked his appearance quickly in a mirror hanging in the corridor before making his way to the banquet hall.  The festive and obviously expensive decorations went all but completely ignored as he scanned the attendees until he found Rose in the company of a fellow doctor, Chris Edwards, and sighed in relief.  If anyone could keep her out of Gail’s path, it was Chris. The man was a veritable chameleon; Jonathan could swear that Chris had the ability to blend in with the walls around him when the wealthy board member was about.  Jonathan hurried over to them, nodding at Chris before turning his attention to Rose.

“Rose, darling, I’m so sorry I’m late,” he said, catching her hand in his and leaning in to kiss her cheek.  "I hope it hasn’t been too awful,“ he added quietly in her ear.

"It’s fine,” she replied, squeezing his hand reassuringly. “How did surgery go?”

“Successfully,” he told her, taking a glass of champagne off a passing tray.  "More or less.”

“Is the patient alive?” Chris asked.  “Still capable of some quality to that life?”

“Last I checked, yes.”

“Then it was successful,” the other doctor said.  “Well done.  I’ve just been getting to know your lovely girlfriend.  The one you’ve failed to mention, ever, despite multiple opportunities to do so.  Strange, that.”

Jonathan shifted uncomfortably and glanced at Rose.  “Yes, well…there’s an explanation for that.”

“I’m sure there is.  If I were the object of Gail Winters’ wayward and frankly alarming affection, I’d invent a girlfriend as well,” Chris said mildly, tipping his own glass up.  His eyes glanced past Jonathan, and he nodded.  “Incoming.”

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