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Whenever I leave people tell me “good bi” and idk it feels really nice that people support me and my orientation like that

like. everything is empowering. ladies !! mostly and especially the things generations of women have combated! fuckin sugar daddies man. is where it’s at. $50 tube of lipstick. catfish your boss. catfish ur mom’s boss. catfish everybody. slayyy the patriarchy w ur eyeliner. how? like, tangibly? idk who cares it cost an entire paycheck and the CEO of the cosmetics company is a neo-nazi. sitting in a chair is empowering. brushin teeth is empowering. Everything you do is empowering regardless of context. who cares if every advance in the perception of gender roles has been fought for tooth and nail by feminist trailblazers who needed their husband’s permission to buy a car? that’s so boring and pastel gifsets of thin white girl gangs “weaponizing” femininity by performing it in a 100% conventional way is so much more fun! mainstream commercial feminism isn’t a regressive horrorshow born of corporate greed and its drive to keep women marginalized and divided in order to capitalize on our insecurities… every time you tweet “yassss” 2 a tweet denouncing fuckboys the patriarchy shakes in its boots. empowerment. empowering empowerment. e

Reasons why you listening to Welcome to Night Vale is a good idea

The fandom. Holy smokes the fandom. The art they put out is so imaginative and amazing that I could cry.

The story. Believe it or not but night vale has a ridiculously continuous plot. Some thing that happened in episode 37 was just revealed in Episode 70. And it’s been talked about in between those episodes too.

The characters. Not only are the main characters amazing and adorable but the other characters are crazy too. Hiram McDaniels the literal five headed dragon. Old women Josie and her friends that are DEFINITELY NOT ANGELS named Erica. Intern Dana! Tamika Flynn the teenage government fighter! The faceless old women who secretly lives in your home! John peters, yknow, the farmer? The Apache tracker! Kevin who is basically Cecil’s terrifying double! Khoshekh the floating cat in the men’s bathroom! Also there isn’t a shortage in representation in the characters.

It’s hilarious. Like seriously. I think I’ve cried laughing before. I wish I could expand on this but if I did I would be writing a twelve page paper made up entirely out of quotes.

It’s simultaneously horrifying and not at the same time. I get scared easily, but I’ve never been afraid of night vale. So it’s never kept me up at night, but it can still be creepy, yknow? As you listen to it, you worry for the characters, but your fear never travels into your own world.

Carlos and Cecil’s relationship. I hate romance. I hate it. I love their romance. It’s Netflix. It’s cute dates. It’s fluff. It’s awkward. It’s adorable. And it gets shaken up quite a bit throughout the podcast. It’s really a wonderful thing. Even before they get together it’s adorable because Cecil is so freaking in love with him. Also even if that’s too much for you you usually only hear about Carlos through the occasional phone call or through word of mouth via Cecil.

Typical night vale weirdness. Soon you too will be able to understand why sometimes you see quotes like “ALL HAIL THE GLOW CLOUD” And “do not approach the dog park”! (Tbh for the longest time I thought that the glow cloud was a home stuck thing.)

Cecil’s fashion choices. Just…. Figure this one out when you listen to it. (“I wore my best tunic and furry pants!”)

Emotions. Yeah, I may have cried while listening to this. I have definitely scared my family when I screamed in shock. I also laugh a lot while listening to this.

Because it will make me very happy? Please? I am so alone.

(I could literally talk about this all day so I’m cutting myself off here.)

i tried to think of a way to say this without sounding dumb, but: this ridiculous musical about alexander hamilton makes me feel actually really positive about being an american, which is not a feeling i have frequently experienced in my life.

for a kid who grew up in post 9/11 america, i’ve seen our country do a lot of regrettable things and hurt a ton of people. and one of the things that saturated american culture in the aftermath of that attack was a zealous, almost bloodthirsty pride for the USA. everything “we” and our troops did was perceived to be above scrutiny or complaint.

in hindsight it was very unsettling, and it also had the effect of desensitizing whole generations to the idea of american pride. we had that message of american exceptionalism and inherent superiority repeated so much. it’s like when you hear a word over and over until it doesn’t even sound like language anymore. 

as a teenager and now adult, i tended to react negatively, or at least with suspicion, to aggressive displays of PRO-AMERICA attitude.

Like, if you had an american flag clipped to your car window or a flag tattoo, i would sort of cringe and distance myself.

now, if it was a satirical display, that was a different story entirely and i’d play along wholeheartedly.

but people who are sincerely asserting that america is faultless and utterly magnificent, i would nope away from it pretty quickly. it always strikes me as denial or even ignorance to have such an attitude. idk. maybe it was just typical young adult jaded nonsense. but that’s what i felt then and still feel now.

but this musical, of all things, is what let me have a moment of really loving my citizenship. it reminded me that the people who formed america were forward-thinking for their time and willing to try new ideas for the good of the people. and clearly, their ideas about women and people of different races or sexualities or what-have-you were not on the mark. but for their time, the revolutionaries were risky and progressive and willing to fight for their ideals.

that is kind of beautiful to me.

and people talk on and on about what the founding fathers would think about our decisions today and whatever but you have to take things in context. it’s not their specific ideas that count, it’s the attitude behind them. progress. letting voices be heard. fixing things that are not working. trying new ideas until something fits.

that’s what they were working on, and i think we should apply that attitude to the modern day with all its new challenges.

and when i let my mind re-exmine the founders, when i lt myself think of them in that way, it bceomes so much easier to feel pride at association with them.

if that is what it means to be american, to love and fight and think and move forward even if it’s scary? then yeah, i can get onboard with that.

we just need to take their foward-looking approaches and reapply them now. not with their specific choices, but the ambitions that inspired those choices.

Ok guys. So we had this bag of pumpkins in the office and I glued eyes on them and made little pumpkin burgies. And Y who does the twitter was like take a picture of that! And then she tweeted it, and it got 75 retweets and 353 favorites. Guys I think I might be viral. Someone tell my mom I finally got famous.