also no hufflepuff and slytherin are nice too omg

snk hogwarts houses:

  • eren is a gryffindor, mainly due to his recklessness and incredible drive to accomplish things
  • armin is in slytherin. he’s a manipulative little shit, but everyone is super surprised when he’s sorted like that
  • mikasa could go one of two ways: either she’s a hufflepuff because of her fierce loyalty to eren and armin, or she’s a slytherin because she’s ambitious as fuck and will end you if you hurt her friends
  • annie and reiner are both in gryffindor, to absolutely no one’s surprise. reiner is basically like the leader omg like everyone looks up to him. annie thinks it’s dumb as all get out, but she admires him a lot too.
  • bertholdt, my sweaty prince, is a ravenclaw. he’s hella intelligent and is always studying and tying to learn new stuff. he’s super good in potions omfg
  • sasha is a gryffindor. she’s so damn brave, like she isn’t afraid of anything. she also got the nickname “potato girl” from an unfortunate incident during transfuguration.
  • connie is in slytherin, which literally surprises everyone?? but he’s so cunning it makes sense after a while.
  • krista is in hufflepuff, due to her incredible niceness and loyalty to her friends. she’s like the house mom omg you can literally go up to her for anything and she’ll help. 
  • ymir is in slytherin and she literally doesn’t give a fuck about anything 
  • jean is a hufflepuff omg and at first he’s so mad about it because eren jaeger of all people is in gryffindor and he isn’t???? but it grows on him, and the younger kids really look up to him. he’s a lot like cedric tbh
  • marco is a ravenclaw with bert. they’re study buddies.