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I love to Hate You

TITLE: I Love To Hate You

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Fourteen

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki and you dislike each other, but you are forced into an arranged marriage and as time goes by, it barely gets better. It seems to be a marriage that will hardly be amiable but certain events causes Loki to be the husband you never thought he could be.


NOTE: So after adding far more chapters than originally planned, we have come to the end once more. Enjoy. 

“He is your son through and through,” Frigga cooed as she looked at her first grandchild, “He is so handsome.”

“Alexandra seemed to cry when he looked like me, apparently it is a great infliction the likes of which he will never forgive her,” Loki responded.

“Where is she?”

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